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Archives: July 9, 2017

Seriously, how fucking stupid is that flabby fuckwit?

Putin on Trump

Cubans in U.S., A Firm Decision to Strengthen Ties and Break Blockade

The latest bit of Trump love from my lesbian Republican friend.

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have severe anger issues and access to guns

Ku Klux Klan rally begins amid tension in Charlottesville

Stop using the word 'meddle', dammit. Russia committed cyberWARFARE against the US.

Despite Policy Divide, Europe Trip Seen by Buoyant Trump as High Point

He's acting presidential!

trump has bilateral talk with putin: no transcript?, no recording?

Trump Isolated Again as G-20 Sees U.S. Slowly Pulling Away

New York mayor on Germany trip: Trump doesn't represent Americans

From 5/18/16, Daily Beast: Putins Dirty Game in the U.S. Congress

Australian journalist takes down Trump:

Vatican outlaws gluten-free bread for Holy Communion

37 Years ago today

Holy smokes. Australian journalist provides one of the most brutal takedowns of Trump

Trump Jr. retweets Daddy as Maverick in Top Gun "shooting down" CNN.

Trump and Putin: The Art of Deal

1StrongBlackMan, Bravenak, Number23

What kind of Hummingbird is this?

Anyone else ever wondered if Donnie Jr. has had a paternity test?

My grandmother is the widow of a WWII veteran

The moment when Donald Trump became Pres...

Do You Trust Our Intelligence Agencies?

Charlottesville police arrest more than 20 at KKK rally - updated w/ link to more complete story

South Carolina GOP chairman will buy and send state voter data to President Donald Trump's fraud pan

Posted without comment

SundayReview Opinion Carl Reiner: Justice Kennedy, Dont Retire

Jacky Rosen (D-NV) is running for the US Senate in 2018 after serving one term in the US House

Compassion and concern.

Life Accordion To Trump #2

Cuban and U.S. People Come Together in Rumba Night

Roofing Companies with Many Loose Shingles

Voter Fraud Panel Leader Kobach A No-Show At Secretaries Of State Conference

LOL! It was a set up. The Democrats tricked us into treason.

Crater Lake

Anybody else watch what the health on netflix

Another artist--a quite famous modern one--has been doing iPad T-shirt designs

RV fire shuts down both lanes of traffic on I-495.

EVERY candidate for the House in 2018 should be required to answer this question:

This is practically SHOUTING 10,000 words.

'Flaked' on Netflix...

"Some will cheer the decline of America. But I think we'll miss it when it's gone"

NSA has detected FSB (Cozy Bear) fingerprints in the power company hacks.

Trump collusion: the Magnistky Act

Drumpt Administration mixes up the names for China and Taiwan.

Ark Encounter: 100 Million dollar fail!

Herb Alpert: Rise

True Blood fans, we lost Nelson Ellis. Re: Lafayette.

Nelson Ellis, known to True Blood fans as Lafayette, has died.

Jobless Rate for Post-9/11 Vets Jumped to 5.1 Percent in June

Sorry, but I have to rant about continuing the fireworks after the 4th


What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter

It looks like CNN is taunting the orange tumor.

Ivanka & Melania Are Not Happy With Where Angela Merkel Is Forcing Them To Go

Some disasters much worse than Trump

Iowa regents moving forward with tuition task force discussions

A friend was in DC last caption ever

First he hid from the nuns...

Democrat John Norris announces campaign for governor

New campaign manager for Iowa governor 'sorry' after arrest

Coffee Granita - Granita di Caffe

How your brain can turn anxiety into calmness, video

Iowa City progresses with bicycle master plan

Questions about the movie Baby Driver

Liberals target the Rust Belt: 'Democrats should be able to win in all these places'

If Team tRump was a baseball team...

Chicago receives $14.8M federal grant for HIV treatment

Lee Lazarine on Guitar and Me on the Rest Skeegles Sessions 2011

Reese Perkins on Guitar. 2003 Frank's Booth Sessions

Kris Kobach sets out to fill Kansas coming Brownback void and enlarge the states woes

Another Gulf War Protest from 2003 Lyrics date back to WWI

Cleaning polluted waterways ... SWEET !

The members of the Hobby Lobby Bible Museum board

Another with Lazarine on Guitar from 2011 Skeegle Sessions 'Creepy'

Let's rewrite the great American novels to reflect current realities

The Anti-Semitism Around Donald Trump

Fake President. Sad.

Add it up. Trump and Putin skip Merkel's meetings about climate change, but meet together

Trump is here for a while because

Republicans Love Putin Cuz He Kills His Foes

For Pride St. Louis, Record-Setting PrideFest Wiped Out Six-Figure Debt

Melania Trump was sent in to end the meeting between Trump and Putin


Guest lineups for today's new shows....

link to the rest of those two projects, or what there is of it

German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit negotiations

***D Jr's meeting with Kremlin lawyer was primarily about Russian SANCTIONS, not orphans.***

G20 is now the G19

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pez On Earth Edition

St. Louis Knowledge Workers Make Big Gains While Blue-Collar Workers Lag

Protesters urge Sen. Roy Blunt: 'Keep us covered'

Bar fight at 20,000 ft? Don't they screen people in 1st class any more?

Would DUers please tell me what she is doing in this photo

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - A Chosen One

Protesters arrested for refusing to leave Sen. Blunt's Clayton office

This should make the white supremacists tear their hair out this morning

Cop feels threatened by unarmed black guy lying face-down on the ground, shoots him in the back.

Lotawana lawyer sentence in health care fraud

Let's play a round of "What drug was this guy doing?"

So is it the G19 now

he's back and tweeting....

New law will alert Missourians of violence against police

At what point do we start thinking of America as an occupied country?

KKK: "Its an open-carry state, so our members will be armed

What is the official reason that Melania lives in a different city than DT? nt

Operator of closed pizza restaurant in Joplin accused of tax evasion

Some Kansas cities closing water slides in response to law

WTF does this even mean?

It Will Be Very Telling - If No Repugs Challenge Trump On His Conclusion That Russia/Putin.....

Op-Ed: Anti-choice politicians adopt dangerous new tactics

Trump Twitter-blames Democrats and Obama for election hacks and backs Putins vehement denial

Seems pretty clear to me, Trump is setting the stage for an Ivanka Trump run in 2020.

they should have asked for a show of hands of all the world leaders at the summit

Tweets this AM confirm the POTUS is a Russian asset???

putin hacked american elections so trump wants to work with him and guard their hacking

$140,115 stolen, Hot Springs church discovers

Roger Waters is on my very short list of 'heroes'.

It's like ordering us to accept bin Laden's "vehement denial" that he had nothing to do with 9/11.

Scores protest health care bill; crowds at Cotton's, Boozman's offices voice opposition

Rooftop Solar Dims Under Pressure From Utility Lobbyists

Wow. A searing assessment of the President of the United States by political editor @CUhlmann of Au

Trump: I discussed 'impenetrable cyber security unit' with Putin

Arkansas' medical-marijuana program hits some pot-holes (snicker)

It doesn't matter if he's corrupt or incompetent...

While Trump's EPA poisons us, China creates solar power plants that look like pandas, get kids inter

Republicans increasingly uncertain of a legislative victory before August

Writing about food: Molly Wizenberg's slow-roasted tomatoes in "A Homemade Life"

Trump supporter my neighbor

I had to turn tv off after watching about two minutes of M$NBC. Hailing pResident's trip as very

Hahahaha, You literally crack me up - Mr. Trump

Hamburg's G20 rioters are 'crazy' in the eyes of Arab refugees

California Republicans sweat Trump effect

POTUS Team Has a Variety of Explanations for Trump Jr's Russian Lawyer Meeting

Preet Bharara is a hero to me.

Arkansas alone has supplied voter data to Trump. What data? Mark Martin's own illustrates

2018 US Senate Election

Trump discussed the CIA and the FBI requests for the DNC server with Putin??

Russia Crows Over Putin's Meeting With Trump

May attempts to reassert grip over Tory party amid talk of challenge

WH Officials Don't Refute Russian Claims Trump Accepted Putin Denial During Air Force One Gaggle

State treasurer to appeal whistleblower lawsuit

Trump is only G7 leader not to hold press conference after summit

Congress where the hell are you? We're losing our America to Russian mobsters & you're ok with that?

Texas supreme court suspends judge amid allegations of drugs, sexting

Iraq announces 'victory' over Islamic State in Mosul

Officials charged in bribe

Priebus: Trump 'absolutely' did not buy Putin's election interference denial

Played And Player

The $100,000 job: Garbage workers

they have caught on to LOSER 45's aggressive handshake

Schiff blasts Trump over Russian meddling talks: 'No art to this deal'

Trump claims he and Putin negotiated a cease fire during their meeting on Thursday

Hillary Clinton looks for her role in midterms

Why I'm glad Ivanka Trump is now leader of the free world

"Putin loved my tie and couldn't understand Podesta!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Sunday Toon Roundup

Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: 'biggest threat to the west'

Chilling. Richard Engel on the body count of journalists and Putin's political opponents in Russia

And thus began long political career of a cunning child who aspired not to serve, but to be served

Saturn's 'Potato' Moon Epimetheus Bears Scars of Past Collisions (Photo)

This is flawed, insofar as it suggests he can learn.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 11: Will

Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives in Mosul to Declare Victory Over ISIS

Senator @ChuckGrassley is raving about #trumpcare ......

Administrator stole $116,000 from Louisiana Supreme Court with elaborate plan, State Police say

Why doesn't anyone understand Putin wearing a Trump tie was a calculated move.

Graham Lashes Out at Trump Over Inaction on Russian Interference: 'Undercutting Our Democracy'

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 12: TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock

Louisiana nursing homes shielded from 'Obamacare' replacement; Could other services pay price?

Cover of Charlotte Observer today

Has a single RETHUG elected official commented on the Nepotism on display at the G20

Can I now have the tapes? Sorry, you get nothing.

PINO Donald Trump's Internal Monologue at G20

Trump's nationalists triumphant after Europe trip

The Narrative Must Now Change!

Auschwitz video latest flap for 'Cajun John Wayne'

Navajo Nation backs federal Amber Alert legislation

Richard Engel on the body count of journalists and Putin's political opponents in Russia.

Germans angry over 'orgy of violence' at Merkel's pre-election G20

What Would You Do: Waitress discriminates against Muslim family

Louisiana reaches settlement to pay $5M, not $190M, for Jindal-era LSU hospital deals

Ex-CIA Director Brennan Rips Trump For Saying It Was an 'Honor' to Meet Putin: 'Dishonorable'

FOX / Russia Meddling: Trump is moving on

Plan for U.S. tax increase on rich not being considered: Mnuchin

Alton Sterling protesters treated 'like animals' in Baton Rouge prison, advocacy group claims

Vladimir Putin Meets Melania Trump

GOP senator warns colleagues: Don't mix tax reform and healthcare reform

State Election Officials Raise Concern About 2018 Election Security

Who are the main shareholders of Fox news? n/t

Loyola University to cut 60 jobs in effort to cut costs

2018 US House Election-Congressional Districts Democrats need to win in 2018.

Rep. Adam Schiff - Might as well just mail our ballots to Moscow.

McCain: "I am sure that Putin could be of enormous assistance"

GOP Poll

Brain Drain...

1 year in, Louisiana Medicaid expansion by the numbers

Trump: Obama did not do enough to respond to Russian hacking.

IT'S OFFICIAL! Failed campaign manager Lewandowski says the Russia thing is OVAH. O-V-A-H. Finito.

Ku Klux Klan Clash With Anti-Racism Demonstrators In Virginia

Next Week's Headline? "Trump Hires Russian Data Security Expert

Outgoing ethics chief accuses Reince Priebus of making explicit threat to silence his complaints a

Nutria bite into new territory, but overall Louisiana wetland damage down

The spirit move me to say Vote Democratic again

Former Def Sec Carter: Teaming With Putin on Cyber Security Like Working With Guy Who Robbed Your..

Sen. Capito opposes conservative amendment to ACA repeal bill

Raceland man seeks over $1 million in stun gun lawsuit

Rubio compares Trump's plan to work with Putin on cybersecurity to partnering with Assad...

Democratic Governors after 2018


Former Rep. Donna Edwards Says She Has MS, Makes Plea For Health Care Reforms

FBI-DHS amber alert warns energy industry of attacks on nuke plant operators

Henry Rollins: America's Real Safety Net Is Drugs, Alcohol, Cheap Food and Free Porn

Heads up, gang!!! "Richard Engle on Assignment" repeats tonight on MSNBC - 7:00 PM CDT / 8:00 PM EDT

Haley: Ivanka sat down at the G20 because of her lifetime as a member of a "public servant family."

Trump says no sanctions talk with Putin, after Tillerson said they did discuss

This is just too much

What Is Trump's End Game Here?.....

Former House Dem reveals multiple sclerosis diagnosis in healthcare plea

A flight attendant smashed wine bottles on a man who tried to open the exit midair, FBI says

So what the heck are you going to do about it!!!??? Not a damn thing.

Rep. Scalise being treated at hospital with one of worst safety ratings in D.C. area

Koterba toon: Trump plays with fireworks

I think he just needs a

Officer wounded in deadly ambush sues Black Lives Matter

[Russian tanks roll down 5th Ave]

We need to have Medicare for all not another band aid law.

NC Lawmakers: More than 65% of districts could change to correct racial gerrymanders

I was taught not to use "VERY" as a descriptor

There's no GOP anymore

House Democratic leader rescinds resignation

Our President is the greatest threat to our security

Schindler: Trump is either in firm 25A territory (ie bonkers) or he's an overt Kremlin asset.

Neonazi Terrorists Jailed Over Series Of Bomb Attacks

"Putin laughs: We'll talk to the WH and tell them to fix that."

Greenpeace activists arrested at Trump Tower for protesting against the US presidents climate chang

Four people shot as gunman opens fire in Oslo bar

The Lawyer Trump Team Met With - Linked to Kremlin During Campaign

Trump To Putin: 'I'm Going to Get This Out of the Way: Did You Do This?'

Can Democrats win in Texas? Not if they don't play

Honduras on 'red alert' over female murders, say activists

Hosted LIVE-stream: Bernie Sanders - Care Not Cuts Rally - Morgantown, WV - July 9th, 2017

Preet Bharara: Trump believing Putin is like DA believing mobster

Open Carry Texas founder CJ Grisham's seized weapons returned

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

I dreamt I stayed in a dog hotel. A real dog hotel...

GOP is Suffering From a Critical PR Problem on Health Care

'People Are Dying Here': Federal Hospitals Fail Native Americans

New: Anton Nosik, Russian anti Putin journalist and blogger dead of suspected heart attack at 51

Bush: Did you destroy our Towers? Bin Laden: No.

Are we officially allowing a traitor run our country

Time to Move Forward, Trump Says After Putin Denies Election Hacking

Tillerson vows relations with Russia will be frosty until it leaves Ukraine alone

21 of Our Best Pancake Recipes

Florida men charged in $1 billion illegal gold scheme

Social media offers Charles Manson, El Chapo as next partners for Trumps crack cyber security force

Florida men charged in $1 billion illegal gold scheme

GOP faces critical month for budget

Donald Trumps Affluenza Has Fueled His Corruption - The Ring Of Fire

Update - Unity Cville

Trump and his oil-soaked sidekick agreed to make future hacking of the US easier.

Nurse impostor pleads guilty to health care fraud

Pensacola startup aims to design drones targeting lionfish

It is truly the "same people"

Trump: I 'strongly pressed' Putin on election meddling

Federal agent in Tucson gun-smuggling case: Every family member had a .50 cal

When I look at trump I see this.

Planned Parenthood funding faces new threat from Texas

Trump Jr. shares video of president shooting down 'CNN' in fighter jet

Federal agent in Tucson gun-smuggling case: Every family member had a .50 cal

Graham unloads on Trump: Blind spot on Russia 'undermining his entire presidency'

Senator McCain says Republican healthcare bill likely dead

When tRump met Putin

Pence Courts Big Donors at Private Dinners

House GOP Nervous About Health Care Bill

Medicaid cut in GOP health bill worries the nursing home set

Republicans Need a Satan to Get Anything Done

Ecuador Shows Investment Works

Articulation to Make Brazil's Speaker Rodrigo Maia President Grows in the Lower House

Adam Schiff talks about the donalds cyber security-lets just mail our ballots to Moscow

Kellyanne dismisses Trump's Mika 'facelift' tweets & makes it all about sexist attacks on herself

Brazil to Slip Back Into Recession, Data Suggest

Facebook Video: Behind the scenes at the #CareNotCuts rally in Morgantown

"What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?"

Bolivia Will Air Satellite Educational TV Channel

So now it is the G19?

Republicans in several states are lowering the minimum wage - yes, you read that right

Well, Folks just a reminder of who comes back from his recess.....................

Making Cilantro Oil

Trump gets back to US, and right down to business..and what really matters..

Colombia's 2017 coffee output could fall due to cloud cover

Congressman Immediately Proposes Bill To Block Trumps Cyber security cooperation with Russia.

Do you agree with Trump and the GOP that we should share our cyber secrets with Russia ?

The Putin / Trump "Cyber Security Unit?" Republicans are already trying to wash off the stench.

Ohio shooting: 1 dead, 8 wounded in ambush at gender reveal party

At Private Dinners, Pence Quietly Courts Big Donors and Corporate Executives

My catalytic converter took a dump UPDATE: it wasn't the catalytic converter

I saw an excellent sign the other day, made me LOL

Reince Priebus Accuses Democratic Operatives Of Setting Up Russia Meeting With Trump Jr.

Can Someone Become President With 24% Of The Popular Vote?

The next crisis for California will be the affordability of water

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Where are the college students?

Justin Alfond Says He's Not Running For Governor

Mission accomplished.

Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) want to knock 9K people off of medicaid because "Dignity of Work"

What are you reading this week of July 9, 2017?

this says it all: Russia Crows Over Putins Meeting With Trump

Trump presses presidential immunity claim in 'Apprentice' contestant's sexual harrassment lawsuit..

Time to Move Forward, Trump Says After Putin Denies Election Hacking

This is funny.

LePage Says He Misleads Media 'So They'll Write These Stupid Stories'

Altemeyer on Trumps Supporters by JOHN DEAN

Parole board aims to curb cursing

What happened when Walmart left

Historic New Hampshire bridge demolished for safety reasons

Is it as easy as 1-2-3 to facilitate the Russians penetrating US voter registration rolls?

Photo: .@SenSanders to @SenCapito - all major healthcare orgs oppose this bill - Listen to them!

KindleUnlimited. Yay or Nay?

Who can photoshop? We need to make this a picture of Putin w/a fishing rod reeling in Trump.

Humor for the Day

Mood and what affects it

Top Dem rejects Russian cyber partnership: We might as well mail our ballot boxes to Moscow

Wikileaks Says Assange Should Head Cyber Security Unit

Qatar to seek compensation for damages from Arab blockade

One thing I've noticed about RW males

Dayton cancels meeting with business owners after protest

Burlington College property up for auction

Cruz: I understand there is objective reality, but I have to stick to my nonsensical talking points

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 July 2017

Looks like a pip on one of the Bluebird eggs.

Are we next? Disturbing Rise in Violence Against Activists in Brazil

Venezuela opposition leader moved to house arrest after three years in prison

Photo: Bernie chatting with West Virginians post rally

Vermont Democratic leader threatened with anti-Muslim emails

Congressman Immediately Proposes Bill To Block Trumps Election Cyber Security Group With Russia

Cognitive Dissonance XXX

Great meme in a WaPo headline "Trickle Down Ignorance". Describes the US today perfectly

Well, well, well...betrayal...right out in the need to hide.

Bostons public libraries to get $102 million overhaul

Hosted LIVE-stream: Bernie Sanders - Care Not Cuts Rally in Covington, KY - July 9th, 2017

Why does everyone believe these two verified liars?

AL Sen to GOP Leadership: We need to work as hard as President Trump is working.

Bay State lawmakers poised to pass budget with $400M in cuts

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau To Speak in Providence at NGA

Gov. Raimondo Says Government Won't Shut Down Amid Budget Impasse

LOSER 45 goosing fellow collaborators:

BREAKING: Trumps Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton

this performance blows my mind...Hilary Hahn at her finest: Bruch -Violinkonzert

As Republicans Hide From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance

Fugelsang takes on snotty Donnie Junior defending his sis

As Republicans Hide From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance

Trumps Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton

Paid-leave mandate may have been source of friction in R.I. Assembly

Photo: Line around the block for @BernieSanders in Kentucky

Day Seven of The 2017 Budget Impasse

Malloy Vetoes Changes To Affordable Housing Law, Two Other Bills

Outgoing ethics chief accuses Reince Priebus of making explicit threat to silence his complaints

Sally Yates 2nd Ever Tweet Just Broke The Internet

For this reason, Nancy Pelosi needs to be replaced

The fascinating legal argument at the heart of the Martin Shkreli 'Pharma Bro' trial

Seattle Times recommends Jenny Durkan for Mayor

Republicans fiddled while Trump burned the place down.

Good googly moogly! This is HUGH, freepers!

no puppet! no puppet! you're the puppet!

Donald Trumps alarming G20 performance

As Republicans Hide From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance

Mom wants apology after son covered in human waste at McDonald's

G20: Does Donald Trump's awkward performance indicate America's decline as world power?

I hate to say this but Tom Perez comes across as timid

Kellyanne Conway apparently says prayers for snotty, miserable women who attack women in power.

Fascinating Read - Summer Camp Microclimate: A Close-Up Look

Plan to create cyber-partnership draws ridicule

Pentagon moves to shut foreign firms out of its supply chain

CNN, MSNBc, whatever---I change the channel whenever I see or hear

Wonder how many American lives donnie endangered

Don't fall for the fake

Monkeys swarm Florida man's property

Is Donald Trump Jr.'s Meeting the First Hard Evidence of Collusion With Russia?

Saturday's statement by Donald J. Trump Jr versus Sunday's statement by Donald J. Trump Jr

Putin says Trump believed his denial that Russia meddled in election

Scoop: The next wave of Dem health care attacks

Awww. Trump and pubs gonna save Brit Baby Charlie.

At store today

Was their conversation really about "adoption"??

May to invite Labour to help create policies amid Tory plot to oust her

It WAS about adoption:

Hey all my twelve year old just showed dad on guitar

Basically, here's Trump Jr.'s excuse for the Russian meeting:

Whasssup, failing New York Times?? Whasssup, LOSER 45 and fellow collaborators?? eom!!

Just a reminder of basic FACTS

Southern States have most to lose as climate warms

Us and Them...are we getting more polarized as a country?

It's back! Maybe.

Koterba toon: N Korea'S Kim Jong-un

Any new polls on the drumpster?

Laughable lying Discussionist dipshit claims liberals want a baby to die.

RNC Chair tears into DNC Chair. Democrats lose because responses are lousy (VIDEO)

Australia's ABC slams Trump at G20 for an America in decline (VIDEO)

Medicare for All Town Halls like this one will educate and force change (VIDEO)

This isnt quite the truth yet: Ex-US attorney says Trump Jr. is still lying about Russian lawyer

Do you trust Russia to count our votes?

On CNN, legal ethics guy Richard Painter says what Uday (or Qusay) did

WaPo steps up to the plate: LOSER 45 JR. pal Rob Goldstone set up the meet:

Donald Trump Jr.s stunningly incriminating statement to the New York Times

TPM - "Report: Trump Jr. Was Promised Damaging Clinton Info In Meeting"

TPM - Marshall's take - "Taking Stock of the Times Blockbuster"

2018 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to 51

Slate - "Old Man Makes Entire World Watch Vacation Slideshow" (yes it's about dump's trip)

Protesters shut down KKK rally in VA