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At the crux of history.

Goldenbrown the Stranglers

Most Americans credit Trump for Baghdadi death, but raid doesn't shake negative ratings of president

The struggle of growing up with siblings 😂

'Trump Is Pleased to Watch Us Suffer' -- Scenes From the President's Kurdish Betrayal

Trump, Lifelong New Yorker, Declares Himself a Resident of Florida

Not all proud parents have kids 💚

Nobody coulda seen this coming: Keystone pipeline spills more than 350,000 gallons of oil in ND

Impeachment: Three Presidents in the last 45 Years.

SCOOP: Tester Mentioned as Potential Senate Majority Leader in 2020

I know this will be pronounced "hopelessly naive" by some and "quaint" by others, but damn it---

2018 Biden Interview w/ PBS: "You shouldn't accept any money from a super PAC"

New Franklin & Marshall Pennsylvania poll:

Officials: Mass Oklahoma inmate release is nation's largest

Commission: Virginia let company defy fishing limits in bay

If Trump is finally thrown out of office on his fat ass, will we finally be happy? No, here is why!

No rain in sight for L.A. area for next few weeks; critical fire weather warnings extended

Judge upholds law allowing Great Lakes oil pipeline tunnel

Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Democrats receive suspicious packages after impeachment vote

Spooky Squirrel

Aha. FL law prevents forfeiture of primary residence.

Scientists Find Large Arctic Ocean Area "Boiling With Methane Bubbles"

Stress shopper

Democrats launch redistricting blitz with offensive to dominate Virginia

So when do you think Trump will shutdown the government?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! October Surprise!

Need a ride to Moscow

Trump Declares Himself a Resident of Florida

Terry McAuliffe stepped up when Va. Dems looked doomed. They bounced back, but he's not quitting.

I'm just gonna award the rest of this week's Internet to Andrew Cuomo...

Listen to this love song.

Adam Schiff coming up on Rachel n/t

Mediaite: Tucker Carlson Gets Very Weird on Schiff Over Impeachment: He's Written It In 'Steamy, Unh

FWIW Virginia: "Races We're Watching on Election Night"

Halloween Report -- T or T Repeaters.

Trump District Democratic US House Members that voted for the impeachment inquiry.

E.P.A. to Roll Back Rules to Control Toxic Ash from Coal Plants

WAtching Rachel about Missouri and abortion

CA-25cd US House Special Election- Is Christy Smith-D an older version of Katie Hill? CILF?

To control abortion we should start monitoring the ejaculation frequency of conservative men.

I've Never Loved Maddow More

President congratulates Washington Nationals on their win

Every House Republican just ignored their oath of office

Measles Wipes Your Immune System's 'Memory,' So It Can't Fight Other Infections

Not a single carved pumpkin in the area - fire weather is much scarier than jack-o-lanterns!!

Lawyer for John Bolton says he'll testify if subpoenaed

Notre Dame delays plan to cover Columbus murals until 2022

So what will Missouri try to do about this?

Corgi Awoos When Eating Dinner

Man if you can turn back the clock tonight..

'Carmageddon': LA airport apologizes after Uber policy causes gridlock

WaPo : Meet the Democrat who may take the next Democratic president hostage

Bolsonaro's son criticized after call for Brazil crackdown

McConnell advised Trump to stop attacking Senate Republicans

Dr. Dean Baker: Elizabeth Warren forcing the correct question on Medicare for All.

SCROTUS is moving to Florida to become Floriduh-Man.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 1, 2019

'A Very Dangerous Game': In Latin America, Embattled Leaders Lean on Generals

Where does your candidate stand on what was done to Rep. Katie Hill?

Pet Sematary - The Ramones

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...on Halloween

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...on Halloween

Great day today!

Governor Cuomo's twitter response to news Trump has left NY for Florida as permanent residency:

NYT Editorial Board: The Mess at D.H.S.

NYT Editorial Board: The Mess at D.H.S.

2020 ME US Senate Election- How much will Collins-R wins ME-2cd by?

Arrival on the Bayou Teche at New Iberia

Ted Lieu on Trump's desire to read "the perfect transcript" in a "fireside chat on live TV"

I thought this song was noise when I 1st heard it

'A Very Dangerous Game': In Latin America, Embattled Leaders Lean on Generals

Do you have a favorite "lawyer" joke?

Dr. Dean Baker: Elizabeth Warren forcing the correct question on Medicare for All.

Forget election - #1 goal

Tampa Area Officials, Uh, Er, Um, Beginning To Grasp What Global Warming, Rising Seas Will Do

Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle are dressed up as witch hunt for Halloween

Donald had a choice: play it clean or play it the "Donald Trump Way".

New Study: Loss Of Undisturbed Tropical Forests Produces 6X The Carbon Emissions First Estimated

The Daily Show: TikTok Spying Fears, Updated "Alphabet Song" & A Case of Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Trump Wants to Read Ukraine Transcript to Nation

Wow it's raining so hard

The Daily Show - So Much News, So Little Time: International Protests Edition

So Cute!! Who Is The American Petroleum Institute Cherry-Picking For Their PR? Why, Barack Obama!!

RE the Statement from the WH Press Secretary ...

Seth Meyers - Trump Calls the Impeachment Inquiry a Witch Hunt Hoax - Monologue - 10/30/19

FYI Nancy Pelosi is on Colbert tonight

2020 US Senate Election- Worst case scenario for Democrats is a net gain of 2 seats.

halloween Win

Important topic: How I improve my digestion

Pompeo Says China Seeks World Domination

Hope all had a great Halloween!

Halloween was here.

Seth Meyers: Amy McGrath Shares Her Strategy for Unseating Sen. Mitch McConnell

Jam session time

cry baby Trump...

Oh crap. The moon turned smoke-red while we were passing out Halloween candy...

Seth Meyers - House Votes to Advance Impeachment Inquiry: A Closer Look

Suggestive Activism - If you would like to help!

7 total: 2 more guilty pleas entered in Reagor Dykes financial fraud

"I was gonna get all 😡 until I saw what he was actually doing 💙"

Heathrow security made Dame Mary BEARD strip down to her "scrappy undies"!1

"It's Pelosi!" People recognized my Halloween outfit.

Using Drones to Plant 20,000,000 Trees

Nancy Pelosi is on CBS (Colbert) now! nt

He is now OFFICIALLY a Florida Man

This ought be good?????

Judge chides DOJ for trying to block star Mueller witness testimony

Eyman says he will declare I-976 victory on Tuesday while voting is still underway

It's my belief that the GOP is hiding something big. This isn't just about Trump loyalty.

Freaking Mormon missionaries

LC-HRMS for Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Oligonucleotides

$620k Oakland loft with no windows

Gabbard was just on FOX/Tucker Carlson again trying to position herself as champion...

New Mascot Stirs Controversy At San Antonio College

If Mnuchin lowers cash requirements...? 💣

"The Lights of Albuquerque" - Jim Glaser

Pharmacy Owner Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Role in Largest Health Care Fraud Case Ever in

Justice Department changed hiring to promote restrictive immigration judges

Introducing Michael Leunig

Anderson Cooper to Steve Bannon: You know this is bull

N. C. teacher suspended for separating students in class by religion

Gainesville Physician And Ex-Wife Convicted Of Health Care Fraud Conspiracy, Health Care Fraud, And

Measles Wipes Out Immune System's Memory, Bigger Threat Than Thought; Study

Governor Lujan Grisham urges probe of Otero County Processing Center

Pope Francis' Prayer Intention November 2019 - Dialogue and Reconciliation

Trump wants to use loophole to install immigration hawk at DHS. Even Republicans say it's illegal

Judge Pushes Back On Trump Lawyers Trying To Block Possible Impeachment Witnesses

Texas family says police dislocated black teen's shoulder in rough arrest

Gwen Ifill's last tweet. She died November 14, 2016.

Here's why the Orange Blunder is leaving NY for FL - fleeing crime infested city

Sources: US Withholding $105 Million in Security Aid for Lebanon

November Photo contest info-Update

Humor IS Outreach

F-16 crashes near Holloman, pilot safe

Can't sleep and I have to babysit four grandkids aged 4 and younger today.

'It Happens Over and Over and Over and Over': Keystone Pipeline Leaks 383,000 Gallons of Oil

Never subscribe to anything from InvestorPlace. Never. It is a Porter Stansberry operation

Greta Thunberg joins LA protest of oil drilling

Feds Clear Path for Farmers to Begin Growing Hemp

Ivanka tries to use a Jefferson quote to defend Trump and accidentally makes him look guilty

Louisiana couple sentenced for abusing caged autistic woman

Actor James Cromwell Arrested At Texas A&M Regents Protest

New Mexico's health insurance exchange costs stay about same

Radicalization of Bolsonaro's Ideological Wing Alarms Military

Pelosi on Colbert: "You also have to be prepared to throw a punch... for the children. :)"

CA-25: Alex Padilla says he's not running for Katie Hill's Congressional seat

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/31/19

Plea, sentencing set for killing endangered whooping crane

Mining the Resistance -- Pecos residents expand the reach of opposition to new mining activity

Stephen Colbert - Guest: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The ice used to protect them. Now their island is crumbling into the sea.

Texas Democrats in the U.S. House split on presidential nominee

Conservatives Outraged Over Dem Dressing Up As 'Batman' On Halloween

Chile climate pullout prompts tears from young activists sailing Atlantic

Flesh-eating ulcer spreads to new regions, prompting Victoria health alert

Our Belief in The 'Devil' Evolved as a Way to Avoid Sickness, Says Study

2020 Olympics: Tokyo accepts 'painful' decision to move marathon to Sapporo

Republican stunt backfires when Capitol Police are called to investigate their 'suspicious' package

Archaeologists Uncover 17th-Century Mexican Tunnel Decorated With Mysterious Aztec Carvings

Archaeologists Uncover 17th-Century Mexican Tunnel Decorated With Mysterious Aztec Carvings

Flint flake tool partially covered by birch tar adds to evidence of Neanderthal complex thinking

Ancient Greece just got tens of thousands of years more ancient

So Manafort, chair of Trump campaign, was in Ukraine

Neanderthals were master fire-starters, cave chemistry suggests

UT's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity shut down following hazing allegations

Brazil wildfires: Blaze advances across Pantanal wetlands

New scientific evidence proves Naxos was inhabited 200,000 years ago

UK Parties: The Brexit Party and UKIP

Plea, sentencing set for killing endangered whooping crane

Keystone Pipeline leaks 383,000 gallons of oil in second big spill in two years

The ice used to protect them. Now their island is crumbling into the sea.

The Con is really worried that New York will discover his financial Con

Gonna say I doubt he even knows what GDP is...

Breakfast Friday 1 November 2019

It was a good pick for Trump.

Hillary tells a ghost story lol

Sanders discusses impeachment in NBC5 interview

Sanders discusses 2020 primary polling in NBC5 interview

Claims No 10 'sitting on' Russian interference report

Maids For Sale: How Silicon Valley Enables Online Slave Markets

Trump says Johnson's Brexit could rule out US trade deal

Maybe it is inevitable that our democracy is going through such a crisis. After all we are the...

Elizabeth Warren did not have a plan for this

Indonesian man flogged after breaking adultery law he helped draw up

How white supremacists around the world are being connected

I've changed back to undecided

Warren Leads Tight Iowa Race as Biden Fades, Poll Finds (Wa 22, Sa 19, Bu 18, Bi 17)

If there are GOP Senators searching for the best way to explain a vote to convict,

Farage says Brexit party will contest every seat in Britain if Tories do not agree to pact

In September, There Were 19,925 Fires In The Brazilian Amazon, And Plenty More Where Those Came From

PG&E Politely Asks Frustrated Customers to Stop Shooting at Its Employees

Friday TOONs - Over A Barrel

Fruman and Parnas pursued medical pot license in FL. What does it say about industry?

The Rundown: October 31, 2019

Pick Of The Week: "Fantastic Four: Grand Design" #1

The origin of Superheroes: Wonder Wart-Hog

IMPEACHMENT VOTE: Case against Trump to go public

Tucker Carlson Gets Really Strange: Schiff Wrote 'Steamy' Impeachment Letters 'With His Own Body Flu

Measles Virus May Wipe Out Immune Protection For Other Diseases

Is it to early to sing this?

New FindTreatment.Gov Site Aims to Combat Spiraling Addiction

Kevin McCarthy Thinks That GOP Should Talk About Climate, Maybe Introduce Some "Free Market" Bills

How about the "Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Protection Act"?

Impeachment Strategy

Congressional and Senatorial LAWYERS

Hundreds of Koalas Feared Dead in Australian Wildfires

SC Poll (Change Research, C+): Biden 30, Warren 19, Sanders 13

Federal Judge Upends Plan To Expand Gillnet Fishing In Middle Of Endangered Right Whale Habitat

A great day for New York

7th graders make tampon cookies for principal after he refused to put tampons in the bathrooms

Where are the leaks? Hhhhhmmmm

Planned Parenthood's Chief Doctor Testifies Abortions At St. Louis Clinic Are Safe

EPA Says Workers Are Done Cleaning Up Carter Carburetor Superfund Site In St. Louis

St. Louis MLS Stadium Plan Has Expanded, Team Owners To Buy 30 Acres

Belleville's Old Homes Are Attracting New Residents: Here's Who's Moving In And Why

Lead Consultant To Airport Privatization Group Responds To Criticism Of Lambert Documentary

On Chess: Grand Chess Tour Resumes In Romania Event

America once led anti-corruption fight. Now self-dealing Trump is kleptocrats' role model.

U.S. economy added 128,000 jobs in October as GM strike displaced workers; jobless rate ticks up

CNN: Five men acquitted of rape because unconscious teenage victim didn't fight back

Toyota: MPG Falling, Emissions Rising, Sided W. Shitstain, But They're "Passionate" Re. Environment

"White House press briefing now takes place on Fox News

No Mondale moment: Elizabeth Warren releases her plan to finance 'Medicare for All'

Farm Bureau - Farm Bankruptcies Up 24% In 12 Months Ending September 2019 - Worst Since 2011

Ring wing radio was openly discussing whistler blowers name

Trump comforts himself with anti-impeachment encouragement from Levin, Zeldin, Hannity, & Limbaugh


Elizabeth Warren proposes new taxes to fund Medicare-for-all but says middle class would be spared

Chick-fil-A sent an email promoting National Sandwich Day on Sunday. Did they forget they're closed

Elizabeth Warren: Medicare for All Funding Plan released today

Trump now says he wants to read it (the Zelinsky memo) in a "fireside chat" on TV

Did trump really think he could bamboozle everyone and take over our government?

101 Years Ago Today; The Malbone Street rapid transit wreck in Brooklyn kills 93

NM reading, math scores below national average

Trump tweets a teaser for the next Apprentice episode: "ISIS has a new leader. We know exactly who!"

It's waiting for you...

Dump moving his primary residence from New York

Iowa! Liberty-Jackson dinner tonight (Nov 1) on C-SPAN 7:30 PM ET

Farage to Johnson: join forces or Brexit party will contest every seat

Bernie Sanders on Weed, AOC & Cardi B - Extended Interview - DESUS & MERO

Bernie Sanders on Weed, AOC & Cardi B - Extended Interview - DESUS & MERO

Kevin McCarthy is implicated in the scandal he doesn't want investigated

Check this out - it's a video that shows political corruption in our state Senate (NC) happening...

Post/ABC poll Trump's approval among Repugs: July it was 87%, now 74%, 18% for impeach/remove

Americans split on impeachment

Trump is moving his residency to Florida, RIGHT?

My First Real Laugh For the Day.

4 killed in mass shooting at Halloween party in Northern California

7-year-old in bumblebee costume shot while trick-or-treating

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman... Fighting for your rights. And the old Red, White and Blue.

The Phrase 'CIA-Backed Paramilitaries' Ought to Set the Alarm Bells Ringing

Lawyers for officer awarded nearly $20 million offered to settle case in April for $850,000

Tulsa Offered to Pay People to Move. The Program Got 10,000 Applicants

Trump Off Rails in Misspelled Impeachment Rant

Chinese film star Yunxiang Gao, laughed and slapped a woman as a film producer raped her

BREAKING: Twitter Banning ALL Political Ads, Period

538's take on the Disparity between polls like CNN/SSRS and Quinnipiac.

Trump is reweeting the funny tweet ever!

WBUR: 'I Think We're Gonna Win This Thing': Sen. Bernie Sanders On 2020 Campaign

October's ISM manufacturing index is 48.3, a worse-than-expected contraction

A Soviet style impeachment scalise

Republicans convene the cult of Trump

Thank you to PplsAction, RightsNH, NHYouthMovement for your insightful and moving forum in Claremont

Trump claimed the SUMMARY transcript was exact, making a strong case for a subpoena of the entire.

Most admired man - 11 straight years!

I just found a fascinating, disturbing, important read: Handoook of Russian Information Warfare

Google will acquire Fitbit in $2.1 billion deal and direct challenge to Apple

Wanna really piss off a Trump Humper?

Katie Hill vs Duncan Hunter

Trump abandons proposing ideas to curb gun violence after saying he would following mass shootings

Something to ponder?

Condolences page in local newspaper for former Sen Kay Hagan.

Federal Circuit Says Patent Trial and Appeal Board Judges Are Not Constitutionally Appointed

Queer Eye: We're In Japan! - Official Trailer - Netflix

OK, this is weird. Capital One & BoA is down, and so is my bank...

Aww- Cute couple holding hands

Almost 800,000 customers are left without power from Maine to Virginia

...drenched in blood inside a totaled car. She was fine -- just dressed up as Carrie

Think you're anonymous online? A third of popular websites are 'fingerprinting' you.

It's coming...are you prepared?

Eh, maybe the Constitution is not that big deal after all...

Prancing deer at the beach - So,so happy

The impeachment process is not about undoing the results of 2016.

Twitter challenge: Caption This

List of votes?

I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb

Trigger Warning

Michele Bachmann: Trump has 'greater moral clarity' than any other president in history

Beto O'Rourke On Trump's/McConnell's Predictable Cave to the NRA on Gun Reform

Fess up, many of you are replicants...?

GOP Rep. Don Young *HEADBUTTS* the camera rather than answer a question about Trump asking for...

4 yo Boy Halloween Costume Mayor Lori Lightfoot "Nailed It" Lightfoot Says:

New #FactChecker -- The Trump brothers' claims that they no longer profit from foreign deals

Minnesota Republican Party leaves Trump challengers off presidential primary ballot

Swing Left: Help turn out Virginia voters this weekend

NASA: Anybody born after October 30th, 2000 has never known a day without a human presence in space

When your actions require an atrocity key and multiple volumes

Democrats file lawsuit to stop "heinous assault" on voting rights in Texas

DNC Announces New General Election Unity Program

Chris Lu: "Instead of relying on BLS data, the president is making up his own numbers"

The health care delivery systems is a mess because of Richard Nixon.

US judge not blocking multistep Mississippi election system

If the Court rules that Don McGahn has to obey Congressional subpoena?

Ghouliani bricks his iPhone - Not the Onion


I trust Reich -

WhatsApp is Full of Spies--and Trump Officials. What Could Go Wrong?

Russian Intelligence Targeted Virginia Election Sites in 2016

Ministry - Everyday

Chief judge of Fed. Dist. Court for the Central District of California writes letter: fill vacancies

Heart-wrenching video shows Bernie Sanders touring Detroit

As Trump moves to bully witnesses and derail impeachment, Democrats see obstruction

Before James & Bobby, Ike & Tina, and Jake & Elwood there was The Du-Tones. 💃🏻🕺🏼

Videos show indicted Giuliani associate standing behind Trump at 2018 rally

Is "senior moment" now politically incorrect?

Has anyone else here experienced sudden recent dramatic increases in blood pressure?

Just in: GOP senator requests Obama, Clinton emails

The "political" argument for impeachment.


Hi I ask for your good wishes

Here is the source of the Jefferson quote that Ivanka tweeted.

Tonight over 1,000 working people will march with @BernieSanders to demand an end to corporate greed

Tonight over 1,000 working people will march with Bernie Sanders to demand an end to corporate greed

What if the media told the American people every day

Ryan Lizza: Immigration reform, which was never able to pass, is prerequisite for EW to pass MFA.

Steffi DUI Grisham, who's paid to hold press briefings. says she'll get around to it, maybe

If you're into Great Lakes history

That's all, Folks! I'm outta here

The Queen of England Owns a Horse Named 'No Trumps,' And it Just Won a Race

I don't get it, if impeachment is soooo horrible according to Republicans...

Trump Revokes Executive Order 13495

It's the year 2019. Do you realize HOW FUTURISTIC we already are?

Let's recognize a basic fact: It is all about owning/hating liberals

Biden's health care plan, effective today.

Trump is Pissed about Twitter Banning Political Ads?

NC Senate repugs being dirtballs...

A-hole LIMBAUGH just put the Whistleblower's name out there!1

Doggie taste test:

Once we abandon truth there is nothing left of democracy...

The Progressive US City Building Self Sufficiency & Preparing For Capitalism's Collapse

I'd like to thank the Arizona Cardinals ...

On this day, November 1, 1894: Buffalo Bill, 15 Indians, and Annie Oakley were filmed by Edison

Dramatic decline in SPD use of force since consent decree

Sheriff: Don't privately search for missing North Cascades hiker

Hi, I'm the real AmyStrange

A fleeting and very far-fetched, if still disturbing, thought--Vice President Ivanka?

'Good riddance': New York governor cheers Trump changing residency to Florida

Very impactful presentation on immigration and border issue

Pelosi Expects Public Impeachment Hearings to Begin This Month

Trump admin to allow adoption agencies to refuse placement in LGBT homes

Why Trump's kids are probably celebrating his move to Florida

Persist Ladies, persist.

A Bill Kristol tweet that you might find encouraging, after yesterday's House vote.

A border chase shows role U.S. citizens play in immigration smuggling

America, it's Time to Use Our Constitutional Lemon Law

I have a gut feeling....

The facts are only going to get worse for Trump

Verdict- Go Big, Democrats: Attempts to Rig Elections Are Not the Only Impeachable Offenses

Kids today think they're so clever, with their so-called "breakdancing." Why, when I was their age:

We're Checking In On All Those 2020 Senate Races. A Few GOP Incumbents Look Vulnerable.

Schools to bar hundreds of unvaccinated students from class

Trump's Ukraine involvement goes beyond a phone call

Racism not disappearing with older generations

I've been away from the Religion Group for a while.

Cartoons 11/1/19

Cuomo to Chump, paraphrasing: don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out of New York!

With Detailed Pay-For Plan, Warren Touts Medicare for All as 'Bigger Than the Biggest Tax Cut' in US

Decades of arms control work being destroyed. Every decision Trump takes seems to empower Russia

So, in some places, records are kept of menstrual cycles to better

Fla. guard linked to near-fatal beating was promoted despite long string of alleged abuses

alright, here it goes

FL prison guard accused in near-fatal beating of female inmate had long history of abuse complaints

It's showtime! Tune in now!

Laura Bassett "we have to address the fact that the two parties play by different sets of rules"

What happens in our mouth when we speak (MRI)

Dump's "Fireside Chat" reading the transcript

Writer's block and situational hypnosis are both real


Nothing More-Fade In/Fade Out

It's not Trump vs. the Democrats

Technically, wouldn't it be a warlock hunt?

Trump expected to go to UFC match in NYC Saturday night, CNN has confirmed.

The fabled Democratic dinner that makes history

If It's Friday, It Means Jane Fonda And Her Red Coat Got Arrested Again

Virginia Republican staffers preparing to leave legislature.

I could be wrong, but IMO with her MFA financing plan plus the agreement that 2 million jobs

So it is the Dems fault?

I just ran an errand across the street from the clinic.

ARTICLE GOP Tax Scam 2.0': Warnings as Trump pushes another round of tax cuts

Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders 'Has Absolutely Infuriated The Liberal Establishment'

Pelosi: Impeachment may expand beyond Ukraine.

New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding

The GOP defense of Trump is getting more corrupt. Here's what's next

What Warren and Sanders Get Wrong About FDR

Middle Schooler's Invention Seeks to Correct Blind Spots; Wins $25,000 Top Award

Testimony: White House lawyer told Vindman not to discuss Ukraine call

You raised $145.33 on October 31, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Breaking - Testimony: White House lawyer (Eisenberg) told Vindman not to discuss Ukraine call

THUNDER PANDA. By Transpanda.

Scary Halloween Costume!

Politico: Trump's 'blowout' jobs number looks like fuzzy math

This extra-large pittie was so GENTLE was he was finally rescued 💙

Why I think the orange blowhard changed residency to FL

When this guy heard about a horse in trouble, he got right in his car ❤️

What to do with nude or explicit photos when a relationship ends?

TikTok Said to Be Under National Security Review

Warren supporter Paul Krugman: Warren's MFA plan is "serious" but probably won't happen

Chick-fil-A apologizes for email advertising National Sandwich Day -- which is on Sunday

Let's Have A Fireside Chat

Jane Fonda Arrested At Climate Change Rally In Washington, DC

Narrow Path to Majority Emerges for Senate Democrats

This kid made my Halloween

Trump taps 'God Bless the USA' singer Lee Greenwood for Kennedy Center board

Have Senate Repugs already recused themselves?

Nancy Pelosi: 'I'm Not a Big Fan of Medicare For All'

Obama to address top Democratic donors in Washington

Seriously, Donny, there's more to life than the 2nd amendment.

Silly question about nuisance calls.

Bill Kristol: Anti-Trump Republicans keeping their powder dry...

Republicans refuse to say if Trump's Ukraine actions were appropriate

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts: 11-01-2019

My wife is pissed at me for ruining her birthday. I'm not sure what I did. Hell I didn't even

RWW: Brenden Dilley: 'You Better Start Developing a Stomach for Death'

New York City To Break 'Car Culture' And Build 250 More Bike Lanes

Struggling Republicans Think ANOTHER Tax Cut Will Save Their Jobs In 2020

Prognosticator Pete says the race will come down to him and Warren

John Bercow gets into spectacular row with MP on his final day as Speaker of the House (OrdAH!)

Will the Biden Super PAC be taking dark money from Big Pharma, Big Insurance?

McConnell can pull another 'Merrick Garland' and refuse to try the impeachment of Trump.

This woman now works for us:


Anthony Hill's killer got 20 years. 12 prison, 8 on probation...

Man arrested for allegedly handing out razor blades with Halloween candy

Bennet slams Warren's Medicare for All plan: 'This isn't going to happen'

Saw a sign in the mall parking lot that read "Watch For Children". Seemed like a good

Recognizing the Armenian Genocide.... "Present" - Sack cartoon

Since 2011, I opposed the KeystoneXL pipeline.

Four killed in mass shooting at Halloween party in California

13 people have testified that trump solicited Ukraine to interfere in the US elections

BREAKING: Trump will allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination in all grants from

Dog sworn into Illinois state's attorney's office to provide support for sexual assault victims

GOP senator caught in Ukraine scandal wants to focus on Obama and Hillary emails

Climate change will break the housing market, says David Burt, who predicted the 2008 financial cris

Beto O'Rourke plans Iowa push as deadline to qualify for next debate nears

Beto O'Rourke plans Iowa push as deadline to qualify for next debate nears

MEANWHILE, in Suburban Atlanta...

"Matter and energy had ended and with it, space and time.

Warren Derides Biden as Running in 'Wrong Presidential Primary'

Woman Puts Camera On Bird Feeder To See Who Comes To Visit

My Hospital Was Bombed by Putin and Assad. Why Won't America Hear Our Cries?

I saw something very strange today - Leaf Rivers

Is Trump moving to Florida for the Homestead Exemption ?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 1, 2019

How did a poor jobs report of 128000 and an uptick

GOP congressman claims impeachment inquiry will lead to dictatorship and war

Trump is Changing His Residence To Florida For The Same Reason O.J. Simpson Did.

Trump: "I love New York...our wonerful City!"

HARRIET, The Story of American Icon Harriet Tubman Opens Today

🔥 End Corporate Greed Rally in Des Moines

Matthew Dowd on Matt Gaetz

Beto O'Rourke just announced he's dropping out

NYT says Beto is ending his campaign

Beto is out.

Narcissistic behavior does NOT apologize, that would be admitting 'I did something wrong'

Math experts needed. How can 85% of Democrats

Col. Sanders Halloween, suburban, South Orange, N.J.

Why do conservative Christians even need regulations to stop adoptions by LGBT families?

Why would anyone think that the Ukraine is the only country getting a shakedown?

White House official who heard Trump's call with Ukraine testified that he was told to keep quiet

Eisenberg was hired by General Flynn and worked for Don McGahn in the White House.


U.S. media made Trump and destroyed Beto, quite a track record

Beto O'Rourke drops presidential bid

Ari don't let this ReTHUG idiot take over your program

O'Rourke ends presidential bid

Trump math: Here's how the president arrived at a '303,000' jobs number when the government reported

This Is Fantastic!

Pete Buttigieg Isn't Going Anywhere

I'm saddened over the end of Beto O'Rourke's campaign.

Malaise, have you had a look at Climate Central's website?

Brace yourselves...

Warren has a Medicare for All calculator at her site.

Dem candidates thank Beto

Will Beto run for the US Senate in 2020?

2019 map of California wildfire locations

Biden reaps $5.3M online donation surge amid Trump attacks

Speaker Nancy Pelosi....

About That Trumped-Up Economy

They say part of Trump's appeal to his base is his big-man macho act.

Another WWII mystery - Eleanor Bradley Harris

Biden falls to 4th place in Iowa as support among voters under 45 drops to 2%

Trump tweet, 8 minutes ago..."You can't Impeach someone who hasn't done anything wrong!"

The Rude Pundit: Halloween Horror: We're Fucked When It Comes to Climate Change

Alt-Right Racism on the Campus where I work

Harry Dunn death: police submit file to CPS after interviewing Anne Sacoolas

Harry Dunn death: police submit file to CPS after interviewing Anne Sacoolas

Livestream: Liberty and Justice Celebration - Des Moines, Iowa (+ C-Span link)

'Fear factor is broken': protesters demand removal of Iraqi government

'Fear factor is broken': protesters demand removal of Iraqi government

MAGA Halloween.

US effort to curb fentanyl behind brief arrest of El Chapo's son, says minister

US effort to curb fentanyl behind brief arrest of El Chapo's son, says minister

How much do the talking head guest panelists make per spot?

Man who advocated caning for adultery gets caned for adultery

Trump-Russia dossier author gave evidence to UK intrusion inquiry

Trump-Russia dossier author gave evidence to UK intrusion inquiry

Biden reaps $5.3M online donation surge amid Trump attacks

Rachel Maddow coming up on Hardball.

There's Something Strange Going On Inside Neptune

WhatsApp 'hack' is serious rights violation, say alleged victims

More than misconduct...misconduct is new reps description of the Big Con...

I published my Christmas story on Kindle last week.

As the weather turns cold, Kitsap volunteers gear up for emergency homeless shelters

FWIW, John Eisenberg subpoenaed, as well as Rick Perry chief of staff Brian McCormack

Trump says Homeland Security official Chad Wolf will be new acting DHS secretary

Kamala Harris cuts entire New Hampshire field team

Stephanie Grisham says Trump was serious about fireside chat to read Ukraine call

Headsup for Jeopardy Regulars

Brazil says Greek ship carrying Venezuelan oil tarred its beaches

Brazil says Greek ship carrying Venezuelan oil tarred its beaches

NC GOPer Says The Quiet Part Out Loud: Down With Integrity, Yay Corruption

🐦 NOV 8 at 6PM - Rally with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Council Bluffs

Growing number of GOP senators consider acknowledging Trump's quid pro quo on Ukraine

Warren hits back at Biden, suggests he's "running in the wrong presidential primary"

🐦 NOV 9 at 12PM - Climate Crisis Summit with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

These fuckers, as in the parents, are what we are up against....

🐦 NOV 9 at 6:30PM - Rally with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Coralville

Garth Brooks Got Called Out by Jimmy Carter for Taking Break During Habitat for Humanity Build

Greta Thunberg Wouldn't Meet With Trump If Asked

Bennet: If every Dem who disagrees with your plan is now a "Republican," you're only serving Trump

Today in Obama Scandal History: Date Night The Daily Show

Franklin Graham asks public to pray for Trump over impeachment probe

will we ever see algae oil/gas?