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Archives: November 18, 2018

Proud of our Philly cab drivers, our good citizens,and Comcast too!

Please pray for the victims of fires in California, especially those left homeless, as well


From a Finn, a tweet about raking their forests.

"Democrats for Trump"??????????????????????????????????

OMG-- I just read that over 1000 people are missing

Show of hands, how many adults here enjoy comics...


Congrats to California voters for all but delousing your state entirely of ReTHUG parasites.

Finland is a "forest country", but they clean the floor

New Evidence Emerges of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica's Role in Brexit

"Dear God, don't let me fuck this up"


More "Bigotry is Bad for Your Budget," this time in Minnesota. #MAGA!

SEARS bankruptcy case, continues the rackets

Democrat Nikki Fried declares victory in Florida Agriculture Commissioner race

I saw Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor today!

Oh, dear God. the stupidity, it burns...

Prediction: trump fakes a heart attack before December 1

West Virginia got thrown back!

Trump is a tsunami of stupidity.

Damn!!!!:Politics Republican DeSantis secures Florida governor's seat after rival Gillum concedes

Great Climate with Yuuuge Beautiful Forrest. Just Get Out Your Rakes! Finland & CA are exactly Same!

Sentimental pup...

New Evidence Emerges of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica's Role in Brexit

Tonight on SNL:

Congrats to Harper Peterson

trump in California, this fire is a "really bad one"....

This duck wags her tail every day when mom gets home 🧡

To my fellow Florida DUers...

Trump says other countries do better job of 'cleaning the floors' of the forest

New video provides proof of cellular modems in Florida voting machines

One little girls caravan story and how we can help.....

New video provides proof of cellular modems in Florida voting machines

Comic Suggestion Thread

Dart championship descends into madness as players accuse each other of farting

How long before there's a pop group called Finnish Raking Brigade...?

2020 United States Senate Elections- Democrats guide to a majority.

Proud new pappy! Former Vice President Joe Biden adopts new dog

My new excercise program is guaranteed to make you feel good, and help the country. (Satire alert)

Rep. Stephen Meeks' "Compassionate Conservatism" on full display:

CA-39: Cisneros wins

Add a Bit More Green to Your Fall Diet.

Better prediction: Trump refuses to leave the White House on 1/20/2021

This year we don't have to wait for Christmas Eve. It is here already!!!!

Breaking: AP calls Gil Cisneros winner over Young Kim

Democrats control all Orange County House seats as Gil Cisneros wins 39th Congressional District, co

Just a serving suggestion ...

The place Abrams belongs is on the Supreme Court.

Even in unspeakable tragedy - Trump wants us to know that people love him

My turn: GOP is dead in California. A new way must rise

The caravan is approaching. What can we do?

Under Gov. Murphy, state runs Atlantic City behind closed doors

Anti-Ebola efforts in DR Congo suspended amid violence

As New Green Deal Democrats cement their hold, climate change emerges as a top priority

Could Gov. Wolf, Sen. Casey be V.P. picks in 2020?

CA: from red to blue

CNN's S.E. Cupp: 'The Next Two Years Will be the Equivalent of a Rectal Exam for Trump'

Tomorrow's NY Daily News front page:

Refreshingly honest coach:

Death toll from Camp Fire rises to 76 as searchers find five more remains

Trump's latest hat for all the simple tools.

Whitaker (AG) worked for FACTDC who hired CRC PR (Ukraine)...

Top White House Official Involved in Saudi Sanctions Resigns

Louise Mensch self-owns on forest floor raking

Power Hands....

INVESTOR ALERT: Ademi & O'Reilly, LLP Investigates Whether Goldman Sachs (GS) Violated Securities La

I've finished 2 crocheted blankets thus far

On Avenatti...

Will the Saudi killers willingly sacrifice their lives for the Prince?

The CIA is in the barrel....

cnn: The End. Inside the last days of the Obama admin.

Whatever happened to tangerines?

Talking politics on Thanksgiving can lead to saving money at Christmas...

3 Ridiculously Stupid Statements made by famous people..

A message from Trumpy Bear

Colombia considerably more violent during Duque's first 100 days: think tank

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War History

Stacey Abrams Did NOT Concede, She Never Lost, She Was Cheated

Watching Watermelon Man.....

All the images and videos from Fuckhead's CA visit today show . . . . .

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 20: The Art of Casting

73-year-old woman was worried about the meth she was smoking, so she took it to her doctor

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 21: TCM Backlot

Don't forget SNL cold open tonight. Host: Steve Carell. Musical guest: Ella Mai

Is Brazil turning into a military state?

16 OklahomaTeachers were elected to office on Tuesday.

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Top GOP adviser denounces Georgia's Brian Kemp: 'He cheated & undermined democracy every step of the

Stacey Abrams reflects after ending run for Georgia governor - FULL 11Alive Interview

Omg: SNL Amazon skit!!!

Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life

Brazilian politics a family affair for Bolsonaros

Brazilian politics a family affair for Bolsonaros

Rights group calls for US reparations over 1989 Panama invasion

Here are two Strong Women. One white. One Black.

The Daily Show: Amazon's Second Headquarters, a Nazi Prom Photo & Tide's "Wine Box" Controversy

The Daily Show: Amazon's Second Headquarters, a Nazi Prom Photo & Tide's "Wine Box" Controversy

Rights group calls for US reparations over 1989 Panama invasion

Wolf's 2nd term comes with evolving GOP identity in Capitol

Hey Kansas City, I'm glad everything is up to date!


Tomlinson declared winner in 6th Senate District

29 Dogs Sleeping In Hilarious Positions

The Daily Show: Melania Trump's Power Play, Kanye West's Firefighters & The NFL-"Fortnite" Deal

Let's hear it for ActBlue!

The Daily Show: Melania Trump's Power Play, Kanye West's Firefighters & The NFL-"Fortnite" Deal

How many districts which touch the Pacific Ocean will have Republican

Pittsburgh offered $6.7B in a failed bid for Amazon HQ2, one of the largest incentive proposals ever

They're Black. They're Trans. And They're Ready To Shake Up Brazil's Politics.

New Dem Congresswoman Revealed to Have Major Ethics Problem (Not!)

What an absolutely beautiful person. Endured so much hate.

Walker's team 'strongly' resisted as Dunleavy transition asks all at-will Alaska state workers for

Peru: Prosecutor requests travel ban on ex-President Alan Garcia

Dolphin shot to death on California beach

Captain Deployed to Border: US Military Does Not View Central American Migrants as 'Enemies'

Cornered: Trump Gets Thumped on Cuba at the UN

Historic breakthrough: WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience team first to use ultrasound to treat Alzheimer'

Cornered: Trump Gets Thumped on Cuba at the UN

John Fetterman, the next Pennsylvania lieutenant governor, eyeing York property

US 'might lose' war against China or Russia, report to Congress says

Election Shows How Gerrymandering Is Difficult to Overcome

Fighting Crime in Alaska's Remote Villages

spoon - knock knock knock (live in studio - 2014) - no more good music?

Explosion at Idaho Waste Site Injures 3, Leaves 1 Missing

Tweet of the Day

Barack Obama Surprise Guest At Michelle Obama's Book Show

School District of Lancaster employee placed on unpaid leave after calling Michelle Obama a 'monkey'

SNL: Voter Fraud Cold Open

SNL: Message from Jeff Bezos

Pennsylvania Senate GOP wants Democrat Lindsey Williams to prove she meets residency rule

SNL: Weekend Update

Make America Rake Again

Mike Espy team was out canvassing on Saturday

lyle lovett and his large band - church (live - sometime)

Ingram police chief's report says election judge had 'odor of alcohol'

Dem Katie Hobbs wins Secretary of State for Arizona

Hilton turns away Cuban envoy in Japan, citing US embargo

Hilton turns away Cuban envoy in Japan, citing US embargo

Trump and May must stop propping up Honduras's reactionary regime

Trump and May must stop propping up Honduras's reactionary regime

Cuba set to debate draft constitution paving way for gay marriage

Gilmer jury awards $260 million to parents of man killed in 2016 wreck with tractor-trailer

2 dead after WWII vintage plane crashes in Fredericksburg, officials say

A eight grade classical guitar project bohemian rhapsody

Some optimism for those missing after fires

'He can kiss my red ass': California fire evacuees give Trump visit short shrift

Hospital system allegedly held patients illegally

Julian Castro: Beto's future not a factor for 2020 bid

Entergy Arkansas reaches deal to stop using coal at 2 plants

Ethics charges against justices dismissed

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bambi Lives Edition

2008 VP Debate: Sarah Palin and Joe Biden - SNL

NR8 organization helped defeat 8 Republicans rated "A" by the NRA


Netanyahu Works to Avoid His Government's Collapse

Sean Duffy is whining about his media coverage vs. AOC's coverage.

Womp Womp, Young Kim. DEMOCRATS SWEEP ORANGE COUNTY. #ThoughtsAndPrayers

State Treasurer-elect Colleen Davis caught driving on suspended license

I caught a really bad case of the flu in Madrid

Trump administration says giving confidential Census information to ICE is open to 'debate'

Why are people posting on the internet instead of out raking the wooded areas of their states?


After a bumpy day of missing ballots, troubled Broward recount put on ice until the morning

**November Photo Contest Preliminaries** Poll 1

Gil Scott Heron - We almost Lost Detroit

**November Photo Contest Preliminaries** Poll 2

**November Photo Contest Preliminaries** Poll 3

November Prelims are up in GD

Kellyanne Conway: Kamala Harris Has 'Nothing Substantive to Offer', Just Going for Viral Moment

Pacific summit ends with no communique as China, US differ

Are the vile MAGAcretin and his spawn

UK leader warns ousting her won't make Brexit talks easier

Ted Lieu: Dear Acting AG-You can stonewall but we'll get the info you are hiding & make you testify

Cindy McCain says that neither Trump nor Melania reached out to her after John McCain's funeral

Rise of big cities push Texas to swing-state territory -- maybe by 2020

The fires in CA are the perfect example of the worst aspect of Donnie Short Fingers

the problem is not that trump is a fricken idiot who believes lack of raking causes forest fires,

State delaying contract talks, probation/parole officers claim

KS. governor calls for resignation of county official who made 'master race' comment to black woman

Help! I want to surprise my wife with a KitchenAid Mixer

How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet With wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels, larg

Republicans get a dose of reality they refuse to take...

$73,000 per migrant. That's what my Alexa gadget tells me the cost of manning the border

Fight for House speaker explodes into national political campaign

USS Sioux City officially commissioned in Annapolis in front of 4,000 people

Democrats plot response to Trump on immigration amid fears they could go too far

Trump Is Beginning to Lose His Grip (NYT)

Melania is now top Trump - Ivanka should sleep with one eye open

Broken Trump Babbles The Same Words At California Fires That He Uses At Every Disaster

Bagnall defeats McConkey: Democrats win a seat after 20-year lockout in Anne Arundel district

Dems wonder if Sherrod Brown could be their magic man

Trump on climate change in Calif

What do you call 36 sealed indictments?

Migrants get cool reception in Mexican border town

KRUGMAN: The GOP's Shameful 3-D Strategy - Deception, Distraction & Disenfranchisement

CA governor: Climate science around fires will be so clear that 'even the worst skeptics are...

Republicans battle to defend Trump from threat of impeachment

National companies moving to take over Maryland marijuana businesses, despite state law

Trump's Mexico-Canada deal hits trouble in Congress

The Mercer Family: information everyone needs to know

Anyone watching new season of "House of Cards"?

Trump considering changes at 'three or four or five' Cabinet positions

Ocasio-Cortez backs campaign to primary fellow Democrats

Emperor Wannabee a.k.a. Fullofs#%ticus

Baltimore health department wasted $170,000 from lead paint fines on unused giveaways and travel, re

Trump said he declined to hear the tape of Khashoggi's killing: "I don't want to hear the tape

When Michelle Obama calls -- and wants to do a favor for 150 Baltimore schoolkids

Schiff: Democrats will challenge Whitaker's appointment

Your thoughts here. Would it be to our advantage to impeach RUMP

Trump gives himself an A-plus on presidency: 'Can I go higher than that?'

Women warned top University of Maryland, Baltimore officials about 'hostile work environment' months

We are watching 11-22-63 on Hulu. Just finished Castle Rock and Handmaids Tale. Where to next?

Flake: 'I don't think' I will be 2020 challenger to Trump

Flake: Arizona 'certainly is' winnable for Democrat in 2020

House conservatives protest LGBT protection in Mexico-Canada trade deal

Rake Trump Tower!

Twitter just obliterated a Republican Congressman for accusing poor people of being lazy

Dan Rather: "One can't help but wonder what debt potus & his family may have with Saudis"

A couple of questions regarding very slow start up and backing up files

Robert Mueller Has More Questions for Longtime Roger Stone Acquaintance Randy Credico

Judge Says DC White Nationalist Seemed to Be 'Planning Something,' Orders Him Held on Gun Charges

A new dawn for Cuba? The draft constitution explained

S.E. Cupp: 'The Next Two Years Will be the Equivalent of a Rectal Exam for Trump'

Ted Lieu is on AMJoy now n/t

Trump mocked for telling California to rake its forests like Finland to reduce fire risk

House Republicans, Terrible Before the Midterms, Are Now Much Worse

We offer aid, Rake America Great Again

Go Fund Me Scam beneficiary may have been mastermind of plot

After 7 Years, Top NPS Staffer On Climate Change Adaptation Quits; Cites Lack Of Funding, Resources

William S. Burroughs - Thanksgiving Prayer

Is Trump country really better off under Trump? No. It's falling further behind.

11/8-13/18 - 107 National Broadcast Pieces On Horrific CA Fires; 4 Mentions Of Global Warming (3.7%)

Guys: heads UP. New trend now raising its ugly head. Thanks to trump:

lyle lovett - if i had a boat (live - 2010) ... perfect Sunday AM song ...

What's everybody's favorite Thanksgiving food?

The problem AOC had in regards to moving to DC is a very common one

Bringing Climate Science To Bear On Insurance (As Opposed To Reinsurance) Industry

Dem gains put Sunbelt in play for 2020

Number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela reaches 3 million

LOL: Finnish Fire Truck

Graham urges McConnell to allow vote on bill to protect Mueller

john hiatt - have a little faith in me (live - guessing 1986?) ... Sunday AM Song II

Hacking question

Some of us Midwesterners think maybe Amy Klobuchar would do okay as President

One way to befriend a cat.

One could argue the attack by Russia is a bigger threat than the attack on pearl harbor was.

Browns want to interview Condoleezza Rice for head-coaching job


Just saw a bird of prey swoop down and snatch something off my bird feeder.

Sherrod Brown says he has 'no real timetable' for deciding on 2020 presidential run

Trump On Ricardel: 'She Was With Me For A Long Time, Although I Don't Know Her'

Do you find that your snow tires just aren't up to the job?

lyle lovett & his large band - i've been to memphis (live - mid 90's i think - san antonio)

How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet

'Nothing on this page is real': How lies become truth in online America

One thing I have learned about Mueller is he does not go on fishing expeditions.

New thing - Cat towels

Cleveland Browns want to interview Condoleezza Rice for head-coaching job

Sen. Jon Kyl again seeks to cut the 'death tax'

Top House Oversight Dem says he will do 'anything and everything' to make Mueller's findings public

Rand Paul: 'Evidence is overwhelming' that Saudi crown prince was involved in Khashoggi murder

"A Big New Biography Treats Frederick Douglass as Man, Not Myth"

In my opinion, the Democrats cannot address any issue until this issue addressed.

New Yorker: Evidence emerges of Bannon and CA role in Brexit.

Guitar jam, 2 guitars, bass, drum and a singer. the recipe that works

Sarah Palin's Thanksgiving Massacre!

Laura Ingraham's "Feel Facts"

California Democrat Harley Rouda defeats longtime Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Human rights groups call on Canada to end coerced sterilization of indigenous women

From dolls to magazine covers: how early black designers made their mark

VZ's Maduro: "Experts" say the Petro will lead the way in cryptocurrencies

Targeted Advertising Is Ruining the Internet and Breaking the World

US navy hospital ship stokes tensions by giving Venezuelan refugees free care


Jalen Rose's Tuition-Free High School Achieves 93 Percent Graduation Rate

Rick Tryler, former Cruz Comm. Dir, said the Republicans could go the way of the Kadima party

To Bill Maher from me...

Compare and Contrast Trump with GWB

'A dangerous precedent': Texans outraged at prospect of tent cities for migrants

Trump would not intervene if Whitaker moves to curtail Mueller probe

Broadway's John Leguizamo shares four favorite Latino heroes

2020 support even lower than his approval rating

Pope says world mustn't turn a blind eye to migrants, the poor

Throwing people away.

Broadway's John Leguizamo shares four favorite Latino heroes

Rohingya repatriation, relocation plans set to be pushed back to 2019 - government official

Trump calls CIA assessment of Khashoggi murder premature but possible

Trump calls CIA assessment of Khashoggi murder premature but possible

U.S. shale firms offer $100 million to aid Texas, New Mexico

What Fiction are you reading this week, November 18, 2018?

Grim search for 1,276 missing after deadliest California wildfire

Trump calls the incoming House Intelligence chair Adam "Schitt".

Trump gives himself an A+ on presidency: 'Can I go higher than that?'

LA Rams (football) flight to play amidst fires delayed by ice

Trump calls Congressman Adam Schiff "Little Adam Schitt"

Just made my favorite soup...cream of asparagus. What a flop

Republican Mia Love pulls ahead in Utah House race after Trump knocked her for losing

Texas Pastor Says Concert By 'Devil-Worshipping' Band GHOST 'Is Not Healthy For Our Community'

SNL CLASSIC - Steve Carell as Jeff Bezos trolling Trump

Adam Schiff for the win

'Legal ripoff'? Nebraska makes it easier for investors to take farms, homes for unpaid taxes

Finland responds to Trump:

"There are some that create more issues for us legally than others."

Condolezza Rice - Head coach of Cleveland Browns??

Trump dismisses criticism from Navy SEAL who led Osama bin Laden mission

Trump Says He's Unlikely to Sit for Interview in Russia Investigation

Finally, we had a precinct turn blue.

Tweet of the day

Democrats Want to Change a 181-Year-Old Rule to Allow Religious Headwear in the House

Trump blasts retired Navy SEAL critical of him, saying he should've caught bin Laden sooner

Bill Nelson concedes Florida Senate race to Rick Scott

Service Project for Black Friday...RAKE THE CASCADES!

Voted for Trump. Voted for Rubio. Voted for DeSantis. Voted for Scott.

Instead of raking, I'll be donating to National Forest Plant-A-Tree Program

Trump: bin Salman "told me he had nothing to do with it...will anybody really know?"

The indictments were placed in the docket with care, In hopes that Bob Mueller soon would be there;

What would Be Great?

Trumpy and his "Little Comments"

CA: Another Republican State Senate seat at risk as Orange County votes roll in.

MATA Make America trumpless again

A Boy & His Dog: Ruff & Luke 💙💙

Lets start calling Trump, Little D

Bill Nelson deserved better from the people of Florida

UC Davis Vet Med: REUNITED! Robin went home with his family today! His boy, Isaiah, had saved all...

The best songs about weed.

Trump - Get Ready For The Schitt Storm

Question about the next speaker

Want to really drive someone nuts this Christmas?

Human Rights Groups Call On Canada To End Coerced Sterilization Of Indigenous Women

Dems should focus on modernizing voting and making it convenient, not directly on rights.

Don Jr. looking very scruffy

A driver pulled over by Bridgeport police Thursday for not wearing his seat belt

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez is Terrifying Fox News

UNC women win NCAA Field Hockey Championship

Just Doing Their Job -- And Now They're Dying For It

Video Link - Rev. Al Sharpton: One on One With Bernie Sanders - Nov 17, 2018

Britain posthumous apology to Alan Turing wasn't enough

The Clenis aftermath lives on! Tonight on A&E!

when visiting the burned out town of Paradise trump referred to it as "pleasure" twice

Middle Age Riot strikes again 😁

Ohio, Colorado may no longer be swing states

Gavin Newsom's face when Trump was talking nonsense in California

Bill Nelson concedes Florida Senate race to Rick Scott

If you were the parent of a child actor

15 wild turkeys have discovered my bird feeders.

Are Kentucky -- And Other OSHA State Plans -- Failing Their Workers?

Pilot of deadly Fredericksburg plane crash identified

This tweet made me wonder, Mac and Cheese is a touchstone in the SE US/SideDish

American Exceptionalism? -- not in citizen wealth -- USA ranked 21st (2018)

Trump Grades Himself: 'A+ ... Can I Go Higher Than That?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 19 November 2018

Georgia 7th: Bourdeaux to request recount

There's a ***** tweet for everything.

Would you rather Boogaloo Down Broadway or Cakewalk Into Town? Just wondering.

France's Macron: Europe Must Unite to Prevent 'Global Chaos'

Bloomberg gives Johns Hopkins a record $1.8 billion for student financial aid

Trump Is Beginning to Lose His Grip.

This hour-by-hour accounting of the wildfire is unforgettable

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 18, 2018

Turkey - to stuff or not to stuff

Mr.Children Sign

The Hill is owned by a Trumpite billionaire-- don't quote them please!

Retired general calls Trump 'a failure' after president slams Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden

An honest conversation about forest policy

40%?! How does he even have 20% approval?

Migrants met with fear, disdain in Tijuana, Mexico

Gotta say a thought for alex smith...

What do you think about an EU military? Macron proposed this recently...

some new Jim Carrey Art

Prisoners are fighting the California fires - $1.00/ hour

George Washington's vison of Trump the Avenging Angel

Trump defends border deployment amid fresh scrutiny

I missed this last week, and so I figured I wasn't the only one: 45 & birth control access

How will a commercial airport in Everett impact Bellingham?

Tokyo Love Story Live/ Love Story wa totsuzen ni - Kazumasa Oda with Triceratops Subbed

Viewpoints: How many women does it take to fix Congress?

Hahaha, Dem on Politics Nation just said "the Adam Shit is about to hit the fan!"

Solutions for saving our salmon and orcas

Finnish president denies ever discussing 'raking' with Trump

Obama surprised Michelle with roses. crowd goes wild

the meaning of birthdays change as one gets older

Trump's relationship with Saudi crown prince under pressure

Koji Tamaki / Present

Chris Wallace to Trump: You're seen around the world as a 'beacon for repression'

Retired admiral who oversaw bin Laden raid doubles down on Trump criticism

GOP lawmakers protest LGBT protections in new NAFTA deal

The outgoing Cabinet members, knowing their fate, take a vote re. the 25th Amendment removal of the

So Ocasio-Cortez has not even taken office, and she's already planning

Freddy Mercury was a beautiful, extremely talented soul.

Gruden has been angry the whole game

Schitt Joke of the Day

THIS is why woman still fight for rights, equality and safety!!

Australian newscast show that Tiny Two Scoops twice forgot the name of the town Paradise

Tweet of the Day

Please, all you Californians...

Trump Reveals How He Makes Decisions to Chris Wallace: 'I Don't Think About Them'

Oli Mahalo - Uhola ʻia

Chipotle manager fired - made African americans prove they can pay BEFORE ORDERING

SpaceX Delays Historic Third Launch of Used Rocket (and Its Flock of Satellites)

This shit about the Con hitting back is pissing me off

Admiral McRaven: I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else-I am a fan of Presidents Obama & Bush

Robotic Russian Cargo Ship Delivers Tons of Supplies to Space Station

It Don't Matter To Me.

Maybe we should wait and see what AOC does instead of going berserk now.

A shoe-in for the Ig Nobels: Scientists unravel secret of cube-shaped wombat faeces

Finns troll Trump on Twitter

Again, he went after a Gold Star Family.

Amazing picture. Does everyone know who this is?

College Football Playoffs is an insulting farce.

Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for election and takes defence portfolio

Former Navy SEAL William H. McRaven to Trump: "You threaten the Constitution"

Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links

Making America Rake Again!

Marijuana startup backed by John Boehner goes public in Canada