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Losing GOP candidate files lawsuit claiming newly-elected Latina state rep in AZ is not a citizen

Losing GOP candidate files lawsuit claiming newly-elected Latina state rep in AZ is not a citizen

Exclusive: Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker was counseling the White House on investigating Clinton

Before he is ousted, Sessions limits U.S. oversight of local police

Before he is ousted, Sessions limits U.S. oversight of local police

Sinema now up by over 21,000 votes in AZ !!

Why aren't we celebrating the giant BLUE WAVE? We won and should be celebrating!

Obama's birth certificate was the Foundational Lie of Trumpism...

Republican activists harass the only black people they see at Florida 'election theft' demonstration

Five dead in California wildfire as second blaze forces Malibu evacuation

Michael Mukasey & Gonzales, former Repub AGs raise questions on Trump's naming Whitaker

Accused U.S. mail bomber Sayoc could face life in prison with new charges

Barack and Michelle Obama's presidential portraits target of perverse, racist attacks

Trump Reportedly Wants WWE Co-Founder to Replace Wilbur Ross

ONLY good thing about RUMP is

Really hoping the Parisians unleash some full-bore french attitude on the swamp-slug-potus.

Questions here. If we were to impeach Rump in the House and Senate votes NO. Then

I'm worried about my house🔥, but there is nothing I can do. Friends houses have burned🙏🏻

Trump Suggests He Will Call For New Election in Arizona: 'SIGNATURES DON'T MATCH'

If Sinema wins and Trump calls for another election

Two views on theism:

So if there isn't a single person here who thinks Trump does not deserve to be impeached,

FBI investigating company Whitaker was involved with.

Gun death statistics: CDC study says gun deaths are on the rise after years of decline

Trump met with Whitaker (guy he doesn't know) in White House at least 10 times

This is the moral bankruptcy we face

This is what the California wildfires look like from NASA's perspective.

NYT: Sinema leads by 20,203 (about 1%) with 99% reporting

Are any DUers effected by the fires? Are you and your friends, family and pets OK?

Crossing From Asia, the First Americans Rushed Into the Unknown

These 14 Democrats Are at Core of What Bernie Sanders Calls the 'Most Progressive Freshman Class'

Why does the MSM even ask trump questions

Texas Democrats' biggest win on election night may have been the courts

How Kris Kobach Lost for Kansas Governor

Trump's acting attorney general involved in firm that scammed veterans out of life savings

PG&E Corp. plans to replace three natural gas-fired power plants in California

Bernie Warren Beto 2020

People, I am an old person. I want to leave this earth with no DJT and with a

I figured out why Trump says he has never met Whitaker!

The D.C. Circuit Considers the Constitutionality of Bob Mueller's Appointment

Malibu burning: Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Cher fear for homes pic..........

Dems' Legal Challenge to FL 'Signature Mismatch' Law Could Determine Guv, Senate Races

You'll Lose A Precious Love -- The Temptations

Sinema widens lead over McSally in Arizona Senate race

How Fox News Affects Your Brain

The Signature That Ended World War I, Armistice 100 Yrs. Ago

I need help with the math regarding # of US senators

Mitch McConnell said he won't be touching the ACA!


Jamie Raskin, MD #8, on Chris Hayes show.

15 House Republicans with A NRA ratings lost on Tuesday.

Has Trump ever mentioned the Cal. fires? nt

Tweet of the Day

Question on senate procedure, particularly regarding confirmation of judges

Trump's acting attorney general involved in firm that scammed veterans out of life savings

Axelrod tweeted several minutes ago that Trump seems "particularly unhinged" since Tuesday.

Trump played key role in coordinating hush money payments to Daniels, McDougal: report

Backlash after Trump assails three black female reporters

ACLU Sues Trump Administration to Halt Asylum Restrictions

Rarely mentioned reason FL governor election so important & GOP more freaked than about GA:

Zinke is the Cabinet official most vulnerable to Democratic probe, White House fears

Accused 'MAGA bomber' Cesar Sayoc slapped with 30-count indictment

Jose Andres offers Ocasio-Cortez a place to stay in DC

If you won't support making public 5 years of tax returns before running in a Democratic primary,

Nelson releases video: 'Rick Scott is trying to stop all the votes from being counted'

When is the next Trump rally?

California CD10 - BOOM!

New Yorker Cover Shows Why the Midterms Were so Huge for Women and People of Color

Federal investigators scrutinized Whitaker's role in patent company accused of fraud.

Trump's Interference With Science Is Unprecedented

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 11 - Veterans Day

Would a feral cat attack a grown possum?

Why the attacks and disdain of Pelosi?

Flake: Whitaker shouldn't oversee Mueller probe

Sister Mary was very happy

TCM Schedule for Monday November 12 - Star of the Month: Glenda Farrell

Has Trump commented on the California fires?

MSNBC: Glen Kirschner on Tweety pronounced Scaramucci "Scare-a-mucci.". It was subtle but

Dozens of mail-in ballots sitting in Miami distribution center

Friday Talking Points -- Democrats' Biggest Midterm House Win Since Watergate

Professor at SSU

Send to know of me (& Jim ACOSTA & April RYAN) at Gitmo. The newspaper keeps posting my letters:

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Dr. T and the Women!

CA-39: Gil Cisneros pulls to within 2500 votes of Young Kim

Maddow talking of the CA fires--

*Great Performances, The Sound of Music, PBS

National Association of Black Journalists rips into Trump for treatment of black women reporters

National Association of Black Journalists rips into Trump for treatment of black women reporters

Tweet of the evening

AZ Democrats closing in on 2 state offices

Staggering ...

Maddow: NEWS: Law enforcement officials tell NBC News that when it comes to the campaign finance

Doesn't Whitaker look like he should be selling pillows?

So the acting Attorney General of the United States has been involved

Dubai Police start training on flying motorbikes

Venezuela rejects humanitarian donations from Doctors Without Borders

Lawrence O'Donnell: This is Matthew Whitaker's "Dirty Harry" moment...

SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Certified to Launch NASA's Most Precious Science Missions

pics from the fire

Whitaker, 2014: States have the right to nullify federal law, but need political courage to do so

Vega: The North Star of the Past and the Future

What could Grassley & Whitaker possibly be yukking it up about in 2017, I wonder?

So no Indictments today by Mueller

and on Rachel....why are we even listening to the Wall Street journal reporter??

Rick Wilson strikes again.

Don't forget, we won on Tuesday, that's why we are seeing a raging orange anus running amok.

Bill Maher in 15 min

When the worst President in US history was in office, a tall, lanky, fun guy lost a Senate election.

Texas man gets 55 years in prison for fatal church bus crash

NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars Is Rolling (and Drilling) Again

New Moon tonight, November 9, 2018.

Spectacular 'Dragon's Eye' on Jupiter Spotted by NASA's Juno

Pegasus Constellation: Facts & Notable Features

Former NY attorney general won't face abuse charges

Here's How Much the Earth Weighs in 'Ghostly' Neutrinos


Why String Theory is Right Space Time

Michelle Obama to be on special

Water Deep in Earth's Core May Come from Dust Swirling Around the Sun

Maher-trump talks out of his ass but shit comes out of his mouth

Just wanted to post that the march in NY yesterday had 5,700 in attendance

Well, Trump just finished off the career another person. (Whitiker)

Lawrence Tribe just told Lawrence O'Donnell that Mueller

Broward County at center of Florida recount debate as judge orders release of ballot count

GOP protesters chant 'lock her up' about Florida county election chief

The words "Trumped up"

Not just paper ballots, but paper ballots so FUCKING BIG you can't possibly lose or overlook them.

Did just hear that correctly?

Two things I noticed about our party this year.

"You have to treat the White House with respect" Trump says.

Horrific images from Kristallnacht 80 years ago

'Dear Amazon: New York Doesn't Want You, Find Another City To Destroy'

You MUST find Maher's New Rules from tonight. It is fantastic

CA-10: Josh Harder opens up a lead over Jeff Denham.

Woolsey Fire list of burned homes


Randi Rhodes

I must say.....

Holy Cow! Astronomers Agog at Mysterious New Supernova

Real Time with Bill Maher 11/9/18

Democrat Maribel Cordero holding small lead in Orange County (CA) Commission

Giving Brazilians More Access To Guns Won't Reduce Violent Deaths, Evidence Shows

Abrams buys TV ads for runoff as Kemp accuses her of 'desperate ploy'

Most terrifying Vice episode ever!

'He's a F*cking Fool': Justice Department Officials Trash Matt Whitaker, Their New Boss

Missouri Democrats try to rebuild. 'There is no knight coming to save the party'

Neuroscientists Make a Case against Solitary Confinement

GA Judge orders that absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day and received by Friday be counted

James Comey discussed sensitive FBI business on his private email

Big Wins in California Legislature!

Trump on video: October: "I know Matt Whitaker." November: "I don't know Matt Whitaker."

What is

I dont want thoughts I dont want Prayers I want gun control

Amanpour interviews Congressman-elect Tom Malinowski (D flipped seat that was R since '81)

FBI opens investigation on company linked to Whitaker

As the Asteroid Turns: NASA Probe Snaps Video of Spinning Bennu

Colbert calls Steven Miller a naked molerat...

Donny the Kid

Whitaker led group that may have violated tax-exempt status

Remember Remember the 22nd of November

Green group backs keeping nuclear plants open

Huge Lakes Thought to Be Hiding Beneath Antarctica's Ice Seem to Have Vanished

Trump to meet with Putin while overseas

As a Senate candidate, Whitaker said he could not support 'secular' judicial nominees and that court

Sarah Silverman was on Bill Maher

The Daily Show: Jamil Smith - How Trumpism Prevails Even as Trump Is Refuted

Dave Wasserman: Rohrabacher is done

Jemele Hill: I was removed from Florida voter rolls because I tweeted about moving

Caitlin Jenner's home burned to the ground in SoCal fires

The Daily Show: Trump Tweets a Meme at Iran & India Erects a Record-Breaking Statue

Botham Jean case - man killed by cop in his own apartment: Dallas DA voted out

Here's How Peru's Ancient People Survived in the Treacherous Andes

Here's How Peru's Ancient People Survived in the Treacherous Andes

Seth Meyers - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized, Donald Trump Jr.'s Friends - Monologue - 11/8/18


Why did Matt Whitaker prosecute (and fail to convict) this gay state Senator?

Jeff Sessions is a sick a**hole. Final act was to restrict consent degrees against corrupt police

Space Force, Europa missions face scrutiny as Democrats take over House

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Seth Meyers: Editor David Remnick Thinks The New Yorker's Comics Are Hand Grenades of Humor

Trump's Interference With Science Is Unprecedented

In Matt Whitaker, the President has found his Roy Cohn.

Rightwing claims of Democratic vote manufacturing are a smokescreen to hide THEIR voter suppression.

The Daily Show: Jamil Smith - How Trumpism Prevails Even as Trump Is Refuted

the shirt off his back...

Utah Democrats Make Statehouse Gains In Salt Lake's Suburbs

The Daily Show: Trump Tweets a Meme at Iran & India Erects a Record-Breaking Statue

Democrats pick up 3 seats in Idaho House, 1 in Senate

Chris Hayes: "Donald Trump Is Cornered And Dangerous" - All In - MSNBC

ND Republican Who Sponsored Law Disenfranchising Native Americans Loses To a Native American

Ocasio-Cortez rips Fox News for mocking her personal finances, working-class people

Air Force Space Command prepares to take over procurement of satellite communications

Kansas House: First openly gay members win, helping Dems cut into Republican control

This is a simple 2 question test on Whitaker vs Mueller.(short & easy)

New Air-Conditioner Absorbs Solar Energy and Blasts Radiation Into Space

republican ad running against Whittaker

Democrats Fight To Count Every Vote In Georgia All In MSNBC

Do Democratic Party rules prevent Bernie Sanders from running as a Democrat for the 2020 nomination?

Alabama Democratic Party sat on cash as Election Day approached

Democrats mark legislative wins in deeply red South Carolina

Smokey sunset

Palm Beach Elections Supervisor says nation's highest elected officials r trying 2 disrupt democracy

"Stop, Meghan": "The View's" Whoopi Goldberg cuts off McCain during outburst over Jim Acosta

Mother of California shooting victim: 'I don't want prayers ... I want gun control'

Trump sends military to protect USA from imaginary invasion while Americans flee for their lives


What caravan????

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/9/18

Don't let the door hit you, I was thinking after reading this letter

Blast from the past: APNewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed October 26, 2017

Do you think McConnell would refuse to seat Nelson and Sinema if they win?

Voters Reject President Donald Trump In Blue Wave Midterm Results - The Last Word - MSNBC

How do you defeat an entrenched congressman?

Whitaker's controversial prosecution of a gay Democrat

Hypothesis: Whittaker has 'frozen' Mueller investigation and that's why no indictments

Andrew Gillum to speak Saturday amid tightened race for Florida governor

a normal president would have 1st made a statement about the CA fire/Thousand Oaks shooting

Politicians who deny existence of climate change should be impeached or recalled

Will Donald Trump Jr. Be Indicted Over Meeting With Russians?

Election Day +3 : Here Are The 13 House And 2 Senate Uncalled Races

45 calls for a spirit of bipartisanship

the cure - the kiss (live from berlin - 2002 - trilogy)

"Hey, Girl..."

Who here grew up believing that apples to doctors were like crucifixes to vampires?

Ari: How The Pundits Missed The Blue Wave In 2018 - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Chile's ex-army chief Juan Emilio Cheyre convicted for Pinochet-era murders

Chile's ex-army chief Juan Emilio Cheyre convicted for Pinochet-era murders

Peru's President vows to extradite predecessor from US

Mother Mary

Coal War

Ancient human population histories revealed in Central and South America

Ancient human population histories revealed in Central and South America

Short stature in rainforest hunter-gatherers may be linked to cardiac adaptation

Short stature in rainforest hunter-gatherers may be linked to cardiac adaptation

Hypocrisy: Watch Lindsey Graham Own Himself While Pandering To Trump - Ari Melber - MSNBC

America For Dummies.

Crash This Train

Texas AG wants inmate on death row despite rare agreement

Cortez The Killer

Sugar Mountain

Thousands of absentee-ballots discovered in postal facility, declared invalid.

"Where they hung the jerk who invented work"

Russian news sites are claiming an American civil war will erupt during the 2020 presidential electi

Repost. Because it's so fucking good!

Wagon Wheel

Mayo Clinic grows its military connections

Democrats choose Hortman as next House Speaker

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening/Whose Boat Is This Boat? - 11/9/18

I & Love & You

Stephen Colbert: Guest Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poops On Voters

Shipyards workers settle lead claims for $7.5 million

The Artful Dodger

Record soybean harvest expected amid continued trade dispute

VA secretary says he will continue agency's controversial experiments on dogs

Bold, very bold

Gov.-elect Tim Walz sets up shop at the Capitol. Gas-tax hike for roads? 'Absolutely.'

(Jewish Group) What starts online... never stays there

(Jewish Group) Alyssa Milano shows Farrakhan who's the boss, won't speak at women's rally

Dakota County employee allegedly stole $270K from housing agency

A Dear john FTA F..k the army attitude

MoneyGram International Inc. Agrees to Extend Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Forfeits $125 Million

Trump tweets 'gross mismanagement of forests' is to blame for California wildfires

Real Estate Developer Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Defrauding Investors Out Of $58 M

Actual advice for Southerners driving on snow.

Confirmed racist threat at Drake University tells student to leave 'or else'

Man Pleads Guilty to $20 Million Tax Fraud

Two Employees of South Korean Conglomerate Charged With Defrauding U.S. Government in Army Base Con

NBC News: President Donald Trump Likely Faced Indictment But For Presidency - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker tied to 1MDB scandal blames bank's 'culture' in guilty plea

any brick haters here?

Terry Branstad's name used in phishing scheme


Folks are erroneously saying Wisconsin went blue.....No, we got a DEM Governor..Trifecta broken...

Mom of Calif. shooting victim: "I don't want prayers... I want gun control"

Two-star general, Green Berets punished for deadly Niger ambush that killed 4 US soldiers

"ICU Grandpa" is there for the preemies and sick babies when their parents can't be

Whitaker "cited his status as a former U.S. Attorney, then threatened the disgruntled customer"

My heart aches for Florida voters who have been disenfranchised. They were

Greg Palast: Brian Kemp's resignation is too little, too late

Trump: "Is there anything better to celebrate than the end of a war?"

Trump: "I did not know Mr. Whitaker...No social contact..."

Helping People in unlawful Cause

Democrats Plan to Pursue Most Aggressive Gun-Control Legislation in Decades

King debunks Trump's attack on Obama

A Device For Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide Which Regenerates at Waste Heat Temperatures.

For 2020 Candidates who did NOT want ALL votes counted should be a major voting issue.

ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Kicks...Benton Blount off Tour for Posing With MAGA Hat

Wildfires rage in California, Trump blames 'forest mismanagement'

U.S. Postal Service investigates ballots mailed through Opa-locka facility

Is it possible that a U.S. Postal Service employee would try to sabotage the election process?

Thursday, Rick Scott had won the Keys by one vote. By Friday, he had lost there by 10.

Get this: $4.988 BILLION total revenue for MSNBC CNN and FOX in 2017 & that wasn't a campaign year


"How dare you": Surgeons respond to NRA's complaint about "self-important doctors"

Der Twitler is an embarrassment yet again on the world stage

When you get a Pantheon style church with a 6 second acoustic delay all to yourself... ⛪️🔊🎵

Deep dish pizza today

Whoops! Brenda Snipes' office mixed bad provisional ballots with good ones

PARIS - Trump can't get a grip!

Tape of Khashoggi's killing has been given to U.S., Saudi, Europeans, Erdogan says

Exit polling gives Golden an edge in 2nd District ranked-choice count. See each candidate's road to

Georgia Vote Shows Signs of Tampering, Civil Rights Group Says

sorry if this has already been mentioned

Photo: Macron THWARTS Trump's customary "power handshake" bullshit and OWNS THE MOMENT.

For Democrats, a midterm election that keeps on giving

Profiles in Crazy, XIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Don't let Brian Kemp steal Georgia's gubernatorial election

Should Democrats in the House revive the old immigration bills from

There is no way this man should be running the Justice Department - WaPo Editorial Board

What about this impeachment scenario (feel free to tell me I'm nuts)

For eight years, Michelle Obama watched every word. In her memoir, she's done with that.

Cadet Bone Spurs cancels trip to American Cemetery:

Whitaker said he supports state's rights to nullify federal law

Hey Broward Fla: There are no racists in heaven.

Beto O'Rourke should run for Senate in 2020. He could win.

It's Sesame Street Day!!!


Roger Stone Cheers as Conspiracists Descend on a Florida Election, Again, to Stop 'Radical Leftists'

Here's How Many People Have Died In The Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq

What happened to "The Caravan"?

Nikolas Cruz classmate told investigators school was warned he was a potential shooter

The orange anus won't attend the WW1 cemetery ceremony because he might get wet. It's raining

Sarah Silverman: 'I'm Very Lucky' in the Era of Trump That I Don't Have to Sew a Star on My Clothes

What options do Democrats have in dealing with the demagogue?

Trump doesn't know difference between the Balkans and Baltics

Pelosi: Whitaker's appointment to acting AG 'does violence to the Constitution'

Trump: US wants 'a strong Europe,' but defense burden has to be 'fair'

Schumer's Dems see silver lining in midterm losses

Pentagon: No more refueling of Saudi aircraft bombing Yemen

Jim Carrey Depicts Donald Trump As A Horse's Ass In Cartoon Tribute To Jim Acosta

Keep half an eye on this Atlantic coast folks

Has Whitaker had time to look at all the evidence that Mueller has collected?

Of course he broke campaign finance laws

PHOTO: Trump with Macron at Elysee Palace, spreading joy wherever he goes.

Saturday Is The Deadline For Unofficial Election Results (Florida)

ND Supreme Court Votes Unanimously To Reverse Felony Conviction Of 1 Protester Among 831 Appeals

House Science Committee May Begin Dealing With Science In January

So this Matthew Whittaker clown doesn't believe in judicial review

Doesn't look like the weather is too bad - at least not for a Canadian.

Polls: Voters Punished GOP Over Health Care Threat

Don't tell the Republicans but the Democrats may have saved our democracy on Tuesday.

Weekend TOONs - Deja Vu All Over Again Edition

There has been a word missing from this election cycle. I wonder why?

F.D.A. Plans to Seek a Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Since 1991, Ocean Warming 60% Faster Than Estimated; Argo Float Network Made Study Possible

GOP Jesus video

Some presidents honor the military even when it's raining:

he'd mixed up the Balkans and the Baltics

Gil Cisneros has a 85% chance of overtaking Kim's lead and winning CA 39

Katie Porter has a 78% chance of overtaking Mimi Walters and winning CA 45

"Nothing. Nothing. Nothing happens by accident. Every drop of decency is fought for."

Camp Fire In NorCal Extremely Unusual - Not Just Huge; So Late In Season AND So Far North

Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What's wrong with them?

tennessee Hospital Fires Nurse Who Wore Racist Noose Shirt To Vote

Photos Show Scores of Uncounted Ballots in Opa-locka Mail Center

Deployed Inside the United States: The Military Waits for the Migrant Caravan

Fanboy, Puppet, or Coconspiritor?

Are Republicans turning on tRump?

Those newly discovered ballots in Broward County?

Does anyone else feel that Oprah and Michelle are two of the...

New Vietnam president sworn in after 99.8% vote

CA Burns, 9 Dead & Shitstain Threatens To Cut Off Funding: "Remedy Now Or No More Fed Payments!"

Former CIA, NSA director talks Trump

the unbridled joy of dogs catching treats

So, what's going on with that caravan?

Price for Presidential Medal of Freedom? $113M

I believe McSally will be a US Senator soon.

Jones Supporters Clash With Bexar County Election Officials Over Provisional Ballots

NASA IceBridge Team Captures Fantastic Image Of Boston-Sized Berg From Pine Island Glacier

the cure - primary (live - Theatre Orange, France - 1986) + bonus tracks :)

The email confirming FBI criminal probe of scam company tied to Whitaker .

Joy Reid is about to demonstrate WHY/HOW it was a huge blue wave on Tuesday (10:50 Eastern)...

My brother man-splained to me about Pelosi....

Whitaker's controversial prosecution of a gay Democrat

Devil Pulls The Strings (live on Jimmy Fallon)

Debra Messing Joins Alyssa Milano in Denouncing Women's March

Can ownership of the House stop the rot of fascism from destroying us?

Whitaker: How many narcissist fascists do we have in this country?

What's driving rabid Trumpers nuts after the election?

Churchill's grandson weighs in on canceled Trump and FLOTUS American cemetery visit in France

Nature helping nature: Butterflies drink turtle tears when they need salt ❤️

World War I: The 'Black Army' that marched in from Africa

What do Evangelicals truly believe?

Another Is Waiting

45 wants "proper credit"

Fuck impeachment. I want indictment and prison for Ill Dooky. Uniquely and solely.

Reflections on Kristallnacht

Fugelsang quotes Dostoyevsky to describe Trump

hoodie with pocket for cat

Trump to award Medal of Freedom to Babe Ruth, Elvis, Scalia, Hatch

They said at work, if Fridays seem to drag on, put a little Cold Duck in your thermos.

Hard walnut, cheap desk

Ted Lieu gets it

Marco Rubio...conspiracy theorist

fact check

Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted

Rude Pundit take on 45's memorial dodge

OK, the 2018 votes have been cast. NOW I don't mind arguing about possible 2020 candidates

These two world leaders

i think we will win at least 3 of 4 remaining california seats

Watching his current behaviors.. I think Trump knows the floor is about to open up

Even if there indeed was no collusion, Trump could still be indicted as "accessory after the fact".

Ted Lieu educates Cheeto.

Donald Trump cancels First World War cemetery visit because it's raining

The Reports: High Crimes and Misdemeanors and what will truly be decided.

A Blue Wave in Kansas? Don't Be So Surprised.

Scott and tRump want people to think that ONLY D votes are being "found" in Florida

Rosenstein calls Whitaker a 'superb' choice

Who can help Dorsey get a service dog for the hearing impaired?

You're going to need people like me in 2020

Trump on California, literally

People calling for Trump's impeachment remind me of Miguel Hidalgo

It's Raining...

Other leaders travel to cemetery by automobile

Trump lost. And it wasn't even close.

Angelenos, can you smell smoke ?

How long until Fox posts this version of the Acosta incident?

Canada braved that "horrendous storm"

Pray for snow!

Raiders Gave JaMarcus Russell Blank Tapes to See If QB Watched Film

Remember, Cohen recorded his phone calls and kept records. Mueller has them.

My 85 yr old mom said we need to make sure Trump doesn't seek asylum in Russa. I thought

Obama walks in rain-soaked cemetery of U.S. war dead By Alister Bull November 11, 2009

Harley Rouda claims victory in CA48 after seeing the remaining ballot data

Dangerous to breathe the air in many parts of northern Calif.

Centuries-old alcohol discovered in China

This day 43 years ago, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a November Gale on Lake Superior. 29 crew.....

Dangerous to breathe the air in many parts of northern Calif.

CNN: California launches investigation following stunning admission by Aetna medical director

Trump threatens to pull California federal funding over wildfires

These news anchors are professional and efficient. They're also not human.

Instead of my typical science fiction (spy-fi) read this odd phenomenon: the Groom Lake Cake!

Simply put, we must win the WH in 2020. I don't think

Trump worried about his hair. Won't pay respects to the fallen.

The more the Right demonizes our best people, the more we know our people are doing a great job

Jeff Sessions leaves a dark mark on the Justice Department

Cut Brenda Snipes some slack. Jeez with all those hovering a-holes screaming lock her up

Lawrence Tribe: "Trump running scared"

This congress is going to rock

Need recs on best phone plans out there for the wife.

Trump Blames Forest Management for Disaster!

Creepy Porn Liar Tucker Carlson behaving badly.

Elvis, Hatch, Babe Ruth, Scalia among Trump's Medal of Freedom recipients

Jimmy Butler traded to 76ers

Announcement on MSNBC that Broward County will undergo machine recount!!

April Ryan: I'm a black woman. Trump loves insulting people like me.

So this is the "carnage" that he saw?

Samuel L. Jackson: "That Busted Condom passing as POTUS forgot thoughts & prayers for California"

Nate Cohn: Current trends indicate that Harder, Cisneros and Porter will win in California


Why would FedEx transfer delivery to USPS?

Firm where Matthew Whitaker was an adviser scammed military vets out of their life savings

California wildfires: Katy Perry condemns 'heartless' Trump tweet

Looks like the Gillum supporters responded to the call for support in Ft. Lauderdale.

Pupper inspiration on a gloomy Saturday: Benji!

Supermum Sue Radford is celebrating the birth of her 21st baby

Justin Trudeau on Veterans' Day last year. Look at what he does and says at 1:20 into the video!!

Washington state Sen. Joe Fain concedes to Democratic challenger Mona Das

Two of my kids just ran the Richmond, Va. marathon.

Squee factor: 10

High-tech bird-hazing techniques on display at the Berkeley Pit

Pertinent (and impertinent) Bertrand Russell Quotes

Actual reason tRump missed the ceremony

Why is trump afraid to get wet at the cemetery ceremony? Isnt The frog a symbol of the white

TX-23: Jones Supporters Clash With Bexar County Election Officials Over Provisional Ballots

The next Democratic nominee for President will almost certainly be

Sarah Lietome - Luckovich

The Republican Moral Compass and Family Values!

Lindsey Graham says Democrats' push to count all votes is proof they want to 'steal' the election

DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

Are white people that aren't racist, but not comfortable voting for a minority welcome in the party?

Recount to begin in Florida Senate and governor's races, in echo of 2000 presidential election

Trudeau on Rain

PG&E reports power line problem in Butte County near time and place where wildfire sparked

Counterexample to Trump saying all the votes being "found" move close elections to us

You know who else didn't do their job because it was raining?

CA-50: Campa-Najjar says hold on

There is a big demonstration if front of the Election's office in Broward County.

What a crappy Hypothermia Day here in Maine

Churchill's grandson slams Trump for skipping cemetery visit because of weather

Dr. Ed Young: Democrats 'religion that is basically godless'

Adam Schiff remains angry, and rightfully so:

5,600 U.S. troops on border...little electricity, no combat pay and a holiday away from home

"At last have you no decency."

So about stolen elections in Tex., FL, and Georgia

Not only is it his hair, but his disregard for the European countries and the axis of power

Tom Styer appreciation... Edit Tom STEYER

John Delaney Is Already Running for President.

Haley- US Won't Withdraw the Stick

White House decision to cancel veteran's cemetery on France visit creates a storm of its own

Nothing moves House Republicans to embrace bipartisanship like a

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving, 117 Recipes

OMG, look at this horrible weather! No wonder Mango Mussolini canceled!

It's official: Florida secretary of state orders recounts in U.S. Senate, governor races. - AP

Einstein quotes

Happy Birthday to all who turn 243 today

Checking conditions here. Don't mind me.

John Delaney Is Already Running for President.

White House decision to cancel veteran's cemetery on France visit creates a storm of its own

Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps

Thanksgiving dinner on a ice cream cone

The Fourth Estate

My great uncle is buried at the American Cemetery in Normandy.

Whitaker said he supports state's rights to nullify federal law

Question for GOP about Dems "stealing the election" in Florida


Not the Onion: Dolt 45 confuses Baltics and Balkans, blames Latvia et al. for troubles in Yugoslavia

'Real low energy': Critics pile on after Trump cancels visit to U.S. military cemetery outside Paris

State elections observers say no illegal activity in Broward Miami Herald

Hey, TRump, you fucking idiot (CA Wildfires edition)

Latest senate results from Arizona.

Feds Now Have Evidence Trump Broke the Law to Become President. Will Whitaker Bury It?

Anti-slavery amendment passed, but faced resistance in rural Colorado

Florida trapper catches record 17-foot, 5-inch Burmese python

Who Is Matt Whitaker And Why Is He Illegally Pretending To Be The Attorney General?

For Donald Trump, There Are Sycophants and Enemies, and No in Between

The Complicated DNA of 'God Bless America'

What if Whitaker is a mole?

Tweet of the Day

Ohio Woman steals more than $1,600 in Girl Scout cookies

Participating in religious discussion without going any deeper than the surface

Harley Rouda declares victory over 30-year Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

PAST AS PROLOGUE The Long Shadow of Kristallnacht Hangs Over the Pittsburgh Shootings

We have no president

Florida recounts expected to begin as tensions escalate across state

What Beto Won The Senate hopeful lost his race to Cruz, but reanimated the Texas Democratic Party

GOP Rep. Denham falls behind Democrat as 3 other Republicans lose ground in Friday's ballot tally

Interesting discussion with patient, #2397....

Mr I-Love-My-Military should've taken his fat, oleaginous, cottage cheese looking ass to memorial

AZ-SEN: Sinema lead drops to 19,000 as Mojave County reports

Here's a reminder that hurricane season isn't quite over: New storm brewing in Atlantic

Flake slams Trump for doubting vote count: There is no evidence of 'electoral corruption'

Deep Blues, 1991 film

Trump to meet with Putin in France? Is this true?

The Answer My Friend Is Blowing In The Wind. The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind.

Woolsey fire explodes to 70,000 acres amid fight to save communities

Your body is a torus

Gillum on live right right now retracting his concession as recount is called

Scotland to embed LGBTI teaching across curriculum

MIC DROP: Justin Trudeau shares his thoughts on world leaders showing respect when it's raining.

He's not fit to stand on hallowed ground

Today France's WWI Ceremonies: TRUMP in Paris, TRUDEAU, MERKEL, MACRON At Events

Andrew Gillum: "I am replacing my words of concession with..."

The Russians Are Trying To Influence The Elections In Florida

People are just so fucked up !

Andrew Gillum....

Angela Merkel Meets Emmanuel Macron, Tracey Ullman

Groove in G, a global jam

Matthew Whitaker: An Attack Dog With Ambition Beyond Protecting Trump

After years of LePage, Maine went very blue Tuesday

How dumb is Trump? How self-centered is Trump? How completely clueless is Trump?

Trump vs the NFL players:

Obama Picks Won More Than Trump's In Midterms

Trump Tweets He's Watching Florida Closely: People 'Trying to STEAL' Elections

"In pictures: Armistice Day events in France." Added video of Kelly in Trump's stead.

Judge in Georgia orders county to accept late ballots

The reason Trump cancelled out today...

It's clear that if the Senate seats up were 50/50 D/R

Seatac Airport Will Soon Allow People to Pick Up Their Friends and Family at the Gate

Trump "honors" the 243rd birthday of the Marine Corps...with a photo of himself. #BoneSpurs

Trump's Cancelled Trip to a World War I Gravesite Unleashes a Downpour of Disdain

Because he's black

Deployed Inside the United States: The Military Waits for the Migrant Caravan

Why a great US economy doesn't feel so great

Impotus Denies The Video of Jim Acosta Was Doctored.

This was Zuma Beach in Malibu as the fire marched to the Pacific Ocean. Unbelievable photo

Study: A smarter workforce is needed to win Boeing 797

Florida Department of Elections: 'No Evidence of Criminal Activity' in Broward County Vote Count

The real reason tRump cancelled the visit in the rain.

If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!

Horses, dogs and humans seek refuge in Zuma Beach as fire burns into Malibu

A blue wave contributes to unseating a Republican lawmaker

11 dead, six thousand homes destroyed

Andrew Gillum Announces He's Withdrawing His Concession: We Need to Count Every Vote

State Senate races -- Fain is losing, Ericksen barely hanging on

I never get old

Philly's first out trans police officer buried as a man

Big night for Big Oil -- Energy industry turns back state initiatives

Dems race to protect Mueller probe

Florida races head to recounts

The Regulator

College Investigating After Video Shows Student Wearing MAGA Hat Peeing on Beto O'Rourke Shirt

April Ryan responds to Trump calling her a 'loser': 'We are not weak'

Just wait until those veterans for the vile MAGAcretin find out

Trump seeks to show he remains in charge of Washington

Ex-NATO Supreme Allied Commander slams Trump skipping cemetery because of rain:...

From September: Fox Analyst Predicts Wardlow (R) Victory

Black Republican woman warns Trump he better back off and not get into it with Michelle Obama

How Republicans who voted against ObamaCare repeal fared in midterms

A direct-line relative is buried in the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France

Ex-NATO Supreme Allied Commander slams Trump skipping cemetery because of rain

Trump criticized after White House cancels cemetery visit in France over weather

Chateau Thierry and the Aisne-Marne Operation 1918

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food I MAYASMR

Editorial cartoons 11/10/18

They just can't leave well enough alone.

Utah state Senate Republican files a police report alleging he was assaulted by House Democratic lea

"Signatures don't match" - Deep, deep BS

Austrian colonel 'spied for Russia since 1990s'

.@justintrudeau drops umbrella (& the mic): "As we sit here in the rain, (From 2017?)

Trump* determined to overcome all obstacles to attend gourmet dinner tonight

Firefighter loses job after posting about 'pinto bean feeders' at the border

Gunshot victim pistol-whips man who shot him aboard Red Line in South Loop, police say

As of 4:20 PM ET: Sinema (D): 994,934 -- 49.30%, McSally (R): 976,204 -- 48.37%

High school students discover 6,000-year-old stone ax at Mount Vernon

After Election Loss, Anti-Gay KY Clerk Kim Davis Will Pursue Christian Ministry

Whittaker is the Midwest's version of rump.

Predictit heavily favors Sinema in Arizona.

Trump needs a bonnet. women over 40 - remember these things?

Just woke up and read "Trump cancels visit because of Rain"

LIVE Nov 11 at 4AM ET: 100th Anniversary of the End of the First World War

Joke heard on The Sopranos ("Adult" joke)

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart - Vanity Fair

It rained a lot on us in Nam. Good thing Commander bone spurs was special.?

Rocket Lab to Launch 1st Commercial Mission Tonight: Watch It Live

Santa Monica beach view of Malibu burning down

Trump rally music - would they send a cease and desist letter?

Music for next Trump rally 😁

Trump disrespects the military

Hillary Clinton email to supporters: Two years later

Trump Trashed for Tweet on California Wildfires: 'Absolutely Heartless Response'

I don't understand why we should have to send money to get a fair election.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 10, 2018

A Trump Hack Hacks Justice. All the arguments you need re: Whittaker by a Republican no less.

Take cheer when Trump is being publicly sullen and insulting

November 10, 1983

Trump's Anti-Press Press Conference & Jeff Sessions's Forced Resignation

Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood ...

CA-45: Katie Porter is on track to beating Mimi Walters

Why is hard liquor, wine, and beer never sold in plastic containers,

Gasoline and fire...bad mix

California Professional Firefighters President blasts Trump's comments on the California fires

CA-39: Gil Cisneros on track to winning open seT

What is the MSM saying about Trump cancelling?

Can Trump be indicted once he is no longer President?

There is a world of difference between voluntary unity and coerced unity.

Question about Florida vote totals

🕯🇺🇸 Wally Triplett passed away Thursday at 92. First A-A drafted in NFL. Korean War veteran.

If this has been addressed (uncounted ballots) I apologize. But why are the ballots locked away

Not one more word about kneeling

Anyone work with CAD?

No Fox News tweets for 54 hours now???

Utah first place in the Pac 12 South

Singing In The Rain, American Legend

Trump blamed the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for the war in Yugoslavia

A reminder...Hillary attended a 9/11 memorial with frigging PNEUMONIA. Trump's afraid of RAIN.

It seems so outrageous just checking to be sure.

Building a new home, have sketched floor plan

Even Putin stands in the rain

Belleau Wood

Dont know if this has been posted, msg from Germans...

tRumps hair is cotton candy.

We just regained the super-majority in the California legislature.

Want to understand

Native Americans win a majority on San Juan County (UT) Commission

I'm Shipping Off To Boston

FL recount update. Nelson down 12,600. Gillum down 33,700

Republicans Revive Silly Threat of Secession

As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation

Maduro threatens mass "nationalizations" if businessmen don't submit to his economic plan

firefighter fired: suggested filling deer feeders with pinto beans at the border, hunting season

Help. I thought I was clicking yes on getting emails from the Washington Post.

So I just found out my 87 yr old dad has a rupture in his aorta...

Don't y'all know, WITCHES melt in rain!!!!!

61.4% of people voted in 2016. Think about that.

Effects of gerrymandering on NC House delegation

Aw, DUMBASS45 really does care about California fire devastation:

Jim Carrey's New Picture: Jim Acosta versus Horse's Ass!

Why Trump not honoring our soldiers today irks me

The Definition Of Disrespect for 11. 11. 11

Let's discuss what happens to Trump's fake AG

While you fight over 2020, I'm gearing up for 2019

Tucker Carson assaulted a gay immigrant

video of Tucker Carson allegedly assualting a Gay man

The real reason Fox News contuines to boycott social media. Tucker Carson assualts man

The skinhead piece of shit is Dump's consigliore

The True Reason Trump Bailed Out on the Cemetery Trip Today, A Hypothesis

About trump cancelling his trip to the WWI AMERICAN cemetery:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus blasts Trump for tweet on forest fire.

Good Luck Everyone - Blackadder - BBC

The oil disaster in Venezuela deepens. Soon, no gasoline at any price

AZ-SEN: Sinema just took another ballot dump on McSally and grows Dem lead to 24,000 votes

Florida Recount Finally Wraps Up, Al Gore Declared President

Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz registered to vote behind bars;1 victim's father tweets outrage

Ask the Angels

Satelite view of California wild fires 11.10.2018

The hell it was "weather"

For a little perspective: Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs.Donald Trump.

SAT AZ Senate vote update Sinema increases lead to 28,673