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Psssssst! Stormy Weather ahead - did the Con play a role in hush payments to two women?

Chargers 7-2


AZ-SEN: Maricopa in. Sinema expands her lead by 2,000 votes

Trump wants no more relief funds for Puerto Rico

Youngest of 22

Remember the Terri Schiavo religious nutjobs? Their brethren still linger. Spewing against Gillum

Seeking advice (re: slide/bottleneck guitar)

Sorry about the rain, Donnie.


Happy Veterans Day!!

Now why is Rick Scott and the Republicans acting so crazy about looking @ the vote in FL?

Yes, Tuesday did stick a knife into the gut of the GOP

Is there anything that Tiny Two-Scoops can't f-ck up?!

Pointed tweet by Rep. Eric Swalwell regarding our "national embarrassment"

Since 2016 election the GOP has been

Bohemian Rhapsody

Possible reason for Whitaker?

In the Paris rain, May 1961, JFK and de Gaulle honor soldiers who gave their lives:

The Moody Blues - Question (VIDEO)

"Embarrassed" by Obama? Pastor Pavlovitz says...

How many books do you own?

*Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Final Episode

Fuuuuuck! My teen got busted driving my car w/o a license, and now it's impounded!

GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott: ' Sen. Nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud' to win election

House Dems plan to investigate Trump targeting of CNN, Washington Post: report

Motrhead - 1916 (VIDEO)

60 Minutes - Ultra Deep. Fascinating segment. One of the most fascinating I've seen

Some Paris residents have a message for Trump: 'Non!'

Democrat Kathy Hoffman will be the new AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction!

Nationalism a driving force behind fake news in India, research shows

Gun control groups outspent NRA in midterm elections

5 words you'll never have to say to so many right wingers:

Top Saudi officials discussed assassinating enemies prior to Khashoggi killing: report

Why he couldn't go to the ceremony in Paris. He forgot this

AZ-SEN: McSally falls flat in today's batch from red Pinal County


Medicaid expansion gets extra boost from governor races

11-year-old girl safe after demanding stranger tell her 'code word'

Celebrity homes, "Westworld" set, destroyed by Southern California wildfire

AWOL did the coin flip at the Sunday night game

"This election is more like Hanukkah Than Christmas. You get a new gift every day."

Stalled talks with North Korea indicate larger unravelling of progress

Trump hand gestures translated

POLITICO: I Was the Subject of a Political 'Witch Hunt.' Matt Whitaker Directed It.

Viewpoints: The poems that veterans carry

Tonight's moon, November 11, 2018

Dem wins leave behind a more conservative GOP conference

Schiff: Acting AG 'will be called to answer' if he interferes with Mueller investigation


Two former McCain aides blast GOP for casting doubt on results of Senate race in Arizona

Top Oversight Dem: I won't be issuing subpoenas like 'candy on Halloween'

Kellyanne Conway Makes Truth-Bending Remarks About Altered Video

House Dems preview plans to flex oversight muscles

That was totally disrespectful of Europe towards Trump...

'Baby Trump' balloon floats over Paris streets

Today's Google Doodle - Veterans' Voices

Attention Schiff and Nadler

250,000 people

Trump wants to end federal relief money for Puerto Rico

Democrats elected eight scientists in the midterms. Republicans elected three felons and a dead pimp

Trump wants to end federal relief money for Puerto Rico

Noam Chomsky: Trump and His Enablers Are 'Criminally Insane'

Trump heard that Obama had a policy of still going out in the rain, so has overturned it.....

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee salutes their winners. (VIDEO)

Former White House correspondent says CNN is suing over Acosta press credentials

Wasn't today or tomorrow the day Trump wanted to have his big parade on?

Dan Fogler from Fantastic Beast is on WD.

The Green Fields of France with lyrics

Damn Trump. A 92 year old woman (war vet) could make the effort.

Anyone else watching Headliners on MSNBC tonight - its about Putin.

Anyone watching Michelle Obama on ABC now?

Great snark aimed at CNN

Women and the Brilliant Colors of Change. We won.

Whaaaa - COLBERT wasn't even nominated for People's Choice?!1 FALLON got it, barf!1

Why is it that Dems need to "Reach out" to the kGOPb, but "elections have consequences"

What the US can learn from Australian elections

I have to wonder about something.

Eric Swalwell is being wicked on Twitter tonight

(Updated with map) Camp Fire: Town of Paradise releases list of destroyed residences

6 more bodies found in California's Camp Fire, matching deadliest blaze in state at 29

Pravda Kremlin pool: "Never before has agent Donald been this close to falling (through the floor)"

Nancy Pelosi: Mueller Doesn't Have to Indict Trump for Congress to Impeach Him

Twitter Pelts Trump With Photos Of Obama In The Rain After He Ditches Cemetery Visit

A few points about this bullshit re: Marine One not flying due to rain (Text edited)

Weather Underground "High Winds Through Tuesday Will Worsen California's Historic Wildfire Disaster

NYT Charles Blow captures the current mess very well... "You Have a Right to Weariness"

We need to compromise and reach out to the other side of the aisle

Can the Obama's charge rent?

Occam's razor

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 13: The Art of Casting

Did Russia, or the then Soviet Union, even particiapte in WWI?

Did Ryan district stay R?

Trump Isolated Among Allies

Come on we all know whats going on.

Saudi's close to crown prince discussed killing enemies in 2017.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 14: Billy Jack

"Proof of Collusion" by Seth Abramson out Tuesday.

And, it's John Kerry for the Tweet of the Day

So, to sum this all up. The California wildfires are due to poor management...

UPS Freight votes .....YES. No strike.

President Trump's tweet on California wildfires angers firefighters

Experiments on conscious intent and the double slit interference pattern:

Facebook response that sums it all up. ✅

A HUGE thank you!

Germany opens new military camp in Niger

Sergeant Alvin York of Tennessee, World War I National Hero

Let's settle this once and for all

Trump Changes (Obviously Bullshit) Story About The Helicopter. "He Didn't Want To Disrupt Traffic"

Tweet of the Day

The Daily Show: A Dead Brothel Owner Makes History in Nevada

Wisconsin voted 54% for Democratic assembly candidates and won 36% of the seats

It's time like this that I like to visit FreeRepublic.

Forced Marriage Between Argentina and the IMF Turns into a Fiasco

Mississippi senator joked about 'public hanging'

Mississippi senator joked about 'public hanging'

The Daily Show: The White House Blacklists Jim Acosta & Doctors Warn Against Spanking

Is control of House enough to block a Supreme Court nomination

New fire, San Bernardino near CSU, looking manageable.

Sinema defeats McSally in Arizona, Cook Political Report projects

Richard Ojeda, West Virginia's Trump-voting Democrat, Forms Presidential Committee

John Oliver was something else

Dangerous, Expensive Drugs Aggressively Pushed? You Have These Medical Conflicts of Interest to Than

Can We Protect Mueller?

Trump in France finally visits WW I cemetery

I Can't Stand The Rain...

I don't think Trump had fun in Europe (photos)

NPR EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Obama Reads From Her Forthcoming Memoir 'Becoming

Something Has Gone Very Wrong: An Interview With Ecuadoran Author Gabriela Alemn

Pelosi: I am on a mission

Something Has Gone Very Wrong: An Interview With Ecuadoran Author Gabriela Alemn

The Zika Scare: a Political and Commercial Maneuver of the Chemical Poisons Industry

The Zika Scare: a Political and Commercial Maneuver of the Chemical Poisons Industry

Myths on Race and Invasion of the 'Caravan Horde'

Myths on Race and Invasion of the 'Caravan Horde'

Democrat in Louisiana secretary of state runoff was surprise

CA-39 and 45: Orange County (CA) Republicans are challenging every single Democratic ballot

2018 "Now is not the end" Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Potential House investigations

Democrat Abrams Files New Lawsuit In Georgia Governor's Race

Lina Hidalgo is first Latina and first woman elected to lead Texas' most populous county

Is there anything - anything at all - that you can see the House Dems working with this President?

WSJ: Hillary Will Run Again

Keeping Tabs on the Arizona Secretary of State race

The Greatest Generation

"The Female Doctor changes the game!" I disagree.......

2020 with Michele Obama

Heitikamp campaign picking up all costs for Biden visit

Are there any beef jerky aficionados here?

Why is this group inactive? It seems to be the best in this whole section

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Drain the Swamp

North Dakota Democrats look forward

Democrats take control of Costa Mesa (CA) city government

St. Paul to vote on $15 minimum wage Wednesday

Choose Your Fave.

You can't expect a President to risk it in the rain! (pic heavy)

Landscaping needs touted for new Governor's Residence

Who Lost Least Badly Among South Dakota Democrats?

Woman charged with strawberry needle contamination sought revenge, court told

Ring in the Cronies! McCaulley Takes Charge of Noem Administration

Jury delivers $25.5 million 'statement' to Aetna to change its ways

Are PBS and NPR safe with a blue House, do you think? How about the US Postal Service?

Sioux Falls woman sentenced to prison, ordered to repay over $1M for Furniture Mart embezzlement

Seven Legislative races eligible for recounts, could change number of Ds and Rs in Pierre

First campaign rally for 2020 election....

Crack up of the day - an awesome lady

Texas Tea-Partiers Panic After Blue Wave: 'Dems Are Moving In Across The Border'

Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA

Trump's Border Wall Could Cause Deadly Flooding in Texas. Federal Officials Are Planning to Build It

What to Expect From the New-Look Texas Legislature

Trump pick Whitaker rose through ranks as partisan targeting Democrats

The Zinke effect: how the US interior department became a tool of industry

This is unexpected...hold your horses on CA21, GOP are in danger - unexpected flip?

Beto Lost, Millennial Supporters Are Sad, but Could This Be a Bluer Texas?

How come we are hearing NOT ONE WORD on Russian interference in Midterms? They play fair now?

Harris County GOP Blames Straight Ticket for Losses and "Communist" Votes

"The Female Doctor changes the game!" I disagree.......

A senator from Mississippi joked about 'public hanging.' Her black opponent called it 'reprehensible

Woman who bore rapist's baby faces 20 years in El Salvador jail

Lewisville man wins $4.8 million in faulty ladder suit

Trump Skipped Veterans Remembrance Ceremony Because He 'Did Not Want to Disrupt Paris Traffic'

University of North Texas investigating viral video defacing O'Rourke shirt

France seizes jet at takeoff after Ryanair doesn't pay bill

Pretty much sums it up

Palm Beach Post: Did missing South Florida absentee ballots turn the tide?

Finally. *Some* pushback against pRick Scott


So I was RIGHT...he sulked all weekend because he didn't get his MILITARY PARADE.

$13.1M to Tercero: Jury awards millions to terminated Texas Southmost College president

O'Rourke: I Am Grateful

Monday TOONs - Light Rain Edition

Canadian firm seeks Arkansas pilot plant to extract lithium

In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception

White People not Voting for An Afro-American. TOTALLY FALSE IN ILLINOIS..Jessie White

Daniel Dale: This tweet about ballots in Georgia has gone viral. It isn't true. See here:

Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker was counseling the White House on investigating Clinton

In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception

Judge facing more charges from latest arrest

World's Oil Majors Spent A Collective 1.3% Of Their 2018 Budgets On Renewables

Happy Monday. Can we please have an indictment, Mueller report, something

2018 Midterms

Dems eye 85 targets for investigations, subpoenas: report

Haiti On Track To Lose 100% Of Its Primary Forest Cover By 2035, Mass Extinction Under Way

Rep. Swalwell eviscerates Il Douche in 280 characters or less. 😂

"Doddering dictator wannabe" Trump is "angry and out of it" after Democrats gain power

Invasive Caterpillar One More Problem For New Mexico's Reeling Conifer Forests

Trudeau: Canada has heard Turkish recordings on Khashoggi's killing

Walmart to Offload 570 Office Workers Onto Outside Company

Federal panel calls for pause on Arkansas Medicaid rule

Do people in Devin Nunes's district think voting for someone is the same as exiling them?

Trump: I told world leaders that 'ridiculously unfair' trade, military funding situations can't cont

Missouri tour boat captain indicted after sinking kills 17

From our profoundly undemocratic potus:

Now the French Army is trolling Trump

Trump: "Large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere & many ballots are missing or forged"

The new fashion-trend: "N*ggerfishing"

Trump says Florida elections should be called for Scott, DeSantis

GA SOS office has just REMOVED tons of public data from its website

Jury awards $2.8 million to retired oral surgeon's family in wrongful death suit

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations... (Part 2): How Crazy Will Shit Get?

"He lost last week, he has a big 'L' on his forehead. Donald Trump is now a loser."

"Even the TOUGHEST GUYS will love Trumpy Bear."

Do you want to know the real reason, the actual reason, Trump avoided the rain? His hair.

The Unbelievable Trump - On A Rampage - By Tom Tomorrow

Turnout for 2018 midterm election now exceeds 49%, highest rate in 104 years

Trump's new tweet inquired about a new election for Florida?

"I prefer my war heroes dry"

The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons

George Parr followed in his father's corrupt footsteps

ICE Detention Center Says It's Not Responsible for Staff's Sexual Abuse of Detainees

Boys at Wisconsin high school busted for throwing up a Nazi salute in group photo

The worst possible time to have a medical emergency is when

Of course there's a photo...

Trump calls for the disenfranchisement of FL service members overseas

WAR is a racket. It always has been.

"House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of Trump's life and work..."

So, maybe Trump is not becoming the "elite" leader that he thinks he is?

ICE Is Imprisoning a Record 44,000 People

Profiles in Crazy, XV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Republicans, Your Moment of Judgment Is Coming Fast

House Democrats plan to review Trump's role in hush money payments in next Congress, source says

Beto 2020? Why some think Beto O'Rourke has what it takes to become president

Eight dead in undercover Israeli operation in Gaza

UK all but gives up on November Brexit summit

Democrats Prepare Their 'Subpoena Cannon'

Donald Trump's actions in Paris have left me speechless and embarrassed to be an American.

House Democrats Will Move First on Health Care

Never yell "RAIN!" at a crowded Trump rally

July 2017: Trump warns Mueller that investigating his finances would be a crossing a "red line."

Whitaker Says He Won't Starve Mueller Probe of Funds


Elle Magazine: Michelle Obama - The Oprah Interview

The Rundown: November 9, 2018

'You can't beat somebody with nobody': Pelosi foes struggle to find a leader

John Rogers, President of San Diego Comic-Con, Has Died

The Democratic base wants to make history........

Beto's thank-you email is one for the ages.

Democrats load "subpoena cannon" with 85+ Trump targets

Congress braces for high-drama lame duck

'A 5-alarm fire': GOP desperate to match Dems' online ATM

Fine Art Conservation - The Cleaning Process

Kellyanne Conway Just Admitted That the Jim Acosta Video Was Edited

Philadelphia Eagles players salute veterans after touchdown

AZ-SEN: McSally sees the writing on the wall

Decades after his death, WWII soldier keeps promise to sister to come home

Pundits Talk About Other Events The Way They Talked About The Blue Wave:

Global leaders snub Trump and his nationalistic vision

Graham: Macron was 'playing politics' with WWI commemoration speech

Happy National "Chicken Soup Is Good For The Soul" Day!

Dana Nessel FTW

In Paris, a relatively understated Trump finds he's still the center of the world's attention...

Even Putin is better than Trump in honoring troops in Russia

Lest we forget that the 2016 election WAS STOLEN and the gop exploited that fact

Joe Lockhart: Trump Questioning Election Results 'Hallmark of Failing Democracy, Moving Toward...

I'm hoping the House will ALSO investigate

I didn't go to work this morning...

Love me some Macron

Trudeau acknowledges Canada has listened to Khashoggi tapes


League of Women Voters urges Gov. Rick Scott to 'remove yourself' from ballot counts

C'est juste une petite poigne de main...

Hard as granite guitar rock that radio forgot

Joe Scarborough: Trump Tweets About 'Electoral Corruption' and Re-Vote Are 'Actions of a Tyrant'

Where were the British?

Mika says 'doddering dictator wannabe' Trump is 'angry and out of it' after Democrats gain power

House Democrats May Investigate Alleged Trump Ties to Russian Money Laundering

That poor little "intern" Acosta supposedly accosted actually makes $130,000 a year at the WH.

Michelle Obama's wardrobe choice for her big 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts: tan suit

Hey Glamrock. How you doing today?

'Take it Down!' Morning Joe Refuses to Air 'Liar' Trump's Latest Tweet Claiming Voter Fraud

For 10 years, a chemical not EPA approved was in their drinking water

Getting Dressed in WW1 - British Soldier and VAD Nurse

I'm not normally one for politically charged social commentary...

Ex-WH official: 'No logical reason' for FL GOP to panic over Broward vote count 'unless they know...

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Things could be worse

Sen Nelson could win FL by 100,000 votes, and Scott will still bring lawsuits to nullify the vote

Putin says he had a good conversation with Trump in Paris

Steve Schmidt and Elise Jordan have a podcast called Words Matter

Love this arrangement of the Motown Classic

Trump isn't bellowing about fraud in Florida because he believes it or cares.

Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA

Fire nearing ABC7 Studios in Glendale, CA

Accountability is finally coming to the Trump administration. Its members should be terrified

Cannot stop the Savoy Brown deep dive. I never heard this album until this morning.

How Straight-Ticket Voting by Democrats Took Out a Leading Texas Moderate

The soldiers at the Cemetery (Trump didn't go to) died defending ... France

No trip to Arlington? Too much wind?

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Visits France

Tammy Duckworth: "Today is my alive day".

Michelle Obama dishes on first kiss with Barack

FL accepts overseas/military ballots through Nov. 16, if they were postmarked by Nov. 6

Cop kills black guy with gun... It was a security-guard who had just stopped the shooter.


Two people peacefully protesting a Confederate memorial in Texas

Wait for it...

"The prospect of Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the Stock Market big headaches!"

The Latest: Nuclear watchdog: Iran stays within deal limits

Trump, 2012: "If Dow drops 1000 points in 2 days, the President should be impeached immediately!"

St Louis players

Former director of the Interior Department OP: A Tragedy in Three Acts

Red states could turn blue in 2020, says Dem data group CEO


IMO, what makes Trump so dangerous is this: he can't go back to his old life.

Trump is scared out of his mind.

Proof-Texting Isn't Just Quoting Bible Verses Anymore

Defeated GOP congressman blames McCain's Obamacare vote for Democrats' House takeover

Trump- That's a nice stock market you got there. You wouldn't want something to happen to it.

Why risk a bad hair day?

After Trump's behavior in France, I have a question.

Fish-oil drugs protect heart health, two studies say

Gillum Responds Trump's Voter Fraud Conspiracies: 'You Sound Nervous'

It never ends... Every day it's something else.

Trump will be absent from Asia-Pacific summits this week

Democratic hit list: At least 85 Trump investigation targets

The President's latest tantrum

Sherrod Brown Thinking About Presidential Bid

White House confirms Trump will not visit Arlington cemetery on Veteran's Day as rain is expected

What I'm actually doing when I tell people that I'm too busy to go out on Saturday night.

I spoke with the only student who is visibly not comfortable with the "salute", he provided this...

Well that rainfall can really dangerous.

Far-Right Parents Who Named Son After Hitler Jailed in Britain

When Someone you hate starts talking...

Elephant responds to classical music performed for her (watch all the way through)

How To Help a Friend Who Lost Their Home in a Fire

Putin's expression upon greeting Trump

A true wild-life photographer

President Trump to honor American Veterans by eating Big Macs while watching Fox News, and tweeting.

Petition for Florida to count every vote...

Is snow as scary as rain?


Holy crap: the 737 fiasco is worse than we thought (Lion Air crash)

Earth-shattering craft dilemma. Physics and Master Carpenters, please pitch in.

Britney Spears is the one responsible for low unemployment!!

While I'm not a big fan of Kirsten Gillibrand, I sure applaud her shutting down Meghan McCain!

UK businesses planning to implant microchips in staff

A Photoshop solution to the problems with the weather in Paris

How does anyone completely mess up the opportunity to respect the 100th anniversary

So will Red Tide Rick pay some attention to Invest 96L

When you're at a party, dancing with some girl...

Trump blames CA for fires, but now it's "amazing and very brave. Thank you and God Bless you all!"

Trump tweets that Florida election was "infected"

CNN puts Kamala Harris front runner for 2020

A lesson in rejecting Trump

Do you know who I am? I'M MOE GREEN!

Trump Claims Prospect of 'Presidential Harassment' by Democrats Is Causing 'Big Headaches' for...

It's no coincidence that trump & mcconnell both used the term 'presidential harassment'

California Professional Firefighters president on Trump's ill-timed and demeaning tweets

Wow, He Is Losing It!

The ultimate contradiction about tRump and rain

The Democratic candidate for FL Agriculture Secretary, Nikki Fried, is currently ahead in her race

Crazy in love? The Japanese man 'married' to a hologram

Big midterm lesson: Democrats will need an inspiring candidate to beat Trump in 2020

David Corn: How a President Should Act 101.

Dumb Criminals:Texas Woman Robs Convenience Store Wearing Easily Identifiable Halloween Costume

The Key to This Creamy, Thick Pesto? A Mortar and Pestle

When the time comes, Trump will have to be dragged from the White House

More of the same: Vatican orders US bishops to delay taking action on sexual abuse crisis

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? John Fogerty

BREAKING: Gov Scott's lawsuit for an injunction against Broward County was DENIED.

Trump not going to Arlington but will be tweeting about how FL should not count Vets' votes

There are some seriously scary winds in SoCal right now

Is he sick? Is there some health issue? Is he afraid of getting shot?

Pelosi's Favorability rating is 1 point higher than McConnell's

Wait! Republican FL panhandle county voted by EMAIL??? update- AND FAX!

BREAKING: Gov Scott's lawsuit for an injunction against Broward County was DENIED.

Conservative Bill Kristol: Working to save the Republican Party from Trump (VIDEO)

Progressive group launches petition to urge Dems to investigate Trump's taxes

As Trump snacks on Big Macs and catches up on Fox News, let's fill the void on this Veterans Day.

Is Trump A Triffid?

An open letter to Republicans, Conservatives, and Trumpists

Alexa and Election sound alike..fugelsang...

FL NEEDS a Dem Gov so badly. We need new equipment. Check THIS

"Come on in, the water's warm." Min. Leader Pelosi to others wanting to be Speaker.

Facebook offline

Helicopter seemed to work just fine in the rain for Obama. Then again, Obama didn't have a combover

One view on theism, two different reactions:

Dear Both Sides Journalists:


"There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"

RIP Facebook. February 4, 2004 - November 11, 2018.

What Vets Think of '23andMe for Dogs'

When we get a real C-I-C

Weaponized misinformation in the parking lot.

FaceBook Crashes,,,, thus it begins?

'Purple Tuesday' to highlight needs of disabled shoppers

Brent Musburger apologizes 'if you were offended' by his mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren

Michelle Obama: 'I stopped even trying to smile' during Trump's inauguration

What Max Rose Can Teach Democrats About Beating Republicans

School Considers Legal Action After Dozens of Students Appear to Give Nazi Salute at Prom

Clinton to run again?

Trump complains about allies' spending after France trip

Remember the uproar when there were computer glitches with Obamacare

Leftover liver and onions.

Stan Lee, Comic Book Legend, has died

North Korea keeps undeclared missile bases up and running: U.S. think tank

Black security guard prevents gunman from committing massacre, and then a cop kills him for it.

Republicans call on Maine Secretary of State to remove worker from ballot count

Sherrod Brown, Ohio Senator...

Trump calls for halting recounts in Florida races for governor and Senate

Stan Lee Dead at 95

Video shows Tucker Carlson cursing during a bar scuffle. He says he was defending his daughter.

In Florida, white GOP votes matter.

Will Trump and his confederates continue to complain about kneeling athletes?

Sinema's lead grows as some GOP officials distance themselves from Trump's claims of misconduct

French Army Trolls Hydrophobic Trump

UK all but gives up on November Brexit summit

All-Male Boards at Top U.K. Firms Come Closer to Extinction

Stocks decline as Apple drags technology sector lower

Douglas Rain has died; was voice of Hal in '2001'

Thousands of disabled vets stuck repaying student debt

Trump (aka Teflon Don) claims dead military personnel would be "proud" as he dishonors them

Loungers: Stan Lee has died.

Comics legend Stan Lee dead at 95: report

Never Forget,,,,,,,

Trump will not be laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery today.

Less whale tours, dams: Washington task force returns with guidance on Tuesday

Bill Maher vulgar joke about new ag; He's so far up 45's

Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, mysteriously arrives in Washington

Record for multi-home run games, career.

The Press Is Ignoring Trump And Refusing To Feed His Media Attacks


Majority say Trump fired Sessions because he wanted loyal attorney general to oversee Mueller probe

My uncle's WW2 POW diaries, correspondence, clippings all available at National Archives link.

Trumpy Bear Is the Year's Worst (Best?) Holiday Gift, and Fox News Is On It

VIDEO: 'Married' to a hologram. Akihiko Kondo's mother refused to go to her only son's wedding...

Rick Scott Should Be Ashamed Of Himself.....

Hey trumpy, guess what.............

Any thoughts here? Was it RUMP

Trumpism Is Racism, So Things Will Get Worse

Trump hails 'beautiful' barbed wire on southern border in Montana rally speech

Trump Hacks Through Thick Central American Jungle In Search Of Entirely New Ethnic Group To Demonize

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: November 11, 2018

Stan Lee has passed away...:(

Judge Denies Gov. Rick Scott Request To Impound Ballot Machines

Sherrod Brown 'Seriously' Considering 2020 Run, Cites 'Crescendo' Of Support

"I See Him as a Modern-Day Pablo Escobar": Inside Bill Browder's War Against Putin

Conway Cheers Potential Clinton Run In 2020: 'Dear God, Please, Yes'

Crossing From Asia, the First Americans Rushed Into the Unknown

Crossing From Asia, the First Americans Rushed Into the Unknown

We're LIVE in the Test Kitchen, answering your Dr. Oz Thanksgiving Hotline calls!

Trump's Post Election Dip Is No Surprise - By Josh Marshall

DT DIPLOMACY? Confused Baltics & Balkans, Accused Leaders of Yugoslav Wars, Attacked Macron

Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, mysteriously arrives in Washington

Every Stan Lee Cameo

Do you know who I am? I'M MOO GREEN!

Sarah Sanders spews the WH lie about why Trump was a no show

Georgia's Secretary of State race went to a Dec. 4th runoff between John Barrow (D) and Brad Raffens

A Dreaded Sunny Day ... So Let's Go Where We're Wanted and I'll Meet You at The Cemetry Gates ...

Saudi Arabia is reducing oil supply and OPEC may cut too

*OUCH* Chump is at 38/56 at Gallup

Gen Michael Hayden went there. Says Trump is meeting with his handler, Putin!

Update: criminal complaint filed against ex-@Harris County Repug chairman's Woodfill law firm

When people discuss religion in general they sometimes speak of theism.

Rick Scott denied: Florida judge can't find 'any evidence' to impound Broward voting machines

Trump Offers Campaign Merchandise Discount Instead Of Honoring The Fallen On Veterans Day

A new Sanders book is set to be released in two weeks.

Arc Angels - Living In A Dream

Groucho Marx..15 minutes of fun..You Bet Your Life...Gonzales, Gonzales, and Gonzales.

Guys if anyone asks, we found him like this, OK

Guys if anyone asks, we found him like this, OK

TX 23rd: Verify your provisional vote in Ortiz Jones close race by 5pm this Tuesday!

Trump Wants Florida To Stop Counting Votes, Potentially Excluding Military Ballots

****(IMPORTANT) - Mike Espy needs some help in Mississippi...****

Migrant caravan moving to western Mexico city of Guadalajara

LOL. French Army Trolls Snowflake drumpf and It's Hilarious.

Ann Coulter recieves the most epic smack-down in Twitter history.

*** TX 23rd voters verify your provisional ballots in close Ortiz Jones race by 5pm this Tuesday


NO Veterans Day tweets at ALL from Trump. New tweets rant about Comcast and OPEC.

So this Veterans Day Weekend Dumpster

Does being against racism mean being against racists?

After we take control is there anything we could do to STOP

If you catch me participating in any 2020 potential presidential candidate threads,

Dems Win More Votes; Reps Win More Seats

FreeRepublic is in tizzy over Dems "stealing AZ".. one intelligent freeper replies

"I am the Storm": Trumpy Bear's second coming sparks intrigue

Republican Gov. Rick Scott Was Just Sued Over His Role In The Florida Recount

Ousted Minnesota Republican faults McCain for losing House ( Jason Lewis scumbag)

More Mueller indictments coming? I don't think so.

Stan Lee documentary

DOW down 600+

And so it was!

Trump honors veterans with a discount on his cheap Chinese-made crap.

My 4 amazing 80-something friends became my 4 amazing 90-something friends. Now there is one left

AND...we're off to the races

Kansas City Health Department pours bleach on food meant for homeless people

This disgrace cannot be posted enough:

Orange Shitgibbon to skip visit to Arlington on Veterans Day?

Uh, oh...this can't be good

Things aren't always the way they seem:

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips

Sean Hannity endorses Black Rifle coffee on Facebook. Hilarity ensues.

A possible 40 seat pickup for Democrats?

A first snowfall for Eritrean children new to Canada.

I have a serious question about Veterans Day and Arlington National Cemetery.

Not complaining, but why are gas prices going down? At least

Oppose new rule requiring double billing in service of religion

School Considers Legal Action After Dozens Of Students Appear to Give Nazi Salute At Prom

WH excuse for Trump ducking war dead: He cares too much

Telling it like it is

Michael Cohen takes the train to Washington to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller's team

Poll: Biden, Bernie, Beto lead 2020 Dem field

UPDATE: Kellogg exploring a sale of Keebler, Famous Amos and fruit snack businesses

Whoosh! Just in time for Christmas. Oh, goody!

Amnesty strips human-rights award from Aung San Suu Kyi over Rohingya atrocities in Myanmar

Does anyone think we might be seeing a slow rolling "Saturday Night Massacre"?

Big Bird's First Thanksgiving!

This commercial for Trump Bear is on Fox

Spot on from Slate "Trump's performance in Paris was a stunning abdication of global leadership"

What is it this time?

Trump seeks end for Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink

CNN reporter: at least 8 of Mueller's team are working today (on the holiday)

Southerners....Winter is coming

Scott, et al, are naturally indignant

How many of the women in the new House are Dems

Sally Yates Tweet: Count Every Vote

Drudge deletes his entire Twitter account

White House confirms Trump will not visit Arlington cemetery on Veterans Day as rain is expected

Jerome Corsi claims he is about to be indicted for perjury

Nancy Pelosi: Mueller Doesn't Have to Indict Trump for Congress to Impeach Him

"Our reporter wouldn't focus on your bigotry if you weren't a bigot."

Mueller's investigators informed Corsi about a week ago he will be indicted for perjury.

LA County Fire Chief on Trump's recent comments: "We're in extreme climate change right now.

Jim Carrey post election art work

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 12, 2018

When I'm wrong, I admit it. Trump apparently DID make a thoughtful, selfless Veterans Day gesture.

Confirmed: Cohen met with Mueller

Ken Dilanian NBC tweet: Roger Stone pal Jerome Corsi to be be indicted for perjury

"Yes, I had to sing with someone with a penis to get a No. 1,..."

How weather conditions during California's fire season have evolved over time.

TURKEYS FOR TROOPS: Help feed a military family this holiday season.

DOW fell 602 points today

Would the DT team assisting in the DNC hack be an act of treason, considering that

Breaking: Roger Stone's pal Jerome Corsi says Mueller is going to indict Corsi for perjury

"I Tweeted. Then Florida Removed Me From the Voter Rolls."

Tweet from an observer at Palm Beach County recount - says no way will they finish by Thursday

Rep Swalwell said he expects indictments to come this week

Glenn Greenwald was unavailable for comment:

Stone associate says he expects to face Mueller indictment in next couple of days

How To Count Ballots

Renato Mariotti tweets about Corsi

Democrat Mike Levin is the apparent winner of California House District 49: NBC News

Is anyone else unable to play youtube videos? Monday, 11/12, 530pm eastern.


Is This Real or a SNL Fake Commercial?

Black security guard stops shooter in a bar - then gets gunned down by a cop

How do we get a president to undergo a psych exam?

Trump Calls for Blocking Military Votes

(UPDATED) Corsi: Mueller's team is like the KGB. Or North Korea. The horror! The horror!


City of San Francisco threatens court action over Trump's acting Attorney General

World Bank and IMF

I have seen calls/ cries for Unity or we will lose 2020. I have a couple words for you.

Inside Lacrosse: How Wheelchair Lacrosse Saved My Life

Sears ... better off dead ?

Intertoobz says Stan Lee has passed away

Some humor as I head home. This is awesome!!

Richard Ojeda / Sherrod Brown 2020

Botched Israeli army operation in Gaza triggers sharp escalation in violence

In case you are wondering why Stan Lee was important, here's his column from

U.S. stocks skid again on renewed fears that tech sector has run out of steam

Photo Essay: Trump's Montana Rally

Why did Fox News go dark on Twitter?

Military vet Ojeda announces 2020 presidential campaign

The media's eagerness to discount the 'blue wave' feeds a dangerous problem

TRUMP trying to make sure legal military ballots cast by soldiers serving overseas ARE NOT COUNTED

Americans might not understand the staggering losses Europeans suffered in WWI.

Georgia Officials Ordered to Count All Absentee Votes

Melinda Gates on birth control, health and income:

Dow plunges 600 points

Luckovich-In honor of Stan Lee

Nothing to see here, just Michael Tracey being wrong for the millionth time:

Can you find the snow leopard without help?

BREAKING: Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi said special prosecutors plan to indict him

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 13 November 2018

AZ-SEN: Pima County drop brings Sinema's lead to 35,000

If you can find a copy, look at the print edition of the December issue of Inside Lacrosse.

Lest DUers forget, Jerome Corsi is not only a Clinton nemesis but Swiftboat architect (John Kerry)

'Tell Your Boss': Recording Is Seen to Link Saudi Crown Prince More Strongly to Khashoggi Killing

Mourning dog waits for 80 days in road where owner died

HAL (IBM -1 letter) has died. Douglas Rain.

MEANWHILE, in Japan...

Annoying ad issue when using DU on my phone

Trump torches allies, threatens NATO pullout after tense WWI memorial trip to Paris

Adam Schiff: "Concern Trump would dispute the 2016 results if he lost was part of the reason why..."

US analysts ID 13 secret North Korean missile sites: report

Omahan who dealt with segregation persisted and achieved firsts for an African-American

I have an idea what Trump can do after he leaves the WH.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: When does it end?

A real President arrives on Marine One in the Rain

Senator Nelson is going to win the recount and all hell is going to break loose.

Neil Young Loses Home in Woolsey Fire, Blasts Climate Change 'Denier' Trump

Ohtani and Acuna receive Rookie of the Year Awards

Trump was sulking in europe because he didn't get his big military parade

Investigators search offices of former Harris County GOP chairman

Fact-checking Trump's false claims about Arizona and Florida elections