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'Are you actually an M.D.?': A black doctor is questioned as she intervenes on a Delta flight

What do you make of mostly dormant Twitter accounts that suddenly become active and pro-trump

For Close-Knit Planets, Sharing Life Could Be Easy

"beautiful barbed wire" (Trump in Montana). Let's discuss.

Cut my own hair yesterday!

"Barbed wire is a beautiful sight" is nationalism in a nutshell

Beschloss tweet: "Barack Obama was elected President ten years ago today."

I posted a thank you reply today in this group. I shoulda done a separate OP like this.

"Don't worry! I'm definitely going to vote!"

The Saints' receiver Michael Thomas just caught a 72 yard TD pass.

FBI and 3rd party notified Brian Kemp of major security vulnerability to GA election database

No. *This* is the Tweet of the Day! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

LIVE: University Of Vermont Bernie Sanders GOTV Rally

University Of Vermont Live Bernie Sanders GOTV Rally

Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses has told Trump not to play our music at his rallies

Remember when Keith Olbermann was suspended for merely having donated to a candidate??

Cost to operate a Tesla 3 after 10,000 miles

Study Says....Borowitz

Beto was on 60 Minutes just now

How much of Beto's appeal is because he looks like Robert Kennedy? nt

Time to face it. We are suffering from a "political exemption"

50 Influential Women on Why They're Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections

An upstate farm manned by mansplainers....

White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

Brazil's next president declares war on 'fake news' media

Brazil's next president declares war on 'fake news' media

Why are the militias heading to the border?

Florida man who killed two women at yoga studio spoke of "incel" hero Elliot Rodger in online video

The Alt-Right Playbook: You Go High, We Go Low

Apps make it easy to instantly snoop on the voting history of friends, family and strangers

A bit of wisdom regarding trolls


Dems Open Big Lead on Eve of Midterms

The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case that could nuke the separation of church and state

Mothers travel to US-Mexico border to gain perspective on migrant caravan

You can talk about the cold opening but last night this SNL skit captured my feelings

Mothers travel to US-Mexico border to gain perspective on migrant caravan

MI: Alyssa Milano is the real deal. I've got a lot of respect for her.

#BlueWave Bus out in California

Show of hands: Who knocked on doors for this election? Roll Call!!!

Violence, Crisis and Resistance in Bolsonaro's Brazil

How Did People Wake Up Before Alarm Clocks?

Did anyone just now see that disgusting ad

Does anyone know where Giuliani is? Does anyone care?

Bloomberg spending $5M on ads to boost Dems ahead of midterms

"Things are getting better", "Things are going great"

Pittsburgh mayor says he ended call with Trump after complaints over death penalty laws

3.1 earthquake confirmed near Flagstaff

(Propaganda for awareness) DHS press release: caravan consists of violent criminals and gang members

Space Force Discussions Increasingly Blur the Line Between Military and Civilian Space


Went to a Beto rally. I did not realize that the number 1 health provider in Texas

Rihanna Slams Trump For Playing Her Music at Rally

Korn"hackie" starts bouncing around again

Neil Armstrong memorabilia fetches $7.5 million at auction

George Lincoln Rockwell & The American Nazi Party

Trump Lays Groundwork to Spin Midterms: I Mostly Focused on Senate Races

Packers or Patriots?

Trump: Migrants Will Camp on Front Lawns if Gillum Wins in Florida

Martha McSally (Russia-AZ) busted for lying about pre-existing conditions opposition

Rauner, Pritzker differ on some criminal justice

Bad things happen when you don't vote

Kasie DC- Not ready for prime time

One more if we needed one...why Republicans need to lose on Tuesday, and bigly.

Tuesday Nov 6th is Sally Field's 72nd birthday, here is her wish...

Final NBC/WSJ Journal poll - congress preference by age

Illinois' big-money politics has some worried

*Rachel M and Brian W coming up on MSNBC.

Trump's final rally before election will feature: Trump, Hannity, Limbaugh

Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Horse race! Repugs surging! Race tightening Blah, Blah, Blah!

More than a dozen Democratic leaders were targeted for assassination last week

Is it too late for an "October Surprise"?

Who's in the caravan?

They finally have a decent panel on MSNBC

An Embattled GOP Senate Candidate Is Lying About Her Health Care Record -- Again

"The party of fear"

Be still my heart! I got an email from Willie Nelson.

On Barbra Streisand's Latest, The Walls Do Talk -- To The President

Why is the right wing always so scared?

Funny/apt meme - The Sound of Music CARAVAN

Part 11 - Senator Sanders GOTV Rally Montpelier VT Nov 4, 2018

Sally Yates is supporting Stacey Abrams

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 5 November 2018

Part 11 - Senator Sanders GOTV Rally Montpelier VT Nov 4, 2018

A photograph of me from 1976:

This will make you smile

Led Zepplin - When the Levee Breaks

Everyone should learn CPR

GOP Candidate: No Peace In Israel Until Jews Convert To Christianity

Ten years ago tonight!

Saw "A Star is Born" - excellent

Sanders draws huge crowd to Brookside Church for pre-Election Day rally

Axl Rose is not happy at all about Trump playing "Sweet Child o' Mine" at his "MAGA rallies"...

Well: I won't be biking to work tomorrow...

Five key differences between House candidates Don Bacon and Kara Eastman

Attended a Kaine, Connolly, Wexton, Williams rally in Prince William county

Will there be any major upsets on Tuesday?

Now we know why Trump is so insecure about his crowd size.

Early voting update from Franklin County, OH

Pianist plays classical music for elderly and blind elephants

Foreign powers interfered in the 1968 election. Why didn't LBJ stop them?

and seriously are there more of "them" then us???

Last of Rick Grimes on the walking dead.

Right to work brought unions out in droves. Will members vote for McCaskill or Hawley?

And thus concluded early voting!-The last early voter walking out of the Miramar FL site around 9:30

Limbaugh, Hannity joining Trump on campaign trail

Obama draws 7000 at rally for Donnelly in Gary, Indiana

A Familiar Force Nurtures Trump's Instincts on Immigration: Stephen Miller

Why don't pundits ever mention Trump being a Nazi sympathizer when discussing how the vote will go?

Do you feel more "right" on DST or off it, and why?

A Racist Robocall Targeting Stacey Abrams Should Make You Very Angry

ABC News Finds 17 Cases Where Trump's Name Was Invoked in Connection to Violence, Threats & Assaults

New Trump Slogan -- Joe the Plumber from NJ

An Alaskan village is falling into the sea. Washington is looking the other way.

Brand names - extended warranties - disposable consumerism - tomorrow's delivery day!1

Saudi campaign to abduct and silence rivals abroad goes back decades

Lakers set franchise record with 25-point deficit after 1 quarter

Russian Lawmakers Head to U.S. to Monitor Midterm Elections

Nixon-era White House counsel John Dean: Nixon was 'corrupt,' but Trump is 'evil'

NH-GOV: Scott Sununu tied with Democratic challenger

Kellyanne Conway calls Hillary Clinton the queen of abortion

'Trump has hijacked the election': House Republicans in panic mode

Why Are People Fleeing Central America? A New Breed of Gangs Is Taking Over

Indiana GOP drops NRA president Oliver North as speaker in Noblesville, site of May school shooting

Trump and Obama face off in midterms

George Takei's Get Out the Vote Tweet

The Green Bay Packers defense now has a soundtrack:

X-posted from Sports/Football: the Packers defense now has a soundtrack:

Soros rep: Fox News refuses to have me on

Midterms test whether Republicans not named Trump can win by stoking racial animosity

Don't fall for the bullshit why Lynchburg is aptly named

Thoughts on JB Pritzker running for governor of IL....

Stay and Be Brave... Sara Bareilles.

Teacher Fell Down - SNL

Long lines in Florida

What makes the AR-15 style rifle the weapon of choice for mass shooters?

Uplifting Video, give it a chance..she falls, then gets up..just like life..

Trump Supporter: I'd Shoot My Sister For Trump

Pompeo insists US sanctions will not hurt the Iranian people

Who Coined The Term 'Caravan' In Relation To The Group That's....

Trump ally Kris Kobach accepted donations from white nationalists

538's current House forecast is an 86.7 chance of Democratic control.

Pompeo to meet Kim Yong Chol in NYC November 7-8

Taleb Says World Is More Fragile Today Than in 2007

History Channel "Watergate" Snatches Defeat From Victory

Will Trump Make New York Democrats the New Lords of Capitol Hill?

'Beto O'Rourke has now received the endorsement of every major newspaper in Texas!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Family Separation

Letter of Recommendation: Bialys

the "I'm white and I'm hooooot", "I make 125K" woman turns herself in

What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming "Free Solo"

Stay hope-filled

Trump spewed out a big fat crazy lie about Oprah at today's rally

"But who answers when a stranger is calling? Old people."

Will Democrats Casten, Underwood beat Republicans Roskam, Hultgren?

Rauner blasts unfavorable polls as 'baloney' on road for GOP candidates

Obama tells rally in Chicago: 'The character of our nation is on the ballot'

John Lewis tells it like it is...I love this man

I plan on not watching news programs today...

One Day ... Vote ... 6 November 2018 Accountability

Obama in Gary: 'We need leaders who will actually stand up for what is right'

House of Cards Season 6 - Jumping an ocean full of sharks (Spoilers)

Amid talk of a potential blue wave, Democrats already have begun to turn the tide in GOP suburbs

Texas governor candidate Lupe Valdez makes stop in Coastal Bend before Election Day

Listening to Alexrod & Rove on NPR Morning Edition

The real "enemies of the people"

Holy Shit - guess who I just saw on my TV campaigning for Ron Desantis

The Name of the Game Today is: SPECULATION

Today is November 5, 2018, the day before the midterm elections. What trickery is

Gianforte's fortunes tied to Trump in Montana House race

German, French presidents mark centenary for end of WWI in Strasbourg

Even if you're in a completely safe area or even if you're in a completely Republican area

Key Questions The 2018 Election Will Answer

Joseph Stiglitz: 'America should be a warning to other countries'

Where do we go if DU gets hacked tomorrow????

Hurricane Michael's devastation in GOP rich panhandle could affect election

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lie Witness News - Fake Candidate Edition

Reverend Doctor William Barber on Amanpour

5th of November, y'all!

'You will suffer consequences' -- a Chinese warship reportedly threatened a US Navy destroyer in the

Early voting in Franklin Co Ohio- from Dispatch, local paper

First clue tomorrow - Indiana - 6pm EST poll closing

Rudy Giuliani tied to money-laundering scheme that embezzled $10 billion from Kazakhstan.

I won't watch MSNBC if Kornacki is on.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Washington Examiner hacked (?)

Indigenous poets read urgent climate message on a melting glacier

Countdown to midterms: 4 times more vote-by-mail ballots in NJ

Joe Walsh - Meadows

NBC/Marist - Democrats up in Florida

Beware Election False Flags

They want to clear-cut the Amazon. That is their ambition.

Starting 2 years ago, we honestly saw some of the worst of America

Monday TOONs - Hulk says VOTE! NOW!!! Edition

Must See!!! Rep. Tom MacArthur faces enraged husband over health care bill (Full confrontation)

Final CNN poll : Dems 55% GOP 42%

Sometimes I have to ask myself if wingers are really as bad as they all seem to be at any given time

If our economy's so great and robust and wonderful and everything...

If the Republicans Win Tuesday, the Reason Will Be Simple: They Cheated

Hackers targeting election networks across country prior to midterms

Learn color with toy cars

**Let's get this morning rocking ** A RATED MARIST POLLS FL SEN Nelson (Dem) 50% Scott (Repug) 46%

Neil Armstrong memorabilia fetches $7.5 million at auction

**Let's get this morning rocking ** A RATED MARIST POLLS FL Gov Gilliam 50% DeTrumpis 46%

Early Voting Points to Youth Wave

Sam Cook A Change is a coming

Call everyone you know TODAY

Dems now in lead with Early vote in Florida after yesterdays STTP

What's going on?! Washington Examiner has a comment.....

U.S. ratchets up pressure on Iran with resumption of sanctions

The Cornfield Resistance: Ep 465 SPECIAL Pre-Election Episode: Both Sides Don't!

That Damn Piece of Paper

There's a surge in early voting. And Florida Democrats are closing in on the GOP

This defies belief: no matter how cruel nature was to him, this kid just said, "oh yeah? Watch me!"

Abrams, Kemp prepare for overtime in Georgia governor's race

Republicans Think They'll Lose the House

"The enemies of the country" is not the press or the Democratic Party!

If the House comes down to California, get ready to wait

Pittsburgh Mayor's "jarring three-minute phone call" with Trump

If/When Democrats take the House, will they try to undo Trump's "Tax Cut"?

Rove and Axelrod

No Blame? ABC finds 17 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection w- violence, threats or alleged assaults

Power Up: Will there be a youth wave? Early voting points to yes

Trump administration prepares for massive shake-up after midterms

Father's 18-year quest to fulfill promise to dead son ends with Remington settlement

Morning Joe Reveals Trump Once Admitted He Plays Race Card: 'I Know It's Bad But It Works'

Exclusive poll: Trump's 2020 woman problem

"Say the word" by: Tom Tomorrow

Everyone have their pictures of Nancy Pelosi pointing upwards ready

GOPer whines that Obama is being too tough on Trump by mocking all his indicted officials

WaPo: Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days

Nov 6th election results guide

Q poll - Gillum, Nelson both up in FL

Twice in 24 hours I got two texts from Bob Hugin "Hugin Huggers", asking me

Age becomes talking point surrounding 2020 Democratic field

The Education Governor Left Wisconsin School Districts Out In The Cold

What Can They Do in Three Months?

11-year-old shoots grandmother, kills self after refusing to clean his room

Just a boy and his dog

It's going to be a Tuesday to remember

Please, pray for a miracle for the caravan.

Their Soybeans Piling Up, Farmers Hope Trade War Ends Before Beans Rot

538: "How To Watch The Midterms: An Hour-By-Hour Guide"

Amazon offers free shipping on all orders for the holidays

The Republican Platform: "Make America Great - Or Else"

The Rundown: November 2, 2018

Poll: Gillum leads DeSantis by 7 points in Florida governor race

Chiefs handle the Browns..but their defense still sucks..

Exclusive: Khashoggi sons issue emotional appeal for the return of their father's body

If Dems don't take back the House, and win other key races...I'm going to suspect hacking....

There will be one thing that we will dread after Tuesday!

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November...

FINAL STATE OF PLAY: Democrats On The Verge Of Flipping The House

U.S.-based Amazon customers to get free shipping over holidays

Wisconsin Dem candidates!

FINAL STATE OF PLAY: Democrats Eye Huge Gains In Governors' Mansions

FINAL STATE OF PLAY: The Senate Forecast Is Partly Cloudy For Both Parties

My Senate map prediction -- looks like it comes down to TX or TN for the win.

Cuban president meets Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang

Steve King Posts Gateway Pundit Article Boasting He Met With 'Jewish Person,' 'Gays' on Austria Trip

What to do with leftover spaghetti and meatballs?

Katy Tur was on about the Kemp Hacking bull, and never mentioned it was the Dems who reported it.

17 criminal cases invoke Trump's name in connection w/ violent acts, threats, assault allegations

Washington Examiner Tweets "Trump is going to hell."

Afghan govt's control over territories reaches record low

Florida Democrats for the 1st time this election surpassed Republicans in total early ballots cast

Morning Joe hoots with laughter at Trump's 'crazy' call for bikers to beat up Antifa activists

Cook Political Report's final rating changes.

Trump completely invents a fake poll to make himself look good

What bellweather races will you be looking at to help predict what kind of night it will be?

'Unprecedented' interest in midterms from U.S. voters living abroad

Could This Be Our Millennial Moment? - Connie Schultz

Interesting in the weeds data about 49-49 Beto Cruz poll

Ballot Proposals, what ones are in your states?

Polls, Schmolls!! Call, knock, text, beg, plead, drive people to vote!!

Trump admits to Russia stealing the election

OMG - my late boss was mentioned this weekend on SNL Weekend Update...

Day Before Election: President 39%

George Soros rep says he wants to go on Fox News. But they won't book him.

Want job security?

That militias are even allowed near the border shows this is for approval ratings, not defense

Just Sending Positive Vibes For Tomorrow

I drove 1 1/2 hrs. to see Joe Biden fire up Dems at a GOTV rally outside Scranton, PA (pic heavy)

Trump's DOJ Admitted under Oath That Citizenship Question 'Not Necessary'

'Human brain' supercomputer with 1million processors being switched on for first time

I hope there are many more evangelicals like this who are voting tomorrow...

Don Jr: "If there's one question that Donald Trump lied to all of you in this room about..."

"The US is positioning 5 soldiers on the border for every 1 caravan member expected to arrive"

Pope County updates

Remember, remember, the 5th of November

Redhead Day: 9 fun facts about red hair

I used to stay up very, very late on election night.

The Washington Examiner's Twitter got hacked and told the truth for the first time in...ever.

GRTC offering free rides on City of Richmond, Virginia routes on Election Day!

Kitty O'Neil, deaf daredevil who became 'world's fastest woman,' dies at 72

Arguments against automatic voter registration at 18?

Lowe's is closing 51 stores the states and Canada!

Damn you George Soros!

Trump slaps sanctions on Iranian oil tanker which sank near china last year!

Republican Ana Navarro Calls Trump 'Racist Pig' On CNN, Will Vote For Democrat Andrew Gillum

What's a good source for new bands?

Too Bad the Pollsters Missed This

USS Cole victims are opposed at Supreme Court by unlikely partners: Sudan and U.S.

How can there be a 7% disparity between CNN and MSNBC on Trump's approval?

More protection: UN says Earth's ozone layer is healing

NBC Runs Immigration Trump Ad Deemed Too Racist by CNN

Pittsburgh : Represent!

Teens hurl pole through synagogue window as Jews are praying

'Full Trumpism': The president's apocalyptic attacks reach a new level of falsity

Fellow networking/programming people: want to see something terrifying from Georgia?

DFL Campaign Workers Win Overtime in New Contract

DFL Campaign Workers Win Overtime in New Contract

The Rhine, a Lifeline of Germany, Is Crippled by Drought

DFL Campaign Workers Win Overtime in New Contract

Propublica, WaPo: How Congress Stopped Working

I love cats - but, here's something for dog lovers-They love that Reggae beat

Remember Starman and the Tesla Roadster launched into space? They're now beyond Mars, SpaceX says

News from the Heitcamp campaign.

What Do Early Voter Counts Mean? Who Knows?

Georgia Secretary of State election, 2018, Barrow (D) v. Raffensperger (R) v. Duval (L)

Looking for dog sweater suggestions

What's a good source for discovering new music?

El Chapo jury selection begins today

Chavista clown proclaims "electrical crisis is now solved!" (Power now on for 6 hours per night!)

NBC just pulled the racist Trump ad:

Just got home from the Beto rally

For my milestone 600th DU post.

Kim Reynolds Ends Campaign With Steve King In Sioux County (Iowa)

Florida teen killed mom and buried her in fire pit after arguing over bad grade, police say

Should there be a runoff just because nobody got the majority of the votes?

I never realized what an absolutely magnificently historic picture this was.

Supreme Court to consider Virginia uranium case that divides a rural county

Supreme Court rejects net neutrality appeal

Will my water-bed be more bouncy if I fill it with

Lion Air jet's airspeed indicator malfunctioned on 4 flights

Man dies eight years after eating garden slug

Saudi Arabia grilled over human rights record at UN council

This latest trump tweet is voter intimidation.

John Kasich on The View just now

This historian spent 10 years researching wartime presidents. Trump scares him the most.

LIVE at 11:45 ET : Obama rallies with Virginia Democrats in final push before midterms

These Lowe's stores are closing in the next three months

Stephen King (author) on Steve King (politician):

Update absentee totals from @vaELECT show that voters 18-25 showing most dramatic gains

My monthly premium for ACA doubled.

If the House comes down to California, get ready to wait

11-year-old boy kills grandmother after being told to clean his room: Officials

If Dems win house do dems get to set house district lines in 2020 after census?

Post the sample ballot for your District! I'm in the 11th

My predictions for my state of Connecticut

Trump: "Watch for real results Tuesday. Don't fall for the Suppression Game."

Three Girl Scouts, chaperone killed in Chippewa County hit-and-run; driver in custody

NJ Senate Polling - Quinnipiac shows 15 pt lead for Menendez

Pic Of The Moment: Not Just Trump: GOP Closing Arguments

Spanking children makes them more aggressive, US pediatricians' body says

Watch GOP Senate nominee lie shamelessly about pre-existing conditions

Ohio Governor candidates -- DeWine campaigns with Bernie Kosar, Cordray with John Legend

For anyone who thinks Trump WON'T challenge the election results if Democrats take back the House...

Trump Is A Genius - Why He Isn't Talking About The Economy?....

Danny Davis named town administrator for Middleburg

DOJ sending staff to monitor 35 jurisdictions for compliance with voting rights laws

I just got two robocalls

I just got a robocall from the Wisconsin GOP...

Fox has also pulled the racist Trump ad:

Brian Kemp Was Told of Georgia Voter-Rolls Vulnerability Hours Before He Accused GA Dems: Report

Sure, Obama is great. BUT...Obama BRINGING YOU DONUTS is EVEN GREATER.

Is This Extortion Or Just Blackmail?

Brooklyn Bridge Closed to Transport El Chapo to Trial

Trump Accused of Voter Suppression and 'Teeing Up' to Call Midterms 'Illegitimate' After Threatening

Need to bide some time as early results filter in tomorrow evening?

'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch's GOTV Message: Democrats Are Evil and Depraved God-Haters

Think You Care About the Midterms? These People Upended Their Lives to Volunteer

'Full Trumpism': The president's apocalyptic attacks reach a new level of falsity

Just looked at a cnn map of predictions for tomorrow.

Human Rights Group Calls For Investigation Of Giuliani, Trump Money-Laundering Scheme

Ahead of Midterms, Wisconsin's Scott Walker Activates National Guard

Welcome to the jungle...

Ten years ago today, I woke up with a smile on my face.

Video: President Obama Makes Surprise, Day-Before-Election Appearance for Tim Kaine, Jennifer Wexton

Rep Swalwell: "Do we go the path of David Duke & Trump or do we choose LOVE for one another?"

Early voting surges in NM. Also Luhan-Grisham has a 10 point lead over her opponent in latest poll.

The viciousness with which Dump is going after our party

Trump is at 40/54 in Gallup among adults:

The blue wave will wash away the red tide.

Hannity Says He's Only 'Covering' Trump Rally: 'I Will Not Be On Stage Campaigning'

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 6: The Art of Casting

Ha! Good Ad - By Josh Marshall

The Orange One and his enablers reek of desperation

A few from Chicago

WH: If People Vote On Policy, Economy, GOP 'In A Really Great Position'

Russia attacks our democracy? Let's make tomorrow "Snowflake Day"!

Who was that Beth on MSNBC?

Fox News Pulls Trump Caravan Ad Decried as Racist

Poll Tip

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 7: The 16th Century

BIG EFFING DEAL, Fox "pulled Trump's racist ad." How many times have they SHOWN it?

Trump Approval Holds Steady in Gallup Poll at Minus 14%

Hoopla digital comics via your local library...

Sowing seeds

I won't watch any network's election results unless

The Gene Krupa Story

Facebook rejects controversial Trump immigration ad

Retirees donate more to Dems than GOP for first time in years

U.S. Voters Using Midterms to Send Trump a Message

Exclusive: Pentagon balked at U.S. border troops building detention facilities - officials

NBC Pulls 'Insensitive' Trump Immigration Ad 'After Further Review'


There is something to be said about knowing your market. I don't know what that is, in this case:

Seen on Facebook:


Trump's 2020 campaign manager attacks CNN & Facebook for not running ad that's also too racist for..

Yeah...that economy is on FIRE leading up to the mid-term elections!

Randy Rainbow on VOTING!!

Well, I can't condone that.

Fuming Trump supporters smear Jewish-owned restaurant as anti-Semitic over two-hour wait

Trouble with Location

Trump Warns That Democrats Would Drag Nation Back to Days of Tolerance and Decorum

Conservative on CNN blames Democrats for racist robo-calls in Georgia and gets smacked down

Election forecaster moves two more Republican seats into 'tossup' column and predicts 'blue wave'...

Trump to reporters about ad rejected by CNN, NBC and Fox as he left for today's rallies:

North Dakota tribal leaders: Different Nations are working together to propel Heitkamp to victory

Trump insists non-citizens sneak into the country and vote illegally in pre-election rant

The choice is ours.

What's happening to DU? Just got this message.

20 Feet High, 2 Feet Thick, Barbed Wire, Razor Blades

Trump snaps at reporter over ban on racist ad: 'A lot of things are offensive -- your questions...

I was not able to access DU for about 1/2 hour

So IF Trump is concentrating on the Senate and IF he is a great campaigner then why

Cameroon school kidnap: More than 70 pupils seized in Bamenda

Destruction inside Jewish food truck was hate crime, owner says

Nate Silver has 7 in 8 chance Dems take the house

DU Admins be like:

Bill Maher says it all.

For The First Time In My Life.....

Reporter asks Trump for proof of illegal voting. Trump: "A lot of people in my opinion..."

NBC and Fox finally stop running Trump's racist ad after it was viewed by millions

I early voted in Chicago today. The line took an hour and a half in line to get to the machine.

Here is a newspaper article about Joe Donnelly's run in Indiana

Trump has been told by White House officials to brace for Republican losses in the House tomorrow.

My message to voters everywhere:

Early voting through the roof in Orange County, CA -- home to *four* tossup districts.

I wasn't able to access DU for several minutes: The Story of My Suffering

What do I wear and do at a funeral Mass? I'm totally

Two friends of mine who post lots of pro democratic anti trump stuff were hacked today.

MSNBC just showed a tRump rally clip and the Rolling Stones were

Georgia Shatters Early Voting Record for Midterm Election - WOW!

Trump Isn't Inciting Violence by Mistake, But on Purpose. He Just Told Us

"Hundreds of Jews" contact gun-training academy after Pittsburgh attack

".....Dictators love me, but we won't mention that....."

Larry Sabato: Final picks for 2018

Per Andrew Janz (CA22) - 12 voting locations have been moved

"You Are Here"

538 : GOP should be worried - Democrats gained by more than 3 pts in our final polls over last ones

11 y/o boy uses grandfather's gun to shoot his 65 y/o grandmother in back of her head

'A License to Violently Act Out': Mom of Alleged MAGABomber Calls Out Trump's Rhetoric in Letter

Good news about 2018 voting numbers.

NY AG Underwood, at your service:

Report: Amazon to split new HQ2 between two cities

Ivanka Trump's Business Wins Approval for 16 New Chinese Trademarks Despite Shutting Down

Trump says election will be seen as referendum on him

Fox News Joins NBC in Pulling Trump-Backed Anti-Migrant Ad

Texas turnout high as Cruz, O'Rourke end close Senate race

Indian capital under cloud of smog as pollution level jumps

Iowa Rep. Steve King recounts Holocaust tour, defends himself against anti-Semitic accusations

Tomorrow, I hope our fellow Americans will see...

For Trump supporters, elections a battle for his vision of America

North Dakota soybean farmers suffering irreparable damage to industry because of tariffs.

Trump just complained that PC culture doesn't allow him to say that his daughter is beautiful

The 10 Most Vulnerable House Incumbents on Election Day

U.S. Supreme Court Rebuffs Challenge to California Gun Restrictions

Remember Karen Handel?

Dinesh D'Souza to speak at American University on Wednesday.

U.S. Supreme Court ends fight over Obama-era net neutrality rules

Trump: "Majority of deadly "fentenol" comes across the U.S. Mexico border"

Democrats see late surge in Senate battlegrounds

Trump: "Law Enforcement has been strongly notified to watch closely for any ILLEGAL VOTING which may

King of the world': Trump to ditch D.C. for Paris days after midterms

MSignorile had a chance to speak with SenSanders, Listen to more of the interview ...

After Tuesday, Republicans will lurch even further to the right

WSJ: Retirees Break for Democrats on Campaign Contributions

Did a Twitter User Scam MAGA Fans Out of Thousands of Dollars?

I heard on VOA that the vile MAGAcretin will wave penalties for buying oil from Iran to all but

Trump wants to copy Venezuela's biggest economic mistake

?!?! 40 million Evangelicals elected Brazil's new leader!!!!

Georgia high school marching band spells out racial slur, parents demand expulsion

BTRTN Official 2018 Midterms Predictions: Trump Will Be Repudiated in a Great, If Not Perfect, Night

BTRTN Official 2018 Midterms Predictions: Trump Will Be Repudiated in a Great, If Not Perfect, Night

This is the latest outrage in debt collection

BTRTN Official 2018 Midterms Predictions: Trump Will Be Repudiated in a Great, If Not Perfect, Night

TIMELINE: How Kemp Turned Dem Cyber Warnings Into Claims Of A Dem Hack

A Brief History of Musicians Saying 'Hell No' to Donald Trump's Using Their Songs

Huge turnout raises Dem hopes for a wave

Trump says he's 'probably not' meeting with Putin in Paris next week

Hey Little Girl -- Syndicate of Sound

No, a Discover Pass doesn't permit chopping down big trees

SCOTUS declined to take up the Bengazi lawsuit against Hillary...

As Trump Spreads A Fog Of Falsehoods, His Fans Believe Them And Make Excuses For Him

Comment: More exports, not tariffs, can fix trade imbalance

If we wake up Nov 7th to historic democratic results, should we all send trump

Rossi vs. Schrier -- dead heat in the 8th, other hot House races

Inspiration on a Nervous Tuesday: Never say never. If Grizzy can overcome, so can we. 💙

Loving this political cartoon......

Wipeout - the Ventures

Jimmy Buffett Takes Aim at Republicans During Florida Democratic Rally

Hey, Virginians, you have constitutional amendments on the ballot, too

$24 MILLION per MILE??? $145 MILLION contract for 6 MILES of Border Wall

A very real path to taking the Senate has opened up with recent polls

Odds Are, Your Next Governor Will Be A Democrat

Trump votes - Needs help to understand forms

Poll: Trump would lose to Michelle, Hillary, or Elizasbeth

Vote your fears on health care, not caravan 'crisis' hyped by Trump and Republicans

Late pix of line-up of early voters for Trump

Trump: I'll Keep Calling Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas,' 'That Name is Too Good to Give Up'

Graham: New attorney general coming 'most likely early next year'

Fair overtime pay is needed in Washington

Johnson County updates

Talk Talk - music machine.

Barack Obama says Republicans have 'racked up enough indictments to field a football team'

Lookie here, I'm voting tomorrow and I'm not gonna watch tv 'til 11pm

Got this in the mail today. ❣️🇺🇸❣️

How a lie about George Soros and the migrant caravan multiplied online

Trump rants that he can't call Ivanka 'beautiful' because of 'political correctness'


Union Pacific just broke revenue records, so why is it laying off workers?

DOJ's Civil Rights Division has not filed a single Voting Rights Act case since Trump took office

Pelosi urges Dems to 'push' health care message day before midterms

Trump says he wants to go slower on sanctions for Iran's oil

Wisconsin absentee voting breaks state midterm record

One last arguement to use against "not sure" voters..About Trump.

I've seen devoted Trumpanzees but this is scary crazy

ICE moves to silence detention center volunteer visitors

Trump defends controversial ad, telling reporter 'your questions are offensive a lot of times'

The World is Watching

One last warning...

Did you hear the vile MAGAcretin, Don the Con at one of the rallies

Trump Isn't Inciting Violence by Mistake, But on Purpose. He Just Told Us.

Pollster says antipathy towards Trump could be top factor driving millennials to polls

North Dakota tribal leaders: Different Nations are working together to propel Heitkamp to victory

I won't be surprised if Whiny Donny will celebrate a Cruz defeat

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 6 November 2018

'Racial Barrier Falls In Decisive Victory'

In Drumpf we have Nathan Thurm on steroids

Mellowing out for tomorrow with a little bit of Sam

MEANWHILE, in Sverige...

Trump Lasts 1 Minute Before Falling Apart In Ohio

I had my root canal today (first of two visits) and I am in a lot of pain...

This former Republican presidential candidate just admitted he's voting for Democrats now

CREW discovered that Ivanka Trump's business just won approval for 16 new Chinese trademarks

Trump just complained that PC culture doesn't allow him to say that his daughter is beautiful

Sighting of sperm whales in Arctic a sign of changing ecosystem, say scientists

Hundreds in hiding as Tanzania launches anti-gay crackdown

Trump's is a demagogue

Not sure what's going on here, but I need to get out more....

Bill Maher has a message for Trump voters:

Way to go MIRT!

He ate a slug on a dare, became paralyzed, and died

Haberman claims that rather than do his job after midterms, Trump will do 2020 "MAGA rallies."

Note to the wise at MSNBC and CNN. I'm sick of seeing you run video of trump. I turn off, mute,


Ain't it the truth

Trump, on what he would do if Dems seek his tax returns (per pooler @Jordanfabian)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 5, 2018

Tweet of the Year

Luckovich-Why does Brian Kemp look like a clown???

The second most important horse race in the world

Charlie Baker (R-MA) of the 70% favor ability for Governor. I don't think so....

Mac Miller: US rapper died from drug overdose

Michele Bachmann Blames Undocumented Immigrants for Polio-Like Virus Outbreak

Governor Wins are also Important - Maybe more so for 2020

Arizona: 258,000 Voters Purged

Senator Sanders Speech - GOTV Concert Rally Burlington VT Nov 4

What is the difference between chicken broth and chicken stock?

On Dems winning house and his taxes : They can do whatever they want, and I can do whatever I want."

Positive Vibrations

Trump's closing argument frames midterms as a referendum on his White House

NBC and Fox finally stop running Trump's racist ad after it was viewed by millions

Bin Salman launches Saudi Arabia's first nuclear plant project

You can count on me Mr. President!

They took down the BETO signs

Marijuana Legalization 2018 Midterms: Which States Will Allow Legal Weed Next?

Marijuana Legalization 2018 Midterms: Which States Will Allow Legal Weed Next?

Wolf Blitzer and his guest, a Republican rep from Utah, says that Republicans could win

Interesting Election Eve Tidbit from Rick Wilson.

Alaska's moose-hunting hovercraft pilot returns to U.S. top court


Ex-Wall Street banker's insider trading conviction overturned

Harris County jury returns verdict for husband of fired deputy in diner choking case

Toxin in U.S. corn harvest poses latest headache for farmers

Simmering, pre-midterm voting stress is wrecking havoc with my appetite

U.S. regulator demands companies take action to halt 'robocalls'

Brazil's Bolsonaro says to propose pension reform next year

Virtual Map of Mars ... if you are planning on going there

8 lessons from psychology that explain Trump's caravan fearmongering

Feeling Good! Nina Simone....

Rep. Steve King says he hopes Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor and Kagan 'will elope to Cuba'

Trump: " Go Home to Mummy"

Ivanka at trump rally

🚨BREAKING: In an extraordinary move, the Trump administration just asked the Supreme Court to take

Photos That Won The Prestigious Siena International Photo Awards

Authoritarian Nationalism IS Trump

Photos That Won The Prestigious Siena International Photo Awards

I am not on Twitter, and I have respect for those who served in the military,

Trump administration presses Supreme Court for quick action on DACA

NBC News - In secret chats, trolls struggle to get Twitter disinformation campaigns off the ground

Has anybody else watched Rick Steves, "The Story of Fascism in Europe"?