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Archives: July 4, 2017

Breaking: AZ GOP Sec. of State will not comply with Trump's voter order

Trump touts 'great jobs numbers' that aren't so great

Opening of Chris Hayes

Trump's Twitter battle with press may come with a price

Some Presidents

Solar power is already saving lives in the US. Here's how.

Writing about food: Betty MacDonald's "Onions in the Stew"

Russia Probe Accelerates as Divided House Panel Plans Interviews

So, Trump's meeting this week with world leaders, again

Court rejects Trump's delay of EPA drilling pollution rule

'Kate's Law' battle shifts to the Senate, testing Dems

Has any state AG or Governor said they would comply with Trump's Election commission request?

The Trump White Houses Fourth Of July Celebration Schedule

"But they're my nipples!"

Breaking News: Red State AZ will not provide voter information to Drumpt's Phony Commission.

If Trump goes to jail, will he still get Secret Service protection there?

Stuntman Who Drove Car for Steve McQueen in Bullitt Dies at 85


The True Apology Tour

Huge win: court overturns illegal @EPAScottPruitt obstruction of rule reducing methane from oil & ga

MS RNC doing some Journey Thru the Past on Cheeto...HUH???

Today's Female Profiles in Courage

Federal Court Orders EPA to Move Ahead With Rule to Limit Methane

About Donald Trump: Constructing the cyber-troll: Psychopathy, sadism, and empathy

IS suicide bomber dressed as woman kills 14 at Iraq camp

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Of Madness and Morons! Live Uncensored & a new

"What major country embraces Republican health care ideas?" Every Republican

Breaking - CIA says Russian government intervened in election and

MSNBC is not live tonight... Just sayin' n/t

Three Republicans Walk Into A Bar For Beers...

North Korea launches projectile into sea: South Korea military

Rethugs Want to Change the Rules on How the CBO Scores Reich Wing Plan

Three more states refuse Trump commission's voter data request

Microsoft is preparing to lay off thousands of employees, according to report

Breaking News: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is dead

North Korea just launched another missile into waters off Japan.

Capitalism's Self-Destruction

North Korea fires missile towards Japanese waters, officials say

Monday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Arizona to oppose handing over voter information to Trump commission

Rachel rocked it tonight!

Louisiana considers radical step to counter high drug prices: Federal intervention



White House stays silent on anti-Semitic connection of Trump's anti-CNN video

Did anyone else sing Battle Hymn of the Republic in school?

Kobach faces complaint over Trump's election commission

China's most powerful rocket failed yesterday. What does that mean for the country's space plans?

Hit the beaches! New Jersey budget deadlock broken

Chris Christie--From Here To Eternity:

Senators forced to read about there health care bill and children

*All the President's Men Revisited, on MSNBC now.

Oooooo, holiday madness! Different!

According to a PPP poll for the 2020 US Senate Races in CO,IA,and NC

Retired teachers: Texas lawmakers broke their promise on health care

4th of July Heritage Loaf

Hey, Flag People!

Forty-one states have refused Kobach's request for voter information

Maryland official resigns from Trump voter fraud panel

Obama slams LittleFingers and touts Paris accord despite 'temporary absence of US leadership'

Lawmakers seek legal aid for tenants facing eviction in Baltimore

Rep. Brat deletes photo of 'Hillary for U.S. Ambassador to Libya' sign

Photoshop strikes again - creativity on Twitter. fun on the beach with christie

Forty-one states have refused Kobach's request for voter information

Outrage and Ecstasy: Queer dance party descends on McConnell's house, dancing with anger over health

You're right, this song should be our National Anthem

Anyone interested in old movies I Remember Mama is on TCM

Just found out my relatives voted for Trump

Hilarious roommate prank

PSA, Y'ALL! trump is *71 years old*!

Question re: 45

"Unhappy Fourth of July" - Lady Bunny (adult content warning)

Truth About Donald Trump Administration Is Only Coming From The Press All In MSNBC

It's night like this with all of the fireworks going off...

GOP Strategist Evan Siegfried: Donald Trump Health Care Flip 'Immoral' The Last Word MSNBC

A Declaration of Independence

25 The *45

Trump 'patriot' accidentally shot himself at Confederate rally by resting his flag pole on his gun

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Man Who Shot His (you know what) Will Face Charges: He's a Felon

16th Congressional District candidate:

OMG people!

For all Colorado Du'ers"

Naked man wielding bug spray arrested after punching police at Metro stop

Democracy Now Interview: Noam Chomsky (2017) "Friendly Fascism ?"

The Donald Trump Russia Political Crisis: A Timeline In Breaking News Rachel Maddow MSNBC

2018 US Senate Race-Top Tier Democratic candidates vs Top Tier Republican candidates.

Embattled Texas liquor agency announces third high-level departure

LePage, Gideon cut tentative late-night deal to end shutdown

Hillary gets standing ovation and shouts of 'We Love You' at theater

Let's Ask Republican Voters What It Would Take to Vote Democrat

An El Paso Exhibit Showcases The Many Ways This Insect Colors Your World

Man fatally shot by Oregon police after seizing helicopter

The Battle Cry of Freedom

Credit Houses Send Illinois Positive Financial Signals

Trump Warns China He Is Willing to Pressure North Korea on His Own

Why European Officials Worry Over Donald Trump's Meeting With Vladimir Putin

Every time I see a bunch of rabid trumpanzees

Hillary and Bill Clinton received a standing ovation from the crowd of Broadway show Oslo

BREAKING: New Study Shows 1 in 3 Trump Supporters....

Happy 4th DU!! New York City's Fireworks Spectacular 4th of July 2016

To some, acting to push the Democratic Party further to the left is "hijacking the party"

Major Clean Coal Project in Mississippi Shuts Down

Why can't Chris Christie get away with what Donald does?

What a difference eight years make....

Norway to ban the use of oil for heating buildings by 2020

Happy 4Th.

North Korea has a successful ICBM missile. (Intercontinental Ballistic

After losing $277 million in 5 years, Colonial Williamsburg is asking for a tax break

Anyone else having trouble with DU tonight?

A robbery suspect wrote a note to a Chesapeake bank demanding money. His problem: it was on his ...

Large new island forms off popular Outer Banks fishing spot

sincere naive question about Republicans

Rep. Brat removes online post calling for Hillary Clinton to be sent to Libya

Richmond public housing agency weighing 'bold move' to boost financial stability

New Orleans' Confederate monuments coming down

Nightmare scenario

Virginia Supreme Court rules against Daily Press newspaper in FOIA case

After primary loss, Perriello will lead new PAC supporting Democratic candidates for Virginia House

Salary boost for Virginia workers, $100 fines for left lane dawdlers highlight new laws

Does Mass. still have a single payer type of health care system?

Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket scrubbed at last second

Doctors to research MDMA effects on curing alcoholism

Florida man, tired of walking, steals forklift -- again

Nearly $50 million in cuts planned for northern Virginia school district

Colorado Man Allegedly Shoots Son Dead After Mistaking Him For Intruder

What can turn the teachers' union around?

Local Businessman Sentenced to 180 Months in Prison for Orchestrating $70 Million Ponzi Scheme

Hot air and deplorables

There's not enough acrimony on this board. BRING BACK UNREC!!

I'll nae hae you intimidatin' me lassie!

Antarctica: Larsen C breakoff could have 'dire consequences'

Breaking News:TRUMP Plans To Focus On Syria, Ukraine

Models are leaving Trump's model-agency en masse.

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! He's keeping his promise, because Katrina Pierson still has one. JOBS!

North Carolina businesses feel the pain of cuts to seasonal worker visas

Fox "presidential historian" & Bible college dropout: Trump is a metaphor for Independence Day

Just some satire on Trump:

Cities already planning local Sunday liquor rules as the Brunch Bill becomes law

"America, your gift this year is ME!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump Hotel in DC

"Why I'm Not A Democrat," and why guys like this SHOULD be

Interview - Sanders focuses on fighting Republican health bill

Does the GOP ever recover from the Trump "hi-jacking" of their Party?

Patriotic Greetings to my fellow Democrats!


How will state salaries and benefits change as budget takes effect?

Looking 2850-feet Down from Toroweap Point (Grand Canyon)

Happy 4th of July: It's Time For Guillotines.

Carolinas HealthCare pays $6.5M to settle federal lawsuit

Hey,'s the Fourth of July. Enjoy this 1987 classic from X.

Disbarred Winston-Salem attorney convicted of embezzling $100,000 to fund crack cocaine addiction


Rumors of violence prompt N.C. town to cancel July 4th fireworks, festival

Court Blocks E.P.A. Effort to Suspend Obama-Era Methane Rule

Trump administration proposes eliminating crucial program that helps low-income people pay for heat

Embarrassed Christie Orders NJ Beaches to Re-Open for July 4

President Trump Celebrates July Fourth by Tweeting Make America Great Again Choral Performance

Was it Gorsuch who told Trump LIHEAP is bad?

North Carolina Pride organizers apologize to Jewish groups

Trump or Cheney?

Jefferson's "Original Rough Draught" of Declaration of Independence

The potential missing link in TrumpRussia collusion- what everyone should know about Peter W Smith

Christie didn't just close the NJ beaches for spite

Forty one states have defied Trump's fake voter fraud commission.

Why I gave up watching pro football, by Daniel Ruth

Today's Google Doodle: Happy July Fourth!

Do you think the Intelligence Committees are "twiddling their thumbs" with their investigations?

MSNBC Gives Rachel Maddow Summer Fridays Off......

The rich are worried sick, but (tax) relief is on the way!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Mentally Ill President

Trump's alarming environmental rollback: what's been scrapped so far

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Our #FakeHero president is an insult to our Founders - By Eugene Robinson

To some, acting to push Democrats at ALL when we are under a fucking COUP is highjacking democracy

Freeze-Dried Placenta Pills Linked to Newborns Dangerous Bacterial Infection

Are most Democrats looking forward to 2018 and 2020?

In battling the media, Trump is harming you - By Richard Cohen

My dispatch/thoughts on living in a Trump area

Plane lands, engine on fire, all escape safely, no injuries-Denver, July 2, CBS

Trump, Putin to hold bilateral meeting

Trump's "Strongly Disapprove" Hits a New High - Rasmussen!

The winning entry in Irans Trump cartoon contest shows a drooling president wearing a jacket...

political pornography

A 165-year-old reminder of the promise of July 4 - WaPo Editorial Board

Happy 241st Birthday America!!!

Happy Independence Day, DU'ers!

From the Kremlin: Trump, Putin to hold bilateral meeting

I Never Take Negative Comments about People Like Me Personally

Iraq slows advance on last IS pocket in Mosul packed with civilians

ISIS-commander on US kill-list just wants to go back home to the UK.

Kathy Griffin Reportedly Interviewed by Fed Agents For More Than Hour

The Art of the Speil. . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

2018 UT US Senate Race-Which Democrat has a chance of being the Mark Begich(D-AK) of UT?

Locals Report Two Methane Explosions In Yamal Region Of Siberia: Smoke, Flames, "The Hill Vanished"

New Poll: Americans Trust CNN More Than Trump By a 50-43 Margin

Trump expected to bring up Syria and Ukraine in Putin meeting, but not Russian election hacking

The Monsters are HERE

GOP Official Quits Voter Fraud Panel As 41 States Refuse To Hand Over Data

What's Russia want with my Email.....

Why don't creationists get challenged over the "missing link" in creationism?

Read Peter Wehner's warning about trump in the NY Times today -- "Declaration of Disruption."

Civil Rights Group: Kobach Using Bogus Voter Fraud Probe To Run For Governor

Don't forget to tweet/google "25th Amendment" today and every day

Visa shortage makes it hard for Wisconsin businesses to fill jobs

The Declaration of Independence, by Thos. Jefferson et al.:

It's important to remember how much the Republicans have screwed our country, and maybe in ways that

On TV they keep talking as if they expect tRump to bite the hand that feeds him.

Like America, 4th of July is Dead. Happy Tyrant's Day. Here We Are Again.

The fourth be with you!

Gay Chinese man wins legal battle over forced conversion therapy

Trumps Independence Day Tweet Features Baptist Choir Singing MAGA Just for Him

Tale of a traitor: Is the famous betrayal of Benedict Arnold echoed in Michael Flynn?

Celebrating July 4, 2017...

GOP senators return home to harsh local headlines on healthcare

Fourth of July brings mixed feelings for some minorities

Do it, you POS! Go back on the New Jersey beach,

Donald Trump And Neil Gorsuch Have The Religious Right Thinking BigReally Big

The great documentary Independence Day is on right now

Malia Obama, former first daughter, turns 19

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro

David Duke justifies violence against journalist terrorism after reporter targeted by gory threats

Trumps Voter Suppression Efforts Have Begun

2018 US Senate Race-Trump State Democratic held seats from the least to most vulnerable.

North Korea Says It Has Successfully Tested an ICBM

Gay-organized Trump rally draws just 18 attendees

Easy Fourth of July Desserts

Trump proposes end to heating aid for low-income Americans

That's it! It's all INFORMERCIALS.

Don't put it down

If Trump really loved the United States

Russian hooker who had sex with Donald Trump mocks his tiny penis

Multiple Missiles to Be Launched in St. Paul!

Because No One Would Buy My Photos, Here They Are For Free. Mosul 2017

That's weird. #BlockTheRealDonaldTrump does not exist on Twitter. How do we make it trend?

"All writing is political" is something I've heard. Trump has ensured that all violence is political

Thomas Jeffersons Bible Teaching

The American Dream, by Martin Luther King

Dead on the Fourth of July

happy fourth felllow libtards, here is a video that celebrates the day, please post yours.

Tale of Two Caught up in False Drug "Test"

The Medias Unacceptable Silence on the Republican Health Care Bill

The true story of why "Porn in the Morn" is no longer a Yale course...

Be not deceived. Revolutions do not go backward.

FORTY-ONE states have refused Kobach's request for voter information

Two Republican lawmakers say their cars were vandalized

U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths

Happy Forth of July

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Free-Dumb Edition

*July 4, 1894...My grandmother's birthday*

Creationist blames dreadful attendance at Ark theme park on tax-starved city not supplying...

Amtrak riders rally to save funding, as Trump budget threatens massive cuts

Alabama is 6th poorest state in nation; poverty rate at 40 percent in some counties

AP: Mueller probe could draw focus to Russian crime operations

Ken Ham Blames Williamstown, KY (Again) for Impeding Ark Encounters Success

A Record 58% of People in Scotland Have No Religious Affiliation

Its Never Easy to Overcome Faith-Based Sickness

China-Russia diplomatic double act exposes Trump's crudeness

Chris Christie and Donald Trump are Fat.

MO District Will Pay Over $150K for Illegal Field Trip to Christian Ministry

Russia and China tell N. Korea, U.S. and S. Korea to embrace de-escalation plan

Cannot remained logged-in on my iPad, why?

I'm sick of the media complaining about their treatment nowadays.

I'm so embarrassed!

Seawater is the secret to long-lasting Roman concrete

Can you pass the US citizenship test?

2018/2020 US Senate Election-Could Democrats repeat what they did in 2006/2008 in 2018/2020?

Sing along on the 4th: Impeach the POTUS

Sad that on July 4th all I can think of is this...American Tune ---Paul Simon 1973

A mini-America, frozen in time, is 'comfort food for the soul'

Pressure builds on Trump at home over pledge for closer Moscow ties


Three-state reality emerges as Hamas-Dahlan leadership takes shape in Gaza

Twitter Photo: Wishing a safe and happy Independence Day to all.

Sudo 41: 4th title

What's going to be (should be) in Schumer's plan?

Chestnut wins Nathans Hot Dog contest...EATS 72 dogs !!!

Anybody seen this? .............

Happy 4th of July everyone.

Breaking Road Rage News

4th of July

4th of July

From the LA Times: As GOP moves toward repeal, a government report shows Obamacare is working well

Phx Progressive Radio no longer broadcasting.

Chillin' on the 4th of July

Oil companies lobby against new Russia sanctions

So, whatcha all doin' today?

Documents link Russian cybersecurity firm to spy agency

President Trump prepares to meet with Putin

C-SPAN caller goes berserk over single moms taking us back to the caveman age where men just bred w

A thought for the Fourth

Newspapers rip voter fraud panel

Disapproval at 57

Melania Trump's homeland of Slovenia is simply stunning.

Hot air balloon crash lands in alligator filled pond

Amtrak Train Derails In Washington State With More Than 260 Passengers Onboard TODAY

Oprey cam in Colorado

Climate change linked to spread of deadly parasite Rat Lungworm in Florida

Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

Sea pickles by the millions washing up on West Coast

Ted Cruz Clashes With Health Care Protesters At July 4 Celebration

The Secret to Understanding Trump!

Trump sends out 4thJuly pic of White House WITH TRUMP-PENCE CAMPAIGN LOGO ON IT!

Marijuana goes on sale in Nevada

Marijuana goes on sale in Nevada

Wade In The Water

Couple wakes up to graffiti on Portland home after moving from California

Bowie - "America", Willie "American Tune"

Happy Independence day to all my DU colleagues

Pierce: The Phony Healthcare 'Compromise' Is Coming

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Things People on Fox "News" Called Obama "Unpresidential" For

Obama mentions "absence of U.S. leadership"

Marijuana goes on sale in Nevada

PSA, How to Disable Auto-Play in Browser so you don't vomit when Trump is on

One nation under gun sense: Two studies show room for common ground

Trump May Reopen Grand Canyon Area To Miners

Trump May Reopen Grand Canyon Area To Miners

Condi Rice comments FOR Trump, and AGAINST Trump......what the hell happened?

Inspiring quotes

David Corn: "A good day to remember that..."

Anyone else struggle with this?

Peter Sagan disqualified after clash that may have ended Mark Cavendishs Tour

I'm going to take an unpopular opinion here. Trump isn't the enemy.

As Trump and his cronies like Pruitt work to privatize the USA, I say "This Land is Your Land, This

I'm wearing my Pussy Riot t-shirt today.

Man Uses Fireworks to Remove Bees Nest and Burns Down Garage Instead

I am using Instagram and FB more and more to post pics

Justin Trudeau visits Ireland and the new Taoiseach

The Nation, the Idea and the Will of Good People Tuesday, July 04, 2017 By William Rivers Pitt

Study finds hackers could use brainwaves to steal passwords

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 4, 2017

I don't ever recall anyone on DU upset by Al Franken and

I Could Be Wrong (correct and uncensored lyrics)

Bill Clinton had an agreement with North Korea

Lawsuit Slams Election Commission's Request: 'Without Precedent And Crazy'

On this 241st anniversary of July 4th, remember the words of 33 year old Tom:

Twitter Photo: Bernie with Porter Nurses in Bristol, VT today

Is it news, or propaganda?

I will use every tool in the box to destroy ReTHUGs and expose their greedy, corrupt self-serving

Five changes Republicans might make to healthcare bill

A joyous but poignant musical interlude on the Fourth of July.

80 percent chance of disturbed weather system becoming tropical storm "Don"

Twitter Photo: Bernie at Independence Day Parade

Family-Friendly Laws Are Being Passed, but Not by Trumps Team.

Trump's Tweet about Kim Jong Un does not go well.

How about that Caesar Rodney, eh?

Op-Ed: Anti-choice politicians adopt dangerous new tactics

OK, so we've had these dogs for about 5 years...

Folks, can we stop the shit shaming here?

When is the real Independence Day: July 2 or July 4?

GOP Official Quits Voter Fraud Panel As 41 States Refuse To Hand Over Data

I just took a look The_Donald group on Reddit.

Leonard Cohen Democracy Is Coming to the USA

Christie "On The Beach" photoshop pics

On July 4 visit to Kabul, GOP senators say U.S. needs to win in Afghanistan

Kicking Trump's butt in parade

Experts: North Korea's missile was a 'real ICBM' -- and a grave milestone

Sheesh...the orange guy

OK, so we've had these dogs for about 5 years...

America's 100 Other Declarations of Independence

Journalist Who Exposed The Racist Creator Of Trumps CNN Tweet Gets Death Threats

Joy Reid: Founders ghosts must be wondering how we got a 'mad king'

Paul Ryan at Sheraton in Madison on John Nolen drive.

State dept workers vent over Trump, Tillerson in survey

Anybody want a 2oz bottle of Heinz Dijon Mustard?

Happy 4th - Justice and Independence

X - Fourth of July

Strange complaint (from Nikki Haley). This is part of the job description.

Pastor Explains: When White Folks Say Obama Was an Embarrassment, Here is Your Response.

A brief respite from the turmoil

The West Wing - S04E06 - Election Night

I use Sling TV and unfortunately they won't play

Psssssssst More RW Fake News -Source of allegation vs. Sanders' wife says info was hearsay

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is bummed she has to work the holiday

Bill Maher EXPLOSIVE Interview With Jake Tapper - "Liberals Can't WIN Trump Voters With FACTS"

When did the 4th of July become Veterans Day?

'Trolling is an addiction': Trump-CNN meme creator 'HanAssholeSolo' apologizes for racist and anti-

Florida city to rename streets honoring Confederate generals

Is anyone else not listening to Thom Hartmann because of his connection with RT?

Rep. Joe Kennedy None of us are invincible. Even the mighty need mercy.

After Years of Growth, Automakers Are Cutting U.S. Jobs

Prince's drummer John Blackwell has died

"Land of the Free" (Happy 4th, everyone!)

Manny wishes you Happy 4th ☺

Did anyone watch blotus on the balcony? I was watching MSNBC and catching up on Rachel and Lawerenc

God Emperor cannot find large automobile parked in front of him with the door open.

Lawsuit seeks to void Georgia congressional election results

Why is it we hear "No, all lives matter" when someone says "Black lives matter" but we don't hear...

Unifying Democrats

OK something is seriously wrong

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 July 2017

45's MAGA tweet sounds a LOT like "Tomorrow belongs to me."

Stupid GOP Voter Said What?

Redditor HanAssholeSolo apologizes, outclasses [Redacted]

Drop in sudden cardiac arrests linked to Obamacare

HTML tags don't seem to be working.

Maybe we need to change the 4th to National 'Disrespect The Flag' Day?

Dem: Trump will show 'weakness' if he doesn't bring up election meddling with Putin

Canada to compensate ex-Guantanamo inmate, opposition furious

The Memo: Trump faces high stakes meeting with Putin

Sick fucking animal abuser Steve King trying to make dog fighting legal. Sign please

The Trump family is celebrating YouLie 4th today

Indiana GOP request for ObamaCare horror stories goes wrong

Denied U.S. visas, all-girl Afghan robotics team to watch their creation compete via Skype