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New Plan to Attract Intelligent, Extraterrestrial Life to Earth

Know any good Thanksgiving Day jokes?


Gotta love holiday week when all take off...

Photos of Golden Autumn in the Netherlands (pic heavy)

Judge notes 'sad irony' of men deciding abortion rights as he strikes Mississippi's abortion law

Warning: I think this is some kind of voter scam

Guest on JimBakker show--Trump with aid of McConnell and LGraham has changed US for 30-40 yrs

"We Need to Think More about Viruses"

CG orders massive 14-year oil spill to be cleaned up-Taylor Energy will have to pay $40,000 per day.

Alice's Restaurant - Original 1967 Recording

How Is tRump Saying Or Tweeting Something Outrageous BREAKING NEWS Anymore?

So about that "Second Coming" thing -- and Trump

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

U.S. weighs sanctions on Cuban officials over role in Venezuela crackdown

U.S. weighs sanctions on Cuban officials over role in Venezuela crackdown

ROK Soldier's Death at DMZ Guard Post

Russia's GRU spy agency chief dies after illness at 62: agencies

Guatemalan ex-soldier gets 5,130 years for 1982 massacre

Dear Saudi Arabia,

The myth holds that Trump is a tough guy who fights back. In fact, he is a fragile man

Not a vintage Trump tweet. Brand new!

CA21 is getting ready to flip

Ex-Panama president's sons detained in Miami on corruption charges

I can't wait until January. I'll bet Adam Schiff can't either.

Well that's the only way I'd go

Thanksgiving Day will be coldest in over a century for millions in U.S.

Trump: "Brutal and Extended Cold Blast...Whatever happened to Global Warming?"

Amazon Hit With Major Data Breach Days Before Black Friday

Are you suffering from traffic jams due to Don the Con?

Great Danes

Exclusive: Giuliani on Clinton -- 'Of course she should be investigated'

Did you ever think...

Maine judge orders GOP governor to implement Medicaid expansion

about Nancy Pelosi

Alec Baldwin rips Trump: US 'has a National Socialist tumor in its body'

Charles Dickens Lost Portrait (1843) Turns Up In So. Africa Auction

It Looks Like Mueller May Have Just Outfoxed Trump and Giuliani

Administration Admits Border Deployment Was a $200 Million Election Stunt

If you can sing along to this, well...let's just say you're probably, you know, "mature"...

Cindy Hyde-Smith touts work with imaginary GOP senator, mixes up election date in disastrous debate

Defying state leaders, Charleston may soon punish hate crimes on its own

Grassley defends Trump in feud with Chief Justice Roberts: Roberts didn't attack Obama for 2010 swip

Kathryn Dodge, Bart LeBon in House District 1 tie following absentee ballot count (Alaska)

Whitaker will be gone long before

Robert Mueller if you're listening...

Cox now 447 votes behind Valadao after Fresno County update

Trump wonders: "How can I alienate a bunch of

Lost Portrait Of Charles Dickens Turns Up At Auction In South Africa

Watching the artist of our time....Jim the mask.....

Tweet of the Day

Surprise, Surprise - US National Climate Assessment V2 To Be Released On Black Friday

💙💙 Bailey! 💙💙

💙💙 Bailey! 💙💙

Sheryl Sandberg Says She saw Materials from PR Firm

Scientists Discover Icelandic Glacier Releases 41 Tons Of Methane/Day During Melt Season

Faux News Just now... (Ive just dry retched)

The Protectors Opening Salvo

30-Year EPA Veteran Talks Of "Utter Contempt" Pruitt Had For Scientific Experts & Career Staffers

"In man's struggle against the world, bet on the world."

Mad Dog bill boards.

Moroccan woman in UAE 'killed lover and cooked him'

Climate Policy Debate In House Heats Up; Ousted Curbelo Slaps Sunrise Movement, Gets Punched Back

What a joke of a man

The Hill: Mueller and Manafort article

Head of Russian military intelligence GRU dead 'after long and serious illness'

I really like Ali Velshi on MSNBC...

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fruitcakes!

Survivor.. where did an Idol Nulifyer come from?

Interpol's flaws exposed in US-Russia fight over presidency

Trump: "A big story today is that I have caused traffic jams throughout our Great Nation."

Miss Manners

Just how dumb is Trump?

Somali Workers in Minnesota Force Amazon to Negotiate

What Would Jesus Do? 7 Things From A Muslim's Perspective

Well, That Was Fast: Young German Speeder Earns, Loses License In 49 Minutes

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Many "American" foods we love come from parts of world Trump has vilified

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro won't attend Trump-Xi dinner

Judas or Trump: You decide

Jazz Deconstructed: What Makes John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" So Groundbreaking and Radical?

Trump says media is blaming him for traffic jams

A trip down memory lane...

Trump's dangerous message to tyrants: Flash money and get away with murder

My Mom taught me the importance of honesty in dealing with my fellow man

If attacked by a mob of clowns

How George Papadopoulos' comments could hurt his request to delay jail start date

The the central figure at our holy feast

Inside Trump's refusal to testify in the Mueller probe

Jackie Speier: Trump is "beyond disgusting" and "so compromised" RE:Saudis & Khashoggi

American Troops at Border Won't Have Guns, Mattis Says

Saudi Arabia celebrates as Trump gives Riyadh a pass in journalist's killing.

A Return to Extraordinary Weekly Year to Year Increased CO2 Readings at Mauna Loa: 11/11/18

White Man Accused Of Pulling Gun On Muslim Teens At Minnesota McDonald's

Best way to cook a turkey

Trump Is Beginning to Lose His Grip: Parts of rural * & white working class America peeled off too

What Can Democrats Actually Do to Prevent Voter Suppression?

MUST-READ: Why the blood of a 1955 Mississippi murder drenches today's U.S. Senate race

The United States holds all the aces with Saudi Arabia

Please hear me out.

Federal investigators probing possible Whitaker Hatch Act violations

Why You Can't Rake America Great Again

Here's hoping the longest lines on Black Friday

Can someone help me out with Forbes' immigration BS?

have anyone of you seen this? done by queen

VZ dictator urges college students form militias in support of his government: "Study and Rifle"

Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes Claims He's Quitting the Group

Chief Inspector Murphy says "I'll let Dad pick the movie"

Income Inequality, Financial Crisis & Europe's Far Right: World Inequality Report 2018

The time Nancy Pelosi saved Social Security.

Trump to teleconference with military on Thanksgiving

Betcha can't watch without giggling...

Journalist critical of Argentina's Macri found dead

Journalist critical of Argentina's Macri found dead

tRump teleconferences with troops from resort

Brownback to be on Jim Bakker show next week. Reported by blog

Saudi Foreign Minister: Khashoggi's killing was an 'unfortunate accident'.

These Five Women Were Bridesmaids in Each Other's Weddings -- Now They're All State Senators

Seth Meyers - Ivanka Trump's Emails, Lego Movie Sequel - Monologue - 11/20/18

Jonathan Pie: Brexit, Theresa May, Where Is David Cameron?

Why John Roberts' goal is not what you think

Doesn't Laura Loomer, RW nut, look like youtube's decorating 'star' Mr Kate? She, husband have many

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Minority Voter Suppression

John Coltrane - Naima (Album:Giant Steps) 1959

Seth Meyers: Guest John Kerry Was on a High School Hockey Team with Robert Mueller

White House authorizes lethal force for troops at Mexico border

Seth Meyers: Guest John Kerry Was on a High School Hockey Team with Robert Mueller

Simon's Cat p Festive Feast & other Cat Capers

'It blows my mind': How B.C. destroys a key natural wildfire defence every year

JFK's death wasn't just an end - it was also a crucial beginning.

Maduro offers 20,000 scholarships to Colombians if they study in Venezuela

Heal the forests...utilize hemp

Jacob Wohl Is Successfully Proving Beyond A Reasonable Doubt...........

Seth Meyers - Trump Turns on Allies, Stands by Saudi Arabia: A Closer Look

Question about the election...

People are more likely to believe #FakeNews if it comes with a photo.

At least there is this:

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats should target.

Wednesday Night Wine Buzz. Anybody still up?

S'pose "I'm Awesome!"

Langhorne Slim & The Law - Changes (VIDEO(

How soon before tRump says he thinks Kavanaugh should be Chief Justice of the SCOTUS?

Ex-SCANA employees accuse executives of fraud, mismanagement of nuclear project

The Dutchess & the Duke - Living This Life (VIDEO)

Amy Annelle - Buckskin Stallion Blues (VIDEO)

Ryan Harvey - Old Man Trump (Words by Woodie Guthrie)

The Doors - Wild Child (VIDEO)

Does the Supreme Court need a quorum?

Charleston man who claimed to be veteran and defrauded the VA is sentenced

Education Dept. Shruggs Off Predatory Behavior Of Major Loan Servicer *NAVIENT

The Who 'Who Are You' '78

As South Carolina nuclear hearings end, the fate of SCE&G's rates are in regulators' hands

Why Trump's Own Lawyer Is Robert Mueller's Most Important Witness - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

weird scene at the winn dixie (part 1)

Bloodhound Gang "The Bad Touch"

U.S. Spending $72 Million For Troops To Do Nothing At The Border

Feds hit South Carolina prosecutor Dan Johnson with more charges, including obstruction of justice

Trump Thanks Saudi Arabia For Low Oil Prices, Ignores Murder Of Journalist - The Last Word - MSNBC

Thank you President Lincoln, for Proclaiming Official Thanksgiving Nov. 26, 1863

How Media, Tech, and News Networks Normalize Trump's Propaganda

Could oil industry mean $1.5 billion for South Carolina? Lowcountry leaders question figures

Nancy Pelosi Just Showed Us Why She's the Democratic Leader

Coming Back To Me - The Jefferson Airplane -1967

Migrant Caravan: Branding Migrants "Human Shields" Has a Deadly Motive

Migrant Caravan: Branding Migrants "Human Shields" Has a Deadly Motive

115 plastic cups, 4 bottles and 2 flip-flops found inside dead whale

Paradise Lost

Approaching Development: GMO Propaganda and Neoliberalism vs Localisation and Agroecology

John Fitzgerald Kennedy 11-22-1963 Where Were You?

How climate change could spell the end of America's Yellowstone Park

Get out!': McDonald's worker to Somali teens after man allegedly flashes gun at them

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/21/18

Obama's book sells 1.4 million copies in a week

Here's How To Get TERM LIMITS For Supreme Court Justices.

4000-year-old, UK-sized network of termite mounds discovered in Brazil

Where is Duer "GliderGuider"?

4000-year-old, UK-sized network of termite mounds discovered in Brazil

Brazil hosts air combat exercises for 14 air forces including USAF

Brazil hosts air combat exercises for 14 air forces including USAF

I haven't felt this good in November since President Obama's first election

Polish nun who rescued Jews during Holocaust dies at 110

U.S.'s Bolton says will meet Brazil's Bolsonaro in Rio

U.S.'s Bolton says will meet Brazil's Bolsonaro in Rio

South America's 'first airport city' to be developed at Lima's Jorge Chavez International

To All Americans, Happy Thanksgiving

South Carolina has $1 billion more to spend in 2019. How teachers, college students might benefit

New Trump administration policy would force migrants to wait in Mexico as asylum requests are proce

lying fool

Michael Moore: How Democrats Win In 2020 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Special insider tip on how to strengthen The Force

Thanksgiving 2018 Prayer Thread

Tax returns reveal one six-figure donor accounts for entirety of "dark money" funding Whitaker's non

Lawmakers tackle transit problems in rural Georgia

Let me be the first to say. Happy Thanksgiving BOOG!

Help! What are the best colors for a Rainbow Peace Flag?

Matt Whitaker Well Placed To Serve Donald Trump's Interests On Mueller Probe - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Oh, NO

Cindy McCain Says Trump Wasn't Invited to Husband's Funeral Because She Wanted to Keep It

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Six tax deductions you'll lose on your 2018 return

Jimmy Carter joins the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Do you get the feeling that the Trump-Roberts spat is another distraction?

Could we all hold off on the Kennedy conspiracy theories?

Desmond Tutu Awards Childrens Peace Prize to Parkland survivors.

Georgia leaders try to stem Hollywood revolt after Kemp's win

I always think if JFK had not been assassinated...

I Suppose Trump Has a Point.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have just put a turkey into the oven

Op-ed: Bernie Sanders: Democrats need a bold agenda.

Happy Thanksgiving from Alices Restaurant!

Turkey on the loose: 'He's like Al Capone'

Jared Kushner and Trump Officials Made a Secret Visit to Saudi Arabia Last Week

Climate change: Warming gas concentrations at new record high

Thank-you for being a friend

Trump tweets "HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!." then Twitter stuffs his bird with responses

Happy Turkey Day DU! Tunes with thanks in the title....

What I'm grateful for today

I need my glasses :-)

Is this on the up and up?

I keep asking if Cindy Hyde-Smith could possibly get any worse. Every day the answer is YES.

Johnny Carson & Doc Severinsen Talk Thanksgiving Plans

"Flash enough money in front of the potus, and you can literally get away with murder"

2020 US House Election- Republicans need a net gain of 17/18 seats- depends on what happens in CA-21

Cartoon: One day in Donald Trump's Army

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all the usual stuff--family, health, etc.,,,

White House Canceled Scheduled Mueller Interview

Trump pokes the Justice Roberts bear: "We want the Constitution as written!"

Two quotes by The Joker that apply to Trump

EU and China break ultimate trade taboo to hit back at Trump

Five Friends Are Now State Senators

Thank Abraham Lincoln For Thanksgiving - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump's Direction to Prosecute Comey Could Complete the Obstruction of Justice Case

Repulsive - Trump knows this re Kashoggi:

Opposition to Pelosi slowly collapsing

Indian police struggle to get body of American killed by isolated tribe on North Sentinel island

From Al Franken with Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving DU...both to those who drive me crazy and keep me sane!

DNC seeks to have Carter Page suit thrown out

Religious right to start pressure campaign around criminal justice reform

Filings Show Trump's DOJ Chief Still Working for 14 Companies

Trump keeps up Roberts exchange: 9th Circuit 'a complete & total disaster'

GOP sits back and enjoys Dem fight over Pelosi

Nothing says you ♥️ the troops like teleconferencing them from your Florida beach resort

300-Mile-Wide Dust Storm Plowing Across New South Wales; Health Warnings Issued

Question for twiitter users: Every Trump tweet immediately results in stinging rebukes. Every one

Cory Booker talks to Iowa consultants ahead of 2020

New York/New Jersey DU-ers, you know it's really Thanksgiving now

NYT Op/Ed with a trump normalization piece "Trump Is Crude. But He's Right About Saudi Arabia."

Thanksgiving's mixed feelings

Mattis objected, based on law, to permit troops at the border to use lethal force

Barack Obama surprises Chicago food bank ahead of Thanksgiving

68% Of Foreign Money Flowing To Firms Leveling The Amazon For Soy & Beef Went Through Tax Havens


Harvard University student becomes first DACA recipient to win Rhodes Scholarship

Backyard burials becoming a new norm in Venezuela as it spirals into chaos

Katy Tur Apparently Gets It: Conversation With Michael Mann - 7 Whole Minutes On MSNBC

A few early morning thoughts on Thanksgiving...

Scientists Slam Trump's Clueless Climate Change Tweet: 'He's A Clown'

Justice Department Reviewing Anti-OPEC Legislation, Official Says

Yes We Can!

Aaron Rodgers started a fund for Camp Fire victims

President Bartlet and the Butterball Hotline

Today is the 50th anniversary of the White Album

2018 4th-Hottest Year So Far; October 2018 406th Consecutive Month W. Temps Above 20th Cent. Average

Aaron Rodgers started a fund for Camp Fire victims - he grew up in that area

Adorable weirdness on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

The wingnuts are having a predictable meltdown over the same-sex Macy's Parade kiss

Wonderful Thanksgiving! A day when people of different creeds, colors, and cultures come together to

I put a turkey in the oven two hours ago and it's still

"We're the Hot Nation of the world", Trump tells the troops

trump the idiot is currently reading poorly to the troops on the telephone

Trump addressing the Troops this morning.

JFK assassinated November 22, 1963. 55 years ago. Hard to believe.

Thanksgiving tip: Before your guests begin arriving find the little piece of paper you wrote the

Today I'm giving thanks for my fellow Democrats, especially our mid-term candidates

Legal analyst: 'Boxed-in' Trump can't answer Mueller's questions without admitting to a crime

Happy Thanksgiving fellow DU'rs.

A walk in the park.

George Takei: For those of you forced to sit with Trump-supporting relatives on Thanksgiving...

For you.

Profiles in Crazy, XIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Trump is on TV pretending to be a president again.

Trump's teleconference to the troops from Mar-a-Lago is as moving as you'd think it would be

The Women Are Saving Our Country -- So Be Thankful - Joe Conason

A tRumpanzee challenge: If you believe the media is all about fake news,

"Kozertina" wire ??

FUCK DONALD TRUMP!!!! and Happy Thanksgiving DU!

traffic jams, really? n/t

An economic downturn just when Democrats regain power is almost inevitable.

One day Trump voters will be in a place you never want to be.

Trump: The very, very vicious world should be held accountable for Khashoggi's death

Despite child abuse suspension, Adrian Peterson uses belt on son

"Operation Desert Stunt"

When will reporters fact check the liar in real time?

I Respect People's Right to Believe Whatever They Are Able to Believe.

The Byrds, "He was friend of mine."

Killing of Khashoggi tests U.S. defense industry as backlash builds on Capitol Hill

Mattis says U.S. must balance rights concerns with 'strategic' Saudi ties

November Photo Contest Finals** - UPDATED

CIA Has Recording of Saudi Crown Prince Ordering Khashoggi Silenced, Turkish Media Reports

More anti-painkiller nonsense, and it's punishing my 95 year old grandmother

Why doesn't someone ask him about...

With honey instead of vinegar, Pelosi steadily inches toward the speaker's gavel

Hmmm, looks like House Republicans are planning maximum fuckery before January.

Holy S#!t he's still yapping

Parmesan Crisp recipe

Climate-heating greenhouse gases at record levels, says UN

Asked what he's thankful for, Trump mentions his great family & what a great president he is

Happy Thanksgiving

The head of the neo-Nazi nationalists in Lvov Ukraine died in the middle of a speech

Vanuatu says it may sue fossil fuel companies and other countries over climate change

Legal analyst: Trump so 'boxed in' he can't answer any Mueller questions without admitting to guilt

House Republicans subpoena Comey, Lynch for private depositions

US-Israeli man jailed for 10 years over bomb hoax calls

Turkey Optical Illusion - Spinning Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Turkey pug)

Trash vs. Class, Twitter division.

Remember what Thanksgiving was all about---

45 to troops on Thanksgiving day: Thank you for your service; now let's talk about how great I am.

Looking for a simple home security camera setup

"Today, let us be thankful for that which Trump is about to receive."-Tea Pain

Trump tells troops serving overseas on Thanksgiving "We always lose...It's a disgrace"

If I were Donald Trump, I'd tread carefully before attacking a conservative Supreme Court justice

Trump: CIA 'didn't conclude' Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi death

Doctors start movement in response to NRA, calling for more gun research

So mr. trump, what do you think you are going to do about the 9th circuit?

Stream radio standup comedy

The Indians were right, the English were wrong: A Virginia tribe reclaims its past

'God, I don't want to die,' U.S. missionary wrote before he was killed by remote tribe on Indian isl

'God, I don't want to die,' U.S. missionary wrote before he was killed by remote tribe on Indian isl

President Grab-Em'-By-The-Pussy wishes your wives and daughters a Happy Thanksgiving

'Bedlam, Chaos, Injury and Death': Trump Sends Fear-Mongering, False, Blood for Oil Thanksgiving...

Trump said he closed the Mexican border two days ago. Said he signed an order.

Kristol: Mar-a-Lago isn't southern WH. Question is whether WH becomng northern Mar-a-Lago

I saw a few minutes on C-SPAN of Trump's 'teleconference' to the military

Here's trump's upbeat message on Thanksgiving: 'the world's a vicious, vicious place'

Trump contradicts CIA on killing of Khashoggi, says agency 'had feelings' but did not firmly...

Why aren't there any African Americans in the Coast Guard?

Trump to reporter re the Khashoggi murder:

The case for Jay Inslee for president 2020

Comey shares news of House GOP subpoena: 'Happy Thanksgiving'

South Korean megachurch pastor sentenced to 15 years for raping women 'on God's orders'

South Korean megachurch pastor sentenced to 15 years for raping women 'on God's orders'

Mango Mussolini must not have seen this Tulsi Gabbard tweet:

Annelie Klein spearheads first union for public university employees in Georgia

Enough Cortes, media

Denmark joins Germany in halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia

James Comey's Lawyer Says They'll Resist (R) Goodlatte's Subpoena and His Statement is A Doozy.

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Suite with entire playlist, including ALL favorites of the day.

Hollywood Lies, in rerun television ARE Autrocities on Native Americans!

Retired general blasts Trump for 'announcing' US Navy secrets during rambling Thanksgiving call...

Dogs rescued from Iowa puppy mill arrive in Omaha


Girl, 13, Who Wrote Essay on Gun Violence Is Killed by Stray Bullet

Creating an e-book

Comey calls GOP bluff: 'I'm happy' to testify -- but make it public to thwart 'selective leaking...

Laura Loomer banned from Twitter after criticizing Ilhan Omar

Trump: I am thankful for ME.

Trump hints could make first visit to Afghanistan

I got Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner in the can

Just to mess with tRump, when the Dems liberate the house in 2018 and start writing rules,

Good , bad, or indifferent...

That's the first Thanksgiving Parade I enjoyed

Our Winter Holiday Tree Is Up and Lit

The Boat (Das Boot) Interviews

Enders Falls CT

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Let's talk turkey ... please

Trump is too good and too cowardly to visit the troops.

Harvesting in a trade war: US crops rot as storage costs soar

For whom are we thankful? I'l start with the obvious....

This is Trump's 163rd day at a Trump golf club and 215th day at a Trump property as president.

Kerthunk, Kerthunk!

City of Albuquerque to go 100% renewable energy by 2022.

the Guardian: British academic sentenced to life imprisonment by UAE.

Trump embarrasses himself with his ignorance yet again in call to Navy.

This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up

Fatal shooting in downtown Denver gang-related: prosecutor

Obama packing Thanksgiving packages.

Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists

2020 US Senate Election- South and Southwest is key for Democrats to regain control.

Leaning Tower of Pisa 'now leaning less'

Latest to cooperate with Mueller!!

Santana Abraxas (Full Album)

Finding common ground at the dinner table.

What a wonderful story

The Invisible American in a Saudi Prison Cell

The Invisible American in a Saudi Prison Cell

Global warming in 3 simple graphs.

Let me tell you how you fight this guy:

Kansas Medicaid expansion in doubt despite governor support

GRU chief dead after 'long illness'.

Russian court challenges International Olympic Committee

What would happen if Lynch and Comey resist their subpoenas?

Judge: Ejecting teacher from school board meeting broke law

Trump says he's thankful for making a 'tremendous difference in this country'

Trump threatens to close the 'whole border' with Mexico

Just call me "Up"

South Korea closes largest dog meat slaughterhouse

I can't wait for Mueller to start proceedings to help kick this ass out of the White House. He's a

Chelsea Clinton: 'No-one asked dad to change his name'

Time "Person of the Year" - PLEASE LET IT BE:

So Hillary cant even CONSIDER running again?

Trump warns of government shutdown next month over border security

Iran's foreign minister Zarif rules out renegotiating 2015 nuclear deal

Trump is thankful that he's so awesome...

Oldest surviving U.S. veteran of Pearl Harbor dies in California: media

Consider the turkey

Democrat Nikki Fried is elected Florida Agriculture Commissioner.

I'm spending today watching a series on narcissism on Youtube.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow misguided children who were injected, inspected, detected

New Puerto Rican voters in Central FL may have sealed it for pRick Scott (R) in Senate race

Pelosi Doesn't Use Threats to Break Her Opposition

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's misinformation on appeals court

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a turkey?

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly

Wait a second. Wait a second.

Is the increase in extra judicial killings of journalists and witnesses

We watch Brain Williams. And the clips that he runs always leave us - how can this happen?

Fox launches TV streaming service with Saudi media group

Laura Loomer Was Banned From Twitter After Spreading Anti-Muslim Falsehoods About Ilhan Omar

Proof that Trump is sick.

trump swore...just another lie

Canadian cannabis investor gets lifetime U.S. entry ban as conference goers face scrutiny at border

tRump addresses contaminated lettuce issue, threatens

Where were you when John F. Kennedy was assassinated

Heard any good "walks into a bar" jokes lately?

Trump uses Thanksgiving call to Navy officer to voice a weird grudge about aircraft carriers

Kelly and Nielsen opposed border order in fiery West Wing debate

A simple grace for those dining with Trump supporters today:

Trump issues Thanksgiving threat to close US-Mexico border

Mourning Doves, White Breasted Nuthatch and Chipmunk at Salt Lick.

IAEA calls on North Korea to re-admit nuclear inspectors

FDA identifies possible culprit as source of tainted romaine lettuce

House Republicans subpoena Comey, Lynch for closed-door testimony

They look like cops but they're not. Now Michigan is finally paying attention

I need a new stomach.

Trump insists daughter Ivanka's private email use for work was 'very innocent'

Trump brushes aside CIA assertion that crown prince ordered killing, defends him and Saudi Arabia

Damnit, Detroit!

Haitian immigrants revived America's turkey town. This Thanksgiving together might be their last.

Religious leaders today are so far removed from the times when

Denmark suspending weapons exports to Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi killing

It's her turn?

Supreme Court Party Time by Linda Greenhouse

Great Law of Peace - The Thanksgiving Address

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan pays off 1398 farmers' debts

Cal Fire map now shows images of homes destroyed in Camp Fire

Ostrich with Cranberry Sauce

Mitch Landrieu, a possible VP candidate? Give him a listen.

The most beautiful remarks on parenthood I've ever seen..

Someone tell Trump:

Drink beer to help Camp Fire victims

David Corn, Jan. 2018: "Trump seems to live to settle grudges. For him, retaliation is a religion"

With new work requirements, thousands lose Medicaid coverage in Arkansas.

Four myths about corruption

The importance of Civics Lessons.

Happy Thanksgiving, from Bernie and Jane

''We must... reconceptualize a global order based on human solidarity...''

Tough day here ... my Dad fell and broke his hip.

Why the federal government should stop spending billions on private sports stadiums


Proving that ORANGE is not always UGLY

Zippo Lighter from the Viet Nam war

Thanksgiving day 25 years ago:

Facebook v Soros: 'Congress must probe'

It's time for the rats to leave Trump's sinking ship

The "standards" of DJT45


Cuban doctors head home, leaving Brazilian towns with no care

When a Trump supporter is coming over for Thanksgiving and ur family tells you not to talk politics

Greek cleaner sentenced to 10 years for adding 1 year to primary school record

'No more camps,' Colombia tells Venezuelans not to settle in tent city

Spain's premier to break ice in Cuba after three decades

Violence-ridden Central African Republic on road to famine: U.N.

Lard and vodka?

I traveled from New Mexico to Colorado to buy my Thanksgiving dressing!

Humans 'off the hook' for African mammal extinction

Rome Street Art

Simon and Garfunkel - Homeward Bound

White House gives border troops permission to use force ahead of caravan arrival

Cat with a basket elevator.

I for one, look forward to being in a minority.