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Archives: November 13, 2018

Congress returns to familiar threat: Trump's demand for wall money or shutdown

Yep, something's up. Can you travel to Prague from Italy without getting your passport stamped?

Who's the bigger idiot?

Trump, Pence miss Veterans Day observance at Arlington Cemetery

AZ-SEN: Maricopa in. Sinema leads by 38,000.

Silent Thread in support of our Candidates in recounts in FLA and GA and beyond

Will Trump come to California? White House mum as wildfires burn

Has anybody been audited? How long do they take?

'Large parts' of GOP establishment want to distance themselves from Trump, says pollster

Dow closes 600 points lower as Apple leads tech plunge

As Sears fights for its life, creditors say maybe it should die

An unusual video about a stray cat....

Steve King dared a conservative outlet to release audio of him calling immigrants 'dirt.' It did.

Cindy Hyde-Smith is now THE LYNCH LADY.

Counting ballots and counting votes are NOT the same thing. I have been counting mail in

Hitler Youth Rally Speech, Nuremberg Stadium 1935

Explain to me, the Senate approval of the Attorney General...

AZ is a prime example of why FL needs a Dem Gov and Legislature!!

Something behind market sell-off no one is talking about: Strong dollar

Counting ballots and counting votes are NOT the same thing. I have been counting mail in

Democrats To Subpoena Translator In Secret Trump/Putin Meeting

Does Espy have a fighting chance?

US crude posts its longest losing streak ever

U.S. plans new limits on heavy-duty truck emissions

What Happens When the Walls Finally Close in on Trump?

We have a runoff in GA that may be more important than for Governor


Florida judge: 'Ramp down the rhetoric' in recount

Voting rights groups sue to block Scott from participating in recount

Mother Jones: Subpoenas Are Coming. Trump Is Lashing Out. Will the Media Do Its Job?

Swalwell on wildfires: Trump 'owns a lot of the problem' on forest management

Trump urges end to Florida recount, Democrats seek extension

Activist: Focusing on state-level politics can help Democrats beat GOP gerrymandering

Omarosa on Tweety as a contributor. WTF?

CA-10: Democrat Josh Harder maintains a 3300 vote lead over incumbent Jeff Denham

Wait, WHAT? Both Trump AND Pence Skip The Traditional Arlington Cemetery Visit?

I just listened to Chris Matthews tonight on the way home from picking up my wife

Donald Trump Is Attacking the Florida Recounts Because He Hates Democracy

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema wins Arizona US Senate seat

Martha McSally just conceded

Aung San Suu Kyi: Amnesty strips Myanmar leader of top prize

Thank you Drumpt

Some puss from Minnesota is blaming John McCain for GOP losses?

Kyrsten Sinema And Jackie Rosen Appreciation Thread

Asia Bibi: Canada in talks with Pakistan over asylum

Listening to Chris Matthews talking about Laputa, the castle in the sky.

Should Dems use all the crap that comes out on Trump to get our agenda through?

CA-45: Katie Porter narrows gap to 1,011 behind Mimi Walters

something is afoot

Democrats need offense in Florida

Hey Don the Con you vile MAGAcretin

So watching Ari Melber on Chris Hayes....some idiot is yelling

Michelle Obama memoir is next pick for Winfrey book club

ha ha. set the brakes

Why Does Donald Trump Want to Ignore Votes from Veterans

Liz Cheney poised for ascent into Republican leadership

Abramson on Corsi and Stone coming indictments:

AZ-SEN: I can't wait to see the expressions on those old men in the Senate when Kyrsten walks in

California wildfires: Massive blazes grow as 2 new fires break out; dozens remain unaccounted for

The uncanny inspiration behind Canada 's Vimy Ridge Memorial and

Empire State Building lit up in California colors tonight

Do zombies have free will?

Best Stan Lee cameo ever

Groups plan to file 'major' federal immigration lawsuit in Vermont

Neal supports Pelosi

State takes over elderly care facilities due to mismanagement and food scarcity

Over 80 LGBTQ folks have broken away from initial caravan and have arrived at US-Mexican border

What Happens When the Walls Finally Close in on Trump?

GOP Jesus

Judge: No evidence to indict Cristina Kirchner in 'K Money Trail' case

GOP operative: We lost AZSEN and NVSEN because of Trump

Abrams files lawsuit to count absentee and provisional ballots in Georgia's gubernatorial race

Here's our local news talking about our dangerous dry winds

Is the release of the Jim Acosta doctored video enough to impreach Trump?

I haven't given up The Dream and neither should you.

Slipknot - Duality (acoustic cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Dr. T and the Women!

Noel Royal - Wait and Bleed -(slipknot cover)

LIVE: The moment Freepers realize there will be no wall

Current Full List of U S House Democratic Flips (37) (and Senate Flips)

Oh! Twitler gonna be terror tweeting tonight!

I nominate this as tweet of the day.

Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down the Place/ Night Nurse

Steve Vai - History and Ibanez

Trump can't be happy!

Ouch: Nikei is down 3%

Teflon Don Trump tweets on California wildfires angers firefighters, celebrities and politicians

Black Uhuru - Shine Eye Gyal

Trump is telling Florida to ignore military ballots. Happy Veterans Day.

Stan Lee: America Is a Dream

Viven Campbell , Last in Line 7/12/2017 Live in Las Vegas Nv at Vamps

Albuquerque: Police respond to reports of active shooter near Broadway, Gibson

Red Rain (is falling, falling down all over me)

Andrew Gillum taunts Trump: "You Sound Nervous"

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 15, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Mary Carlisle

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 16, 2018 -- What's On Tonight -- George Formby

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 17, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Heavenly Mix-Ups

The art of making noodles by hand:

Too Many Workers Are Trapped By Non-Competes - Bloomberg

Betsy DeVos' Staff Denies Rumor She's Leaving Education Secretary Job

Cap's Soapbox: I Like Presidents Who Aren't Scared of Drizzle, Okay? (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Plan B - Press tactics?

I'm not gonna win over tRump voters with this attitude

Neil Young, After Losing Home to Fire, Denounces 'Unfit Leader' Trump as 'the Denier'

Investing in Colombia? These are the best places to buy politicians

Lynching Remark Puts Spotlight on Mississippi Senate Race

California's "Camp Fire" becomes deadliest in state history, 13 more found today

Whitaker acted as "informal" advisor to the Trump campaign.

A quote for these times ...

Something is up.

Note to *way*-early 2020 boomlets: GILLIBRAND and oh-Jed-ah (o-HEAD-ah)

Let down our country by skipping cemetery visit

50 countries vow to fight cybercrime - US and Russia don't

Amazon Chooses New York City and Northern Virginia for Additional Headquarters

Trump Economy in YO-YO Decline -600+ Stock Market Today: November 12, 2018

Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters gave the best explanation for drumpf bailing on memorials

The man who handed Acosta the mike weighs in on the controversy

Is Google a trustworthy company? aside it's amazing artwork as a header

Homeless Thanksgiving

Rights commission expresses deep concern about Brazil

Congressman-elect Max Rose on supporting Pelosi: "Absolutely Not"

Rights commission expresses deep concern about Brazil

Trump is preparing to remove Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary, aides say

UN nuclear watchdog says Iran remains within 2015 deal limits

I just got home from Military Appreciation Night at the local Golden Corral...

The party of Lincoln

What if the young men giving the Nazi salute had done the exact same thing in 1958, not 2018

Breaking: Georgia must conduct a review of provisional ballots (bad news for Kemp)

Let's thank Jordan Blue, the senior at Baraboo high school who stood out in the group photo

BREAKING: Judge delays certification of GA-GOV vote over counting of provisional ballots

Democratic wins in these 9 states will have seismic policy consequences

I left AZ in early October of this year

Someone just posted a photo of herself as a child on Twitter:

Oh, it's so tiresome when your staff insist on interrupting your spa day.

Dear MSNBC, regarding that ass wipe Hugh Hewitt,

Of All of Trump's Foreign F Up's the One that Still Grates Me the Most Is...

Grandma Needs A Bonnet

Federal judge orders Georgia to protect provisional ballots

Here's an interesting thought on the Senate elections this year....

NYMag received a letter in 1992 from someone claiming to be Trump's secretary

ER doctor shares responses she received in response to comments on gun violence

Urging Florida To Ignore Military Votes Fits Trump's True Pattern With The Troops

Salsa De Mesa (Hot, Cheap and Easy)

Where the troops are is a Blue area of Red Texas, the locals being against the wall & miliarization

44 dead in California fires as the Camp Fire becomes the deadliest in state history

California voters have just about wiped out the republican party

What percentage of Trump's cabinet will resign rather than face a subpoena from Elijah Cummings?


Argentina's Macrisis: Industrial output plummets 11.5%, worst since 2002 collapse

The Daily Show: Rebecca Traister - How "Good and Mad" Women Continually Reshape America

Pelosi moves aggressively to snuff out challenge to her bid for House speaker

So in Republican states, with Republican Governors and Republican Sec. of States

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time - Whitaker, California Fires & Trump's WWI Rain Check

OK, so now that Sinema is the new Senator, and Doucy won re-election...

Seth Meyers - Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About "Voter Fraud": A Closer Look

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Trainer Says She's Still 'Tough As Nails.'

The Daily Show: A Dead Brothel Owner Makes History in Nevada

Lawsuit: Illinois guard shot by police had on security hat

The Daily Show: The White House Blacklists Jim Acosta & Doctors Warn Against Spanking

The Daily Show: Rebecca Traister - How "Good and Mad" Women Continually Reshape America

The French Army troll Trump

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time - Whitaker, California Fires & Trump's WWI Rain Check

Every California Republican Statewide Candidate Falls Below 40%

Trump the LOSER

CA: Progressive Tony Thurmond takes lead for State Supt. of Education

Michigan man to be sentenced for shooting at lost black teen

The right say that democrats are naive in their fight for good and equality.

Republican mayor of Escondido, CA about to go down

Kentucky abortion fight aimed at second-trimester procedure

FedEx Phishing Scam - do not be deceived

Irish authorities investigate UFO sightings by commercial pilots

'It's a comfy plane': Mexico's Amlo seeks buyer for presidential jet

Five held over murder of Mexico politician's daughter

Five held over murder of Mexico politician's daughter

Democrat Josh Kaul claims victory in Wisconsin's attorney general race

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema gives her victory speech (VIDEO)

As outraged we are over Trump acting like a stink dump on Veteran's Day...

So, I started watching Handmaid's Tale

Loser tRump & Rs can do hundreds of illegal/unethical things, but Ds can only investigate 2 or 3

Watching this, I was scared for the dems standing on the corner

GOP concerned, Golden patient as 2nd District votes are counted

Amazon is coming to NYC and Crystal City, VA per WaPo

Excuse me but may I say something about Senator Harris?

MS Governor: Black women are committing genocide by having abortions.

'Big, bold things' on tap for Democrats in Augusta, Nate Libby says

Democrats now control both houses of Maine Legislature

Something strange goin on

Whitaker will consult with ethics officials over recusal

President Donald Trump Stays Home And Tweets On Veterans Day - All In - MSNBC

Republicans want worker removed from Poliquin-Golden ballot count

This has been riding on the back roads of my mind for weeks: Sekou Oumarou - Songhoy Blues

As to weirdness of righting wing deletions on Twitter and going dark:

White Mississippi senator in runoff jokes about 'public hanging'

Are all unprovable claims equal?

White House ALWAYS has a backup!!!!!

Tonight's Winner: Congresswoman-Elect Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) - The Last Word - MSNBC

How to Prepare a Traditional Japanese Breakfast (Spruce Eats)

Start public humiliation of coward Rump for not visiting troops


Rep. Eric Swalwell: 'The Days Of Presidential Immunity Are Over' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Maine Senate Democrats Choose New Leaders, Vow Quick Action On Medicaid

Just read that KIMDOTCOM twitter account has also gone silent

Did I hear that the Con is preparing to fire Kirstjen Nielsen ?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/12/18

Sanders announces State of the Union essay contest

State of MD to ask federal judge to rule Rosenstein as Acting AG, not Whitaker

Scientists predict a 'dark matter hurricane' will collide with the Earth

Dear M$Greedia

Vermonters still struggling with housing, medical costs (with video)

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Race, Flipping Second GOP Seat

Car insurance rates to increase in marijuana states

Unprecedented: Florida Recounts Midterm Senate, Governor Races - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Compromise or Veto Overrides? Vermont Dems Have New Leverage Over Scott

Who will replace Kyl?

VT Insights: What the midterms say about Bernie Sanders in 2020

Phil Scott without a backstop: Vermont governor loses veto power in second term

Jake Tapper CALLS OUT Lying Republican Trying To Spread Voter Fraud BS

Runoff set for GA Sec State Dec 4th! This is what will really turn GA BLUE!

Counting The Bugs And Bacteria, You're 'Never Home Alone' (And That's OK)

I hate sports analogies and rarely use them BUT...

"This is all Donald Trump has left" Amazing summation of Trump's character

Gavin McInnes Whines His Fellow Rich Neighbors Don't Like Him

Neonazi moves to liberal neighborhood, gets shunned by neighbors, blames George Soros.

Heatwaves can 'wipe out' male insect fertility

Democrats Retake Both Chambers Of New Hampshire Legislature

schoolmates use boy with cerebral palsy as bridge to cross muddy stream (Nova Scotia)

Richard Ojeda voted for Trump because Democrats are elitists?

I can't help but wonder if the right wing vote panic in Florida is has something to do with crooked

Guess who Trump wants to appoint as head of Homeland Security?

Guess who didn't vote.....again

Inside the GOP Effort to Discredit a Recount

Democratic state gains may mean tighter gun, looser pot laws

Tuesday TOONs - Bonespur McCur vs. Stan the Man!

The rabbit hole effect!

The Trump-GOP 2020 doomsday scenario

IMO, the DNC needs to start buying TV time or contracts for 2020 time because....

NASA's rocket launch Thursday will light up sky on East Coast. Here's how to see it.

Trump Shut Up About the Caravan After the Election. Fox News Can't Seem to Let It Go.

Blue wave is more like a blue tide

Maryland Says Matthew Whitaker Appointment As Acting Attorney General Is Unlawful

Khashoggi Tape Doesn't Implicate Saudi Prince, Says Bolton

Fewer foreign students coming to United States for second year in row: survey

Midterms Point to Reshaped Map for 2020

Whoa. Federal judge just brought Kemp's victory lap to a screeching halt.

The Atlantic: Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?

Trump Mocks France for World War Losses

President Donald Trump Tweet Wrong, Unhelpful To California Firefighters - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Pelosi Warns Against Ousting a Woman

Trump Tweet: He has no knowledge of history or skill in diplomacy

Republicans On Their Own In the Lame Duck

Trump Mocks Macron's Euro Army Suggestion: 'They Were Learning German in Paris Before U.S. ...

Happy Birthday, Whoopie Goldberg!!!

Barnicle on Trump's Vet's Day: He's So Narcissistic 'He Doesn't Get the Meaning of the Cemeteries'

80-20 He'll Be A Republican...

Border Patrol security chief nails Fox & Friends host for pushing fake news on migrant caravan

Morning Joe calls BS on GOP candidate's excuses for racist 'public hanging' remark...

Wow... Frightening footage of out-of-control wildfires on 118 freeway in Simi Valley--Just WOW

John Brennan on NK's Expanding Missile Program: Kim Jong Un 'Masterful' in How He 'Duped' Trump

Love this: Angela Merkel explains to 101 yo woman that she's NOT Mrs. Macron

Broken news: trump to replace Homeland security director, Ted Nugent to be named as replacement.

Trump just tweeted about raising tariffs on French wine

Lakewood Restaurant Gets Threats Over Pro-vaccine Policy

California Wildfires Updates: 42 Deaths Make Camp Fire Deadliest in State History

Trump's tweet-war on France continues: Now it's Macron's approval rating

CBS re: Special Counsel Investigation: We do expect new indictments to be coming as soon as today."

Indictments today?:

Bowel cancer on the rise among young people in Europe

Pabst Blue Ribbon may be no more as battle brews in Milwaukee courtroom

I'm so tired of reading about Trump

Alexei Navalny barred from leaving Russia to attend ECHR hearing

Stan Lee/Anthony Winn, 2007: America Is a Dream Panel one of four

Analysis: Midterm voting highest in 104 years

Dem House will Follow the Request of Trump Supporters:

Awww, Baby-in-Chief now claiming Secret Service nixed drive to cemetery in rain

Trump Supporter Screams 'F---ing Jews' At Florida Recount Protest

The Rundown: November 12, 2018

The NRA needs to stay in their own lane, they've ruined political rhetoric because of their actions

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/07/18

Trump to California

Yabba Dabba Doo! Florida man gets pulled over driving 'footmobile' dressed as Fred Flintstone

Mark Zuckerberg declines to appear before "international grand committee" investigating Facebook

KRUGMAN: You're a hero if and only if you serve The Leader's interests.

'New indictments coming as soon as today' in Mueller probe: CBS News

"I think that this election gives us hope": Michelle Obama speaks out on historic midterms

TWO QUEENS just celebrating each other! ❤️ @JanelleMonae & @HillaryClinton backstage at the #Glamou

These wild monkeys thrive in Florida--and carry a deadly viru

Drudge deletes his Twitter, and Fox News and National Enquirer haven't tweeted in 5 days

Appendix may be linked to Parkinson's development

I wish journalists would cover more about how survivors of mass murderers

Presenting, "The NO Stamina." #TRUMP

The curious grammar of police shootings

Anybody up for some morning Fugelsang?

Dems gain veto-proof supermajority in California legislature

Thank you, France, for laying a wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington yesterday

China postpones lifting ban on rhino and tiger parts after outcry

Dems gain veto-proof supermajority in California legislature

BTRTN: It's the "Get Out the Vote, Stupid!"

BTRTN: It's the "Get Out the Vote, Stupid!"

It's pretty clear now that Mr. Donald J. Trump hates veterans and pays them no respect! -eom-

Midterms: Late results reveal Democrats 'blue wave' as party secures best election performance since

The new meme on Morning Joe Scum

USA to GOP: "Hands off my healthcare, and GET OFF MY LAWN!"

Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Post 'Squad' Pics Of Diverse New Members Of Congress

Virginia - Robert E. Lee high school to be renamed Staunton High

A Feline Performance of Trump vs. Mueller Finale

October CO2 @ 406.00 ppm - A Quick Observation

The Blue Wave Swept Many Of The GOP's Anti-Gay Bigots Out To Sea

Trump defends skipping cemetery visit in France: Secret Service said I couldn't drive there

Howie Carr's lawyer says Keene man's lawsuit for $800K 'without merit'

Democrats Say Their First Bill Will Focus On Strengthening Democracy At Home

Trump Plays Golf in Rain, Refuses to Honor Troops In It

Talking Point Coma: Trump Denies Knowing Attorney General

Interesting sight in DC yesterday.

'Good guy with a gun' detaining shooting suspect, shot dead by cop as he arrived on the scene

Republicans used redistricting to build a wall around the House. Trump just tore it down.

Help the pets rescued in the California fires!

"Does Trump realize today is the anniversary of the 2015 terror attacks that killed 130 people?"

Help the pets rescued in the California fires!

This is heavy: The kilogram is getting an update

How Democrats Won Over Older Voters--And Flipped the House

Gallup Poll: Trump Aprroval at Minus 18 Points

CNN camera guy outside the fed courthouse in DC says expecting jury in Muller probe to convene today

Republicans warn Democrats not to go on an "investigation" binge...

Why Trump Won't Force Shutdown Over His Wall

CNN sues WH

UPDATE: CNN sues White House to regain access for reporter Jim Acosta

Best Example of Peak Swayze:

The word, from Alexander Hamilton, 1792. It never gets old.

Mueller reportedly plans to issue new indictments in the Russia investigation as soon as Tuesday

A Third Rail No More: Incoming House Democrats Embrace Gun Control

Worcester Tech football players facing suspension, games cancelled in hazing investigation

Would you want to be on Mueller's Grand Jury?

Officer shoots, kills armed security guard outside south suburban bar

Hyde-Smith Won't Answer About 'Public Hanging'

Trump closed an office that tracked ex-Gitmo inmates. Now we don't know where some went

French gov showed up at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery yesterday to honor our fallen heroes

The perfect gift for someone you hate: The "Trumpy Bear"

Trump mocks France's World War II record as relations with Macron deteriorate into confrontation

Vermonters still struggling with housing, medical costs (WCAX Video at Link)

Monotheistic Deities Have It Hard.

World discovers that rain is Trump's kryptonite

Ted Olson helping CNN sue Trump (re:Acosta). Earlier this year, Trump tried to hire Olson to defend

Trump tweets gibberish about Germany invading France again.

World Discovers Rain Is Trump's Kryptonite

CNN hired GOP star-attorney Ted Olson, who refused to work for Trump when asked! Now that's a troll.

My wife figured out why trump didn't go to the cemetery on Saturday...

One of Trump's favorite journalists admits that the president 'seems to think his base is racist'

The lie comes back to haunt Republicans.

Pilots report UFOs off Irish coast

"I had the flu last week, but I'm not contagious..."

Holiday gift-giving is just around the corner, folks! 😂

What redress is there for Georgia?

Republicans initial reaction in Kansas to Laura Kelly's win? Sing about her dying.

@realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago ......MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!

NY-22: Incumbent Claudia Tenney admits it's over.

Rep. Steve King Denied Comparing Immigrants To 'Dirt' -- Audio Says Otherwise

NFL power rankings: Saints remain No. 1, but rest of top 10 gets a shakeup

I promise I shall never see cleaning my toilets as a 'duty' or chore again! 😂🤣😂🤣

Seriously... Did Trump NOT go to Arlington Cemetery yesterday to lay a wreath

Jason Isbell - Dress Blues (live - 2013) ... posted a day late I guess ...

NBC: Maryland asks judge to declare Rosenstein acting AG.

This WAPO article is likely what has Trump so stirred up this morning (beyond poss indictments)

Mueller expected to issue new indictments soon.

Trump Is Pretty Much in Hiding

I just want to say thank you for all those who voted for democrats

How the GOP gerrymander blocked the blue wave in NC

White professor calls cops on black university student for putting her feet on chair during class

A short story to share -- "Rain, Rain, Go Away" by Isaac Asimov

Volunteer to write Postcards To Voters for the MS runoff election!

OK, glad Monica is finally able to tell HER story. She should also not leave out Linda Tripp.

Sign of our times

A Wake-Up Call for the G.O.P.

Fake Facts, Fake News, Fake Elections...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg joke - This just in

Trump is preparing to remove Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary, aides say

NFL reportedly considering moving Rams-Chiefs game out of Mexico

Longtime state Sen. Fred Berry of Peabody dies

Hate crimes rose 17 percent last year, according to new FBI data

Wow! Just wow...

Ted Olson To Sue WH Comrade On Behalf Of CNN

Operation InfeKtion--- New York Times Opinion Video 3 parts. Link to Part One

Where is the outrage?

Tea Pain Tweet, "... Cohen will be the guest star today and more indictments are imminent!"

We had a hell of a good mid terms.

Corsi's lawyer says he's expecting a call from Special Counsel's office today.

I have some position openings! READY TO HIRE!

All of history explained...

Turtle weighing nearly 500 pounds rescued on Massachusetts beach

So the Madman's only public appearance today is to light the Diya.

Time to play another round of WHO'S GETTING INDICTED?

We need to send Trumpy some umbrellas. Here ya go, Donald.

White House Fires Back at CNN's Acosta Lawsuit: 'More Grandstanding From CNN'

Rick Scott is really a nasty guy.

Just got another alert on my cellphone, another "Red" bad quality air day

It's time for "Slumpkins"! The perfect metaphor for the Republican Party

open letter to every veteran, every active duty military who support the draft dodger in chief:

Amanpour & Co. on PBS is a new favorite of mine. Link

Stephen Colbert Monologue Nov 12, 2018

Let us not forget France's Goddess of Liberty

Like Tom Petty sings...

China, After Outcry, Reinstates Ban on Rhino and Tiger Parts in Medicine.

No Veterans' Day proclamation from the White House - nothing on the White House site.

Trump Saved from Rain Drops

Before Dems Take Over, GOP Will Risk Shutdown To Fund Trump's Wall

Poliquin files federal lawsuit to stop ranked-choice count in Maine's 2nd District

Poliquin sues in federal court to stop ranked-choice count

Oh my:Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez kicks off 1st day of freshmen orientation w protest ⁦@Pelosi⁩'s office

Teenagers boil sanitary pads to get high

Cummings Asks Colleagues, Incoming Dems To Ignore Anti-Pelosi Factions

Senator Gillibrand floats Trump's resignation on MSNBC:

Pic Of The Moment: Where's Wanker?

The soldiers on the army post I live on are talking about Trump's disrespect.

A notorious RBG giggle for your day :-)

Howzabout a food "Jeopardy" quiz ?

Merkel calls for creation of 'real, true European army'

The White House is exploding from within!

MSNBC: Chief of Staff Kelly may soon leave White House

Austria accuses colonel of spying for Russia for decades

Federal judge finds Georgia county violated Civil Rights Act by rejecting ballots

MSNBC reporting (on TV now) that Kelly likely to depart WH..Pence's Chief of Staff

If Trump is going to fire Kelly, he should just hire Hannity and get it over with

Ted Olson accepts CNN case against White House after refusing to join Trump's Russia defense

Trump may not have confidence of entire GOP, says Republican strategist

This weird, collective Kafkaesqe moment we've been having for the past two years:

The 2018 Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis brings new energy - and anti-gay activists - into the surv

How are the counts going in Florida and Georgia?

Now would be a good time for drumpf to resign.

putin and the long con of the don

Paradise, California honors Veterans Day

Remember this Gem from Baraboo six years ago?

A world leader laying a wreath in the pouring rain

Feinstein requesting Senate Judiciary hold hearings on Whitaker and Sessions.

Physicians push back on Trump plans to redefine gender

So, will Kelly 'spill the tea' once he's out of there?

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (10PM) 11/12/18 - MSNBC News Trump

Chilean Air Force to Retrieve Hundreds From Venezuela in Crisis

You 'win' a horrific new video game by shooting LGBTQ people in a nightclub

Clean Energy Is Surging, but Not Fast Enough to Solve Global Warming

Senator McSally

Bandits butcher vet school's horses for meat in Venezuela

Donald Trump knows the true meaning of sacrifice

Trump Warns That Florida Recount Could Set Dangerous Precedent of Person with Most Votes Winning

Trump Claims Report on North Korea's Secret Missile Program 'Inaccurate': I'll 'Let You Know if...

China makes a U-turn on legalizing tiger and rhino trade following international outcry

U.S. Declines to Sign Declaration Discouraging Use of Cyberattacks

How a Difficult, Racist, Stubborn President Was Removed From Power--If Not From Office

A Wake-Up Call for the G.O.P.

They need to develop face recognition technology for TV screens

Senator Feinstein's letter to Grassley asking for quick hearings on Whitaker and Sessions:

Man steals $300K Ferrari from Highland Park driveway, leaves behind a Chevy SUV

How Sarah Sanders became Trump's liar-in-chief

How Sarah Sanders became Trump's liar-in-chief

Anyone had sucess at freezing milk and half & half?

Bob Woodward Criticizes CNN Lawsuit Against White House: We're Taking Trump's 'Bait'

New Trump Tweet: We fully know about the North Korea sites

Kirstjen Nielsen repeatedly did Trump's bidding. Her reward: An unceremonious impending exit.

Kirstjen Nielsen repeatedly did Trump's bidding. Her reward: An unceremonious impending exit.

Furry Moths Have Evolved Impressive 'Acoustic Camouflage' on Par With Military Technology

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Liberty smiles

This is Trump's base.

I need a link to the CNN legal papers

Coconut yogurt

'Straight-up racist;' Massachusetts Democrats raise concerns with party leadership

Trump Tweet: Let me throw the secret service under the bus

Female MPs gather in UK to celebrate a century of suffrage

Latest in spork technology - not spam

Female MPs gather in UK to celebrate a century of suffrage

VP Pence is in Japan and Singapore Today and Tomorrow

Anyone like this song as much as I?

Retired firefighter who fired shotgun at black teen asking for directions gets up to 10 years in pri

Laurence Tribe will be on MSNBC 2:05 to discuss MD lawsuit (Trump & Whitaker) and likely CNN suit

Trump is firing a top national security official for fighting with Melania over plane seats: report

U.K. Women Celebrate 100 Years of Voting Rights

U.K. Women Celebrate 100 Years of Voting Rights

John Kelly May Be Out at White House After Clashing With Melania Trump

U.K. Women Celebrate 100 Years of Voting Rights

Poor Tom!

U.K. Women Celebrate 100 Years of Voting Rights

President Trump blames Secret Service for canceled visit to WWI cemetery in France after criticism

After clashes with first lady and others, Kelly may soon exit White House

Pelosi damn well better be Speaker.

Draft Brexit deal reached more than two years since divisive vote

Like. Share. Kill.

For all the other issues swirling around him, could it be a simple case a very deep depression?

100 Years On, Posters Offer Window Into Struggles of U.K. Suffragists

Mueller Makes Report Public

Amazon's Development Agreement with NYC

Urging Florida To Ignore Military Votes Fits Trump's True Pattern With The Troops

The Professor At The Heart Of The Trump-Russia Probe Wants To Testify Before The Senate,...

100 Years On, Posters Offer Window Into Struggles of U.K. Suffragists

100 Years On, Posters Offer Window Into Struggles of U.K. Suffragists

How Amazon landed up to $2 billion in subsidies for its new headquarters

Squishy RINO liberal commiecrat Ted Olson agrees to represent CNN ...

2016 Election Nite Michelle: "I wanted to not know that fact for as long as I possibly could."

4 arrested in mass murder of Pike County family

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins Protestors At Pelosi's Office

All Trumpie needed

Lawyers for Papadopoulos ask to withdraw from his case as he rants on Twitter about being framed

Trump Delivers Touching Tribute To Fallen Heroes Of WWE.

This is the creepiest most fascist thing ever

another view of tangerine traitor not honouring veterans: actually, I am glad that he did not do

Trump's southeast regional EPA administrator indicted on Alabama ethics charges

Newly Elected Members of Congress Attest Striking Contrast Between Parties

Bill would create office to investigate sexual harassment claims in General Assembly

Gavin McInnes Whines His Fellow Rich Neighbors Don't Like Him

Why do my posts still reflect Eastern Time Zone? I chaged my address to New Mexico in my profile

Progressives, GOP could find common ground in State House

"Rally 'Round The Flag" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Man banned from Walt Disney World after waving Trump 2020 banner while on ride

Your preference for Trump? IMPEACHMENT or the proverbial DEATH BY 1000 CUTS?

From the VA House of Delegates representative re Crystal City and Amazon

Obama tweet a few minutes ago:

Retired firefighter who fired shotgun at black teen asking for directions gets up to 10 years...

Getting Dressed in 1665 Delft (You may recognize who she's supposed to be.)

Protestors being arrested in GA State Capitol for chanting "Count Every Vote"

(xpost) From the VA House of Delegates representative re Crystal City and Amazon

I know I'm just stating the obvious here but.....

Celebrating the Feminist Victories of the 2018 Midterm Elections

Celebrating the Feminist Victories of the 2018 Midterm Elections

Celebrating the Feminist Victories of the 2018 Midterm Elections

20,000 tanks of gasoline for your car? Or a kilogram of cheese? SAME PRICE IN VENEZUELA

Guess who is the lead attorney of the CNN suit against the White House?

Josh Bernstein Urges Washington Residents to 'Defy' Gun Reform Initiative by Shooting Police, If Ne

State senator sues city of Providence in federal court, alleging discrimination

Noted bigot Steve King is bigoted, lies about it, gets busted.

Ocasio Cortez is going to be a problem for our party just watch.

I think what bothers me most, is millions of Americans are sycophants and patsies for Trump.

Scott Temporarily Withdraws Lawsuit To Impound County Voting Machines

Well it has been a week since the election and not a word on the caravan.

George Zimmerman pleads no contest in stalking case

Melania is sacking National Security Advisors now...WTF.


The Guardian: Mueller seeking more detail on Nigel Farage

Tenn. Court of Appeals Landmark Decision Against Law firm Estate Abuse

CIA Hunted For Truth Serum To Use On Terror Suspects After 9/11

I try to ignore it but it is continually shameful to me this POS is in the Oval Office.

on "presidential harassment"-- it is a real thing, yertle turtle-- that tangerine traitor harasses

White House creates 'policy time' for Trump to encourage him to work:

Supreme Court to hear a subtle but terrifying threat to Obamacare

A simple Twitter chart GIF explains global warming in 35 seconds

Things you should know about people with Toe Thumbs.

It's time for a intervention I told my wife

such stress- so much to worry about. the caravan. bowling green massacre. rain.

Mueller has convened a Grand Jury

I keep picturing Mueller questioning Trump like Nicholson in A Few Good Men

Moment of Zen:Hokkaido Show Gardens - Garden of sound

Russian reaction to Dems taking House: "Our agent in the White House has failed us."

Justice Department Requires Six Broadcast Television Companies to Terminate - Refrain From Unlawful

California's electric utilities under investigation again for starting deadly wildfires

They're bringing in the rain...


Vermont's US Attorney clears Jane Sanders of Burlington College wrongdoing

Trump didn't vote in the NY Republican mid-terms?

Vermont's US Attorney clears Jane Sanders of Burlington College wrongdoing

Who needs people?!?

Bold & Brave Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote By Kirsten Gillibrand

Android phone + Chrome for search engine + too many fox news alerts.

Just woke up, what the latest on Mueller

Why Jeff Sessions' Final Act Could Have More Impact Than Expected

Self-driving vehicles will lead to a rise in car sex, according to a new study.

Now this is the protest the MSM should be covering.

Getting dressed in the 18th century - Gentleman

Top Census Scientist Testifies That Adding Citizenship Question Was Not A Good Idea

Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit on Trump, Putin, Korea PACT

For once I agree with the Office of the First Lady. 😂😂😂

About Mueller's Grand Jury: Do its members change over time?

"Governor Kasich returns to New Hampshire after the midterms."

About the elections: MLK - "The arc of history bends towards justice.

Former Charity CEO Pleads Guilty To Multi-Million-Dollar Political Corruption Scheme

Well the sexual predator and the reporting is that he is going to clean house

Hmmmm, something's up. Corsi ditches interview at last minute--doesn't even leave the car.

Tweet of the Day

John Fugelsang nails it . . . again.

be prepared for the psychedelic freakout by the orange asshole...

WH Now Hiring. Ah ha ha ha ha ha

Katrina And The Waves - Do You Want Crying

Just got my copy of Proof of Collusion!

Mira Ricardel was just escorted off White House grounds, sources tell @ABC.

Irish authorities investigate UFO sightings by commercial pilots

Why I want Jerome Corsi's shriveled nuts on a silver platter

Do you support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker in the next Congress?

How many times have I told y'all to quit practicing witchcraft?

Mueller seeking more details on Nigel Farage, key Russia inquiry target says

Id like an answer on the Jill Stein thing.

Mueller seeking more details on Nigel Farage, key Russia inquiry target says

Of the three people who have explicitly said they may soon be indicted

Trump in a bad mood since the midterm

This Facebook post is a crack up. It's going to rain!

U.S. oil prices sink 7% to lowest settlement of the year as Brent enters bear market

Some of Trump's most fervent supporters have started to criticize a school-shooting survivor

Mira Ricardel

So many possibilities, what's your choice for Trump's new Theme Song? Here's mine:

Democrats Dilemma: Progressives or Pandering?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 13, 2018

lol @ Nicole Wallace talking about people in the "departure lounge" at the WH

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

Ha Ha - Justice Ginsburg snarky explanation of falling

If one were a committee chair bent on inciting a Trump breakdown . . . .

A Third Rail No More: Incoming House Democrats Embrace Gun Control

Feds decline to bring charges against Bernie Sanders' wife in land deal

"Trump, stung by midterms and nervous about Mueller, retreats from traditional presidential duties"

Camp Fire: Death toll of 42 expected to rise as fire grows to 125,000 acres

Mifsud to testify before Senate? Isn't he missing?

Take Five. I've been missing Al Jarreau so much today.

Where the fuck does cheetolini get off....

Russia blocked GPS data during NATO exercises: Norway

Pierce: Republicans in Florida Are Running Every Play From Their 2000 Recount Playbook

Hahahahaha! 🤣

Maryland AG Frosh to challenge Trump's choice of acting attorney general as 'unconstitutional'

Interesting tweet from one of Il Douche's former ghostwriters:

Trump, stung by midterms and nervous about Mueller, retreats from traditional presidential duties

Do well known wingnuts believe the shit they're selling?

Rick Scott won't commit to certifying recount results if he loses, top adviser says

White House: CNN Lawsuit 'More Grandstanding,' Promises 'Vigorous Defense'

Melania Trump Calls for Ouster of National Security Deputy Mira Ricardel

Plaintiffs Win Voting Rights Suit Against the City of Santa Monica

Thievery Corporation - The Numbers Game ft Chuck Brown

Michelle Obama's Becoming is a master class in walking the First Lady Tightrope

The cost of living is rising, and many Americans can't afford it

Trump has retreated into "a cocoon of bitterness and resentment," LAT reports.

Democrat Kathy Hoffman elected AZ Supt. of Public Instruction

Oil extends record losing streak as Trump blasts Saudi plan

trump's new National Anthem?

These Kids respect the classics

Oil Drops Most in 3 Years as Investors Flee Darkening Outlook

GA-GOV: State Senator arrested for demanding that votes be counted.

CNN: What Trump's 'sulk' told America's friends

538: There Was A Lot Of Turnover In The House In The 2018 Cycle

Zinke to visit California to address wildfires

George Papadopoulos Promises 'Big Announcement' as His Attorneys Withdraw from Criminal Case

Do you have a favorite Tom Hanks movie?

Watch Corden, Kimmel on This Year's Most Disturbing Gift: Trumpy Bear

A Hard Days Night

Ocean creatures are amazing! I didn't even know that these guys existed.

Rep. Pelosi 'deeply inspired by young activists & advocates' demonstrating for climate change action

I've got a cool down a little with Mr. Pendergrass

Dave Wasserman: It will take a miracle for Republicans to hold onto CA-39 and CA-45

What's up with bringing up the Lewinsky ordeal every couple of weeks?

Majority say Trump should face primary challenge, poll finds

BREAKING: Florida recount: Judge to order PBC recount extension to Nov. 20

CNN reporter Trump ripped for stupid question: No such thing as stupid question when covering Trump

Let Retrumplicans and their hate-media turn Ocasia-Cortez

Court orders ban of top-selling pesticide, says EPA violated law, ignored scientific studies

Schumer tells Trump to stay out of Florida recount

Texas congresswoman-elect says southern border has 'never been safer'

Geisha Girl - Japanese True Beauty - why is this tradition still popular in the modern age?

Geisha Girl - Japanese True Beauty - why is this tradition still popular in the modern age?

"Appoint Martha McSally to John McCain's seat? No freakin' way."

Pennsylvania sued over 'restrictive' deadline for absentee ballot returns

Google services temporarily disrupted after traffic rerouted through China, Russia

MN-05: Ilhan Omar's Election Night Speech (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania sued over 'restrictive' deadline for absentee ballot returns

TX-07: Lizzie Fletcher Victory Speech (VIDEO)

Melania - Secret Agent women - Knows her national Security stuff

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl feeds firefighters in California

WI-GOV: Tony Evers declares victory (VIDEO)

155 House Dems sign letter backing Hoyer as majority leader

MI-11: Haley Stevens's election night victory speech (VIDEO)

What can Whitaker do about Mueller?

One of Trump's Top EPA Officials Was Just Indicted on State Ethics Charges

Pete Williams on MSNBC: legal expert, or RW hack?

What Trump's 'sulk' told America's friends

With the fire hazard so high

Notre Dame students cite faith as they kneel during national anthem to protest racism

Ahmad Jamal is still with us. Poinciana - Olympia Paris - LIVE

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 14 November 2018

How One Ottoman Reconciled Islamic Teachings with Darwin's Theory of Evolution

When it comes to religious belief, or lack of, name calling is not dialogue.

Trump hates the military because every vet and serving member reminds him of his own cowardice

Voters Storm The Georgia Capitol And Demand That Every Vote Be Counted

Pike County Murders. + Cincinnati Enquirer reporting, XPost to GD

AHMAD JAMAL, Arabesque

Pike County April 2016 murders XPost from Ohio Group.

One of Trump's Top EPA Officials Was Just Indicted on State Ethics Charges

Three Factors That Produced a Blue Wave

Michael Bloomberg to decide on 2020 bid by January or February

OMG, could Cynthia Hyde Smith be any more moronic,

Whitaker abandoned taxpayer-funded project in Iowa in 2016

Photoshopped cat pixs

The man attacked a Gold Star Family. What the hell did the morons think

I have to choose between two vendors of widgets and I would like your help.

Judge Orders Florida Recount Extended

Trump to fire Homeland Security boss, replace chief of staff: source

Whitaker abandoned taxpayer-funded project in Iowa in 2016

Could he possibly be any more of an asshole?

FBI data shows sharp rise in US hate crimes

Snipes could leave as Broward elections chief: 'It is time to move on'

Jane Sanders cleared in Burlington College land deal

Fed Judge grants CNN hearing tomorrow.

Albuquerque, NM, rejecting all BYD ART buses, switching to non electric

Albuquerque, NM, rejecting all BYD ART buses, switching to non electric

List of all kinds of links to the Paradise fire...updates as of 9:45 central

Sarandon and Ocasio-Cortez.

I feel better...

for Kind of Blue: Ahmad Jamal - Autumn Leaves.

OMG! Racist Gov of Mississippi defends Hyde-Smith - calls black abortions "Black Genocide"

The White House is changing its tune on why it yanked Jim Acosta's press pass

Can we just send Roger Stone straight to hell?

Has anyone come up with a definite answer regarding the identity of

Was bank deregulation part of the AZ US Senate race?

Spreadable butter blend

California is Using Slave Labor to Fight the Wildfires

Trumps to skip Kennedy Center Honors again rather than face very vocal critics

The Unbridled Joy of Dogs Catching Treats

Before we fixate on 2020, we need to look at 2019

U.S. senators alarmed if China gets control of Djibouti port

U.S. alone in opposing U.N. refugee text over sovereignty concerns

House Democrats to probe Trump impact on FBI, Justice: lawmaker

The best thing about Florida this time around is that Roger Stone is

Bishop Bans Same-Sex Marriage While Proclaiming Love For Queer Christians

BREAKING CNN NEWS on Mueller Grand Jury Proceedings

Trump could answer written Russia probe questions this week: source

Thursday, RoKhanna and I are introducing legislation to make Walmart pay its workers a living wage

I just rewatched Death Becomes Her and this quote

GA-07: Gwinnett County will not certify election today, but awaits provisional count

This psychiatrist believes Trump suffers from a 'God complex' and is 'erotically attached to violenc