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Archives: November 21, 2018

Isn't it time for a national mutiny?

Greatest NFL game ever?

Trump the last 24 hours

Federal investigators pinpoint what caused string of Massachusetts gas explosions

Alachua County Library (FL) has apparently banned Seth Abramson's Proof Of Collusion

The Hidden Reason Corporate Democrats are Trying to Take Down Nancy Pelosi

Recount in 7th Congressional District (GA) race set for Wednesday

Integration vs. Disipline-Based Approaches to Learning: Not an Either/Or

Christ, I try to take one night away from the news.....romaine lettuce 🥬

Secretary Zinke is right, there would be no forest fires

Could Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2022 if Democrats occupy the White House?

Desmond Tutu awards peace prize to Parkland shooting survivors

Dem Ben McAdams defeats GOP's Mia Love for Utah House seat

I think it's time to go to work on the fake right wing media.

Mia Love has lost so that's 39

Gowdy requests info on Ivanka Trump's personal email use

Joe Kennedy III calls for legalizing marijuana at the federal level

Rand Paul pans Trump's statement on Khashoggi killing, calls it 'Saudi Arabia First'

Trump: 'I can't imagine anybody else' other than myself for Time Person of the Year

"The past two weeks have almost gone worse for House Republicans than Election Night itself."

Avenatti has called for his building to release all videos related to the woman's claims.

Diary Of A Jamaican Who Just Moved To South Dakota, USA or how I feel about winter- hilarious

Once again, work requirements approved for Kentucky Medicaid

Pika lip-syncs to Freddie Mercury. Look out, Rami.

No proof here at all BUT after the Saudi answer to Khashoggi MURDER

I find it bizarre

I am just going to say it. Donald Trump can go fuck himself. He is a danger to us all

Every vote counts, after a Gop was declared winner for our county sheriff, final

Is it ironic when a porcupine gets stuck?

So folks, what do you think about "A Better Deal" NOW?

Cindy Hyde-Smith Bans Audience And Outside Press From Debate With Mike Espy

Saudis can keep their blood money

Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud (Louis Malle 1958)

Acting AG Matthew Whitaker released details of past income that shows $900K from nonprofit

What a start to Thanksgiving week for Leader Pelosi.

Hyde-Smith v Espy debate live stream if interested:

Raw Story

Kids Cover Luke Cage Theme Song

Ex-Judge Who Spent 9 Months In Prison For Beating Wife Is Arrested After She's Killed

Trump went to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Barack Obama did this:

Cindy Hyde-Smith and Confederate history

PLEASE HELP New Uber rider has some questions - this is really to ease my wife's concerns

Mueller could or could NOT care less about the Big Con answers....


Did Ivanka actually email classified info??? (President travel plans are NatSec!!)

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fruitcakes!

Das Boot (1981) - 25 minute review with scenes.

Now, PBS WETA *NEW AMERICAN NAZIS, Frontline, ProPublica

MS-SEN: Debate is not going well for Cindy Hyde-Smith

Settling down for the nite

Idea: Reopen Alcatraz for the Trumpassians and Friends...

Remember the 9/11 slogan?

UFOs in the 1960s......

Meyer Lemon Tart (from a friend)

Trump administration blames 'radical environmental groups' for Camp Fire. Experts disagree

Roy Clark on The Jimmy Dean Show 1964(3 songs)

Mueller got some answers, but he's not done with Trump

Lawmakers denounce Trump's backing of Saudis, despite Khashoggi killing

What they're saying: Congress denounces Trump's inaction on Saudi Arabia

Worst Day of an Awful Year Leaves No Corner of Market Unscathed

These Avenatti post have got to be trolling!

Federal judge finds female genital mutilation law unconstitutional

I want someone to ask Trump if Ivanka was butchered by the Saudis would it still be "America first"?

@KellyanneConYou: People need to understand is that Ivanka was using her alternative email for secu

Barack Obama, back in Chicago - The Economist

Schumer asks for probe into Whitaker's White House contacts

Trump says Ivanka emails 'fake news' and unlike Clinton controversy

To all the people frantically baking stuff for Thursday:

Judge blocks 15 week abortion ban in Mississippi

Gov. Scott Walker appoints outgoing Attorney General Brad Schimel to Waukesha court

Susan Collins decides to commit political suicide.

President Trump is surrounded by fools

Did Trump cheat while answering Muelller's questions?

Senators push Trump admin to determine role of Saudi crown prince in Khashoggi's death

Now, PBS WETA *NEW AMERICAN NAZIS, Frontline, ProPublica

Mississippi Voters Could Make History in Yet Another Race About Race

Now, PBS WETA *NEW AMERICAN NAZIS, Frontline, ProPublica

Fudge endorses Nancy Pelosi in surprise move

Light A Candle For Roofus

Senate Homeland Security chairman requests briefing on Ivanka Trump emails

Dem senator: Trump's Saudi statement 'stunning window' into his 'autocratic tendencies'

Does Minnesota even have a Lt. Gov?

VP Joe Biden and Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids

Nashville police department retaliated against female officer for reporting sexual assault.

Congrats Ben McAdams-Utah

Tweet from one of the freshman House of Reps class on Trump vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia

Pelosi's main challenger for House speaker drops bid

MSNBC: Kinda understanding what some are saying.

Matt Whitaker Repeatedly Revised Financial Disclosure Forms Following AG Appointment

Miles Davis - Concierto De Aranjuez, Adagio

Somali Workers in Minnesota Force Amazon to Negotiate

It's no coincidence tRump answers some questions after his illegal AG appointment...

Salvador Dali's Rare 1969 Illustrations for "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,"

What happens when women mentor men

Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept. to Prosecute Comey and Clinton.

Richard Feynman - Ode To A Flower

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - The Wax and the Furious

The Moon on November 20, 2018.

Tweet of the Day

Seth Meyers - Trump Pardons Turkeys, What Trump Calls Siri - Monologue - 11/19/18

I thought this Monica Lewinsky special was about her affair with BC. How did it turn into hit job

North meets South: Illinois's Lauren Underwood takes a break with Oklahoma's Kendra Horn

George Moscone was a trailblazer. A new documentary reminds California just how much.

It's bothered me for years. Where did the ridiculous notion

Our Responsibility, to Ourselves and Others, to Break Our Silences

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Virginia's Medicaid expansion drawing thousands more enrollees than initially projected

I think Female Genital Mutilation meets the definition of a hate crime.

Swastika Defaces Duke University Mural Honoring Synagogue Shooting Victims

(Jewish Group) Israel, Jews, and Gays Could Harm 'National Foundations', Egypt Says

Virginia lawmakers announce proposals to legalize sports betting

Whitaker was paid 1.2 million as only employee of mysterious nonprofit

Army Corps Suspends Atlantic Coast Pipeline Permit

Liam's (grandson) fav 9th birthday present....🎂

Does your state still allow female genital mutilation? A judge just overturned

To my after hours buds (and regular hours ones too.😍) Cesar Franck: "Violin Sonata"/

So Trump basically said today

I have a suggestion for TIME Person of the Year: Jamal Khashoggi

Democratic wins in the midterms were driven largely by African American voters

Coast Guard orders cleanup of massive 14-year oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Fmr. DOJ Prosecutor: I Could Draft Trump Indictment Right Now - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Center of conspiracy: Defamation suit targets Alex Jones

A Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds In California - All In - MSNBC

New Trevor Noah rule:

What's the greatest thing about pie?

Although Trump won, he will forever hate HRC for getting more votes than he and for

THANKS PRES. TRUMP! - I think this will be a great gesture.

At debate: Public hangings, African despots, pre-existing conditions and ducking the media

Ticked off: UVA physician connects the dots on a perplexing allergy to meat

Why do we stop talking about voter suppression once the elections are over?

Potential Challenger Quits, Nancy Pelosi Likely Next Speaker - The Last Word - MSNBC


Russia loses Interpol presidency vote

Best License Plate Ever!

Bombshell: Trump Ordered Hillary Clinton, James Comey Prosecution - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Where do I start?

This speaks to me...

Documenting Hate: New American Nazis. PBS Frontline episode from last night.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/20/18

Portsmouth vice mayor must pay $775,000 for defaming ex-city auditor, jury rules

Stephen Colbert - Senator Ben Sasse: Congress Isn't Working

Parent's gun goes off accidentally inside Portsmouth school, and ricochet injures a woman

Virginia could save millions by letting more old and sick prisoners free, audit says

Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper or Snorky?

Taxpayers shelled out $400,000 to airline that never came to Newport News airport

Huge Benson development near San Pedro River gets federal OK

Yemen crisis: 85,000 children 'dead from malnutrition'

An Alt-Right Editor Accused Antiracism Activist and UNC Professor Dwayne Dixon of Assault.

How complicit is Mitch McConnell ?

US tourist 'killed' by arrow-shooting Andaman island tribesmen


The Milky Way's Reflection Shines on Surface of the Moon in Stunning New Image

'El Chapo' rival Hctor Beltrn Leyva dies in jail

'El Chapo' rival Hctor Beltrn Leyva dies in jail

Judge "No"? Senate moves closer to confirming reactionary Jesse Helms disciple to the federal bench

Cooper's Work Paid Off

The Rachel Maddow Show 11/20/18 - MSNBC

Trey Gowdy to White House: Hand over Ivanka Trump email information!

Recount gives Democrat Rachel Hunt 68-vote win in last contested NC legislative race

Happily, an arrest has been made in the defacement of the African Burial Ground National Monument..

After chickenpox outbreak at Asheville Waldorf, county quarantine order challenged in court

Judge Blocks Mississippi's 'Unconstitutional' Ban On Abortions After 15 Weeks

Wednesday TOONs - Turkeys of the Year Edition

The largest defeat in the history of mid-terms

Please continue Republicans for the next two years.

I don't remember which show last nite. Probably The Last Word

U.S. spy agencies sued for records on whether they warned Khashoggi of impending threat of harm

"The Late Bloomer". Very funny "guys" movie.

Intro to Life o' Crime 101 quiz: You've just assaulted someone on the subway. What do you do next?

The flawed argument against impeachment

North Carolina lawmakers propose allowing range of voter IDs

In New Tactic, Hyde-Smith Tries Apologizing For Hanging Comment

Trump's Black Friday Sale: Oil, Guns and Morals

. @AprilDRyan asked the president about @RepCummings wanting to investigate Ivanka's emails...

Michelle Wolf Answers tRump Tweet Splendidly

Ivanka's emails: if only she'd known!

Breaking: Interpol elected S Korean Yang as president, rejecting Russian bid to head the agency!

Snark Report: Trump's response to Mueller's questions

Matt Whittaker, the acting attorney general, is up to his neck buried in corruption.

Why Thanksgiving isn't necessarily a celebration: a Native American writer's take

Texas Is About to Create OPEC's Worst Nightmare

Liberty and Justice: A cautionary tale in the land of the free.

'Never seen things this bad': Soy farmers fume as their crops rot in storage thanks to Trump's trade

After mass desertions: Maduro prohibits Venezuelan military from leaving country

Look at Trump's twitter from a few minutes ago.

Matthew Hedges: British academic accused of spying jailed for life in UAE

Chavistas demand Maduro resign immediately. Forget the ax. Try the sword

Trump thanks Saudi Arabia for falling oil prices: 'Let's go lower'

"Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer?"

Who needs high speed trains?

Did a Trump Pardon get enjoined by the 9th circuit court?

"Every leaf you rake, Every lie you make, Every claim you fake..."

US Air Force conducts first ever F-35 fighter jet 'elephant walk'

Trump, Who Loves Nukes and Hates Treaties, Is Putting Us on the Road to the Apocalypse

"Once again, our President proves that you can't buy a moral compass...."

As U.S. attorney, Whitaker imposed longer-than-usual drug sentences (WP)

Jamal Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia after he criticized Trump

Markets - Futures pointing to a big, positive opening. We'll see if it can hold.

5-year-old girl shot in Baltimore four months after sister, 7, was gunned down

Slight the Troops (Luckovich)

Thanksgiving- Pilgrims - oh those Billingtons

Robert Mueller has accomplished one huge goal already.

Mississippi Senate Race Comes Down to Turnout

Behind the scenes: Trump vs. Mueller

Pay no attention to the human rights abuses or contract murders - look at the cheap oil!

All I Want For Christmas Is His Tax Returns, His Tax Returns...

Judge Slams Male Lawmakers Over Abortion Ban

Stacey Abrams is doing the best and right thing, fighting on and back

If a short psychic escaped from prison there would be a

Tennessee Man Killed After Concrete 'Likely' Thrown Over Bridge Hits His Car: Police

I Helped Lead the 'Fire Pelosi' Campaign in 2010. Democrats Would Be Nuts to Do It Now.

Mueller got some answers, but he's not done with Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Hosts Traditional Thanksgiving Pardoning Ceremony

The Trump administration wants to ban menthol cigarettes, but NC senators push back

Groucho Marx - You Bet Your Life

Trump's business dealings could still face a Southern exposure

Sometimes, While Looking For Sympathy...

There are two Saudi Arabias

Stalemate on Trump's wall amid threat of shutdown

Alamance sheriff says 'I am not a racist,' calls county illegal drug hub of Southeast

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving each year, The Wall Street Journal. reruns twin editorials.

Trump's team 'far more worried' about Southern District of New York investigation than Mueller

Atrium Health cheated employees over retirement, health benefits, lawsuit claims

Two Politico cartoons

Joe Scarborough Implores Republicans to Put Party Ahead of 'Unhinged' and 'Immoral' Donald Trump

John Dean: Nixon would say Trump is going "too far"

GOP Senators Tell Trump They Want Vote on Trade Pact This Year

I, for one, am so blissfully glad that the Nancy Pelosi bogey man has finally been put to rest

One thing to remember on this Thanksgiving holiday

On July 2, 1978, the last hot lead edition of the New York Times rolled off the presses.

Nick Drake, Three Hours

Carl Bernstein: Trump desire to prosecute Clinton 'defining moment' and 'demonstration of his...

Harvesting in a trade war: U.S. crops rot as storage costs soar

Mr Ten Feet Tall, cough, vomit, is losing to a generic Democrat 55% -23% in purple Colorado

Trump Privately Asking Aides if Mike Pence is Loyal to Him

LOCK HER UP? Ivanka Trump Caught Using Personal Email Govt Business

'Ravenous, Hairy Ogre' Microbe May Represent Entirely New Branch on the Tree of Life

If I had a time machine, I'd use it

Serial 'Dine-and-Dash Dater' convicted

When (If) DJT gives thanks, what do you think he's thankful for? (his perspective)

"Hey, Girl..."

The crimes of this Administration cannot go unpunished

Spot On!

Trump's Black Friday Sale: Oil, Guns and Morals - By Thomas L. Friedman

Trump Stands Up for Saudi Arabian Values - By The NYT Editorial Board

Trump Returns to 'Winter White House'

You never know with a cat

Trump Is in Love with Tyrants.

Why is that ahole Andy Card such a frequent guest on MSNBC mornings these days?

Even Nixon didn't try to throw his opponents in jail

LePage denies pardon for Waterville resident deported to Haiti

Heads up Malcolm Nance on next on the Stephanie Miller's gig

**WH approves use of Lethal Force for troops at border!!

I read it all the time.

Recreational marijuana sales begin in Massachusetts, first on the East Coast

The Thanksgiving before the 'first' Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving before the 'first' Thanksgiving

Mississippi Senate- Sri Preston Kulkarni is working to help Mike Espy

The Trump administration will crash and burn like the Hindenburg.

White House approves use of force, some law enforcement roles for border troops

How a Blue Wave Wiped Out Republicans in the Largest County in Texas

The Rundown: November 21, 2018

The Webcomics Weekly #11: The Literal Us Thanks You (11/20/18)

How a Blue Wave Wiped Out Republicans in the Largest County in Texas

NM's big loser bids to chair the party of... losers!

The origin of Superheroes: Wolverine

Objectively False that Trump Provided Unprecedented Cooperation; Stop Parroting Rudy Claiming He Did

Favorite Trump news podcasts

Steve Bannon's far-right Europe operation undermined by election laws

More than half the women elected to the 116th Congress were Girl Scouts

Finns held in Muslim Malaysia over 'Christian pamphlets'

Cindy McCain "will never forgive" Trump, hasn't ruled out voting for him in two years

Best Concession of 2018 election

Scott Walker's Democratic Successor Fights Off Aggressive GOP Power Grab

Obama Compares Beto To Himself, Calls Him An 'Impressive Young Man'

How Leftover Turkey Launched The TV Dinner

New Testament Names - "Josh, We Never Knew Ya."

What we have here is the verification of the adage that power

American tourist killed after encounter with hostile tribe on isolated Indian Ocean island

Remember, whatever Don McGahn knows, Mueller knows.

Across the nation, from rally to rally, the chant joined the rolling of the bells

Corker, Menendez Ask Trump Whether Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killing

Tee hee, Badass Pelosi

As the ice melts, U.S. prepares for possible threats from Russia and China

Mueller's team scorches guilty ex-Trump aide for trying to avoid prison -- and uses his own tweets...

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Mob boss gone mad: Trump longs to go after Clinton, apologizes for murderers

Come get your Wednesday Dance on!

Democratic donors suggest they'd close their wallets if Nancy Pelosi doesn't reclaim speaker's gavel

Shit. My new clinic manager is a gun-nut and just found out I'm ex-military.

Southwest Airlines is formally allowing miniature horses on its planes as service animals

Donald Trump Will Refuse To Cooperate If Mueller Subpoenas Him, Giuliani Warns

CDC's Food Safety Alert on Romaine Lettuce

Rep. Brian Higgins, in a reversal, will back Nancy Pelosi for speaker

Interpol rejects Russian candidate as president.

Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp

American Missionary Meets Maker?

Rep. Pelosi takes another 'gang of 16' critic in hand

Jim Carrey's Latest: Tres Sheik

Litigation Documents Related to the Mueller Investigation

People don't like to adopt black dogs, meet Mika a hurricane survivor

Did Obama Have Journalist Brenda Lee Forcibly Removed from Air Force One?

YUP! its Raining!!!

❤️ Obama surprises Chicago food bank volunteers and helps prepare Thanksgiving meal bags ❤️

Parenting Done Right

George Papadopoulos's tweets may have just cost him bail: New legal filing from Mueller

Miami judge in Trump dossier case wants documents made public

Melissa Clark's Thanksgiving

Effin Dinner Time, Sandra

Hillary. Under Oath. 11 Hours. Televised.

At the car wash, yeah . . .

Barack Obama volunteers at food bank for Thanksgiving while Donald Trump plays golf in Florida

A request for New Yorkers and Washington DC residents.

US durable goods orders fall 4.4% in October

The time Nancy Pelosi saved Social Security

Pelosi's Democratic Critics Shrink as NY Congressman Who Signed Letter Now Says He's Changed...

Morning Joe (6AM) NOV 21, 2018 - MSNBC News TODAY TRUMP'S BOMBSHELL

"the eff did I do?"

Crops are rotting in fields as Trump's trade war bites US farmers

Trump's Interference With Science Is Unprecedented

Over 90% of the anti-Pelosi Democrats have voted with Trump more often than Pelosi

How Robert Mueller Will Bag Trump - Former Law Enforcement Official Who Worked for Him

Been here for nigh on 20 years

How Tech bros fell in love with baking bread

Yellow Days - A Little While

I'll be out for a bit, so leaving y'all with

A tale of two presidents:

Asia Bibi family being hunted 'house to house' in Pakistan

Asia Bibi family being hunted 'house to house' in Pakistan

Share your funny Thanksgiving cooking mistakes of the past (or someone else's).

House Intelligence Panel Hiring Money-Laundering Sleuths

Nixon would have told Trump charging enemies was going too far - John Dean

Vox: The roots of America's democracy problem

"It is no longer about whether Trump has any decency, but if WE do."

***BREAKING*** Chief Justice Roberts Rebukes Trump For Attacks On The Court

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to Trump: Being Saudi Arabia's B*tch Is Not 'America First.'

Venus Williams settles lawsuit over fatal Florida car crash

U.S.- S.Korea to reduce scope of 'Foal Eagle' military exercise

Former Bush attorney general Alberto Gonzales rebukes Trump for reportedly seeking to prosecute Clin

Ted Lieu and the Canadian Broadcasting Company take Trump to school RE: Saudi Arabia.

Chief Justice John Roberts Criticizes Trump For 'Obama Judge' Asylum Comment

Trump will never see a day in jail

Another parody Twitter account:

U.S. judge orders release of Iraqis detained by Trump administration

The Animals of California's Devastating Camp Fire

When the crash comes and Trump is exposed as a MAGAdisaster, I guess we know what he'll

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts calls out Trump for his attack on a judge

The number of abortions in the U.S. hits a historic low

Special counsel urges judge to order former Trump campaign aide to prison Monday as scheduled

Justices to consider whether Eighth Amendment ban on "excessive fines" applies to the states

An IKEA store in Italy is letting stray dogs inside to warm up during the winter!

From defendant to top prosecutor, this tattooed Texas DA represents a new wave in criminal justice r

Boxing Federation Controversy Puts Sport at Risk in the Next Olympics

From defendant to top prosecutor, this tattooed Texas DA represents a new wave in criminal justice r

The empty chair...

Was getting ready to pay my gas bill online and it is $40 less than when I first

Homeland Security Dept. Finds 'Minimal' Risk to Border Guards, Undercutting Trump Plan

I hope tRump has a big Romaine lettuce salad tomorrow for Thanksgiving

"Champagne wishes & caviar kisses for Thanksgiving" - Dodgy Donny (R)

No good music today? How about Gregorian?

Vanity Fair details Michael Avenatti's affirmative defenses

WTF is it with "feedback"?

Elon Musk Smoking Weed Sparks NASA Investigation Into SpaceX Workplace Safety

Charles Pierce: What Trump Has Done Is Already Impeachable By Any Reasonable Standard

Thank you Donald J Trump for all that you have done.......

China building on new reef in South China Sea, think tank says

Abu Dhabi fund sues Goldman Sachs over 'central role' in 1MDB scam

"Okay I believe in God now."

Chuck Grassley Slams USDA For Anti-LGBT 4-H Policy

Want to flee Chavismo? No passport? Claim to be a Sephardic Jew, get passport from Spain!

Maryland College Student Dies Of Virus That Killed 11 Kids In N.J.

Why 536 was 'the worst year to be alive'

UMd. College Student With Crohn's Dies Of Adenovirus That Killed 11 Kids In N.J.

UMd. College Student With Crohn's Dies Of Adenovirus That Killed 11 Kids In N.J.

Teen loses driving license after 49 minutes

TEMPORARY NAME CHANGE: "DU" becomes "SU" as *SHUT UP* becomes new mantra for 75% of members.

Jimmy Kimmel's "The First Trumpsgiving Performed by Fifth Grade Kids"

Jimmy Kimmel's "The First Trumpsgiving Performed by Fifth Grade Kids"

Democrats Hiring Money Laundering Experts


Congress orders Trump admin to investigate Saudi crown prince's role in Khashoggi murder

Price drop, efficiencies of scale? Tesla drops price of 2019 entry Model S 75D to $65K

First lady to take part in 'town hall' on opioids

Stunning - Jamal Khashoggi was banned from Saudi Arabia not for criticizing the Saudis

Judge Strikes Down Mississippi's Awful Abortion Ban, Calls It 'Pure Gaslighting'

Chief Justice Defends Judicial Independence After Trump Attacks 'Obama Judge'

Federal report: Indian Country criminal prosecutions plateau

Pa Supreme Court agrees to hear case over donor names Harrisburg's defense fund for gun law

Whitaker is sicker than Jeff Sessions. As US attorney sought longer-than-usual drug sentences

Over 90% of the anti-Pelosi Democrats have voted with Trump more often than Pelosi

slowly but surely, donnie will come to be seen as a lame duck

Couple finds winning lottery ticket, cleaning house, 2 weeks before experiation: worth 1.8 million


One Couple's Brutal, Infuriating Story of Debt in America

Trump Administration Defends Legality Of VA Shadow Rulers

Trump Fans Sink Savings Into 'Iraqi Dinar' Scam

Dems Head Into Holiday Close To 40-Seat Pickup In House

Murder from a cost/ benefit perspective

How was the vile MAGA and MEGA cretin allowed to blow 220M on a political stunt?

trump's peas and carrots pardon was code for

Rep. Gabbard To Trump: 'Being Saudi Arabia's B*tch Is Not 'America First"

I am trying to psyche myself up for Thanksgiving.

Reporter explains 'most stunning thing' about John Roberts' rebuke of Trump

Mattis says he has extra authority to use military on border

Arkansas: 12,000 People Dropped From Medicaid Due To New Work Requirements

Mike Espy rejects Cindy Hyde Smith's recited apology: 'When you mean it you look someone in the eye'

Stevie Wonder - Happier than the Morning Sun

Aaron Rodgers donates $1 million to Camp Fire recovery - And you can help

Daily Beast reporter obliterates Trump's 'cheap oil' claims: Saudi Arabia plans to drive up prices

Gunman who went on rampage at Mercy Hospital had troubled history, particularly with women

Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America

This is what Obama thinks of Pelosi

Aaron Rodgers donates $1 million to Camp Fire recovery - And you can help

Stevie Wonder - Golden Lady

"I hereby pardon this turkey."

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

Arkansas: 12,000 People Dropped From Medicaid Due To New Work Requirements

Ohio Republicans declare motherhood "necessary," want to make it mandatory

Disenfranchised voters

Luckovich: Let bygones be bygones

Arkansas: 12,000 People Dropped From Medicaid Due To New Work Requirements

Amazon hit with major data breach days before Black Friday

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

EFF, Human Rights Watch, and Over 70 Civil Society Groups Ask Mark Zuckerberg. . .

Atomwaffen Member Sketched a Map to Take the Neo-Nazis Down. What Path Officials Took Is a Mystery

What happened to the "memo"??

Popcorn futures skyrocket on pending White House indictments.

A darlin' DU fellow traveler posted some Stevie and it reminded me.

US airstrike in Somalia against al-Shabab kills 7 extremists

DOJ Issues Correction After Whitaker Falsely Says Bomber Had Help Overseas

A silent, electric plane inspired by Star Trek has no moving parts in its propulsion system

Baby dies in Bali after US woman allegedly threw it from car

Appeals Court Again Rejects DOJ Request To Delay Census Case

US says China hacking increasing ahead of Trump-Xi meeting

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 21, 2018

Papadopoulos Says Silence Was Never An Option

CA-21 could be the last flip of 2018

MSD shooting: Sheriff supports armed teachers to stop school shooters

The magic fix for restless horses

Ministers say Israel close to retaking Gaza, Hamas leaders' days are numbered

Five fat turkeys are we. We slept all night in a tree--

How Matthew Whitaker's 'wingnut welfare' stint made him perfect for Trump

Ohio Republicans declare motherhood "necessary," want to make it mandatory

GOP Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith, who made 'lynching' joke, seen wearing Confederate gear

GOP Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith, who made 'lynching' joke, seen wearing Confederate gear

Question ? Is Trump the meanest, most selfish President in the last 100 years?..

I'm thinking Mueller is worried about the senate. (as far as impeachment)

S&P, Dow attempt to recover from worst start to Thanksgiving week in 45 years

How Does One Unsubscribe From Raw Story

Report: Student wore Ku Klux Klan outfit to Poplar Bluff High School for 'study group'

*Hotel On Wheels* Self-Driving Hotel Room Could Revolutionize Travel

Trump responds to SC Justice Roberts in tweet


Leaving no stone unturned, Trump is now engaged in a food fight with the SCOTUS

Hey, Trump---just read your "response" to Chief Justice Roberts.

How long before Lindsey attacks John Roberts?

Trump hits back at Chief Justice Roberts

Tonight, don't forget to set back your ...

What's your family cranberry recipe? Yrs ago NPR's Susan Stanberg gave hers----

Something to keep in mind re Chief Justice Roberts

Romney's unjust enrichment history, empirical - undeniable

News with the MR Crew & Thanksgiving w/ Janeane Garofalo

Democrats won House popular vote by largest midterm margin since Watergate Nationally, 53.1% to 45.2

OMG. If this woman wins, there is no hope for Mississippi.

Randi Rhodes Show Live Stream

UPDATED - Michael Avenatti will not face felony charges in domestic violence case: report

Iran says U.S. bases and aircraft carriers within missile range

Humpback Whale Freed From Life-Threatening Entanglement

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back at Sarah Palin

Busloads of caravan migrants arrive overnight in Tijuana, where shelter already is over capacity

Another Pelosi opponent flips, weakening effort to block her speaker bid

Hey, y'all boomers and people who are older than boomers,

So JARVANKA going to India to attend some big fat wedding on tax payers dime

Anecdata: Facebook anti-Trump posts

Obama volunteers at the Chicago food bank.

An open and proud racist in the age of Trump

American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

"When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside"

I am no John Roberts fan but he was 100% correct

A $9 trillion corporate debt bomb is bubbling in the US economy

Trump takes another body shot ... this one from the Chief Justice.

I just saw Barron Trump (a rarity it seems).

Did Trump Administration Push for Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) to be Made the Crown Prince?

Mueller opposes Papadopoulos's push to delay prison time, notes 'inconsistent' tweets

This is Probably Done - By Josh Marshall

Has anyone posted the Mississippi debate?

Do you stand with Chief Justice Roberts or Dirty Donald Trump?

November Photo Contest Finals are posted in GD- FIXED

People Will Pay More For A Tesla Model 3 Due To The 'Tesla Stretch'

California fires: Rain may help firefighters and bring more misery for evacuees

Trump Spends Thanksgiving Eve Tweeting While Watching Fox News: Lots of 'CRIMINALS in the Caravan'

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls to End US Military Support of War in Yemen

MSNBC legal analyst explains how Mueller will eventually bag Trump

Lobster, not pumpkin pie, was at the real first Thanksgiving dinner.

This is very upsetting

Trump thanks Saudis after defying calls to punish prince

Jon Favreau Reminds Everyone Media Had Meltdown When Obama 'Politely' Disagreed With Supreme Court..

After midterms, Mueller prepares blockbuster moves

Turkey accuses U.S. of turning blind eye to Saudi killing of Khashoggi

Dem challenger concedes to incumbent Woodall in Georgia's 7th District

BBC: The Story Behind The Man Who Shot JFK

Is anyone else making a giant Caesar Salad for tomorrow?

Trump's immigration hawks grapple with new court blow

Facebook dumps news at 5 pm ET before Thanksgiving that it did ask Definers to go after Soros

Dems take new approach in NC gerrymandering suit

Barney Bites the Dust - and other Macy's Parade Horrors

Natural gas pipeline permit application withdrawn -- for now

Parkland Students' Activism Honored With International Peace Prize From Desmond Tutu

Trump Obviously Didn't Write Those Tweets Directed At John Roberts. Any Guesses as to Who Did?

5 people died from eating lettuce, but Trump's FDA still won't make farms test water for bacteria

Democrats won House popular vote by largest midterm margin since Watergate

Happy Old Dead Turkey Day!!

McMurray will not concede to Collins, citing 'extensive irregularities'

Thanks Trump! Deere outlook for 2019 disappoints amid trade war, slowing demand

US-Mexico border vigilante: 'They are invaders'

McMurray will not concede to Collins, citing 'extensive irregularities'

Angry judge in Michigan orders Iraqi detainees released, blasts government

I am now convinced that Roberts will be the swing vote

Dead sperm whale found in Indonesia had ingested '6kg of plastic'

Sunni Militants' Ranks Now Four Times the 9/11 Number and Rising: Study

Trump proves again what a fool he is.

DHS Wouldn't Take Mattis' No for an Answer on Lethal Force

CA-21: Valadeo's lead down to 447 votes.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #6: Thanksgiving Edition

The Democratic Primary is tomorrow...

Sinking Cities - Miami - tonight on PBS

Alice's Restaurant (1969)

When you've been planning to have a nice fish dinner all day, then someone goes and does this.

"A Goose for My Girl "(at Thanksgiving)

Luna - California All The Way (VIDEO)

Stink hits darts grand slam as match features flatulent end

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

Was Founding Father George Mason a time traveler? Sure sounds like he knew Trump.

PBS TV: 'Sinking Cities, MIAMI'

Trump's dangerous message to tyrants: Flash money and get away with murder

Vote Leave loses legal challenge over Brexit spending breach

McDonald's Manager Kicks Black Teens Out After Racist Allegedly Threatens Them With a Gun

How the Char family is buying media in Colombia's Caribbean region

May plans Brussels dash to finalise Brexit deal on eve of summit

PBS WETA 'Sinking Cities, MIAMI' Airing Wed. Nov. 21, 10 PM


Donald Trump Signs Authorization for Border Troops Using Lethal Force as Migrant Caravan Approaches,

I posted this some weeks ago

How Populist Are You - Take the Quiz (Guardian)

Domain owner/registration search--can somebody help?

Don't forget this for Thanksgiving...

Boston police face lawsuit over listing hats and selfies as gang symbols

The Latest: Police say woman was killed for refusing sex

Border agent not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Mexican boy's death