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Archives: July 27, 2017

Interior secretary's New Mexico monuments agenda includes meetings, hikes, and horseback rides

UK has record number of anti-Semitic incidents reported in first half of 2017

The Justice Department Just Argued Against Gay Rights In A Major Federal Case

Trump administration moves closer to undoing overtime pay rule

Fargo / Season Three (spoilers)

Priest's conviction in sex abuse of Honduran orphans upheld

Priest's conviction in sex abuse of Honduran orphans upheld

If Trump Fires Sessions, And Others In DOJ To Get To Somebody That Will Fire Mueller Wouldn't That..

Rep. Steve Pearce Sues to Access $1 Million in Campaign Cash for governor's race

AP Exclusive: Boy Scouts chief expected fiery Trump speech

Honduran politician pleads guilty to U.S. money laundering charge

Honduran politician pleads guilty to U.S. money laundering charge

Senate rejects bill to repeal large parts of Obamacare without replacement

Robert Reich is live now.

Detention center in Estancia closing, 203 employees to lose jobs

The Black & Yellow Menace: "Ancap" nazis advocate for the genocide of all who disagree.

Bundy follower gets 68 years for role in armed Nevada standoff

NY's @SenGillibrand says she'll introduce legislation to overturn Trump's transgender military ban

Scaramucci Seeks Federal Tax Break on SkyBridge Sale

And THIS is how prejudice is manifested in America

D.L. Hughley on John McCain's and Ted Kennedy's Actions At the End of Their Lives

Rare Warning to Trump From Hill GOP Leader

Hey...Trump wants to tax the rich IF it helps the little guy!!! ROFLMAO!

Massachusetts inmate gets three years in prison for plot to kill Obama

Rep. Darrell Issa complained to city officials about protesters outside his office

Money for Illinois schools in limbo amid political bickering

Tillerson denies speculation that he will resign

Former U.S. drug czar Bennett: Colorado will come to regret legalizing marijuana

if i had 1 wish would i wish for $1,000,000??

CBO score: "Skinny repeal" of ACA would end coverage for 16 million

Did you have a favorite MASH episode?

Why wouldn't Sessions offer to resign? Or did he?

Pelosi blasts Trump's transgender order: 'Hatred will never defeat pride'

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Silent thread for Pickle.

Good news: Clergy march in a funeral procession to protest health care repeal

Can healing come without listening to those we differ with?

Foxconn Says It Plans to Build Factory in Wisconsin, Adding 3,000 Jobs

West Wing on gays in the military

This type of advertising will win us elections!

MonorailCat Pix

It is time for an Evolved Resistance. It is time for the Trident Network.

Jeff Sessions Urges Melania to Work Harder on Campaign to Stop Cyberbullying

Can the President undo law and policy with a tweet?

Is Trump going to try and take credit for this one?

Schools near state lines perform worse and rules discouraging teachers from moving may be to blame

In ego boosting rally The president boasted about state violence against immigrants:

Ethics complaints on two lawmakers moves forward

"Someone Should Go to Senate and Snatch a Knot in Their Ass"

Pet dog Flash helps Darlington police find missing woman

Trump talks privately about the idea of a recess appointment to replace Sessions

2018 NJ US Senate Race-Who should be the Democratic nominee if Menendez-D is convicted?

Head of Senate panel says near deal on Russia, Iran sanctions vote

Head of Senate panel says near deal on Russia, Iran sanctions vote

Trump is dining tonight w/Sean Hannnity, Bill Shine (former Fox News executive), & Anthony Scaramucc

U.S. officials discussing withholding some aid to Egypt over NGO law

Activists protest challenges to undocumented youth

Dems got the CBO to analyze the "skinny repeal" bill

Rachel Maddow is saying trump's discriminatory decision

Pickles is not DEAD, regardless of the thread here. She is still married to *.

Grassley just tweeted that there could not be any confirmation hearings for new AG

One dead, five critically hurt after thrown from ride at Ohio fair

Holy cow, Rachel just talked about our newspaper.

Breaking on Rachel Trump is talking to aides about firing Sessions. Recess Appointment

CBO: Skinny repeal could boost uninsured by 16 million

Something just dawned on me - are women in the military the next trump* target?

This is disgusting from Twitter (human trafficking, sex crimes)-Trump

"Before Trump banned transgender people from serving in the military,

Bernie Sanders will foil Senate Republicans' single-payer trolling

Sen. Cornyn warns President Trump: Firing AG Sessions could halt GOP cooperation on agenda

Driverless tech will leave millions without jobs, wont allow it: Gadkari: India

When are we going to stop resisting and start full on rebelling?

Twitter Responds To President Trumps Mount Rushmore Joke

Criminals do insane, crazy, destructive things while being pursued.

They're republicans

Cart before Horse: How big a party will the Planet throw on Truxit Day?

These days of insanity in the senate I really appreciate Lawrence O'Donnell

Wonder how all those vocal LGBT Trump Supporters ,,,,

I think DT's sudden transgender tweets means something big is about to happen

Assume the worst first, it saves time and you're never disappointed.

Lawrence and Rachel

Let's Do Launch (Luckovich 'toon)

Well it has happened. The Republicans on the Judiciary Comm. voted to investigate Comey/Clinton.

They're having a difficult time finding a cooperative model for Trump's Mt. Rushmore sculpture.

New York considers testing a 'textalyzer' to let law-enforcement check if drivers involved in crashe

How Will Trumps Welfare Cuts Affect The Poor?

Oh, y'know, just a normal Wednesday night, drowning in madness, like we do now.

Bipartisan Group Of Governors Warns Senate Not To Pass Skinny Obamacare Repeal Bill

Lisa Murkowski, a Swing Vote on Health Care, Isnt Swayed

Prayer in school. (Oldie but goodie.)

US Rep. Joe Kennedy III, Massachusetts lawmakers slam transgender military ban

EPA Chief Met With Canadas Scientist-Muzzling Ex-Prime Minister Before Scientist Purge

Scaramucci meltdown. He stands to profit from SkyBridge from the WH. Accuses Priebus of leaking...

Algae are turning Greenland green and thats a problem for sea-level rise

Scaramucci still stands to profit from SkyBridge from the White House

Sunday in the park with Cory

Scaramucci calls "leak" of his financial disclosure - PUBLIC INFO - a "felony," will contact FBI

*North by Northwest on TCM now.

Sunday in the park with Cory

Coming soon: Dog wants to be Trump's friend

"Days of the White House" - It's the new soap opera I watch daily.

What Soap Opera Is This Presidency ?

Trump for 8 years? that's what 1/2

#Breaking - Scaramucci V.S. Reince - Round 1

Was pondering this while walking our dog tonight - our degrading culture

Wired: A 'Locked' Smart Gun Can Be Fired With Just $15 Worth of Magnets

Tony The "Mooch" draws a knife for Reince in the back

TPM Josh Marshall on Trump "The Darkness and the Rot"

Michael Moore coming up next on Colbert's show.......and I might be wrong but he looks

How to Overthrow the Government - Legally (via C.S. Lewis)

Hillary Clinton bank card

On a happier note

NYDN: Transgender military 'are men and women of valor beyond anything Trump can comprehend'.

Scaramucci - nice Fed. Tax Break If you can get it

The Daily Show: The GOP Fails to Repeal Obamacare (Again) & Trump Targets Trans Soldiers - 7/26/17

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election -most vulnerable Democratic and Republican held seat.

Sen. Ben Sasse rebukes Republican colleagues who voted against health care repeal legislation

Huh? Eh?

WSJ Editorial: Trump's demand that his AG prosecute Clinton crosses a red line.

Senate defies Trump on call to investigate Hillary Clinton

Country People Are Different

Seth Meyers - Senate Votes on Health Care, Trump Attacks Sessions: A Closer Look - 7/26/17

Chris Matthews, again

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 07/26: 'INSANELY STUPID EXERCISE'

Seth Meyers: Late Night's Female Writers Respond to Trump's Transgender Ban - 7/26/17

Trump administration signals that Murkowskis health care vote could have energy repercussions

Can we have a 2018 forum? Including EVERY democrat up for a position?

Inside the Arrest of Alleged Capitol Hill White Supremacist William Scott Planer


Gardner Stops Pretending that He's Voting for Coloradans

Former GOP official: suggestion to "disembowel" columnist was "figurative"

Dr. Dena Grayson (ex Rep Alan's wife) claims sources say Sessions made a deal.

"Let Obamacare fail"

Michelle Obama electrifies Women's Foundation of Colorado event

Republican lawmaker "a little shocked" by the nerve he struck by floating Colorado bike tax

Hate, hate, hate, hate....spewing from Dumpty's mouth

Trump has two settings

13 Trump Scandals You Forgot About

June Foray, Voice of Bullwinkle Show's Natasha and Rocky, Dies at 99

Got horrible news today.

Good Bye June

Gov. Mead backs NAFTA, contrasts with Trump position

Chase Holfelder-My Country Tis Of Thee, minor key version, with 1840s antislavery lyrics

Lawmakers Insistent About Need For Public Input On School Funding

Concerns revolve around institutionalizing disabled, future of Medicaid funding in Wyoming

McCain demands that Senate return to regular order. Votes against Senate returning to regular order.

Speaking of Russia, here's an intriguing hypothetical

Steve Daines is Literally Playing Games with Montanans' Health Care

Horrific crimes on Montana Indian reservation draw prison sentences

Storm-Trumpers at Comic-Con

Former Mills treasurer sentenced to probation for stealing from town, will pay back $60K

Bid to restrict transgender bathroom use advances in Montana

US government rejects aid for Montana firefighting costs

Montana Gov. Bullock continues plan for state recreation office

Montana revenue shortfall triggers worst-case budget cuts

Montana elections chief alleges voter fraud in May balloting

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 7/26/2017

Stephen Colbert: Guest Michael Moore Calls For An 'Army Of Satire' Against Trump

Stephen Makes A Change To Trump's 'Trans Ban' Tweet

Utah headed to $130 million budget surplus, thanks to healthy economy

The heroic Senator with severe cancer who interrupted treatment to vote... NO

(Jewish Group) Lets be clear: American progressives are rejecting Jews as Jews

Cookie Jeff Sessions Fires Back At President Trump

Of GOP contenders to replace Chaffetz, Provo mayor has raised the most and he's still not even ...

If the Russian sanctions bill passed by Congress isn't vetoed,

Transgender People Twice as Likely to Join Military as General Population

North Dakota's Norway Experiment

IMO, I believed that racism was at the core of all problems, I was wrong, it is tribalism.

Rule that patients must finish antibiotics course is wrong, study says

Sides spar in last public meeting on Keystone XL pipeline's route across Nebraska

Donald Trump DoJ Pick Recently Represented Putin-Aligned Russian Bank - Rachel Maddow

Workers restore water to Cameron after leaks discovered

Donald Trump DoJ Pick Recently Represented Putin-Aligned Russian Bank - Rachel Maddow

What Scared Donald Trump Yesterday Into Rage Tweeting. RUSSIA explained.

Russian National And Bitcoin Exchange Charged In 21-Count Indictment

Parker CPA Sentenced to 12.5 Years in Prison for Wire Fraud- False Tax Returns

Trump to upstate New Yorkers: Move!

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Horse's Ass

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - GOP

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - Elf on the Shelf

Thursday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Police: Bieber accidentally hits photog with pickup truck

Good News: Vatican treasurer makes brief Australian court appearance over historical sex charges

CROSS-POSTED TO LBN! Twitter user posts photo of Dylan "Pickle" writing the adoring letter to Trump.

Mr Fish Toon - Are You Manning Enough?

Charles M. Blow: First They Came For ...

"Time is not on Trump's side. But the weakness of the rule of law is."

Restoring a segregated cemetery lost to the woods

THIS should be fun...

Mooch tweets to ask FBI to investigate his BOSS, Priebus for leaking info, then deletes tweet

Senate clears most Abbott priorities, shifting attention to House

browser hijacking video ad

I have a little crush on Bill Kristol

Daily Show: Yoga Teachers take fewer positions than John McCain

DACA recipients detained during pro-immigrant rights sit-in released from Travis County Jail

Whoever coined the phrase "my ask of you" should be executed very slowly

MORE on the Dylan "Pickle" letter...two of the precocious, patriotic tyke's early, discarded drafts.

White House uses Interior Department to intimidate Alaskans

Heh, White House assholes. Nixon tried to use the IRS to intimidate his 'enemies list'.

Scaramucci mentions Priebus in since-deleted tweet on leaks

Sounds like Mooch is as crazy as his boss. He is on CNN now and he is a mini--me

Jail inmate accused of masturbating in Travis County courtroom

Has Scaramucci Become the Defacto Chief of Staff?

Is anyone else surprised by the GOP senators who oppose Chump's trans ban ?

Who is this guy?

Todd Rundgren

ICE came for their fathers and husbands. Now these Mississippi families will live in poverty

CIA Columbia and Mexico working against Venezuela

Larry David will learn he's related to Bernie Sanders on 'Finding Your Roots'

How can anyone be sure a Trump tweet is really him?

The Mooch was right. The biggest problem with the WH daily briefings was the lack of a curling iron.

Obama Stays Silent on Health Care Debate. Heres Why.

Bernie Sanders will foil Senate Republicans' single-payer trolling

All Ford police SUVs likely to be taken off street, Austin officials say

Larry David will learn he's related to Bernie Sanders on 'Finding Your Roots'

Bernie Sanders will foil Senate Republicans' single-payer trolling

BREAKING: Trump may veto Russia Sanctions bill

Majority Report: John McCain's heroic speech about what he'd do if he had a soul

Human pinkey ring Scary Moochie

NY Daily News Cover: "Commander In Hate"

Scaramucci: If Reince wants to explain that hes not a leaker, let him do that

TYT: Failing to repeal Obamacare becoming daily thing for GOP

The Mooch is a real wordsmith. WH staff's job is apparently to "inject" Trump "into America."

Christian Writer: Women Having Careers Outside the Home is Unbiblical

Knoxville (TN) Police Cant Decide Why a Christian Plaque Must Come Down

Christian Leader: I Rebuked Death and Resurrected a Comatose Woman

Scaramucci, CNN, Meltdown

Atheists Should Call Out Even Minor Church/State Separation Violations

You can call Senators using indivisible hub phone banks- Updated Link. Next 24 Hrs. crucial.

Cornyn panders: Local leaders should be consulted on border wall plans

(THUG)Trump threatens to isolate Alaska after Republican senator votes against Obamacare repeal bill

(THUG)Trump threatens to isolate Alaska after Republican senator votes against Obamacare repeal bill

Let's put this into perspective ...

Trump sends LGBT critic Pete Hoekstra to gay-friendly Netherlands

It's OK To Kill People's Health Care Dead People Don't Vote GOP.

Trump tells Republicans it's time to SHINE on TrumpCare in a stirring Vince Lombardi-esque tweet.

Liberal Redneck - Transgender Patriots and the GOP

Alaska corrections officer pulls gun on black ATV rider - guess who gets charged

This is great! - Transgender Patriots and the GOP - Liberal Redneck

'It's not my thing': A history of Trump's shifting relationship with the LGBT community

Michelle Obama opened up about the racism she endured as first lady. It's heartbreaking.

Justice Department Argues Landmark Civil Rights Law Doesn't Protect Gay People

Kenneth Starr: Mr. President, please cut it out

McCains Brain Cancer Draws Renewed Attention to Possible Agent Orange Connection

Sanders won't vote for Republican 'single-payer' amendment

June Foray

Missing Florida woman found after she bottled her scent

Scaramucci: "Reince Priebus and me, we are brothers like Cain and Abel."

Pence Weighs In On Trump/Sessions Feud: 'One of The President's Virtues is His Candor'

Full Stop.

Trump has Zinke call Murkowski to say Alaska projects are in jeopardy after TrumpCare "no" vote

So Wisconsin seems to be getting foxconn

"The seven habits of highly successful people as interpreted by John Gotti."

7/25 Drought Monitor - Level 3/4 Worsens In MT, ND; Entry-Level Drought Moving South At Speed

Writing about food: Keith Richards' "Life"

WH Seeks To Test Iran Nuclear Deal With More Inspections Of Military Sites

Facebook employees living in a garage hope Mark Zuckerberg will 'learn whats happening' in his own

What Sessions Should Tell Trump About Pardons Before Its Too Late

Kristin Beck, transgender Navy SEAL hero: 'Let's meet face to face and you tell me I'm not worthy'

BREAKING NEWS: White House criticized for exploiting negative Italian-American ethnic stereotypes.

For Trump and his stupid ban I have 2 people to bring up. Baron von Stuben & Alan Turing.

The Rule of 'Groper Don the Con' versus the Rule of Law

When It Comes To John McCain, Some Journalists Will Never, Ever Learn

What happens when the Donald is exposed as the leaker in chief?

Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips cost more than trans soldiers' health care

I haven't seen Trump supporters this worked up since

Does it appear to anyone else that 'mooch & trump'

Two Spending Bill Amendments To Cut CBO Budget Fail In House

Professional evaluations of his mental health can now be published. It will be interesting when a

Mooch is emulating trump right down to being fooled by fox & friends:

How Trump fulfilled a 30-year fantasy of becoming president, with a little help from the Kremlin

Scaramucci: Trump Will Take Action If There's 'Smoking Gun Proof' of Russian Election Interference

On Rikers Island, A Move Toward Reform Causes Trouble

Is it extreme to draw parallels to Idi Amin and Kim Jong-un?

Michelle Obama opens up about racism she faced as first lady

The Daily 202: Growing GOP backlash to transgender troop ban underscores Trump's political...

The Sadly Public Last Days Of Charlie Gard

Anybody ever try warmoth strat bodies and necks

Bipartisan group of 10 Governors slams "skinny" repeal, agrees with McCain that the Senate should r

There is a huge difference from just "moving on", and learning from the past.

Senators Caught on Hot Mic: Trump is "Crazy", "I'm Worried"

Trump Decides "No Transgenders Allowed in Military"

What's the pony threshold? Trump at 35%:

Need DU's opinion - re: the Trump transgender ban

Trump: Immigrants 'Slice And Dice' Beautiful Girls

Sir Rod Stewart: 'I have to do something' for disabled kids and families who trekked to D.C.

6:48AM - Trump calls NYT "failing".... 8:42AM - NYT announces record 3.3M subscribers.

slate - "Apple's Silence Is Trumps Win"

Remember when we DUers used to wish for ReTHUGs to devour themselves

Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas Will Be Nominated as Religious Ambassador

Dunkirk, the movie, was a depressing disappointment.

Segregation in Increments

"That's why God invented prisons." . . . Please come CAPTION Anthony Scaramucci!!!

I got to admit

Edge of a New Frontier

Rare video footage of Dylan a.k.a "Pickle" found!

We now take you live to the White House press conference

Trump has turned the White House isn't a nonstop Russian driving video

Your access to medicine is less important than billionaire playgrounds or erection pills

Kushner tells Turkish newspaper: "Like Trump, Erdogan is working to make his country great again."

New York Times Reports Strong Quarter on Digital Revenue Growth

Dump's transgender ban

A 'Saturday Night Massacre' Veteran Offers Trump Some Advice - By William D. Ruckelshaus

Scaramucci: Trump will decide whether my relationship with Priebus is repairable

Graham: "Holy hell to pay" if Trump fires Sessions, & going after Mueller beginning of the end of

What Sessions Should Tell Trump About Pardons -- Before It's Too Late - by Joe Conason

A Democratic senator shares his 120 amendments for the GOP health bill

Easy Pico de Gallo recipe

The norms of government are collapsing before our eyes - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Pic Of The Moment: "Tremendous Medical Costs" -- Really????

I'm skeptical.....

Notice the ReTHUG defense of Sessions

Trump's dishonest betrayal of America's transgender troops - WaPo Editorial Board

More photo proof that Maduro is augmenting his "National Guard" with colectivo thugs

How to stop ridiculous legislation in congress...3 Republicans switch to the Democratic party

Trump is quietly moving at a furious pace to secure 'the single most important legacy' of his admin

Voter Fraud Panel Makes Another Data Request, California Immediately Rejects

Conway Rails Against Leakers Who Think 'It's Cute And It Makes Them Popular'

NOT A LEAK! Politico Reporter Reveals She Got Scaramucci's Financials Via Public Request

****WOW**** Chump has sunk to 41/59 at Rasmussen (R)

After consultation with "my" generals and military experts. . .

Health Care Votes--How Did Our Dearly-Beloved Senators Vote


Blue Cross warns Senate on Obamacare individual mandate repeal


Pence: White House, GOP releasing tax reform principles today

With donations pouring in, terminally ill Maryland woman stranded in Alaska will go home

Generals Pushing Back?

Auntie Maxine bringing it to the House floor:

Republicans decide to write new 'skinny repeal' over lunch, have final vote tonight

Joint Chiefs chairman: No change in transgender policy until Trump sends Pentagon direction

Murkowski's getting ready to flip on health care.

Trump may veto Russia sanctions bill that seeks to restrain his power

Trump to nominate Gov. Sam Brownback as U.S. Ambassador

GOP senator warns of 'holy hell to pay' if Trump fires Sessions

Government by thuggery

Pentagon caught flat-footed on Trump's transsexual ban

*******BREAKING****** CNN- Joint Chiefs didn't know trans ban was coming

Threats and intimidation Mexicos weapons of mass censorship

Lindsey Graham is just another R snake

Using Powerful Dark Energy Camera, Scientists Reach The Cosmic Dawn

Trans airman: I would like to see them try to kick me out of my military By: Stephen Losey  

Scaramucci calls in to CNN's "New Day" - absolutely insane

We found an abandoned 100 year old hydro electric plant! Road Trip Day 3 Episode 5

America's Golden Age of Stupidity

Swedish Goverment in Crisis after leak...

Senate defies Trump on call to investigate Hillary Clinton

This is not okay

The Department of Defense Transgender Policy website, as of TODAY...

U.S. District judge rules Randall violated Lansdowne resident's First Amendment right

Wish Dems Would Start Using The Word "Evil" Before Uttering The Word Republican / Republicans

What's this about US sanctions being "illegal?"

CNN panel shames Jeffrey Lord for insisting Trump should ban Viagra in the military

Mooch said something that made me happy this morning...

My friend is devastated: her little canary flew away.

Eric Cantor: "If You've Got That Anger Working for You, You're Gonna Let It Be"

AVIANCA Airlines suspends Venezuela operations after threats

Norway's Bernie Bros are Trying to Inspire a Political Revolution

Rs are activly destroying Obamacare, and they want to destroy all healthcare for all but the rich

Skull of 1,000 year old Arctic chieftain's infant heir found encased in Persian bronze bowl

What the "skinny repeal" will do

Good news: Religious leaders respond to Trumps transgender military ban

Sara Schaefer responds to *****'s tweet: SUCK it up snowflakes D Trump is the Prez!

Scaramucci's trying to hide his $180 million conflict of interest deal with the Chinese.

Trump In White House Like A Monkey With A Loaded Gun. On Miller Show.

Stephanie Ruhle is great.

samantha bee on "the mooch"

WOW Just heard Lindsay Graham say,

Hillary Clinton calling new book 'What Happened'

"Any effort to go after Mueller could be beginning of end of Trump's Presidency" Sen. Graham (R-SC)

Almost Breaking: Foxconn to build sealed dormitories for WI Workers

Trump's Spreading Taint July 26, 2017 Act 2 Full Frontal on TBS

Facebook LIVE - Bernie: Republicans Introducing Single-Payer Sham Amendment

Five Fascinating Facts About Carl Jung

Al Franken asking questions now

Log Cabin Republicans Oppose Trump Transgender Military Statement

Joint Chiefs of Staff: "Despite what Prez says, no change in transgender-policy in near future."

'Go deeper, go darker': on location with the stars of Top of the Lake

Stephen Colbert responds to Trump's trans military ban: 'F you'

Sources close to Trump say that he is "done with" his Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus

Congress Is Still Fighting Over Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

If Trump started a war this is how the american people and news media would respond.

James Corden's tribute to transgender people will leave you in tears

I hope Mooch can last until the the SNL season begins. So much material.

Woman vows to 'kill all Muslims' during supermarket car park dispute

Kellyanne Conway says filing ethics disclosure forms is "demoralizing"

Sorry mooch, I can't help myself...

400-Year-Old Physics Mystery Is Cracked

Samuel L Jackson sings

Good news: Tennessee Police Department to Relocate Scripture Plaque Following Complaint

Michelle Obama Reveals the Most Difficult Part of Her Time as First Lady

WOW! GOP Senator makes case that Trump campaign colluded with Russia

JUST IN: Senator Lindsey Graham is working on bipartisan legislation to protect Mueller from firing

White House caught further exaggerating Scaramuccis boast about Trumps PGA-like putting skills

White House caught further exaggerating Scaramucci's boast about Trumps PGA-like putting skills

Could Happen: Local School Prepares to Welcome President Trump

Senators work on bill banning firing of special counsels without judicial review

Senate Republicans plan to defund Planned Parenthood in 'skinny' repeal

Trumps Ban On Travel To Cuba Might Actually Help Cubas Economy

US conservatism expands to final frontier: City Hall

The noose tightens.GO FBI! GO MUELLER!...hang these traitors

Democrats Have Record Number of House Challengers

Leon Panetta's scathing breakdown of Trump's dysfunction

Sick Phrasing - Note that One Word

The Wheels Are Coming Off the White House

BREAKING: Scaramucci Bans Shine Boxes from White House Press Briefing Room

Priebus: "Mine's bigger" Scaramucci: "No, mine is" Trump: "Boys, boys, we know mine is"

These few words describe Republicans: hate, and more hate...

Good news on

Good news: Gowdy pushes back on Trump's religious message

this gave me a good chuckle..

Slate - "The Brink of the Unthinkable" (it is about the dismantling of the social safety net)

Don't let the door hit you in the

TVA auction nets $9.1 million for home lots resold after Kingston coal ash cleanup

Good news: Justin Bieber Canceled His World Tour So He Could Spend More Time with Jesus

The official trailer for the IT movie is here

"I can't believe this asshole is our VP"

While Boasting About His 'Buddies' on TV, Scaramucci Might Have Just Broken DOJ Rules

Derek Harvey Out at NSC

State health care waivers violate Senate budget rules

GOP Rep. To Media: Your Coverage Forced Trump To Attack Attorney General

Murkowski Has Struck Back.

Stolen from a friend on FB: Trump and Republicans

Murkowski's committee postpones confirmation vote for Trump nominees

Stan Freberg and June Foray

Top Trump Middle East adviser ousted from National Security Council

Omaha, Lincoln police investigate vandalism at Fischer, Sasse offices

Hospital Can Charge Anything-What Can We do? - Nothing

Exclusive: Russia used Facebook to try to spy on Macron campaign - sources

U.S. Justice Department says anti-bias law does not protect gay workers

Isn't there a Russian hearing today?

Avianca suspends flights to Venezuela due to operational, security issues

Hilarious Japanese Trump Cosplay Ad Spoof!

US Joint Chiefs blindsided by Trump's transgender ban

BSA kind of apologizes for Drumpf

i try not to think of myself as a sick person. that powers me through often.

To Republican Senators: Just Say NO!

PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF that Trump's White House fights over who loves him the most.

Putin: We'll have to retaliate against 'illegal' U.S. sanctions

Boy Scouts Issue Non-apology Apology for *****'s Rant at Jamboree


WTF?!?! @Mike_Pence: Millions losing health insurance is the very essence of living in a free soci

Dave Brat (R-VA): Mainstream press responsible for Trump attacking Sessions

Anthony "The Tongue" Scaramucci Gets New Title

A key lesson for Democrats - you don't know where you'll win, so it's important to run broadly

Appropriations Committee Approves Amendment Defunding DOJ Medical Marijuana Enforcement

It's the Sarah Huckabee Sanders Show, for Thursday, July 27, 2017.

Will white folks PLEASE STOP whitesplaining the experience of being black in America to black people

States Have Tried Versions Of Skinny Repeal. It Didnt Go Well.

The AI Debate

Anthony Scaramucci calls in to CNN's "New Day," implodes on live TV

GOP Rep. To Media: Your Coverage Forced Trump To Attack Attorney General (VIDEO)

Ted Lieu: The reaction by the Joint Chiefs suggests @realDonaldTrump lied yesterday. Again.

Just had to request of a patient that he returns when he's not high on meth.

Have you noticed that most (not all, but most) articles that comment on

All of Hatteras, Ocracoke islands on Outer Banks are without power

"how could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I've been a liar all my life"

Murkowski Responds To Trump Admin Threat: I'm Strong And Independent

From no-drama Obama to ...

Breaking: Senate Fast-Tracks New S-2 Visa Program

Ok who is this guy at the presser? lol

I happened to hear Rush Limbaugh today on the car radio.

Digging Jess McIntosh on MSNBC

Senate voting on single payer health system now. We already know the outcome!

OK, I know this has to be somebody here, so confess...

California deputy attorney general charged with child porn

Marine dog with cancer gets tear-filled farewell

Top U.S. general says no changes yet to transgender policy

Top U.S. general says no changes yet to transgender policy

Watching Msnbc...

New York Times stock is up more than 70 percent since the election and just hit a nine-year high

I DVR All The Network Late Night Talk Shows To Listen To The Monologue's And The Audience Reaction..

Argentine Central Bank board member fired for opposing "financial bicycle" bubble

Argentine Central Bank board member fired for opposing "financial bicycle" bubble

Las Vegas gambler Walters gets five years prison for insider trading

Ryan drops border-tax proposal as GOP unifies around principles

UPDATED: White House, congressional leaders lay out broad tax reform principles, drop import tax

Pro Tip: DU's rules about excerpts for copyright-protected content

Interesting White House news conference!

Charlie Gard to be moved to a hospice to die, British judge rules

After Republicans killed the Clinton Health Care Plan during the 90's...

Analysis The overwhelmingly white White House intern class photo, and why it matters

Cheer for the senate dems, who are obstructing deathcare for all they are worth

Scott Pruitt's Crimes Against Nature

Now Trump says he was just kidding about transgenders in the military.

Sessions: I think he is calming down - Sack cartoon

Justice Dept going after gangs here and all over the world, said at WH briefing

What could a 'skinny repeal' of Obamacare mean for you?

Foxconn In Wisconsin: Good News And Bad News

Scaramucci-Priebus feud reaches boiling point

Freedom Bill?

Trumpet tweets again

U.S. admiral stands ready to obey a Trump nuclear strike order

Jeff Bezos Becomes Worlds Richest Person, Surpassing Bill Gates

Trump demands what hes unwilling to provide: loyalty

DOE Press Staff: In the fight between @SecretaryPerry and climate scientists He's winning

The Senate's "Freedom from Healthcare" Bill.

Scaramucci fast accruing power in White House

Majority Report: John McCain's Ever-Worsening Political Legacy

BLS reports: Job gains and losses in 4Q; medical benefits for workers

Rick Wilson wonders if Scaramucci might be 'hoovering up' cocaine before 'manic interviews'

Trumps attacks stun Republican senators

When SHS Sez "I think I've answered that many times already" what she means is

"Yes. I know. But I just didn't like Hillary."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Here's who Anthony Scaramucci reminds me of

VOGUE: Look, It's Time to Collectively and Officially Give Up on Ivanka Trump



***** addresses first responders to Alexandria shooting on June 14

Seeing Crystal Griner up there next to pence makes me want to cry

Top Interior Dem calls for investigation into Zinke's call to Murkowski

Can't sue for Malpractice due to having Medicaid under the ACA?

Barely 1/3 Of Miami Homebuyers Even Ask About Sea Levels, Likely Long-Term Climate Impacts

Scaramucci's obsession with leaks from 150 years ago?

Good summary I found on FB....

With Trumps Green Light, Scaramucci Declares Total War on Reince Priebus

Trump's military ban prompts $50k donation to transgender Va. candidate

McCains Brain Cancer Draws Renewed Attention to Possible Agent Orange Connection

Rescue kitty:

Analysis How Rick Perry could fire Robert Mueller

U.S. regulators approve fix for 326,000 VW diesels

House members directed to delay recess departure for Obamacare repeal

Boy Scouts Apologize Over President Trumps Remarks at Jamboree

Cheetolini is pathologically unable to stop himself from being an embarrassment

"You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant...."

Venezuela crisis: Bans on protests that 'disturb' election

No, We Did Not Have 8 "Good" Years. That's Dissembling and Destructive

Scaramucci in Trump cabinet meeting: "Now youse can't leave"

Any one else think Scaramucci looks like

"Trump Wealthcare"

The liberal's dilemma in firing Jeff Sessions

Ancient DNA counters biblical account of the mysterious Canaanites

Thousands of worshippers surge into Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, 113 injured

The Known Unknowns Swirling Around the Trump-Russia Scandal

I want to see that smart mouth sleazy Scaramucci

LOL - Trump has to have a taped musical tribute played to announced his presence.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: America needs a modernized Democratic Party that is willing to figh

How Long Do You Think The Mooch Will Last In The Trump WH?.....


After Idiot Son and now Donny Two Scoops, can we FINALLY get off this we need a bidnisman bullshit?

What to Cook When You'd Rather Be Doing Anything Else

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) couldn't POSSIBLY be advocating violence against women in these remarks.

OnPolitics Today: Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips cost more than trans soldiers' health care

Who watched the Browder testimony?

What are the chances that a GOP Senator

The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men

I Hear That The Repugs Are Saying That Trump Will Have Hell To Pay If He Uses The Recess....

Get ready: Stephen Colbert is making an animated comedy about the Trumps

Transgender People Can Still Serve for Now, U.S. Military Says.

Brief Lives: Gone But Not Forgotten

Mini-me standoff ...

FBI: Cruise ship passenger killed wife because 'she would not stop laughing at me'

At GOP lunch, Senate wanted assurances that House WON'T pass "skinny"

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 27, 2017

We're all trained to wash our hands afterwards

Newt Gingrich:Scaramucci has been 'divisive,' is 'full of himself

ROTFL - every morning in USA it's...

URGENT presser on health care with McCain, Graham, Johnson at 5:15.

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Rant About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon

Womans Brilliant Analogy Sums Up The Insidiousness Of Victim Blaming

BREAKING: The House has invoked martial law. If the Senate passes skinny repeal, the House can vote

Scaramucci isn't trying to suck his own cock

Reince Priebus is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac

Wonderful interview on The Daily Show of two trans veterans. Best I've seen.

More on Trump's modeling agency

Lindsey Graham wants to "get out of the way" of the "half-assed" skinny bill

Well the skinny bill seems to be dead, dead, dead. Lindsey, McCain et al.

"The bill (Skinny Repeal) is a fraud but I'll vote for it anyway"

LindsayGraham just called "skinny repeal" HALF-ASSED, and McCain Agreed.

Mar-a-Lago Trips Cost More Than Transgender Troops

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon

Dunlap balks at Trump fraud panels new request for Maine voter data

Listening to these "concerned" senators (Graham, McCain, Johnson, etc.) the skinny bill will pass

BREAKING: "Skinny repeal" option collapses...

Footage of the fall of Berlin 1945...interesting.

Senate Health Care Vote: Narrow Repeal Measure Takes Shape

JK Rowling comes up with the perfect name for Drumpf - Frog King

BREAKING: The House has invoked martial law. If the Senate passes skinny repeal, the House can vote

Opinion Liberal academics isn't the problem, it's 'conservative nihilism'

Time to Stop Anti-Semitic Incitement in American Mosques

The Trump White House just went full reality TV

Hmmmmm. BSA pres needs Trump to support his mega merger. That's why no strong apology:

House Passes $788 Billion Spending Bill For Military, Mexico Border Wall

Mr. "I Don't Have Time For TV" Is Now Tweeting Fox News Directly!

IMO, No matter what the House leader offer to the Senate they will not abide by it.

Dept. Of Energy Boosts Perry: Winning Fight Against Climate Scientists

Who are the people on the list of EX Repububicans since Nov 8th?

Jeff Sessions Thinks It Should Be Legal to Fire You for Being LGBT

Ponies cross from Assateague.

Who talks like this to a journalist?

Dyslexics like Trump see patterns. They thrive on dynamic reasoning. They see best when


The tweets that panicked the Pentagon could have triggered Nuclear war w NK

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 July 2017

"to the "socially conscious" objectors who didn't vote".....

In which Glenn Greenwald receives the best and most immediate comeuppance I've ever witnessed:

Looks like Scaramucci has gone FULL Malcolm Tucker....

Twitter Video: I finally got the chance to quote Trump on the Senate floor on how Australia's ...

Are you guys sick of the cavalry riding in to rescue Sessions?

Gov. Greg Abbott to Texas' big-city mayors: Take a leap

Crazy Cruise IV has just been booked...

Attorney General Ken Paxton will fight felony indictment in December trial

Insurers Warn GOP That Skinny Bill Would Have Big, Bad Effects

I Finally Figured Out A Way To Get The WH Under Control.....


Sword fighting in the West Wing. Who has the biggest and how will it end?

This Is How You Turn 'Nice Folks' into Nazis.

Lawrence O'Donnell claims he's trying to get Joe Pesci on at 10 to read the Mooch Tapes

Biochar could clear the air in more ways than one

So now the national security advisor is isloated....

Senate passes House version of Russia sanctions bill.

This Scientist Is Taking the Next Step in Geoengineering

Oldest mass animal stranding revealed in Death Valley fossils

What, in Trump's eyes, is the worst humiliation?

The Amazing Maizi Hirono. In Appreciation.

Mooch is Pesci in Home Alone not Goodfellas

Trump advisers eyeing possible Priebus replacements

Trump: I consulted the military about the transgender ban. Military: no, you didnt.

George Lakoff was just on Ari Melber show,

Small Reactors Could Kick-Start the Stalled Nuclear Sector

Prosecutor: Martin Shkreli repeatedly lied to investors

Such an interesting story: Who Was She? A DNA Test Only Opened New Mysteries.

Grid Batteries Are Poised to Become Cheaper Than Natural-Gas Plants in Minnesota

Slate has four excellent articles up on the health care bill fiasco - list and links below

Good News: Thousands of worshippers surge into Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, 113 injured

Projected precipitation increases are bad news for water quality

The Brink of the Unthinkable...The Senate has started down a path America has never taken:

City councilman given a pass in DWI stop gets busted days later after head-on crash

from Jamie Raskin:

Atlantic/Pacific Ocean Temperature Difference Fuels US Wildfires

Teacher who cartwheeled without underwear given probation

Hardball: Showing Scaramucci quote forgot to censor the word "fucking"

Steve Banning trending on Twitter now

Atomic Movies May Help Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient

House ethics panel investigating Guam Delegate Bordallo

FFS, Scaramucci is a fucking nut job also! Has Fuckface Von Clownstick picked one normal person.....

NREL Scientists Upend Century-Old Ammonia Production Method (i.e. "Haber-Bosch" process)

Question: How long will it take for the Trump administration to

TYT: Breitbart Is Turning On Trump

McCain and Graham have just greenlighted house to pass any piece of crap

UK military chiefs praise transgender troops

Scaramucci for years say that he has privately called Priebus 'Reince Penis'..


I never was fond of "Lord of the Flies", too fantastic, too over the top

Is Mooch really this wacko...or is he distracting attention & trying to get rid of Priebus? nt

Kellyanne Conway: Being Ethical Discourages Serving In Government

Democrats vow investigation, lawsuit over political blackmail against Murkowski

Female senators are increasingly on receiving end of insults from male officials

NREL at 40: It All Started With a Desire to Harness the Sun

Baylor ordered to release "original" sexual assault reports since 2003

Man seen on camera dousing, lighting LGBT center on fire

Here's an elevator etiquette PSA

the obsession with leakers

"President Trump; are you concerned about your leaks?"

Sucking Up CO2 Will Cost Hundreds of Trillions

The lsos is the epitomy of disloyalty

Monmouth Poll has VA Governor Race tied at 44% each.

LIVE: Senate debates overhaul of Obamacare

U.S. Republican senators threaten to bolt from Obamacare repeal effort

Senate sends Russia sanctions bill to Trump's desk

Corn on the Drill Challenge Asian Girl (Epic Fail)

GOP's repeal of insurance mandate could backfire