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Archives: November 16, 2018

Some puppies first snow. 😂😂

Gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes

What if Whitaker briefs Trump on Mueller's investigation?

Check out which American is on the cover of a major German magazine this time! One who deserves it!

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith responds to new controversial video

Answer to the incredible question about the pro-birth/ pro-gun republicans

Calling all wingnut morons. It's snowing! In November!

Indonesia jails teacher who documented sexual harassment

WSJ: DOJ set to prosecute Assange.

Kentucky: white man charged with hate crimes after two black shoppers shot dead

How Chinese telecom giant helps Chavismo keep tight reign on Venezuelans

Mueller anxiey pervades Trump world.

US civil rights agency decries Trump administration's lax approach to police violence

Income inequality is changing how we think, live, and die

GOP's Bruce Poliquin Loses in Maine's Ranked-Choice Voting

GOP leaders aim to avert shutdown over wall funding, but Trump makes no promises

I Love Cats (Cover)

Mookie Betts beats Mike Trout, Jose Ramirez to win American League MVP

Bernie Sanders targets Walmart over $15 minimum wage

Trump's Defense Spending Is Out of Control, and Poised to Get Worse

"voter fraud" Trump style.


Church of Satan Devils Food cake recipe

Brazil: calls for TV tycoon to be pulled off air after offensive remarks to singer

A Used SpaceX Rocket Just Launched a Satellite for Qatar, Then Aced a Landing

Trump Has Resumed That Whole Melting Down Over the Russia Investigation Thing

Pelosi allies rage over tactics of opponents

According to the calander, today is "World Philosophy Day"

Florida not using Broward County's recount tally because it uploaded results 2 minutes late

Move On supports Pelosi for Speaker

Superbrilliant Galaxy Got Its Energy by Gobbling Up Its Neighbors

Trump EPA official arrested on criminal ethics charges

Katie Hobbs extends Arizona Secretary of State lead

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is at tonight's Federalist Society convention dinner, he just received...

What's Tim Ryan's hangup

QAnon's true believers are devastated as the conspiracy theory goes down in flames

Trump tweets about our "sacred duty to support" the Military, gets reminded about last weekend

There is only one question for the vile MAGAcretin

MAGA outlet just published a piece blaming Trump for the GOP midterm loss

Legislation passed while Pelosi was Speaker

Looking for a new tablet - maybe

Cringe-worthy product names. Here's mine - The Love Sac.

Gil Cisneros takes lead in CA-39!

Wow. Every congressional district in New England is blue!

What Amazon Was Offered: Helipads, Zoo Tickets: NY, VA, MD, NJ, Phila, Pgh, Atl, Dallas

The Kochs and the other nutbags are going to go "scorched earth" for 2020

Republican senator claims 'the left' will start a civil war unless federal highway system abolished

Flamingos - I only have eyes for you

Little Anthony & the Imperials - Goin' Out of My Head

Virgin named House minority leader

The AP calls CA-45 for Katie Porter

Ex-CEO of Missouri-based nonprofit admits using charity funds to pay Oklahoma lobbyist

CA-39: Gil Cisneros pulls ahead of Republican Young Kim

Hitler finds out Dems win The House ("Downfall" redux)

Philly Dodged A 'Prosperity Time Bomb' When Amazon Didn't Pick Us. Will Bunch

Trump is the best President veterans ever had

A legend in Country Music has passed away.

Ruby and the Romantics - Our Day Will Come

'Why did god allow dems to win House? Ds had assassination teams ready to kill every Xn, GOP family

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Je Suis Parisien!

Big! Pelosi committed to putting Progressive Caucus Members on most powerful committees:

Trump's Saudi Arabia Sanctions Over Khashoggi Show He Won't Punish MBS -- Vox

One of these days Pete Carroll is going to chew off his tongue

Who recalls when Freepers used media to "SWIFTBOAT" John Kerry at D.U? Is Pelosi next?

"The Blizzard of '49" (never heard of this...very interesting)

Can anyone tell me how to mentholate tobacco ?


The Chantels - Look In My Eyes

Dill Pickle Soup + VIDEO

It's hilarious, but also pitiful...WaPo columnist is simultaneously clueless AND full of merde.

outrage/protests in Ireland. man aquitted of rape - lace front thong shown as evidence of consent

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Back In Her Chambers, Less Than A Week After Fracturing 3 Ribs.

Listen maaaan, we're gonna have to hug this out!

IF tomorrow is Mueller Time, it will fall on the 666th Day of Twitler

NTSB Makes 'Urgent' Gas Safety Recommendations To Columbia Gas Parent Company

I think we have an "inside man" in the White House

EDIT - Assange being extradited?? ... Assange may already have been charged by Feds??

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 18 - Coming to America

Lots of things going on in this old photo of Trump and Melanie (sic):

Republican senator claims 'the left' will start a civil war unless federal highway system abolished

Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA

TCM Schedule for Monday November 19 - Star of the Month: Glenda Farrell

Neo-Nazi Harassment Not Protected By First Amendment, Judge Rules

First Quarter, November 15, 2018.

You KNOW Team Mueller has fed a few bogus tidbits to Whitaker to demonstrate complicity in . . . . .

Furman basketball's Jordan Lyons ties NCAA record for 3-pointers(15)

Looks like a slip-up reveals that Assange may have already been charged

Do you think Mueller has anything on Matt

Mueller's office requests 10 day extension for filing Joint Status Report on Manafort cooperation

Elizabeth Warren Protege Katie Porter Wins Southern California House Race


Indivisible endorses Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

63 fatalities, 53 identified, 631 missing, CampFire

Tim Ryan: "There's plenty of competent females we can replace her with"

Coming up on O'Donnell's show: State Senator Elect Zach Wahls

BREAKIING: Gil Cisneros now leads by 941 votes in CA-49

Japanese kicked our asses 5-1 in major league baseball.

Much of the actual, (meaning elected members) anti-Pelosi sentiment is coming from the centrists.

MS-SEN: GOP Sen. Hyde-Smith says she doesn't want blacks to vote.

Death toll reaches 63 in California's Camp Fire, while 631 unaccounted for -- live updates

Empty suits kissing ass...ugh

The Daily Show: Recounts in Florida, Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump & Inclusive Ballet Shoes

The same 'news agency' busted fake story on Mueller and Avenatti...

Something to warm your thoughts on a dreary Thurs. night

'The cutest sheep in the world' turns heads in Christchurch

In 48 hrs...? A hand recount...I would say lucky by end of the year..

OC has NO Rs in the House now! Perennially red OC CA now 100% Blue!

Congrats Whitaker, you just won this seasons apprentice

Democrat Porter flips GOP House seat in Southern California

Seth Meyers - Trump Calls for National Voter ID Laws, National Pickle Day - Monologue - 11/14/18

Screen Shot: Slow news day at Fox

Cal cancels basketball game tonight and classes tomorrow. Football game Saturday in doubt.

WaPo Editorial Board: Saudi Arabia's latest account of Khashoggi's death is shocking in its audacity

$100 of billons spent on stealth aircraft was for nothing. China builds radar that defeats stealth..

Seth Meyers: Guest Kate Bolduan Talks About CNN's Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration

Man, 78, survives bear attack by punching it in nose

Julian Assange has been charged, prosecutors reveal in inadvertent court filing

Washington Post Reporting Assange has been Indicted!!!!

Oooopsie Doopsie . . . . Assange has been charged . . . . inadvertently made public

Dictator Trump ...

Miami Marlins

Can the Japanese beat our best in the World Seies?

Seth Meyers - Trump Is Depressed After the Midterms: A Closer Look

The Daily Show: Recounts in Florida, Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump & Inclusive Ballet Shoes


David Hockney Painting Sells For $90.3m, A Record For A Living Artist

And the potter's cat said, quite firmly, "Hey! You're blocking my view!"

Epic Crash of Neutron Stars Creates 'Hypermassive Magnetar'

Jacob Wohl has been referred to the special counsel...Ooops

Lost Continents Beneath Antarctica Unveiled in Dead Satellite's Data

Laura Ingraham apparently lost her radio show (not tv show--yet) leaving her with only a podcast

Best Samuel L. Jackson Unceremoniously Premature Exit (Spoiler Alert)

Green Burials: At the End of Life, Thinking Outside the Coffin

Amazon Played American Cities For Suckers, LA Times Editorial Board

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Things Michelle Obama Couldn't Say as First Lady

Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of genocide in Cambodia's 'Nuremberg' moment

For 2020, Florida is in our crosshairs. A blue wave is forming to make up for this voter suppressio

Once upon a time, I was told, in the 70s, most Orange County elected officials

Elton John Commercial - from now back to 3 years old - just beautiful

now this is a commercial!

NRA Files Lawsuit Challenging Gun Safety Initiative 1639

'It's a Crisis of Civilization in Mexico.' 250,000 Dead. 37,400 Missing.

Kansas can expand Medicaid in 2019, incoming governor says

Big Cities' Success Reflects Deepening Urban-Rural Divide

2020 United States Senate Elections- Democrats guide to a majority.

Kansas' next governor says job protections for teachers should be restored statewide

A close call: Just 1 vote decided this Kentucky House race

Which MS US Senator is the worse? Cindy Hyde Smith or Chester Trent Lott?

Sides spar over water permit for refinery near national park

White northeast Kansas official mentions 'master race' as black city planner speaks

The Reporter Who Exposed Trump's Record-Breaking Lying Ahead Of Midterms - The Last Word - MSNBC

The next ten days are going to be a roller coaster ride for those who committed treason with Russia.

Democrat Katie Hobbs poised to be elected AZ Secretary of State

Kansas militia men convicted of bomb plot try to bar Somali videos

Stelter: The 'caravan' faded from the news. Obama predicted this would happen.

Crosscheck lawsuit: Kansas Attorney General's office says no right to privacy for voter data

Balanced state budget 'doable' even with Medicaid expansion costs, key lawmaker says


Has there been any recent

Atrium Health Agrees to Settle Antitrust Lawsuit and Eliminate Anticompetitive Steering Restrictions

Fmr. Amb: Reported Trump Devil's Bargain After Khashoggi Killing Horrendous - The Last Word - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/15/18

I think that it being put out that maybe the US will expel Gulen back to Turkey

Trump to testify to Mueller in writing... And Giuliani complains that the questions are unfair.

WTF?? There's a camel on 309??!!!!

Legislation passed when Pelosi was Speaker

Congressional redistricting maneuvering lies ahead

20-year plan to develop Capitol campus calls for new office construction

"Senator Flake Destroys Trump In Correspondents' Dinner Speech" on YouTube

Cuomo defends Amazon deal

Best comment and suggestion yet for resolving our voting issues.

More caravan migrants arrive in Tijuana, brace for long stay

Activists push uniform rent protections across state

Snow level: up to the bottom of a chocolate lab's belly.

New York's third parties plot their future

Voting in New York poised for overhaul

Coffee Love: Authentic Cuban Coffee (Colada) and Turkish Coffee

I Likely Just Prevented a Hate-Crime Against a Store Clerk....Though Not Heroically

Neo-Nazis (Daily Stormer) Have No First Amendment Right to Harassment, Judge Rules

Donnie obstructing justice in foreign nations now?

U.S. Marshals Service spending millions on DeVos security in unusual arrangement

In a 'self-defeating and self-incriminating' slipup, Trump just indicated he installed Matthew Whita

Legislative pay panel may enlist an attorney

Top Cheney Aide in Mueller's Sights as Probe Expands

Saraya - Love Has Taken Its Toll

Alexandria Vs. Goliath? Ocasio-Cortez Calls Amazon Move To NYC Area 'Extremely Concerning'

Casey considering run for president?

The Vaughan Brothers - Tick Tock

Trump campaign is raising money off false claim about 'non-citizens' voting

Yes, the campaign to take down Nancy Pelosi is sexist -- not to mention a terrible idea

A thought on sanitation workers...demanded and overlooked.

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Take a break from politics and watch CHRISTOPHER ROBIN

Donny Deutsch predicts Trump will soon have an on-camera meltdown so bad even GOP can't ignore it

Ithaca auctioneer ordered to pay nearly $250,000 in restitution, fines

Face masks starting to sell out in downtown San Francisco stores as air quality expected to worsen

Abrams' team 'considering all options' in Georgia governor race

Michelle Obama responds to Trump's inauguration crowd size claims on Ellen.

"Reagan Country"

John Oliver's Rousing Halftime speech

In a 'self-defeating and self-incriminating' slipup, Trump just indicated he installed Matthew Whita

Kim Porter, passes away at 47, from Flu complications that turned into pneumonia

Betsy DeVos costing taxpayers nearly $20 million for armed security

Sarah Silverman as Sarah Sanders.

Lawsuit: In 'chilling' retaliation, university expelled women who reported sexual assaults

Tim Ryan on Pelosi: "There's plenty of really competent females that we can replace her with."

North Korea to deport American it detained for illegal entry

'Toxic' is Oxford Dictionaries' 2018 word of the year. 'Gaslighting' and 'techlash' are among runner

Topeka Zoo provides look at 1-month-old tiger cubs, who have growing confidence, personalities

Team Abrams Considers Unprecedented Legal Challenge Involving New Vote

How Pelosi Could Win

Pentagon Researchers Test 'Worst-Case Scenario' Attack on US Power Grid

GOP pushes Trump for new attorney general amid Mueller uproar

The American Tragicomedy of Racism and Submissive Gullibility: A Play in One Act

Stephen King: Trump's tweets over last 9 days provide a window into an increasingly disordered mind

Cotton, Trump at odds on criminal justice overhaul

Christmas movies suck

Top Cheney Aide in Mueller's Sights as Probe Expands

My Case for a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Ticket

Nancy Pelosi is going to be the next speaker. End of story.

Robert Mueller if you're listening...

Irony is dead. Assange killed it.

Tax law failed to save GOP majority

Pence drops key US demand for Trump-Kim summit

Listen to Rachel Maddow's podcast, "Bag Men". Really interesting.

Incoming Michigan Dem Elissa Slotkin will not back Pelosi

"Be quiet, and know we are recounting votes. Florida 20:18"

Shocked, Shocked: India Will Not Meet 2C Climate Goal By 2030

Shocked, Shocked 2: None Of The G20 Nations Will Meet 2C Climate Goal Of Paris Agreement

Gessica Notaro attacker gets 15 years for acid attack

Amazon's Shiny New Long Island Headquarters Will Be Partially Submerged By 2050

Roy Clark, 85, Host of 'Hee Haw', has died.


Oops! Shitstain's Nominee For NPS Briefly Mentions Global Warming During Hearing

Ex-FBI counter-intel chief: Assange charges may be part of Mueller's plan to target Trump

631 people are still missing in that Camp fire

Donald Trump was humiliated by the election.

Bette Midler attacked on Twitter by Melania Trump fans

Remember "shock and awe"? It's a tactic that Trump is still using---on US.

Dear Congressman Tim Ryan, you're entitled to your own opinion, and I am entitled to my own

Daniel Dale: It's easy to fact check Trump's lies. He tells the same ones all the time.

An interesting quote from the Woodstock Music Festival

How the Pelosi "issue" will end

We don't need some untested unknown newbie

Democrats Can't 'Work With' Republicans Until Republicans Return to Reality

(cartoon) The caravan is here

Long Islanders, Florida men laundered more than $3M in stock scheme, prosecutors say

More Proof That RWers Aren't Funny

Michelle Obama: Malia & I Snuck Out To See White House "Lit Up In Pride" And Enjoy Celebrating Crowd

Trump made dirty deals to drive down oil prices for the election.

Michael Hayden: Only 'Legitimate Excuse' For Trump Skipping Veterans Cemetery is 'That He Was Dying'

RNC pays alleged leader of the 2000 'Brooks Brothers Riot' to observe Broward recount

Happy 80th birthday, LSD.

Bill Kristol Tears Acting AG Matt Whitaker Apart: 'Manifestly Unqualified Political Hack'

Marcia Fudge: Pelosi 'lost seats' over the past eight years

Ground turkey recall. Not a good thing just before turkey day

Ground Turkey Recall. I have bought this brand & type many times

Police chief in eastern Washington says his officers won't enforce new gun laws

Trump Calls Halt To Medical Progress Over Stem Cell Research

Remember that time all those repukes ran an election against Nancy Pelosi and lost 40 seats?

Why Would Anyone Join The Trump Administration Now?

It's possible the 2020 election may rhyme with the 1932 election.

Only one New England Republican remains in Congress - and she could lose or retire in 2020

New Zealand high school students say word 'trivial' in exam confused them

Argh. Hamilton Tickets - What a shit exercise and perfect waste of a day.

George Conway calls Trump administration 'a shit show in a dumpster fire.'

36 in upstate SC, feels like 31. Shouldn't be this cold here in November

Michelle reads KIMMEL's "Things I can say now that I'm not First Lady"

DeVos proposes overhaul to campus sexual misconduct rules

What if your 73 year old uncle said this?

The Rundown: November 16, 2018

Pick of the Week: "Bitter Root" #1

Help please

Crybaby Kim loses lead in California House race, accuses opponent Gil Cisneros of cheating

The origin of Super Villains: Bane

It's a Friday, is it Indictment Friday?

The people who want Pelosi out have bought into the Republican propaganda.


Trump Fills Stage with Black People to Distract from Disastrous Week

Donald Trump Thinks You Need ID To Buy Cereal

Is It Mueller Time?

Seven women sue Dartmouth, alleging sexual assault in 'Animal House' climate

Brexit: Gove and Fox back May as PM seeks to quell Tory revolt

Let's talk about Senate elections

Bob is a friend of mine from the hills of SW PA

With $32 billion in needed repairs NYCHA now faces possibility of federal receivership

A massive change: Nations redefine the kilogram

It's official -- a kilogram isn't what it used to be

Cryptocurrency scammer who sold bogus digital 'coins' pleads guilty in securities-fraud-case

This is how Democrats lose elections. I've been around long enough

Must I hear from Monica Lewinsky?

Cover your left eye and read the second line...

CNN for the win!

Breaking: Judge rules in favor of Acosta

Judge Kelly orders the White House to reinstate Jim Acosta's hard pass.

How to Get Republicans in Congress to Investigate the "Caravan"

Judge orders WH to reinstate CNN's Jim Acosta's hard pass!!

An elegant solution to the Nancy Pelosi challenge.

"Did you use your ID to buy the cereal?" "Yes, Mr. President"

Judge hands CNN victory in its bid to restore Jim Acosta's White House press pass

***BREAKING**** Court sides with CNN. Trump loses again !!!

Black caucus members back Pelosi for speaker over [Fudge,] their former chair

The next Congress

Maduro orders Venezuelan military to "co-exist" with Colombian guerillas

Baseball owners extend Rob Manfred's contract, TV deal with Fox

Donwald Trump and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Butch Cassidy and Princess Bride scriptwriter William Goldman dies aged 87

Democrat beats Republican by 1 vote in Kentucky state House race

Disparage me if you must.. But my Christmas Tree is UP!!

Veteran Democrats wary of climate push by Ocasio-Cortez and her allies

Oh, Noes! I Just Got a Call from Microsoft from My Own Phone Number!

Judge hands CNN victory in its bid to restore Jim Acosta's White House press pass

Federal judge (Trump-appointed) rules WH wrongly denied CNN'S Jim Acosta due process

Trump will probably end all Whitehouse press conferences.

Original 'Hound Dog' song before Elvis

Camp Fire evacuees at makeshift camp in Walmart parking lot given deadline to leave

Sheryl Crow "If it makes you happy"

NRA Woes - No more free coffee/water coolers at HQ

This year they should decorate the Whitehouse Christmas tree this way.

Acosta thanks colleagues, judge for support, restoring press pass-Now "Let's get back to reporting"

Whitaker is at the most critical moment in his life.

US energy firm opposes Trump plan to roll back mercury rules

Jim Acosta Speaks After Judge Rules in Favor of CNN's Lawsuit: 'Let's Go Back to Work'

Trump's Rages and the Case for Optimism

6 Tourists Rescued After Hours Trapped In Hancock Tower Elevator In Chicago: 'It Was A Pretty Precar

Allstate Gets a Call from Paradise (parody)

Who would win, in a fight between Batman and Spiderman?

Trump Offered to Nominate Ricardel as Ambassador to Estonia, Sources Say

Well you heard the Judge, Donny, now grab your shinebox ...

Day #666 of the Reign of Error...

Seth Abramson - Why is Mueller after Manafort so much? It's more than just Roger Stone

Lou Dobbs: 'many' illegal immigrants voted in midterms and had 'immense impact

George Conway: Republican Party has become a 'personality cult' under Trump

Need a gift idea for young kids?

Collective Soul "Run" Official Video.

MineralMan's Proverb #37b: In discussions about religion,

Must see ...Father/Health Care Professional Destroys Rep. MacArthur

Ocasio-Cortez gets in closed-door fight with veteran lawmaker over climate change

Cindy McCain on Trump: "Our country needs a strong leader, not a negative Nancy"

. Sorry, it's gone Chewy coupon

Muueller promises more detail on Manafort in 10 days.

'Toxic' is Oxford Dictionaries' 2018 word of the year. 'Gaslighting' and 'techlash' are among runner


Norovirus Spreads to 100+ Camp Fire Evacuees at Northern California Shelters

Well, this has been a helluva month...and we're only half way through it...

New -- Grassley says he will leave Judiciary, chair Finance

Tiny Rhode Island polling place saw 1 voter after all

Cat is smarter -

In the Deep South, residents of an upscale suburb fight to secede from their neighbors

16 days into November and I already want the car ads to go away.

So much to be said, so much emotion, so many thoughts

*This Guy* NOT tired of winning

I will be cooking Thanksgiving at my daughter's place this year

Lou Dobbs loses it after Trump-appointed judge sides with CNN's Jim Acosta

2018 midterm turnout largest in 104 years

Grassley Wants a Senate Vote On Mueller Protection Bill

Corporate guardianship

Note to Leadership: Climate Change Issue helped turn Reagan Country Blue

final tally should be a 39 seat pickup in the house!

Here's Sarah's much-anticipated hissy fit over restoring Acosta's press pass.

So the Madman gives the Medal of Freedom to Miram Adelson and a bunch of dead people today?

Matt McClung Dunk

The Enemy

US to cut troop figures in Africa by 10 percent

Josh Harder the Congressman elect

White House Will 'Temporarily' Give Acosta His Press Pass Back

"I'm fine with women in power, just not this one specific woman currently in power"

Graham set to take over Judiciary

For whatever it's worth, this is Day Number 666 of trump's so-called "pResidency."

Politico: Black caucus members back Pelosi for speaker over their former chair

Broward volunteers finish manual recount of Senate race at lightning speed

Excel Office 365

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week: Mid-Term Meltdown

We're Putting up Our Winter Holiday Tree the day after Thanksgiving.


What's going on with Brexit, explained in under 500 words

Jesus, would you look at the time?!?

To dip, or not to dip, that is the question!🤔

I just learned about "Fox Nation."

Why Your Trump and Putin Gay Jokes Aren't Funny

No TOONs post today

A Russian Bot followed me on Twitter today.....

Hey, Tiny Toad...guess what today is.

Jerry Nadler Is Ready to Investigate


A perfect day for indictments

Chump must be steaming with all the losses piling up

I've got a new HOUSE FIRE SHOW coming at 1PM ET today! - Lufthansa Airbus A380

*45's ex doc said

So this is the Washington welcome for America's youngest woman ever elected to Congress

Northam removes 2 members from air board before Buckingham project vote

Trump Administration a 'Shitshow in a Dumpster Fire,' Says George Conway...

i have a close friend who has..

Romney seeks seats on 3 Senate Committees

Deutche Bank and Bank of America swept up in money laundering probe.

Trump won't visit troops in war would "validate missions he doesn't truly believe in"

BTW Kim Jong Un tests 'high-tech' weapon in message to the US

Eric Swalwell takes a left-handed swipe at the administration on twitter:

Does anyone know how the Puerto Rican vote went in FL?

Watching the change in the weather

28 USC 508

Zach Wahls State Senator IA...Lawrence had him on in 2011...and last nite..magnificent young man.

Lindsey Graham is eager to investigate DOJ, Hillary Clinton

Tweet of the Day...

Avenatti is going after whomever perpetrated the bogus abuse story.

"In private Mr. Trump is apparently not feeling so fine" (about Pence's loyalty)

I blame November snowstorms on people who put up Xmas decorations too soon!

"Black Friday" started online before Haloween. BEWARE!

Trump on White House's preliminary loss to CNN in court: "People have to behave..."

'Dour' White House staff trying to talk Trump out of shutting down Mueller probe as indictments loom

Trump says he has finished Mueller questions

Everyday expressions WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE

It's Friday, do you know where your Special Counsel is?

people are biting at Politico's bait (climate committee)

Half of the world's annual precipitation falls in just 12 days, new study finds

As snow falls on imperial city of Washington, United States is paralyzed.

Cereal's real, folks!

Prezedential Medal of Freedom for sale

Majority of Brits now against Brexit and back second EU referendum - Sky Data poll

White House working on new rules for reporters

Trump says he answered written questions in Mueller probe

Here's a rewarding career opportunity...

Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite

Lawrence O'Donnell: "It's finally dawning on him who has the biggest incentive to see him impeached"

Mayor De Blasio is not handling the Amazon story well...

People using disguises to vote again in Florida:

Trump privately asking aides if Pence is loyal: report

Trump advisers growing alarmed as president keeps asking about Pence's loyalty: New York TimesPresid

Roy Clark shreds up Oscar and Felix's apartment.

Happy Friday!!

The revolutionary strategy hidden in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Instagram feed

FUGELSANG: discover what the folks outside the bubble call 'the dictionary.'

HUH? Is he giving a medal to Elvis?

"Stop being a passive-aggressive little shithead and just count all the votes." Everyone 1:15

I am typing this from the summit of Mt. Everest

Cecile Richards tweet on Pelosi:

Adelson wikipedia as of 1:47

William Goldman, screenwriter of 'All the President's Men' and 'The Princess Bride,' dies

I just got my 2019 Medicare Supplement Card

Volkswagen to Pour Billions Into Electric Cars

This looks promising for long term pain relief

Russians impersonating U.S. State Department aide in hacking campaign - researchers

Any thoughts on this? If Rump does get indicted, and finally impeached.

Trump insists he isn't "agitated" by Mueller, then rages about Mueller, then says it'll all be fine

Russians impersonating U.S. State Department aide in hacking campaign - researchers

He's made a joke of the Medal of Freedom

Let's have a plan. Trump's impeachment should not be hurried, it needs to be carefully crafted.

The great Turkey Massacre of 1978...........Full Episode

Hatch, Scalia, Elvis, Shelly's wife...

Apparently, in their day, the Scalia's "got busy"...

From "Simply Better Surveys

Meanwhile in Beverly Hills

My Job is Now in Jeopardy

Should the new Congress-people who promised to vote against Nancy Pelosi now vote for her?

Trump honors Elvis by reminding guests that we have the greatest job numbers and economy ever

New: Russian spy Maria Butina may be negotiating a plea deal (bad news for Trump and NRA)

Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds

This footage is precious. Anita O Day at Newport Jazz Festival 1958

'Sad surprise': Amazon fish contaminated by plastic particles

'Sad surprise': Amazon fish contaminated by plastic particles

Trump to nominate Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, as next EPA administrator

Trump Threatens To Leave If Reporters Aren't Nice To Him

Washington Examiner Media Reporter Faults Ocasio-Cortez For Wearing Clothes

School bans expensive coats to protect poorer children

Prosecutors in talks with accused Russian agent Maria Butina to resolve case

Liz Crokin: California Wildfires Are an Effort to Burn Evidence of Rampant Pedophilia in Hollywood

Twitler seriously just squawked about spending millions on a 'hoax' investigation, when we all know

Meeting With Pelosi Doesn't Deter Marcia Fudge

Mueller sent Trump written questions. So far, answered but not submitted.

Call Dominos!

John Kerry Rages Against Paris Deal Pullout: 'People Are Going to Die Because of the Decision...


Thanksgiving Surprise? Mueller's Latest Manafort Maneuver Hints Something Big May Happen Soon

Decorated Navy SEAL Is Accused of War Crimes in Iraq

John Dingell (to erase today's Medal of Freedom ceremony from your mind):

Trump Reveals Why He Takes Mueller Investigation Personally: 'You Do Better That Way'

Trump just said he had to be very "careful" about answering...

Chapter 8654 of the "Competence in one area does not innoculate someone

If Mueller starts major arrests this week, we will all have a Happy Thanksgiving

Jim Acosta Returns to White House After Judge's Ruling: Grateful for Colleagues Who Stood by Us

California's Wildfires Have Spawned a Truly Weird New Conspiracy Theory

The "hoax" that Trump speaks about...

I want Trump to live a very, very long life

The New England and Orange County California Republican Congressional Caucus Meeting

McCarthy, other Republicans back Ratcliffe to be next attorney general

Democrat Maxine Waters says days of wine and roses for Wall Street fat cats are over

Delusional. Trump just tweets about the "epic victory" of the midterms.

Do the newbies against Pelosi realize that just because the GOP makes her THE issue

Conservatives' Demented Obsession With Ocasio-Cortez Is Disgusting And Needs To Stop

I endorse this sentiment

WCAX-3 Video: Does Bernie Sanders want to be president?

Trump: China is eager to make a deal on trade

House Ethics Committee sanctions Meadows, Kihuen

Reagan Democrats? How About 'Trump Democrats?'

House Ethics Committee sanctions Mark Meadows, Ruben Kihuen

Latest on Avenatti

Mueller probe expands: Top Cheney aide and other operatives with ties to Saudi Arabia.

Distraction incoming!

HHS official vows to pursue research 'alternatives' to aborted fetal tissue

There must be decorum at the White House...

Trunkload sale: Hats and coats.

Accused Russian Spy Seeking Plea Deal (Mariia Butina)

Congresswoman Jackie Speier - some history that is not so far back in our past

Thanksgiving - *Sigh*

Eat death, bloated lackey of the capitalist toy mongers!

Soulmates! 💙

'Reagan Country' goes from red to blue! (Pic inside)

WashPo: Assange has been indicted!

'Reagan Country' goes from red to blue! (Pic inside)

Job Announcement: Product Manager/Developer, OpenPrecincts

Trump Says He's Completed Written Answers For Mueller, But Not Turned Them In

I hope his performance review doesn't go badly.....

Deer in my yard are chill

Turkey has second audio recording on Khashoggi killing: Columnist

Why is Canada running out of marijuana?

No wonder Tim Ryan's so angry....

Is there anyone, anywhere, anytime that does not click "Skip Ad" on YouTube?

Flake, McConnell clash over Mueller protection bill.

dear donnie: the donald trump advice column

William Goldman, Writer Behind 'Butch Cassidy,' 'Princess Bride,' Dies At 87

The Philadelphia Phillies Ball Caps Need Small Logos Sewn On Their Backs too.

Luckovich-Putin: I named this one "Trump"

Apparently French rats talk to NYC rats

Friends raised money for a gay college athlete after her parents disowned her. Then the NCAA called.

Michelle Obama Becoming tops the charts..

Don't try spelling "hatred" without it.

Bette Midler calls Melania Trump 'FLOTITS' and Twitter won't stand for it:

This is a redo..Finally! Fucking Finally!

Amazon could make it harder for people to find affordable homes in New York and Virginia

NOT THE ONION: Trump says "management" and inadequate raking of leaves caused California fires

Anita O Day : Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Trump's battle to destroy the Mueller investigation is officially doomed

Supreme Court to hear census citizenship question dispute

Now that the mid-terms are over, time for drug prices to rise!

Someone turned 116th Congress Members Elect into emoji form...awesome! 👏😊

Federalist Society members form group to stand up to Trump

NBC News calls CA-45: Katie Porter (D) is the apparent winner of California House 45.

So I had an affair with a married man when I was in my 20s, he wasn't the President of the USA, tho.

Trump says decreasing media favorability is a 'great achievement' of his presidency

Is Avenatti being Frankened?

Joni Ernst just called the Blue Wave A Blue Trickle.

Mississippi GOP Sen. Hide-Smith (yes, I know she spells it differenly) is obviously a joke

Democrat Katie Hobbs has been elected AZ Secretary of State

Trump Admits Mistake: 'I Should Have' Gone to Arlington on Veterans Day

My newest podcast is UP!

EPA top official for the Southeast, Trey Glenn, arrested on felony ethics charges

Elon Musk's Boring Company Has Been Tunnelling Under People's Homes Without Their Permission

If we can spend $200M to put troops on the border, we can fix Florida's election system in 2 years.

When the going gets tough...

Lost in Battle, Found by Amateur Sleuths: An 'Unknown' Marine

Pfizer to raise prices on 41 prescription drugs next year

'Dueling Dinosaurs,' judges say fossils should be treated like minerals

Before I forget, no candidate with a D can run without releasing 8 years tax returns.

Never, never, never give up.

Judge Orders DC Neo-Nazi To Jail While He Awaits Trial

You are never too old to dream a new dream.

I wonder who did the research for trump*'s speech on Babe Ruth. It's pretty, umm, inacurate.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 16, 2018

California wildfires: Made homeless by flames, evacuees face hardship, disease and desperation

Seize the day.

Chuck Grassley opts to cede Judiciary Committee chairmanship

Do we know who made the complaint against Michael Avenatti ?

"A win's a win": Just one vote decides Kentucky House race

Outsports update: NCAA has determined gay college athlete can keep outside donations and eligibility

US National Park Service's Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator resigns

Kellyanne Conway sees her husband's anti-Trump interviews as a violation of their marriage

Federal judge rules in two more Florida recount legal challenges

just got a scam Social Security robocall...

MSNBC reporter mocks 'Never Nancy' movement: 'They're face planting into a rock'

Is anyone else having trouble with the system duplicating their posts back to back?

Tax law failed to save GOP majority

Kellyanne Conway: Husband's anti-Trump statements "almost akin to going against marriage vows"

Mighty Sparrow: the King of Calypso on freedom, Windrush (and oral sex)

My friend from the radical nut case right has a stopped clock day: he's spot on twice!

Judge affirms order evicting Michael Avenatti's law practice from office in Newport Beach

Song for Drumpt's failure to attend ceremony at Belleau Wood Cemetery

A little thing to keep in mind

A sports story that is not really a sports story: Stanford @ Cal postponed to 12/1

Dontcha h8 it win...

Violence breaks out as first wave of migrant caravan arrives in Tijuana, Mexico

House Republicans ready subpoenas for James Comey, Loretta Lynch

Lame excuse of a potus...

There's no such thing as humane meat or eggs.

Toys for Tots suffers with Toys R Us closings.

McConnell, Flake clash over protecting Mueller probe

Faces in Things

Trump legal team balks at Mueller's questions on post-2016 election activity

WSU: We lost $1.6 million in pledges after Mike Leach tweeted fake Obama video

BREAKING: George Papadopoulos's new lawyers seek an order continuing his bail

Pelosi picks up support from progressives, incoming freshmen

Ethics panel reprimands Freedom Caucus chairman over handling of harassment allegations

We asked 12 homeless people what happened. Their answers show how close we all are to the streets.

Democrat Stacey Abrams Ends Bid For Georgia Governor, Decrying 'Suppression'

Ginsburg attends Medal of Freedom ceremony amid recovery from fall

Bad news from Georgia

Mariners' stadium naming rights go to T-Mobile, Forbes says

Charlie Pierce on Kathleen Rice, a leader of the Dem anti-Pelosi movement

Aerial drone photos at Yellowstone National Park could land photographer in hot water

Sending Thoughts and Prayers to NRA employees.

The Democratic Insurgents Who Want to Topple Nancy Pelosi

Rob Reiner remembers the late William "The Princess Bride" Goldman

Abrams says Kemp will be next governor of Georgia, effectively conceding race

Pelosi, potential challenger Fudge hold 'candid' discussion

It's Always Florida

Borowitz-F.B.I. to Special-Order a Pair of Tiny Handcuffs

Trump's take on midterms: 'Epic' win in Senate, 'better than other sitting Presidents' in House

High school jocks turn into 'Oxy Kingpins'

Pam Bondi Reportedly Set to Meet With Trump Amid Consideration For Attorney General

UK austerity has inflicted 'great misery' on citizens, UN says

Judge tosses Mia Love lawsuit to halt vote count

Trump blames California wildfires on forest mismanagement again

Good tweet:

An unusally high number of sealed indictments have been added to the federal court docket

True Facts : Carnivorous Dragonflies "Water is drawn in through the butt - as it should be."

US cyber firms: Kremlin-linked hackers may have impersonated State Dept. employee

Trump's new rules for WH press corp..

Activists claim asylum-seeker has died at detention center following monthslong hunger strike

Trump's attorney general appointment challenged at Supreme Court

GOP chairman plans to subpoena Comey, Lynch to testify before next Congress

USDA terminates Chinese-owned Smithfield farm aid contract

Number of migrant children in US custody hits record high

Chris Wallace after interviewing Trump: I don't think there's a chance he sits for Mueller interview

Trump Administration Transferred $9.8 Million From FEMA To ICE

Fuck! Weird Al Tickets at Philly - Many were bought by scalping websites that triple price or more.

Did Abrams concede in GA? Been offline a bit.

Russian ambassador to Finland summoned over GPS disruption

Georgia's Stacey Abrams Admits Defeat, Says Kemp Used 'Deliberate' Suppression To Win

'A Staggeringly Bad Idea': Outrage as Pelosi Pushes Tax Rule .....

CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's assassination

Can people in california build fire shelters in their back yard, like people used to build bomb

Top Kentucky court upholds state's 'right-to-work' law

Top Kentucky court upholds state's 'right-to-work' law

The Latest: SOS: Dem Torres Small will take US House seat

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Labor unions file pension lawsuit against Puerto Rico

Labor unions file pension lawsuit against Puerto Rico

Trump refuses to answer Mueller Grand Jury questions

Ari, come on!

Marijuana is getting cheaper. For some states, that's a problem.

Melania Trump Racked Up $174,000 In Hotel Bills For a Day Trip To Toronto

Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker unless those opposed to her vote with the Republicans.

ABC News: The DC docket shows dozens of sealed criminal indictments. Are they from Mueller?

WAPO; This Is Your Government On Trump

Letter being circulated on Capitol Hill shows multiple incoming freshmen WILL support Pelosi

Florida banned greyhound racing. What happens to the dogs now?

Trump on wildfires ...."we just need to rake California"

A UN inspector came to investigate poverty in Britain - here's what he found

The Democrats' blue wave keeps growing -- with the popular vote outpacing the GOP's last 'historic'

The 4 Major Factors That Fuel Religious Fundamentalism

Never Forget

PG&E shares surge 40 percent on report regulator wants to avoid bankruptcy from wildfire

To the tune of "Cotton Eye Joe"-----

Louisiana can enforce ban on strippers under 21: U.S. appeals court

BREAKING NEWS: Can Republicans unseat a legally elected Congressperson in New Mexico?

Snow wreaks havoc on East Coast, causing commuter chaos and leaving at least 7 dead

Mia Love jumps ahead of Ben McAdams by 419 votes after new vote totals in Utah, Salt Lake counties