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Archives: November 4, 2018

A president of the United States should never begin an official statement with "Rumor has it."

Montana men mow 'FU45' in large field to protest Donald Trump's visit

The real reason Trump isn't spending much time touting the economy at his rallies

Former Skinhead on CNN: Trump's Claim He Was a Nationalist Was Like a Bullhorn to White Supremacists

Had it with the "CARAVAN" lies??

Funny stuff going on in Naples, Fl....

Just got a desperate call from Barbra Comstock's campaign reminding me to vote for her

Ted Cruz! I can't hold my peace

Trump Jr., CNN spar over airing of 'racist' ad from Trump campaign

Jimmy Buffett, at free concert for Dems, changes lyrics of 2 songs to slam Trump, Rick Scott (VIDEO)

Teachers Are Serving As First Responders To The Opioid Crisis

Repukes are desperate in Nevada! Look who just surfaced in Vegas!

Gunman in Yoga Studio Shooting Recorded Racist, Misogynistic Videos in 2014

Very subtle - I am convinced the White House knows they will at least lose the House

Don Jr. to attend six rallies in one day for House Republicans

From the election trail via Twitter:

Thanksgiving is coming, and I admit that I'm a complete traditionalist

Alex Rodriguez records robocall for Democrat in tight Florida House race

Poll: Iowa voters favor Democrats for control of the House

Republicans Need A Systematic Polling Error To Win The House

Flake: Obama has a better 'tone' than Trump

At DeSantis rally, Perdue says Florida governor's race 'so cotton-pickin' important'

To all the anti-vaccine people....................

The producers on MSNBC have delegated Stephanie Ruhle

These guys having a good time or what?

Please tell people having voting issues to call Election Protection at 866-OUR VOTE

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Will Nebraska bridge the gap?

Realistically what would be considered a good Mid Terms for the Dems

My Election Night Predictions

Early voting summation for FL as of today

What happens next after we win the house...

I can't remember the last time I got an "official" mailing from that weasel Paulsen. But now,


What races are you following because they're delicious, interesting, personal, or for no reason?

Can't believe I'm still waiting for the next season of shows that have been cancelled.


(FLORIDA) Gubernatorial Race 'So Cotton-Pickin' Important'

Too many Rethug ads on TV

North Dakota Tribes **Rockin The Vote!** In Other States Too! Donations needed...

Indiana Democrats respond to Trump's tweet accusing Donnelly of 'trying to steal the election'

We have no excuses now. Our eyes are wide open.

Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye

This should not be missed:

Republicans: Addicted to their own misery.

Candidates urgently needing extra funds?

my sister is running- mapping polling places to place our signs, and

Chi Power WooWoo fails - Fantasy vs Reality

What early results will you be watching Nov 6?

Trump: Andrew Gillum is "Not equipped" to be governor.

Friendly note to David Jolly . . . . . .

How long will it take to get the results after the election?

"Jennifer, someday we'll find the right time to get back to debating the top tax bracket."

I wonder how trump would have felt about this caravan?

The anti-Trump Republicans annoy the hell out of me.

I think I'm going to stay away from the news until the election is over.

Spurs coach wears Beto cap, urges vote for Beto

Ivanka Trump shows yet again she's no friend to women

Scarborough on Trump's racist statement that Gillum is "not equipped" to be governor

Who here wants to see the party of Trump beaten down like a rented pinata?

Tom Steyer setting up petting zoos at Arizona state to attract students, then get them to vote

Letter: Vote as if your life depends on it

Hate to say it, but MSNBC, CNN, and the other Faux new outlets brought us Trump. Free of Charge.

Beautiful creations lifted me today - look - and see if it helps you as well

Contemporary anti-semitism on the left

So Trump admits that Russian funded third party candidates in 2016:

Don't Trust the Polls

When Tuesday's election is over ...

Double pendulum.

Trump is leading the herd

TN-SEN: GOP internals not great for Blackburn

How will dads vote? New research suggests it may depend on whether they have a first-born daughter.

Big laff, Minn. and Virginia still fighting (sort of) the Civil War

I got in a head on collision today.

The election for MN Attorney General is very close.

Arizona man pleads guilty to using scam PACs to defraud donors

Trump Exposing his mighty mushroom at the Pharr, Texas Border Crossing

More videos of Trump's Mighty Mushroom at Pharr, Texas Border Crossing

Barbara Streisands new song about Trump:

ME-SEN: Trump Jr. tweets that King wants to 'repopulate' Maine with refugees

Mueller's probe from Trump-Russia collusion to Trump-Russia-UAE-Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Israel collusion

NY Mag: Beyond Russia - Understanding the new Trump collusion story.

U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump's call to arms

Sobering, long NYT article - "U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism."

SNL Cold Open on Now.

Obama: "If They Keep Control of Congress, You Better Believe They're Comin' After Your Health Care"

House of Cards Greg Kinnear


Mr. sprinkleeninow here.

Rev Barber on Franklin Graham saying the Christians should support Trump

Like riding on air.

Rep John Lewis can still cut a rug like my grandma used to say

Stand By Me.

New survey shows Indiana still plagued by teacher shortage

A quick look at Iowa early voting as of tonight.

I'm baaaaaack!

"Wealthy tax cheats?" written by David Cay Johnston


Tweet of the Day (Pass it on)

Here's What They'll Do Next if Tuesday Brings an Overwhelming Blue Wave

Trump Administration Spares Corporate Wrongdoers Billions in Penalties (NYT)

Capt. Sully Sullenberger might almost be as great a speaker as he is a pilot.

Angry Democratic mob spotted in Iowa

Saturday Late-Night drinking thread. Ask me anything.

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! The title Capt. Sullenberger first used for his WA Post piece.

Gab gets new domain host, expects to be back online Sunday


The Kings - This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide

My DailyKos 2013 WARNING that Toys R Us will go Bankrupt

Helix - Deep Cuts The Knife

Anybody here thinking of taking Wednesday off?

Welcome to the DU Nighthawks

ABC/WP Final National Poll Out: It is Dems +8 (52-44) with Trump and health care taking centre stage

Student travels 3 hours to cast vote in Johnson County

Saw a guy holding a Trump flag today.

#GOPvotingBlue has taken off on the Twitter

Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Eric shouldn't be citizens according to 45

Grab them by the ballot

NM-GOV: Lujan Grisham has sizable lead over Pearce

SNL: Caravan Cold Open

SNL: Midterm Ad

Texas woman's healthcare ordeal is the future if Republicans win Midterm 2018 (VIDEO)

MI-GOV: Michigan Republicans create a front group to support the Green candidate

Nov. 4, 2008. I attended the election rally in Chicago.

SNL: Weekend Update

Just discovered "Secrets of the Space Station" shows Sunday night at 8:00 EST, on Nat'l Geographic

Iowa governor's race has GOP asking if Democrat is too rich

Look how many volunteers showed up to go door to door for Max Rose in NY11 ! Wow!

Can we get a new category under Government?

Trump looks constipated

Is Anyone Else Baffled by How SNL Did Not Say ANYTHING About the MAGAbomber or GABshooter Tonight?

tonight we set back our clocks. Tuesday we take back our country. Get out the damn vote

Brexit: UK and EU solve Northern Irish border status -- report

33,874,846 Americans have voted, More Texans have early voted than total voted in 2014

1000+ person line of Californians voting today

Public pensions not at risk if Hoosiers ratify balanced budget amendment to Indiana Constitution

Glowing chemical 'could aid brain cancer surgery'

you're eating tacos and POTUS stops by

Air Force announces return of many airmen and missions to Tyndall -- but questions remain on (F22s)

Teachers' pension fund seeks 10 percent hike in state funds

So... when are Republicans going to denounce their own previous support for pre-existing conditions?

Is there a way to monitor gun purchase or permits records

Two Days ... 6 November 2018 ... Vote

Remington Research MO SEN: Hawley 47 McCaskill 47

Patrons of California shop buy doughnuts by the dozen to give owner time with wife

Funny siberian husky playing in leaves

Hmm, maybe we should seal the borders*

Break-in Attempted at Assange's Residence in Ecuador Embassy

Texas Has a Chance to no Longer be the state with the Worst Senator

Photos: ''Thank you, Grand Isle and Enosburg.''

Photos: ''Coming home to Stannard was very special to me.''

The Psychology of Anti-Semitism

What is your alcohol choice for Tuesday?

(Jewish Group) Columbia rabbi speaks on anti-Semitism at Greenwich Reform

That "mental illness" that Republicans and the NRA blame shootings on is a byproduct of, well, them

On incels, murderous misogyny and the far right.

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism Isn't Just A Right-Wing Problem

New Fort Massac on the horizon with $2.8 million IDNR grant

(Jewish Group) As Brooklyn Hate Crime Suspect is Arrested, Time for the Left to Rethink Its Attitude

John Lewis for Stacey Abrams.

Indiana high court rules manufacturers not liable when products are misused


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Werewolves Of Europa Edition

Pick the three words you want to use against ReTHUGs on Wednesday

Do folks take yearly vacations?

Indiana University Law Professor Raising Concern Over Police Treatment With Lawsuit

Ex Ben & Jerry's Right Winger prefers Haagen Daz now but...

The Last Three Days

The CornWohlio family is comedy gold.

Push Continues For Rail Line Connecting Chicago And Columbus, Ohio

Just think, if Mega Churches had to pay taxes to the state in which they hold services...

Octopuses trip on ecstasy the same way we do

For those having difficulty changing their clocks

Scences from a MAGA rally, not sure whether to laugh or cry (maybe a little of both)

Cook County judicial elections stir up unusual public scrutiny

Biles wins record fourth World All-around title in Doha

Biles, Dalaloyan add more gold in historic day at Doha Worlds

"Because I was lied to as a child. I've based my whole career on telling the truth."

Five gymnasts take titles as Doha Worlds end

Florida yoga studio shooter was racist rightwing 'incel' who had raged about women online: report

Judge, prosecutor's office exchange notes

This should be fine

Retaliation Lawsuit Against Michael Madigan Moves Forward With Discovery

Ivanka Trump shows yet again she's no friend to women

Free hugs!:

Mistaken for a lesser King

Valid Point

PA-8, Cartwright(D-Inc) 57, Chrin (R) 40

Far out! Illinois Democrats think they've dropped in on the big one (Bluenami!)

Will 'Deepfakes' Disrupt the Midterm Elections?

Eye on the prize democrats!

John Dean: Trump makes Watergate look like 'a brief idyllic daydream'

PA-1 Fitzpatrick(R-Inc) 47, Wallace(D) 46

Preckwinkle's Democrats fund blue wave to swamp County Board Republicans

Pittsburgh rabbi told Trump that hate speech led to synagogue massacre

NYT updates Steve King story to call his remarks 'racist'

Utahns grieve for mayor killed in Afghanistan in 'apparent insider attack'

Republicans: Immigration is their new abortion.

Why Millions of Teens Can't Finish Their Homework

Danger posed by anti-Semitism 'is real and tangible,' Warren tells Newton congregation

Racist Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue: Florida governor's race 'so cotton-pickin' important

My S Metro ATL 501c3 Trap/Neuter/Return org.

My S. Metro ATL 501c3 Trap/Neuter/Return organization. Benefit time!

Of COURSE: Russia, Norway, China Block Plan For Antarctic Marine Sanctuary 5X Size Of Germany

What bunkum I cried. What gobbledygook they proclaimed.

50 Ways Dogs Communicate With You

A VERY STABLE GENIUS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

If Republicans could sell Donald Trump, what could they not sell ??

Change Research latest poll LVs - Beto 49 Cruz 49 !!!

A proposal to rename the current two largest political parties.

Climate Scientist Ben Santer On President Ozymandias

I have a new motto

Skyscraper farms poised to grow globally

MSNBC anchor: "There is peace and prosperity around the world" he fucking nuts??

Estimated Costs For Colorado's Jaw-Dropping Wildfire Season In 2018: $130 Million

NC State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement

Republican Openly Endorses Assassination and Sedition in the Name of Jesus

Dodos, Passenger Pigeons, Quaggas And Republican Environmentalists

Senate Judiciary Report Concludes No Evidence Supports Kavanaugh Misconduct Accusations

Trump and Mueller are in a staredown.

Rigging the vote: how the American right is on the way to permanent minority rule

Flailing Barbara Comstock Joins Climate "Solutions" Caucus (5% LCV Lifetime Score)

The Poor People's Campaign Calls Out 'Policy Violence'

Shitstain's Efforts To Stop Kids' Climate Lawsuit (Juliana vs. United States) Blocked By SCOTUS

Do we have FREE WILL?

There should have been no ambiguity in 2016 that trump was a racist, sexist, and bigot.

Good campaign against hate crimes...

The Right Wing Blame Game

Kemp's office opens investigation into Georgia Democrats for 'possible cybercrimes'

Keep this in mind before you vote

GOTV from your couch

The only thing Trump seems to fear is running out of fear itself

Iranian marchers chant 'Death to America' on eve of U.S. oil sanctions

Troop deployment creates tension on South Texas border

Taunting Tweet By Trump Figured In Ruling Allowing Emoluments Suit To Go Forward

France's 'Pacific pebble' New Caledonia rejects independence

and's non stop POLITICAL advertisements......

I wonder if the latest shooting in Tallahassee is part of an orchestrated

Trump and Ellen, debate quips and tent camps: defining moments in Ted Cruz-Beto O'Rourke contest

Teach your children well

US jazz trumpet player Roy Hargrove dies at 49

tRump's last call. The aliens are coming I can tell you this now. The aliens are coming from space.

The Loneliest Democrat in America

Gustav Holst - Egdon Heath (A Homage To Thomas Hardy)

Democrats hold 7-point edge in final national NBC/WSJ poll

Gustav Holst - A Somerset Rhapsody op 21

Jewish nurse who treated Pittsburgh synagogue killer: "LOVE. That's why I did it."

What's the word on early voting? How many? Rep. or Dem.?

They don't even hide the racism anymore

LOL - Jeanine Pirro Lectures the Left: 'Why Are You So Focused on Your Hatred of Donald Trump?'

Photo: ''What Happens Next Is Up To All of Us'' (NH Rights & Democracy)

Brian Kemp (Nazi-GA) opening sham investigation into GA Dem party to cover up his faults

From a friend -- a billboard spotted outside of St Louis. I don't like using the word "heresy," but

Gawd damn, that ass wipe knows what Nazi bells to ring for his mob

GOP Candidate: No Peace In Israel Until Jews Convert To Christianity

Howzabout a few cool pixs to ease the day

Obama and Trump on the Campaign Trail ....

ABC: Dems will *INVESTIGATE/be subpoenae-processing-machine" & PELOSI *knows* how to do it!1

Georgia Republican Kemp announces surprise investigation accusing Democrats of hacking voter....

Baldwin weighs in on migrant caravan while Vukmir claims endorsement from Condoleezza Rice

Pox marks on America - Gun incidents/deaths

The Hyperloop will launch on December 10, the general public would receive free rides the next day.

GOP Floods Airwaves with Ads About Crime

The one time tRump isn't lying in the campaign

(N.M.) Poll: Lujan Grisham has sizable lead over Pearce for governor

Mr. Trump, there is no "beauty" in barbed wire. There is only

DNC chair dismisses economic growth under Trump: 'They have delivered results for very wealthy...

'Saturday Night Live' mocks Fox News coverage of caravan

Keeping your senses sharp - Hearing aids and cataract surgery

GOP senator: Dems pushing 'false narrative' on pre-existing conditions

Trump just tweeted a Fox News Poll shows a 40% Approval Rating with African Americans.......

Pompeo says 'no one's going to argue' he and Trump aren't tough on Iran amid new sanctions

SE is expecting rain on Tuesday. Will cut down on voters relying on public transit -

Facebook LIVE Montpelier Get Out the Vote Rally and Breakfast with Sen Sanders with David Zuckerman

Andrew Gillum is Florida's Homecoming King!

Open racists running for the school board in Hamilton NJ.

Ana Navarro (R) voting for Gillum

Vice President Walter Mondale Stumps For Keith Ellison (D) In MN Attorney General Race

The two unlisted pre-existing conditions that Republicans will always defend...

James Polite: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

You Can't Fix Stupid


Nate Silver predicts Mike Espy is virtually TIED with his Republican opponent -- 39.9 to 39.2!!!

U.S., South Korea set delayed military drills; North Korea urges end to pressure

Going to see bohemian rhapsody today

There is no universal Christianity. A uniform Islam does not exist.

Ready for a fight: Voter enthusiasm surges among U.S. Hispanics

whenever a RPUG is interviewed on ANY MSM there should be a

Kanye West Is Less Popular Than Mitch McConnell

Big Money $$: Top 20 Political Donors To Midterms, Most Expensive Election In US History

After you see Bohemian Rhapsody, watch this doc


How do we really know what is true or false?

NBC/Wall St poll by age. Dems ahead in most ranges. By a lot!

Women Beware! Viagra Is Now Generic!

This is an interesting Christian billboard.

What an Audacious Hoax Reveals About Academia

Outlander Season 4 on Starz.

Trump: "Danny is strong on the things that we so strongly stand for. He has my Strong Endorsement!"

Rain on Election Day? Humans Are Waterproof!

Exactly 10 years ago today, Barack Obama was elected President

How Thousands of Already Cast Florida Ballots Could Be Tossed Aside Without Voters Knowing

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Crank down the volume

I have been doing some research on what happens to the stock market during impeachments.

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Google..Part XVl

Trump Now Says If Migrants Throw Rocks Military Will Respond with Paper or Scissors (Borowitz)

Woman dubbed 'SouthPark Susan' turns herself in to police

Meanwhile in Paris: Bus passengers won't make room for disabled man, driver kicks them ALL off

3 Girl Scouts, 1 adult killed in hit-and-run while picking up trash on road

Miniature dot stop animation.

How many more of Trumps people and supporters do you believe will be indicted.

Best Halloween candy ever!!!! 🍬

Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue: Florida governor's race 'so cotton-pickin' important'

Not-So-Supergroup: Hannity & Limbaugh will join Trump at his final pre-midterms rally tomorrow.

Names of sciences that begin with "Astro".

Trump is waging a war on people with disabilities

FRUM finely sliced & diced BANNON in Toronto Friday 11-02, on C-SPAN now

Pasta Dreams and Flying Machines: Our Tuscan Adventure

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows what show it's from without using Google..Part XVl

The importance of civics lessons..................

Trump May Finally Be Getting Too Racist for America

Republicans put in bind over preexisting conditions

The chipmunks are the only ones that show up at the salt lick anymore?

If it quacks like a duck...

Robust economy drowned out by Trump's midterm message

The Mueller investigation is a conspiracy investigation, which means:

U.S. Navy's Costliest Carrier Was Delivered Without Elevators to Lift Bombs

Need a laugh?.take a break?..Cartoons?.Some of the funniest ever produced.

US militia groups planning to form their own caravan and head to border

Facebook LIVE: Senator Sanders Rally at UNH - Durham

Post a line or 2 from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 5

URGENT---Check Your Early & Absentee Ballots Online NOW: Do NOT Yield to Voter Suppression!

This internals graph in the WSJ poll should delight Dems and scare the shit out of the GOP

Bahrain opposition leader sentenced to life in prison

On MSNBC just now, Del Percio just said that there are reports

Is Donald Trump Stealing Bernie Sander's Rhetoric or Are They The Same on Key Issues?

Ukraine activist Kateryna Handzyuk dies after acid attack

Trump is deleting some tweets, reaction to emoluments suit ruling?

Students in the Explorer's room roll pumpkins down a hill observing physics in action.

Salesforce CEO says homelessness has affected his business at Mission District rally for Prop. C

What Fiction are you reading this week, November 4, 2018?

There is a quote from the movie "Blue Collar" which I think summarizes the republicans strategy

URGENT---Last Chance to Check Online & Make Sure Your Early Ballot Vote Has Been Counted!

SNL's Haunted Elevator (David Pumpkins)

URGENT---Check Your Early & Absentee Ballots Online NOW: Do NOT Yield to Voter Suppression!

What A Fucking Disgusting Perfromance: Jake Tapper!

Emerson Poll: Walker trails Dem opponent Evers by 5pt in Wisconsin--but Libertarian Anderson

NY Times - At Trump Rallies, Women See a Hero Protecting a Way of Life

I am at the Franklin Co. Ohio Board of Elections Bldg. Open 1-4. Right now

Students in the Explorer's room roll pumpkins down a hill observing physics in action.

NV-SEN: Jon Ralston predicts visctory for Jacky Rosen

There be trolls

BTRTN: This Is Not America

BTRTN: This Is Not America

BTRTN: This Is Not America

Migrant caravan embarks on 'route of death' through Mexico

Migrant caravan embarks on 'route of death' through Mexico

We have no excuses now. Our eyes are wide open. (WashPost)

BTRTN: So What is Canvassing Really Like? Going Door-to-Door in New York's 19th District

BTRTN: So What is Canvassing Really Like? Going Door-to-Door in New York's 19th District

BTRTN: So What is Canvassing Really Like? Going Door-to-Door in New York's 19th District

Racist jerk drove after Hispanic woman after she voted

Warner says Trump riding economic "sugar high" ahead of midterms, warns of "hangover" in 2019

A mouse? Seriously?

Falcon clings to life after Army cadets' Air Force prank goes wrong

Man takes refuge in Ann Arbor church, says he will die if deported

Facebook LIVE: Senator Sanders Rally in Manchester NH at Brookside Congregational Church

My grandson said "You mean that outlaw church with the Jewish gibberish?"

A few questions about BETO

I'n in the L A market and all i see are Democratic ads

Wow. This is appalling. Jeremy Peters of the NYT just told MSNBC caravan fear is sweeping the nation

SERIOUS QUESTION: are the pollsters factoring in Russian election interference?

A letter to my local newspaper (NE Ohio)

Farea sisters (duct taped "suicides") had filed abuse claim . Story is still absurd.

Russians hacked 10 yrs' worth of RNC emails.Is their conduct voluntary? We challenge that narrative

Obama is going to speak at a Donnelly rally soon. Here's a link to the stream:

4.8 MILLION early ballots cast in FL as of this a.m. and Ds have gained ground on Rs massively

Severe weather predicted for several states on Election Day.

St Pete Polls gives pRick Scott lead over Nelson (but w/i MoE)

Precious video of children reminding us to Vote

Time to bind tRump tonight...midnight EST. 9PM PST.

Peoples thoughts on Scott vs Nelson? Just saw a poll that has Scott ahead of Nelson by one point.

You can track the midterm races in the various time zones with this guide......

40% of 18-29 year olds polled say the definitely plan to vote!

Stacey Abrams Slams Brian Kemp's 'Desperate' Hacking Claim Against Georgia Democrats

Zinger of the week: What's the big deal spending $95k in Cairo ?

Here is the Number of Democratic Governors we will have during the last 2 years of Trump's term.

His parents told him "it's time to go bye-bye", so he gave every stranger a hug.

"Give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by law when requested."

You can't shower here. I asked WHY? Because you are a Democrat..she replied..(my dream)

Actually, You Can Just Drink Some Water

If I learned anything in 2016, I learned that polls don't mean shat.

Trump is having a mind fart.........

Pink Floyd says....TRump IS A PIG!

How Canadians are Born

Kasie Hunt got schooled again this morning on Twitter

NYT: Trump Administration Spares Corporate Wrongdoers Billions in Penalties

Two videos - 90 seconds of your life - you've wasted more time on much dumber endeavors, I bet!?

Help with Facebook

Spot the destroyer of Christmas trees

Trump in Georgia (Fox) looking especially orange.

black voters matter

Beto today.. asking 5000 supporters for every waking moment of the next 54 hours

Me, if we take the House Tuesday

'Voter fraud' and 'intimidation' as 'voter protections' that will be lost if Democrats win race

To hell with politics, I'm enjoying the Hawks today!

'Voter fraud' and 'intimidation' as 'voter protections' that will be lost if Democrats win race

White woman charged after harassing black women turns herself into police

Larry Sabato (UVA Center for Politics) on Texas...

Question re Trump's Presidential Salary

Has Trump become more "normalized"?

Guess Who

Battleground Voters Say Midterm Elections Are Important

Today, Bernie met privately with some 30 top #FITN presidential primary state backers ...

Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody and loved it

Man fought back during yoga studio shooting with a broom

"As you know, my primary focus has been the Senate."

Concerns over voter registrations loom in Tennessee county

Acuse the other side of that which you are guilty...

What Kind of Democrat Can Beat Trump in 2020?

FB post accusing Cesar Sayoc of being a false flag operative has almost 78,000 shares.

Putin cancels spy agency celebration due to 'Cock ups'

Saturday Night Live---Hilarious!

The American civil war didn't end. And Trump is a Confederate president

Ohh, Come On

A modest proposal to increase turnout (especially early):

Florida city votes money to move Confederate soldier statue

With an Evangelical twinkle...

Kris Gruen Music: Really excited to support the GOTV rallies with Bernie Sanders this weekend

The deadly amigos...

Can we just leave the flags at half staff?

Air Force Academy Mascot Suffered 'Life-Threatening Injuries' During West Point Prank

The Senate May come down to 4 states MO, IND, FLA, TN.

So The Big Cons private army will be stopped by the Mattis Army...Bonkers

ACLU-Transportation for Dodge City Kan voters seems covered--but we're not finished.

Why the f&ck is that scumbag Hewitt on MSNBC?

Phone banking tonight at our house.

The Latest: Mexican townsfolk assist weary migrants

Pete Davidson criticized for mocking candidate who lost eye in Afghanistan

Remember who took it away...

The Latest: Mexican townsfolk assist weary migrants


Obama Triggers A Meltdown As Trump Mentions Crowd Size 3 Times In 46 Seconds

My expectations if we win Tuesday

AZ Sen. candidate Kyrsten Sinema ran a half marathon in Phoenix today

Trump "They're trying to burn the tape" of his appearance (it never happened) on Oprah's show

Mexico agency orders video released from 1994 assassination

****The real Scott Rasmussen Poll*** Democrats 52% Repugnants 41% *

The American civil war didn't end. And Trump is a Confederate president.

Ballet Black help create shoes for non-white dancers

The Dunning-Kruger Effect May Help Explain Trump's Support.

Photos: ''Thank you to the students of the University of New Hampshire ... ''

Dems Open Up A Big Lead On Eve Of Midterms : IBD/TIPP Poll

The Walking Dead 9.5 - Andy Lincoln's final episode is tonight

Dr Paul Ryan Of Pulse Cardiology San Bernardino denied a patient medical care b/c she speaks Spanish

Jackie Speier on Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple cult, and surviving the Jonestown massacre

Kudlow: Federal minimum wage is "a terrible idea that raises costs for struggling small businesses"

Voting Cannabis...

Climate change was behind this summer's extreme weather

Accusations Against Guatemala Deputy Minister Open New Questions About President's Cabinet

MI-GOV: Kellyanne Conway packs the house for Michigan Republicans

"We lie all the time" Dave Brat audio

Are the Russians going to modify vote tabulations? This concerns me.

US sanctions on Khashoggi killers 'weeks away'

Democrats do not give up...

Stop looking for best rock lead guitar recording ever, You're Welcome.

If this were a fair election, I have no doubt the Dems

Live NYT Polling

OBAMA on CNN now - the giant is awakened

NY Times has polling data for 88 races. Many are close but here are some...

Okinawa's new leader wants Americans to stop U.S. base

Food meant for patients at Venezuelan hospital gets looted by Chavist "militia"

Have you all heard the latest? Trump ordered a change in the motto on the Statue of Liberty

Cuba, Venezuela have least freedom on internet "Digital Authoritarianism"

Russia to host Afghanistan talks next week, says Kabul and Taliban will attend

Kellyanne Conway Calls Hillary Clinton 'the Queen of Abortion'

FBI Looking For Woman Who Talked with Dem Party About Hacking System, Georgia Official Says

A memory of a refugee

"No gas" hits Caracas. The Chavista parade of lies begins.

Rob Reiner tweet with Jewish ppl asking folks to vote against Trump/GOP.

Obama Mocks Trump for 'Enough Indictments to Field a Football Team': I Didn't Have That Problem

Jake Tapper of CNN smeared Keith Ellison (D-MN)

FLASHBACK: Georgia Secretary of State Accused Obama's DHS of Hacking Attempt, But Was Debunked

Gregg Popovich Endorses Beto O'Rourke in Texas Senate Race

U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump's call to arms

U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump's call to arms

Trump Invents Poll: No 'New Fox Poll' Shows '40% Approval' From African Americans

Storms destroy millions of trees in northern Italy, kill at least 20

Broward County - check to see if your absentee ballot was counted!

More on Kemp Scam - By Josh Marshall

Imagine...that your vote may be counted. (With bonus John Lennon link)