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Archives: November 15, 2019

Naomi Klein Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Naomi Klein Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

2020 US Senate Election- Must win seats for Democrats to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Deval Patrick Sees 'Opportunity' for Big Change

Adam Schiff, You're the Chairman of My Heart

Pelosi is so good!!!!!! She really threw some shade at stupid Trump today..........

Trump Plunges In Pennsylvania As 57% of Voters Don't Want Him Reelected

The clear US role in Bolivia's tragic hard-right coup

Climate Change: EU Bank To Stop Fossil Fuel Lending

Bribery, Treason, and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

North Carolina Democratic Primary:

Trump hikes price tag for US forces in Korea almost 500% as Seoul questions alliance

South Korea: How much longer can opposition leader Na Kyung-won last?

Trump hikes price tag for US forces in Korea almost 500% as Seoul questions alliance

Port Neches-Groves ISD hack seen as lesson for other school districts

The whistleblower outed Trump! That's why Trump wants to out the whistleblower.

Fox News NEVADA primary poll: Biden 24%, Sanders & Warren 18% Butigieg 8%, Steyer 5%,

Trump admin preparing to take over private land in Texas for border wall

The worst part of it is that tRump is transparently stupid, yet he's wrecking our democracy

Fox News NORTH CAROLINA primary poll: Biden 37%, Warren 15%, Sanders 14%, Buttigieg 6%,

Fox News NEVADA general election poll: Biden & Sanders +7, Warren +3, Buttigieg tied with Trump

U.S. Rep. Will Hurd rolls out group to build more diverse GOP

What The U.S. Military Will Be Doing In A Climate Crisis Future With All Hell Breaking Loose

Fox News NORTH CAROLINA general election poll: Biden +2, Sanders +1, Warren -1, Buttigieg -4

Giuliani under criminal investigation

Did I just hear Chris Matthews say that Roger Stone and Melania dated back in the 90's?

Giuliani Faces U.S. Probe on Campaign Finance, Lobbying Breaches

An all-black Women's Army Corps unit from WWII is still fighting for recognition

High Point University NORTH CAROLINA poll: Biden 33%, Sanders 18%, Warren 13%, Harris 5%,

Roger Stone Begs For Trump Pardon Via Alex Jones

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 15 November 2019

Oh that Jeff Tiedrich just keeps making sense....

Donnie Dingleberry is having yet another Hitler rally tonight?

Deval Patrick Flubbed His Family Bio In Campaign Kickoff Video

WOW: @facebook has just decided that this ad that we bought to run on their platform aimed at...

Joe Biden-The GOP is desperately afraid" of the NRA

Trump asked the Pentagon to explore trench on the border, Pentagon advised against it

Former Republican cries as she explains why she left GOP

I have a question.

George Conway Reportedly Says Wife Kellyanne is in a 'Cult'

just unbelievable. Hill on Sondland being a counterintelligence risk

Buttigieg makes big South Carolina ad buy ...

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Unveils Sweeping Plan To Reshape American Legal System

PBS NewsHour just spent a segment honoring Gwen Ifill,

Elizabeth Warren Promises Plan to Cover Every Doctor, Every Provider, Every Prescription Drug

As Walmart reopens, El Pasoans are still grappling with mass shooting's aftermath

Does Live Television Coverage Help Legitimize the Impeachment Inquiry?

AOC Interview with NowThis

Just switched from Chris Hayes' 'discussion' with some repug apologist,

Whale near surfers in SoCal

Nandi Bushell is living her best life!

Well done parody of trump jr's "best seller", "Triggered"....a good read!

Optimistic Democrats are lining up to run for Texas' high courts in 2020

Bellingham family to sue after school puts desk of student with autism over toilet

Kirkland Police Chief Responds To YMCA Claims Of Excessive Force

LOL! Joe Biden's response when being told Trump is going to Russia for a May Day parade is priceless!

It's still like a dream/nightmare, even though we've been living through it for years now.

There's Never Going to Be a Clear Standard for Impeachable Offenses

*UPDATED* Pre-Debate Iowa Tracking Poll: Buttigieg, Biden rising, Warren top, Sanders 4th

A second State Department official overheard Trump's call with E.U. envoy discussing Ukraine

Is Bolton still on the administration payroll?

A Quick and Easy Debunking of Republicans' Impeachment Hearing Talking Points

Russian spies likely intercepted ambassador's cell phone call with Trump

Senate confirms Menashi to U.S. Court of Appeals in New York

Trump admin. wants to raise costs to become a U.S. citizen by 83 percent

My dog has laryngitis.

Saudi Prince offers 200 camels to spend a night with Ivanka Trump

interesting program now on PBS radio right now

'Tired of working 2 jobs,' bank teller went to home of customer who made large withdrawal

Silver: There's a quite plausible scenario where 1st 3 states "a mess," then Biden takes a big lead

Found some new music. Might be worth a look.

Republicans Embarrass Themselves During First Impeachment Hearing

American plastic waste fuels tofu making kitchens in Indonesia

I'll leave this here (Horrible History video)

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

Who Wants to See Stephen Miller Go Down

Crowd erupts in laughter as Gym Jordan humiliated at impeachment hearing

Andrew Yang: Yes, Robots Are Stealing Your Job

Ethics panel announces Florida Democrat faces investigation over allegations of relationship

Creep, by Jen Knight

Remember to set your clocks back - IST

Honk! - Sack Cartoon

MH17 disaster: Phone-taps 'show Russia directed Ukraine rebels'

Greta Thunberg Is Sailing To Madrid With A Family Of YouTubers

Bloody Mitch

Thoughts and prayers! Roger Stone "doesn't look like a happy warrior" at his trial.

So how many of you think that the discussion between Barr and Trump...

Rachel Is On Talking About

Uber CEO on Saudi Killing of Jamal Khashoggi: 'People Make Mistakes'

The Post- Antibiotic Era Is Here

List of living pro-UBI Nobel prize winners & when they won:

Hey, Trump-humpers!

Democrats call for Stephen Miller to resign after leak of xenophobic emails

Lizzo: 'Water Me'

Sack on the impeachment hearing

The 2019 IEA WEO Is Out: Solar and Wind Energy Grew By 15.35% From 2017-2018.

Giuliani Reportedly Under Federal Investigation for Possible Campaign Finance, Lobbying Violations

Giuliani Faces U.S. Probe on Campaign Finance, Lobbying Breaches

Charlie Kirk getting booed by Magats

Did the "shoe bomber" blow up the plane? Nope.

WATCH: A frustrated Joe Biden in Los Angeles reacts to Santa Clarita HS shooting...

Trump did not mention the Santa Clarita school shooting at tonight's MAGAt rally, but...

Putin to Erdoğan to Trump: "Listen carefully..."

Some thoughts about what to do when the Senate trial gets underway

Hey Donnie, we don't do this all the time, but you

Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady [The Reflex Revision]

Don't preach to me words you don't understand, just leave me alone

I'm going to puke.

Senate Confirms Wildly Problematic Trump Court Pick Steven Menashi

GOP senator blocked a bill for universal background checks as the Santa Clarita high-school shooting


I'm not sure if there is anything more beautiful than a Gypsy Vanner horse.

Exclusive: Giuliani Ally Pete Sessions Was Eyed for Top Slot in Ukraine

The Daily Show - Fox News on Impeachment Hearings: Where's The Sex?

I didn't know necks had sizes. Trump rant tonight.

Navy Officers Say 'Unknown Individuals' Made Them Erase Evidence of 2004 UFO Encounter

GOP Rep. Ross Spano under investigation by Justice Department

Seth Meyers - Congress Holds First Public Impeachment Hearing in Over 20 Years - Monologue 11/13

Turkish media paints White House visit as Erdoğan triumph over Trump

DCCC raises more than $12M in October

This Is How Light May Have Escaped from the Earliest Galaxies, Turning the Universe Transparent

Optimistic Democrats are lining up to run for Texas' high courts in 2020

LA-GOV: Huge surge in African American early vote in Louisiana runoff


Santigold - L.E.S Artistes

AOC eviscerates Dave Rubin

New evidence shows contact between Trump official and Republican redistricting expert over census.

Seth Meyers - Impeachment Bombshell Ties Trump and Rudy to Ukraine Scheme: A Closer Look

Scientists Find a Spot Where No Life Can Survive. That's Bad News for Alien Hunters.

Rick Wilson, on Brian Williams' show, just referred to Jim Jordan as "Jimbo Baggins..."

Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge design activities suspended

New, 'Hidden' State of Matter Coaxed into Being by Ultrafast Laser Flashes

Chilean Protestors Down Drone By Dazzling It With Dozens Of Laser Pointers

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 15, 2019

Rightwing coup or popular uprising?

El Salvador questions child molestation ruling

Lindsey Graham Blocks Armenian Genocide Resolution Hours After Meeting With Turkish President

The Kingsville Record and Bishop News will publish final edition Dec. 5

Chile's finance minister expects job losses, fuel hike in wake of protests

Trump, on eve of tomorrow's hearings: "THE FAKE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY IS NOW DEAD!"

The idiot is tweeting

What the coup against Evo Morales means to indigenous people like me

"Schindler's List" producer Branko Lustig dies at 87

The Future of Banking Is...You're Broke

Bolivia's interim president's indigenous-free cabinet heightens polarization

Florida man is gonna be soooo jealous.

How the FCC solves consumer problems--well, it doesn't, really

talking heads - life during wartime (live-1983) cause you have to watch this every so often ...

FBI's 'lone wolf' report says domestic terrorists are rarely isolated

Post your favorite songs of the season.

Golden Features x The Presets - Raka (just dropped a few hours ago)

U.S. lawmakers question why Centrus awarded federal uranium contract

Whistleblower never met or talked with Schiff: source

Turkey to extradite American IS suspect 'stranded on border'

Need some opinions on bird feeding

Economist Wolff shamed Whole Foods founder: You sold your company to a monopoly. You know that!

A torioise beetle.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Republicans Think Impeachment Hearings are BORING

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Impeachment Hearings Begin ON TV

Deere workers grapple with fallout from Trump's trade war

Humans' ability to read dog facial expressions is learned, not innate

So Ambassador Sondland set his phone on speakerphone and laid it on the table at the restaurant

good explanations for weather - short waves, blocking highs, cutoff lows etc

Austin OKs Plan To Buy And Retrofit A Motel To House Homeless

After Tales Of Men Changing Babies On Bathroom Floors, Austin Mandates More Diaper-Changing Stations

How many ways could the Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020?

As Border Apprehensions Decline For 5th Consecutive Month, Migrants Change Too

Trump has a Mike Pence insurance policy: The sanctimonious veep is implicated too

(Jewish Group) Police investigate threats against Jewish students at Massachusetts middle school

(Jewish Group) Teen arrested and charged with hate crimes for throwing eggs at Jews in Brooklyn

Boeing received 'unnecessary' contract boost for astronaut capsule, watchdog says

An East Texas Marching Band Upholds A Tradition - Maybe For The Last Time

Trump Took 'a Wrecking Ball to American National Security' With Ukraine Scandal

FDA issues warning to Dollar Tree about selling 'potentially unsafe drugs'

Is there some weird tummy bug going around?

How Amazon's quest for more, cheaper products has resulted in a flea market of fakes (WP)

California Man Indicted in $300 Million Nationwide Investment Fraud and Ponzi Scheme

Alabama woman who joined Isis is not US citizen, judge rules

Former CEO of Central Valley Health Clinics to Sell 13 Properties to Resolve False Claims Act

Punish Trump officials for bias against staffer of Iranian heritage - State Dept. watchdog

Palm Beach County Resident Convicted at Trial of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering Relating to Scheme

Trump's Washington hotel has fallen behind competitors, with rooms running nearly half empty, market

You can't get any clearer than that...

Three South Florida Residents Plead Guilty for Their Roles in $21 Million Sober Homes Fraud Scheme

Former Velda City Treasurer Indicted for Stealing Approximately $400,000 in City Funds, and Stealing

US silicone death: Briton Donna Francis sentenced to year in jail

A Question that Trump and GOP should be asked about Gun Control

Six Charged In Multi-Million Dollar Elder Fraud Scheme

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/14/19 / Late Show's Alter Egos: Rudy Giuliani Edition

Former Controller for Marco Contractors Inc. Pleads Guilty in $8.7M Embezzlement Scheme

Louisiana Crab Shack opens in former Twin Peaks building in Waco

Little Rock teachers strike over state's control of district

Shame on Us for Getting Used to Trump

Breakfast Friday 15 November 2019

Rabies breakthrough offers fresh hope in battle against deadly virus

Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find Trump's phone call

Gruesome: Man mauled by giant cat.

(JEWISH GROUP) On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism

11 more endangered whooping cranes in southwest Louisiana

RNC pouring another $1 M into Louisiana Gov's race in response to black voters early voting turnout

Walmart Inc. sues 32 Colorado counties to shrink tax bills

Jeffrey Epstein: fund proposed to compensate financier's victims

(Jewish Group) For Ukraine's Jews, Jewish president is source of pride, fear

They thought we would forget their egregious normalisation of sexual violence cause WMP...pppffftttt

Texas authorities won't ask Trump campaign to pay security costs for visit

How Many Others - Like Sondland Are There Out There?

Virginia Tech to establish D.C. research facility focused on pediatric health

Court orders immigrant on hunger strike to be forcibly hydrated

United Teachers of Los Angeles Overwhelmingly Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for US President

United Teachers of Los Angeles Overwhelmingly Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for US President

UNT students protest during regents meeting to improve cultural competence

Syria's Assad Says Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself

Uber & NJ at odds over what to call drivers, $650M taxes owed

GOP Rep. Spano admits federal campaign probe; Ethics panel looks into three others

Today it has been 60 years since the Clutter family were murdered


It is not all relative (but her emails)

To paraphrase the miscreant:

We're building the momentum we need to win ... @fshakir with an update on our campaign

Colin Kaepernick was banned for kneeling. What does Myles Garrett get for assault?

A question for Christians: What would you do if you suddenly ran into Jesus Christ?

Beer feud in Shiner as brewers battle in war for Shiner Bock's niche corner of craft beer

During Watergate the Republicans defended Nixon 😳😁

Friday TOONs - Republicans Thoughtfully Deliber.... SQUIRREL!!!

Bon Jovi fan breaks out dancing at a Celtics game

French police ratchet up evidence search in Epstein probe

Trump: Impeachment has been 'very hard on my family'

31 Years Ago Today; Soviet Space Shuttle Buran makes only spaceflight, unmanned

Bloomberg to Spend $100 Million on Anti-Trump Ad Blitz

Andrew Yang interview with Karen Hunter

A 15-year-old with no arms or legs was tackled and pinned by a cop in a 'horrific' video

November 15 - Happy Birthday Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D) NM-2nd

Cost of housing homeless families rises to more than 1bn

Former state exec who questioned Oregon emergency spending gets $500,000 settlement

Ambassador Yovanovitch was told she needed "to come home on the next plane."

I don't know if this is real or not, but I really want it to be...

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51 seats.

What's worse than being an answer on Jeopardy?

After 3 Years Under Court Order, EPA Finally Produces Plan That Barely Cuts Toxic Plastic Emissions

M4A - The Walmartization of healthcare

'He does nothing without a quid pro quo'

Now That's Recycling! Burning Imported Plastic Waste To Cook Tofu (& Spread Dioxin) In Indonesia

Every now and then something warms your heart

Shitstain's FEMA Nominee, When Quizzed On Causes Of Global Warming: "I Don't Know, Sir."

Arizona's Tiny Desert Owl Has New Chance for Protection

White House and Pentagon prepare for Trump to issue pardons in war-crimes cases, officials say

Nancy explains the definition of exculpatory to Rump.

Oregon judge blocks ban on pot vape products

Elizabeth Warren expands Texas campaign, naming senior staff

Today it has been 60 years since the Clutter family were murdered

Megan Rapinoe: 'Lending Your Platform to Others Is Cool'

FL Democrats To GOP: If You're Serious About Environment, Lose The Preemption Bills You So Love

Version of O Holy Night to get in the spirit

Oregon's chief justice bars ICE from courthouse arrests

"I'm not a crook."

Any of y'all seen the Cahokia mounds park near St. Louis?

Little girl sings Oh Holy Night... Amazing

The Rundown: November 14, 2019

Pick of the Week: "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" #50

NASA EISDIS - Smoke Imaging Friom Eastern Australia, 11/6-14/19

The origin of Superheroes: Orpheus

Busiest Player In The Climate Denial Industry 1989-2015? Why, The American Rail Industry

Donald Trump Jr. debuts at No. 1 on the bestseller list -- but there's a catch

#MoscowMitch, the self proclaimed Grim Reaper of the Senate bill burying heist, has @PressSec now


North Korea calls Biden a 'rabid dog' for insulting its dignity

Mitch McConnell plans to get the Senate working on Fridays again. That's a surprisingly big promise.

Billionaires Freak Out About Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Does working for Bain make Patrick unacceptable?


Bloomberg Will Spend $100 Million on Anti-Trump Online Ad Blitz

Would the Founding Fathers have Impeached trump. Yep.

Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax won't hurt economic growth

How does the Beltway media cover a party that has aggressively removed itself from reality?

When Lev Parnas was arrested he was carrying 5 phones, Trump straws, & a shit ton of cash

Trump to attend NATO leaders meeting

Former Vermont Governor Shumlin endorses Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani says Trump will stay loyal to him but jokes that he has 'insurance'

WH releases "transcript" of Trump's 1st call w/ Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky as hearings begin.

Fraud is the 8th and Treachery is the 9th...hhhhmmm

Trump BREAKS DOWN, Tweets 26 Times During Impeachment Hearing


Buttigieg surges ahead of Iowa caucuses

Big plastic polluters accused of cynically backing US recycling day

Bloomberg Plans $100M in Anti-Trump Online Ads

Prystaiko: Sondland did not tell me any link between Burisma probe, military aid to Ukraine

Hannity Predicts Marie Yovanovitch Will Cry 'on Cue' at Hearing-But was Silent when #Kavanaugh cried

Coatless Jim, Republican Corruption Fighter

@AmyKlobuchar: Memo to: Republican colleagues at hearing From: Everyone else........

Can we push back against this "dully elected" BS

New North Carolina primary poll

Cenk Uygur on PRESIDENT Barack Obama in 2012:

This transcript - the best part is that the Con said he'd send special people and then

PLEASE HELP! Does our family have any legal recourse against an assisted living facility...

Thank you Mr Schiff for not putting up with the republicans bullshit.

F the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee. nt

King Trump Canute be like..

No surprise there's a Florida tag

Released on this day, November 15, 1978: "The Gambler"

She's GOING THERE! She just brought up Manafort's resignation from Trump's campaign!!!!!

Former federal administrator sued by former employee

Schiff halts attempts from Stefanik & Jordan to fling their poo in Friday's opening moments

"Nude pics of Trump wouldn't violate the Impeachment Clause, they'd violate the Geneva Convention"

So who IS the current ambassador in the Ukraine?


Great Townes Van Zant Cover by LDSB

Yamiche Alcindor on Yovanovitch statement: Huge.

Swedish PM hits back at China over literature prize threat

Trump slams Ambassador Yovanovitch as she testifies

Meanwhile: McCabe judge lashes out at DOJ for stalling on prosecution decision:

Always thought that voters were undereducated in foreign affairs

Oh, GREAT question!

Separated pit bulls 'hit doggie lottery' as Marvel star adopts both

How many of you were involved in major college sports? I was. IMO Gym Jordan had to know.

Rough transcript of call shows Ukraine leader wanted Trump to attend inauguration

Should President Trump do the honorable thing and resign?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome

Exclusive: Giuliani Ally Pete Sessions Was Eyed for Top Slot in Ukraine

Battleground Democrats make USMCA push amid impeachment furor

Yovanovitch is absolutely devastating. OMG. She's detailing what thugs have infested the White House

The tyranny of mad kings

Some of us here take witness intimidation very seriously


Ousted ambassador describes State Department in 'crisis' in dramatic impeachment testimony

We all suffer when Republicans pander to the lowest base.

Why is are the witnesses questioned by "counsel" and not the Rs?

Hey journalists?!?!?! Does LIVE WITNESS TAMPERING amount to "pizzazz" in your book?

I'm sure that thing's head is exploding because we all know how much he HATES women especially

Russia Takes Over Vacated U.S. Air Base in Northern Syria

Schiff, "The Gentleman can seek recognition after we return to the room."



Nancy Pelosi: Today, I was honored to sign @RepTedDeutch 's #PACTAct to make animal cruelty a...

MF 45 Has Visited NO Country Yovanovitch Has Served In -- His Tweet Is WITNESS INTIMIDATION.

Mr. Schiff just called the live tweeting of trump 'Witness Intimidation'

That bloated POS45 attacked a woman, a highly respected

Who am I to argue with Fox News?

How very interesting. Two notes.

I'm channel hopping and the talking heads on all of the networks are talking about the witness

The Repuke CSpan callers are funny and scary

Trump Blasts Ex-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on Twitter as She Testifies to Congress

Teacher Facing 18 Felonies For Raping Student Gets Only 2 Years Under Plea Deal

Yang supports Cenk for Congress?

Question- has Trump ever stated why exactly Yovanovitch was "bad news"?

😂 Tweety is so mad he just announced on national television that he's a Democrat.

Warren lead over Biden down to 4 points on Predictit

When the booze starts talking to you-maybe it's time to stop

Networks just went back to regular programming until noon. "The View" is interesting.

Robert Reich on the impeachment process

Witness tampering on live TV. No one can save Trump from Trump.

During what is a House grand jury hearing, it is ILLEGAL to tamper with the grand jury's process!

The talking heads on ABC were astonished. Not a syllable of support for the orange

Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker Propose New Federal Agency to Control Drug Prices

Will his cult members ever realize

I need a crowd of people - I just can't face 'em day to day

After this testimony The courts should AGREE to whatever the house requests

Elizabeth Warren Vows to Expand Health Coverage in First 100 Days, MFA to take up to 3 years

Amb. Yovanovitch, Kyrgyzstan, and Paul Manafort

Transcript Shows White House Made Up Details of Call Transcri

@KamalaHarris TWEETING in real time-- Witness intimidation is a crime...

Agent Orange's attack upsets Housr Republican strategy


Fox news says attempted bribery isn't in the Constitution - Joyce Vance responds, "Actually it is

Nov. 12-14 Reuters/Ipsos poll: Biden 23%, Sanders 18%, Warren 11%, Buttigieg 5%,

Yovanovitch Was Honoring Acid-Murdered Anti-Corruption Activist When Recalled

Adam Schiff: "We saw Witness Intimidaiton in Real Time"

New Warren plan splits Medicare for All into two bills, preserves private plans at first

Even The American Conservative is calling out Trump's witness intimidation crimes

I absolutely believe in vaccination. But I hate getting my tetanus shot. :-(

Little Willie John was born on this date-

Just heard on Stephanie Miller "they may have reached a verdict" (Stone trial)

Bret Baier tweet about witness tampering

Stone Guilty!



NEWS: Bernie 2020 Announces 11 New Endorsements from Latino Leaders in Iowa

Roger Stone guilty on all counts in federal trial of lying to Congress, witness tampering

NEWS: Bernie 2020 Announces 11 New Endorsements from Latino Leaders in Iowa

Chris Wallace on Yovanovitch testimony: "If you're not moved, you don't have a pulse."

Braves sign All-Star reliever Smith to 3-year pact

Witness intimidation is a crime, no matter who does it. Full stop.

"Marie Yovanovitch mentioned Kateryna Handzyuk, a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist...

Hey Rog! The rest of your life is now ahead of you. And it is REALLY narrowed!

Bernie drops into first place

Tweet about fake whatever now MoFo

About Mueller and indicting the President

Nunes needs to be called out on his lie that Schiff tried to get nude Photos of (yeach) Trump

Question on Stone verdict.

Several years ago a therapist told me that I had trouble

Three good live blogs on today's Impeachment hearings (one paywall)

Andrew Yang wants you to make money off your data by making it your personal property

Roger stone crook

The bigger question is "Will they let him do his cool James Bond cosplay thing in the pokey?"

ATTN Mueller haters; Stone's indictment was the last brought by special counsel Robert S. Mueller II

The Roger Stone guilty verdict is a reminder that Trump is NOT exonerated in the Russia mess.

Belated thoughts (better late than never..)

Freepers react predictably to Stone verdict...

When is Stone's sentencing?

WHY did Trump tell Pence NOT to attend New #Ukraine Pres inauguation when it was already PLANNED???

Updated Roger Stone merchandise for sale

Do you think Donald and Melania will put money in the prison commissary for Roger Stone?

Roger Stone in the summer of 2016 pushed the phony conspiracy theory

WSJ: Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Rudy Giuliani stood to personally profit from....

Re Stone: So many coffee boys are getting convicted. Who orders all this coffee?


Wait for it?????

Found on FB:

TPM - Marshall's excellent summary of the Ukraine mess "Not Complicated"

Ken Starr to Fox News. "This Tweet-Extraordinarily poor judgement-I think this is quite injurious."

Seems republicans who yield to another member are asking questions directly from Trump?

Who paid Rudy Giuliani?

Parallel worlds....💔

Another threat against the People

It pisses me off that Stone was allowed to leave the court not in handcuffs.

Erick Swallwell at CNN, "Innocent people don't intimidate witnesses, This is what guilty people do."

Within minutes of Stone's verdict and the suggestion that witness tampering

The Mueller Report made this plain to anyone not straining to avoid seeing it

Fuck you nunes....called the ambassador's appearance a 'performance'

I'm just sitting here soaking this day in

Schiff, Cut the crap

The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann

Minority Counsel Castor has nothing to say.

Joe Biden campaign fires back after North Korean media calls him a 'rabid dog'

Several days ago someone on DU posted a video in which Trump seems to deliberately

Trump Blames Stone Conviction on 'Double Standard'

As we watch these public hearings, everyone should remember one thing.

Mr. Stone? Paging Mr. Roger Stone. We have an important message for you

"Why is Stefanik trashing her own reputation?"

Trump should be impeached and he will be impeached.

3 Indiana judges suspended after a night of drinking turned into a White Castle brawl

trump on stone

Bloomberg plans to spend $100 million on anti-Trump ads in key states

SHOWTIME is coming!

Richard Nixon is finally going to prison -

Roster of guilt, so far

Nancy Pelosi Takes Aim at Trump: Bribery

The twit was the talk of the Capital, except

The New York Times clued people in to the fact Jr.'s book sales were rigged

Fla. federal court throws out state's ballot order law that lists candidates of governor's party 1st

"Mr. Castor, here is a quarter. Go to the telephone in the hallway and call your mother.

Trump fumes over Roger Stone's conviction -- and demands to know when Mueller and 'Shifty Schiff'

Most Republicans are PISS poor listeners

New Telemundo polls of Latino voters in CA, TX & Clark County NV have Biden leading in all 3

Someone hid my book at an Idaho library. So I'm bringing 10 of them to hide myself.

'Everyone he touches gets tainted':CNN panel astonished by number of criminally convicted Trumpsters

Speaking of Truman Capote, I wonder if he ever met the Dotard. Nt

Multiple storms to march across the Northwest US in the coming days

Convection oven help?

From Facebook.....

Roger Stone found guilty of all charges filed by Robert Mueller..

Let us take a moment to honor the sacrifice

It's the Wise Men vs. the wise guys in Trump's America

Hulu raising prices again!

Lock her up!!!11!!!

Police knew a war veteran was a U.S. citizen. ICE detained him anyway.

Today in Syria: Russia takes control of main U.S. military facility

I've lived in tinpot dictatorships

I think Time Magazine's Person of the Year is obvious today

Centerline: The Surprising History of Lane Markings

Time to get Rudy Giuliani in the witness chair

Viewers baffled as GOP counsel appears to push anti-Trump talking points during Yovanovich cross-exa

The "blue" cap....

Driver riddles semitrailer-tractor with bullets after crash on I-5 in Tacoma

Quite a WSJ home page right now!

Washington had 4th highest hate crime total in 2018, FBI report says

Just thought i saw gym jacket off jorden reach over to shake hands with a fellow RETHUG

The Ambassador just made a very good point--one I hadn't thought of

Asha Rangappa:This Don Jr tweet exemplies the contempt trump and his family have for public servants

Remember Roger Stone, Hannity and Tweeden ginned up the Franken ouster with a gag photo.

Nothing says Christmas like $30 Trump Pence wrapping paper and $60 'Keep America Great' ornaments

Marie Yovanovitch's Opening Statement


A federal court just threw out FL's ballot order law that lists candidates of the Gov's party first

Adam Schiff and Daniel Goldman Question Marie Yovanovitch

Why it would be really, really bad for Trump to pardon Roger Stone.

For your entertainment

Remember when Trump tweeted about the stars of Twilight?

Why Venice Is Disappearing

Yang Proposes Tax on Digital Ads in Swipe at Facebook, Google

What I hope Adam Schiff's exemplary performance shows is the importance of co-equal branches

It's all about highways for the Trump Administration's DOT

Oh FFS! It was CONGRESS that approved the aid to the Ukraine not Trump. These

Rep Chris Stewart giving Trump a tongue bath right now.

Grand Rapids Will Pay $190,000 to Veteran Detained by ICE.

And then the GPS said, "turn right onto United Nazis Way."

Cartoons 11/15/19

You must have to be a Royal Asshole to be a republican representative....or so it appears.

breaking news: republicans obsessed by whistlblower....wasting america's time

This is so rude.

Bwah! LIMBAUGH said he never mocks "the appearance of how people come across" as witnesses!1

Stefanik should loan her jacket to Gym "lost my whistle" Jordan.

Man....they (GOP) REALLY want that whistle blower don't they?

REPUBLICAN Will Hurd is doing a great job, much better than any other republican on that committee!

My review of "spill simmer falter wither"

Dave Rubin gets rekt by AOC

'No discipline. No plan. No strategy.': Kamala Harris campaign in meltdown

Patrick Acquires High Favorability Numbers, Good Iowa Polling After LBO of Buttigieg Campaign

Twitter rolls out total ban on ads from political figures

"Identify the whistleblower!" is Republispeak for "SQUIRREL!!!" nt

Prediction: Ambassador Yovanovitch

Breaking - Rare picture of Karma captured

The thing about the impeachment hearing is the professionalism

A slap in the face to voters? That's a fitting description of the Initiative 976 ballot title

I posted this about Trump's claim of absolute right to appoint ambassadors.

Heck of a job, Denny!

London to Sydney flight breaks world record

"Visiting with my 92 year old mother. I walked in and she had the hearing on"

Pix of very rare deer - See if you can spot why before going to link

➡️ Follow the #NursesForBernie LIVESTREAM here ...

Far-right Sweden Democrats top opinion poll in historic shift

Trump asks Supreme Court to block another subpoena for his tax returns -- this one is from Congress

Press secretary claims Trump tweet 'not witness intimidation' because it is 'not a trial'

The highly caffeinated Jim Jordan is now up.

And then he said "this was analyzed by great lawyers..."

Everything page about the House Hearings on impeachment


The end is nigh

Poor little Gym...

Roger Stone should have been in prison 40 years ago, just like

TRump responds to witness tampering charge

Only 11,200 results?

Soulive with Dave Matthews - Joyful Girl

Dog goes shopping and picks his own treats

Shut up Devin.

I can't watch the hearings without tearing up.

Nunes "Televison ratings are plummeting"

The defense of Trump is that he's the world's biggest victim

Freepton is trembling.

Tokimonsta - The World Is Ours

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Mr. Chairman...Mr. Chairman...Mr.

Yovanovitch Ends Her Testimony to Applause & Standing Ovation From Public-Drowning out Repubs

Pompeo Took Over a Crumbling State Department. Yovanovitch's Testimony Shows How He Made It Worse.

I want to talk about Ivanka and how much money she's making

A helping of Ivanka schadenfreude (she may be in deep legal trouble over inauguration $$ diversions)

Why did Trump want to ruin Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch???? Two words:

THANK YOU to ALL the threads on the inquiry

Everyone has a talent....

SEIU Member Virtual Town Hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Ambassador Yovanovitch gets a standing ovation at end of her testimony

How Does It Feel?

The most memorable quote of the hearings so far:

The assholes are giving a press conference

Bwaaaaaaa!. Gym Jordan and the Republicans look utterly defeated.

Meet Elise Stefanik's Dem challenger, Tedra Cobb!

What is Elise Stefanik's end game?

If you MISSED the impeachment hearings, here's Stefanik, summed up in 3 words & 1 photo.

Cows swept away by Hurricane Dorian found alive -- but how?

Now that it's becoming clear that Trump will be impeached, removed and hopefully indicted...

National Nurses United Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

"Schiff is telling only 3% of the story"

Republicans are embarressing themselves on CNN

You did a great job today Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch!

Republicans should bring some cheese to their press conference. It would go well

Thank you, House Democrats

"Obama sent blankets; Trump sent Javelins!" He did, with a big catch...

@berniesanders announces the endorsements of 36 new Californian elected officials ...

@berniesanders announces the endorsements of 36 new Californian elected officials ...

National Nurses United Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The anti-Trump editoral Gym Jordan blathered about

Scott Walker reignites Wisconsin's 'War on Christmas.' It doesn't go well

Team Biden responds to Warren M4A plan

Rodney Reed Case: Texas Parole Board Recommends Delaying Execution.

Trump is crying "No one has it as bad as me"

I think Jim Jordan suffers from Stockholm Syndrome

Due process due process. I can't wait till this mutha fuka is read his rights and gets due process

JILL SCOTT Gotta Get Up (Another Day) (feat. 4Hero)

Repub legal defense strategy: But your honor ...

So...Roger Stone guilty on 7 Counts.

Thanks to Devin Nunes we've all..reminded that #Trumps sole foreign policy experience was owning the

'Racist' TYT reporter continues smear campaign against Buttigieg

Syl Johnson Is It Because I'm Black

" I Don't Know Who To Believe In This Impeachment Hearing"

At work. SO many threads! A synopsis please of today?

National Nurses United: Watch our Sanders Endorsement Event LIVE @ 1:30 PT:

BADBADNOTGOOD "In Your Eyes" (ft Charlotte Day Wilson)

Measure introduced in Ohio would ban abortion outright

Fox channel will say, "Did you see the band-aide on Yovanovitch's right hand

Please help me find 2 clips. Adam Schiff and Jim Jordan after the testimony today.

Buttering Trio & Friends - Love in Music

Cleo Sol - One

Is CENK UYGUR going to split the vote to fuck the Dems?

A strange thing happened when Microsoft Japan experimented with giving its employees a 4-day work...

I just had a thought. There's talk about Senate gop wanting to drag out the trial to mess with

'Pure Propaganda': New York Times Condemned for Comparing Sanders Green New Deal to

Help with posting a picture

Would have been great if Schiff tied Trump's bully tweets today to Melania's "Be Best" initiative

Omar - The Man

Betty Bowers on the Groping Donald's ratings

Happy 90th Birthday, Ed Asner!

Can we get a 'Jordan/Meadows Cam'?

MSNBC Nicole Wallace on Pompeo...

when your puma wont let you sleep

New Lady & the Tramp movie uses rescue dogs

Bernie Sanders chimes in after Richfield students shamed for lunch debt

AFT President Randi Weingarten cheers Warren's MFA transition plan

And I said I wouldn't cry today.

It is not a hoax! Mueller Report confirmed as legitimate!

Speaker Pelosi is so right

NC legislature approves new district maps


The Con will lose his SCOTUS case...

This Cat Blends In Completely With This Pile Of Leaves

Western Media Whitewash Bolivia's Far-Right Coup

Poll: When will Trump pardon Roger Stone?

40 years late, but, 'better late than never...'

FKA twigs - How's That

This lady heard "pterodactyl" cries coming from a shed!

Richard Nixon finally going to prison...

Colorado day care hid children behind a 'false wall,' police say.. 26 kids under age 3 in basement

This baby wild horse was so skinny when she was rescued -- look at her now!


Western Media Whitewash Bolivia's Far-Right Coup

Man guilty of murdering buddy, stuffing him in trunk and covering scene with chili

FAA administrator tells team to 'take whatever time needed' on 737 MAX: memo

Baby pirate puppy adopts a mama dog ❤️

Marie Yovanovitch receives standing ovation after Trump attacks her during impeachment testimony

Greta Thunberg Sparks Surge In Sailboat Hitchhiking

'Witness intimidation in real-time' - Repukes embarrass themselves when questioned about it

What the GOP fails to understand is that Obama listened to his generals and

(ANOTHER) Dog abandoned on a desert island is thrilled to be rescued ❤️

Election Advocates Demand Decert of New E-Vote Systems that Failed in PA, GA Last Week

Marie Yovanovitch bashes The Hill's faulty reporting that led to Trump's smear campaign --

Planned Parenthood awarded $2M in lawsuit against hidden camera activists

how depressing, local mall already playing xtian carols

Trump Jr and George Conway duke it out on Twitter

Warren is a "Demo-can"

This one-armed squirrel has the cutest reaction whenever his parents get home 🧡

Photo breakdown of Myles Garrett using helmet as a weapon

Watching the hearings with Buddy and Cinder today... (pic)

Fox News Poll Shows Trump Is Crumbling In Two Key Swing States

Gym Jordan's & Stefanik's faces as the applause turns into cheers when Yovanovitch left the room:

Hillary's wish for Stone!

Massive Anti-Coup Protests Explode Across Bolivia 'Against the Many Violations to Democracy'

One thing that bothers me about one of the Republicans' defenses of Trump:

Question on SC and tRUMPS taxes

Democratic Senators must ask Moscow Mitch et al about

In my first week as president, we will introduce Medicare for All legislation.

Trump's honesty was on trial in the Roger Stone case. The verdict was harsh.

Richard Nixon is finally going to prison

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 15, 2019

Fox host admits Trump committed impeachable offense w/ tweet during hearing

Jane Fonda Leads DC Climate Protest For Sixth Straight Friday

Witness tampering is a crime.

Could Trump lose in Nebraska and Georgia where he has a negative approval currently?

New: David Holmes confirmed he overheard a July 26 phone call b/t Trump & Sondland in which Trump...

Roger Stone is an OG....

WaPo's front page on the first day of Watergate hearings --lacked pizzazz

The most deserved Standing Ovation I have ever seen...

Even repeating the false narrative

We need a tsunami

CNN obtains opening statement of witness who overheard trump call and it's Bad!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg back at work after stomach bug

George Conway Slays Junior

Being stupid is not a crime, committing a crime while you are stupid is still a crime...

Here's NY Rep. Elise Stefanik (R) as a child...

(New) Jim Sciutto: David Holmes confirmed he overheard a July 26 phone call b/t Trump & Sondland

Can Stone cooperate NOW to reduce his sentence?

Impeach and other updates

A Texas lawmaker dropped a sealed envelope at the airport. It was filled with four bags of cocaine.

"The Big Stuff"

Just bonding with your barn owl on your bike ride... Gotta love it!

Holmes could hear Sondland tell Trump on the phone that President Zelensky "loves your ass."

The Don had a Horrible, Shitty, Terrible, Really Not Good Day.

Awwww! Okay, I'm jumping over! *bonk*

*Warning (hard to watch)*: This is the woman Amb Marie Yovanovitch was posthumously giving award to

This is the woman who was killed by sulphuric acid in Ukraine, Kateryna Handzyuk


Now She Knows What Happened And Why -- Adam Schiff's Summary Remarks To Marie Yovanovitch

Best video I've seen of the spontaneous applause for Yovanovitch

State department aide confirms Trump-Sondland call about Ukraine investigations

How credible is the witness about to emerge from the secret hearing room?

LOL: Zelensky loves it!

Well I don't love Donald Trump's ass.

Impeachment, removal a top consideration for some Latinos

This awesome shot perfectly sums up the day that republicans had today. 😂

Trump issues pardons in war-crimes cases, despite Pentagon opposition to the move

You lay down with the don't get up

Baby Shark (Soul Version)

A thank you and musical tribute to Amb. Yovanovitch

Thread of support and admiration for Masha

The best reason for a world currency....

You raised $240.00 on November 14, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

CNN: David Holmes Opening Statement posted

NORPAC closing Salem plant, laying off 900 workers

This gave me goosebumps, little girl is very talented!

Jury awards Planned Parenthood $1 million for secret videos

Pompous Pompeo is getting in more trouble...

Trump shouts at a reporter as she asks him about witness intimidation.

Just when I believe humanity has hit rock bottom, it keeps digging

PELOSI re Trump's tweet: "He made a mistake-I think part of it is his own insecurity as an imposter"

Who had the bigger finish?

A picture of just how bad today was for Trump and the GOP:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi....

No smirk, bible in hand...

Four grenades found at Grants Pass McDonald's