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A Vatican opening on sexuality worries conservatives -- and cheers reformers

Project Veritas tries and fails to get to Abagail Spanberger's VA-7 campaign (Dave Brat's opponent)

very sad!

Willie McCovey has passed away.

EXCLUSIVE 'Homeland Security' Ignores White Terror, DHS Veterans Say

RIP Halloween

As I checked the front desk of the clinic, the receptionist sais that Medicare

Dracula just started on TV, an older version.

If Tom Perez is happy and upbeat then so am I. Just listening to him on Tweety's show and he is

11/01 Mike Luckovich: Battle tested

***A RATED FOX NEWS POLL IN SEN*** Donnelly (Democrat) 45 % Braun (Repug) 38%

GA-GOV: Kemp Pulls Out of Debate to Campaign with Trump

Synagogue Shooting Suspect, Robert Bowers, Indicted On 44 Federal Charges

Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band: "Luxury Liner" (Gram Parsons cover)

David Corn: "This is a damn disgrace. Politicizing a massacre of Americans?"

Trump cannot shut up......There is just one good aspect to this...

I think the very best line from any candidate this cycle was by Andrew Gillum in Florida

Does vote shaming work (to get someone to vote)?

Michael Lewis' Latest Book 'The Fifth Risk' Acquired By The Obamas Under Their Netflix Production De

Best ENDING of Ted Cruz campaign - EVER

Police: Woman runs topless through Bernie Sanders rally at USF

Police: Woman runs topless through Bernie Sanders rally at USF

Suspect in grocery store shooting indicted on murder charges

Sean Mazie Hirono is on Chris Hayes now

Willie McCovey: Giants legend dead at 80

Trump's immigration push is Stephen Miller's dream come true

Trump's attack on Ryan seen as advance scapegoating

R.E.M "Everybody Hurts"

Hunter lead dwindles to just 3 points over Campa-Najjar, KGTV and San Diego Union-Tribune finds

Introducing the Trump Translator

See. Portman seeks funds from FEMA for Ohio's Jewish Community Centers

A little White Candle Light, on a Halloween evening, never goes amiss

Ted Cruz called Steve King today to voice his support.

Trump Administrator for the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services tweets scariest costume.

Jimmy Buffett hosting free Florida concert to support Gillum, Nelson

Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 machine has started taking up a big chunk of the screen.

Why don't they just call the red hat ----

One day after reinststing D J Durkin, Maryland has fired it's Football coach

US Senator Elects of 2018.

Difference between me and my mother

Spinning toward chaos

New Migrant Caravans Trek North, Ignoring Political Repercussions

Testy relations

6 Days Left. Here's How I Feel About That

Indicted GOP congressman holds onto lead over Democratic opponent

Major Story coming out of Raw Story

Trump launching rally blitz in final stretch of midterms

Did you watch Eddie Glaude on Deadline WH today?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Happy Kincaideen!

Wait a minnit!1 "Ted"Carnival CRUZ was born in (our friend) CANADA - not even "birthright"!1

Back-to-Back Funerals. Mourners 50 Deep. Pittsburgh Grieves, 11 Times Over.

Tens of Thousands of Mexicans and South American Rapists......

We Are a Nation of Nations.

Republican campaign poster outrages English village

States with Ticket Splitting between Gubernatorial and US Senatorial Election.

Rachael is opening with Kansas and perennial candidate Orman who will likely cause KKKobach

Tomi Lahren Dresses Up As Kathy Griffin, And The Comedian Is Not Amused

Infant and toddler trick or treaters.

Democrat says Project Veritas infiltrated her campaign in Va.'s tight 7th District

There are no small ways to get involved in the midterms.


Bundy son suing US officials for Nevada standoff prosecution

Pressure grows on House GOP to denounce Steve King

Big Oil outspends billionaires in Washington state carbon tax fight

I cannot believe this comes directly from a President of the United States

RAchel directly taking on Kris Koback over Dodge City voter suppression!

Trump absurdly suggests Soros is funding migrant caravan

Damn, Hall of Famer Willie McCovey has passed

Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror

I'm confused by something I saw today

GOP campaigns asked Trump to steer clear of Nevada and Arizona

Trump keeps pushing 'invasion' narrative that motivated Pittsburgh gunman to kill 11 people

I love my interracial neighborhood!

Confederate-Friendly Ryan Zinke Likens Robert E. Lee To Martin Luther King Jr.

Ted Cruz decided to SUPPORT Steve King

Trump's EPA concludes communities don't have the right to know about potentially toxic emissions

Question for Canadians About Healthcare.

Don't believe the Happy Harry's about the House vote on Tuesday.

NY 19 poll: Delgado and Faso tied at 44%, Green Party taking 3%

For those who are baseball fans from the late 50's into the 80's. Baseball has lost a legend.

GOP author of the amendment that pushed Trumpcare through the House faces the music

Avenatti being ... Avenatti

Here's video of Spanberger campaign manager Dana Bye kicking out the Project Veritas person today

I love my interracial neighborhood!

Trump "That's where it's at. It's all about space. Very soon, it's gonna, all about space."

If we get thru this we're going to shit when we realize the extent 2 which Trumps looted the country

Best Halloween costume!

Will Too Much Love From Trump Be a Bad Thing for a Long Island Congressman?

Little boy dressed as O'Rourke for Halloween goes viral

trump lying his ass off at tonights rally

Incredibly sad pic tweeted by Ian Bremmer

halloween costume


Levi "get out the vote" commercial

Political/ Hate MURDERS/ATTACKS IN U.S.....2007-2016..

Pink Floyd...."Us, and THEM"


My mother is on a business trip (Educational conference) in Europe...

Surely some group is rounding up hundreds of busses....

Trump's Halloween Mask.

25 years ago I went out with the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen. UPDATED

Beto getting closer

Bauhaus -- Bela Lugosi's Dead

Trump rails against the media in Florida rally amid concerns over divisive political rhetoric

I said I'd "drop dead" if Georgia

For those with electile dysfunction

Want some candy?

George Clooney's response to the Groping BLOTUS is epic !!

A Mandarin Duck Mysteriously Appears in Central Park, to Birders' Delight

Great. After the first batch put in place the Trump WH wants to lower

The mouth breathers on Fox n Friends tell BLOTUS he's WRONG

Trump says he is good at estimating the size of crowds...

Happy Halloween from William Burroughs!


Things I learned from the ads tonite.

So, when Trump deploys the Space Force to stand atop the 30 foot high border wall

This is my plan to help Trump have more control of the media.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

100+ immigrants waited in line in 10 cities for court dates that didn't exist

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 1, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Pioneers - First Women Filmmakers


1000 Homo DJ's

Here's the thing about "Birthright Citizenship":

New Democratic election ad:

Struggling Yoder uses friendship with Cleaver as a campaign tool

Player who holds the record for career home runs who also hit a home run in his first at bat.

This is Dog Ross. He never makes mistakes, just happy accidents. Believes there's nothing wrong with

The Land Of Rape & Honey (with EPIC prelude by Jello Biafra!)

Missouri voter turnout projected at nearly 55 percent

The Daily Show (In Miami): Stand Your Ground Spooks & Trump's Birthright Scare

The Daily Show (In Miami): Stand Your Ground Spooks & Trump's Birthright Scare

BREATHE (You Fuckers!)

My nieces Halloween costume got confiscated...

The Daily Show (In Miami): Caravan Fear-Mongering - Between the Scenes

The Daily Show (In Miami): Caravan Fear-Mongering - Between the Scenes

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 2, 2018 -- What's On Tonight -- Dan O'Herlihy

Just One Fix (with guest William S Burroughs)

Seth Meyers - Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run, the Richest Pets - Monologue - 10/30/18

Burning Inside

Starsuckers, Inc.


CNN-Prof. Toobin calls Kobach a racist

Blessed Samhain, everyone. nt

Lawrence: Trump, Fearing Mueller And A Democratic House, Campaigns On Fear The Last Word MSNBC


Americans Are Easy Marks for Russian Trolls, According to New Data

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires - Most Soulful Cover of Black Sabbath "Changes" (Live)

Accused of anti-Semitism, Harris Co. Clerk Stan Stanart changes his website

Comfortably Numb

Head Like A Hole

How Children Learn to Recognize Faces

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 3, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Cattle Drives

Bowie - Heroes

If You Vote Against Health Care, I Vote Against You.' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Talking to Trumpers: The Reagan guy (MAGA encounter)

Whatever happened to Rudy Guiliani?

MJ Hegar reports opponent harrassing her, her children while trick-or-treating!!

Watch: 8 Women Candidates Join For Record Breaking 2018 Midterms - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Stop Fox News: Call Subaru!

"whakhulaaaah" -- thanks for the laugh lou

Bagels! Your Preference?

Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror

Prosecutor: Schlitterbahn Co-Owner Arranged To Have Sex With Human Trafficking Victim

TX-31: Carter Campaign harasses MJ Hegar's kids while trick or treating.

There's a River - Peter Green

2020 US Senate Election- How Democrats could end up with 60 seats?

Pittsburgh: Hero Dr Jerry Rabinowitz died rushing into gunfire at synagogue to help the wounded

Pittsburgh shooting: Jewish medics helped to save synagogue gunman's life

Bolsonaro To Merge Finance, Planning and Trade Into One Super Ministry

Bolsonaro's Plan to Prioritize Chile As An Ally Has Argentinians Worried

here is example of trump telling outright lie and media trying to confront him

Trump Still Enabling Jewish / George Soros Conspiracy Theory After Bomb Threats, Synagogue Shooting

Cold, Dark Stars Lurking in the Universe Could Act Like Single Giant Atoms

Gavin Newsom: It's trick or treat.

Republicans Are Afraid Of Democracy, So They're Dismantling It

Earth Is Being Haunted by a Ghostly Dust Storm -- And There May Be More Out There

Trump now trying to scare ppl that if Dems win midterms, ppl will lose money. WTF

6 Compelling Reasons To Spend Some Time Alone

Dissecting the Bloodthirsty Bliss of Death Metal

The War of the Worlds!

West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry Asks Judge To Grant Him a New Trial

The Violent Deaths of Giant Blue Stars May Spawn Exotic Matter

'White Holes' May Be the Secret Ingredient in Mysterious Dark Matter

South Korea allows conscientious objection to military service

Abortion, judiciary budget measures on West Virginia ballot

Federal judges order Ohio to allow purged voters back in

Scientists count whales from space

Creepy Halloween Costume!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/31/18

U.S. women win sixth world team ((gymnastics)) title

The elimination of citizenship at birth was simply to yank attention from bombs and Pitts

Stephen Colbert: Guest Christiane Amanpour Is The 'BFF Of The People'

That nail factory that laid off 25% because of Tariffs, many still support Trump

Former Executive Director at Venezuelan State-Owned Oil Company (Guilty in $1BLlaundering)

Truths About the College Mental Health Crisis

🐦 NOV 4 at 12PM - GOTV with Bernie Sanders at University of New Hampshire - Durham

Watch the U.S. space station as it passes over your area by signing up.

Five Days ... All Comes Back ... Vote

With election looming, Gov. Justice crosses state, handing out grants

Scientists discovered more than 1,000 octopuses

Anti-abortion protestors gather outside Manchin campaign office

Heads UP! For those interested, Andrew Gillum will be a guest on 'Morning Joe' this morning.

The Rachel Maddow Show 11/01/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

If Don the Con is good at estimating crowd sizes

Capitol offices evacuated after structural problem found near rotunda

Let the raving lunatic distract

Kornacki is officially "The Most Annoying Person On TV"

Conspiracy theorist becomes key figure as Mueller builds case

Trump's gonna be in a foul mood today because he can't golf this weekend

Thursday TOONs - Voting Is The Best Medicine Edition

The challenge of how best to report on a "demagogue"?

I can't hear people talking on my Android 6:0:1 phone

Exclusive: Trump says supporters demand his red-hot rhetoric

Johnny 99

Children sworn in as US citizens while dressed in Halloween costumes

77% Of Earth's Surface, 87% Of World's Oceans Directly Affected By Farming, Fishing, Development

Disappearing Islet Off Hokkaido Coast Redefines Japan's Territorial Waters

Analysis of 30,000 Twitter accounts provides a map of online extremists--support for Trump binds them

Along With Arctic Ice Loss, GHGs & Aerosols Causing "Stuck" Jet Stream, Extreme Weather

General Motors Manages To Somehow Piss Off Everyone With Ham-Fisted Last Minute EV Plan

LOL: Trump's Brilliant Military Strategy

Where Goats Drink First, Then Women: Rising Seas, Failing Health & Enduring Poverty

Profiles in Crazy, XII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Fear... it's what's for dinner!


The Watergate Road Map: What It Says and What It Suggests for Mueller

Trump: Attacking Media is "my only form of fighting back, I think I'm doing a service."

Pastors musicians & poets want to convince fellow believers Christian doesn't mean voting Republican

Study: Fracking Water Use Per Well Up 770% 2011-16; Wastewater Output In Year 1 Up 15-Fold

Trump "doubled down like a moral monster" on what motivated, radicalized Bowers

Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror

After Pittsburgh, Steve King's supporters brush aside accusations of racism, anti-Semitism

Our constitution, to trump, is only so much toilet paper. He is going to wipe his ass with it.

Trump's Reality Distortion Field

Trump and Aides Getting 'Spooked' About a Coming GOP Midterms 'Slaughter'

Nero's Sunken City

US using Saudi weakness over Khashoggi to push for end to Yemen War

This Republican Campaign Is the Most Racist, Dishonest Ever

Trying to reason with a Trumpster is sorta like trying to push a string: however much

North Korea: Sexual abuse of women 'common' - report

Warren Buffett, Walter Scott give big dollars to push Medicaid expansion

10th child dies in viral outbreak at North Jersey facility that has sickened 27 kids

The Saruman Trap

Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms

The Rundown: October 31, 2018

After Pittsburgh, Southern California synagogue vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti

Art of The Week: Week of 10/31/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/31/2018

Trump's "Home of the Brave"

Trump and Aides Getting 'Spooked' About a Coming GOP Midterms 'Slaughter'

Trump: "We're not doing any releases anymore... We'll build tent cities. We're not doing releases."

Google employees walk out to protest treatment of women

James 'Whitey' Bulger's fatal beating: 'He was unrecognizable'

Corker on migrant caravan: Republicans 'using fear to stimulate' midterm voter turnout

Trump's 2018 rallies hint at 2020 plan

Did Journalists Fall Into Trump's Trap Again?

Trump administration approves Wisconsin Medicaid work requirements

Trump administration approves Wisconsin Medicaid work requirements

Trump: Republicans attacked as 'racist' only because they're winning

'Lock him up!': Florida Trump crowd bashes opponents of DeSantis, Scott

Reminder: Don't Go To Your Base Gate Dressed In A Suicide Bomber Costume

Guess who dressed as Michelle for Halloween?

Fox & Friends Defends Trump Media Attacks: He's Simply Asking Report News the 'Way I Want it Reporte

Turned on the Morning Joe.................immediately turned it off .......................

Visualizing the Global Transition to Green Energy

Ainsley Earhardt: If media don't want to be called the enemy, then report news the way Trump wants

GOP voter stunned after learning seeking asylum is legal: 'Well, I hope Trump changes that'

100+ immigrants waited in line in 10 cities for court dates that didn't exist

We live in a time of great uncertainty and confusion

Oops! Perry 'accidentally told the truth' about dumping nuclear waste in Nevada, roiling Senate race

Happy National Deep Fried Clams Day! Yay or Nay?

What, specifically, has Nancy Pelosi done that makes her colleagues find her so objectionable?

There are more funerals today for the victims of that slaughter in Pittsburgh

Don't vote for our 'homophobic' and 'racist' dad, Missouri candidate's kids tell voters

Don't vote for our 'homophobic' and 'racist' dad, Missouri candidate's kids tell voters

Howard Dean Says Pittsburgh Shootings Have 'Energized' Dems for Midterms: 'I'm Pretty Optimistic'

Toobin Excoriates Kobach: Says He Devoted Career To Blocking Poor Voters

I find matryoshka dolls annoying. They're so

Dodge City Says It Can't Add Another Polling Place To Its One Outside City

Ahead of midterms, he just lies. And lies. And inflames. And dehumanizes people of color.

caravan kids getting a play break

Spokane GOP leader authors 'Biblical Basis for War' and death of enemies who disagree

Spokane GOP leader authors 'Biblical Basis for War' and death of enemies who disagree

Trump"s reasonable request to have media "report on the story the way I want it reported."

Andrew Gillum: Trump Has Provided 'Cover' for Racists

Friend of The Devil

His only philosophy

George Conway calls DT's citizenship comments drivel. Tribe agrees, hopes he has a comfortable couch

Trump-Russia Figure Carter Page Will Host a TV Show on Conservative Network One America News

Kanye West Bails on Trump, Claims He Was Used

"World Vegan Month"

Scaramucci to Trump: You Should Probably Dial Down the Lying

TRUMP: "A Lot Of People Say" George Soros Is Funding The Migrant Caravan

Now even the 'Conservative Union' can't stomach Trump's bullshit

Democrats in prime position to take House, but battleground district poll shows wild cards remain

Don't vote for our 'homophobic' and 'racist' dad, Missouri candidate's kids tell voters

435 Races for the Congress of the United States

Malcom nance on stephanie miller's show right now an hour early

For Trump, a 'national emergency' is anything he says it is -- including the migrant caravan

This is the guy who needs to go.

'Saviors of the white race': Perpetrators of hate crimes see themselves as heroes, researchers say

Republicans' great enemy: Voters

man in a "pretty red" MAGA hat given a note

Why is a crow?

To anyone affected by Dodge City's blatant attempt at voter suppression...

As memories of Lee Atwater's infamous Willie Horton ad are thrust into our heads once again today...

On this post-Halloween morning, and Dia De Los Muertos, how about a Mickey Mouse cartoon

Vote against all Republicans. Every single one. - By Max Boot

Morning Joe had Vermont gubernatorial challenger Democrat Christine Hallquist on today.

You're in the first competitive race you've had in've been condemned by your own Party..

Ana Navarro smacks down Rick Santorum's attempts to pin election fear mongering on Democrats

Former Florida GOP chairman goes nuclear on 'despicable' Trump for new racist ad

"the most racially charged national political ad in 30 years" we knew it was coming

Racial gerrymandering kept Navajos from power. Is that about to change?

Daily Beast: Americans Are Easy Marks for Russian Trolls, According to New Data

Really looks like a win in the House for the Dems......the Senate?? not so much.....

I don't care what the polls say, if women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, millennials etc.

Trump Claims Credit for Act Passed by Obama, Calls it Greatest Idea he Ever had.

Synagogue Shooting Suspect Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Murder, Hate Crimes

'Idaho's hope': could Paulette Jordan be the first Native American governor in the US?

Democrats See Some Good Signs In Booming Early Vote Numbers

When Smokey Sings

Message for Millennial Voting Cynics

Police Can't Find White Woman Fired From Six-Figure Job After Racist Rant

Ex-Goldman bankers face 1MDB charges

Can young people take back Wisconsin from Scott Walker's hard-right grip?

Trump adviser rules out deal on raising federal minimum wage

Queen - We Will Rock You (Video)

Arron Banks faces criminal inquiry over Brexit campaign

Florida mayor solicited sex for speed bumps, ethics panel finds

Pence rally for Kemp can't hold a candle to Oprah for Abrams!

Fucker pleaded not guilty

Trump just told another bold-faced lie in desperate attempt to scare racist base before midterms

Plan is in works for Trump to give immigration speech to the nation today

Lincoln mother says Medicaid expansion 'would change everything' for herself and her children

Vermont Senate Debate - October 29, 2018

Trump didnt start this racist rhetoric, America was built upon it.

In 1965, the Supreme Court ruled we have a right to contraception. Doug Wardlow (R-MN) disagrees.

Princeton historian explains why ad tweeted by Trump is worse than Lee Atwater's "Willie Horton" ad


I would like to remind everyone about something unique in our history.

When's the last time you mooned someone? Or got mooned?

Remember, Election Day for Republicans is on the 7th of November

Do as I say. Don't trust your own feelings or perceptions, trust what I say. I am the greatest.

The Faded Red and Blue - David Berkeley

Last night at Trump's rally in Florida he again called media "enemy of the people."

Sudan Archives - Come Meh Way

From-Scratch Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Twitter star "Devin Nunes' Mom" WINS TODAY'S INTERNET for reply to Ivanka jobs boast

Gateway Pundit: Mueller's "Accuser" Has Fled, Won't Be At Press Conference After All As She Fears...

Is it too late to make any donations?

Hey there from MA you CT People! ......

Mexico Supreme Court says ban on recreational marijuana unconstitutional

Macomb County clerk suggested fecal-eating worms for office toilets

No-fly zone, military-drill ban near Korea border take effect

Mexico Supreme Court says ban on recreational marijuana unconstitutional

Mexico Supreme Court says ban on recreational marijuana unconstitutional

I'm Sorry, but I Can't Stop Being an Optimist

Voted yesterday - straight Democratic - here's why:

Former FL GOP Chairman to Trump: "You are a despicable divider"

Why Dems will win the House: MATH.

So maybe Amazon isn't TOTALLY evil....

Kris Kobach echoes Donald Trump on citizenship issue in hot Kansas race

Rare Historical photo site


Question for you. I need some advice.....

Saudi crown prince described slain journalist as a dangerous Islamist in call with White House

I swear, Republicans can be some of the biggest crybabies I know.

I just voted here in Oklahoma.

Jacob Wohl's big press conference coming up at noon!: Update! This is HUGH!!!

Jimmy Buffet to hold Free Concert in West Palm Beach for Gillum and Nelson Saturday 2p

Could Public Banking Be The Answer To Questions Occupy Raised? (w/Phoenix Goodman)

Saudi crown prince described slain journalist as a dangerous Islamist in call with White House

Norman Blake - Slow Train Through Georgia

Disgraced FBI agent John Guandolo starts off the Pittsburgh shooting conspiracy theories

Stephen Colbert Monologue 10/31/2018

Please shed a tear...

NRA Tweets anti-Semitic Meme That Top Republican Congressman Previously Deleted

North Carolina Early Voting

China slashed its imports of U.S. sorghum, soybean, and corn in September

How Monumentally Stupid Republicans Look Globally

OMG!!!! Its teh Antifah! The Antifah! They've come for Jacob Wohl at teh Holiday In!!!!!!!!

The Rachel Maddow Show 9PM 10/31/18 FULL MSNBC Breaking News Today Oct 31, 2018 ☆

Mysticism and Mescaline

Mexico's Supreme Court legalizes cannabis for recreational use

Pic Of The Moment: Conservatives Make Their Closing Arguments For Voting Democratic

ABC news: Conspiracy theorist key figure as Mueller builds case.

I'm a Gen-Xer, and this is the way I've seen the generations explained. Has it changed?

Know any young people (or any people) who are on the fence about voting?

Obrah LIVE on msnbc

Worst TX campaign ad? Why Dan Patrick's of course.

NC Early Voting

Bolton to praise Bolsonaro, declare "Troika of Tyranny" in Latin America speech

So, did Wohl and Berkman have a press conference?

The farmers will still vote for 45. They have collected their subsidies, raised prices are making

Trump "When I can, I tell the truth"

'Idaho's hope': could Paulette Jordan be the first Native American governor in the US?

'Idaho's hope': could Paulette Jordan be the first Native American governor in the US?

'Idaho's hope': could Paulette Jordan be the first Native American governor in the US?

Jack Serier for Ramsey County Sheriff

This Chart Shows The True Scale Of Trump's New Border Deployment

Okay guys! It's national Men Make Dinner Day! What's on the menu?😋

how long does it take to get un-jet lagged?

voting by under age 30 up 400%, voting by African Americans up 200%

Sad! At the Wohl / Burkman press conference (Mueller accusation), Burkman's pants are unzipped...

Top White House Economic Adviser Says Minimum Wage Is a "Terrible Idea"

The New York Post: covering the stories that really matter

Baby found dead in swing 'died of diaper rash,' Iowa prosecutor says

Once Again, France Wins Host Country Bid For Tour De France

Steve King blows up at questioner who pressed him on the Pittsburgh massacre #IA04

Siddhartha Mukherjee (Emperor of all Maladies) Nov. 1 at Vanderbilt, 6:30 pm

A person who rails against "globalism" will never give you the shirt off their back

How will our brave soldiers along the border be able to defend against this?

So I got to "accept" an Oscar on my tour of Warner Bros. studios two days ago...

I'm worried that DT45 will not accept the election.

Pence: "I'm kinda of a big deal, too."

I don't get it. How can George Soros afford...

My right leaning millennial step son who has never voted

Pentagon has no plans to send 15,000 troops to border for Trump stunt

again, no kids knocked on my door last night. all those fried chicken embryos and beer went to waste

This Oprah Clip just now says it all......

So, I was watching Oprah rev up her crowd...

This pretty much sums up the Jacob Wohl "presser" re: fake Robert Mueller rape allegation

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Will Mary Richards Go to Jail 1970

Trump: "I think the blue wave is dead, frankly. And I think we're doing very well."

pancakes or waffles?

'They're playing dirty': Can Navajos win power after racial exclusion?

'They're playing dirty': Can Navajos win power after racial exclusion?

'They're playing dirty': Can Navajos win power after racial exclusion?

Larry Klayman weighs in on the MAGAbomber

Wohl, 20, far-right conspiracy theorist

US military CANNOT act as law enforcement on US soil--soooooo, those 5,200 military members

Democrats Match or Exceed Republicans on Turnout Indicators

Early voting in Durham NC #9

NYT - Read the Emails: The Trump Campaign and Roger Stone

MEANWHILE, in Spain...

Stone Sold Himself to Trump's Campaign as a WikiLeaks Pipeline

Tennessee set to execute murderer Edmund Zagorski in electric chair Thursday night

I wouldn't invest in cannabis stocks.

Read the Emails: The Trump Campaign and Roger Stone

Did Trump just say we need a wall of well trained people Does he think this is Game of Thrones

Russian National Charged with Interfering in U.S. Political System

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 1, 2018

Racist video ipart of a broader GOP strategy

I am new to Missouri elections, is there early voting in Missouri? thx in advance

George Soros is the Republican Party's Emmanuel Goldstein

Did the drumpf's host a Halloween event for the kids?

5 funniest moments from Jacob Wohl's hilariously failed press conference smearing Robert Mueller

Strib endorsed Stauber for the 8th.

Wow, just wow. WTF, Kentucky? Can he be charged with a federal hate crime?

Google staff walk out in protest over treatment of women

Google staff walk out in protest over treatment of women

Google staff walk out in protest over treatment of women

Anyone else miss this salacious NH story - about a GOP state rep a porn project & alleged assualt?

Trump and Aides Getting 'Spooked' About a Coming GOP Midterms 'Slaughter'

'God Is Going to Have to Forgive Me': Young Evangelicals Speak Out.

CNN: Young voters usually sit out the midterms. There are signs 2018 could be different.

Yahoo running story about FOX soaring in ratings beating CNN/MSNBC combined. WTF??

Scott Walker is unhinged--calls Obama "biggest liar in the world."

At War: My Deployment Was Not an 'Adventure,' as a Children's Book Tried to Tell My Daughters

Will Nevada elect the US's first female-majority legislature?

Will Nevada elect the US's first female-majority legislature?

Will Nevada elect the US's first female-majority legislature?

Will Nevada elect the US's first female-majority legislature?

Something Very Basic Just Hit Me Regarding IOIYAR

This looks an awful lot like last minute GOP mis-direction? (PA GOV anti-gun ad)

WA State Rep: "For those who do not follow biblical law, kill all males" (FBI now involved)

We Must End Trump's War on Migrant Women

We Must End Trump's War on Migrant Women

We Must End Trump's War on Migrant Women

Help! Pray for me!

"I finally figured it out. Jacob Wohl is Timmy Failure."


Brexit deal could accelerate interest rate increases

Oprah: "I'm here today because of the men and because of the women who were lynched...trying to vote

Lies, Lies, and more LIES...

NV SoS: Dems are 42% of early votes in Nevada

rome burns, US. . . . .

Repost: Stumping for Abrams, Oprah makes impassioned plea for turnout

After Kemp pulls out of original debate, candidates unable to agree on alternative

GOP nominee ditches debate to go to Trump rally, then blames opponent

Carter Page Will Host a TV Show on Conservative Network One America News

BTRTN: This American Carnage

Editorials slam GOP Senate nominee: 'Straight out of the 50s -- the 1850s'

BTRTN: This American Carnage

Jacob Wohl: "Antifa has arrived on the premises, but they're not going to stop us."

Anyone watching "Making a Murderer Part 2"? Spoiler alert

Trump official whines about 'ethics checks' for corrupt administration

Girrrl, Let Me Pull Over To The Side Of The Road ! -- OPRAH ENDORSES STACEY ABRAMS

Trump to address nation on immigration from Roosevelt Room at 4:15 PM EDT

If Soros is financing the "Caravan"

Avenatti launches his first political ad

Russian Lawmakers Head to U.S. to Monitor Midterm Elections

Former intelligence chief wiretapped Avianca pilots during strike: prosecution

ICC rejects special treatment for Colombia's military war crime suspects

A man noticed a farmer lifting a very heavy pig

Wohl "mystery girl" now has a twitter account...

Hubby just got back from early voting in Franklin Co, Ohio

Duque wants to raise taxes on Colombia's middle class and poor; will congress let him?

RW Gateway Pundit has suspended its relationship with Jacob Wohl, per article

Good statement from John Fugelsang.

US, Japan Kick off Military Exercise Involving 57,000 Personnel

"Should we vote?"

Preet Bharara: "Did they go for Surefire Intelligence because Stable Genius was taken?"

NYT: Roger Stone sold himself to Trump campaign as conduit to wikileaks.

FoxNews: State Dept Spokesperson offered job as UN Ambassador

Per my last email (doggie pic)

Your best response to someone, you have never met, but says I've heard a lot about you.

Early voting by young people up 500% in Texas and Georgia

Heather Nauert is Trump's top choice for UN ambassador

In interview, GOP-voters all for changing outdated US Constitution... except 2nd Amendment.

Black Caucus threatens fight over House leadership if Democrats win


Good meme:

We went to Jacob Wohl's most important press conference ever LOLOLOL

PA-11 Jess King is going to flip this seat...

I heard this appalling ad on the radio the other day.

UN General Assembly renews long-standing call for end to US embargo against Cuba

Because Sarge Told Me To

UN General Assembly renews long-standing call for end to US embargo against Cuba

Luckovich-Brian Kemp is a chicken

Where do I go to report an immigrant who was working here illegally

Gee, a story from 2016 which disparages a "Democratic PAC", suddenly appears as their headline days

Stone Sold Himself to Trump as a WikiLeaks Pipeline

Trump admin promises to 'encourage' tree burning for energy

"We Don't do Stunts"?????

"A divided Obama world has options in 2020" -- DU Editorials & Other Articles (Forum)

Fed. Dist. Court Rejects New Relief in North Dakota Residential Address for voting case

Ok. I can do this too:

I was recently asked whether I really believed that most white Americans are racist.

Oprah stumps for Abrams in Georgia: We have power that 'cannot be suppressed'

Why CNN? Why do you cover him live or taped or anything...

Trump source is candid about reason for new racist ad says Jim Acosta

Sears to license out Kenmore, DieHard manufacturing

2018 Horse Racing - Free Breeders' Cup Past Performances....

Obamas acquire rights to book detailing Trump transition chaos

Damn facts. Killer shown in Twitler's racist ad came back to US under Bush!

Concern raised about double voting in Dodge City polling place lawsuit

Oh my God, this stupid speech. Lies and lies and more lies.

Apple, Facebook and Google among 56 businesses telling Trump not to weaken transgender rights

Reel "Bad Feelings" Post Your Favorites

Trump RE: Caravan..."We hope nothing happens, but if it does, we're totally prepared"

Beagles! Your Preference?

Nicolle sure seems to be woke. It's half-past the hour and no Trump until she fact-checks him!

Stone Cold Killers:

just turned on cnn and trump looks every bit the part of a third world dictator...

I'm so glad Oprah is helping Stacey Abrams campaign in Georgia!!!

Jacob Wohl changed his bio, now "Head of Most Well-Known Opposition Research Firm in the WORD"

The cop-killer in Trump's twitter video actually came back to the U.S. under George W. Bush

Outrage erupts over Trump campaign ad blaming Democrats for immigrant who 'killed our people'

Nigerian soldiers shoot dozens of peaceful Shia protesters

Build the ????. I hope someone asks about the Wall in the presser. I don't

Trump: "We have thousands of tents, we'll hold them right there, not letting them into the country"

The mystery deepens . . .

Wall Street is backing Democrats for the first time in a decade

Scott Walker is desperate! .."Wisconsin we'll codify that, the exact same language that's in the ACA

Pence compares himself to Will Ferrell -- and Stephanie Ruhle has the perfect response

Did I hear that right?

'It's a ghost page': EPA site's climate change section may be gone for good

The Faces of Change in the Midterm Elections

"The Caravan! Coming Soon!" from Stephen Colbert

Anyone seen a solid estimate on when the caravan is supposed to get here?

The New Colossus

"Today was the day I woke up to swastikas on my beautiful block in Brooklyn Heights. "

Behind the Scenes at a Bundy Rally

Recap of Shitler's "immigration" presser:

Was OK of Keystone XL route valid? TransCanada, opponents take arguments to Nebraska Supreme Court

Trump wasted an opportunity to gain respect and dignity for himself & his administration.

Orange County, Fl voters, I'm calling you out again!

Tapper says CNN played the speech live because the White House said it would be a policy speech

Adolfo Franco on CNN

Democrats close campaign by hammering GOP on health care

Seems Donald, Ivanka and Kudlow had a "Our Pledge to America's Workers." event at the WH yesterday.

Just got back from early voting

A Berniecrat win on Trump turf may not be too far-fetched

The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock 'n Roll...

Cautionary Tale 1939: When 20,000 American Nazis Descended Upon New York City

Jewish community and neighbors to take a stand against hate

'Better Call Saul' actor admits he cut off his own arm and lied about being a wounded vet

NOT THE ONION: Trump says "a rock" will "be considered a firearm" at the border

Why doesn't someone drag him away in a straightjacket?!!!

"Vote for Claire McCaskill, you liberal dipsh@ts"

Thiessen: Trump can't strike 14th Amendment with his pen

Junior is pushing people to the polls on the wrong date.


Tony Evers

The 2010 Robert Rodriguez film "Machete" has officially morphed from "movie" to "prophecy."

Will QAnon Go Down as the Dumbest Story of the Year?

Big Soda spends through $20 million I-1634 war chest, goes $1.3 million into debt

On MTP Danielle Pletka cleverly compared President Obama's To Trump

'We need her badly' --- Trump backs Rep. McMorris Rodgers in Wash. congressional race

What our great-grandparents caravan looked like!

Gen Hayden responds re: Shitler's plan to have soldiers shoot rock-wielding migrants.

With new indictment, U.S. launches aggressive campaign to thwart China's economic attacks

Americans Would Feel Safer If a Huge Caravan of Angry White Men Left the Country

Coral: Palau to ban sunscreen products to protect reefs

Steve King has fiery exchange at Iowa town hall

GOP infighting spills into public view

If I had attended H.S. in Mass. instead of Parkland FL, I would likely be alive today.

Review: A Balanchine Festival, With Masterpieces in Safe Hands


If you thought Trump couldn't reach 'a new low,' think again

Why Republicans are not afraid of the end times.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Refuses To Air Trump's Immigration Remarks Live

Psychology Today: The Dunning-Kruger Effect May Help Explain Trump's Support

Yesterday I saw "Chappaquiddick" on the plane coming home from LA.

Fact-check: The leaves are changing, but is the racial makeup of Vermont?

Feds open criminal probe into natural gas explosions

Feds open criminal probe into Massachusetts natural gas explosions

Economists reverse claims that $15 Seattle minimum wage hurt workers.

Latino business owners say they didn't give permission for ad opposing carbon fee

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro makes top judge Sergio Moro justice minister

When and how did you figure out that American Conservatism was a scam?

The president's called me a thief...

CNN boss: If we break away from Trump coverage 'the audience goes away'

It is psychopathic to take stability away from you and then give it back.

Federal Judge Allows North Dakota Republicans to Block Native Americans From Voting

Former ICE chief: Trump's additional troops to border will do 'absolutely nothing'

Trump's immigration rhetoric could backfire, progressive strategist warns

Trump considering former Fox News host and fan of Ivanka's clothing line for U.N. ambassador

Parkland students urge Sarasota residents to vote

Fly Unzipped, Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl Make Laughable Smear Claims Against Mueller

Fantastic News For Beto O'Rourke As Texas Has The Most First Time Voters Under 30 Who Have Already V

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Most Vulnerable Seats.

Remember this day

Burckman and Wohls story exposed, possible connection to Trump.

Trump: "When they hear they're not going to be separated, they come, many many times..."

"Midterms. Midterms." -- Who I'm voting for

Police can't find white woman in racist rant that went viral

Brexit bankroller faces criminal probe over referendum campaign payments.

Hotel bill for first lady's overnight trip to Cairo topped $95K

Activists from March For Our Lives to visit ASU Tempe campus

So what happens when our troops

UNL prof files ethics complaint, alleging Fortenberry's chief of staff threatened him over Facebook

Have you voted (for the best dog Halloween costume) yet?

Current Ministers of Agriculture and Environment Criticize Upcoming Merge

What do you do when someone you have to deal with just doesn't get the message?

You know he really thinks the elections are about him

Bulger and Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 2 November 2018

Bolsonaro's Attacks To Folha Create Informal Subscription Push On Social Media

Safety First.

Washington state lawmaker pens 'Biblical Basis for War': 'If they do not yield -- kill all males'

2018 US Senate Election- Are the Republicans going to win more/less than 8 Senate Races in 2018?

Bernie Sanders calls Trump 'most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history'


Better than a hole-in-one.


AZ Green Party Senate candidate dropping out, endorsing Sinema

CNN aired Trump rambling about immigrants for 27 minutes

I've been getting ten or more political calls per day.

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority based on what happens in 2018.

People Are Cracking Up At This Deaf Student Who Farted In Class And Got A Lesson Of A Lifetime

Seems like to me All the Religious rt REPUGS want

I had an encounter with a fellow traveler today

Will somebody please, please, please fix Laura Loomer's tire?

I just saw a clip with Oprah quoting this American classic

Pence feeling miffed that his campaign event in GA is being ignored because of Oprah & Will Ferrell

Was in a slight fender bender a couple hrs ago

Shooting people with rocks from a thousand miles away

Once The Midterms Are Over, Expect To Hear From Robert Mueller Again

Stop killing their dreams

Butterfly Preserve On The Border Threatened By Trump's Wall.

Trump's bullshit today figured out

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Turkish Rondo

WV-SEN: McConnell's super PAC pulls out.

This is encouraging

Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen - This Land is Your Land - Obama Inauguration

Wow.. Pilot arrested after Breathalyzer Test!...

TRUE: Nearly every individual asking to cross the U.S. border has a better value system than Trump

Isn't Mexico going to be forced to send troops to its side of the border?

"Misery Mountain": Violence plagued West Virginia prison before Whitey Bulger killing

ANOTHER migrant caravan!

Fox has marching orders and right on cue

"At a time he should be running on his record, he's running from it"

Trump Jr. says he's worried Mueller will 'fabricate' charges against him. lol

Don't forget to Beto this election.

Pupper inspiration for today: Zak & Riley. ❤

The Pretender

Robert Rundo, Other Neo-Nazi Gang Members Indicted for Conspiracy, Rioting

Pupper inspiration for today: Zak & Riley. ❤

Climate Vengeance: A New Approach to Environmental Law (w/Guest Professor Marry Wood)

Knock Knock -- It's Oprah! Winfrey Campaigns for Stacey Abrams as Mogul Says She Won't Run in 2020

Men in Suits...

"Kris Has Devoted His Career To Stopping Black People And Poor People From Voting."

Waiting for Trump to announce that shooting weapons is a form of

"Kris (Kobach) Has Devoted His Entire Career To Stopping Black People and Poor People From Voting."

Press conference alleging Mueller sex assaults features no evidence, no victim

Breaking and great news!

Report: Homeland Security Ignores Domestic White Terrorism

Trump announces plan to block some migrants from seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mystery of the Midterm Elections: Where are the Russians?

This is NOT a SNL skit.... Idiocracy is here!

Pompeo says 'handful more weeks' before U.S. responds to Khashoggi killing

I swear, I think Trump wakes up everyday and thinks, "what can I do or say to piss off

Luis Bracamontes, Cop-Killer in Trump's Twitter Video, Actually Came Back to U.S. Under Bush

Little First Lady: Michelle Obama's Littlest Fan Gave Her Big Love on Halloween

Barack and Michelle Obama Are Adapting a Book Critical of Trump for Their First Netflix Project

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 60 seats.

Troops Preparing For Armed Militias at Border

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah confirmed married

If you are in OH please vote for my friend Kathleen Clyde for Sec. of State.