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Archives: November 14, 2019

New Capitol Weekly (NR) CA Poll EW 27 (-9) BS 21 (+5) JB 18 (-3) PB 14 (+8) KH 6 (-2)

Congress can seek eight years of Trump's tax records, appeals court rules

When is the last time you shined a pair of shoes?

Mr. Welch sums it up, then and now.

Drinking game for the Proceedings ;)

***BREAKING*** Congress can seek eight years of Trump's tax records, appeals court rules

Sanders introduces legislation to tax excessive CEO pay

Is it pronounced YOU kraine or u KRAINE?

Federal deficit hits $134 billion in one month

Roger Stone trial closings arguments were today - jury deliberations start on Thursday 11/14

Mayor Pete Buttigieg 3 minute interview on TMZ just now (11/13)

Wild dolphin befriends every person and dog he sees 🐬💙

He's done (drumpf).

This dog's HAIR 🤩

The DU has now raised OVER $50,000 to defeat Trump in 2020

Congress can seek 8yrs of Trump's tax records..

This guy found a starving dog on a beach and knew what he had to do 💙

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

Tweety's opening his show with clips of Jordan, Nunes and Ratcliffe.

Good news - Once thought extinct, now verified still here


New Brit drama/sitcom I just found.

Castro Won't Qualify for Next Debate

The Democrats may surprise us on impeachment

Nonedecision 2020: Four Decades of the None Vote

Keith Boykin's tweet Summary of today's impeachment hearing is spot on....

The Answer To An Age Old Question

Bill Taylor's Bombshell Testimony Draws Direct Line To Trump

Love Me -- Yvonne Elliman -vs- Martine McCutcheon

Politico: Why Bernie's heart attack was good for him

Adam Schiff's Opening Statement 11/13/19

Lawsuit could purge 234,000 names from Wisconsin voter rolls

Asha Rangappa: "This is also why "just leave it to the voters" is not an adequate remedy..."

Trump Has a Terrifying New Plan to Poison the Air, Water, Humans

Connie Schultz (Sherrod Brown's wife) on Elizabeth Warren

Pierce: Republicans Barely Questioned the Witnesses. They Went for Delay Tactics, Half-Truths, and U

Jimmy Carter 'up and walking' after hospitalization, pastor says

William Taylor's damning impeachment story

Pittsburgh to Cleveland in 9 minutes: Presentation on Hyperloop held in Pittsburgh

If Trump Were Anyone Else ...

MultiCare Auburn Medical Center warns of possible tuberculosis exposure

fossil and living wood tissue printed on beautiful scarves

DC Bars Open Early for Impeachment Hearings w-Happy Hour Specials Who's ready for a Subpoena Colada?

HONG KONG DEMOCRACY is under attack.

The Bolivian Coup Comes Down to One Precious Mineral

Trump says he's not watching impeachment hearing -- then critiques it

GOP Hopes Senate Trial Scrambles Democratic Primaries

Italian ship attacked by pirates in Mexico, two crew hurt

5 takeaways from Bill Taylor's and George Kent's impeachment testimony

George Kent blew my mind today, in a REALLY good way

Deval Patrick Tells Allies He'll Run for President

Things We Learned from the First Public Impeachment Hearing

Bernie Sanders: Tax excessive CEO pay

Post-election, new battles loom over Eyman's car-tab measure

Remember this? After today's show, I had to dig this up :)

Lets leave it to the voters.

Brent Budowsky: A Biden-Michelle Obama ticket in 2020?

Sanders introduces legislation to tax excessive CEO pay

So do you say Chicken Keev or Chicken Kee-Yev?

Can you figure it out? Thurston woke my 2 girls right up

"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,"

🐦 NOV 17 at 4:30PM - Las Vegas Immigration Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

Five Polling Results That May Change the Way You Think About Electability

(Jewish Group) Your sympathy isn't enough to stop anti-Semitism

This is so much worse than Nixon! Nixon was dirty politics. Trump is treason!!!

Duque puts campaign financier in charge of Colombia's foreign policy

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

What difference does it make if ambassador Taylor met Trump?

DAN RATHER: Republicans want people to become numb to what they already know is true

Who will have tofurkey, or a similar product, for Thanksgiving?

MADDOW-Needlepoint this: "You can't promote anti-corruption without pissing off corrupt people"

"You can't promote principled anti-corruption action..."

Gary Clark Jr., Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl

Frustrated with Congress' limited ability to hold people accountable.

BURN: Jim Jordan Gets Completely Owned By Peter Welch In Epic Clapback

My one-day review of Disney+

I wish some reporter would ask "Mf45 if you are not guilty why will you not defend yourself

David Holmes received award from State Dept for speaking up in 2014 against Obama Admin

Big Business is Overcharging You

Hahaha ... cover story of new LA mag

Republicans Barely Questioned the Witnesses. They Went for Delay Tactics, Half-Truths......

LOL! Faux News calls Biden's superb CNN Town Hall "Disatrous"

Mulvaney decided to block benefits for over 80,000 veterans exposed to Agent Orange

Militias in Bolivia Are Burning the Indigenous Flag in Public Plazas

could use some help shooting down scott adams.

So the man who denied he colluded with a foreign country to get dirt on a political opponent

Republicans discuss a longer Senate impeachment trial to scramble Democratic primaries

Javelins for parade? Nick Schifrin on PBS NewsHour

Democrats now outnumber Republicans on Long Island

Nixon WH Lawyer John Dean: First Day of Trump Hearings Yielded More Damning Testimony Than All of Wa

Why won't Trump defend himself, his honor, and his Presidendcy by confronting the

How America Ends

Buttigieg, Biden Blast Gaza Rocket Attacks: 'Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself

Cenk Uygur of 'The Young Turks' Files to Run for Congresswoman Katie Hill's Seat...

The anti-Semitic conspiracy theory underlining all this hasn't gotten enough attention.

My wife and I have strated binge watching "The Wire" on Amazon Prime

Sonic the Hedgehog's redesign just saved its new trailer

Question - does anyone have any access/experience with this resource?

"The Last Picture Show"

WH Reportedly Flooded House GOP With Dozens of Talking Point Emails During Hearings and One Fumed: '

Two new citizens today.

Trump aides retaliated against State staffer of Iranian descent, probe finds

The Daily Show: Trump Impeachment Hearings - Day One

So if there is an impeachment trial in the Senate,

The Daily Show: Julian Castro - A Bold and Fearless Presidential Campaign Against Trump in 2020

Twitter has a field day with Jim Jordan's craven behavior at impeachment hearing

The Check In: Trump's Unqualified Federal Judge Appointments

Seth Meyers - Sean Spicer Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars - Monologue - 11/12/19

Please rate my attractiveness on a scale from 1 to 10.

how long did today last? Please tell me from MSNBC shows as that is what I recorded Also is tomorro

Read Kent's Transcript: Debunks Fox CT Hoax

Floof Lion and Crunchy Treat Time, animal twitter

Does DT even HAVE a secure phone to use? All evening I've been hearig about Sutherland calling the

Givers need to set the limits because takers never do.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump to Release MORE IMPORTANT Ukraine Transcript

George Conway: I'm 'Horrified' And 'Appalled' That The GOP Has Come to This MSNBC

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Trump's Unqualified Federal Judge Appointments

UBC/U Chicago Study: Homes The Sea Will Swamp By 2100 Sold For More In Denier-Heavy Neighborhoods

I haven't seen anyone on MSNBC comment on this *excellent* snark from the hearings today:

Seth Meyers: Steve Kornacki Points Out the Similarities Between Clinton's Impeachment and Trump's

Would someone please explain to me the details behind the comparison I have heard mentioned between

Plurality of voters in battleground states want Trump impeached and removed.

That's it.....I've seen 4 Christmas trees up in peoples homes!!!!!!

The fact that Trump's defenders can't explain away.

Samantha Bee: Trump's Impeachment Hearings Aren't Going Well ... If You Are Trump.

Republicans best defense...'I don't recall'

Tweet of the night:

Manmade Reed Islands of Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia:

Seth Meyers - House Holds First Public Impeachment Hearing into Trump: A Closer Look

So Zelensky Knew the Deal On July 26th!

WOW! It's a good thing Trump "doesn't read" the NYT!

Clashes rock Bolivia as new interim leader challenged

Giuliani and "two star witnesses"

Nepotism is best qualifier for the Con administration...

Clashes rock Bolivia as new interim leader challenged

Republicans newest defense...'Everyone has their own truth'

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo congratulates Bolivia's interim president

Meanwhile, Roger Stone lied to cover the Con...

New TV ad from Pete Buttigieg!

The Republicans have all their cards laid out on the table.

Teamwork, set, fakeout, kill shot

BBC World News: "The Turkish offensive in Syria has caused irreparable damage."

"No You Guys, THIS US-Backed Coup Is Perfectly Legitimate!"

Expect to find CIA behind Morales' ouster: When an Elected Government Falls in Latin America, Look f

This republican wants the Con to shoot someone before he will impeach...

Elizabeth Warren's new ad attacking billionaires

White House says happy that republicans calling the Con stupid..

This is what real men do to animals #TriggerDonaldTrumpJr

Owner of Local Technical Training School Pleads Guilty to Defrauding VA of $29M in Ed Benefits

After Trade Deal, Unhealthy Foods Flowed Into Central America, Dominican Republic

Perfect description of Jim Jordan

Music Depreciation: Melissa Manchester - Don't cry out loud

Secrets of the largest ape that ever lived

Former Navy Warehouse Manager Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $2.5M in Goods from the U.S. Navy

Fourteen Indicted in $6M Counterfeit iPhones Scheme; Biggest Fraud of its Kind in Southern District

Imma gonna post something I posted on FB tonight

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019: The winning image

Black panther: Rare animal caught on camera in Kenya

Former U.S. Army Range Director Pleads Guilty in Bribery Scheme

Spike Jones - Der Fuehrer's Face

Six Passaic County Residents Charged In $27 Million Money Laundering Conspiracy

BTW...Before Spike Jones there was...

Justice Department Reaches Settlement Agreement with Vibra Healthcare and El Paso Rehabilitation

Prince - Chelsea Rodgers was a model.

I can't be the only one brought to tears by Kent & Taylor's opening statements...

To every person, who didn't trust Hillary Clinton. FUCK YOU!

Prince - Dear Mr. Man (Live At Webster Hall - April 20, 2004)

Prince - Uptown (Official Music Video)

Make No Mistakes, Morales' Removal Is Directed Against Bolivia's Indigenous

Fossils of the oldest meat-eating dinosaur were just discovered in Brazil

Local Activist Challenging Jim Cooper in Primary

CHESS: The Deal ( No Deal)

Olivia Newton John Xanadu Original Version Remastered HD (1980)

My Dad was a tradesman

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980)

Impeachment Hearing Ties Trump More Directly To Ukraine Pressure - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ween Dr Rock

To Exonerate Trump, Republicans Embrace Russian Disinformation

Track Greta Thunberg online as she sails to Spain

The Ride

Anthrax - Got The Time (Official Music Video)

Prince - The Undertaker Pt. 4 1994

The 'Mess' Of Metro Finances Has Tennessee Comptroller Demanding Budget Fixes

Near Death Excitor - greyleonard

So, Tennessee Has $1B In Unspent Funds For Needy Families. What's Next?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/13/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Nicolle Wallace

November 14 - Happy Birthday Mayor Lyda Krewson (D) Saint Louis

Workers protest during Nashville public schools meeting, alleging wage theft by subcontractor

Prince - Remember from High School...

Bjork - Big Time Sensuality

"Stunning security breach": Sondland's cell phone call to 45 from Kiev restaurant

Here Is How Democrats Cheated Matt Bevin Out Of A Second Term

The Beatles - Fixing A Hole (Remastered 2009)

Beshear's Win Not Just Luck Or Teachers: Trump Could Fall In 2020

The great American tax haven: why the super-rich love South Dakota

Why The GOP Legislature Must Work With Beshear

Internet freedom is declining around the world--and social media is to blame

Teachers to be grand marshals of inaugural parade

Breakfast Thursday 14 November 2019

Labor Day shooting victim, alleged shooter and park renter all current or former KSU students,


Democrats handled the impeachment hearing like pros. Republicans, less so

Growing demand for SUVs 'could negate electric car benefits'

Vote totals set to be double-checked in Kentucky gov's race

Complementary cancer therapies 'do more harm than good'

Group's claims of irregularities in Kentucky governor election quickly debunked

Sweden arrests man suspected of ties to Iran executions

Porn actress fights Trump request for settlement dollars

Billboard warns 'Moscow Mitch' McConnell: Impeach Trump or 'lose your job'

Cyndi Lauper-I Drove All Night

Kentucky plans to fight judge's order to release records on Braidy industries investors

Breaking: Deval Patrick is in. nt

NBC News Reduces 1st Day of Impeachment to lacking "pizzazz"

We are witness to the beginning of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges GOP after impeachment inquiry hearing

Rand Paul's former neighbor asks U.S. Supreme Court to review sentence reversal

Scoop: Erdogan upends Oval meeting to play anti-Kurd film on iPad

Can I say, just how proud I am of the Democrats in the hearing

Two people just got the plague in China -- yes, the Black Death plague

Deval Patrick Joins the 2020 Race: 'This Won't Be Easy, and It Shouldn't Be'

Finally! An American breakfast cereal that has a bit of added sugar. (Twinkie warning)

DOES ANYONE KNOW whether the 48" LED tubes (to replace fluorescent tubes) any good?

Deval Patrick campaign announcement video

What if

Gym Jordan - we have two people with first-person accounts at Ohio State that you knew.

Let's make some impeachment pie !

Remember when Ken Vogel of NYT said that there was lots of Ukraine related scandal to come out

A Trump Tax Break To Help The Poor Went To a Rich GOP Donor's Superyacht Marina

Medicare for All a Vote Loser in 2018 U.S. House Elections

Bolsonaro Opens Amazon To Sugarcane Cultivation; Sugar Industry Didn't Even Want This

49 Years Ago Today; Southern Airways Flight 932 crashes in WV. "We Are Marshall"

OMG!!! Did you see that? One of the witnesses drank water during testimony! WATER!!!!!!!!!

"Amazon Forest Burning" - Actually, Recently Leveled Amazon Forest Burning At Record Rate

Arpaio's enemy list (Trump reminds me of Arpaio as an Arizona resident)

Deval Patrick is impressive

IEA Projects No Global Emissions Peak Before 2040, And That's If All Nations Hit/Exceed Targets

Senate Republicans will go down with the ship and take the Republican party with them.

The Rundown: November 13, 2019

Adam Schiff Is Ready to Rumble

Art of the Week: Week of 11/13/2019

Trump Ag Secretary to Struggling Farmers: Get a Job!

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/13/2019

Tom Spurgeon, Comics Journalist, Dead at 51

Republicans Have No Defense for Trump


Latest impeachment developments: Trump weighs in on 'star' witnesses

"You can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing-off corrupt people."

Thursday's front page of the NYDailyNews

*NEW* Muhlenberg College (A+ Rated) Poll - PENNSYLVANIA - vs Trump: Biden +9, Warren +5, Sanders +5

The Facts Folks

Thursday TOONs 1 - That didn't take long

Thursday TOONs 2 - Ann Telnaes sketches the hearings

We all need to be this right now...

The Rude Pundit: Impeachment Hearings: Devin Nunes Leads the GOP Shit Spewers

Exclusive: Trump DC hotel sales pitch boasts of millions to be made from foreign governments

When is the next hearing?

"Why Giuliani?": The question that ought to end all debate on Trump's malfeasance

Trump proposed sending migrants to Guantnamo, claims book by anonymous author

The GOP is not giving lip service to right wing crazies

"We have a lot of good candidates-I'm just not sure any of them is perfect."

Kellyanne Conway looks like she didn't sleep in two days.

Fox's prime time stars are telling Trump that the impeachment hearings are a 'disaster' for Democrat

Why the obsession with Hunter Biden?

Team Warren to Cooperman: You go, Leon

Donald Trump, Jr bought his way to the top of the bestseller's list. This symbol means purchases wer

Chris Wallace: Taylor testimony 'very damaging to President Trump'

Definition of "Bribery" - "Offering a bribe"

Presidential Dignity: That thing spotted with toilet paper on shoe...again 😂

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Unveil $172 Billion 'Green New Deal For Public Housing'

Which of the following wrestling jargon best describe Gym Jordan being Welshed yesterday?

Pic Of The Moment: Panic In The White House Over Impeachment

When your job is to observe and report, it's NOT hearsay!

Trump reveals the moment he thinks went best for him in impeachment's first day

AZ GOP US Rep. Pushing "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" On Twitter

I've begun thinking of a certain U.S. Representative as the "Whiny Weasel". Can you guess who?

New Andrew Yang ad for IA and NH

What a time to be alive!

Trump Turns On His Defenders

Easy student loan money inspired massive lavish college

That thing needs to tell his makeup artist to spray tan all the way to his hairline. 😂

"It's not as outlandish as it could be."

One of the defenses of Trump is -- literally -- a TV-sitcom joke

Washington Teacher Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Students, Police Say

The award for Best Impeachment Coverage goes to The New York Times -- here's why.

Rep Speier: Sondland is going to have to "pay" for his lack of candor and is on "thin ice."

Rep. Jim Himes Debunks GOP Talking Point

Trump wanted to use Zelinski to hurt Biden in a court of public opinion

Trump Supporters Admit They Made a Mistake

Fox Judge SHOCK: Trump Unfit to Be President

Deval Patrick vision statement

The Chicago Tribune has a cover page today...TRUTH MATTERS

A question about MFA I have never seen answered adequately

David Corn: Republicans Spent the First Day of Impeachment Hearings in an Alternate Reality

Joe Biden's Infrastructure plan is great

Time to Start Calling Bill Barr "Prosecutor General"

To Solve Multiple Crises at Once, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Unveil 'Green New Deal for

How much of a Russian stooge is The Nation's Stephen F. Cohen?

Bishop Named by Pope to Investigate Abuse is Accused Himself

It has been ever thus...

Guy Who 'Doesn't Want Pets' Finally Gives In On His Wedding Day

Jon Meacham nails the distinction between Republicans and yesterday's witnesses.

26.0% Biden's RCP Average at an all time low.

North Korea rebuffs U.S. offer of December talks

Latino Marine vet wrongfully held by ICE will get $190,000 from Grand Rapids

Democrats have done their oversight with ZERO COOPERATION from the White House or State Department.

Why Biden Plays Nice With Bernie--and Keeps Ripping Warren

Lindsey Graham just now blathering about hearsay.

Aaron Copland was born on this date.

The Era of Car-Clogged City Streets Is Over

Trump and President Erdogan's Remarks in Joint Press Conference; November 13, 2019

Shimon Prokupecz: Roger Stone Jury is now deliberating.

"You can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing off corrupt people"

Facebook fetes Kavanaugh

"I'm In Love With a Church Girl."

SNOW DAY: This foal was a little bit hesitant to take its first steps onto the snow

Dear Admins: Can Deval Patrick please be added as a candidate choice? (eom)

Synergy in cooking

'One in a million' deer captured on camera in Michigan woods

Cows swept out to sea by Hurricane Dorian are found months later - on the Outer Banks

"I Know Joe Biden: Rabbi Michael Beals"

Bernie Sanders backs Hawaiian Air flight attendants amid contract talks

Sanders Press Release: Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Announce The Green New Deal for Public Housing Act

Simple Homemade Chili Hot Oil Recipe

All of the witnesses that Devin Nunes wanted to

Rochester NY- GOP introduces legislation to limit powers of newly elected Democratic Executive

"Dinosaurs roamed the Earth on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy"

Latin/hip hop/etc band @ozomatli endorsed Sanders today

KRUGMAN: Trump really isn't on trial-What's really happening is a sort of trial of the GOP

The Republican party is the Party of Death, full of murderers

Parnas's pal Desantis, visiting my son's HS today.

BREAKING: The White House has no fucking clue who the president calls on unsecure cell phones.


#Brexit in a nutshell:

Gannett finalizes deal to become nation's largest newspaper publisher

Upstate New York proposal allows annoyance to lead to arrest

Who to believe, who to believe?

Bloomberg campaign acknowledges past 'disrespectful and wrong' comments about women

Hofstra poll: Suburban voters prefer Dems over Trump, narrowly (Biden polling best)

DCCC adds senior staffers after summer departures

Speaker Pelosi just fired back at "MR. REPUBLICAN TALKING POINTS" reporter RE: whistleblower

Your arguments are thin-Your ignorance of reality is shocking-Your double-standards are offensive &

Connie Schultz: The Valor of Ambassador Taylor

At Least 6 Victims After Shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita

Pete Buttigieg on the real crisis in rural America: The Daily Beast

Fashion PSA for men


Warren Wealth Tax Could Slow Economy, Early Analysis Finds

Greenfield police reportedly seize 500 bags of 'Trump 2020' heroin, arrest 2 Springfield residents

PELOSI says what's already on the record about Trump "makes what Nixon did look almost small"(VIDEO)

Has everyone just forgotten this from 2016? ...

OK, billionaire:

Warren-by popular demand

"Bring me a Coke"...

Babies in the attic. YIKES

I feel like this pretty much explains why things are the way they are:

Michigan recreational sale can start December 1!?!?

Are they pre-empting impeachment hearing coverage to cover the Cali school shooting?

"No pizzazz"?!:

Maybe you already know about this? But

We may have hit peak stupid.

BBC: Hillary Clinton under enormous pressure to run in 2020.

BREAKING: Santa Clarita, CA school shooting!

MSNBC Is the Most Influential Network Among Liberals--And It's Ignoring Bernie Sanders


NYT op ed in today's NYT re funding of diet studies

From the closing arguments-Roger Stone Trial: "Truth Matters"

What happened to Jared Kushner's Mideast peace plan?

State Rep. Poncho Nevarez was caught on tape at the airport dropping envelope stuffed with cocaine

BREAKING AP - 2nd US embassy official overheard Trump's call with Sondland re: Ukraine investigation

Speaker Nancy Pelosi....President has admitted to bribery

9:00AM Tomorrow: Impeachment Inquiry w/Ambassador Yovanovitch

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Pitch $180B Housing Plan

Mad Props To The "Billionaire Tears" Mug! Senator Warren Has Outdone Herself!

First hearing in lawsuit about state police deaths in helicopter crash focuses on discovery

Oldy but goody: Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Ukraine's Got Talent)

Nancy Pelosi smack down. Did anyone catch this? LMAO

Tom Steyer on CNBC made a lot of sense today

It's like they found the missing 18 minutes

AP source: 2nd U.S. official heard Trump call with Sondland

"School shootings are bad, right?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

A 'good amount' of Venezuela's millions of fleeing migrants won't ever return, UN envoy says

DU shoutout on Stephanie Miller's show this morning!

Using Our Voice

It's great seeing people get so excited as they learn more about Yang

Head of Customs & Border Protection: No new Wall has been built

Clueless agitated goober Minority Leader McCarthy does a brilliant impression of George W Bush.

Quilty the cat is a pain in the ass

Jon Huntsman launches another run for Utah governor

Warren Wealth Tax Could Slow Economy, Early Analysis Finds

State Department watchdog finds Trump appointees smeared career employee

Ky Gov race - recanvass under way. Vote totals NOT changing

NBC News thinks the hearing "lacked the pizzazz necessary to capture public attention."

Joe Biden proposes $1.3 trillion infrastructure overhaul -- and swipes at Trump for inaction

This documentary will leave your nerves on edge. Get a copy if you can

MF45 lawyer John Dowd on Amb Bill Taylor:

Wife when I got home last night: Have you been out drinking? Me: I'm 72, I've been out drinking

Old dogs, new tricks: 10,000 pets needed for science

Does George Conway look back now and think,

Kavanaugh Makes Rare Public Foray for Group Vetting Trump Judges

Happy National Pickle Day! What's Your Pickle Pleasure?

Kamala Harris: "Our children and communities are being terrorized"

What 1619 Means to Me

Republicans watch Erdogan propaganda in Oval Office while Democrats conduct impeachment

The blue wave has turned into a tsunami

The Other Slave Trade

If someone has to be talked into running for president, then that tells me they're not in it to win

Founders: Removal from office is not the only purpose of impeachment

Epic shade as Speaker Pelosi takes Trump to school: "If the president has anything exculpatory..."

Robo Cop is supposed to keep everyone safe.

Quick question for painters or crafters:

Bye, bye Mikey

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on the Santa Clarita school shooting:

McDonald's Pays CEO $41 Million For Firing Him While Paying Workers A Poverty Wage

Pic Of The Moment: More Republican Logic

In 2014 Deval Patrick fired leaders of his state's Sex Offender Registry for trying to force his...

The 11 Stages of Your Work Day

If Trump shot Pence on 5th Ave., what would evangelicals and other MAGAs do?

Impeachment Break---Goats are the funniest critters!

Who else has Trump spoken with on his cell phone? And who has the "tapes"?

It's No Accident That Democrats Keep Accusing Trump Of 'Bribery'

Cuccinelli is back, like a skin fungus that never quite clears up

Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change

Preach, Senator Harris!

David Cay Johnston issues dire 'warning' after reading 'Anonymous' book

While the shooting in Santa Clarita was taking place, the NRA tweeted this...

Are the squirrels on your lawn fat or lean?

2 Apparently Homeless Men Found Dead in DC Amid Frigid Temperatures

Rep. Ayanna Pressely's justice reform resolution will fundamentally change America's legal system

That Special Day When All The Ginkgo Tree Leaves Fall

Reminder: Trump's grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK

The rumor mongers are at it again. !!This is Hugh1!!Olympus to shut down the camera division next

What Was on the Menu at the First Thanksgiving?

Government agencies call I-976 'poorly drafted hodge-podge' in lawsuit

Tacoma gunshop owners, city council at odds over economic impact of gun tax

Police arrest alleged 'Potomac River Rapist' in South Carolina

Tan suit for the win today!

Police arrest alleged 'Potomac River Rapist' in South Carolina

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Unveil $172 Billion 'Green New Deal For Public Housing'

Disney+. I feel like I got my $5.99 worth just with the first Mandalorian episode.

NEWS: Bernie Sanders is replacing his state director in the critical early-voting state of SC

Pelosi Points to Possible Bribery Charge Against Trump

Cory Booker sent an email today: not enough support yet for the December Debate

The System Was Blinking Red

Impeachment Could Save Democracy; Americans Should Embrace It

Nancy Pelosi jabs trump yet again! She is so good:

Rebuttal on Twitter to Lindsey Graham

1980 Pro-Democracy Uprising in Gwangju, South Korea

People died while Trump played games with Ukraine's military aid

Thigh-high cesspool

FEMA nominee says he does not know the causes of climate change

My mother had Alzheimer's

TPM Josh Marshall must read re Zelensky/timing "Absolute Must Read"

Small Canadian island irate that Americans keep opening their mail

"Mints" anyone?

Jeff Weaver: Sanders campaign will be on TV in Nevada "in the coming weeks"

Most Americans say they are struggling financially

Ky Gov - Bevin finally conceded!!

I'm conflicted!!

Waiter, Busboy and Two German Tourists come forward as witnesses to the Trump-Sondland call.

Jake Tapper talking with Pres. Bill Clinton on gun laws.

Meanwhile, our leader keeps working to help all Americans...

Kwadjo Campbell is no longer Bernie Sander's SC campaign director

Where the hell is Malcolm Nance?

Editorial: Nursing home closures a threat to state's elderly

Pence Lies Against Bathroom Wall For Hours After Encountering Doorknob That Looks Like Female Breast

Thousands could die if tsunami hits Washington coast, state wants to build a solution

Attention: the feral hogs are now on cocaine

You raised $2,851.20 on November 13, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

The 2020 RNC Winter Meeting will be held this January at, wait for it...

The discredited and dishonorable William Barr promptly disposed of the Mueller Report...

Teacher arrested after threatening to shoot students, Pierce Co. sheriff says

Bevin Concedes Race for Kentucky Governor

Matt Gaetz asks judge to sentence Pensacola drink-thrower to prison

I just figured out how to make a fortune:

Pelosi says testimony of diplomats 'corroborated evidence of bribery' by Trump

'Freedom or death!': bringing America's largest slave revolt back to life

Deval Patrick Enters 2020 Race with Long-shot Candidacy

Matt Bevin concedes Kentucky governor race. 'We're going to have a change.'

The next area map on a school shooting story should include the House and Senate

Trump Supporters Lose It After Fox News Calls Bill Taylor's Testimony Damaging To Trump

Re: those subpoenas for Trump's financial records likely to make their way to #SCOTUS in 36 hours

Cartoons 11/14/19


Can Neil Young Ever Become a U.S. Citizen?

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers' Phones/Laptops Unconstitutional -EFF Nov 12

I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better...

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang wants your data to be your property

Live Link: The Green New Deal for Public Housing

Rep. Steve King Falsely IDs George Soros' Son as Whistleblower

Barr sinks to a new and disgusting low

Giuliani says Trump will stay loyal to him but jokes that he has 'insurance'

Pelosi says agreement on new North American trade deal 'imminent'

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Video: Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Introduce the Green New Deal for Public Housing

I am so sick of the media trying to downplay the importance and seriousness

Good news for Canon and Nikon shooters with legacy lenses who want to upgrade to the

A principal who banned LGBTQ books, calling them inappropriate, now faces child porn charges

Seth Abramson: 'The Russian scandal was a bribery scandal.'

Heal Yourself--Heal the Earth free online global conference ongoing today:

Bill Taylor is Donald Trump's impeachment nightmare

Devin Nunes is bravely defending Trump. That's bad news for the president

Hearings that lacked "pizzazz" somehow draws 13.1 Million Viewers

Alexy Navalny posted this video about prosecutor Popov

Ohio Anti-Science Bill

you know, after the orange asshole is finally out of office, the USA will never be the same nor...

Elizabeth Warren Tells The Root How Capitalism Can Exist Without Racism

GOP senator blocks Dem's effort to push gun bill amid California shooting

MH17 disaster: Phone-taps 'show Russia directed Ukraine rebels'

Racist incidents at Syracuse University prompt protest, response from New York governor

A good day to acknowledge Rep Adam Schiff & express our gratitude for his tireless work

Supreme JNOV

Colombia's center-right parties back anti-government protests

Very bad news. Menashi was confirmed by evil Republicans.

Republicans Confirm Anti-LGBTQ Extremist Who Never Tried a Case

My closest friend is going to pass tomorrow...

'From the bottom of my heart': Bernie Sanders bounces as health scare fades

Saliva - Always

Saugus High shooting suspect was 16, and today was his birthday.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 14, 2019

My daughter is having a show in Centennial, Colorado on the 19th.

Born on this day, November 14, 1939: Wendy Carlos

Trump departure to rally delayed by 30 mins while Trump is having an "animated" conversation with AG

Principal who banned gay books charged with child pornography

What time does testimony

Esquire weighs in on Deval Patrick's candidacy

Sources: MLB contacts Astros, Red Sox as sign-stealing investigation expands

Trump asks Supreme Court to shield his tax returns from prosecutors

NY Adoptees: Gov Cuomo Signs Law, Adoptees to Receive a Certified Birth Cert

"Using Latin, per se, is not something I normally do."

UPDATED-Impeachment Hearing Schedule - Friday 11/15 to Thursday 11/21

LIVE: Bernie Speaks at LGBTQ Victory Institute Leaders Conference

Rep. Chris Stewart Argues New Claim

Naftogaz about to become an important new data point in impeachment inquiry?

Florida GOP Rep. Ross Spano is under criminal investigation by the Justice Dept.

Statement of the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics

Warren: Corporate Media Should Ask Working People About Her Wealth Tax, Not Just The Very Rich

Immigration officer blows whistle on 'morally objectionable' Trump asylum policy

Ohio House passes bill allowing student answers to be scientifically wrong due to religion

Labour antisemitism row: public figures say they cannot vote for party under Corbyn

Labour antisemitism row: public figures say they cannot vote for party under Corbyn

Amazon will challenge Pentagon's award of $10 billion JEDI contract to Microsoft


NOW it makes sense why they confirmed that unqualified bigot. Didn't notice it was the 2nd Circuit

I'm not the brightest bulb on D.U.

RNC to hold winter meetings at Trump resort that was considered for G-7 summit

Sounds like pizzazz.

Justice Dept. watchdog won't let witnesses give written feedback on report about FBI's Russia probe,

Justice Dept. watchdog won't let witnesses give written feedback on report about FBI's Russia probe

Protesters roll up to site of Federalist Society black tie dinner feting Kavanaugh

Lindsey Graham Blocks Armenian Genocide Resolution Hours After Meeting With Turkish President

Huge screen featuring Christine Blasey Ford's Senate Testimony as Kavanaugh speaks to Fed Society

Still grifting as arsehole in chief while under investigation

Nunes Sense

The Republicons refused to even have a hearing to fill a seat on the SCOTUS saying it was

"Russia, if you are listening, release the tape of this call."

Career White House budget official expected to break ranks, testify in impeachment inquiry

He bribed; they died

Just got my Amazon order for

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Shield His Tax Returns

Our raging Republican paper is NOT offering unconditional support for Sessions.

Trump Seen In 'Animated Conversation' with William Barr


Oh Thank You Rain Goddess.............#TrumpRally

No verdict reached in 1st day of deliberations in Stone trial.

The US Bureaucracy Lives In Fear Of Trump's Twitter Account; Call it by its name!!#Cyberbullying!!

Who just broke ranks and will testify before the Impeachment Inquiry

My daughter's St. Bernard is called Bowman.

Ohio House passes bill allowing student answers to be scientifically wrong

North Korean state news issued a new commentary slamming @JoeBiden :

Whites Earn 74% More than Blacks in Brazil

Luckovich: Rich leach

Here's where I'd like the impeachment hearings to go next:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Santa Clarita school shooting