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Archives: November 29, 2018

SpaceX Delays Historic Small-Satellite Launch (Again)

Sen. Sanders: Let us bring this catastrophic war in Yemen to an end, and help bring peace

Argentina prosecutor takes on case against Mohammed bin Salman

Argentina prosecutor takes on case against Mohammed bin Salman

Trump's proposal for a state-run news network sounds like an earlier Pence effort

On This Day in Space! Nov. 27, 1885: Astronomer Captures 1st Known Photo of a Meteor

Puerto Rico Approves Laws For Insurance Policy Holders Post-Hurricane Maria

Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years Ago

Jill Wine-Banks' pin tonight:

Trump adviser sought WikiLeaks emails via Farage ally, Mueller document alleges

Footage shows 'prison-like units' built for Rohingya on Bangladesh island

Josh Rogin: Trump must not 'give away' the Azov Sea to Putin

The Forgotten Story of the Julian Assange of the 1970s

Giuliani's bizarre bragging about the Manafort-Trump alliance highlights new obstruction questions

Confused here (again) If Mueller finish's his investigation

CNN's Sciutto on climate change: 'We don't want to be slowly burned to death' resets all customer passwords after cyber attack: statement

Scotiabank to Exit Nine 'Smaller' Caribbean Countries in Major Shake-up

Gather the kids. grandma and of Trump's ghost writers wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Showdown: Senate and Trump clash on Saudis

Cindy Hyde-Smith Says She Never Lost Faith in Mississippi's Racists

With Trump, Poker rules always apply...

Tom Cotton Is Here To Ruin Prison Reform - the one issue that both parties agree on

My new Congressperson, Ilhan Omar, is on MSNBC right now!

Trump makes 2020 fundraising pitch: Our accounts took a 'MASSIVE' hit in midterms

To be a modern day conservative, one has to be mean, callous, unsympathetic and ignorant...

The GOP needs to be destroyed...

Patagonia "Trump tax cut irresponsible," will donate $10M corporate tax cut to environmental groups

Connecticut schools ban lunchroom visits from parents, too many were eating lunch with kids

Jewish Americans sue Airbnb over West Bank listing ban

Political cartoons 11/28/18

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate.

Paul Manafort has a scheduling conference set for November 30,

Is AG Whitaker holding up all subpoenas and indictments?

Tweety has Lewandowski on as a guest! WTH?

U.S. senators ask White House to probe ZTE work in Venezuela

U.S. senators ask White House to probe ZTE work in Venezuela

Once you see it, you can't UN-see it. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Mars ... It's not for everyone

What's Your Quote of the Day?

Sick Venezuelan migrants, Colombians get surgery aboard U.S. ship

The "librul" New York Times

Former Insys executive pleads guilty to opioid bribe scheme

Every time a media company puts Corey Liardowski on

Women of the DU: Do you feel more secure in bed with a dog, a cat or a man?

Obama's People Say They Could Support 'Superstar' O'Rourke in 2020

Senate Judiciary Cancels Hearing Over Flake's Stand

Senate BLOCKS Bill To Protect Robert Mueller 11/28/18, LIVE ON AIR NEWS! YOUTUBE

My favorite tweet of the evening.

Is it almost over?

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewat???

🦎🦎Dinner date disaster! 🦎🦎

Someone please tell me that putting "to the best of my knowledge"

Pierce: There's a Reason Our Barking St. Bernard of a President* Doesn't Do These Interviews Often

BAND-MAID - Onset (instr.) + Carry on living - Live at The Chapel in San Francisco - 11.10.18

As if!

Aiming to 'Revitalize Our Democracy,' Sanders Institute to Host 250 Progressive Leaders...

So what's going on at the Christmas tree lighting?

What is your gut feeling?

No Action Needed

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) elected vice-chair of the Democratic Caucus.

Survivor: Christian--Mind boggling awesome.

Hoffa if he tells the truth...

New Leslie Moonves Expos Could Cost Former Mogul $120 Million

Trump's night owl calls to Roger stone in 2016 draw scrutiny:

Steny Hoyer Elected House Majority Leader

So Manafort tells Trump, Mueller tells Schiff, touche ..

Pence casts tie-breaking vote to advance controversial Trump judicial pick

As Trump dismisses climate change report, California plans to use it against him

Trump threatens to declassify Russia docs to 'counter punch' Dems

OK - everybody just RELAX -

Trump Labor Secretary Conspired to Offer Extraordinary Plea Deal to Millionaire in Sex-Abuse Case

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Komrades!

He lost $42,000 Land Rover for $385 crime; Supreme Court considers whether fine is unconstitutional

The Farce That Will Not Die: Climate Scientists Are In It For The Money

Senate advances Yemen resolution in rebuke to Trump

Treasury secretary hacked...

Zinke questions methodology of federal climate report

CA-SD31: Tom Umberg flips an Orange County State Senate seat from red to blue.

Karma is becoming more interesting....

Corsi is a lying POS....

When you get right down to it, "Atheist" is a stupid word.

Tucker: "Mueller Team Threatens Elderly Men"

Roy Cohn he is Not....

*Global Food System Broken, Catalyst For Climate Change, Say Science Academies

I love this quirky Swedish band so much... Little Dragon - Crystalfilm/ Little Man

When kids backtalk...😂🐐

Manafort-Trump talks baffle legal community

Bowie takes a selfie in heaven....

Cuomo good tonight.

Multimillion-Dollar Company Trolls Trump By Donating Its $10M Tax Cut To Fight Climate Change

This reminded me of the anti-Pelosi people

The Daily Show: Manafort's Double Flip, Trump's Climate Change Jibberish and Ivanka's Email Snafu

2018/2020 MS US Senate Election- Mike Espy-D/ Mike Moore-D

The Daily Show: Manafort's Double Flip, Trump's Climate Change Jibberish and Ivanka's Email Snafu

Bill Browder: Danish police have indicted Danske Bank

The Knife - Marble House

Song to Woody

Marianne Faithfull - Broken English

Piglet - Bugstop

Senate BLOCKS Bill To Protect Robert Mueller 11/28/18, LIVE ON AIR NEWS: YOUTUBE

Back in Action! Recovered Hubble Telescope Nabs Nifty New Picture

Labor secretary accused of giving wealthy alleged pedophile 'deal of a lifetime'

No, Mars InSight Won't Be Searching for Alien Life. Here's What It IS Looking For.

From IVINS' stomping ground (TX Observer) : Beto & Julian, please don't run for president

Royksopp - This Must Be It - For JHan

Amazon Gives To End Homelessness? Cold Comfort To The New Homeless in NYC, DC

Viewers Noticed Some Very Disturbing Details In 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer'

Grimes - Artangels (perhaps one of catchiest freaking songs of all time)

Man charged in deer carcasses dumped on Somalis' cars

A lawsuit against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was to begin on December 4th

Why the U.S. Can't Solve Big Problems

Colin Allred is co-president of Freshman class in Congress

For Mr Lebowski :) Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave child rapist Jeffrey Epstein a great deal

So what happens when God comes out?

Daily, constantly, consistently, outrage piles upon outrage and

Mueller scrutinizing calls between Trump and Stone in 2016.

On a lighter note...........

14 AGs join Maryland AG suit challenging legality of Whitaker's appt.

All Senate Democrats voted with Bernie Sanders today rebuking Trump on troops in Yemen

June Tabor: "Strange Affair" (Richard Thompson cover)

Guardian Editorial: Facebook should be regulated like a media company


Say trump pardons his merry band of henchman

London Grammar - Strong (you're gonna wonder .. how the hell have I not heard this freaking song?!?)

S.F. Supervisor Wants Zuckerberg's Name Stripped From City Hospital

11/29 Mike Luckovich: Bookstore

Help with something I'm seeing from a lot of Trump cultists

Oldie but a goodie - Regarding Henry - clips

The GOP is fracturing

40 years ago today...this album was released

Carl Sagan on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (full interview, May 20th, 1977)

Michigan is one week away from recreational MJ.

Remember the stories about Hillary Clinton's health-these rumors are due to Corsi and Stone

Poland says US ambassador's letter won't spoil good ties

It Really Does Look Ugly

It's Time, Republicans

US waived FBI checks on staff at growing teen migrant camp

Need a smile? Randy Credico's response to tRump on Twitter will make you grin ear to ear.

US waived FBI checks on staff at growing teen migrant camp

Dems Want To Draft Beto In New PAC

Carl Sagan - The Demon Haunted World (FULL)

Bolsonaro's Guru Says That Are No Left-Wing Intellectuals At His Level

Bolsonaro's Guru Says That Are No Left-Wing Intellectuals At His Level

800 Faculty and 1700 students receiving hockey pucks to carry / to thwart shooters

Palast & Abrams continue to dog Kemp for illegal vote rigging

I'm enjoying El Ministerio del Tiempo

Lucius - Two of Us On The Run - These two ladies are freaking magical ...

Shitler says in interview after posting a picture of same: Rosenstien should be jailed!

Laurence Tribe: Espionage...

Jerome Corsi:: I Lied And I'm Ready To Die In Jail The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Harvard astronomers suggest cigar shaped object is alien spacecraft.

Need a smile, like Freddie Mercury?

Looking for a good single malt Scotch $100 max

Suicide, at 50-year peak, pushes down US life expectancy

Eros under trump v. Obama...

Report: Labor secretary accused of giving wealthy alleged pedophile 'deal of a lifetime'

John Mayer - Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967 (don't care what u say, this is a great song)

Trump dismisses the economic impact of climate change - except at his golf course

Fifteen $2000 College Scholarship for Michigan and Florida HS Srs in Essay Contest

Brazil Was In Dire Situation Before Cuban Doctors, Says PAHO Representative

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Hometown idiot on the GM layoffs

How many countries and territories have you visited?

Bolsonaro's Son Travels To The US To Strengthen Ties With Washington

Bolsonaro's Son Travels To The US To Strengthen Ties With Washington

GOP Senators join Democrats in stopping helping the Saudis' war in Yemen.

Veterans Affairs Dept. tells Capitol Hill it won't repay underpaid GI Bill benefits recipients

Man accidentally shoots self in groin inside Buckeye Walmart

Netflix Show: "Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World"

Don't Lie To Me - Barbara Streisand - Official Video

Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi Pushed Seth Rich Lie After Privately Admitting Hackers Stole DNC Emails

We know that Trump is a criminal

This is Finnick (a dog). He has completed his walk. It was never clarified he had to make it back...

Trumps must be broke as hell or super money hungry. Look at this ornament

Twitter Users Hurl The Holly After Trump Is Hailed For Bringing 'Christmas Back'

Any southern californians

CA-21 -- 100% now reporting:

Trump: Pardon For Convicted Liar Manafort 'Not Off The Table' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Exclusive: Trump administration to announce final bump stock ban

The Fight To Protect Robert Mueller - The Last Word - MSNBC

President Donald Trump's Gut Might Be Even Smarter Than His Brain - All In - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/28/18

Former Puerto Rico financial advisor pleads guilty to bank fraud

The Republican Party's Imminent Demise?

Letter from House Leaders to DOJ Calls for Puerto Rico Statehood Vote

Rick Wilson's thoughts on Trump, Corsi etc

How Does a Territory Become a State?

To the best of his recollection

'They got me. I'm afraid': Swastikas spray-painted on a Jewish professor's office at Columbia

Former Sumter County sheriff pleads guilty to criminal ethics, drug charges

Sens. Sanders, Lee Explain Bipartisan Bill To End U.S. Support For Saudi-Led War In Yemen - NBC News

Bentley to face Collier in unlawful termination trial

Man says Nazis were socialist, gets schooled by history writer

Morning memes - time to ignore the Prime Directive?

Trump just offered a revolting defense of the claim that Rod Rosenstein 'belongs behind bars' --


Yemen ceasefire resolution blocked at UN after Saudi and UAE 'blackmail'

Deutsche bank offices are searched in money laundering operation

Past four years hottest on record, data shows

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime

Russia has blocked Ukrainian Azov Sea ports, minister says

Philippine court jails three police officers for drugs war murder

Deutsche searched in money laundering probe over Panama Papers

General behind deadly Haiti raid takes aim at Brazil's gangs

Pro-Saudi lobbyists paid 5 senators who voted against Yemen bill

Bjork - Human Behavior

Fake News!

UK's G4S confirms five staff killed, 32 injured in Kabul compound attack

Thursday TOONs - Return Engagement Edition

About not reimbursing our Vets

OK, who is going to be brave enough to admit and fly their flags upside down?

Donald Trump Even More Egregious Than Nixon In Attacking Investigation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump Appeals More to Men Who Are Sexually Insecure

AG: CBD products illegal in Alabama

Frank Ocean - So Endless

Ukraine-Russia sea clash: Poroshenko urges Nato to send ships

Mitsubishi Heavy ordered to compensate forced S Korean war workers

Twitter suspends account impersonating Russian president Putin

It started under Obama and went haywire under Trump. Now you know why MBS targets Qatar.

U.S. to Allow Sale of Missile Defense System to Saudis

Reggae music to be protected by the UN

Trump Policies Are Hurting European Allies, Says Macron

California considering legal action over use of tear gas at southern border

Jerome Corsi: "I lied and I'm ready to die in jail"

Al Gore rips Trump as the face of 'climate denial'

Sen. Ron Johnson (R) on CNN, right now (4:37 PST) :

Jerome Corsi Told Roger Stone WikiLeaks Had Dirt on Hillary's Health. Then the Attacks Started.

In nail-biter, PBR avoids alleged possible extinction after last-minute settlement with MillerCoors

Russia blocks Ukrainian Azov Sea ports: minister

U.S. Life Expectancy down again; a trend not seen since WW1

'Price of human life': Africatown residents blast heavy industry during chemical plant hearing

Putin, Trump due to meet at G20 on December 1: Kremlin document

More American children are uninsured despite strong economy

Trump's night-owl calls to Roger Stone in 2016 draw scrutiny in Mueller probe

Jeff Sessions not a lock for old Senate seat, pols say; Who might run?

Unlike Richard Nixon, Donald Trump Misconduct Piling Up In Full Public View - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The House's Progressive Caucus Will Be Bigger Than Ever In 2019

Medicare Changes in 2020

Oooh - They're So . . . GREEN! Exxon Buying 500 Mw Wind, Solar To (Of Course) Pump Oil

The Best States For Business 2018: North Carolina Leads The Way

Rob Reiner: Dots are connecting. Guns are smoking-Have patience. Good things come to those who wait.

Tangier Island Residents Don't Believe Seas Are Rising, But Want A Wall To Protect Them

Team Trump Had Many Ties to Israeli Intel Firm in Mueller's Crosshairs

Baltimore sues Trump administration over legal immigrants' access to public benefits

Letter from a Region in My Mind - James Baldwin

Firearms Industry Appears Stuck in the Doldrums

Why do complete strangers want to be "friends" on Facebook?

I'll always help a vet regardless haven't heard from him in a year

the inclusion of "including with then-candidate Donald J. Trump" reflects language added since July

Pilots say they were 'in the dark' about Boeing's 737 safety update

The spiraling presidency...

Trump Attacks 'Illegal' Mueller Probe Late Last Night and First Thing Today: 'McCarthy Style Witch..

Wheeler Can't Name 3 Policies To Cut Air Pollution In Public Forum; CA To EPA - Stay Out of Our Way

Anyone else watch The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by the Coens on Netflix?

Ravens Player Thinks Some Criticism of Lamar Jackson is Racial Prejudice

How bottomless and dark is the pit from which Donald Trump picks members for

Listening to his gut

Drug traffickers bribed postal workers to deliver cocaine during their mail run


When Fox News staffers break ethics rules, discipline follows -- or does it?

EPA's Wheeler Flat-Out Lies To Blame Obama For Dire Climate Report As A "Political Document"

Trump threatens to disclose 'devastating' secret info (which may not exist)

Art of The Week: Week of 11/28/18

The Rundown: November 28, 2018

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/28/2018

Stanford Study: Multi-Regional Heat/Drought Becoming More Common Thanks To Overall Warming

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta gave a serial sexual predator the deal of a lifetime

Myth and Spaceflight - Celebrating science and Tucson on the eve of asteroid contact

Comic-Snips: Iron Man's armor

Former Venezuelan National Treasurer Sentenced to 10 years in Prison for Money Laundering Conspiracy

Did Trump really say this? Or is it fake news?


EPIC Rant re Brexit

9-year-old girl asks Steph Curry why his shoe line is only for boys

Two International Cybercriminal Rings Dismantled and Eight Defendants Indicted for Causing Tens of M

Al Gore: Trump is Now the 'Principal Global Face of Climate Denial'

God breaks his promise

trump told the CIA director NOT to appear before the Senate.

Moscow's new cable car closed by cyberattack

Tribes question running oil pipeline under Missouri, Milk rivers

First photo from Mars

A very short well known poem describes Trump completely: Humpty Dumpty

Leaked Kremlin Document Shows Trump and Putin to Meet This Saturday


Fact Check: Trump Claims Mueller Investigation Spent $10 Million in Two Days?

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries teaches tRump about Treason

Journalists have abruptly been alerted to a hearing in a "USA v. John Doe" case at the federal court

U.S. farm sector stockpiles Chinese chemicals before scheduled tariffs

Rachel Maddow cites David Nir on the New York Times

Trump repeats false claim about steel plants

2020 Democrats Shift Focus from Health Care to Mueller

Italy's Salvini gets win with new asylum and security rules

Michael Cohen reaches new plea deal with Mueller: Guilty plea for false statements, plus testimony

Breaking: Michael Cohen, Pres Trump's former personal attorney, reaches new plea deal with Mueller

A place in the mountains east of Los Angeles is

About the tv commercials this time of year: have you ever received or given a CAR as a

Fearing espionage, U.S. weighs tighter rules on Chinese students

New: Michael Cohen expected to plead guilty to lying to congressional committees investigating Trump

Newest Unhinged Trump Interview is a True House of Horrors

All-Republican Government Ends as It Began, In Disarray

YES: CNN Live Fact-Checks Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Michael Cohen to Plead Guilty to Charge in Mueller Investigation

Don't p*ss off an elephant

China halts work by team on gene-edited babies

"A lie is just the truth put on backward." Please come CAPTION Jerome Corsi!

The start of the investigation into Venezuelan corruption started with a tip of 100,000 Euro

Deutsche Bank headquarters raided over money laundering

Diocese says Iowa priest who threatened rape has recovered

Michael Cohen is in SDNY to admit to a count of making false statements about 'the Moscow Project."

Military's push for solar backup power loses speed under Trump

Pro-Bernie group hacked in quarter-million-dollar email scam

Concerning Nancy Pelosi and the stated need for "fresh" and "younger" leadership:

MEANWHILE, in Santa Monica...

Maloney drops out of Democratic campaign committee race

We have 2-foot-tall squirrels? NC biologists posted a photo of one

*Former Trump Consigliere Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress About Russian Conspiracy*

I learned today that you should pee on a jellyfish sting, not a

Trump's favored Saudi prince becomes a global pariah

Cohen expected to plead guilty to lying to Congress in collusion probe

Yes, if you have enough money or the promise of enough money, you can do anything in this country

Psst....Mueller found another crime today.

Trump:Billions of Dollars are pouring into the coffers of the U.S.A./Big Steel is opening plants too

Patagonia donating its $10 million Trump tax cut to conservation, climate charities

My Favortie Congressperson, Katherine Clark, Secures Powerrful Leadership Position

Pentagon identifies 3 US special operations service members killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

Cohen: Discussions for the Moscow project continued into 2017

Maduro wants his coronation advanced from January to December because... he wants it that way.

Well I'll be damned. It's gonna be Cohen

Angela Merkel sidesteps military aid to Ukraine

15 months after deadly collision that killed 10 sailors, US Navy destroyer McCain floats again

Survivor...I know, shouldnt watch, but I do.

Study Warns of Cascading Health Risks From the Changing Climate

Trump views the Mueller investigation like GOB Bluth viewed his suits.

Listening to Proof of Collusion. The *rump tower Moscow deal was to be his king of the hill moment!

Trump dismantling US climate efforts as warnings grow dire

Does Trump's great gut mean a tiny brain?

The stunning implications of the Manafort-Trump pipeline

India outrage as mall shames woman for breastfeeding

The Mueller investigation keeps offering important revelations. It must continue. - WaPo Edit. Board

i just read this Miami Herald Epstein story...good LORD is it detailed

Admit it, you miss the complete sentences, don't you???

Day Care Worker Guilty of Murder ...

Argument over NFL anthem kneeling leads to father shooting son on Thanksgiving

The Secrets to Perfect Baklava -Christine Cushing at Karakoy Gulluoglu, Istanbul

oooooo! Drumpf's going to be mad about the latest revelation from Michael

Ruh Roh - Jeffrey Epstein Victims sue to get justice

This could be Trump's last stand on border wall

So Mitch, now that the Cohen bombshell just exploded...

Cohen--I made statements to be consistent with Individual 1's political message and to be loyal

Question about the news media...

Trump: Mueller's not looking at "atrocious, and perhaps subversive, crimes committed by Democrats"

BREAKING: Cohen kept Trump informed on Trump Tower Moscow project after Jan 2016

It appears Cohen's testimony may be giving Mueller more than we thought

For those who don't remember, Thom Hartmann and others were big advocates of tarriffs as the means

Atheists are Irreverent!

Trump is trapped in a railway crossing with multiple trains racing towards him.

FULL TEXT of court filing detailing Cohen's lying

Bump stock ban is finalized, banned from sale and 90 days to surrender

Once again it's the cover-up that ultimately stings the worst

Here is the full letter from Mueller to Cohen's attorney

Now we know why Individual-1 bolted from the tree lighting ceremony

Trump's now running half an hour late for his departure this morning

Republicans Didn't Learn Anything From the Midterms


Yes, Collusion: The Legal Significance of the New Mueller Revelations

Cohen in court: ex-lawyer admits lying to Congress

Rick Wilson on Trump, heading to G20 on AF1: "glorious, seething, steaming anger"

Michael Cohen Plea Document

Does Anyone Read This Site?

Trump just committed another impeachable offense.

Cohen reveals Trump Tower Moscow negotiations continued until June 2016 -- and Trump knew

Pisspants trump is leaving for G20 today.

Trump blasts Cohen as 'weak person' for guilty plea

Good Seth Abramson tweet about the implications of Cohen's court appearance.

This is just so typical of the @NYTimes

Special report!

Colorado's changing tint from purple to blue is bad news for Republicans

California Democratic Chairman Eric Bauman accused of sexually explicit comments, unwanted touching

"....This total Hoax will be studied for years!" -djt

FuckFace is saying we should watch FOX for the real skinny on Cohen and him....

"So...did you see this tweet by Donald today?"

As walls close in on 45 and his crime syndicate, Pence is silent--

Can Chump get services from his personal hair dresser in prison?

Canada announces sanctions targeting Saudis linked to 'abhorrent' Khashoggi murder

Argument preview: Justices to reconsider potentially far reaching double-jeopardy exception

Claims and counterclaims fly around Guardian Manafort-Assange scoop

I think he'll shut down the government.

Charlottesville: Jury seated for trial in the death of Heather Heyer

Cohen's "a weak person." He never learned the two greatest things in life:

NIST atomic clocks now keep time well enough to improve models of Earth

KHN: Democrats Taking Key Leadership Jobs Have Pocketed Millions from Pharma

about donnie's complaint that mueller isn't investigating democrats...

Let's be clear: the court docs Mueller dropped this morning are the entire ballgame.

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad Recipe

Donald Trump's Dimming Prospects

Prayers urgently requested, please.

Bharara: Most significant issue is if Cohen contradicted Trump's written answers to Mueller

Trump Is Expected To Extend U.S. Troops' Deployment To Mexico Border Into January

Paul Ryan: Michael Cohen Should Be 'Prosecuted To The Extent Of The Law'

Does it seem we are getting closer to objective evidence of conspiracy by the Trump crime family?

The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events

How a real First Lady decorates the WH for Christmas

What We Now Know About The Trump Tower Moscow Project

Redaction ineptitude reveals names of Proud Boys' self-styled new leaders

Does anyone else find it odd that all of this stuff is happening...

BTRTN: 55 Ways the Dems Might Go in 2020: The Exhaustive List of Potential Nominees

US airstrike reportedly kills dozens of Afghan civilians in Helmand province

BTRTN: 55 Ways the Dems Might Go in 2020: The Exhaustive List of Potential Nominees

BTRTN: 55 Ways the Dems Might Go in 2020: The Exhaustive List of Potential Nominees

Trump didn't know the GOP tax bill incentivizes business to offshore jobs

Ancient Egyptians and their love of cats - a short article

Trump is done!

What an emotional roller-coaster this political reality show has me on.

READ: Michael Cohen Plea Deal Reveals He Spoke With Putin's Office About Moscow Trump Tower Project

Grizzly bear kills woman and baby in Yukon

We all thought Mueller was waiting until after the midterms to start revealing evidence.....

In January, Mueller gets a new partner, the House.

Arizona's new state House Speaker doesn't believe LGBTQ people are equal under the law

Just Got A Note From Xfinity

Question: How much leeway does Mueller have?

Trump defends staying in Afghanistan

Even when Trump is long gone his election will be an indelible stain on our nation's history

I recently saw a post on DU with a photo of Mike Espy... the caption was

As Rachel Maddow was laying out the mountain of evidence last night, this is all I could picture

Love Hurts

BREAKING: Trump drops plan to meet with Putin

Headline should read: "Robert Mueller Cancels Trump's Meeting with Putin"

Do you think trump would flip on Putin in order to save his ass and those of his spawn?

On Attending Religious Services as an Atheist

Trump cancels Putin meeting at G20 over Ukraine conflict

Army tells recruiters to stay away from erotic dance clubs

Remember that painting of Trump with other Repuke Presidents

In nail-biter, PBR avoids alleged possible extinction after last-minute settlement with MillerCoors

The moment Mueller raided Cohens office and home Trump was doomed.

Individual 1

Eisen: No coincidence Cohen deal announced after Trump's written answers, before meeting w/Putin

Alderman Burke's law firm represented Trump's businesses for 12 years

Feds showed up this am at law firm rep. Trump, asked everyone to leave & put brown paper on doors.

Russia-Ukraine sea clash puts spotlight on 1994 agreement

Woman attacked McDonald's worker for skimping on the ketchup

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To WaPo: "I Have A Gut"

Is Trump's world caving in on him?

How long til CNN and MSNBC have KellyAnn or Giuliani tell us Cohen is a liar

Youth-focused digital media startup Mic cuts staff amid uncertain future After Facebook tweaked the

Shitstain should be sung the "Na-Na-Na-Na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Good Bye" song everywhere he goes!!!

McConnell's year-end wish: Getting Congress to legalize hemp

Arkansas' capital city could elect its first black mayor

Federal agents raiding the office of Trump's tax attorney in Chicago this morning

Idea: let's send trump hats to the caravan

Fox News' Napolitano Drops Truth Bomb: Cohen Plea Will Lead To Trump's Impeachment

I guess Trump REALLY can't release his tax returns now

Does Deutsche Bank Money Laudering RAID Implicate Trump

Trump invites Brazil President-elect Bolsonaro to visit US

Bharara: Presumably Acting AG Whitaker approved the plea agreement and charges of lying to Congress

Trump invites Brazil President-elect Bolsonaro to visit US

Coach Kat high fives runners on the track

Confirmation vote on Thomas Farr postponed to next week

Would Dems have taken Senate if today's news came in October?

Ohhh, Cohen will hand over Elliot Broidy, right?? They were both on the RNC Finance Committee and

Australia cracks down on orphanage tourism

Manafort must be kicking himself.

Fed Agents Raided Office Of Ed Burke This am-Did Tax Work For Trump For 12 Years

Feds Raid Trump's Former Tax Lawyer's Office

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!"

Tweets from Seth Abramson that should have you humming:

So Putin has given Trump permission to cancel their meeting. Putin has more smarts than Trump.

OK, so the business deals with Russia for the Trump brand is now out, how soon will

Mother Jones: Here's Evidence of Collusion: Trump's Lawyer Discussed Business Deal w/ Putin's Office

New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the Affordable Care Act

The tweets about Trump canceling meeting w/ Putin sent by WH staff, not Trump

Giuliani May Be Charged For Dealings With Manafort's Lawyers

Ryan casts doubt on 'bizarre' California election results

It's not that complicated

Trump's Late Night Calls To Stone May Help Mueller Prove Collusion

Jordan ends hopes of leading Judiciary for House GOP

Beautiful - slightly erotic - of the blooming of yellow gabion mushrooms

"Buddy our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it," Felix Sater wrote.

Remember when Trump said "I could shoot somebody on 5th Ave. and not lose any votes"?

Giuliani Accuses Mueller of Trying to Sabotage Trump's G20 Trip With Bombshell on 'Proven Liar'...

The Sound of Trump's Swan Song

Trump: 'I miss New York'

john mayer - slow dancing in a burning room (live - 2007 - los angeles) jaw-dropping perfection ...

Federal agents raid powerful Chicago Ald. Ed Burke's City Hall office

Quiz: Are You Naughty or Nice?

Trump has downgraded his planned bllateral talks with SK's Moon and Turkey's Erdogan to pull-asides

Red Alert Politics annual "30 Under 30" list highlights young, right-of-center leaders

Manafort, state crimes, and double jeopardy (Long).

I don't have anything to add to the news today. I'm too

Experts Agree: Robert Mueller Just Played Donald Trump Like a Fiddle

Fox News Hosts Dismiss Cohen Bombshell: Why Should We Believe Someone With History of Lying?

Lying to get a reduced sentence?

Key Dem, in reversal, will back Pelosi

Ice cream man

Florida analysis: Too little, too late, after abandoning the Obama playbook

T'ings be 'bout to 'splode, I'm t'inkin'! nt

Skipping way ahead to what really matters: airing July 2021, HBO original movie "Individual 1",

Cheri Bustos of Illinois17th, new DCCC chair

Trump is singing: "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina..."

Past Four Years Hottest On Record, Data Shows

"Gym" Jordan, enabler Ohio (R)

Reporter say Trump's lies show Russia has kompromat over president

Who knew Jeff Flake was such a rancid piece of shit?

Now that the trump-Putin meeting has been cancelled

CNN panel: 'His attorneys are pulling what's left of their hair out'

I know that it's not right but...

Methodist church sign reads: 'I was a stranger and you tear gassed me... wait a second'

Whoever stole my Prozac, I hope you're

Stephen Colbert Monologue 11/28/18 - November 28, 2018 "Muellerclaus is coming to town"

Trump. Did we get him?

Trent Reznor Had 2 Words For Ted Cruz

Nebraska Humane Society is taking adoption applications for rescued Samoyeds

Last night I slept like a baby

Elizabeth Warren slams Trump trade deal as just 'NAFTA 2.0'

Some aspects of the Mueller investigation seem unfair.

kavaNAUGHT's first installment due Dec5: SCotUS might knock down States exemption vs Federal charges

Bayer is cutting 12,000 jobs in the wake of its Monsanto deal

Jesus, Crucifixion, 30 Pieces of Silver...very foolish to turn it down...

Agnes Obel - Stretch your Eyes/ Mary

Pathology Explained: Why poor whites support Trump & Right Wing (VIDEO)

Is there a list, someplace, of the 32 no and 3 blank? (against Pelosi, that is)

Bill Browder on Magnitsky Act: "This new justice tool to punish dictators is going viral"


Michael Cohen now has an official cooperation deal with Mueller.

"Let them in"....

Omaha nominee for federal judgeship takes pointed questions on abortion from Senate panel

John Kerry as a candidate

Will Trump and McConnell share a cell together?

Congresswoman Sheila Jasckson Lee-Nothing in Steele Dossier has been disproven

Time for Trump and his family to fly away with Putin after this weekend's conference

Has Mueller asked Mitch McConnell what he knew about Trump and Russia? He should.

2016 wasn't that long ago

"Rudy Giuliani Charged?"

3,000 women march against gender-based violence in Madrid

3,000 women march against gender-based violence in Madrid

3,000 women march against gender-based violence in Madrid

Pierce: Trump Can't Control the Process Anymore. It's Unraveling on Him.

Donald Trump admits that business deal with Moscow continued long after he told America it was over

Trump's gut is not smarter than his brain.

Protestors prepare to march to end sexual violence against women #TheCube

Mueller knew Trump was dirty from the jump.

Protestors prepare to march to end sexual violence against women #TheCube

How Spain is leading the fight against domestic violence

How Spain is leading the fight against domestic violence

Deutsche Bank headquarters raided in money laundering probe

Half the land in Oklahoma could be returned to Native Americans. It should be.

Half the land in Oklahoma could be returned to Native Americans. It should be.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #8 in F Major, Op. 93

Layoffs hit the NRA's media operation NRATV

Flash mob: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Why Was A Russian Trump Tower So Important To Trump?.....

Suspect in Alabama mall shooting captured by U.S. Marshals in Georgia

Flash mob: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

"I don't have any business deals with Russia"

One Billion Rising flash mob "Break the Chain"

One Billion Rising flash mob "Break the Chain"

What's Stronger Than a Blue Wave? Gerrymandered Districts

BREAKING: Officials Raid Deutch Bank Headquarters

NC-09: Republicans investigated for 'irregularities'

Why it matters that the Moscow Trump Tower deal was still in play in June 2016

UPDATE: Deal to pass farm bill scraps House GOP plan for new food stamp work requirements

Ruht Roh - Trump's White House just gulped - lies can imprison

Just saw a good ad on CNN promoting the Democratic Agenda...

Nancy walked the Russia v Health Care line like a boss

WH: Trump's Formal G-20 Meetings With Turkey, South Korea Canceled

So what's Jeff Sessions' next job?

Bad plow day... Plowing an underpass while traffic drives underneath

I haven't been in this good a mood in years.

How Cohen's Plea Compares To What Don Jr. Told A Senate Committee

When you receive good customer service, please take the time to fill out a survey

Women in governance- 1948 Clintwood VA's "Petticoat Government"

Something magical, beautiful to lift you through the day

Man Hates Having To Wear Condoms All Day Every Day.

Seems Cohen is a bigger fish than Manafort

Yummy Scott Tenorman Tears! According to Rudy, Cohen is apparently a "son of a bitch."

A Clear Link Between Trump and Russia Is Now Out in the Open

Interesting conservative take on Dirty Donald

Bayer is cutting 12,000 (1/10) jobs in the wake of its Monsanto deal

Trump Says Cohen's Lying Even Though His Lawyers Say Their Stories On Moscow Deal Is The Same

Retirement Plans Changed A Little

faux news doesnt sound too much different from msnbc this glorious day!!

I think I might have stumbled on the worst Christmas song of all time.

I've been waiting 13 years!

i vaguely suspect it all plays out like this:

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google..Part 4

New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the Affordable Care Act

Democrats Lead Surge in Belief U.S. Should Be World Leader

The only thing that would make this better is if that little Nazi Stephen Miller goes down with them

Nadler Statement on Michael Cohen Guilty Plea

Advance Auto Parts Designates Raleigh as Corporate Headquarters

Amber Alert Issued Thursday For Upstate Girl

Climate change town hall

If the evidence is there and we impeach Trump ...

Obama: "Nobody in my administration came close to being indicted"

Pitchers with 1000 strikeouts before the age of 24

Joe Kennedy says Democrats should embrace 'moral capitalism'

People with dark personalities usually share a trait called the 'D-factor'

Don't know why, but when I see Micheal Cohen's face, it reminds me

Could this be Muellermas?

Florida Santa arrested after failing to report holiday employment

What If It Was Putin Who Cancelled on Trump?

Maduro sends "economic information" to IMF that wildly underestimates crisis

What if Russia is even through with Manafort? He seems to be pretty useless to Putin and Trump

Is Trump guilty of bribery?

One Key Point To Remember When Corsi is Caught Lying and Manafort is Dumped Like Trash

CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill Following Israel Comments

Jewish professor finds swastikas spray-painted on her office walls at Columbia's Teachers College

WikiLeaks declares war on the Guardian and now up is down, black is white...

State Department floats threat of military action against Iran


Michael Cohen Admits Talks for Trump Over Moscow Tower Occurred Well Into Campaign

Winless football team (0-10) makes state playoffs. 1-9 team too.

Top Democrats call for new Cohen testimony following guilty plea

Trump's Moscow Deal Died on Same Day as Hacking Story

'A live look at Fox News covering the Michael Cohen guilty plea"

Did DUers notice how he gave a shout out to Manafort, Stone and Corsi

Trump denies pursuing Moscow real estate project

Nixon's White house lawyer says this is worse than Watergate.

Today: Fine YoungCannibals cover...

Paul Ryan calls California election results bizarre because all the votes were counted...

Papadopoulos's Russia Ties Continue to Intrigue

Rising jobless claims are starting to worry some economists

So what do you do after working in Trump's White House?

Graham threatens to abstain from voting until CIA briefs Senate on Khashoggi killing

Coming in January

Remember when a president's "scheme to silence women" would be enough...

Trump's night-owl calls to Roger Stone in 2016 draw scrutiny in Mueller pro

In my life the greatest Villain has been disease

If your dog poops...

Trump's court picks held hostage by Mueller bill

America is signaling the waiter to ask for the check...Rob Reiner

Raids mounted on fake Indian tech support centres

6/2018 The Donald and The Alderman break up; Burke no longer doing tax work for Trump

Trump makes Fed chief economic punching bag

Hakeem Jeffries kicks off his new job with gusto...

I thought a repost would be timely: From Russia With Love / Mueller Time

Fox News: A look back at how Obama tried to classify "Merry Christmas" as hate speech.

Dueschte Bank has been raided

Political cartoons 11/29/18

Everything is "on the table" with Trump...

Hm. Trump signed a letter of intent on Moscow Tower on way to 3rd debate.

Tomi Lahren vs. George Takei

New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the Affordable Care Act

Senate Bill To End U.S. Role In Yemen War Rejected By House Raytheon Executives

Miami Herald reporter hits back at Scaramucci over criticism of Epstein story

"He did me a favor"...

Curious...after the news today, is there any word from the Repubs?

The biggest story on fox news right now.......

Democratic Alderman Burke in Chicago is one of those democrats

Slawell just said Nunes has boxes of transcripts of all Trumpers lying to Congress in basement.

Stay clear of any fans cause $hits fixing to hit it!!!!!!! n/t

Gloria Katz, 'American Graffiti' screenwriter, dies at 76

Two more 'Proud Boys' members arrested for alleged roles in street brawl

cartoon: Trump tree ?

Mueller right now!

Changing Wikipedia with my fingers crossed

Conan rents a family in Japan

I feel like RUMP can run BUT

Siri, show me: White Privilege.

System of a Down-Chop Suey (Sock Puppet Parody)

You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch

Federal agents mysteriously raided a former Trump attorney's office

Trump 'baby blimp' flies in Argentina for G-20 summit

Trump cancels more meetings...

Next US moon landing will be by private companies, not NASA

Not to put cart, before; but there's a new line of succession

I feel confident that Putin is OK with Trump canceling his meeting at G20.

Any thoughts on if PENCE KNEW?

The tRump families tri-fecta bad day -- your daily schadenfreude op-ed

Mike Pence will have to sit next to a woman during the SOTU!!

Melania thoughts

Trump to sign bill extending HIV/AIDS program, Pence says

Conspiracy Theorist Laura Loomer has an exciting day!

Laura Loomer has hand-cuffed herself to the door of Twitter's headquarters

Do we know if the Missus went with DON on the big trip?

An oldie but a goodie...Dear Dr. Laura

Holy S***.

Correction by the WALL STREET JOURNAL...

Some inconvenient truths

Nicole Wallace announced that Rosenstein is still overseeing the investigation.

The homebody president: Trump keeps it quick on trips abroad

Trump labor secretary out of running for attorney general after Miami Herald report

Kremlin surprised by Trump's Putin cancellation

What are we going to call the holiday when trump gets dragged (or runs) away?

From June 2018: Ivanka Trump Was In Contact With A Russian Who Offered A Trump-Putin Meeting

Sen. Tim Scott (R) to Oppose Thomas Farr, Effectively Killing the Nomination

Line them up like Dominoes

Southwest Airlines apologises for mocking girl's name

The left and our fight against anti-Semitism

Trump Lawyers Claim His Statements to Mueller About Moscow Tower Project Match What Cohen Said

What a Thursday...

Senate committees scouring testimony for misleading statements in Russia probe

A Marijuana Museum Will Open in Los Angeles

Reality Check- this Episode of the Long Nightmare is coming to an end

Adam Schiff translates the Big Con...

'Our president is essentially a mob boss': Former FBI counterintelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi

Wheels are coming off of Trump's world, and he's tweeting reviews of books that praise him.

What Cohen's Plea Deal Means for Trump, His Business and Mueller

Scott to oppose Farr nomination to federal bench in NC, ending chances of confirmation

Houston, we have a problem...

Cohen talked to Mueller for 70 hours?

Cohen also implicated *Trump Family Members*!

The Ghoul loses it....

Who's going to play Mueller in the movie?

Massive FBI special agent hiring spree opens up.

Faux snooze gets bonus points for ethnic slur...

The Onion today

I bet the other world leaders at the G20 are going to have

Acting attorney general Whitaker was notified in advance of Cohen plea

While fear vomiting his McNuggets, he cancels Putin kiss ass meet...

Acting attorney general Whitaker was notified in advance of Cohen plea

Viola Davis Attached To Star In 'The Fighting Shirley Chisholm' For Amazon Studios

Depressed Mueller Wonders What It Is About Him That Makes Everyone Lie To Him

Democrats reject new Republican plan to pay for Trump's wall

Paul Ryan really wishes the House speaker would fix immigration and the debt

Yemen Proves U.S. Foreign Policy Can't Be Based On Defense Contractor's Sales (w/ Bernie Sanders)

'We will be in Moscow': The story of Trump's 30-year quest to expand his brand to Russia

CNN fires Marc Lamont Hill in wake of remarks criticizing Israel and calling for a 'free Palestine'

'The View' host Joy Behar declares today is a good day for Donald Trump

The toilet has been flushed...

Frank Rich: Mueller's Steady Stream of Russia Revelations Is Driving Trump Crazy

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 30 November 2018

Leahy Blasts Trump's Increasing Attempts to Demean and Intimidate the Free Press

Today's good news....

Comey asks court to quash House subpoena.

Whenever media reports what Dump said, or what a rethug said, I wish they would follow

50 million dollar apartment for What?????

The Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower Mosco

Trump Org planned to give a $50 million Trump Tower Moscow penthouse to Putin during negotiations

Dutch Church Holds 800-Hour Service To Protect Family From Deportation

Today's logic puzzle...

BuzzFeed: Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower

Congressional Democrats press for hearings on Trump Foundation

Seriously, it doesn't get more ironic

A Clear link betwen trump and russia is now out in the open

Think Whitaker would fire Mueller NOW?

With what went down with cohen today?

Boxer Floyd Mayweather and 'DJ Khaled' charged by SEC over token offerings

Schadenfreude Pie: dark, very dark, and delicious...

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found on space station toilet

A DC neighborhood voted to rename the street in front of the Saudi embassy for Jamal Khashoggi

It's how you will lose Janesvilles dog catcher seat....

💙💙Soldier Saves Puppy Then Realizes He Can't Live Without Her💙💙

More money for Madoff victims, nearly 10 years after his arrest

Fever Ray - If I had a heart

Today's News

CNN: GOP Senator Tim Scott has decided to oppose the nomination of federal judge Thomas Farr

Saudi Prince Gets Pass on Khashoggi at G20

Trump is "spooked" and distracted on his flight to Argentina for the G20 summit

Three Remarkable Things About Michael Cohen's Plea

Today's a good a day as any to remind everyone...

Donny, Jr. might have nowhere to run now -- except to Daddy.

St. Louis officers accused of beating undercover colleague

Model aircraft, with a side of sorcery.

Writers' group won't honor prosecutor tied to Central Park 5

Utah police officer spent hours watching a woman's children while she filed a domestic violence repo

Witness contradicts police account of shooting of black teen Laquan McDonald

How many votes does it take for Congress to do certain things?

BREAKING NEWS: Trump spotted in Buenos Aires

Soooooo -- about this Jeffrey Epstein article in the Miami Herald.

Watergate except with stupid fuckers...

Ari just pretty much laughed Jay Goldberg off the show

Canadian woman stranded on Iowa mud road for 3 days survived on kombucha and marzipan cake

Police tell Loomer that Twitter isn't pressing charges, she can stay long as she likes, then leave.

Best tweet yet re: Laura Loomer. "Only in America..."

Thank you...a short note of appreciation for all of the little cogs that helped bring us to this day

Might have mentioned this before.....lotsa great music being played in the MallWort Ads.....

Man what a day to be stuck with fox snews

And now for something totally different (get the tissues!)...

Sinclair distances itself (not really) from commentary after protest

Sinclair distances itself (not really) from commentary after protest

Federal agents raid office of lawyer who previously did tax work for Trump

Maybe with all of todays news