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Archives: November 17, 2018

Stanford-Cal postponed until at least December 1st

Looks like Rick Scott is setting the board for 2020.

Navy SEALs and Marines charged in death of Special Forces soldier

Simulated South Korean "Octagon" Military HQ reported in North Korea

Oh, he wants to, all right.

Stacey Abrams Speech: Ends Ga. Gov. Candidacy, Rips Vote Suppression, SOS

Tweet of the night:

Russian man seeking asylum at the Nothwest Detention Center died

DeVos proposals for campus sex misconduct rules are 'worse than we thought,' victims' advocates say

Reagan, JFK, Sinatra and our parents and grandparents.

Let's be clear, Trump was THE reason why the GOP lost the House

Tax Rule That Would 'Kneecap the Progressive Agenda'

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's inaugural appearance in the Great Hall.

Burrito for broccoli?

Bay Area - do you know who the owners of these animals might be, If so, call SF SPCA

Big Pharma Bankrolled Pro-Trump Group As Trump Pushed Pharma Tax Cut

CA-39: I'm calling it for Cisneros

Rep. Pramila Jayapal supports Pelosi for Speaker

Donate to the Camp Fire Fund

Too early to think about holiday baking?

Can he be anymore of a disgusting pig??

Avenatti's law practice evicted from offices.

Does anyone care about Monika Lewinsky?

another thing about Pelosi

**Breaking** Trump's answers to Mueller

Navy SEAL charged with murder, shooting at noncombatants

Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with Michelle Obama

"If Trump tells a story in which an unnamed person calls him "sir," it's probably invented."

When is the next WH Press Conference

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump is Spinning Out of Control

'We're part of the master race': White county official under fire over comments to black woman

Hang on

If anyone wants to donate a few dollars for the California fires

Number of migrant children in US custody hits record high

All those churches in every town are proof of persecution

Texas history curriculum to emphasize that slavery played 'central role' in Civil War

WashPost: CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's assassination

Jesus would you look at the time

Men boots - anyone have a good online place to look for a pair of boots?

WikiLeaks' pernicious legacy -- empty lulz, bothsidesism and moral flexibility

How Trump Is Worse Than Nixon By Elizabeth Drew

Brian Kemp is a racist, bigoted piece of shit.

A Deplorable Christmas:

It is jigzaw puzzle season

CA-21: Republican David Valadeo is in deep shit

Climate Change Made Recent Hurricanes Wetter. And They May Get Worse.

That Go Fund Me for the guy who gave the woman his last $20?

GA-07: Democrat Carolyn Bordeux to file for a recount

Disguises at the polls or by the polls?

'Donald Trump takes it personally' at The Point CNN email:

High Child Poverty Is A Deliberate Policy Choice

To Trump From California

President Trump says he 'should have' attended Veterans Day ceremony in rare display of regret

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Malloy Mountain Weekend!

Here are the new income tax brackets for 2019

An Antares Rocket Will Launch Cargo to Space Station Saturday! How to Watch Live.

Some good advice:

Writer-producer Mike Scully, speaking for California, to Trump: We don't want your fat ass here

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

Nancy Pelosi. Uncompromised.

Rachel is exposing Whitaker the fraud

Is Mike Pence Loyal? Trump Is Asking, Despite His Recent Endorsement

The 2018 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend! Here's What to Expect

I did NOT see this coming (Mattis communicating w/ Peter Smith before he died).

California hopes to get the jump on fires by expanding its high-tech early warning camera system

What's Going On With This Julian Assange Indictment?

Tapes reveal that George HW Bush obstructed justice on behalf of Spiro Agnew in 1973.

"AS IT HAPPENS" turns 50 and CBC the National tonight asks Carol Off

Conway says her husband's public criticisms of Donald Trump is a violation of their marriage

MetalTrump Master of Puppets

Russia Warns U.S. Must 'Immediately' Leave South Syria

Acosta Rides Again! Plus, I Think Jar-Jar's New Friend Ordered a Murder. (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Iris DeMent, Michelle Wright and Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh-Transatlantic Sessions

Stacey Abrams 2020!!!!

Brexiteer cabinet ministers in plan to shift May on EU deal

Brexit: Danger has not passed for Theresa May

List of unaccounted for people after Camp Fire swells to more than 1,000 By Nicole Chavez, CNN

Gone, Baby, Gone

Woman charged for not helping kids escape fire

Can Democrats keep Devin Nunes off of the Intel committee?

UK austerity has inflicted 'great misery' on citizens, UN says

Hey Ya, Ya, Ya, I said Hey - What's Going On

Canada has highest per capita GHG emissions in the G20

Friday Talking Points -- Trump's Temper Tantrum

Texas Students Will Soon Learn Slavery Played A Central Role In The Civil War

MSNBC Sunday Night, definitive proof Nixon treason, extended war for 4 years on purpose

Stacey Abrams and Voter Disenfranchisement

Desperately need a go fund me campaign for Trump

Toddler-in-Chief's press sec complains that "certain reporters like Jim Acosta can't be adults"

2fer, GHOULiani's mobster roots; Saudi "prince" ordered the kill but sending others to execution

Give me a band some people hate for 400 Alex

These people have utterly failed the test of basic fucking humanity:

Progressives back Pelosi for speaker -- in return for more power

Can someone please define "Change" for me?

Daily Kosser: "I'm a 'lefty progressive' and I support Nancy Pelosi!"

Strange answers to the psychopath test Jon Ronson

Anyone here know WHICH hotels Memaie ran up bills at, despite no overnight stay???

Trump and his buddies made a killing off the midterms

Free Solo: great movie

In 2012 Luke 'Fuckin' Russert asked Pelosi if she was too old and needed to bring in younger leaders

Stacey Abrams- this is not a concession speech. Concession means to acknowledge an action is right

Some one should write a book about voter suppression

How to pick up chicks

When life gives you melons...

I stand here in awe

BREAKING!!!! Trump responds in writing to Special Counsel- 1st Question LEAKED!!

Two big races left for Democrats

Melania's hotel bills - Is she billing taxpayers for the hotel's best wine and liquor, to take home?

Time Person of the Year? any guesses?

As Brian Kemp prepares to take over the GA Governor's Mansion, let us not forget this ....

The Daily Show: Florida's Midterm Election Drama

The Daily Show: Florida's Midterm Election Drama

An Assange indictment could close the loop on the Trump-Russia email theft conspiracy.

Real Time with Bill Maher 11/16/18

Wondering whether our fake presidents very interim AG will take this on....

Can someone define "fight dirty" to me?

Have You Ever Committed a Crime?

Seth Meyers: Trump's Support for Prison Reform, Mitch McConnell Calls for Bipartisanship - Monologue

Nothing matters...

One of my Dem friends who is in Franklin county needs some nice folks

Who are the organizations / businesses of fascist that gave money

I got me a car, its as big as whale and were headin on down to the Love Shack..

Anyone who thinks the Speakers job is about branding and fresh ideas

Science candidates prevail in US midterm elections.

Diana Damrau sings Mozart's "Queen of the Night" aria (aka Volvo commercial song)

Finished my Christmas shopping today!

Trump will soon have an on-camera meltdown so bad even GOP can't ignore it

Ice Age Cave Art Found Under Layers of Centuries-Old Graffiti

Take Me to the River. Oh yeah

Warmer, Wetter Than Usual Winter Headed for Much of US

Does Trump Know How To Drive A Car?....

Amazon Subsidies And Sports Stadium Subsidies Are Each Terrible In Their Own Special Way

Amazon's booming South Lake Union still awaiting its dinner crowd

Shocked Squirrel and Shy Owl Shine in Wildlife Comedy Photos

Is this story true?

Late US Senator McCain Honored for Defending Russian Human Rights

CEOs say economy has quickly cooled...

Lab-Grown Mini Kidneys 'Go Rogue,' Sprout Brain and Muscle Cells

Trump's 'very major' new tax cut dies a quiet death

Avenatti on "eviction nonsense".

Oldest Known Footprints in Grand Canyon Were Left by Mysterious, Sideways-Walking Reptile

Republicans Are Making A Deal On Food Stamps And Farm Subsidies

Fury over rare white lion being auctioned off 'to be shot by trophy hunters'

Our Secretary of State helps with coverup....

The Who - Eminence Front (live - Toronto -1982) ...

Utility asked last month to hike bills over California fires

Bass Pro Shops pulls Trail of Tears rifle amid complaints

Its midnight and I can't sleep.

Judge in Italy orders trial for Berlusconi in escort case

Colombia president snagged by protests, congressional revolt

71 dead, 1000+ missing

Uruguay's Senate Oks law for entry of US planes, personnel

New allegations that Colombia prosecutor covered up bribes

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/16/18

Argentine Senate approves austerity budget for IMF deal

Wm. Grant Still: "Pastorela"-Alexa Still, flute/David Maslanka: "Concerto for Sax and Winds"

Duque's approval takes unseen nosedive, plummets below 30%

Authorities find rocket launcher, pipe bombs during raid on Florida white supremacist gangs


Temer Recommends Equating Wages of Civil Servants With Private Sector

Argentina finds lost submarine a year later

Loved Eric Swalwell on Bill Maher

Argentina finds lost submarine a year later

Watch These First-Time Female Candidates Find Out If They Won On Election Night (VIDEO)

Hawkins woman sentenced to 6 years in federal prison for money laundering and wire fraud

Elton John....

With Respect To Trump Answering Mueller Questions By Himself - If I Were Trump's Lawyers.....

Texas Democrats look to the future after midterm defeats

Tony Schwartz On President Donald Trump's 'Delusions' & 'Rage ' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is open to supporting Pelosi: "There's an opening, for sure"

Happy 70th birthday to an amazing Democrat who changed history for the better

McConnell Tells Trump a Criminal Justice Bill Is Not Likely This Year

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/16/18

Stephen Colbert: Justice Sonia Sotomayor Allows Stephen To Approach The Bench

FIFA president attempting to sell entire FIFA rights: reports

Frisco man accused of stealing millions from employer and others is back behind bars -- this time in

Argentina locates missing submarine one year later

Hundreds still missing in California's Camp Fire - CBS News

With recount possible, Gina Ortiz Jones preps for Congress while Rep. Will Hurd works

CIA Assessment: Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Jamal Khashoggi Hit - The Last Word - MSNBC

Julian Assange's lawyer outraged that info on Julian Assange has been leaked.

Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Leader Accused of Theft, Money Laundering

CA: Democrat Rebecca Bauer-Kahan Wins East Bay AD16 Race

Stacey Abrams message to supporters.

MI: Kent County's vote for Democratic governor breaks decades-long streak

Legislators Say There's Bipartisan Interest In School Finance Reform Next Session

'They don't get it.' Reps. Cleaver, Clay blame McCaskill loss on poor black outreach

Oil vessel off the Newfoundland coast spills 250,000 litres of crude

Burlington, New Jersey, Doctor Arrested for Role in $20 Million Telemedicine Compounded Medication S

Sam Nunberg Spills On Robert Mueller Probe Grand Jury Questions - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Former Owner and CEO of Yellowstone Partners Investment Firm Indicted for Fraud

"There's a gang war going on right now in Houston," says police chief

"Mr. President, please stop winning so much!" And he has. The only promise kept in 72 years. MAGA!

Texas State students were likely a key factor in flipping this conservative county to Democrats

Texas without Lone Star Beer? Pabst dispute could bring last call

Legislators want hearing on snowstorm response

Michelle Obama and Ellen go to Costco

President Trump Aims To Placate Turkey To Cover Saudis On Khashoggi Killing - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

So he'll be at Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving

New Jersey Democrats hire criminal lawyer

Have had thoughts about cashing in the funds...

So the GOP is going after Comey and Lynch to prove bias in the DOJ and the FBI. Wasting more tax $$$

Jane Fonda Visits Newark, Calls for $15 Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers

David Remnick: Trump's Rages and the Case for Optimism

Trump Back to Tweeting About Migrant Caravans: 'It Is All a BIG CON'

Comey Responds to News of GOP Readying to Subpoena Him: 'Let's Have a Public Hearing'

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

Trump's public schedule for Veterans Day said the president had "no public events scheduled."

More than 14,000 immigrant children are in U.S. custody, an all-time high

Comic Book Industry Reacts To Bill Maher Dissing Stan Lee And Comic Books

Erin Burnett: Trump Scolding Reporters Isn't About 'Decorum,' It's About 'Controlling the Press

Trenton mayor calls bomb threat that occurs same day as security guard walkout 'highly suspect'

"The Week", editorial on Senator Schumer

Roy Harris - Symphony No. 6, "Gettysburg" Awakening

A boy and his piano...

Seaside Heights targeted Karma over too many black, gay patrons: Lawsuit

Retail marijuana sales to begin in Massachusetts on Tuesday

Best thing I've read in ages- raccoons drunk on crabapples

Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres - Skate Canada 2018 "Wicked Game"

Psssssst! Have you seen the details of Betsy Devos' security costs

Trump's America...

While Trump feasts on Thanksgiving, troops on the border eat rations and await Pancho Villa

Charlie Pierce asks if Kathleen Rice (form R, now D) promoting Pelosi dump to "defang" new majority?

France fuel protest: One dead in 'yellow vest' blockades

RIP, California GOP: Republicans lash out after midterm election debacle

Great news for the families - Argentina submarine: ARA San Juan found

Trump Says He'll Get Pelosi the Votes She Needs

APNewsBreak: Obama's memoir sells more than 725,000 copies

Why didn't Acosta just put on a phony mustache & go back in? It works for voting, right??

MA DUERS: Town Hall protest against Seth Moulton's efforts to take D party rightward (dump Pelosi)

MA DUERS: Town Hall protest against Seth Moulton's efforts to take D party rightward (dump Pelosi)

Lou Dobbs casually makes up story that 'many' illegal immigrants voted in midterms and had 'immen

Why I find Beto intriguing

The Repugnants lost 97 House seats and 12 senators in 1932

Democratic Rep. Moulton draws fire for campaign to deny Pelosi speaker's job

"I wrote all the answers myself - they was easy"...

Capitalist bastards undermine Thanksgiving traditions

Will the Left Get Its Revenge on Assange?

make no mistake. 45 will visit troops at the border and call that visiting the troops in combat.


Pelosi gets praised by that man?

Spain plans switch to 100% renewable electricity by 2050

Trump hails Saudis as 'spectacular ally' in wake of CIA Khashoggi reports

Cranberry Curd Tart Recipe..

Game Day at UCF has a bigger crowd than Tiny's inauguration

Profiles in Crazy, XVII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Veterans Day Recap

The unyielding support of Pelosi

Should Robert Mueller issue a subpoena for Donald Trump if he does not receive the answers...?

Calling the cops on any black person minding their own business is attempted murder by proxy

Toast 2018

It hadn't rained here in centuries - now it's raining and everything's dying

I can't argue with Satan...

I didn't believe in meds before I started taking them

Hyde-Smith Accepts $2,700 Donation from Notorious White Supremacist

She's so proud of herself and she loves her daddy...

Don Lemon explains why you should 'rethink your friendships' because of politics

Tennis fans - the year end semis are on

'presidential harassment'.....the new trump mantra...get used to it.

Donald Trump isn't our president; he is the Jefferson Davis of a new red state confederacy

My thoughts on the Clinton affair: Linda Tripp is the one who caused most trauma to Monica.

Hyde-Smith Accepts $2,700 Donation from Notorious White Supremacist

Trump's moment of truth

'Joke' Sentence For Man Who Raped Dying Teen

Because I'm not able to post a pic from Lake Como, I leave this for you enjoyment...

Trump might get ash in his beautiful hair if he goes to California

Cindy Hyde-Smith Can Run, But She Can't Hide

How cool is this!

Right-wing "humor" nowadays...

Oh, I'm sure that this went well...

Iraq to establish free-trade zone with Iran

Thousands gather to block London bridges in climate rebellion

Cindy Hyde-Smith for US Senate list of Donations

I wonder if space aliens lock their doors when they cruise past earth!

It would make one think that gosh, this whole thing about the media being liberal is bullshit

They literally lie about everything... How is that even possible?

A college bathroom hides a bizarre Danny DeVito shrine, and we have questions

Bill Gates-Backed Vegan Burger Maker "Beyond Meat" Files for IPO

An 11th child now dead in viral outbreak at N.J. nursing facility

Weekend TOONs 1 - Hats and Props Edition

Trump to Survey Incredible' Fire Damage Following Criticism

Weekend TOONs 2 - FaceBrex Edition

Trump: Troops to stay on border 'as long as necessary'

Jorge Bonilla OWNS TODAY'S INTERNET for his response to Trump's Nancy Pelosi tweet.

Trump on border wall funding: 'This would be a very good time to do a shutdown'

Trump denies questioning VP's allegiance, says Pence is '100% loyal'

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Home 🏡 Baked 🥖 Bread 🍞 Day! 😋

in the coming off year should we be pushing medical marijuana and medicare expansion

Trump: US will not hand over Erdoğan foe for Turkey

Pence: US will hold those responsible for Khashoggi's murder accountable

'Unwanted subject': What led a Kirkland yogurt shop to call police on a black man

Pfizer "Delayed" Announcing drug price increases to help Trump & GOP during the election

Dog gate hack.

BONNIE GREER: Is Trump driving US mad? (from a British columnist)

What's your favorite wine with turkey?

'He's going to be impeached': Ex-campaign adviser Sam Nunberg says Trump can't outrun Mueller

#Trump claimed that CA fires were 'because nobody went out & raked up all the little dried trees"..

Trump, Incredible Genius That He Is, Is Protecting US Troops!

An interesting discourse on the biological marine sulfur cycle.

does anyone REALLY like Green Bean Cassarole??...

Joy JUst Made A Great Point

Washington Post: Trump Jr.'s India business trip cost US government nearly $100K

Today is the NRA's birthday

He didn't visit Arlington last year either

Lawyers challenge legitimacy of acting AG Whitaker.

The Unexplained Wealth Order Of Britian

Asian-Americans Favored Democrats By Far In Midterms: Exit Poll

Jackie Speier Survived Jonestown 40 years ago.

Going to son's house-again-for Thanksgiving- Cartoon says it all

The Republican Party Establishment pathology not waning fast enough

What is the DOJ hiding about Whitaker and why?

Should Middle Class be sharpening their pitchforks yet?

MSNBC intel analyst: Trump's 'Michael Cohen for the Saudi Arabian government'

California's Wildfires Are Exposing the Rotten Core of Capitalism

Won't somebody give the cute kitty a belly scratch?

DOJ refusing to release Whitaker's financial disclosure form.

On The Media: a show on Amazon and Anttrust Laws

Listening to Joy Reid's interview with Justice Alan Page is kind of heart breaking

Turkey. To brine or not to brine?

AS an aside....I can't wait for early February....because:

Bill Browder: Russian tipped to take over Interpol in Kremlin victory.

Jon Snow makes a terrible dinner guest

Sooooo, Stacy Abrams lost by 54,000 votes and Kemp held up 53,000 voter registrations ...

The Speaker of the House is second in line for the presidency.

Where's FEMA?? Busy Raking?

The Mississippi U.S. Senate Election is in 10 short days.

Imagine all the unrelated crimes Mueller has discovered and handed over to other prosecutors.

The demise of the Republican Party is imminent

Laziest dog ever

May we all learn the lesson that a company is a company. It is here to make money.Facebook.

Whitaker: What's stopping this asshole from telling Trump everything about the investigation?

Don't blow it, Democrats. There's only one choice to be the next speaker.

California wildfires: 'More than 1,000 missing' in Camp Fire

The news media teased the hell out of us last week about new indictments.

"AHH!" - Alex Jones REMIX

Joe Biden saves a (dog) life!

We are all sick of S.O.B. by now right?

Trump Is Starting to Panic - By Frank Rich

Heh Wohl....That was 2017...

Some weekend bullshit....

Dump, you aren't wanted in CA.

President Dunderhead has his visitin' outfit on....

Two boys with a rifle. One ends up dead.

As a veteran, I can honestly tell you the soldiers Trump sent to the border are pissed off.

Orange County Republicans can't take it anymore.

The web of repression in Venezuela extends to all media

Tyler Perry needs to make a movie/documentary about the GA Gov race.

The Little Red Hen

Smile, Johnny - Why child photographers earn their money

How Hard Is It For These Evacuation Shelters In California To Record The Names Of People.....

Trump was met at the airport by Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsome

Trump: Gillum will be 'force to reckon with'

Who would have thought this about Orange County

JHan got me started listening to african music - Often enough that this popped up in my

BREAKING: Someone has stolen President Trump's Smartphone...

Schumer Protected FB

MS-SEN: Trump to campaign for the racist Cindy Hyde-Smith

Putting a little wolf in your day!

One Thing as we arrive at Presidential Candidate Picking Time:

Comey invites House Republicans to hold public hearing after news of possible subpoena

Possible breaking news re California fires from the WH:

California voters will BURN Trump, IF he is allowed to run for reelection!

So About That "Poor Forest Management"...

President Trump coming to Biloxi ahead of U.S. Senate runoffs

We are having a fascist march here in Philly today:

MS-SEN: Cindy Hyde-Smith Accepted Campaign Donation from Noted White Supremacist

Top GOP adviser denounces Georgia's Brian Kemp: 'He cheated & undermined democracy every step of the

John Hinckley can move out of his mother's house, judge rules

Trump is 'the boy who cried wolf' on immigration, says expert

In case you dont remember

A New Khashoggi Murder Tape Bolsters CIA Case Against Saudi Crown Prince

Pamela Anderson: My Open Letter to Australian PM Scott Morrison on Julian Assange

GOP who voted to repeal ACA last year. Everyone with an ❌ has since been voted out of Congress.

Ayanna Pressley: Because of her.

Happy 50th anniversary, the Heidi game

Unpacked our Nativity scene yesterday. Removed all the

Has anyone used one of these?

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Weed porn...

Chris Wallace: No chance Trump will sit down to an interview with Mueller.

If only we had raked our forests

These Republicans voted to repeal the ACA last year. Check it out.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims to hate capitalism, but her name has three capital letters

On Avenatti....

Seth Abramson: Trumps agreed to accept pre-election assistance from the Saudis.

Live in Florida, but miss the whiteness and quiet nature of snow

What do you think of this new norm? Is it a norm?

Unbelievable...he is STILL blaming the fires on forest management like FINLAND!

"Clean the floors".

Trump speaks with CIA about Khashoggi killing

I enjoy seeing Urban Meyer perturbed

Mississippi's Senate Race Is Suddenly Competitive

12-year-old boy writes goodbye letter to his family during school lockdown

California Dem says US would win 'short war' against gun-rights advocates: 'The government has nukes

Much-needed rain to return to California around Thanksgiving but mudslides may pose new threat

NY Times' Maggie Haberman Fact-Checks Trump Claim They Didn't Ask Him for a Quote on Pence Report

State Dept.: Reports That U.S. Gov't Made 'Final Conclusion' on Khashoggi Killing Are 'Inaccurate'

Trump Will Speak to CIA, Pompeo Saturday on Khashoggi Killing

Clinton Fearon - Richman Poorman / Nah forget Meh Roots

Trump Casts Himself as Pelosi's Speaker Savior

Turn off Screen Time in iOS 12

Injured Bald Eagle rescue in Montgomery County, Md. :

X-posted from Computer Help - Turn off Screen Time in iOS 12

Lawyer for WikiLeaks' Assange says he would fight charges

The EPA can't wait to reopen the mine that poisoned North Idaho

Trump visits California: "I don't think we'll have this again...this was a really, really bad one"

Ideas Requested - Black History Month 2019

True philanthropy vs. taking advantage of a situation in order to...

Top GOP adviser denounces Georgia's Brian Kemp: 'He cheated & undermined democracy every step...

I respect Rachel Maddow far more than Bill Maher

I found a furever home for my rescue.

Trump on CA fires: "I was with the president of Finland...they spend lots of time raking"

Proud Boys Faced Off With Protesters Holding Signs Praising Hockey Mascot "Gritty"

Beautiful Photo:

Found in the last place one would look...

CAPTION TIME! Trump strikes a pose in CA.

Rake America Great Again!

This is the photo taken at the White House right after House GOP voted to repeal ACA:

Trump didn't go into cemetery because it was rainy,

Trump, in CA, asked if he's changed his opinion on climate change: "No, no, I have a strong opinion"

Verizon Wireless

PBR World Champion Jess Lockwood, brother under fire for insensitive tweets toward Native Americans

So with CIA and The State at odds about Khashoggi death which view

They do things differently in the chemo room in Sao Pablo.

Boston Globe Opines on Romney Taking Down TRUMP so Mitt becomes GOP version of Ralph Nader

Never before seen deleted scene from John Carpenter's "Halloween"

A crazy thought regarding Julian Assange

Who is responsible for raking California?

Canadian Female LEO is punish for crying #MeToo

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 17,

I'm sorry, I don't usually do this but

Within story at link, (not a headline) 71 Dead, 1000 missing from fire...

My family wasn't considered "Jewish enough" by our conservative Schul.

The Bystander in Chief

Well, this Ivanka video is a little awkward, I've gotta say...

If you're ever in the neighborhood, here's the cutest little town you'd pass by

Dear DUers

Dem women rally behind Pelosi

was in hospital with blown gall bladder and a stone about the size of an egg.

Seattle e-recycling company not so green, federal charges say

Another setback for the state GOP: Rep. Dave Hayes concedes

December 2014: "Stable genius" Trump rants about a friggin' Smokey The Bear TV commercial.

Eyman submits 286K signatures for $30 car tab measure

Bipartisan Senate bill would penalize illegal robocalls

Trump takes credit for the rains coming to california but complains no one is giving him credit for

flawless execution

Clashes reported at conservative rally in Philadelphia

ABSURD: D.C. Med Examiner rules multiple blunts a Suicide

Gillum concedes....

Repost probably #7 It's just soooo fucking good!

Having a glass of wine

Florida governor race: Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum concedes to Trump ally Ron DeSantis

DEPTH - Mid-term review *This guy* lost in the Dem primary to Abigail Spanberger

Repost #2 It's just soooo fucking good.

Unpacked our Nativity scene yesterday.

Would all you Green Bean Casserole Trolls

Clergy sex abuse: Why a national all-faiths inquiry is needed

"Without Republicans controlling all the levers his three-hour workday is about to go bye-bye"

Stuck at the house, noodling around the webs

A force of nature. With Willie Dixon and Buddy Guy - Koko Taylor Ladies and Gentlemen

RECENT, 11/17/18: CNN Video Clips of California Fires

Repost again... You know why

The Guardian: Emails reveal Aaron Banks links to Steve Bannon.

Pacific Coast Fishermen Assoc. sue 30 fossil fuel companies -- ruining crab fisheries.

Such a beautiful tune. Nother repost.