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Woman tells American Latina minorities will be 'wiped out','whole freaking nation wants to be white'

Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again

First They Came For The Journalists...

Chief Justice Rebukes Teflon Don Trump!

There shouldn't be a penalty for jumping into the Salvation Army Red Kettle.

I sense a disturbance in the force...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 23 November 2018

Instant Pot Owners! Advice needed.

They might as well head to down to Guyana, spike some Kool-Aid and pass it around...

Brian Krassenstein goes all negative

Question- has any American President other than this asinine fake ever held

Perfect Thanksgiving tweet...

China blacklists millions of people from booking flights as 'social credit' system introduced

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 22, 2018


BTW, since Elway Supremo is back... HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!1!!!

Duke Ellington - Sugar Rum Cheery.

The Bureau for Presidential Grave Sites has decided on potential designs for Trumps resting place

US Election Commission Says Crypto Mining For Political Campaigns Is 'Permissible'

Putting the "nut" in gun nut

Why are appeals courts reversed so often?

Julia Child Remixed Keep On Cooking PBS Digital Studios,

Can we agree - top *popular*/live-forever movies - allow me to cast my vote:

Antique dealer tracks down homeless man to split profit after he found a valuable Disney painting

WKRP "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Town bans church from holding services in the public civic center, church fights back, DOJ releases

Hey MIRT. Happy Thanksgiving. n/t

Lordy, I hope there are Mohammed bin Salman tapes. Oh, wait a second. THERE ARE! #WeMayNeverKnow

Is there an app for this? Can it be done?

Trump warns of government shutdown next month over border security

How Much Money Will Trump Demand Under the Table If He Sells Nukes to Saudi Arabia?

I guess they are not happy with Roberts pick as a Supreme Court Judge.

Rhetorical bedlam erupts as President Trump speaks to the world from Mar-a-Lago

Anyone watch Murphy Brown? It was a Thanksgiving tearjerker

Strength in Numbers-No from Telluride/Back Canyon of the Gunnison areas

Bill would end Georgia gun carry permits, called 'Constitutional Carry'

Let's Get One Thing Straight. The Military is Not Our Enemy

What I Learned Tonight at Right Winger Inlaws Thanksgiving Dinner

Bumped into a Caravan, on my way to Saltillo Mexico

Operation Vanilla Gorilla charge over 40 white supremacists 'Ghost Face Gangsters': drug trafficking

So I'm driving home from Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's place.

The Daily Show: Guest Kirsten Gillibrand - Fighting for New Yorkers & Celebrating the "Bold & Brave"

Brooke Baldwin reads victim's powerful essay

The Daily Show: Guest Khizr Khan - Paying Tribute to Democratic Values in "An American Family"

Democrats Release New Ad "Problems"

The Daily Show: Guest Kirsten Gillibrand - Fighting for New Yorkers & Celebrating the "Bold & Brave"

Trump spared exposure to hazardous romaine lettuce, White House confirms.

The Daily Show: Guest Khizr Khan - Paying Tribute to Democratic Values in "An American Family"

Feast your ears, and praise young classical musicians

Happy Thanksgiving


Seth Meyers - President Trump's Thanksgiving Plans, Cruise Ship Powered by Dead Fish Monologue 11/21

He's most thankful for himself

I am so sick of this horrid man and his horrid family and hangers on

Saudis Want a U.S. Nuclear Deal. Can They Be Trusted Not to Build a Bomb?

GA General Assembly completes special session, approves hurricane relief & jet fuel tax credit

Against all odds, Democrats look to steal a final seat in Trump's Dixie stronghold

What I'm thankful for

Trump Avoids Visiting Troops In Harm's Way, Talks To Them From His Country Club Instead

Gifts in the song "Twelve days of Christmas" are highly impractical and probably illegal

South Carolina mayor takes on white supremacist monument

New York state Sen. Jose Peralta dies at 47; wife says he fell ill

Saudi Arabia: A relationship on the rocks--Nov. 26 at Belmont (Nashville)

Tweet of the night:

Democratic US Senator elected or re-elected in 2018 that is vulnerable in 2024.

Surprised that Murphy Brown was a downer

Watched Colbert

I CAN believe it...

Bill Maher Says Outrage Over His Stan Lee Comments "Proves My Point"

Trump's 'America First' means Americans lose

What is direct balloting and how does it differ from absentee voting

Hi kiddos! Still hurting some, but I needed to post or I'd bust. 😤

Giving a Shout Out to All Who Spent Today Alone...

Wathced Maria by Callas

It seems odd that Fox News is silent on both Twitter AND Facebook.

Attorney General Ken Paxton prosecutors' pay violates state law, court rules

Democrats' big Denton County win turns black-and-blue as party faction rips newly elected state rep

'Get the screwdrivers out': After AG opinion, Dallas lawmaker again asks for Confederate plaque to

Laredo Council Tables LGBTQ Protections After Threats From Hate Group Leader

Texas appeals 'fetal burial' ruling to 5th Circuit

The number of migrant children in Texas shelters continues to rise, reaching a new high under Trump

Utah group seeks ban on gay conversion therapy for minors

Texas A&M Aggies blah football season exposing coach Jimbo Fisher as a fraud

Scientists find elephant-sized creature that lived with dinosaurs

Six sentenced in Greece for fatal beating of Austin tourist

Samsung signs deal to compensate factory cancer victims

Scientist unveils blueprint to save bees and enrich farmers

Charles Koch Is Funding Rightwing, Pro-Trump Media, New Disclosure Reveals

Company agrees to never run faux political campaign again

Incoming SOS Katie Hobbs to 'take the politics out of the office'

Florida woman outdoes Florida man

Sandra Parks: Anti-gun student, 13, killed by stray bullet

50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything

Family of Texas Cowboys pledge requests investigation following deadly crash; allege hazing

speaker pelosi?

High voter turnout makes direct democracy more difficult

Arizona Supreme Court To Hear Religious, Artistic Freedom Case

Trump's afraid of House Dems investigating "Inflows of money from Russian mobsters."

"Senior Grad Trips" Hit With $451,000 Judgment

Trump demands courts should defer to his administration

Phoenix Activist: I Faced Intimidation at Job From Councilman Michael Nowakowski

Time Person the Year should be Jamal Khashgoggi

The gloriously stupid reason China is censoring Winnie the Pooh.

Trump: Making America "a safer place" is "hard to do when anybody filing a lawsuit wins!"

James Comey Responds To Subpoena From Republicans: 'Let's Invite Everyone To See'

Turkey rips Trump for turning a "blind eye" to Jamal Khashoggi killing

Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020

Trump: "Really good Criminal Justice Reform already past, with big vote, in House"

National Enquirer' Editor May Spill Trump Secrets in New Book

Indonesian child prodigy Joey Alexander plays Giant Steps..

Besides me, how many will *NOT* go shopping today?

TPUSA Staffer Shut Down by Fox News Host After Comparing Hillary to Herpes: 'Not Appropriate'

After his politicized Thanksgiving call, maybe Trump should not visit the troops

Trump has made it so that no one has to respect our courts, our laws, or our values.

Anyone else dogs have tryptophan hangover

Amazon staff in Europe walk out on Black Friday to protest work conditions

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Shop and go traffic

Gunman dead and 2 wounded -- including 12-year-old-girl -- in Alabama mall shooting

Karachi attack: China consulate attack leaves four dead

Heavy rains douse California's deadliest wildfire and pose new dangers

Trump's Base Itching For A Fight - by Gene Lyons

The Tiger/Phil golf match today

Mohammad Trump

John Dean Warns: 'This Is What An Autocrat Does'

OMG, The Golf Shoes...

All the details on the new Army uniform

Would you like to Super Size that? 🐀🍔🍟🥤

Sandra Parks: Anti-gun student, 13, killed by stray bullet

Lack of insulin could affect 40 million people with diabetes by 2030, study finds

What's up with all those black men who voted for the Republican in the Georgia governor's race?

Time for my daily comment

the irony....

Border town invaded by Pancho Villa rejects talk of American troops

Cindy Hyde-Smith has embraced Confederate history more than once in her political career

Your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers recipes?

Gay widower's lawsuit challenges Social Security benefit rules for same-sex couples

Thousands of U.S. troops celebrate Thanksgiving at the Mexican border

Kyrsten Sinema hands out turkeys for Thanksgiving to families in Phoenix

2016, 2017...... 2018 ❤️

FedEx driver "Acted in Self-Defense" by punching racist who later died

Two transgender people assaulted by dozens of men

What Are Corrupt Politicians Thankful for? Partisan Warfare

Himilayan bath wash and trout fishing

Up to 85,000 children 'dead of starvation or disease in Yemen'


George Conway Scorches Trump's 'Misleading' Attack On 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals

U.S. oil tumbles nearly 7%

What is truth?

Elvis "Unchained Melody" Live 1977

Anyone here think the new HOUSE will

Times Person of the Year should be Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Will Trump give the Saudis the"BOMB"?

Thinking about 2020: How do you feel about Kirsten Gillibrand?

Just upgraded to a new smartphone - Android Pixel 3 XL - asking input from those who have one

Democrats Built A Small-Donor Money Machine. Now, Republicans Want Their Own

On the Trail: 2020 courting of influential N.H. Democrats gets underway

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro apparently failed to repay campaign debts from '06 run for Senate

Sherrod Brown sets his sights on Trump in 2020

I'm confused

G20, forged in crisis, faces major test next week: Donald Trump

North Korea Ignoring Donald Trump as Nuclear Site Expands: Report

U.S. report to detail costs of climate change as Trump downplays threat

Prosecuting Political Opponents--The Stuff Of Dictators

Lightning captured at 1000 fps

Lightning captured at 1000 fps

Trump Threatens Pilgrims At The Border

North Carolina GOP Takes Another Whack At Passing Voter ID Law

Fresh Off Thanksgiving, Trump Wants Lawmakers To 'Come Together' On Wall

Don't Ignore Natural Gas Odors! House Explodes in St. Paul, MN

If Mueller indicts Stone for conspiracy against the US, (Traitor), that will be a game changer.

Op-ed: Mueller preparing blockbuster moves.

How Pelosi Kept Her Head Down And Used Her Political Savvy To Quell A Rebellion

What happened to the Seth Abramson Twitter explanation of

"Brobdingnagian ego"

Person of the year, obviously Robert Mueller. nt

Did Trump gang have a motive for Khashoggi being silenced?

Trump discusses his EXHAUSTIVE preparation for meeting with Xi Jinping. EXHAUSTIVE!!!

So the republicans are going out investigating republican of them.

About Mike Pence

US media must 'get smarter' to tackle Trump, says Hillary Clinton

Person of the year? The press. NT

Slow Arctic freeze raises risk of polar bear extinction, say scientists

Trump disqualified for "Person of the Year"

"The Internet Doesn't Need Civility, It Needs Ethics"

I Nominate Trump for Time's "Pustule of the Year"

May refuses to rule out resigning if MPs reject Brexit deal

Capt BoneSpurs do we have a border wall deal for you,,,,,,

In a first, FBI to begin collecting national data on police use of force

What Machiavelli can teach us about why democracies fall.

From peace icon to pariah: Aung San Suu Kyi's fall from grace

Federal judge in the Mueller case affirms the legal theory that makes collusion a crime.

U.S. report to detail costs of climate change as Trump downplays threat

lovely decorative plate, but possibly too sentimental?

Citigroup, JPMorgan to pay $182.5 million to settle rate-rigging lawsuit

Dr. Olivia Hooker, last known Tulsa Race Riot survivor dies at 103

WHAT A brilliant Video on Trump LIES re: Saudi Arabia

Pro-Trump group to debut latest ad in $1M push for border wall

Trump's got 42.9% approval at 538. Ya wanna know why?

Disapproval of Trump's handling of race relations hits 60 percent

WAPO Editorial: Trump's 'America First' means Americans lose

"Humanitarian crisis" declared as 5,000 migrants reach Tijuana

"Humanitarian crisis" declared as 5,000 migrants reach Tijuana

I was going to post a time traveling joke, but you guys

Schiff: Democrats to hold Trump accountable on Saudi Arabia.

Sen. Jack Reed: Trump lying about CIA's Khashoggi report

Dr. Olivia Hooker, last known Tulsa Race Riot survivor dies at 103

Maybe not technically photography .

Venezuela seeks to extradite former official indicted by US

Stone associate Jerome Corsi is in plea negotiations with special counsel

You don't have to be Einstein to know you don't need to hold the receiver when it's on speakerphone

Would atheism destroy the economy?

Schiff plans to probe intel assessment of Khashoggi killing

I'm out on a limb here but anyone else out there think Rachel is spreading herself too thin?

How about Nancy Pelosi for "Person of the Year"

Former NY Assistant US Attorney explains why Don Jr. should ask not for whom Mueller's bell tolls

Stone associate Jerome Corsi is in plea negotiations with special counsel

AP: Corsi, associate of Roger Stone, talking plea with Mueller

This was just reported on MSNBC.

Big Business Is Stealing From Their Own Workers. Will Democrats Stop Them?

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?

Has anyone on this board ever been to the nation of


They Shall Not Grow Old - New Trailer - In Theaters December 17 & 27 Only ***** MUST SEE ******

Depending on the turns your life has taken...

Corsi in plea negotiations with Mueller.

NY Supreme Court throws out Trump's motion to dismiss NY AG Underwood's Trump Foundation lawsuit

Breaking--Trump loses motion to dismiss Trump Foundation lawsuit brought by NY Attorney General


I Know I Haven't...

ha ha. @forAmerica is a bigot organization

Trump and Company in Saudi Arabia seem to be in a hurry to close a deal ??

The Mueller Report

Twitter CEO charged with outraging Indian religious feelings for "smash Brahminical Patriarchy" sign

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 25 - Directed by Mark Sandrich

Trump Is Seizing Land From The Tribe That Welcomed The Pilgrims.

'Dangerous travel conditions' in KC area with winter storm watch

TCM Schedule for Monday November 26 - Star of the Month: Glenda Farrell

Trump: "Republicans and Democrats MUST come together, finally," and give him money for his wall

Watch a rocket launch - from space

Oil prices slump to their lowest level of 2018 even as OPEC considers cuts

Corporate PACs Took A Beating In The Election. Now They Want More Power. Need outspend small donors!

TRUMP....CORSI....BUSH CABAL (Cheney Mastermind)

Poet, hero, rapist - outrage over Chilean plan to rename airport after Neruda

Woman thought to be world's oldest nun, who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, dies at 110

Is there a way for the media to not concentrate on Whiny Donny and his twits?

Retired General Michael Hayden had a stroke

Stocks Log Worst Thanksgiving Week Since 2011---All 3 Indexes Off at Least 3.5%

In conversation: George R. R. Martin with John Hodgman FULL EVENT/Penguin Random House

HELP! Need ammo for a trump-supporting sibling

Rarely do this...But I just came from the movie The Green Book..

Judge rejects Trump Foundation request to dismiss lawsuit

Here's how I view what one might reasonably consider the 10 battleground states heading into 2020:

Arizona woman tells Puerto Rican woman she wants an all white America

Notable deaths: November 23, 1969, Spade Cooley. November 19, 1983, Tom Evans, of Badfinger

Federal report sounds alarm on growing impact of climate change

Let Women Be Warriors It's time to stop questioning whether women should be in combat units.

Let Women Be Warriors It's time to stop questioning whether women should be in combat units.

Trump can't imagine anyone other than himself being Time person of the year

Let Women Be Warriors It's time to stop questioning whether women should be in combat units.

There are so many of Trump's associates singing they could start a choir.

Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto

#BREAKING: The New York State Supreme Court just denied the motion to dismiss our lawsuit against...

One more notable death, but more lighthearted: Zez Confrey, November 22, 1971

MIT researchers create plane that flies without any moving parts

Amazing: Gymnast sets horizontal bar backflip record

Orange maggot is desperate to get the Corsi story off the news

Who does one think one is? Harry Enfield

Dems are unifying behind Pelosi to fight GOP, Ocasio-Cortez leading the way

Ex-CIA, NSA chief Hayden suffers stroke

Fire, Not Smoke

Olympic Committee Alerted to Sex Abuse in Gymnastics Years Ago, Court Filing Says

Olympic Committee Alerted to Sex Abuse in Gymnastics Years Ago, Court Filing Says

Olympic Committee Alerted to Sex Abuse in Gymnastics Years Ago, Court Filing Says

General Michael Hayden had a stroke

An Epic Rube Goldberg Machine.

Chuck Schumer Praises John Roberts for Standing Up to Trump While Criticizing Him for 'Partisan...

A new Democratic House, and a stolen Supreme Court seat

Hillary Clinton Takes a Flamethrower to Fox News: 'Superb Propaganda'

Caption Trump photo

Just Remember this today!

Anybody know this TV movie from the 70's?

Unbelievably, I agree with Pussy Grabber for once. . . .

GOP congressman cornered after saying troops needed to protect the border: 'What's the threat?'

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to immediately take up transgender military ban

"Oumuamua Is Not Aliens" .. or?

Problem Solvers Dems: We 'cannot support' Pelosi for Speaker 'at this time'

Flu Map for Week Before Thanksgiving Shows Mostly Sporadic

Amazon, US Retail Workers Face Long Hrs., Poor Pay, High Anxiety on Black Friday

Espy Says Hyde-Smith Is Hurting Mississippi's Economy

Trump stiffly swaying to song that features his name

If a maniac was driving a bus and we were passengers,

One of my favorite Turkey Day cartoons

How much sheer f*ckery can Republicans get away with in the House before January?

Meet the miraculous, disastrous 1952 Dallas Texans

Betsy DeVos Is Working Hard to Make Student Loan Forgiveness an Impossibility

CALLED OUT C-SPAN caller tells Christian leader live on air: 'You're a fake Christian who worships D

The persons of the year should be the new Dem Representatives. All the people who never would have

Maine Supreme Court gives outgoing Gov. LePage a parting gift: a kick in the pants over Medicaid

Man crushed to death by forklift truck driven by pet dog

'Mannose' Sugar Found in Cranberries, May Slow Cancer Development


Holiday greeting from White House (Jim Carrey)

Throw Away Your Romaine Lettuce and Then Put the Rest of These Trash Foods in the Trash, Too

Fox News hosts apologize for guest who compared Hillary Clinton to 'herpes'

F.B.I. Training Instructors Punish Women, Not Men, for Mistakes, Complaint Says

Person of the Year should be the American Voter

Dow falls more than 150 points, posts worst Thanksgiving week decline since 2011

People don't believe how old I am until they

Report: Bill Shine to Get Paid by Fox News and White House Simultaneously

Anybody else here as pissed off and enraged as I am about this?

How long will it take 'crazytown' to drag down economy?

A 'shame-filled' prison: Inside the maternity homes that forced teen moms to give away their babies

Trump says time for action on 'the Wall,' visits golf course

Today is Harpo Marx's birthday

WaPo: Major Trump administration climate report says damages are 'intensifying across the country'

Hillary Clinton Blasts Fox News As 'Fully Owned Subsidiary' Of Trump Administration

Why Most of America is Terrible at Making Biscuits

Time's Person Of The Year Should Be The Resistance

Daily Beast reporter waves off Comey testimony as 'last gasp of the old GOP order'

All Fridays matter!


That time.... when Hillary absolutely NAILED the media.

Have there been many Majority Leaders that were remembered for being

Trump asks Supreme Court to hear challenge on transgender military ban

Benin Artworks: France To Return Thrones And Statues

Migrant caravan: Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis, asks for international help

chvrches - clearest blue (live - 2015 - pitchfork music fest)

Ecuador says it needs $550 million to help Venezuelan migrants


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back at Fox News

Who goes at it first? Will the Trump children turn on Dad or will Dad turn on them?

Any Costco fans here? I have something for you!

Never was there a better takedown of 24/7 "news punditry". Jon Stewart NAILED them both

Senate Dem on Armed Services panel: Trump lying about CIA report on Khashoggi

The Seven Deadly Chins!

Will it include mushroom recipes??

Chuck Todd's an asshole

My birthday is on Tuesday.

Utah teens steal propeller plane and fly it low over highway

Post a line from your Trumpuncle ... and see if anyone cares.

USOC aware of sex abuse since early 1990s: court documents

Government climate report warns of worsening US disasters

Bermuda top court reverses government's gay marriage ban

Bermuda top court reverses government's gay marriage ban

What state with two Democrats has the two best senators?

Democrats need a bold agenda. Here's what they should do in the first 100 days of Congress.

I think that the Latina women here should have

Overconsumption in a capitalist society is hailed as a virtue...

Wary of Trump's USA, Central American migrants find only despair in Spain

After building spree, just how much does the Maldives owe China?

U.S. judge dismisses litigation over missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Ex-Nazi Death Camp Guard Faces Charges In Berlin Over Murders

Trump expressing unhappiness with Mnuchin: report

President Trump threatens to build a

Oh damn. UCF QB has gruesome leg injury

U.S. asks allies to shun Huawei equipment, WSJ reports; sector stocks fall

Eric Clapton's new Christmas album (his 49th album all time)

Eric Clapton's new Christmas album (his 49th album all time)

Thanksgiving turkey trashes tRump in a report on Twitter....


New York GOP has been destroyed by Trump and won't come back until 'we have flying cars'

Farage calls for UKIP leader's ouster over far-right links

New York GOP has been destroyed by Trump and won't come back until 'we have flying cars'

I posted this in photography but wanted to share it here

Tremendous! The PERFECT gift for Anti-Vaxine relatives/friends (send a message & do some good)

Huckleberry Sanders relishes evil -- but she's "Christian"

Self-professed neo-Nazi to go on trial in deadly crash at Charlottesville rally

Spain PM visits Cuba, uses hotel banned to US visitors

Former DOJ prosecutor: I could draft Trump indictment right now.

"Tulsa Remote" offers 10K in incentives to get remote workers or entrepreneurs to move there

A Guatemalan Mother Could Lose Her Daughter, Because She's an American

Sandra Parks, Who Wrote An Essay About Gun Violence, Is Killed By Stray Bullet

Brazil's Bolsonaro pushed by evangelicals in education pick

Corsi Plea deal

Someone Hacked Donald Trump's Wikipedia Page, Replaced Photo With Image of Penis

Have you seen the new Get Cracking ad for Pistachios

Boy Erased