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Archives: July 31, 2017

Trumps new weapon? His Cabinet

Donald Trump Cant Close the Deal

Rep of Anthony Scaramucci threatens to leak oppo on Reince Priebus regarding an alleged affair

Chris Christie confronts fan who heckled him at today's Milwaukee Brewers' game

I love this graphic!

Dressel matches Phelps and helps U.S. to best world medals haul

Nashville mayors son dies of apparent overdose

Surge in House Democratic Candidates Could Fuel a 2018 Wave Election

WOW. Mooch is certainly a sensitive soul. I tweeted this to him, got blocked &

The Resistance is now the largest demographics in America.

Trump considering sale of Bonneville Power administration

And we all thought she'd achieve so much as kleptocrat selling our souls for shoe consignments...

The next Senator from Michigan?

The Left and Venezuela

Republicans terrified that Trump will turn his rabid base against the party

Hey, this title is blatantly sexist.

Financial reality of space business hits XCOR

Politics of Death: 'Am I next?' Deadly waiting game for Honduras land activists

The main thing?

Say what Nancy Pelosi?

GAME OF THRONES - Queen's Justice

Is it just me ?

When they use the term "constitutional crisis"

Price reveals Trump's likely next move, destroying the ACA by sabotage

We're not the only country with bad voting machines!

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Clement L. Hirsch Stakes

Trump Confidant Lewandowski Calls for CFPB's Cordray to Be Fired

Fareed Zakaria - Trump is Degrading The Presidency

Flake: Republicans who don't call out Trump are complicit

Without Priebus, Trump Is a Man Without a Party

I need a favor from healthy DUers.

Took a nice trip over the extended weekend so I only periodically checked the news. Question:

Wikileaks is trying to discredit Mueller

My fellow Americans --

More amusing idiocy from my Trump-humping inlaws:

Blanding's turtle, endangered in many areas, has found a happy home in Sand Hills

Oh boy...Slate - "General Warns U.S., Allies Ready to Unleash Overwhelming Force Against N Korea"

Vox -With a new chief of staff, Trump's refocusing on his top priority: making America afraid again.

Slate - What the Hell Has Happened to the Senate? (Answer: Mitch McConnell)

mooch congratulated estranged wife for birth of their son via text.

So in about, oh, 10-11 hours from now, Gen. John Kelly may be meeting A. Mooch, unless

Fake Eclipse News

Child advocates urge back-seat alarms as 2 die in Arizona

Rauner administration in chaos as he declares war on moderate Republicans

Just got back from a four generation camping trip. What a great time.

Say what Laurence Tribe?

Australian terrorist plotters were going to use poison gas on airplanes

Last Week tonight with John Oliver is on.

3" Of Rain In 45 Minutes In DC Friday Afternoon, Extreme Events Globally, But Nothing To See Here

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Forbes, 7/27: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Can Actually Help Spies Steal Data, Warn Researchers

9 Days After Last Flood, Golfball-Sized Hail, Flooding Pound Istanbul Again; 10 Injured

Is Congress now in recess?

Remember con ti partiro? by Andrea Bocelli?

So Trump has the support of 36% of the country. These are diehard

If you want to understand what tRump is dealing with and "Kompromat"....

Reclaiming My Time - This is super awesome!

I'm so bummed about @midnight being canceled.

Can't do a poll But how long does the Mooch work in the White House?

When is Trump going to sign Russia Sanctions Bill ?

A gentle historical reminder from Utah Phillips:

Am I the only one that's bothered by the fact this question was never answered?

Scaramucci Stupidest Person Ever To Work In WH Comms

Trumps Base Sticks With Him Except in the South

I wont use the term "The Mooch" to describe him

New Mexico private prison to close, doesn't have enough inmates to make profit

Allan Lichtman: Why President Trump will be impeached BBC Newsnight

At least there's the Lounge.

Chris Christie Has Another Bad Day At The Ballpark After Yelling At Cubs Fan

Trump makes US seem a 'kleptocracy', says ex-ethics chief Walter Shaub

Gianforte to volunteer with children's group after assaulting Guardian reporter

Activists marking 100th anniversary of NAACP's silent parade see scary parallels

NoShit 100%

Canada's First Nations already feel failed by inquiry into missing and murdered women

Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Pelosi has held the Democratic caucus together

(Jewish Group) 'Good Jew' or 'Bad Jew'? How U.S. progressive activists police Jewish participation

(Jewish Group) This Is a Safe Space. No Jews Allowed.

Stephen Fry: A force for good ... or not

A Thank You Card For Bernie Sanders Was Signed By The Adoring Passengers On His Flight

Our state spends way too much time in the Supreme Court. The justices have taken notice.

GOP strategist: "Trump's bullying is a weak person's idea of a strong person."

Bernie Sanders's Campaign Isn't Over - August 7 & 14, 2017 Issue - The New Yorker

A crisis in the republic of Appalachia

Windstorm insurer to consider rate hike

Colorado chemical arms wastewater to be trucked to Texas

Booby trap connected to shotgun lands Louisville man in jail

Watch: Hackers demonstrate how to crack Into electronic voting machines in minutes (I Knew It!)

Michael Moore coming up on 'Morning Joe'.

Hey players check out Eric haugen on you tube

Voting Machine Hacking Village DEF CON 25 (This is how Trump won)

Heres how a sheriff's Facebook rant saved Texas counties $5.8 million

The Obama Appointee Who Could Run the Trump Leak Probe


America's Golden Age Of Stupidity

After Obamacare Repeal Collapse, GOP Weighs Whether To Help State Markets

John Kelly......

'How am I abusing my child?': woman panhandling with infant rejects criticism

When do WE get to say "We Told You So" to the 38%? Can they be changed?

"I'm Reclaiming My Time" Gospel Mix just dropped for Auntie Maxine

'Young white guys are hopping mad': confidence grows at far-right gathering

Here's one for the Ladies: Julian Assange's creepy and disturbing OKCupid-profile.

Abuse of power?

Anatomy of the Trump presidency

News. Traffic. Weather. Trump.

"Nevertheless, she persisted."

NYT: Putins Bet on Trump Backfires Spectacularly

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Still Losing

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

How many watched the Richard Engel special on MSNBC ?

Nancy Pelosis fundraising breaks $25 million for 2017

monday's first tweets from the twit...

Pensacola Taxpayers Have Spent Over $130,000 (So Far) To Defend Giant Cross

Catholic League to Cheese Shop: Dont Joke About Mother Teresas Nether Regions

Dont Tell Your Kids the Rain Is Just God Crying or Theyll Get Ideas

Go Ahead and Embrace the Word Atheist (Even If You Prefer a Different Label)

Even if Our Existence is Temporary, Theres Reason to Celebrate

Indivisible - How does one donate?

President Trump wants $1 from you so he can fight those who obstruct his rugged, manly agenda.

Trump won't let Healthcare die until he kills it first.

Busy Start To Fire Season: 5.2 Million Acres Burned So Far; 47 Large Fires As Of Last Friday

Memo to the Republican Party:

Here's A Switch: VA, WV Landowners Challenge Pipeline Eminent Domain As "Taking"

I fully support Nancy Pelosi.

No chaos- you're the chaos

At EPA museum, history might be in for a change

November 30, 2016 - Pelosi Wins House Minority Position 134-63

Secret donations are helping to boost President Trump's agenda, fights with investigators

John Oliver Takes Down Alex Jones and Infowars

Trump has not signed Russia sanctions bill and has not even responded to Putin expelling 755 US di

Election (fraud) Day in Venezuela

Trump: Why Should Congress Not Pay What Public Pays For Health Insurance?

Damn, Pelosi!

Tropical Storm Emily is in the Gulf of Mexico, headed for

The transfer of wealth (business) is booming.

Chris Collins: Last Week Was A Great Week For Trump

E.J. Dionne Jr.: The 7,150 nuns who fought against Trumpcare

"Your signature or your brains will be on this paper!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

An Unbelievable Voting Machine Hack

Because they know they're vulnerable in 2018, expect Repuke cheating to double down.

John Oliver takes on Alex Jones over Infowars product ads

And Trump tried to close down my old fishing spot:

John Oliver takes on Alex Jones over Infowars product ads

Progressive candidates line up to take down GOP

john kelly looks completely uncomfortable sitting next to trump

So Trump is lying on air as I type this.

WH Week Perfectly Captured

Jeanne Moreau, Femme Fatale of French New Wave, Is Dead at 89

Russia's plan for a potential Venezuela civil war

Only Adult Left In Trump Administration Named Mad Dog-- TheOnion N/T

The top story on Infowars ...

"I created you," said the surfer to the wave.

Bots Create Language Humans Can't Understand.....

trump has zero reaction to putin / russia kicking out 755 diplomats....maybe he doesn't know or care

Trump tells press "We'll see you in the boardroom." Um, this is not The Apprentice! It's the Cabinet

Why hasn't the data guy Parscale testified yet?

LePage rallies his supporters against Susan Collins

Nigerian to Fareed Zakaria: Your countrys gone crazy. Im from Africa, I know crazy (VIDEO)

Fareed Zakaria slams Trump administration for smoke & mirrors budget (VIDEO)

Best Voting Machine Hack from DEF CON

Zinke denies threatening senators over Obamacare repeal defection

OMG - Trump's favorite poll- Rasmussen (R ) Trump 39 Approval /61 Disapproval

Hi, I'm new here

Trump wants his supporters to become increasingly angry - so they wont notice he is a loser

GOP - To Dems In Congress - JUST GO HOME - We've Got This.

Florida gears up for drenching from Tropical Storm Emily

Trump embodies every one of the Seven Deadly Sins

The Biggest Reason I Hate Republicans is

Black water bubbles up at Niagara Falls

30-metre asteroid set skimming past Earth in October will test Nasa's doomsday 'planetary defence sy

Trump: 'We'll handle North Korea'

Wheeew,,,,,,, I am glad to hear that everthang is OTAY!

Once Just Days Away From Dying, Gypsys Life Has Really Turned Around (dog rescue)

Once Just Days Away From Dying, Gypsys Life Has Really Turned Around (dog rescue)

Bill Browders Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Could Explain Anthony Scaramuccis Bizarre Behavio


Ezra Klein: Donald Trumps shocking disloyalty

Schindler: We Are Now in Cold War 2.0

It's now "unrealistic, unfair and cruel" to have expectations of Ivanka, who's "doing what she can"

Playwright, Director and Actor Sam Shepard Passes Away at 73

With All Power Cut, Tens of Thousands Flee N.C. Outer Banks Islands

Slate - "The Bumbling Autocrat" (yes, it's about tRump)

"We'll see you in the boardroom!" (they had one on Apprentice, there isn't one in the White House)

Chris Christie Gets Up In Cubs Fan's Face At Brewers Game: "You're A Big Shot" TIME

Mandatory evacuations of all tourists ordered for the Outer Banks

"Live look at Trump staff meeting"

James Baldwin -- I Am Not Your Negro -- Makes The Call. How Will We Answer?

Eternity How Long Every Single Republican Will Burn

Trump suggests rougher treatment of suspects The Times of India The Times of India

BREAKING : RNC Tells Staff To Preserve All Documents Related To 2016 Campaign

Fight To Free Entangled Whale

Theres Water Inside the Moon-More Than We Thought National Geographic

Rest in Peace, Sam Shepard

Putin passes law that will ban VPNs in Russia

Voting Machine Hacking Village DEF CON 25

Astronaut relates 'awesome' aurora to Mexican food

Stepmom's vows make 4-year-old cry

This is all very, very, very, very, very, very normal. (comic)

Lizza: Scaramucci interview was 'the most insane'

Rick Tyler: I Think This Presidency Is Effectively Over Morning Joe MSNBC

I read the instructions...

I'm going to the Congressman Fortenberry town hall at noon

How come the media fawns over General Kelly

Man Bags Limit on Opening Day

today trump said john kelly will go down as one of the greatest chiefs of staff 'ever'

Kasparov: Putin must be really angry that Trump can't even commit treason competently.

The Final Humiliation of Reince Priebus

Dem campaign chief vows no litmus test on abortion

Trump fuels doubts over GOPs agenda

Never Trump Republicans believed that Trump's GE loss would decimate the GOP.

Donald Trumps War on Scientists Has Had One Big Side Effect

Out this Fall-The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess,

couple suggestions

In honor of Maxine Waters:

Am I the only one who really hates commercials?

To Scale: The Solar System

Bernie Sanders To Propose New Rule Requiring Fair Prices For Taxpayer-Funded Drugs

Dem campaign chief vows no "litmus test on abortion"

Bernie Sanders To Propose New Rule Requiring Fair Prices For Taxpayer-Funded Drugs

Scott Walkers $3 billion fraud

Jill Stein is a communist and works for Russia - Watch this.....

As Republicans are running away from Trump, remember the lessons of 2014.

Fighting the globalists while protecting your taints!

RNC Tells Staff To Preserve All Documents Related To 2016 Campaign

"Scaramucci's love interest, the president, was elected for his persona rather than his principles"

LOSER 45 losing some of base in the south

Is Sessions feeding a nut to a squirrel he keeps in his coat pocket?

On Justice Ginsburgs Summer Docket: Blunt Talk on Big Cases

What North Koreans Think of America [Full] ASIAN BOSS

When does all the winning start?

A million miles away behind her own front door: A Saudi woman's secret apartment

Sitting US president attempts to Twitter shame China. Twitter shame as foreign policy

Trump risks US being seen as 'kleptocracy', says ex-ethics chief Walter Shaub

Jimmy Carter's Prophetic 1979 Warning Of Trumpism

The Palmer Report on Trump:

As a river dies: India could be facing its greatest human catastrophe ever

Germany Urges EU Countermeasures Against U.S. Over Russia Sanctions

I was just beat up by a street gang and I pinched a nerve in my back.

"Crazy Eyes" Bachmann is still at it...

Trump approval crashes 20% (from January) in poll he touted as most accurate Rasmussen: now 39%

On Wisconsin, on Wisconsin .. Look out Paul Ryan

China solar PV 2020 goals from 105GW to 150GW to 200GW now 230GW

The mighty Maxine Waters, I'm reclaiming my time viral video.

Trump Is Wrong if He Thinks Symphonies Are Superior.

This is Just Too Disturbing

Dem campaign chief vows no litmus test on abortion

Chump Gallup 37/59

where's the mooch???

GOP Rep. Farenthold A No-Show At Duel Of Health Care Facts Protest

Monday Comedy Diversion: Mr. Ed would be proud

Electronic Service, Unit #16

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Introduces His New Chief-Of-Staff

North Koreans Try American BBQ feat. Asian Boss

Bernie Sanders says liberals shouldnt trust Democrats

Nearly all Cabinet officials attend Bible lessons with right-wing pastor who compares Trump to bibli

Will Anyone Challenge Fischer in 2018 Senate?

An Eagle Scout reflects on Trumps Jamboree speech

Pro-choice is a science issue and a religious issue.

South Korean Girls Try American BBQ

South Korean Girls Try American BBQ

#LaMusicaRompeFronteras - Flashmob de Mariachi in Spain

North Koreans Try American BBQ feat. Asian Boss

What North Koreans Think of America [Full] ASIAN BOSS

Korean Girls Try REAL Mexican Food [Lengua, Tripas, Menudo, Tamales, etc]

Annette Williams obit--activist for women in science, engineering, technology. women-staffed garage

Was Preibus fired, or did he resign?

Annette Williams obituary-activist for women in science and technology-women-staffed garage

Another blow to manufacturing on the way

Show of hands: Who here thinks the RNC will allow 45 to be the 2020 GOP candidate for POTUS?

Another blow to manufacturing on the way


That 35% who approve of Trump aren't all his base.

Will there be 4 political Parties by 2020?

CNBC just now reporting "Can Senate use the nuclear option to repeal ACA?"

Were I Chuck Schumer - which I am not - I would put the price of cooperation as the turtle's head

Wonkette posted a perfect side-by-side image of Trump, with his pugnacious

A transgender candidate takes on Virginias Minister of Private Parts

Trying to find a home for a friendly stray cat - Eastern PA, Lehigh Valley PA

Will Trump Refuse To Sign Any Legislation Until ACA Repealed?

Korean girls try New York, Chicago, Detroit Style Pizzas [Digitalsoju TV]

Hello Pittsburgh I'm your new baby elephant

Environmentalists rip proposed Foxconn permit rollbacks

BREAKING: Santee Cooper, SCANA abandon Summer nuclear plant construction

Los Angeles makes deal to host 2028 Summer Olympics

Blowing Up Filibuster & Passing GOP/Trump Agenda Would Devastate The Country.

Scott Walkers $3 billion fraud

South Carolina Abandons Nuclear Power Plant Project

New civil rights chief at Justice Department has spent his career undermining civil rights

what part of "not voting for someone who will vote to take away my rights" is so hard to get?

Cabinet officials attend Bible lessons with right-wing pastor who compares Trump to biblical heroes

Korean girls watch southpark (ENG Sub, 한글 자막)

GUILTY: Judge rules in former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's criminal contempt case

Is he gone this soon? MOOOOOOOOCH! UPDATE: He Gone

Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role

Buh Bye Mooch!

Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role

Scaramucci just resigned

Swimming eagle rescued by Maine lobstermen

Scare a Moochie must have been scared away by General Kelly.

BREAKING: Steve Bannon looks forward to ****ing his own **** without scrutiny

Does anyone know what Bernie's reason was for being one of only 4 Senate votes

BREAKING ON MSNBC: The Mooch is out????

I can't. I just...AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! 😂😂😂

so, does scarymooch's firing demonstrate donnie's loyalty or his extreme vetting?

Moochie Mooch, we hardly knew youse.

Mooch's China deal

How much are Jared and Ivanka paid by us taxpayers? n/t

That giant sucking sound you hear is...

Will Kelly suggest Jared should also be out?

NYT: trump removes The Mooch at the request of General Kelly

"Mr Scaramucci, this is an impressive resume..."

Why do street names change so frequently?

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly called Comey to express anger over firing, sources say

The Mooch was easy low hanging fruit

BREAKING: Joe Arpaio of Arizona convicted of crime for refusing to stop targeting immigrants

I feel bad for the SNL writers.

Arghh! Apple Music

Who exactly is in charge over at 1600 Pennsyltucky Avenue?

Ok, who had General Kelly, In the Conservatory, with the Rope?

Sacarramucci was fired for vulgarity....bwahahahaha, gotta be a joke.

Can Republicans rule? Legislate?

What will happen to the Mooch?

Imagine if Russia hadn't really tried to interfere with our election.

Just got home for lunch

The Whitehouse should sign up with ManPower or...

It is really that simple...

another manic monday

What about Jared and Ivanka's conflicts of interests?

Scaramucci is like Trump, a megalomaniac, cant see him taking this lying down......

Here's the problem -Huckabee-Sanders' release says the President decided to

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she's not impressed with new Trump White House chief of staff John Kelly

Thanks For Doing My Dirty Work/Priebus, Mooch...Now Get Lost

Well, It's True!

President Bone Spur is at a ceremony honoring a Vietnam medic

Wonder what Hannity is gonna say now?

Dos anyone else think having Two Scoops award a Medal of Honor diminishes the day and . . . .

"It's like a Tarantino remake of Duck Soup, with Seb Gorka as Zeppo."


SNL will have to cast The Invisible Man for Scary Moochy now


Why do they play "Hail To The Chief" when Trump enters the room?

Anyone watching Trump honoring Vietnam war heroe..?

BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Scaramucci to be Sean Spicer's dance partner on Dancing with the Stars.

Adam Schiff tweet on Mooch

Obama communications director trolls Scaramucci over 10-day tenure

ROFL! just overheard someone on cnbc saying that donnie has been involved in too many things

Scientists, theologians ponder if latest biological findings are more compatible with religion

What an embarrassment this president is....

Good news?: Outlaw pastor Rob Bell shakes up the Bible Belt

I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me.

Why does it take 50 years to award a Medal of Honor?

Curb your Scaramucciasm:

I see a little silhouetto of a man,

WH to insert future Comms Dir into revolving door office.

WATCH LIVE: President Trump presents the Medal of Honor

Proud of my Sen., Bill Nelson (FL)

OMG, it's worse than anyone thought

45 has the "best people" they just don't last but ten days.

so remember: "grab 'em by the p***y", presidential; "not trying to suck my own c**k", firing offense

Can you think of a single person you know who would do a worse job as President than Trump?

Scaramucci escorted from WH grounds

A moment of silence, please.

24 hrs ago I predicted @Scaramucci fall on @amjoyshow

Will Mama Smooch and Baby Smooch take Papa Smooch back?

Wonder if the mooch will write his memoirs

Can Kelly get between Drumpf and the kids?

So...does the Mooch get his wife back then?

Kenyan election IT head Chris Msando found dead

I was going to write a brilliant post about how the Mooch was like a cuckoo hatchling

So The Mooch lost his wife and child for a job he held for 10 days

Mass Nigerian arrests for 'homosexual acts' in Lagos State

Missoula Friday night, anyone?

Irish People Watch Baseball For The First Time

Irish People Watch Baseball For The First Time

Live look at the Trump cabinet:

Irish People Watch American Football For The First Time

Sooo does mooch still get the tax break?

US hits Nicols Maduro with sanctions after Venezuela's 'sham' election

Isn't that cute. Gen. Kelly pretending to be "tough"

I Lost a Wife and All I Got Was this Made in China MAGA Hat, My 10 Days in The White House

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 1: Summer Under the Stars: Marilyn Monroe

The Miracles of Jesus Under Trumpcare

Presser Thread

Well, at least he can spend some time with his infant son now!

Irish People Watch Ice Hockey For The First Time

Often when I ask someone to provide a brief video summary for us deafies,

New Spelling Bee Rules For Trump's America

Is it just me, or is the announcement of sanctions against Venezuela

Steve Mnuchin makes my skin crawl

RIP Moochy

Irish People Taste Test American Beers

Senator Hatch says Senate too divided to do healthcare

Scaramucci Was Listed as Dead in Harvard Law School Directory

Seize All Maduro's Bank Accounts Worldwide And Not Buy His Oil

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 2: Summer Under the Stars: Ray Milland

Anthony Scaramucci erroneously listed as dead in the new Harvard Law alumni directory

Easy Come, Easy Go, ... Will you do the fandango.flv

"Preacher" won't tell the Secret Service about this "plot" against Trump...

Chinese Tries Foreign Alcohol For The First Time

DoI Secretary Zinke gave a closed-door speech to ALEC

huckabee-sanders. has there ever a 'spokesperson' with less personality?

Chinese Tries Foreign Alcohol For The First Time

SHS is giving away that she's pretty happy about The Mooch departing

At this rate, come October in the White House...

Did Sarah Sanders just say dump created a million jobs so far?

So he was joking about police brutality

Ah, Tony...We hardly knew ya.

Why didn't Trump fire Scarramucci himself??

I go to see Dunkirk and when I get back I see Scaramucci was evacuated from the White House

I'll bet General Kelly said something to the effect of:

Conjecture time: Why did The Mooch only last ten days?

Huckabee Sanders: "EVERYONE" will be reporting to Kelly. "EVERYONE."

Lake Christie!!!

The Onion: "Blissed-Out, Hemp-Wearing Sean Spicer Assures Reince Priebus...

Twitter Link: Sen. Sanders on NPR @MorningEdition August 1, 2017

Trump has run through 3 Directors of Communication already - 4 if you count Sean Spicer temping

So. Much. Winning.

Well now we finally know ... Scaramouche couldn't do the Fandango after all.

Sucabee fucks up at Presser..

What happens when you sell your soul to the Devil...

It's just one of those days at Fox News

A personal ACA success story (even if a minor one)

Martin: Hope General Kelly can counsel the biggest child in the White House, Trump (VIDEO)

USA population is only 325,350,377

Scaramucci Signs Book Deal with Amazon Kindle

Is this the line for nachos?

Woman says she had teen sexual relationship with Pete Rose

Breaking: Anthony Scaramucci DID NOT Get to Keep the Red Stapler!

The Old Peanut Butter Escape Trick - can't make this sh* up!


by Robert Reich:

Dark Ages Fort Built by Mysterious 'Painted People' Found in Scotland

Poland vows to continue logging in Bialowieza forest despite court ban

12 Alabama inmates used peanut butter to trick worker in their escape from jail: Sheriff

In a Heartbeat (animated short)

CNN: Gen Kelly called Comey to express anger over how Trump handled his firing

OK I think DU should start a comedy TV SHOW !!!!!

Better be changing your twitter homepage, Mr. Assistant to the President !

Jellyfish blooms linked to offshore gas platforms and wind farms

Chris Christie and all future N.J. governors barred from using beach mansion during government shutd

Martin Shkreli: jury to consider fate of 'most hated man in America'

Four Guys Reunion at the White House

For maximum administration chaos...

Police jails senior paramilitary commander in central Colombia

The Mooch is gone ALREADY???? This will come as a cruel blow

Retired Police Detective: Trump's Comments Endorsing Police Brutality are "Treasonous"

How Much Spanish Can An Italian Understand?

Olympics : Paris to host 2024, and L.A. to host 2028 after they reach deal.

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 31, 2017

Who is going to make sure that Trump stays on message?

This President has disgraced America.

Venezuelan Crisis is not as easy..

Adidas apologizes for replacing female referee who gave LaVar Ball technical

Hillary would have made an exceptional president.

Has anyone ventured over to Faux Snooze to see how they are reporting the Mooch thing?

Locked out! US diplomats in Moscow say they can't access diplomatic property

Who is crazier?

I see a little silhouetto of a man....

Former US diplomat liable in slavery, sex trafficking case

11 days. Anthony Scaramucci's White House memoir will be the shortest political tome since

ACLU challenges Kentucky governor's social media blocking


Twitter Video: Progressives must get mobilized to protect the Iran Nuclear agreement ...

The Liberal Redneck on LBGTQ (NSFW)

Hotel asks why ex-officer wasn't arrested for punching valet

The artist formerly known as Mooch escorted from White House grounds

Bill Browder's tweet: DON'T get distracted by Mooch

Moochie Escorted Out of WH By Security...To Make Sure He Doesn't Steal Anything.

Let me get this this White House

Man stole $257K from child center to buy Maserati, fur coat

Why?????????? Damn!!!!

Subpoenas? RNC orders staff not to delete, destroy, modify, remove materials related to 2016.

Jeff Session's DOJ uses the Racist Term "Illegal" to Describe People.

Videos, DNA evidence may be key in St. Louis officer's trial

If the media have any brains, they'll follow mooch to his bar tonight

Farmer suicides rise in India as climate warms, study shows

Mind for Sale Jack Johnson

Centrist lawmakers plot bipartisan health care stabilization bill

Austria: Court convicts man who questioned gassing of Jews

New York Post updates its Trump 'Survivor' cover: 'The tribe has spoken again'

Scaramucci incorrectly listed as dead in Harvard Law alumni directory: report

I like this line from a recent Palmer Report item

Behind the Scenes of Last Nights Health Care Vote

No, no. You can't Photoshop Trump.

Browder: Russians use "US enablers" to achieve major foreign policy goals


Has anyone started the DU Pool on how long Kelly will remain?


Big Money Comes Out to Boost Tax Reform

I guess the Mooch was actually a Gooch

Former staffer with U.S. contractor pleads guilty in State Department scam


Congress member predicts that Trump's "out of office before the midterms"

You know you want to: Tell Anthony, in your own words: "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Death to Smoochie!

I dont think he wants a war but why all the miltary guys

Best season of the apprentice ever

Nearly all Cabinet officials attend Bible lessons with right-wing pastor who compares Trump to bibli

The predicted Drumpt Reichstag fire will be

Pentagon still awaiting White House guidance on transgender military ban

Pentagon still awaiting White House guidance on transgender military ban

11 Days - A New White House Record!

Charles P. Pierce: Life After Mooch

SEN. Jeff Flake:My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump We created him, and now we're rationalizing

Kushner Says Trump Team Too Disorganized to Collude

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I bet the media is being played and Scaramucci was REALLY fired for financial reasons.

Now, with proof beyond doubt that trump is incapable of winning anything. ..

'the president did not approve of scaramucci's language'...reported on cnn

see ya later mooch.

Suquamish Police Dept. doesn't mince words with pointed heat warning

Ivanka and Melania were disgusted by Scaramuccis raunchy language

Borowitz: Comedians Protest Anthony Scaramuccis Ouster

''Sanders and David share "identical DNA" of three chromosomes''

New U.S. rule on class actions survives first challenge

Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt May Have Claimed Its Third Victim

Trump studying executive action on healthcare, senator Rand Paul says

I wonder how much Mooch loves POSUS now after this tweet today:

Two senior advisers in the White House are immune from the discipline of a chief of staff*

Chief of Staff Kelly arrives at his new office.

Dogs take part in El Salvador costume contest

Look who is running WH Bible study classes

Senate too divided to keep up healthcare push - Senator Hatch

Last week's threats, intimidation, stalking, attacks, killings, retribution, undercover video,

Scaramucchi scientifically explained

How an LA County Muni Shortlisted Pot Growers for Cultivation Licenses

"One Nation..."

Donald Trump is a puppet. Who is pulling the strings?

Is This Dog Dangerous? Shelters Struggle With Live-or-Die Tests

FBI Horrified As Spy Says Russia Has Been Supporting And Cultivating Trump For Years

Why doesn't the media just ignore Trump

I love that Tweety (Chris Matthews) calls blotus and co "The ROMANOVS

Sanders Introduces Rule to Require Fair Pricing on Taxpayer-Funded Drugs

What the Government Schools Critics Really Mean

Ivanka isn't working under Kelly's command

RE the "I love this graphic" thread: Its history and where to get flags, yard signs, free downloads!

Do you think Trump has convinced himself yet that Barack Obama hired Scaramucci?

1 World Is Not Enough For ALL The People. Malthus In The Wings. Family Values Degrade Planet.

Democratic party leaders will continue to welcome anti-choice candidates. Really?

US detects 'highly unusual' North Korean submarine activity

Rosie O'Donnell to Scaramucci

My goodness. It's like I'm living in stereo. Re: HOA woes.

Trump shakes Gen Kelly's hand


Laurence Tribe just tweeted an APOLOGY to Nancy Pelosi.

"'Trump lied to the voters.'' Glenn Beck says Trump is abandoning people who voted for him

Who Ate Republicans Brains? Paul Krugman

Current Trump Admin. staffing level is very disquieting.

***BREAKING NEWS****President Trump personally dictated the misleading statement on Donald Trump Jr.

Trump dictated son's misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer

WP: Trump Dictated Son's Misleading Statement on Meeting with Russian Lawyer