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I found my first BFF after 53 years.

Trump spooked and completely distracted after learning Cohen lied to Congress out of loyalty to him

$50 Million penthouse in *rump Tower for Putin was to *lure Russian oligarchs* - Sater

EPA watchdog closes two probes into Scott Pruitt's conduct, citing his resignation

Facebook LIVE: Sen. Sanders delivers the keynote at the inaugural Sanders Institute Gathering

Most common Nazi excuse...

'We got gamed': Ryan's dream of budget reform goes poof

The repubes are foaming at the mouth 😂😂😂

NRA Cuts Costs--and Lavishes Executives With Perks

Did his constant blatant lying make Dump think he could prep up for this shitstorm?

Study: Children who start school early more likely to get ADHD diagnosis -- even if they don't have

Don, Jr. is in hot water.

Is It My Imagination, or Does Mueller Always Orchestrate These Cohen Leaks/Raids To Coincide With

Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

When even Nixon can't stand to look at you...

Gym Jordan is new oversight rank member....LMAO

California Democratic Party chair resigns amid sexual misconduct investigation

Pence is Manafort's guy.

Traveling Wilburys: And the walls came down...all the way to hell.

This song has a special resonance this evening

The Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower...

Is anyone else seeing tRump ads on YouTube?

What is tRump going to do next?

Mueller's Steady Stream of Russia Revelations Is Driving Trump Crazy - By Frank Rich

"We wish you a Mueller Christmas..."

Justice for VERY young teenage rape victims?

2020 US Senate Election Ranking- Most to Least Likely to Flip.

The Promise of Vaping and the Rise of Juul

Texas Attorney General Celebrates Eight-Year Sentence Against Woman Who Accidentally Voted Illegally

Headsup Jon Tester will be on Rachel tomorrow night

What does everyone want for Christmas?

One Idea For Trump Tower Moscow: Offer Penthouse To Putin

LOL-WH staffers-never thought Trump had Russian business ties until Michael Cohen's plea deal today

Giuliani frustrated @ Mueller's tactics. White House in defensive crouch. "It's untethered situation

Have there been any bribes bigger than fifty million dollars?

Will Vice President Pence--and the religious right--be rewarded for embrace of Donald Trump?

Imagine if we didn't win the House

My cat, Captain Morgan, is giving me and unrequested acupuncture treatment

Bernie Madoff Scam Victims Receive $695M From Compensation Fund

If Pence thinks he can pick up the pieces he's drunk

I live in a world with parallel stories.

Meanwhile, LOSER45 has been hawking books all afternoon:

Ode To White House Squatter ..."Singin' in the Rain" edited ... inspired by MM.

Why the Director of 'Anchorman' Decided to Take On Dick Cheney


Meme - the (not so) Greaty Daughters in Melania's Holiday White House

Meanwhile Beto Is Surging On Predictwise

Meme - is it too soon to talk about Romaine lettuce?

Maduro proves again he has no grasp on reality. Unilaterally increases the "value" of Petro, Bolivar

What's for Dinner, Thurs.. Nov. 29, 2018

Trump threatens penalties on foreign cars after GM plans U.S. layoffs

Bernie Sanders Keynote Address at The Sanders Institute's Gathering Conference

Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples

Is this really it??

Ok......we're all on a WORLD WIDE TV SHOW!!!!!!

Bolsonaro Requested Not To Hold Climate Summit In Brazil

Bolsonaro Requested Not To Hold Climate Summit In Brazil

Bernie Sanders Keynote Address at The Sanders Institute's Gathering Conference

Thursday Night Massacre?

Convicted U.S. Murderer Samuel Little Confesses To Killing 90 Women

Great T shirt:

'Individual 1': Trump emerges as a central subject of Mueller probe

'Individual 1': Trump emerges as a central subject of Mueller probe

My prediction closer to fruition: Trump divests to non-indicted relative, skips to Russia in AF-One.

***BREAKING*** Mueller Reportedly Looking at Ivanka Trump's Involvement With Trump Tower Moscow

Sworn affidavits allege US House District 9 election was mishandled

After pressure from Congress, VA reverses course and promises full benefits to veterans

Success of Tiny Mars Probes Heralds New Era of Deep-Space Cubesats

Raptors vs Warriors (TNT)

Watching "Last Days Of Knight" on ESPN.

Donny Deutsche on MSNBC said Trump's been owned by the Russians since the '90s.

Michael Cohen might be sitting on a bombshell that even a Trump voter

11/30 Mike Luckovich: Name rings a bell.

Former Trump White House lawyer emerges as a contender for attorney general

These other GM car plants might be at risk as sales slide

Let's not let the media forget Putin's chief motive for rigging the election for Trump: fear of HRC

Professor unearths inmates' music from Auschwitz

VA reverses course on GI Bill payments, will repay possibly short-changed veterans

I want this hat

Funny how the only thing in the Steele Dossier that hasn't been proven...

Only one way now that Trump makes a second term.

Let me tell you the Trumpeteers are sideways!

Comey challenges House GOP subpoena in federal court

Adam Schiff on his investigations 11/29

Trump's best "fixer" will now fix tRump!

Boy, I sure would hate to be Individual #1

Iowa Medicaid Update: Livestream of Friday's Health Policy Oversight Committee

Remember we are learning everything because Trump paid a porno star to be quiet

Trump, in a "terrible mood," has "downgraded" G20 meetings "he didn't want to do in the first place"

GAH!!!! 5 mins till Rachel...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Komrades! Best of Malloy

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 2 - Christmas Classics

George Takei sends thoughts & prayers to GOP senators wondering whether to abandon Trump

Russia 'rejects' Trump plan to cancel Argentina meeting and will summon president to meet Putin

So, latest guess on how this all ends - some options.

What do we know about the political makeup of Mueller's team?

Michelle Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live

You can FEEL THE JOY as Don & Melania step off of AF1 for fun, fun, fun at G20. I said FUN, damn it.

The difference between the legal perjury trap and a practical perjury trap

Black Hole Sun - Vintage Soundgarden Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

Toobin: "Today is the first day I actually thought Donald Trump might not finish his term in office"

Lawfare: How to Read Michael Cohen's Latest Plea and Its Revelations About the Trump Organization

Hate Crimes In Canada Jump 47 Percent In 2017

Plenty of scumbags in the world. Trump is one of many.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Everything we learned today was laid out by HRC at the 2nd 2016 debate

The Senate waited for the murder of Khashoggi to demand stopping the killing in Yemen?

Apart from the Mango Maniac, which Trump do you most want to see in prison?

President Pelosi


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a con man realize he's been out-conned.

Mueller and committees headed by Democrats

Trump arrived in Argentina for the G-20; he and his coterie are staying in the city's priciest hotel

Cohen and Gates

Be VERY afraid...

I don't get why Whitaker allowed all of this to happen today and why is Rosenstein still in charge?

TPM Marshall "They All Lied, They're All Guilty"

Man hitches a ride to Quebec City on the back of a transport truck

It was around July 17th that the GOP gutted their anti Russia stance on the Ukraine

TCM Schedule for Monday December 3 - Philo Vance

Sheryl Sandberg asked Facebook employees to snoop through George Soros's finances

Poor Eric Trump

On the 1st Day of Christmas, Mueller gives to us...

New Hatch Act guidelines prohibit talk of impeachment, use of terms "resist" and "resistance"

today's news drops because trump is out of the country? discuss

I really think Don and Mel had a swell flight today, don't you?

meanwhile on what faux news here was the headline

Trump asks Ronna McDaniel to stay on as RNC chair through 2020

Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life (Final Dance) - High Quality

Just resign Mr Trump.

Just a reminder: tomorrow it's all Manafort.....

Ted Lieu has questions for Ivanka Trump - who blocked him on Twitter

"Mr. Cohen communicated with or copied Mr. Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., and his daughter, Ivanka"

A safe-seat Democrat who opposes Pelosi will be primaried in 2020

CNN's Gloria Borger: Source close to Cohen says he has 'the goods'

A great point about Nunes's role in all this in light of Cohen's plea today (from Lawfare podcast)

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Motown 25) (Remastered)

LOVE Laurence Tribe's "translation from the Russian" of today's news

Al Gore Weighs In on ManBearPig -- The Daily Show

Look who's still up!

Let's Go Crazy: An Ode To Prince's Iconic And Electrifying Dance Moves

Comey asks court to quash House subpoena

trump is in Argentina after midnight (there), and he's freaking tweeting about "the witch hunt"!!!

In California's Inland Empire, fewer than half of jobs pay a living wage - LA Times

Prince - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video)

A Mueller Christmas!

Prince - 1999 (Official Music Video)

I'm not a cartoonist even in my dreams....but...I'm seeing an image in my delusional little brain.

Cohen says Trump was deeply involved in Moscow deal.

David Bowie - China Girl

My earworms are always Pop. Today it's been this: SMETANA, The Moldau

The Daily Show: Migrants Get Pepper-Sprayed at the U.S. Border

How do you link tweets here on an iPhone?

Is it just me? Do you see the IRONY here? **Trigger Warning**

The Daily Show: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty & Truth Trump Makes an Appearance

Trump tweeted tonight that Mueller investigation "should be ended immediately"

Jim Jordan to be top Republican on Oversight Committee after dropping bid to be ranking Judiciary

Jeffrey Toobin: "Today is the 1st day I actually thought Trump might not finish his term in office"

Letter calls for removal of UW-Stevens Point chancellor, provost for mismanagement, cuts

Jill Wine-Banks' pin tonight:

The Daily Show: Migrants Get Pepper-Sprayed at the U.S. Border

Maggie Haberman proves Once Again to be Water Carrier for Team Trump

Federal Employees Are Warned Not To Discuss Trump 'Resistance' At Work

I have to give d****** credit, he doesn't act like he's about

Did the dam just burst? My Lawd! News is quite interesting! n/t

The Daily Show: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty & Truth Trump Makes an Appearance

Re. Dump and today's events, the really stupid people are those who think everyone else is stupid!

Iggy Pop - Real Wild Child (Wild One)

A funeral larger than Lincoln's, the Murder of 20, President Garfield

Former head of veterans charity co-founded by the elder Duncan Hunter convicted of federal crimes

Dutch Church Holds 800-Hour Service To Protect Family From Deportation, CNN

The Cars -Candy-O (Remastered)

About WaPo and the NYT . . . . .

Eric Prince

Brave kitten vs. statue 😂

Burke law office raid apparently not about Twitler

Decided something new for dinner

Tax protester Tim Eyman files for bankruptcy as legal troubles persist

Jill Wine Banks pin?

Trump: Very busy two days ahead! Aaron Rupar: Sounds like you want a participation trophy.

Pat Benatar - Promises In The Dark

Speeding Driver Hits Elephant, Gets Crushed to Death

those trumps -can never think for themselves. furrst nude copies Obama, furst daughter;wife copies

'Individual 1': Trump emerges as a central subject of Mueller probe

The Cars - Bye Bye Love - Live 1978

Cheap Trick - Ain't That a Shame (from Budokan!)

Young girl writes Steph Curry about why there are no shoes for girls

Breaking: CBP deploys spike strips in the rain on fleeing pickup loaded with people :3 dead

Anyone think Tim Scott might be in danger???

The Daily Show: Al Gore Weighs In on ManBearPig

Something else I'd like Michael Cohen to help us all understand: Loyalty to Trump

Michael Jackson - Black or White (Official Video)

Ivanka Trump unveils new Fall Fashion accessories.

Magnitsky sanctions can now be applied for any crime of corruption resulting in murder anywhere:

California Democratic Party leader Eric Bauman to resign after accusations of sexual misconduct

12 Angry Men......

GOP senator: 'Not excessive' to spend $5 billion on wall; Social Security cuts pay for it

Most of GOP leadership has been compromised by Russian money: Trump biographer

The Mueller team handled the Michael Cohen case brilliantly.

Why is "M C Hammer" displayed over Cohen's picture on Rachel?

Religious Children Have Trouble Distinguishing Reality From Fiction

Mueller's weapon of choice:

Tweet of the Day

Album dropping 1/3/19

A Lot of High Ranking Nazis Escaped After WWII and Fled to Argentina

St. Louis Police Officers Indicted For Beating An Undercover Colleague

Air New Zealand Christmas ad replicates Trump's U.N. laughter moment

Timbers 3 Sporting KC 2


Pennsylvania commits to new voting machines, election audits

Pennsylvania commits to new voting machines, election audits

Tucker Carlson on top of the most critical issues of the day!

Catholic archdiocese in New Mexico, facing abuse cases, to file for bankruptcy

Berta Caceres: seven men convicted of murdering Honduran environmentalist

Berta Caceres: seven men convicted of murdering Honduran environmentalist

Brexit: UK economy not ready for no deal, Mark Carney says

TRIP: Poor roads and bridges, traffic jams costing N.Y. drivers $24.8B a year

Grindr: app's president says marriage is 'between man and woman'

Why did Trump Tower Moscow project end?

Departure Of Cuban Doctors Leave Countryside Public Clinics Scrambling

Nature Editorial for Scientists: Beware the rise of the radical right

House intelligence will investigate $50 million gift proposal to Putin.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Will the coup de grace come tomorrow?

Methodist Church Sign Subtly Criticizes U.S. Use Of Tear Gas At The Border

Halestorm - I Miss The Misery

FULL] All In with Chris Hayes 11/29/18 - MSNBC NEWS TONIGHT NOV 29, 2018

Michael Cohen's Friend: He'll Expose Trump's Criminal Enterprise - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Crocodile sunbathing on the beach (pete's pond)

trump is now officially "Individual 1"

Alabama father, son indicted in investment fraud scheme

Exposed: Trump Planned To Give Putin Moscow Penthouse, BuzzFeed - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

But before you hear Trump's swan song, you will hear him singing this song a lot:

There isn't a PTB in the GOP ...

It doesn't take me long to tell them that I know that they don't give a shit...

Fultondale doctor charged in 103-count indictment alleging healthcare fraud

using the lounge while black

Trump Cancels Putin Meeting After Cohen Admits He Lied About Moscow Project - The Last Word - MSNBC

Thousands of students rally across Australia

The $50m PFP makes things real for America.

GM Workers Hung 'Whites Only' Bathroom Signs and Nooses at Toledo Plant: Lawsuit

Garden Party ( 2017) - hilarious animation with a touch of mystery ( and dread)

Mueller Reportedly Looking at Ivanka Trump's Involvement With Trump Tower Moscow

Chile: four police officers arrested over fatal shooting of indigenous man

Pence says Trump looks forward to results of inquiry into Russian election meddling 1/15/17

County liable for jailing woman 96 days without seeing judge

Looks like Don Jr is in hot water - there are emails that Cohen sent him on Moscow Project

George Takei tweet: We wish you a Mueller Christmas, We wish you a Mueller Christmas,...

Sen. Tim Scott says he will oppose Trump's nominee for North Carolina judgeship

Legal Experts: Michael Cohen Claims On Trump Are 'Enormous' And 'Criminal' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/29/18

Cohen Bombshell Confession: I Reached Out To Kremlin & Trump Knew - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Oh, the irony!

I think the biggest problem with the Moscow Tower deal was


Here we go...Trump friends to the rescue...wagging that dog.

Mike Espy Came Closer to Senate Seat Than Any Dem Since 1982


There's been some fuckery in NC's 9th district. Might be another Dem pickup.

End Near for Racist Politics in Mississippi?

The lesson for all other light weight coup plotters

Advocates Say Increased Taxes on Cigarettes Will Save Lives and Money in Mississippi

Best of MSNBC, "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" Trump's head on a silver platter on 11/30/18

Michael Cohen Knowledge A 'Very Dangerous Threat' To President Donald Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ukraine bars entry to Russian males, upping ante in conflict

Muse - Supremacy/Uprising

Texas appeals court rejects challenge to immigrant detention centers

Show of hands: Who wants the cia to implant a bug in 45's hair so we can hear his Putin powwow.

Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2082 (high res)

Female Guard members claim barrage of harassment

Sanders Institute kicks off gathering of progressive leaders

S. Korean train travels to N. Korea for joint railway inspection

Saints @ Cowboys

Cryptocurrency scheme promising 'guaranteed, no-risk returns' targeted by Texas regulators

Mueller Probe Hasn't Cost Taxpayers Anything

Much more to Russia story than the Trump Tower in Moscow

Confederate flag on civil rights hero's grave gets widow's pardon

Mississippi Rhodes Scholar Jaz Brisack shares passion for labor organizing in the South

Lindsey Graham: Perjury Just a "Process Crime". Did You Convict People As Judge Advocate On It?

The most prophetic 2 minutes and 44 seconds in American history is: Hillary Clinton warning us

Sanders Institute Brings Star Power to Burlington

'Very legal & very cool': Trump confesses to 'lightly' engaging in talks with Russia during campaign

Thousands Of Australian HS Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Farcical National Climate Policy

Dude carrying gun in waistband shoots himself in groin in Walmart meat department

Two more real-estate investors admit cheating at South Mississippi foreclosure auctions

Putin's 50 million dollar suite in trump tower Moscow would have been a nice match to his

Hehe - there is a certain logic attached

Summer/Fall In Germany Driest On Record; Rhine Shipping Snarled, Islands Appearing In Lake Constance

UPDATE: Marriott discloses a massive data breach affecting up to 500 million guests

Freudian Slip Anyone?

It's speaking on television. Make it go away.

Trump on television with Trudeau and Nieto, he is already lying.

THAR SHE BLOWS: Trump's at G20, tweeting Deshowitz and Jarrett quotes about ending the "Witch Hunt."

Heavily Indebted National Flood Insurance Program Renewal Making For Strange Political Bedfellows

Clinton pharmacist will head to prison in compound pharmacy scheme

Wikileaks wants to sue Guardian newspaper for libel over Manafort-story:

Insecure about your manhood? Research says you might be a Trump voter.

Rudy: Trump Talking About Manafort Pardon Was 'Not a Signal'

Friday TOONs - Cue the 'JAWS' Theme... in Russian! Edition

3 dead, 8 injured when Border Patrol uses spike strip to stop fleeing pickup on I-8 near Boulevard

Michael Cohen Plea Shocker Exposes Trump Camp Lies About Russia Dealings - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Work for food stamps -- or jerking people around?

Caravan Migrants in Tijuana: God Will 'Touch the Heart of Donald Trump' and Let Us In

UK assesses Putin approved Skripal attack that endangered thousands - intel officials

And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood...

Senator Chris Coons: Trump Was 'Flat Out Lying' When He Claimed 'No Business Interests in Russia'

Michelle Obama's Book Is Bestseller of the Year

Another fun-filled day ahead? Manafort will be in court this morning.

Why Michael Cohen Is So Dangerous to Trump

Why did the Moscow Trump Tower negotiations stop in June?

Rep Ted Lieu: Let me ask White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump about Trump Tower Moscow...

Trump confesses to engaging in talks with Russia during campaign!

Excited about the leadership of the Congressional Progressive Caucus! Expect great things.

So Trump slapped a new cover on NAFTA like Melania slapped her name onto Michelle's writing

Stunning supercut video shows how Trump repeatedly lied to voters about his business ties to Russia

Common's Freedom Road Productions and Lionsgate to Bring Zora Neale Hurston's 'Barracoon' to TV

Brennan:"The iceberg of lies, deceit, corruption & criminality is steadily but surely surfacing..."

Has anyone in Congress actually asked Jr. who was on the other end of that blocked call during the

Trudeau urges Trump to remove steel tariffs at G-20 trade agreement signing

And, From Out Of Nowhere

Robert Mueller and His Prosecutors: Who They Are and What They've Done

The Rundown: November 29, 2018

Russia accuses Trump of cancelling Putin meeting over 'domestic political situation'

Pick of the Week: "The Warning" #1

The origin of Super Villains: Violator

Did Trump Help Feed False Information to Congress?

MSNBC Morning Joe is discussing why Mitch McConnell won't advance protections for Mueller's

Trump Gave Russia Leverage Over His Presidency

Trump Tweets Pic of Rod Rosenstein Behind Bars for Treason

It's Obvious Trump Has Promised People Pardons

Good thing we didn't elect that emotional lady with no stamina.

'The perfect witness': Dems want Cohen to testify on the Hill

Ex-Sen. Al Franken takes first steps back into public arena

NAFTA 2.0 is signed -- but it's far from finished

JUST IN: The #POTUS invents a fairy tale in which he heroically tries to saves the country from "goi

Note to Trump: The Mueller Probe Costs Roughly $0.00 - Not $40 Million

Why wasn't a Trump development in Russia ever built?

Missy Elliott's "Supa Dupa Fly" The 1997 album that defined a new hip-hop

Algeria the new 'cradle of civilization?'

My fixer is a weak person and he's not very smart

Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the mid 1930's...

Don Lemon hysterically laughing at old clip of Manafort explaining Trump's Russian business ties

What time is the Manafort hearing today?

The Catholic Church's Need for Financial Bankruptcy Filings

GM Lordstown prayer service

"Do you have a New Mexico passport?"

If Cohen is a liar as the Ghoul and Trumpass state.....

Bad sex award 2018: the contenders in quotes

60 Years of Presidential Attack Ads, in One Video

Sickening, servile interview in Washington Post with Ryan

LIVE at the Sanders Institute Gathering - How We Win Medicare For All:

Killer pig virus nears major China cities as spread quickens

"This photo makes it look like the Trumps were drinking bath ointments and five-liter beers in..."

Police spend second day searching Deutsche Bank

Who POSSIBLY could have PREDICTED this??? "Trump, Putin will have a "brief" meeting at G-20"

What will the "Evangelicals" say about, Mr Trump admitting he lied to the entire world?


Do you remember when the Reich-wing went bat-shit crazy....

Kremlin Spox: Trump, Putin Will Have A 'Brief' Meeting At G-20 After All

Isn't obvious now that we need to do a much better job of educating our citizens and their children

Why do right wingers come up with all the stupid concepts like "virtue signalling"?

I had the most god-awful test dream last night.

Bogle Sounds a Warning on Index Funds

It should be spread all over Twitter, FB, and the Internet that Putin "ordered" Trump to meet.

Comey subpoena quash hearing set for 2pm

John Cleese compares New York hotels to 'Fawlty Towers'

Want to really drive someone nuts this Christmas?

GOP bill would allow Michigan legislature to intervene in court cases

Black Male Writers of our Time..

Manafort sentencing hearing set for March 5

Missy Elliot on Songwriters Hall of Fame nod "I feel so blessed"

Nothing illegal


Profiles in Crazy, XXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I know the "Arrested Development" Bluths were modeled after the Bushes, but the Trumps are

Party celebrating Rudy Giuliani nixed because no one wants to go

how tall is Trump

Hide, deny, spin, threaten: How school district tried to mask failures that led to Parkland shooting

Leaders gather for G20 Buenos Aires talks amid rising tensions

Leaders gather for G20 Buenos Aires talks amid rising tensions

Hah! Just yesterday, Rosenstein gave speech on importance of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)..

Good gawd: Putin and MBS greet each other with huge smiles and handshake in Buenos Aires

"Lightly Looking" at Treason

Relax Florida, the winter of your discontent is nearly over

Music and Architecture fans weigh in

Politics 'It's a business. We're numbers': Many hurt by GM cuts blame others, not Trump

Putin and MBS greet each other with huge smiles and handshake in Buenos Aires

Mueller could hit Manafort with retrial, new charges

Oklahoma Legislator Files Bill to Put Women in Jail for Life if They Have an Abortion

The Kremlin just barked

Demetria Kaladinos files discrimination suit against Channel 4

Can the House Judiciary Committee subpoena Senators to appear before a public hearing?

No more using the title "President Trump," from now on he is 'Individual 1'

Liz Crokin Thinks Everyone in the World Should be Outraged That She was Banned From Twitter

cross-post for update

House Democrats unveil their first bill in the majority: a sweeping anti-corruption proposal

Leave Your Fondue Pot Behind (but Keep the Fondue.)

GOP senator: 'Not excessive' to spend $5 billion on wall; Social Security cuts pay for it

Letter from Jimmy Carter to #sandersinstitutegathering18

I spoke too soon when I said Abby Huntsman seemed rational, for a conservative

G20 high five by Saudi Prince & Putin, says it all

Pharcyde - She keeps on passing me by

Latest on Avenatti

NRA-Linked Russia Central Banker Retires

Mary J Blige - Till The Morning

Trump will hold a brief impromptu meeting with Putin at G20...

Hindus' feelings wounded by naked thigh; activist arrested for Facebook photo

LIVE at The Sanders Institute Gathering: M4A - I like it! How do we pay for it?

In one day, the monthly minimum wage goes from $30 to $10 in Venezuela

Stefan Molyneux: Believing in 'Universal Human Rights' Makes Christians Vulnerable to Migrants

Lizzo - Good as Hell

For a Couple of Reasons, I Will Be Limiting My Postings in The Religion Group

Trump Jr.'s 2017 Testimony Conflicts With Cohen's Account Of Russian Talks

Rare earthquake, magnitude 3.8, recorded outside Buenos Aires

Orangehole McLittledick is on my teevee

Trump administration approves seismic tests that could harm many thousands of Atlantic dolphins...

Mueller's end around on further obstruction: Filing details on Manafort breach 1 week from today

Ahh, that explains Trump and his cult-What happens when older adults lie?

House Democrats unveil new leadership team

Opinion: Trumpism is rotten to its core. And the stench of corruption and failure is everywhere.

PM Shinzo Abe of Japan to Trump just now at G20:

Missing In Ohio

Metro was willing to work with Jason Kessler to provide special treatment for 'Unite the Right'

Trump Scrambles To Save Palestinian Aid After Realizing Strategic Misstep

Acting AG Appears to Have Misled FTC Over Actions at Miami Firm

Sachs shares fall after Bank of America says 1MDB scandal uncertainty could 'linger'

I'm so sweet, looky at my feets

Happy birthday, Shirley Chisholm. You're getting a statue.

John Bolton takes hardline on communique as the G20 braces for another potential US break

Serial killer linked to Prince George's County cold case killing

The U.S. Could Cut Emissions By 80 Percent For Less Than The 2018 Federal Budget

Government watchdog finds 6 Trump staffers violated Hatch Act

Zinke says to the incoming chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee:

(OSC) (not...Mueller) finds six White House aides violated Hatch Act....

'Peace on earth, good wiil toward men' became 'Peace on earth to men of good will'. Now better trans

So what's the latest thinking/speculation about why Whitaker let Rosenstein continue in charge?

This North Carolina Election Stinks to High Heaven (NC-9) - Esquire / Charles Pierce

Wife thinks our new coffee table is gaudy. Asking for Lounge lizzard input

If 45 resigned and...

Magnitsky Act and The View

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor 'told Ted Cruz to f*** off' for asking to be on concert guest list

Whitaker fielded early fraud complaints from customers at patent company yet promoted it ...

Whitaker misled FTC over actions at Miami firm.

Per MSNBC: trump and crown prince 'exchanged pleasantries'

Police: Pipe bomb suspect accused in urine-throwing incident

CNN Breaking - 7.0 magnitude quake near Anchorage AK

TEPCO to stop injecting water at Fukushima reactor

Unbelievable. Some naive, college, white women are still trumpers.

(Jewish Group) Europe's Jew Hatred, and Ours

May Never Know the Motivations of the Man Who Shouted Anti-Semitic Slurs Before Trying to Kill Jews

(Jewish Group) 'The City Without Jews' shines unsettling spotlight on history of antisemitism

Damn. 7.0 (or 6.7) earthquake in Alaska. Not sure if it was a populated area...didn't check yet.

Why does MSM keep broaching the idea that the Mueller probe is a witch hunt??


North Carolina pastor pleads guilty to child sex charges

A follow up thread from yesterday...My new personal ranking of Coen Brothers movies:

Cults and cult-like movements will often coin new words as well as recycle existing words, phrases

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

Putin looks like one of the goons from Popeye

Crystal Cathedral, home to the 'Hour of Power,' transforms into Catholic seat

Lawsuit: Church worker in toddler sex assault hurt 13 others

As key Democrat calls on Zinke to resign, interior secretary fires back with drinking allegations

Last weekend I told a jazz musician he sucked. Now I'm on the

"Inhumane": a laid-off GM worker in Ohio responds to massive job cuts


6.6 magnitude earthquake rocks buildings in Anchorage

You just cannot script this: Scaramucci, very mature sir

My Journey From 'Moderate' Muslim to Seeker of Love (a Sufi)

LIVE at The Sanders Institute Gathering: The Climate Crisis & The Green New Deal

Trump wanders around the G20 stage while Pres. Macri watches in amazement.

GM Workers Hung 'Whites Only' Bathroom Signs and Nooses at Toledo Plant: Lawsuit

California's late votes broke big for Democrats. Here's why GOP was surprised

PHOTO: Trump sets his troubles aside and conducts himself in a very presidential manner at G20.

Judge rules against Trump administration in sanctuary cities case

So about that Presidential pardon thing and privatized prisons

Re:Cat owners and Christmas trees. From the cat's perspective.

Photos from the Alaska Earthquake

GOP governors call out Trump after midterm drubbing

Thoughts and prayers.

Venezuelan dictator nationalizes another industry. Now its slaughterhouses.

The Religious Art of John Martin

The 40 hour work week.

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

There are 3 Moscow Trump Tower deals, don't get confused

Randi Rhodes lays out 92 contacts between Trumpers and Russians, in chronological order.

Member of violent white supremacist group pleads guilty in Charlottesville federal court

America's Mayor to a jumpsuit...

Corsi would pee his pants...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets a good dig in at trump

Lawrence O'Donnell....Money...Fame...Sex

Video of earthquake hitting Anchorage Courthouse

Pathological liars:

Any news on Manafort? n/t

Dec 7th -- deadline for Mueller to explain what Manafort lied about

6 so far today...

A look back at some of Trump's old Tweets about Putin that confirm he is a traitor.

Happy 50th birthday yesterday, Astral Weeks

NC board again declines to certify Mark Harris victory as mail-in ballots questioned Read more here

Be still my beating heart!

Dershowitz up to his ..........

Gonna Put Some Glue Round the Christmas Tree

McConnell is complicit....

Former Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Indicted for Murder in Botham Jean Shooting

The Baby Blimp followed 45 to G20 in Argentina


Special counsel appears to be locked in a dispute with a mystery grand jury witness: Update

Mueller guts Trump like a fish in open court on December 12th.

never forget

Bill Maher....

Thousands evacuated as flash floods hit fire-ravaged California

Is a space war brewing? Russia announces it will establish a lunar colony by 2040.

Is it too late?? Please call McTurtle's office 202-224-2541

Cohen, Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Sater, Stone, Credico, Putin, Ghouliani, Whitaker, .......

House Dems plan to investigate Trump Organization's alleged Putin penthouse

Donny Deutsch throwaway comment: We may find out if someone told Cohen to lie.

Progressives say dire climate reports point to need for 'Green New Deal'

Embattled Interior Secretary Zinke calls Rep. Raul Grijalva 'drunken and hostile' after congressman

Chris Murphy's understatement of the year...

'I thought it was really sh**ty': Baldwin sounds off on Sherman's ending with Seahawks

Trump's acting AG once referred to the president's behavior as 'a little dangerous' and....

Political cartoons 11/30/18

And Mueller's not even Don's real problem: Putin is.

May to snub trade talks with crown prince.

Arizona state lawmaker: African-Americans 'don't blend in'

It just doesn't feel like xmas untill I hear this

Mueller Has Trump So Scared That He Won't Informally Meet With Putin

Flashback-October 2015 Trump tweet: "Russia and the world have already started to respect us again!"

In just about an hour, I will be on stage with Senator Sanders, Yanis Varoufakis ...

Never forget....

There's nothing better than a best friend who just totally gets you 🐶💞

Espy files to run for Senate in 2020, setting up possible rematch with Hyde-Smith

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 30, 2018

Flake: Mueller bill has votes to pass Senate

Moulton calls out Ocasio-Cortez's tweet defending Pelosi as 'offensive'

Fitting Punishments for the Rump Gang

Louisiana School Made Headlines for Sending Black Kids to Elite Colleges. Here's the Reality.

Luckovich-trump presidency: the Eternal Flame

LIVE at Sanders Institute Gathering 2018: Criminal Injustice

Black women are 243% more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications than...

The fantasy world of Paul Ryan....

That look when Bob Mueller is taking up all the space in your head, rent free.

Great news Amber Guyger has been indicted for the murder of Botham Jean

Real American leadership....looks like this

The 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake: M9.2

Dallas grand jury indicts Amber Guyger -- the former cop who killed Botham Jean in his own apartment

Trump screws up photo op

That handshake was a little tooo creepy happy...

Macron heard warning bin Salman after Saudi crown prince tells him not to worry: 'I am worried'

Wow G20 Pic

When the Big Con is the 45th person indicted....

Ok, what is that 5 O'clock shadow beard thing lotsa men are wearing these days???

My husband is going to the emergency room.

Elizabeth Warren Tries to Invent a Foreign-Policy Message for Progressives and the Establishment

Individual 1....

Trump administration approves seismic tests that could harm Atlantic dolphins and whales

Giving Putin a free penthouse is like giving Joey Chestnut a free hot dog.

Rarely seen hawk appears again, this time at Deering Oaks park in Portland

Breaking- WSJ- Whitaker knew of fraud allegations at company he advised

Mayor Frey: Minneapolis police officer will be fired over racist Christmas tree decorations

🔥 Progressive International: A bold international New Deal. It's time to unite our world.

When MAGA Fantasy Meets Rust Belt Reality

💙🦈Heroes Are Everywhere: Ocean Edition🦈💙

Happy New Year!

Today: John Stewart-- Gold

That look...

Rudy needs an attorney...

The flip side of lying to Congress?

Wonder when this spectacle will take place...?

Next week with Mueller (Uhem this is from twitter)

Stormy Daniels put Cohen in a corner

Burr confirms Senate made criminal referrals to special prosecutor.

Facebook LIVE: Senator Sanders, Yanis Varoufakis

Swalwell confirms he has circumstantial evidence Cohen told more lies to congress.

Collins says memo that sank judicial nomination requires 'further research'

Today would be a really excellent day...

Paul Manafort Sells Florida Mansion To His Wife For The Price Of Two Lattes

Caption this photo?

The Extinction Domino Effect That Could Annihilate Life on Earth Has Already Started

Why is Ivanka at the G20 Summit

Trump lying

How Devin Nunes Helped Robert Mueller

US stands apart as G-20 summit stumbles on trade, climate

Louisville HS shutdown after online arson threat. Reporter decries shutdown and investigation

Why no US region is safe from climate change

Dramatic testimony opens day five of Fields trial

I have an idea for getting Mexico to pay for the wall !!1!11!

DC clerk stalls marriage over 'foreign' New Mexico driver's license

Extinct 'Denisovan' people may have lived on Earth's highest plateau

Wisconissippi! Here we go...the state of Wisconsin elected a New Democratic governor while

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo's computer seized during search of Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Presidential pardons, privatized prisons, etc.

Caption Trump's bosses:

New Jersey teacher tells first-graders there is no Santa

Let's not forget this recording...

What WE can do to put pressure on McConnell to allow a vote on protecting Mueller

The Trump administration tried to save a U.S. university by playing nice with an autocrat. It failed

Police raid Deutsche Bank for 2nd straight day.

Driver in Charlottesville rally never braked, photographer testifies

Why is Saudi Arabia at G20? Have they been at previous similar meetings?

Re: Matt Whitaker. Here's the legal brief currently filed with the Supreme Court

Marriott's Starwood hack hits up to 500 million customers

Picture worth a thousand words

Trump and Interpreter in Argentina

U.S. judge delays ruling on ex-FBI director's request to quash Republican subpoena

Sarah Palin's Home was damaged I guess from the Earthquake

Executive Action on TCM tonight 7pm Central

Paul Manafort sentencing date set tentatively for March

TYT: Bernie Sanders Interview - How is He Going to Save the Planet by Monday?

Scores of women raped in South Sudanese town, says aid agency

I had no idea about this awesome fact about AOC

Trump Tower is the RUG in The Big Lebowski...ties the whole story together.

Homeland Security asks Pentagon to keep troops at the border through January

To Individual 1...RESIGN

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will definitely have a net gain of at least 2 seats.

Happy birthday Mrs. C!

Michelle Obama's memoir Becoming breaks sales record in 15 days

Ticketmaster Sucks!! n/t

Painting Of Donald Trump Chilling With Other GOP Presidents Gets Scathing Reworking

Sanders Statement on NAFTA Replacement

I hope people are watching Ari Melber lay out how SPEAKER Pelosi has already developed the . . . .

Ex-US official admits charges linked to Malaysian scandal

Texas sues San Antonio police under sanctuary cities law

Justice lawyers try, again, to stop Trump's records release

You know the day destroys the night.Night divides the day.Try to run.Try to hide.Break on through to

Never forget what Mitch McConnell did

Michael Des Barres will be live-streaming a couple of songs from his concert tonight

My Instagram account is hacked