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Archives: November 3, 2018

Surfin' U.S.A. 2018

Third migrant caravan enters Mexico, heads for US border

Army assessment of migrant caravans undermines Trump's rhetoric

U.S. top court takes up religious dispute over Maryland cross

Military troops reach positions at San Diego County's U.S.-Mexico border entry

Judge: Georgia must ease rule for voters proving citizenship

Supreme Court allows trial in census case to proceed

Multiple people shot at yoga studio in Tallahassee, FL

Flake says he's rooting for Democrat running against Steve King

Daylight saving time ends Sunday

Pentagon rejects troop request at border.

Are Dana Rohrabacher's Days Numbered?

MI-GOV: Kellyanne Conway urges Michigan voters to support Bill SCHUSTER for Governor


Brett Kavanaugh To Be Denied Inaugural Walk Down Supreme Court Steps

Brian Kemp's Voter Suppression Tactics Take a Hit in Court

2018 US Senate Prediction

Time to get shitfaced

M.J. Hegar to Congressman Carter: "You Don't Know Shit About War"

Twitter OutFrontCNN: Senator Sanders Interview

Senate Intelligence Wants Documents on NRA's Russia Trip

Senator Sanders Teen Vogue Interview

Clark County (NV) turnout to exceed 35,000 in final day of early voting.

Gillum leaves campaign trail in wake of Tallahassee shooting

Just found on Facebook:

My nephew in the grips of right-wing extremism

Republican Senate candidate literally took his sick employee's health insurance away

Senate Intelligence Wants Documents on NRA's Russia Trip

Beto O'Rourke mural in East Austin vandalized

Sophie watching the world go by

Friday Talking Points -- Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

My mom, 92 said to me today...

Rise of the Armed Left

Obama Hits Back At Trump's Claims He Can End Birthright Citizenship

Cheat sheet for voting Dem in San Diego

Talking to Trumpers: the Army guy (MAGA encounter)

You can connect the dots and see where this Steve King thing is going, right?

Idaho Elementary Teachers Dressed Up As Mexicans And The Border Wall For Halloween

How to suss out whether job applicant might be sexist?

'We are better than this:' Middleton teachers dress up as border wall, Latinos for Halloween

Researchers Unearth Glass Labyrinth Created by Underwater Volcanic Eruption

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Spooky!

Stopping in to show off

Robin Morgan, Gloria Steinem, and Jane Fonda on Chris Hayes' show

The Milky Way Ate One of Its Neighbors 10 Billion Years Ago

Harris County, Texas Dirty Trick

Biden, Michigan Dems whip up crowd at Lansing Community College vote rally

Gee, a few days before the midterms, and the Huffington Post in the last two days decide to push

How a Japanese Island Quietly Disappeared

When it all gets to be too much

Our president is not well.

LA Times writer shares 'reader response' to immigration coverage:

Potential Tornado Outbreak Looms For Election Day

Trump 2020 is already spending big at Trump businesses

More effective than complaining on the internet

In the USA, 1 in 55 adults are on parole or probation. Here is a map of each state......

Korea, US sign strategic guideline on combined defense

Korea, US sign strategic guideline on combined defense

Why didn't tRump send 15,000 troops to Puerto Rico?

Trump Supporters Want To Change Constitution

The rap on the movie is that the bandmates are getting revenge

Here's a California voting guide for judges - hard to find, & you don't know who you're voting for.

Russian Propaganda Veterans Push Candace Owens' 'Blexit' Campaign

Karl Rove has suddenly entered the election conversation and

I want to DO something about the Anti-Semitic attacks.

Housing can't both be a good investment and be affordable

Arizona Democrats see major surge in early voting turnout

A conversation at the office...

Turnout among 18-29 year olds, compared to 2014 early voting

"..."Newsworthy" has to mean more than this..."

Thinking is a no-brainer.

'I was angry and I sent it': Fourth Kavanaugh accuser referred to FBI after recanting

Barbara Streisand will be on Bill Maher!

Trump Tantrums After Obama Draws Crowd Four Times Bigger Than His

Cool kids.......

Obama mic drop

Turnout in Clark County, NV is 43,600 as of 7pm.

An arrest has been made in the Brooklyn synagogue hate-vandalism case...

Quote from ..STEPHEN on guns...

Fox News announces Trump will give chief suckup Hannity a "powerful" interview election eve

Here's a good joke to tell your MAGA friends

Nate McMurray! Nate McMurray! New York District 27, please vote for Nate McMurray.

Nigerian army uses Trump rhetoric to justify shooting at rock-throwing activists

TORNADO WARNING issued for Charles County, St. Mary's County and Prince George's County

Michigan tribes say Line 5 pipeline tunnel plan ignores treaty rights

18-29 year olds SURGE in early voting

Early voting in Durham NC #10

Midterm big spenders: the top 20 political donors this election

URGENT: Something fishy is going on in order of succession should Rosenstein be fired.

Have you heard about the massive walk out students are planning on Tuesday?

Just in time for the election, Scott Walker gets Trump's permission to kick thousands off Medicaid

"Mark Tuesday November 6 down . . . Mark it on your calendar like you are Mark Kavanaugh planning to

How Is Trump Going To Arrest Rock Throwers If They Are On Mexico's Side ?

Film 'RIGGED: The Voter Suppression Playbook,' Jeffrey Wright Narrator

"We Are At A Turning Point": Counterterrorism Experts Say Trump Is Inspiring A Terrifying New Era Of

The Daily Show (In Miami): Who is "Florida Man"? Desi Lydic Investigates

Pod Save America on HBO: Beto O'Rourke full interview

The Daily Show (In Miami): Who is "Florida Man"? Desi Lydic Investigates

Nothing Like a Dame review - Judi Dench and Maggie Smith trade brutal banter

Hawley denies political consultants helped run AG's office

Seth Meyers - The New York City Marathon, World Vegan Day - Monologue - 11/1/18

Let the Lone Star become the North Star for America - Vote Beto nt

Obama in Atlanta tonight!

Seth Meyers: Guest Michael Moore Urges Angry White American Men to Give Up

The Pentagon has prepared a cyber attack against Russia

Two-hour line to vote in a heavily Democratic part of Las Vegas

Obama praises Abrams for 'more hopeful vision'

I don't think Mueller will get fired. Instead, they will simply bury the report.

Something big is happening in Clark NV most DEM precinct. Video added.

Trump mocks Obama's middle name at tonight's rally

"One Person, NO VOTE" Author Carol Anderson, Voter Suppression & Democracy

Adam Schiff...I was wrong when I said modern.

Is your 22 grandson going to vote?

Messages show Roger Stone attacking the man he says was his WikiLeaks backchannel

Trump tells reporter Karen Travers ""You're creating violence by your question"

Trump Gets Dragged By Twitter Users For 'Game Of Thrones'-Inspired Sanctions Tweet

A company willing to put it's beliefs on the line.

Let's make a deal...

Did The Magabomber Construct The Bombs In His....


Liberal Redneck - If You Don't Vote, You Ain't Shit

Red hat hatred...

Bill Maher today was the best

Tonight's Bill Maher, guest Barbra Streisand

Watch Barri Weiss on Bill Maher

I know its been said before - seeing Republican ads on DU sucks

Did you know that Democrats are in charge of programming at FOX?

A Gurgling Mud Pool Is Creeping Across Southern California Like a Geologic Poltergeist

Glaciers Created a Huge 'Flour' Dust Storm in Greenland

Tweet of the Day

Nevada 2018 early voting has exceeded its 2014 TOTAL votes. TN & TX - almost

Melania is sitting out this election. Will save her sparkling personality for another day

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/2/18

Barack Obama Stumps For Stacey Abrams In Georgia - The Last Word - MSNBC

Reciting the Kaddish ends Brian Williams 11th Hour

Here's another good Joke to tell your MAGA friends

Is Trumpy Bear a subliminally coded Russian psy-op?

Blue Wave sighted in Clark County NV, thousands show up to vote into the night

Does anyone even know if there are plans on throwing rocks?

"I keep hearing that although Trump may be a scoundrel or worse, he's done a great job 4 the economy

Trump's DEA Chief Vetted Candidates and Then Took the Job Himself, Riling Police Groups

Does this refer to the "43,000" mismatch registration applications that Rachel's been talking about?

Russian Lawmakers Head to U.S. to Monitor Midterm Elections

Democrat J.D. Scholten Takes On Steve King - The Last Word - MSNBC

Political 'revolt' brews in Detroit's suburbs

Resurrecting archived threads?

If we end up with a 50-50 US Senate- Democrats can gain another additional seat before 2020.

Nov. Surprise: Trump's Own Lawyer Exposes His 'Racist Language' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Why does MSNBC continue to use Donna Brazile to represent Dems?

Scientists Create Rare Fifth Form of Matter in Space for the First Time Ever

Judge rejects Trump administration's motion to dismiss claims by immigrant children

Michael Moore: 'You Hold The Power Over This Election' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Nevada Democrats have a great day in Washoe County

Blue duck can stay, thousands of other items in man's yard must go, judge rules

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/2/18

WMU-Cooley Law School dismisses lawsuit against American Bar Association

Mussolini and the American economy

Michigan's $70 billion retirement fund will now have a board to manage investments

2020 and 2022 US Senate Election map is more Democratic friendly than in 2018.

Vandalized Beto O'Rourke mural restored in East Austin

Toyota Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide to Fix Airbag Problem

Memorial held after remains of 300 people found in closed funeral home

Turnout among 18-29 year olds compared to 2014

A top aide to Rep. Jeff Fortenberry made a stink about a Facebook like. Now the Ethics Committee is

Bill Maher 11/2 - We haven't been here before

New York police investigate antisemitic graffiti inside Brooklyn synagogue

The morning after...

Nicola Sturgeon: Rising antisemitism risks a return to Auschwitz

Being Jewish, Watching the Rise Of Antisemitism

State won't pay Flint to replace water lines until settlement 'violations' resolved

Tense atmosphere at the border as active-duty troops install coils of razor wire

Poll: Bredesen, Blackburn in dead heat in Tennessee senate race

Samantha Bee: "The Republican Party tolerates anti-Semitism, and benefits from it"

2018 US Senate Election Prediction based on which political party has an excellent night.

Samantha Bee: We Need To Talk About Anti-Semitism

Would it be possible for Mueller to release the report?


Mystery Goldman Exec at 1MDB Meeting Signals New Woes for Bank

Troops Set Up Concertina Wire along Rio Grande

Three Days ... Vote ... 6 November 2018

Justice Lawyers Fail to Halt Trump Financial Records Release

The Pentagon Has Prepared a Cyberattack Against Russia

The Rachel Maddow Show 11/02/18 - MSNBC

U.S. Trade Deficit With China Hits All-Time High Despite Tariffs

Grand Valley State University president calls fraternity, sorority alcohol ban proactive

Triggering Language in (R) candidate ads.

Big Oil Flouts Facebook Disclosure Rules In Ad Campaigns; Facebook Doesn't Give A Shit

Chinese National Allegedly Exported Devices with Military Applications to China

Northrop Grumman Subsidiary Agrees to Pay $31.65 Million for Overbilling U.S. Air Force in Civil and

Largest US Grid Operator; "No Issues" With Reliability, Puts The Lie To Shitstain Forced Coal Plan

Angry man with "Trump is Satan" sign: Police search home for explosives

W.H. issued "exemption waiver to ethics rules" to Solicitor General Noel Francisco

2018 US Secretary of State Elections in Battleground States that Democrats need to win.

"Colossal collapse" in gasoline prices predicted ahead of midterm elections, expert says

Arizona Man Pleads Guilty To Using Scam Political Action Committees To Defraud Tens Of Thousands Of

Vallejo Business Owner Sentenced For Multimillion Dollar Mortgage And Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Schem

What's Driving "The Caravan"? Global Warming: "We Didn't Have Any Earnings. There Was No Harvest"

Most delicious notion of Dems winning the house next week......

Know What Else Climate Liars Like To Lie About? Mail Bombs Sent To Democratic Leaders

Stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction, warns UN

Razor wire and walls keep people in as much as they keep people out

Today is..........................NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY - November 3.

'Test tube trees': An insurance policy against extinction?

Democrats seek answers on Trump's role in U.S. FBI headquarters project

GM memo: We must cut costs, can't wait to see what happens in industry

cnn chyron writers feelin real sassy tonight

BTRTN Final Midterms Snapshot: The 50 Races That Will Define America

BTRTN Final Midterms Snapshot: The 50 Races That Will Define America

BTRTN Final Midterms Snapshot: The 50 Races That Will Define America

Trump signed a secret waiver that could have major implications for the Mueller investigation

Neo-Nazi Group Targets Oprah, GA Gov. Candidate Stacey Abrams in Racist Robocalls

Most Americans aren't financially healthy despite booming economy, survey finds

Quicken Loans affiliate ordered to pay $740M

Iran seeks EU guarantees against Trump's sanctions

Anti Fascism Just Lost A Giant

Romney takes issue with Trump calling the media the 'enemy'

Review of "Women on the Move; the Forgotten Era of Women's Bicycle Racing" X-Pst History of Feminism

Review of "Women on the Move; the Forgotten Era of Women's Bicycle Racing" X-Pst History of Feminism

Review of "Women on the Move; the Forgotten Era of Women's Bicycle Racing" X-Pst History of Feminism

Review of "Women on the Move; the Forgotten Era of Women's Bicycle Racing"

Heh. Good Point Well Made.

Alan Turing could be the new face of the 50 pound note

Some California landlords are raising their tenants' rents in case Prop. 10 passes

Militia members showing up on NM border

Nigerian Army Cites Trump In Its Defense Of Killing Protesters

I hate liberterians

Former generals worry that Trump's border mission uses troops as a political tool

FDA approves powerful new opioid in 'terrible' decision

"His face flush with self-satisfaction, concentrated smugness, tinged with a pugilist's cruelty"

Wisconsin voter. from red to blue

If I could only talk to that person on my TV screen.

It's National Sandwich Day as well as International Stout Day so,...

Anti-fluoride advert ruled 'socially irresponsible'

Today in conspiracy theory fails:

Flint: movie trailer - Important film! (released 10.28.2018)

The question to ask any republican

Senate Intelligence Wants Documents on NRA's Russia Trip

3 days until Midterms, and Trump takes a shot at reigniting the Kavanaugh-as-pariah rhetoric

Obama slams divisive heckler in Florida

Video: Barbara Comstock's Closing Argument Is...Nancy Pelosi! Nancy Pelosi! Maxine Waters! And Lies!

Bitter VA GOP Rivals End 2018 Campaign the Way They Started It - NASTY and Definitely NOT Unified!

Mom asks little boy to leave public park because she wants girls-only playtime

GOP congressman left speechless after being grilled about health care during debate

Afghanistan: US service member killed in 'apparent insider attack'

Amtrak expanding train service to Freeport & Brunswick in Maine

U.S. securities regulator subpoenas Tesla on Model 3 production estimates

If this picture does not scare you, you are probably not a Republican/Trumpeter.

Former President Obama: Don't Fall for Trump's Racist Border 'Stunt'

What I MUST believe:. most people are good, most are decent, most respect integrity,

California School District Refuses To Give Vietnam Veteran His Diploma After 50 Years

Snapchat adding polling locations to Snap Map ahead of midterms


My List of Supporters of Keith Ellison (D-MN)

An Operation in Niger Went Fatally Awry. Who Is the Army Punishing?

Trump discusses Pittsburgh trip with photo op, so many lies..."We had a great day"

Is the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief laying it on too thick with the razor wire?

Trump: US open to new Iran deal


Christine Hallquist Is Making History -- And Hopes To Make More

So now it's Barack H Obama

Profiles in Crazy, XIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Barbra &MAHER tips on getting SHITLER out of our heads:Eat, games,b-ball,vote, media-don't-cover-him

Trump has 'disgraced' US prestige: Iran's Khamenei

"Black people are too stupid to vote for me"

Dr. Seuss: "What this country needs is a good mental insecticide"

WTH? Elementary school teachers in Idaho dressed up as Trump MAGA border wall???

If Trump deployed 15,000 troops to the border, it would cost between $6.1 and $10.2 million PER DAY.

Face of the republican party

'Master Race' My Arse

Ben Jealous could save you a bundle on health care

Weekend TOONs 1 - We The People Edition

VOTE! It is no longer about whether Trump has any decency, but if WE do.

129 days without tobacco.

Weekend TOONs 2 - Operation Midterm Demagogue

Weekend TOONs 3 - Caravans and the rest

Turnout among 18-29 year olds, compared to 2014

These People Are Really Not Pleased With Their Neighbors

Why does it take only one match to start a forest fire, but a whole damn box to

In Clark County, NV (Las Vegas), 48K voted yesterday, adding 9,000 to "firewall."

I don't know if I missed this but game changer in Arizona Senate Race as Green party bows out

Elizabeth Warren: Wells Fargo charged 600k people for car insurance they didn't need or want.

MyMiami sister says

Great tweet to Trump: If rocks are like fireams, have your sons hunt with rocks from now on

Trump Preps Election Day Spin: We Saved The Senate!

Army investigates 101st Airborne chaplains accused of dismantling on-post programs for Jewish..

WaPo published a story Nov. 3 saying that Amazon's HQ2

trump gets his Military parade

My pillow guy.....lead spokesman for the orange blob......

MUST-READ Greg Sargent thread on Trump using military as prop in monstrous campaign fiction

Parkland survivors vote for 1st time, months after massacre

Medico-legal question - honesty in records.

GOP have grave concerns in 4 states that may drive more democrats and democratic leaning independent

My sister called me in tears from Vero Beach

Lindsey Graham, the New Heartthrob of Racist Assholes

The wife and I voted early yesterday

Remember when Republicans went nuts when Michelle Obama took their girls to Spain?

Despite Warnings, FDA Approves Potent New Opioid Painkiller

CNN Key Races: Six races move toward Democrats as battle for control of the House enters the home st

You know an older American who needs a ride to the polls on Nov 6th?


The lady in Atlanta being interviewed quickly

The caravan is now less than 2000 miles from San Diego!

Our earliest American colonists weren't "the best Europe had to offer"

Leonard Cohen - "Democracy"

Two more votes for ....

Rochester MN has a culture of racism in their schools.

What are the US midterms and why do they matter?

More and more tweets with people complaining about unsolicited texts from Trump campaign

Brett Kavanaugh to be denied inaugural walk down supreme court steps

2018 US Senate Election Rating

30 of the words invented by William Shakespeare

Coming This Election Day, Never Forget That The Regret Is Real...

AM Joy is really good today, but not many discussions here...

Damn migrant caravans

Scott Beierle, gunman in Tallahassee yoga studio shooting, had history of arrests for grabbing women

A LION speaks - former Sen. John Warner endorses Virginia Dems (Kaine, Cockburn, SPANBERGER)

Thank You Nancy

Amazon is in advanced talks about putting second headquarters in Northern Virginia (WP)

Uncomfortable with Nancy Pelosi's premature victory lap. Vote!

U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don't Know How to Stop

Canadian Lynx - Not for petting

Buffett's Berkshire doubles profit, repurchases $900 million stock in third quarter

Standing in a long line.

Dusk for Dawn mission to asteroids

Scientists now processing images of asteroid Bennu

Trump:"If the democrats win the house I'll just have to figure it out".

Morena prepares legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana

Oxford students vote against Christian group's residential camp

Morena prepares legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana

Vet tech instructs new employee on how to do cat scans

Four days is a short time or a lifetime.

Is anybody

Next Sunday Marks 100 years since the last "Great War" to end all wars

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US House in 2018 is winning

HEAVY METAL DAY - Join me in the NOIZE

A Hundred Years After the Armistice

Russia Influence Operations Taking Aim at US Military

It's that time of year. ....this never gets old 😁

A look at the issues: Dem vs Rep...GO BLUE !!

Trump's border deployments could cost $200 million by year-end

US Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism-Now They Don't Know How to Stop It

Coming up next on MSNBC: Rep. Adam Schiff!

"(R)igged" the Republican voter suppression film- watch the Rs glee as they purge thousands

VFX Artist Reveals the True Scale of the Universe

Early youth vote explodes in Texas: Hope for Beto O'Rourke in key Senate race?

Sarah Jarosz-Long Journey

What chances Democrats have at winning US Senate Races in ND,TN,TX or MS special runnoff?

Andy Card is an asshole as is

Thinking back on the DU election hack two years ago - this thought hit me

I've got nothing to say......

Milbank, WaPo: We have no excuses now, our eyes are wide open (indictment of Trump)

Atlantic: Roger Stone's shifting story is a liability.

Weather channel is saying bad weather for the key southern states on election day

Newly Elected United States Senators.

This is what happens when you don't vote

GOP panics and spends big over weekend as longest-serving Republican in the House looks like he is

Children In Yemen Are Starving To Death

CIA's communications suffered a catastrophic compromise.

GOP panics and spends big over weekend as longest-serving Republican in the House looks like he is

Suggestion: Trump Spray Tan Watch

Check out this campaign ad in Texas:

1st Combat Camera Squadron and an "Enabling Team" being deployed to Mexican border

Qasem Soleimani, the Commander of the Quds Force, Iran's external security agency, has posted this..

In NC we have "aerial racism" now....

I hate this guy.

What are the US Midterms, And Why Do They Matter, GOTV

Conversation at DL Office

What if the families in the "caravan" we're given and wore MAGA hats. Would the hater in chief,

Who do you want to win more?


Do they move the rocks in England tonight?

NJ Governor Murphy-D signed a law allowing Booker-D to run for the US Senate and POTUS in 2020.

NYT Magazine engages in major whitewash of LEO knowledge of white nationalists/domestic terrorists

To Leigh H., in Scottsdale, Arizona, if you post here.


Republican Candidate's Children Urge People Not To Vote For Their Father

Speaking of caravans

GOP panics and spends big over weekend as longest-serving Republican in the House looks like Toast

Donald Trump Jr. and his latest dog whistle tweet:

GOP super PAC rushes to save Alaska's Don Young from defeat

This is a first: I got a 'report card' from the Center for Voter Information

Chris Thile-Big Sam Thompson

5 Ways to Stop Spam Calls

Disenfranchisement needs to become a criminal offense.

"DIRECTV Now" Questions

Bolivarian National Guard shoot leftist land reform activist. Maduro shrugs.

Story from a caravan survivor 😁

So the Nevada Clark firewall after EV has finished at 47,000

First order of business--fix voting proceedures

'Enough is enough': Medgar Evers' widow endorses Stacey Abrams -- with a veiled blast at Trump

Tallahassee shooter Scott Beierle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Robert Reich: Trump's 30 Biggest Broken Promises

GOTV is working! We are standing in front of the public library... it works!

God's Red Army

judge in the emoluments clause case cited this tweet from @realDonaldTrump to reject Trump's argume

It's going to take more than one election to make America as great as it was before Trump

Question: Does Congress have the authority to force the President to withdraw troops deployed

Fire official: Second man found dead in partial building collapse at Southeast Baltimore Amazon...

My Tweet of the Day is food for thought...

Think SS & Medicare aren't important? Just entitlements sucking money from freedom loving patriots?

Scott Beierle, gunman in Tallahassee yoga studio shooting, had history of arrests for grabbing women

Disabled veteran knocks MSNBC crew for blocking handicapped spots at polling site

Trump Slams 'Vicious' Kavanaugh Accuser for 'Made Up' Claim

Disabled veteran knocks MSNBC crew for blocking handicapped spots at polling site

Gillum Visits With Victims Of Tallahassee Yoga Studio Shooting

UPS (Brown) Chicago considering PEAK TIME strike

"Canadian Bacon" movie-PotUS tries to raise poll #s starting war with Canada. Art/life/Michael MOORE

Facebook post

Facebook worse than Fox?

An oldie but a goodie on why militaries should or should not allow religious services

Oct. 26th - Pentagon told Trump NO on trips to be used as law enforcement

Trump Touts How Long the Line Is Outside Rally Venue: My Lines and Crowds 'Far Bigger' Than Obama's

Army assessment of Caravan undermines Trumps rhetoric.

Cat won't let realtor leave

Oh, sure. Japan has to show us up with Halloween Costumes.

Law Enforcement Experts: Right-Wing Extremists Should Be Treated Like ISIS

"An un-American American President"

Hey Mike Lindell...take YOUR pillow and SHOVE IT up your.........

Extensive New Report Breaks Down Specifics of Multiple Potential Trump Campaign Crimes

Analysis: A Nation in Turmoil Prepares to Deliver a Verdict on Trump

Racist robocall targets Stacey Abrams, Oprah in Georgia governor's race

Iran sanctions kick in, bringing biggest oil disruption in years

With NRA lying low, gun control groups seize new ground in midterms

Evangelicals are preaching this election as a Holy War! T's opponents are demonic!

Leslie Moonves Shuts Down a Possible Return to TV: "I'm Retired"

Italian storms claim 17th life, and 14 million trees

'We are not killers:' Migrants in caravan respond to Trump

New York African-American monument vandalized with racist slur

I Really Like Andrew, Stacey and Beto

Rubin: A president incapable of comforting a nation in grief

What to do when bad news abounds? Write!

Mueller should put out whatever he has as soon as the last polls are closed on Tuesday.

The Internet - Roll (Burbank Funk) (Official Video)

Facebook Video: Grand Isle with Senator Sanders, Congressman Welch, Christine Hallquist, ...

Drama builds around Stone in Mueller probe

Melania takes a break from her "Be Best" campaign to attack "opposition media" in fundraising email

A tinpot dictator up close

Anti-Semitic ad on WLW and KRC sparks outrage. Federal law prevents stations from censoring candidat

Good news! I did not electrocute myself and my house has not burned down yet!

Translation needed - Ted Cruz ad

Trump Administration Spares Corporate Wrongdoers Billions in Penalties

Fun with statues

Trump: "Everybody admits that my lines and crowds are far bigger than Barack Obama's..."

I just voted today in the Western Suburbs of Illinois

Voted all Blue

14 Words to define what I believe:

Tallahassee Yoga Shooter Was Far-Right Misogynist Who Railed Against Women & Minorities Online

Lindsey wants Jeff's job....

Dozens of US spies killed after Iran and China uncovered CIA messaging service using Google

Cuteness times 10...

When you are retired, your resume

I bet Cohen has tapes of Trump saying this shit...

Blood on there hands...

Trump is a liar and a bully. He pushes people around and when asked to do something,

Five Damascus High School JV Football Players Face Rape Charges after Alleged Hazing Incident

Asymmetrical Polarization

Delaware Slide

Photo: 'Enosburg Rally was a packed house! Thank you to @BernieSanders for hosting'

Why Stacey Abrams matters. Why Oprah matters. Why voting rights matter!!

Melanias anti-bullying campaign...Geez

Black Holes Can Raise the Cosmic Dead

Gooooooo North Carolina.....

My wife just early voted in central FL. Said it was busy

Anyone else think this is a possibility?...

NY House candidate Max Rose shares a Twitter video of his GOTV volunteers...

Farmers protest new trade policies at Trump resort in Dora

Tallahassee yoga shooter's YouTube filled with misogynistic, racist rants

College Athlete Dies of Rare Bacterial Illness Called 'Forgotten Disease'

What Do Idaho Maine and Montana Have In Common?

Dumpster sounds a little tired at these latest rallies, don't he?

Trump and his Republicans don't believe their lies. Unbelieved lies are worse than lies.

"Women want security, they want financial security, they want security, don't want that caravan"

How & Why Germans Bought Hitler's Pitch

Recommendations for voter guide? (Santa Ana, CA)

Mike Pence, prominent DFLers make cameos in Minnesota attorney general race Saturday

Iowa's Democratic Party Candidates

WATCH: Trump mansplains to his base 'what women want' during Montana rally

Teachers in border wall Halloween costumes put on paid leave

Anecdotal early voting observation.

During Montana Campaign Stop, Trump Turns Rally Cry Personal On Jon Tester

The lawyer representing a Christian woman (in Pakistan) acquitted of blasphemy...

We went to go knock some doors with @JoeBiden. He taught us a lot.

I killed a black widow in my house today...

What's the difference between ISIS redicalization of terrorists and Trump's?

Kobach embraces deeply unpopular former governor who bankrupted Kansas

Report on GOTV in VA-05 (Cockburn-D vs. Riggleman-R)

Please watch and share this video .... these kids are amazing

Racist robocall targets Stacey Abrams, Oprah in Georgia governor's race

Let's hear it for democrats people.

Rare blue asteroid sometimes behaves like a comet (

The Great Filter--the most important question in history

My daughter-in-law got her citizenship last week; she voted today with my 1.5 yr. old granddaughter

Dan Rather: "With this election, I'm a heckuva lot less concerned about the current horse race..."

'Senseless act': Gunman posed as customer before opening fire at Tallahassee yoga studio

Very high winds here in Boston today. My building is shaking.

Trump: "Barbered wire used properly can be a beautiful sight,"

I am hopeful about Tuesday

Colbert absolutely destroys that little shit called wallace.

Obama: Some fudge the truth, these are lies

Spokesperson Stephanie Grisham "furious" over reports of Melania's $95K, 6 hour stay at Cairo hotel

Baghdad rejects U.S. interference in its affairs after U.S. Twitter comments

Beto O'Rourke: Michael Avenatti 'Does Not Represent' Democrats

NYT - great read Op/Ed "The Election Has Already Been Hacked"

James Comey: "I will not vote for another Republican..."

Trump's border deployments could cost $200 million by year-end

July 2014: Trump took issue with cost of Obama "flying around on Air Force 1 for politics & play"

Mitch MCConnel said the Republicans would go after social security and

It is stunningly irresponsible for the President of the United States to spread rumors like this

Americans Would Feel Safer If a Huge Caravan of Angry White Men Left the Country...

Admit it. Republicans have broken politics. (Vox)

Wow, the average mindset of the trump voter right now.

Why Trumps tweaking of NAFTA was a bad idea

Travis County, TX had 372,388 early voters. That's slightly more than 2016, a presidential year....

A new song to encourage voting (YouTube video)

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 3, 2018

FOX 2 Detroit tweet regarding GOTV for election day:

Trump's New CDC Director: AIDS Is 'God's Judgment' Against Gays

Ohio Boy Scout leader faces child pornography charges


Hamilton County, OH early voting in record numbers

GOP panics and spends big over weekend as longest-serving House Republican looks like he may lose

How does anti-matter fall?

'He changed parties when the racism did."

Stores like Levi's and North Face are giving their workers time to vote

Here is how Democrats can get 60 seats by January 2021.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

I simply can't imagine . . . . .

Past midterms, some zero in on amending Constitution

Early voting in Durham NC Summary

The desperate demagogue


Trump slams Donnelly over ads for Libertarian candidate

Making calls this morning, chasing absentee ballots and

It would be nice if this miserable SOB loses his cushy gubmint job.

I'm not sure what the smell coming from Michael Moore is, but there is something not right

US Supreme Court allows historic kids' climate lawsuit to go forward

Republicans Need A Systematic Polling Error To Win The House

At long last, LOLCat haz answer.

Tweet of the night:

IA-GOV: Just days before election, Iowa Poll shows Fred Hubbell with 2-point lead over Kim Reynolds

OH FFS...Trump named his Midterms Military border stunt "Operation Faithful Patriot?"

Nebraska attempts on onside kick.

So far in Pinellas County, FL (Clearwater, St. Petersburg)...looking very interesting...

MI-GOV: Another 'angry mob' turns out for Gretchen.

BAND-MAID / glory (full ver.)

Who strangles his mother over grades?

Marsha Blackheart is closing with

Any other MoCo (MD) folks out there?

Housing crisis explodes in Panama City after Hurricane Michael's devastation

VOTE - Christine Hallquist for Governor

VOTE - Christine Hallquist for Governor

BTRTN: Last Minute Election Resources

Week 76: Is Mueller About to Roll Out the Barrels?

BTRTN: Last Minute Election Resources

BTRTN: Last Minute Election Resources