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Archives: November 24, 2018

Swalwell: Stone and Caputo lied through their teeth when testifying before congress.

2020 US Senate Election- How Democrats could regain control of the US Senate in 2020?

2020 Joe for POTUS, Beto for V.P. - 2024 Beto for POTUS. Thoughts?

How about a year of community service..

What is it about parking lots?

From April, 2017: Budapest's role in the collusion between the Trump campaign

Parkland Student Asks Trump To Honor Shooting Victim

Former rector goes fugitive after Colombia's army says 'gang leader' stole university funds

Now here's some weird sh*t right here

Turkey Day with repub family...............


Did he really give thanks for himself?

"A Grave Climate Warning, Buried On Black Friday," The Atlantic

Colombia's leading opposition politician at risk of losing senate seat

3 kids, 3 adults injured after crash in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

One thing I have always wondered

Reciprocity is the single key that unlocks ethical behavior.

'The Judge' film introduces groundbreaking female Shariah judge

Rio Police Identifies Suspects of Marielle Franco's Assassination

Polarized politics in the Scrooge economy

Outrage in Paraguay after Brazil cartel boss kills woman in his prison cell

Outrage in Paraguay after Brazil cartel boss kills woman in his prison cell

House Democrats in Conflict Over Trump Impeachment

Muhammad and Rumi on Sexual Harassment

Thanksgiving Vacation

School District Won't Punish Students In Nazi Salute Prom Photo Due To First Amendment

This Astronaut Video of a Rocket Launch as Seen from Space Is Simply Amazing

Spot the Andromeda Galaxy Overhead This Week

How to take Trump down:'They're going after him with a hatchet'..CIA on DEMS plans...

Grab your hankies, DUers... This is gonna be a real tear-jerker

Pastor who railed against 'gun-free zones' shot woman in the head after she refused sex with him

Finding just the right spot to spend quality time with what/who you love is so important. 😍

🐦 Sunday Nov 25 - CBS Face the Nation: Sen. Bernie Sanders

2018 MS US Senate Election Runnoff- Whoever wins has to face re-election in 2020.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Thankful!

Save me from tomorrow...

MineralMan on Sexual Harassment

black Friday - sales associate is terrified

This cartoon sums up the Khashoggi murder

TRM On Now- Betrayal Special Report n/t

black friday bust at costco?

Military officer hacks his sergeant wife to death in jealous rage......

Intriguing movie/The Favorite. And Robin Hood 2018 (not).

LIVE 'Lightning Crashes"

The absolutely inspiring lyrics of OU's fight song

Most Republican voters say Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be House speaker: Joyce Alene's reply is spot on!

PA Democrats will soon have an opportunity to flip a State Senate seat.

Stone Temple Pilots "Plush"

Thanksgiving's Aftermath

3rd Eye Blind "Never Let You Go"

This chicken has more courage than trumpty dumpty

"Devin Nunes' Mom" tweets a little salt into the wounds of Trump's faithful lapdog.

Rep. Adam Schiff: House Democrats will investigate Trump's financial ties to Saudi Arabia

The oath I took going into the army, working for county government, being on a civil grand jury

Camp fire in Northern California comes close to containment

Trump's Crude Realpolitik - WSJ Editorial

FEMA has kept a lower profile in Camp fire than after hurricanes. Here's the reason

"People should not be afraid of the government.

Perhaps, Trump's lies about the Khashoggi murder will take him down..

I really do not understand how Russia interfered in our elections

George Takei has some pretty cool t-shirts for sale

Small Campaign Donors Are Gift That Keeps Giving

NovaSAR: UK radar satellite returns first images

The Daily Show: Guest Rola Hallam - How CanDo Is Responding to the Health Care Crisis in Syria

So Thanksgiving could have gone better

Confused about if this article should be posted in Science or Anthropology....

Confused about if this article should be posted in Science or Anthropology....

The Daily Show: Guest Rola Hallam - How CanDo Is Responding to the Health Care Crisis in Syria

2022 US Senate Election Map is more favorable to the Democrats than in 2018 and 2020.

Politically Correct Thanksgiving Pageant, Jimmy Kimmel

N.C. elected its first openly gay statewide candidate in 2018

The Full Moon, November 23, 2018.

CA-GOV: Gavin Newson poised to flip Orange County.

Holiday movie time again...

Dems target another Senate seat in Deep South

A while ago did a "Most underrated Guitarist still alive" thread


Seth Meyers - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Monologue - 11/22/18

Man arrested after allegedly asking Jewish people to 'identify themselves' on flight

Follow the bloody money path ...trump/Saudi Arabia

Baritone kitty

A Challenge for Our Republican Friends

The Latest: Police believe gunman at large in mall shooting

Family surprise!

1 of the last survivors of 1921 Tulsa race riot dies at 103

My boy has probably fulfilled the dream of millions of bros nationwide.

CLIMATE CHANGE! Why worry about the cure to human problems?

11/22/2018 Saudi Crown Prince on "brotherly" tour of Arab countries after Khashoggi murder.

Viral Video Shows White Arizona Woman's Racist Rant

Mozart: "Adagio for Violin and Orchestra"/Brahms: "Intermezzo No.4"/Liszt: "Etude No.3-Un Sospiro"/

Seth Abramson posts a link to an expose of secret yacht meeting in Seychelles.

Which Democrat will challenge U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner? Four names sit on top of insiders' lists.

MS-SEN: Record absentee votes cast in runoff election

Instead of Trump tweets, read a "tweet" from this REAL U.S. patriot

State says 'I Love NY' signs have been removed by deadline

PA-SD37: Special Election Looms In 37th District, Attracting Bipartisan Interest

Wes Montgomery - Bumpin' on Sunset /Impressions

Grant Green - Maybe Tomorrow

Rep.-elect McAdams says he wants to get to work on DACA, could vote for a GOP speaker over Pelosi

Robben Ford - Freedom

Utah's Medicaid administrators are optimistic the program will be ready for full expansion in April

Several days of rain in NorCal, no more smoke

Finally M$Greedia appears ready to deal with Climate Change

Tardigrade: Tiny package of badassery.

Right-wing groups urge U.S. Supreme Court to accept appeal challenging Utah election law

A new court ruling is set to destroy the main Republican talking point about Russian 'collusion'

Hillary Clinton blasts Fox News as 'fully owned subsidiary' of Trump administration

Newly released video footage shows altercation between Utah Senate Republican and House Democrat

US media must 'get smarter' to tackle Trump, says Hillary Clinton (Stop Trump's Propaganda Machine)

Argentina says Sept economic activity shrank 5.8 pct yr/yr

Argentina's Senate passes new austerity budget

Quiros, EB-5 fraud scandal 'mastermind,' gets $200K Vermont tax refund check

Here's two men that enjoyed world travel and meeting new people

Amazon rainforest deforestation 'worst in 10 years', says Brazil

Amazon rainforest deforestation 'worst in 10 years', says Brazil

Face the facts. And the lame media ought to be reporting this every time 45 opens his mouth

Bernard Glassman, Zen Master and Social Activist, Dies at 79

Nevada lawmakers get taste of San Francisco's marijuana consumption lounges

Trump Lied When He Said CIA Didn't Link Saudi Prince To Khashoggi Killing: Senator Jack Reed

Cancela to introduce bill to decriminalize abortion, change informed consent law in upcoming legis-

Another man dead for being black.

Emotionally ill, easy access to guns, obsessed with tRump...

Trump's failure to fight climate change is a crime against humanity

4 days off is messing me up. I was looking for Sunday LOLcats all morning.


Sound check And oatmeal

Hope the turkey was good, the stuffing was filling and the desert was pentiful?

So, could have the Federal Government (trump)?

Buyer finds $7.5 million in cash inside Southern California storage unit

Roland Martin: Dems Need to Ask Poor White Voters in MS: 'What the Hell Do You Have to Lose!?'

Fox News Host Tammy Bruce Showed Migrants Boarding a Truck and Claimed 'They're Climbing the Wall'

RNC Hawked Trump Items on Black Friday

If Trump is cornered, the judges he disdains may finally bring him down

Al Gore says Trump administration seeks to "bury" climate report by releasing it on Black Friday

Romney's first duty in Washington? Fundraising

US Democrats vow Congressional probe into Trump-Saudi Arabia ties

It's not just Ocasio-Cortez: Here are 7 freshman Democrats to watch

Brazi's Rainforest Collapse Goes To Autopilot Once We Cut 20%-30% From Historic Area; Near 20% Now

Senior Saudi prince says CIA cannot be trusted on Khashoggi conclusion

Russia space agency chief: We'll verify US moon landings

Turkey uneasy about U.S. plan for observation posts on Syria border: minister

Smoke From California Fires Reaches New York City, Washington DC

Federal climate change report paints grim picture for Midwest

Warriors star Steph Curry not injured after multicar wreck

Exclusive poll: Public fears lawsuit over pre-existing conditions

Firefighters discover 100 gambling machines inside Houston church

As Trump Farts Climate Lies From His Piehole, CA Recovery Teams Search For Bone Fragments

Why Conservatives should never be allowed to govern- anywhere

Here's The National Climate Assessment Shitstain Didn't Want You To Even Hear About

Make no mistake. The ultra-RW extremist are fueling the violent protest in France.

McDonald's manager accused of taking photos of 10-year-old in restaurant bathroom stall

The royal tweet room...

My theory about Trump/Hillary vehemence

We are Jamal Khashoggi's daughters. We promise his light will never fade.

Ro Khanna's FYI: Since Christine Blasey Ford came forward she has continued to receive death threats

Trump 'cartoon' from Daily Kos

Hyde-Smith Attended All-White 'Seg Academy' to Avoid Integration

Weekend TOONs 1 - A Tale of Two Tables

Weekend TOONs 2 - Blackened Friday

Weekend TOONs 3 - Why We Fight

Some families who were separated at U.S.-Mexico border still detained months later

Anti-Trump protests gave way to local fervor that helped turn Wisconsin back to blue

Anti-Trump protests gave way to local fervor that helped turn Wisconsin back to blue

Rightwing populists weaponise culture as a way to protect privilege....

French police fire tear gas on protesters angry over high diesel fuel prices

The Rundown: November 22, 2018

The Rundown: November 23, 2018

Pick of the Week: "Web of Venom: Carnage Born" #1

Art of The Week: Week of 11/21/18

Too soon?

Emily Thornberry: The famine facing Yemen is a war crime - it must be investigated

Freddie Mercury passed away on this date 27 years ago

If Trump is cornered, the judges he disdains may finally bring him down - by Walter Shapiro

Did Donald Trump know beforehand about the plans to assassinate Khasoggi ??

On this fine Saturday, he's golfing, you're paying, just another day in America.

Happy National Sardines Day! Love em 😋 or Loathe em 🤢?

Trump now has a doctorate he didn't earn to proudly display next to the Purple Heart he didn't earn

Now that the odious Roger Stone is back in the news, let's remember that he was the guy

Twitter Reports MAGA Relatives Having Second Thoughts

Iran's Rouhani calls for Muslims to unite against United States

Man Allegedly Stalked Classmate for Decade After She Asked Him to Cover His Mouth When He Coughed

Saudis weighing OPEC production cuts

Judge REJECTS Trump's claim he can't be sued because he's president, giving go ahead for lawsuit....

Man, that ain't oil, that's blood...

Hillel the Elder and Jesus were contemporaries, according to the stories.

Betsy DeVos to the rescue: For-profit colleges see a savior in secretary

"Even Jesus had a correct birth certificate!" . . . Please come CAPTION Jerme Corsi!!!!!

On the road to Wembley I got a timeout playing guitar

Al Franken Addresses Misconduct Scandal and 'Experience of Women in This Country' in Thanksgiving...

Exorcist Warns About Occult Children's Clothing

Fundamentalism Is Not About Faith

Fake Navy vet gets sentenced for scamming VA

Cindy McCain Does An Interview On Thanksgiving Eve, Breaks Her Silence On Trump's Treatment Of Her

Underground Reflections

You're not a croc Carl.

six tunes live from Chrissie Hynde and Pretenders

Journalist Andrea Mitchell on fighting to cover big stories

Hence the extra foam

Best of Jeff Koterba: A world of possibilities

Sugar Pie Desanto--I heard this on the FitBit TV commercial:

Did you know that there were 30 CMH awarded,,,

Obama's chief photographer trolls Trump in new book

Betty Bumpers dies at 93

Reminder of Al Franken's departure.

Brexit is the equivalent of a major defeat in war

What happens when you rescue a dog?

Why House Democrats must vigorously investigate Trump

Why Boof Boy may not be the SCOTUS "ringer" if Trump is subpoenaed by Mueller

Former Assistant AG mocks Giuliani's 'off the rails' plan for Trump to duck a Mueller subpoena

Today on CNN, they have been showcasing ER doctors and pediatricians for gun control...

Trump biographer: 'paranoid' prez too 'unsophisticated & ignorant' to argue based on facts & reality

And another tax exemption goes away to screw people -

190 sea turtles found frozen to death along Cape Cod

So, should we ditch the "Problem Solvers" and accept SHITLER's votes for Nancy?

Hey! What ever happened to Octafish?

Neil Youngs favorite R.E.M. song

A compilation of statements regarding Saudi Arabia

Man arrested for anti-Semitic tirade on flight: report

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: This brutality was executed by ICE in your name & mine

Rachel Maddow, Betrayal Video

Republican class has twice as many white dudes named "Mark" as it does women.

I was in a Stars and Bars RW Gun Shop

Is this who we are?!?!

When was this joint climate change report mandated?

Can something please be done about solicitation calls?

Goodlatte was asked why they wanted Comey to testify in private.

This little girl is so full of love ❤️

Instructions on properly disciplining one's wife from Islam:

Your Credit Score Isn't a Reflection of Your Moral Character

I just can't support Al Franken at all...

The debate about impeachment is over. It's now a matter of survival.

So our Constitution allows one man to shit on the world for four years?

100 years ago...

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Black Friday fights are calming down

I'm Rachael from card services.

From Fixer To Flipper: How Cohen Changed His Tune On President Donald Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Raw Story: More Proud Boys charged for Manhattan riot -- including secret unnamed indictments

B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone ft. Tracy Chapman

Andy RICHTER is as excellently one of us as any of us: His Twitter feed::

McLaughlin was just on MSNBC saying that

third eye blind - the background (studio - 1997) - For The Sarg ...

"I'm a Democrat. It's what we do."

When no apology is needed

Director Nicholas Roeg has died

Where are you shopping on this Small Business Saturday?

The Baraboo School District leaders in Wisconsin need to go back to school...

Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border

Fugelsang takes on Dinesh.....not evenly matched..

House Democrats pile on to scrutinize DeVos

Wag the dog: Pay attention to Iran.

GOP strategist rips into 'ignorant' Mississippi Senator Hyde-Smith 3 days before special election

"The Magic Telescope" - a time lapse by Michael Rissi (2008) to the sound of Radiohead's 'Everything

Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border

"I believe Donald Trump could walk into a den of lions and come out a winner."

Scavenger Hunt!

Jimminy Christmas, Trump is such a mind numbing shit wicket

Kick back with Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke singing The Numbers

my dog has a stuffed bear that he always hangs out with and he sat in front of the dryer the whole..

In many ways Trump reminds me of Charles Manson.

I'm not a religious person

Brexit: May gives way over Gibraltar after Spain's 'veto' threat

Congratulations, Ashley Parker (I knew she was pregnant, but didn't know she had her baby)!

Of all the evil firsts that Trump will be known for, the one that I look forward to:

Climate report: Trump administration downplays warnings of looming disaster

'Support Small Business' Demands Sign In Window Of Boutique Open Five Hours A Day, Three Days A Week

Taiwan voters set to block same-sex marriage in referendum

WSU band learns Husky fight song to play during Apple Cup after UW bus flips on trip to Pullman

U.S. service member killed in Afghanistan: NATO

A reminder: people of quality do not fear equality. Whatever your color, sexual orientation,

Lawsuit Seeks New Election - in Georgia

I can't believe - actually I can - that these "Non - politicians"

Deer at the salt lick.

Trump's Attempt to Bury Devastating Climate Report Backfires

Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity

Outgoing Michigan governor pushing for Great Lakes pipeline

What an investment opportunity! Baby burping robot.

Taiwan ruling party suffers major defeat in local elections

Global Catholic nuns urge reporting of sex abuse to police

Musings on Life from Reddit

Hyde-Smith Attended Segregation Academy

Cake Wrecks.

Somtimes I give $ to those folks

AP Fact Check: On break, no break by Trump in twisting facts

Spain to back Brexit deal after UK agrees to Gibraltar terms

The official Democratic Donkey of the South has been put out to pasture

Fearless - Pink Floyd - Remaster (03)

Trial set to begin in deadly white nationalist rally

"Did the guy who tried to kidnap you have any distinquishing marks?"

More Democrats threaten to withhold support for Pelosi's House Speaker role

Senate to get briefing on Saudi Arabia that could determine sanctions

No one knows when Mueller will make his next move

Update for all the lovely DUers who care about my 95 year old Grandma!

When the Emoluments Clause is not enforced

PayDirt found that 'Judge' Jeanine still owes nearly $600,000 to vendors and stopped filing require

Donald Trump - Golden Hair

A peek at what the Trump base is sharing.


I needed aluminum foil to cover some leftovers and other needs.

Bye bye Michigan. What was that about the #1 defense? 62 points!!!!

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

Damn Ohio State is wiping up with Michagan

About those gas prices...

Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix

And then there is rep-elect Dan Crenshaw - local letter (not mine)

Taking advantage of 'a fool and his money'...

(BBC) Week in pictures: 17-23 November 2018

The Thanksgiving Leftovers Everyone Forgets

There's energy in the MS-SEN runoff

We need a TV channel just for shooters....

the main squeeze - have a cigar (pink floyd cover, very recent, and very scorching) ...

Psst, Whiny Donny, about your Saudis friends

"I hate to be a grinch, but: this is not a legitimate use of the power to pull people over."

Egypt unveils 3,000-year-old tomb and sarcophagi in Luxor

Helium is a finite resource. And there's a shortage.

Question: Are people around you satisfied with 2018, or are they ready for more?

"New American Nazis" A.C. Thompson: Pittsburgh to ProPublica Frontline

UN grants North Korea sanctions exemption for North-South rail survey

The Billionaire-Funded "Problem Solvers Caucus" is what's behind Pelosi's ouster

Palm Oil Was Supposed to Help Save the Planet. Instead It Unleashed a Catastrophe.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What Happens When a Bad-Tempered, Distractible Doofus Runs an Empire?

Mississippi newspaper: Hyde-Smith attended segregation academy, enrolled her daughter in one

Republican Rep. Mia Love concedes to Democrat Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th District

Ocasio-Cortez just issued an epic response to FOX News' 4-person panel discussing her shoes

Great suggestion to turn dead malls into homeless shelters or affordable housing units.

For Sarg: (Sona Jobarteh)

Northern Irish DUP says will vote against May's 'pitiful' Brexit deal

Yale psychiatrist explains how Trump's mental issues will cause him to self-destruct

Rosneft's Sechin flies to Venezuela, rebukes Maduro over oil shipments

U.S. says receives credible terrorist threat against facilities in Congo

Trump's biggest crime is happening right before our eyes, every single day


Bahrain holds elections with ban on opposition groups

Kid Rock cleared of federal election violations after Senate gimmick

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 24, 2018

The arrogance of religion...

Cindy Hyde-Smith Attended an All-White "Segregation Academy"

Leaders of the Anti-Caravan Marches in Tijuana Exposed as Nazi Sympathizers

The Outsider Democrats Who Built the Blue Wave

So the Alabama police killed a 'good' guy with a gun

House results underscore that what's good for Trump isn't so good for the GOP

What do you call a group of high schoolers who give a Nazi salute? NAZIS.

Hyde-Smith campaign knocks 'gotcha' report that she attended a 'segregation academy'

Schatz: Dems will nominate a progressive in 2020

David Frum: The Republican Party Needs to Embrace Liberalism

Turning Point USA Staffer Apologizes After She Compared Hillary Clinton to Herpes on Fox News

Hundreds of Breweries Tell Sierra Nevada "We're In" on Wildfire Relief Beer

ALERT: Another Group Attempting To Blackmail Nancy Pelosi

What the HELL??!

I just saw the film Bohemian Rhapsody about the group Queen

Here are the Dem members of the Problem Solving (ha!) Caucus as of 2017

Anti-gay marriage groups win Taiwan referendum battle

The "Problem Solvers Caucus"?

Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers

Too much scoring in College footbal and the NFL

Incoming Mexico Government Denies Deal to Host U.S. Asylum Seekers

A Winter-Coat Heavyweight Gives Trump's Trade War the Cold Shoulder

So sad! Did any of you Tiger and Phil play

After Years of Taking Up Too Much Space, Trump Is Finally Small

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats in the Tossup/Lean Takeover collumn.

Reddit Secret Santa

Geocaching---I just heard about it.

A Reminder