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Governors Update: New Polls In Georgia And Ohio Show Really Tight Races

IA-04: This man MUST be elected to Congress

The Battleground In The House Is Really Big -- And That Makes Life Hard For Republicans

Trump's speech - Complete utter nonsense. A prepared speech of delusion and fantasy

Analyzing a terrorist's social media manifesto: the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter's posts on Gab

Trump says he will restrict asylum, claims troops will shoot at rock throwers

This is Halloween (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

I don't live in Minnesota, but if I did I'd be all-in for this guy.

New Yorker article: How Voting-Machine Errors Reflect a Wider Crisis for American Democracy

Oprah Winfrey campaigns for Democratic Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams!

Chet Baker - Tenderly

HIAS, targeted by anti-Semitic shooter, has helped millions of refugees and vulnerable people

"Anyone who has made it harder for Americans to exercise their right to vote needs to be voted out

Rep. Steve King Flips Out At Man Who Questions His White Supremacist Rhetoric

Chet Baker - Alone Together

Rep Joe Kennedy on Obamacare Open Enrollment:


Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul

Art Pepper - Everything Happens To Me

Art Pepper - Winter Moon

Vice President Pence to Oprah: 'This Ain't Hollywood'

Voting Absentee Today (Kansas City, MO)

Trump: Men of color are a sexual threat to white women

Wow!! Half a million first time voters have voted in GA!

In 1927, Donald Trump's father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens

Seen on Twitter.

John Coltrane & Duke Ellington - In A Sentimental Mood.

Massive, 5,655-Carat 'Lion Emerald' Unearthed in Africa

Huge 'mob' for Tim Kaine and Leslie Cockburn on Virginia

Arizona's Green Party candidate drops out of Senate race and endorses Kyrsten Sinema

Meet the Rare and Fabulous Felines of 'Super Cats' (Photos)

2018 US Gubernatorial Election Prediction. Democrats guide to 26 Governorship.

3 Men Charged in Connection to Aug. 12, 2017 Violence Plead Not Guilty

Mike Pence Tells Rally, 'I'm Kind Of A Big Deal'; Twitter Users Are Skeptical

There oughta be a law

Open Enrollment for State Healthcare Marketplace Opens Nov. 1

Remember 11 days ago, when Trump promised to cut your taxes by November? We do.

To any American soldier ordered or tempted to shoot a migrant who throws rocks....

How do you spell "caravan"? BENGHAZI!!!!

Trump has ratcheted up his lying tonight.

I'm thinking the polling has missed a BUNCH of voters who will be on our side.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Happy Kincaideen!

The Hollies "He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother"

One more reason to take the House

Judge denies ACLU request to move Dodge City polling site

federal judge has DENIED the request to move voting in Dodge City back to the Civic Center

Scott Walker: Obama is 'the biggest liar in the world'

Amazing how every poll has EVERY election everywhere EXACTLY tied!

What happened to the D lead in Wisconsin?

Apparantly Jacob Wohl doesn't know we can Google images. Whoopsie doodle...

The EPA says farmers can keep using weedkiller blamed for vast crop damage

49ers cheerleader takes knee during national anthem

PNAS/McGill University - Human Activity (CO2 Emissions) Now Dissolving The Seafloor

The EPA says farmers can keep using weedkiller blamed for vast crop damage

EPA's Climate-Related Webpages Now Just Plain Gone

"I didn't have people in my administration get indicted. It's not that hard." - @BarackObama

My Final Donations 11/1/18

Wow. Just wow.

Oprah: If You Don't Vote, You're 'Dishonoring' Your Ancestors Who Couldn't

White woman accused of threatening black women in Charlotte is missing, police say

America is warming fast. See how your city's weather will be different in just one generation.

AK-AL: Don Young trails by 1% in new poll

Hey Jeff, you will go down in history as the great denouncer....or Dunce

NAACP defends mother charged for son's death in hurricane floodwaters

When Democrats regain Congress, one of the first legislative acts should be

After Presenting Allegations Against Mueller, Wohl Asked If He's Prepared For Prison NBC News

"'Trump 2020" "I'm disappointed I won't get a chance to rape you"

Just voted today

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 4 - Pass It On

TCM Schedule for Monday November 5 - Star of the Month: Glenda Farrell

Touche paw

[b]Trump, top House Republican admit there's no chance of a middle class tax cut this year

Lawrence O'Donnell: "I am now a changed political analyst . . .

This is a bombshell.

Joe Biden's quote we heard Tuesday, in Madison, WI.....

Okay just been RICK ROLLED!!

The Democratic Party wasted money in New Mexico

Tick Tock til the FBI knocks on your Lyin ass door...

Andrew Gillum NAILS IT. A concise and inspiring message, sums up the reason why Nov. 6 is critical.

Class of 2018 US House Members

I can't. I just can't. Intentionally obtuse Repukes are the worst

And Lo, the Lord Sent Unto Them a Jacob Wohl, to Laugh At in Their Darkest Hour! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Your monthly dose of Styx

The Butler could be serving prison food for a long time...

What's worse than "He's going off the deep end" ? I was

We basically pay him to do hate rallies, golf and tweet!

Faux News Predictions the Election

So when they start counting the votes

The U.S. Is Facing Incipient Domestic Fascism, But Rightist Revolution Can Be Stopped: Allan Nairn

Immigration laws should be applied to the Trumps...

Jeff Toobin to Kobach: You've Devoted A Career to Stopping Black People & Poor People from Voting

17 Reasons Why "Clue" Will Always Be A Classic

Gavel equals leverage

White House concerned Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke violated federal rules

I'm not done with you yet, I've got the mic and I'm not going anywhere.

Remember Rick...dumbshit told the truth about dumping nuclear waste...accidentally

1,600 scientists sign letter opposing Trump's plan to narrow gender definition

Trading that trumpy tower suite for a 10 X 10...

Class of 2018 US Senators

Parkland Dad Fred Guttenberg: Voters Must Reject Racist, Anti-Semitic NRA on Election Day

These are the people trump wants shot at the border.

I don't think an executive order can deny asylum...

Listening to Lawrence O'Donnell tonight saying candidates shouldn't respond to Tiny's lies....

Mueller has the emails...

Class of 2018 Governors

By Trump"s logic if the migrants were to throw rifles at fully equipped soldiers,...

Pence is wrong:

I was working on a post about how seeking asylum is one example of legal immigration

Class of 2018 Democratic US House Member likely to be a one termer.

The Daily Show (In Miami): Florida Politicians Go Bilingual for the Hispanic Vote

The Daily Show (In Miami): Trump Rallies His Base & Florida Faces Big Midterm Election Decisions

Judge Has 'Great Concern' Over N. Dakota Voter ID Law, Many Native Americans Could Be Barred

Election Update: Democrats Need A Systematic Polling Error To Win The Senate

I realize I am living a pipe dream.....

Georgia. Dear God, Georgia.

Police can't find white woman in racist rant that went viral


Bolsonaro appoints judge who helped jail Lula to lead justice ministry

Brazil president-elect Bolsonaro says he plans to move embassy to Jerusalem

Brazil president-elect Bolsonaro says he plans to move embassy to Jerusalem

Seth Meyers - The Migrant Caravan, Long-Distance Dating - Monologue - 10/31/18

Shortest Ever 'Obamacare' Enrollment Period Starts Nov. 1

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Pharrell & Kanye Not Happy with Trump

Seth Meyers - Trump's Racist Fearmongering Is His Latest Scam: A Closer Look

The Daily Show (In Miami): Florida Politicians Go Bilingual for the Hispanic Vote

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Plans to End Birthright Citizenship

The Daily Show (In Miami): Trump Rallies His Base & Florida Faces Big Midterm Election Decisions

POTUS on halloween

Murphy Brown

rump laments that 'two maniacs' stopped GOP momentum in midterms

Green party senate candidate in Arizona drops out gives her support to Sinema.

Netanyahu Spreading Soros Conspiracy Theories Isn't Helping


Cincinnati And 'Gang Of 5' Appealing Order To Turnover All Texts And Emails

Pureval Campaign Fined $100 by Ohio Elections Commission

NYT Op Ed cartoon: I enrolled in the military to fight in the middle east, not the midterms

Total number of US Senate seats Democrats will pick up in 2018,2020,and 2022.

Melissa EThridge. "Yep we got a bus and driver in #DodgecityKansas taking voters to the ONE polling

Fact check: Trump's claim that Democrats let cop killer stay in U.S. is false

Bolsonaro's election is catastrophic news for Brazil's indigenous tribes

Bolsonaro's election is catastrophic news for Brazil's indigenous tribes

Clark County (NV) Democrats have a huge day at the polls

Absolutely EVERYTHING Trump says now is total, empty, bullshit.

Top Halloween Candy by State

Warning! Trump is Coming to Cleveland Monday to Host a Pre-Election Rally

Was raking the leaves, covered my head with a small red bandana

Washoe County (NV) Democrats also have a great day

Watched the second half of the 11th hour

(Two) Indicted for Conspiring to Launder Billions of Dollars in Illegal Proceeds (from Malaysia)

1500...5200....15,000......Fucking Crazy

Bagels, your preferences?

Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra

GOP Representative Steve King Blows Up At Constituent - All In - MSNBC

Ohio Voters Are More Likely to be Old, White, Without Higher Education and Non-Affiliated with a

UK investigates biggest Brexit funder Arron Banks

11/2/2018 --Trump Evangelical Advisers Meet Saudi Crown Prince MBS

How Democrats Are Fighting Against A President Who Won't Tell The Truth - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ex-Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Trump sending troops to border is 'folly'

The Real Angry Mob

O'Keefe, Veritas smearing Beto w/ story that his campaign spent money on supplies for immigrants....

PRC State-Owned Company, Taiwan Company, and Three Individuals Charged With Economic Espionage

I have had it with my godson this week

Great News Out of Tx-32-Collin Allred +6 (RV) and +3 (LV) over Pete Sessions

Khashoggi murder: Saudi prince 'said he was dangerous Islamist'

Art Of The Deal Co-Author: Trump Is 'Terrified' Of Midterms Loss - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

'Just pretend he's one point down,' Trump says in stump speech for Hawley

Twitter Chokes As President 'Grabby Hands' Vows To Protect Women From Migrant Caravan

As Tourists Frolic in Venice's Rising Waters, Locals Fear for the City's Treasures.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/1/18

MI-GOV: Hoffa, Teamsters Rally To Support Gretchen Whitmer In Final Push To Election Day

Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman full press conference on the alleged Mueller victim

Four Days ... 6 November 2018 ...Back To You

Watch a high school-aged Josh Rosen rap about science on his newly discovered YouTube channel

CA: Younger voters surging among Orange County ballot returns.

i need some one else's brain

Mike Pence appeared with a fake "Christian rabbi" the day after the Pittsburgh massacre

In final week before election, Sherrod Brown shares the love with rest of Ohio Democratic ticket

Cost of meat in Caracas increases nearly 700% in one month

I've been a trucker for 22 years and I'm thinking about a Plan B.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren rallies student vote for Richard Cordray near Ohio State

Two days after GRAND OPENING of El Petro (fake) crypto office in Caracas... GRAND CLOSING!

The destruction of manufacturing in Venzeula. 99% decrease in automobile assembly in 10 years

Andrew Gillum: President Donald Trump & My Opponent DeSantis "Seem To Be Twins" - All In - MSNBC

How the rise of conspiracy theory politics emboldens anti-Semitism

New poll shows tied Ohio governor's race and public souring on Republican candidates

How to stop Trump

Anti-Semitism Is a Conspiracy Theory

Trump: For 7 days, pipe bombs & Pittsburgh stopped his "incredible, tremendous" Midterms "momentum"

Spotted Owl On The Brink Of Extinction In Canada; "Circling The Drain" In Captive Breeding

Trump: "We are taking back this Country - returning power to YOU, the AMERICAN PEOPLE."

Diphtheria outbreak strikes Venezuela

At Least 3 Interior Department IG Probes Focused On Zinke; CT Casino Denial, UT, MT Land Deals

The Roots of American Anti-Semitism

Sea Lice Prevalent In Aquaculture Becoming Resistant To Pesticide; "Levels Never Seen Before" In BC

Trevor Noah - last Miami show - Florida Midterms

I wasn't around here 2 years ago. Can someone tell me what happened when DU got hacked?

Womp Womp! Sheldon Adelson Spends $20 Million To Deregulate NV Power; Question 3 20 Points Behind

Documents Expose Trump Border Deployment As Political Stunt Rachel Maddow 11.1.2018

New Orleans City Council Fines Entergy $5 Million For Fake Crowds At Power Plant Hearings

Military heads to southern border...Why? Oh... Oh... it is to patrol the U.S. civilian militia

The Rachel Maddow Show 11/1/118 - MSNBC - Full Show

What Norway Will Look Like In A Warmer World - Science Nordic

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Margin of Victory

Northern India's Winter Smog Season Begins; Top Official: Delhi Will Soon Resemble "A Gas Chamber"

What's up with mika and joe?

ACLU objects to Hawaii retirement home assisted suicide ban

'I'm very proud to be invited to join BernieSanders this weekend for a string of rallies ... '

Ok I understand insider trading in stock market

NASA Earth Observatory - 2018 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum 6th-Lowest On Record

'Crosswalk Cathy:' Woman calls the Bureau of Transportation on couple for bad parking job

Steve King, (I-R) Erupts on Questioner Comparing His Rhetoric to Synagogue Shooter: 'You're DONE!'

Latin American culture has enriched us all.


Friday TOONs - Still in the Fight Edition

The latest lie from our liar in chief today

Steve King Challenger Gets Flood of Cash

I didn't know I had one

Steve Kornacki is on today's MJ (6:30)

Midterm elections: Controversial right-wing group infiltrates several Democratic campaigns

A reminder about the GA-GOV race...

Spokane Valley representative under scrutiny for leaked manifesto

Jacob Wohl used old pic of his girlfriend to try & frame Mueller

Best response I have seen to the I won't vote young people

Any news media organization or network that shows, or reports ONE FUCKING SECOND of this Okeefe shit

12th Congressional District: Race drawing attention, cash from celebrities, PACs

Bill Evans-Peace Piece/Flamenco Sketches

So, did the Cubans also "invade" America?

Akron's African-American Newspaper to celebrate 50th anniversary; Cordray and Sutton are guests

WARNING: This video of Congressman John Lewis dancing may make you @Pharrell -level "Happy."

President Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days

Pentagon Has No Plans To Send 15,000 Troops To Border

We need a "Walk Away" from the US Military

White House Ends DHS Program Aimed At Far-Right Terrorism

Newsweek: Trump's border troops needless: no terrorists, infiltrators, or crisis

Video: Bernie Sanders has a message for young people

Bernie Sanders has a message for young people

Trump Asks Cabinet to Draft Possible Trade Deal With China

David Corn: Potus more worried about women&Children w-rocks than right wing extremists w-guns

The Far Right Is Far More Dangerous - by Joe Conason

Michael Moore Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Declaring Dems Will 'Win' Midterms: 'That's What Happened...

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Trump: This is the 'Election of Kavanaugh'

If my voter registration disappears at the polls, I will not cast a provision ballot...

Are worries over Latino turnout in the midterms too little, too late?

Morning Joe Mocks GOP's Midterm Numbers Despite Trump Rallies: 'Strategy is Failing'

Trump using the Jim Crow playbook, just appalling the president is using this kind of campaign

Donny Deutsch reveals why Trump's inability to learn will cause him to 'go down in flames'

Trump supporters' election test: a movement or a moment

The Catch-22 that just stripped Native Americans of their voting rights in North Dakota

If the epitaph for American democracy is ever needed, it may read like this:

The Rundown: November 1, 2018

Eight simple steps to fix American democracy

Pick of the Week: "Nancy Drew" #5

Bad Optics: UAW Uses Nonunion Labor To Build Retired President's Home

Congress Thinks Voters Are More Conservative

Chris Wallace (Fox News) on with Stephen Colbert last night

What happens if there are no consequences for murder? The killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi sho

Many Americans are still struggling financially, despite robust economy

David Corn: "This is the problem. The story - the news - is the falsehoods, not the invoking."

The origin of Super Villains: Mole Man

On this day in 1948.

Words from President Obama

Trump's immigration obsession could backfire, some Republicans fear

POLITICO Playbook: 4 days out ... No plans in the Capitol for Trump's border wall

This picture of Bill Schuette in front of a burning building is a perfect metaphor for his campaign

The U.S. economy added 250,000 jobs in October, unemployment stays at 3.7 percent

Early voting on pace to break records for a governor's race in Maine

Inside a secretive billionaire club's plan to help Democrats take Congress

Just in case Megan Kelly still doesn't get it ...

Demonizing Hispanics a winner ?

Okay, now I see the strategy!

Pittsburgh paper puts Jewish mourners' prayer on front page to honor synagogue shooting victims

Corker defends Central American migrants: 'They're being tortured'

Youngest terrorist ever

Trump says Stacey Abrams isn't qualified

Update: bathing the cat

"PARDON me"...cop-killer featured in Trump's video was actually released by Joe Arpaio's office

Oprah Winfrey Campaigns For Stacey Abrams In Georgia NBC Nightly News

Stephen Colbert dismantles Chris Wallace's Immigration Lies Wallace Responds Childishly:

The Nigerian military is using Trump's words to justify shooting to death rock throwing protestors..

The strange story about ousted county clerk Karen Spranger now involves fecal worms

Despite trump's folly of demanding that the soldiers sent to the border treat rocks like rifles,

Will there be any state exit polls on Tuesday night?

Source: Colombia would be willing to join Brazil in deposing Maduro, Chavismo

Homeland Security Fell for YouTube Videos About 'Antifa Civil War'

Floating around on facebook today.... infuriating

Where our military really expects violent action at the border...

So i get the federal register daily

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Deviled 😈 Egg 🥚 Day! Heavens No 🤢 or Hell Yes 😋?

Cop killer in Trump video was released by Sheriff Joe Longest-serving Republican congressman behin

White House Spox Warns Fox & Friends of 'Daily Caravan' Invading United States

A Historic Announcement from Shaun King

Russia's state media: Trump / Putin Paris meeting will be brief, G-20 sitdown "long and thorough."

Trump is a battering ram.

Soldier who served in Afghanistan responds to firing on people who throw rocks:

Want to see Steve King yelp out "Stop it" like a 13 year-old Peter Brady on a 10 minute loop?

Feel the love, feel the hate - my week in the cauldron of Trump's wild rallies

Like, here's a video of Mueller's "victim"/Jacob Wohl's girlfriend before, like, the peroxide

From Charleston to Pittsburgh, an Arc of Premeditated American Tragedy

Hard Times

EMERGENCY: Mail-In Ballots Being Rejected Nationwide

Trump's Fake Tax Cut, Caravan Madness, Birthright Citizenship Are DISTRACTIONS

FLIPPABLE: Betsy Londrigan for IL 13th. Essentially a TIED race in the polls..

The Ghost of Trump Past?

A lethal response by our military to rock-throwing would be a war crime.

Photo: Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1...MAGA hat edition.

Republicans have so thoroughly disavowed and forgotten George W. Bush...

NYT: WH Will Stand With Crown Prince Despite Khashoggi Killing

31 astonishing images to boost your appreciation of the night sky

and where are all my Cardinals?? saw one female and one male just kinda hopping

Venezuela crisis: Mothers giving away babies, children living on streets

The killer at the heart of Trump's racist ad was set free--by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

It figures. The one day that I need a YouHaul truck...

Saudi Arabia's crown princes hosts Christian evangelical leaders

Guys, I'm pretty sure this whole Jacob Wohl/Jack Burkman scheme is actually.....

Trump: "Wow! The U.S. added 250,000 Jobs in October - and this was despite the hurricanes."

Excuse me but what the hell are you doing

Trump: "Today, TWO RALLIES! Don't tell anyone (big secret), but I will be..."

Turkish official: Jamal Khashoggi's body was dissolved in acid

Debbie Cox-She should become as notorious as #BarbequeBecky. Voter-suppression Debbie?

Judge rules in favor of Trump administration in California federal lands case

Beto O'Rourke tweet about oldest and youngest volunteer. Great picture!

Cruz hammers Brennan for endorsing Beto O'Rourke

Tuesday: We can begin the process of shutting down the nursery.

Wisconsin conservative admits he'd shoot his sister in the face for Trump: 'She has to know how....

The story of this election

Kremlin says Putin, Trump to hold substantive meeting at G20 in Argentina

Trump's impeachment

Pompeo And Mnuchin Reimpose Iran Sanctions Lifted Under 2015 Nuke Deal

Some internet guy thinks the blonde in the photo is Jacob Wohl's girlfriend, but

Nigerian army posts Trump video to justify shooting Shiites

Trump complaints or no, Fed December interest-rate hike looks like 'done deal' after strong jobs rep

Jury awards $68K to black student injured after white classmates wrapped rope around her neck

I'll be serious for once.

Pence attacks Oprah -- Flea attacks Mt. Everest

Has Mueller Subpoenaed the President?

US mid-terms: What are the claims of voter suppression?

Today's birthday boy: Brian Poole, lead singer of The Tremeloes, 1941

Pay attention to Iran.

10 years ago today, the late Ralph Stanley cut this radio ad in support of Obama (we won VA by 6.3)

Hopefully this venomous creature won't return in the Fall

Ted Cruz's idea of Christianity is called Dominionism and this cult wants to destroy the separation

Does Trump want a massacre at the border...?

US trade deficit increases more than expected in October and is now up 10% for 2018

*****C-Span link for President Obama's rally for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson.*****

Trump's rate of false or misleading claims has now reached 30 per day, 3 times the previous pace

Nigerian Army Uses Trump's Words to Justify Fatal Shooting of Rock-Throwing Protesters

Trump administration to reinstate all Iran sanctions

CT preacher says the Mueller frame-up fiasco was "Jewish plot"

Boy Erased Doesn't Soft-Pedal the Horrors of Gay Conversion Therapy, and Thank God for That

Stunning, rare Mandarin duck mysteriously appears in Central Park


He would have turned 81 today: Earl "Speedo" Carroll, lead vocalist of The Cadillacs

"On Demand" movie selection questioned

This is us DU'ers-be very proud!!

Since we can't talk about gun control yet, can we talk about rock reform?

Wow. Front page of paper in Dubai.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Incitement Of Hatred And Violence Is A Feature, Not A Bug

I think Democratic candidates could be campaigning more

The death of personal responsibility

On Tuesday, as you watch election returns, please remember

Voter ID Laws

GOP strategist: Trump's immigration stance is "biggest risk" to Republicans in midterms


So apparently the brutal Jamal Khashoggi murder is being swept under the rug now?

Lessay we do take back at least one house next week-- is it possible that...

How 10 Undecided Voters Made Up Their Minds

The Twit tweets: wtf?

Giant 'waves' in the sky are wreaking havoc on our weather, study says

Trump claims a majority of undocumented immigrants skip their court dates. Here are the facts.

Trump's EPA May Have Shut Down It's Climate Change Website for Good

Human Rights Group Calls For Investigation Of Giuliani, Trump Money-Laundering Scheme

Cat grow - Cute to handsome beast

Jacob Wohl is trump*, without the super rich daddy

Pierce: The President* Is Rooting for a Bloodbath

"Rally Round the Flag" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Fortenberry's chief of staff contacts UNL chancellor to complain about professor

If This Texas District Goes Blue on Tuesday, Look Out

Little Rock police shooting of 15-year-old Bobby Moore reveals horror show of misconduct, cover-up

Stephen Colbert Late Show Monologue November 01, 2018 Trump's Frightening Closing Argument

*TSIH* Snopes-Did the UN Declare War on America and Order Trump to Let the Migrant Caravan In?

Can the Progressive Coalition Beat Trump?

Feliz dia de los Muertos 💀

An uncivil exchange. A tale from the abortion clinic.

Vote, because many are prevented

John Bolton praised Brazil's new far-right, pro-torture president, and called him a 'like-minded

What proportion of "Republicans" constitute Donny's "base?"

"Jamal Khashoggi deserves justice"

What You Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You -- Chuck Willis

Please click on this link from Indivisible to either text bank or phone bank, it's easy peasy!

Taking back the house changes everything. Nothing else matters.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Monologue - Nov 01, 2018

Tuesday will be a Blue Wave, but today, Dumpstaphunk is giving us a

I just got a mailer

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: It's WE the People

MSNBC: Just now reporter in Texas says EARLY VOTING has blown the doors off!

Dot Dash by Wire

Being a Grandfather I'm rambling

How Did 'House of Cards' Kill Frank Underwood? Very Patiently.

Tax Cheating? It's Not Just The Trumps.


I Have To Shut My Cable News Programs Off And Watch Something Else....

Sinking feeling.

You can lead Republicans to the polls, but you can't make them think.

So, if the Gropenfuhrer uses executive order to change the 14th. Amendment,

Ramsey County Attorney: vote for John Choi

The gay guy who claimed he had sex with Obama is running for mayor of a Florida town

So, what is trump pulling out of his ass on monday???

Cops: Woman strangles bouncer she thought slapped her bottom

Pakistan's 'father of the Taliban' killed in knife attack

GOP congresswoman: No need for more gun violence research, the NRA has us covered

Passcodes are protected by Fifth Amendment, says court

Breaking : Judge orders Kemp to guarantee people flagged as non citizens in exact match a vote

Web Ad for Yes on 3 in Massachusetts (Transgender Rights)

Someone I work with is driving today.....

Claudia Tenney thinks studying gun violence is a waste of money

Documents Expose President Donald Trump Border Deployment As Political Stunt Rachel Maddow

Pythagorean Cup.

How Democrats Are Fighting Against A President Who Won't Tell The Truth The Last Word MSNBC

Changes to Flickr

Obama quietly records dozens of get-out-the-vote pitches

Overcoming cognitive bias

Brand New Show today! Check it OUT!

She'll Put A Spell On You!

This one site has everything a voter needs...pls share w/ family/friends, etc.

Robert Reich: Trump's 30 Biggest Broken Promises

I don't get it. If an executive order is all it takes to edit the Constitution...

Stephen Miller's uncle rakes his nephew over the coals on immigration

Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle talk Trump and comedy tour

Bill Mayhugh, longtime D.C. radio host who raised millions for charity, dies at 91

29,339,096 Americans have ALREADY voted in the 2018 mid-terms. 8 million more than 2014

URGENT: Your Constitutional Right to Bear Rocks is at risk!!!

Minnesota Is Scanning Early Voters' Ballots

US to impose 'far tougher' sanctions on Iran Monday

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to humanoid robot

My 89-year-old mother

GA! Victory over Kemp re: signature match! All relief awarded!

Finally Major Media Outlet Says It - WAPO: "Trump deploys the fascist playbook for the midterms"

Meet Katie Hill, the millennial who could flip a solidly red California district

I am from New York and I am a big Beto fan.

Japan may loosen immigration rules for blue-collar workers

I'm having a root canal Monday.

Who are Siri and Alexa voting for?

what are the four states where voting machines are flipping

And then there are judges

What in the hell is wrong with some people?

Lol! How the rest of the world sees Trump's troop move

The Moon, this morning...

Protect The Vote, How You Can Help: Brennan Center For Justice

Skeleton found in basement during search for father missing since 1961

Immigrants arrive with flourishing gut microbes. Then America's diet trashes them

"FIRED UP & READY TO GO!" (a short clip of its origin/Edith Childs) This made me cry.

'It's like a cult': how sexual misconduct permeates the world of ballet

'It's like a cult': how sexual misconduct permeates the world of ballet

What Kind of Democrat Can Beat Trump in 2020? (NYTimes)

'It's like a cult': how sexual misconduct permeates the world of ballet

'It's like a cult': how sexual misconduct permeates the world of ballet

The effects of the previous caravan of migrants heading for the US! A shocking tale! Some facts for

Judge Denies North Dakota Tribe's Request To Block Voter ID Law

The Hotel Bill for Melania Trump's One-Day Cairo Visit Was $95,000

"You've Got To Be Carefully Taught" - SOUTH PACIFIC (1958)

Judge Denies North Dakota Tribe's Request To Block Voter ID Law

trump is going to indiana today and bringing a major asshole with him....


Here's why I vote on Election Day in my precinct:

Federal Court Orders Georgia Officials to Make Sure New Citizens Whose Voter Registrations Were Flag

"Illegal immigration brings crime, disease, and drugs!"

Federal Court Orders Georgia Officials to Make Sure New Citizens Whose Voter Registrations Were Flag

Have you noticed that there are no government policies or actions set to start Wednesday?

BREAKING: Fed judge denies Trump's attempt to stop discovery process in "Emoluments Clause" Lawsuit

Virginia GOP dean John Warner endorses Democrats for Congress

Barbra Streisand - "Carefully Taught and Children Will Listen"

State Rep's Outline For Killing Non-Believers In Holy War Is Referred To FBI

Idaho : Middleton school district to investigate staff dressed as border wall, Mexicans

Trumps ad a total falsehood...

WA-03 is seeing enormous turnout

For What It's Worth... Awesome signs at huge rally against gun violence, Vermont Statehouse

At Missouri rally, Trump says "two maniacs" stopped GOP "momentum"

Another day in the Big City...

State of the race': Top 10 GOP House seats most likely to flip in a blue wave

The ONLY correct answer:

MD/DC emoluments lawsuit going forward.

Kids and their screen time 🙄

Kids and their screen time 🙄

We have nothing to fear from the migrant march

"Hair Groper" ID'd and charged in Ohio


Stocks extend losses on renewed China trade jitters

This is why I will NOT use in person early voting in DuPage

HBO says Trump misappropriating 'Game of Thrones' for 'political purposes'

Texas GOP lawmaker ranted about Soros money on same day shooter gunned down 11 at Pittsburgh synagog

In email to Trump's campaign strategist, Roger Stone implied he knew of WikiLeaks's plans

just because we can use the memory: "Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White Hous

Emerson Poll: Close Governor races in Ohio, Oregon and Kansas.

10,400 people had voted in Clark Co. Nev by 11:30 AM. Big Turnout day coming.

Women in Vermont edgy GOTV campaign

Marijuana edible makers fret as Washington considers crackdown

"Don't curse in front of kids, come on," former Pres. Barack Obama tells a heckler in Miami, Florida

Luckovich-I found you a safe House

Obama makes midterm push to protect legacy

Twitter apologizes for 'Kill all Jews' trending topic

Obama Rally in Miami!

Since Losing Platforms, Gab is Out Here Just Having a Normal One

"The country is doing i think maybe you could say better than it's ever done"

If rocks are as deadly as bullets, why are we spending so much $ on weapons?

Right-Wing Evangelicals Slam Soros for 'Killing America,' Ask Progressive Christians to Repent

A chance meeting leads to dramatic rescue near Glacier Peak

IA-04: I have something in my eye....

Colombia also plans to introduce taxes on school books and newspapers

the media needs to stop this fucking 'helicopter' trumpshit. you can never hear the questions...

Rabbi: Commit 'senseless acts of love' in response to violence

Colombia also plans to introduce taxes on school books and newspapers

RCTs are the Rockets being fired at the trust in America and it's institutions

Donald Trump, according to Michael Cohen: "Black people are too stupid to vote for me."

Chief prosecutor wants to disconnect parts of Colombia from energy grid to curb pot production

Just as trump said the fake news was the cause of our violence, CNN switched to President Obama

Obama stumping for Nelson and Gillum in Miami now

Michael Cohen says Trump repeatedly used racist language before his Presidency

This is great, CNN is showing Obama's rally speach LIVE from beginning to end....

We all need to be like Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars IV.

Bolsonaro's Attacks To Folha Create Informal Subscription Push On Social Media

Trump request to stay emoluments suit denied, potentially allowing plaintiffs to seek details on his

"Impeachments are coming"

Another suspicious package was just sent to Tom Steyer

Obama. In Florida. Unloading. Both Barrels.

Absofuckinglutely brilliant

Putin, Cuban President Vow To Bolster Ties, Denounce U.S. 'Interference'

Def Sec Mattis in tight spot with Trump's border-troops nonsense

Anchor Baby!

Luckovich - the GOP and Pre-existing condition coverage

Putin, Cuban President Vow To Bolster Ties, Denounce U.S. 'Interference'

Steve Schmidt has questions for Ted Cruz & eviscerates him in the process.

At the #1 position on the "Billboard Hot 100" 52 years ago today: "96 Tears."

Migrant caravan members sue Trump over proposed border policies

Trump cancels Colombia trip

Trump cancels Colombia trip

ALL 3 cable news stations are showing OBAMA live!

Report: Some Lime e-scooters catching fire in California

It's almost too painful listening to President Obama speak.

It's getting a might chilly in Pennsylvania

The best case against term limits

Noam Chomsky: Migrant Caravan Is Fleeing From Horrors Created by US

Noam Chomsky: Migrant Caravan Is Fleeing From Horrors Created by US

Analysis:Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days

Boy, I love our President!

This isn't good....Alec Baldwin arrested.

Guns sold by Washington police were used in new crimes, reports AP

Oregon parents reportedly eat Halloween candy laced with meth

Ilana Glazer Event at Synagogue Is Canceled After Anti-Semitic Graffiti Is Found

Brazil's Bolsonaro threatens to cut diplomatic ties with Cuba

Today is the Twoth of November.

Medicare administrator violated Hatch Act, says watchdog group

Brazil's Bolsonaro threatens to cut diplomatic ties with Cuba

Republicans Show Strength in Early Voting

Michael Moore to the 'angry white men' of America: 'What are you scared of?'

***BREAKING CNN *** - Michael Cohen Former Trump Fixer- :Trump has history of racist remarks. "

Alex Jones sued by another Sandy Hook parent

Japan Cabinet OKs bill that would allow more foreign workers

Text for the DFL on Sunday in Saint Paul

You heard it here first: Dems Take The House 50+ seat gain; Senate they will have a 52 majority.

The Jury-err Voting Pool in Tx-32 (North Dallas/Suburbs) is OUTSTANDING

Brazil Joins the League of Strongmen Nations

Cohen - "Trump said black people are too stupid to vote for me."

Don't feel like shopping for dinner so I'm gonna concoct a pizza with stuff on hand. Update!

Brazil Joins the League of Strongmen Nations

Trump to Michael Cohen- On a "bad" neighborhood. -"Only a black can live like this."

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 2, 2018

Trump to Michael Cohen on the passing of Nelson Mandela

Marco Rubio mocks defenders of birthright citizenship, gets reminded why he's a U.S. citizen

J.D. Scholten (IA-4) campaign video: "Faith"

What to Bring to a Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner, 49 Recipes

FBI confirms suspicious package sent to Tom Steyer

Alec Baldwin Arrested After Fight Over Manhattan Parking Spot

How to Get Away with Murder question

Player with the greatest disparity between home runs and strikeouts in a season (min. 30 HRS)

Russia close to granting Cuba 38 million euro loan to buy arms

Russia close to granting Cuba 38 million euro loan to buy arms

Tiny Lakes Once Pooled on Ancient Mars, Only to Fade Away

The White House Is Now Claiming 'A Daily Caravan' Is Crossing The Border

A 4-year-old girl collapses from exhaustion and refuses to walk any further.


This Stuff Is Circling the Drain of Our Galaxy's Monster Black Hole (Videos)

Obama Destroys Trump After A MAGA Heckler Interrupts Him In Florida

Can the Republic Strike Back? By Andrew Sullivan

2018 Horse Racing - Annual Breeders' Cup thread

So Bill Nelson, Andrew Gillum, and Barack Obama walk into a taco place....

Trump's Troops at Mexico Border Could Cost $10 Million a Day

Stephen Miller's uncle: Central American asylum seekers are 'just like our family'

Dumb teller at Chase Bank...

Texas' Republican leadership is suddenly fine with the White House sending troops to the state

Kid Twist

Washington state lawmaker embroiled in 'Biblical war' controversy

Chris Wallace: There Were Two October Surprises / Colbert fights back!

My sister is a Texas trumpanzee

OMFG. Just... OMFG.

Chris Wallace Spars With Colbert Over Immigration Facts / Pt. 2


Michael Cohen Trump used racist language in private conversations

Jacob Wohl's Fake P.I. Firm Ghosted on Ex-Homeless Woman Looking For Her Stolen Truck

Organizing among active duty service folks?

Virginia GOP dean John Warner endorses Democrats for Congress

Do you think the folks in Pittsburgh who are still burying their loved ones ...

With Landslide 189-2 UN Vote, International Community Once Again Rebukes US for Cuba Embargo

Here's where I was fifty years ago Saturday:

Skullduggery on the high seas.


Maybe trump would like refugees better if he could Executive Order them to be housed in his hotels.

Trump "There is no way I can let this Black F*g win"

Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target 'White Genocide' Enthusiasts

This election could surpass 1914 turnout rate

Front page, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Donald Trump didn't tell the truth 83 times in 1 day

Gary Wright "Dream Weaver" (Back in '72...actually...'75)

If you question him he

Salon: Trump's desperate attempts to escape legal and political trouble could lead America to catast

The New HOUSE FIRE SHOW is posted.

Pentagon stands up to Trump:

NP EV (Nevada): Non partisan voter here, voted blue all the way.

Heitkamp rally in Mandan

Venice is flooded but life goes on:

James Corden with Barbra Streisand

Cruz accuses Beto of funding the make believe caravan with

Some Dump apologist on Chuck Todd's show

Watch John Lewis Dance To 'Happy' At Stacey Abrams Campaign Event

"Politicians are like diapers: they should be changed often, and for the same reason."

Dobie Gray "Drift Away" (1972)

The Old Anti-Semitism in the New World

SCOTUS grants cert in first major religion clause case in the Kavanaugh era.

Supreme Court will take case on constitutional challenge to Maryland's Peace Cross

Michael Cohen claims Trump made repeated racist references

Pentagon rejected request for troops to act as emergency law enforcement at border

My simple statement to my religious conservative friends...

Map: If "Did not Vote" had been a candidate

While We're Distracted--iRAN

US Immigration Westernizes the Human Gut Microbiome

There's usually a surprise in every election.

UPDATE: Supreme Court allows trial on Census citizenship question to go forward

When someone disrespects and thinks you are an idiot they will tell you ridiculous lies. WHY?

Great ad for MA Question 3

Red Wave Crashing? Trump Admits Democrats Taking the House 'Could Happen'

Tweet of the week - from Holly the Space Grl

I am going to canvass for a few hours tomorrow before the football game.

Immigrants arrive with flourishing gut microbes. Then America's diet trashes them.

May you stay forever young

FDA approves powerful opioid despite fears of more overdose deaths

Can you determine the exact moment the drugs kicked in?

Uber Wants To Resume Self- Driving Car Tests On Public Roads

October F and M (formerly Keystone) Poll

Trump on Migrants Throwing Rocks: 'I Didn't Say Shoot'

Well, Well.....Sunday...fall back, an extra hour of sleep at 2am.

Trump To Reporters: 'You're Creating Violence By Your Questions'

The Real Houseguest of the Ecuadorian Embassy

Exclusive: Twitter deletes over 10,000 accounts that sought to discourage U.S. voting

In the lounge..there is a video... James Corden with Barbra Streisand....

Pretty much all Trump does is campaign and tweet.

North Korea Threatens to Resume Nuclear Work Without Sanctions Relief

Lindsey Graham looking to take over Judiciary Committee so he can investigate Hillary and the FBI...

Today (2nd November, 2018) is... Love Your Lawyer Day

MEANWHILE, in what is presumably Russia...

Trump administration plans to end program that fights violent extremism

In the history of super heroes, are there any that get/got the snot beat out of them as often as

Human Rights Group Calls For Investigation Of Giuliani, Trump Money-Laundering Scheme

Tanzanian Anti-LGBTQ Witch Hunt Turns Up Names of 100 People to Arrest

Ari Melbere shame on you

Detailed Texas Early Voter Analysis 11/01/18

MSNBC should lose at least 5 advertisers

Twitter Deletes Accounts That Discouraged Voting

Obama Quietly Records Get Out the Vote Calls

How a Taliban Assassin Got Close Enough to Kill a General

Cop Killer in Trump Video was Released by Sheriff Joe

Did Douchebag Don Jr.'s tweet on Alec Baldwin really warrant a mention, NBC Nightly News?

Is Mattis going to make sure the troops sent to the border

Buried 'medieval' porpoise stumps expert

Sisters found dead in Hudson River preferred suicide over returning to Saudi Arabia: Police

Obama is using his platform to fight for Democrats

Any weavers out thar???

Hate-filled letter left outside woman's home in Tacony

Update on the annual death toll from air pollution.

U.S. top court rejects Trump administration bid to halt climate trial

Hey y'all...question about slow cooker recipe

4 wounded, shooter dead at Tallahassee yoga studio on Thomasville Road

Shut up Michael Cohen, you and your phony outrage.

Early voted in Houston - 1 hour 15 minute wait in line

Praising Openly Fascist Bolsonaro as 'Like-Minded,' John Bolton Hails Brazilian Strongman as Welcome

New York Times Investigative Journalism ads: "The Truth is Worth It"

Praising Openly Fascist Bolsonaro as 'Like-Minded,' John Bolton Hails Brazilian Strongman as Welcome

I viscerally hate your President

Sometimes I use a brouser that is not connected to my membership in DU.

STUDY: Trump's phony caravan "crisis" consumed Wash. Post, NY Times

Streets Of Glory

A new app called 'Vote With Me' lets you see the voting record and political party of every contact

Do not be overcome by evil

New TN Poll Blackburn 44 Bredesen 44

Fired Omaha priest solicited Catholic school children's cellphone numbers

TV Marti ran hit piece on Soros that called him a "multimillionaire Jew"

TV Marti ran hit piece on Soros that called him a "multimillionaire Jew"

Walter Mondale endorses Keith Ellison (D) for MN Attorney General

I think Tweety's having a health problem

Arsonist sets fires at 7 Brooklyn synagogues and Jewish schools: NYC councilman

Trump: "America now has the best economy in the history of our country. Can you believe this?"

Do you remember Trump's Birth Tourism?

Confetti Meatloaf recipe. Even makes a great meatloaf sandwich the next day!!!

I don't like the fact that MSNBC Hosts (and possibly other networks) keep announcing the number

Obama calls troop deployment to border a 'political stunt'

World's Oceans Heating Up Faster Than Expected, Scripps Reports

Toys R Us to open holiday pop-up shops in 600 Kroger stores

Trump acknowledges GOP could lose House: 'Could happen'

Ellison Gains 4 Point Lead Over Wardlow in AG Race

Stephen Colbert confronts Fox News host over Trump's 'lies'