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Warren pushes back on critics of her health care plan

Anthem of Europe

Per the WH public schedule, Trump's visit to the hospital had not been scheduled in advance.

Please read the Morrison deposition yourself

Football brings some peace to Sioux family after suicide

Freshmen US Senators from the 2020 US Senate Election cycle.

trump projects. "Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad." tweet

This day in history...

This mother dog's digging her puppies out from under a collapsed building!

Watch these neglected horses get fat and happy 💚

The great American tax haven: why the super-rich love South Dakota

Here's an interesting take on Trump's surprise visit to Walter Reed.

This guy had no idea he would be bringing home some baby skunks!

Classes move to Vienna as Hungary makes rare decision to oust university

This alpaca lives in the suburbs and swims in his family's pool 😎

Never Trump Republican predicts surprise Walter Reed visit an 'excuse' to resign for 'health reason'

Without the internet I would have a much harder time

Malcolm Nance Connects Alt-Right, GOP, White Nationalism, And Russia

What's Not Getting Attention In Climate Debates, Platforms; Actual Carbon Cuts, Drawdowns

Henry Cavill's Superman Workout Will Kill Your Dream Of Being A Superhero

Obama's Coal Ash Regulations Barely Got Going, And Now They're Worse Than Gutted

Pete Buttigieg hits Trump on soldiers' pardons

''We're going to win California. We're going to win the Democratic primary. ... ''

Here's a playbook for defeating the NRA in the wake of the Saugus shooting

Kaepernick throws passes for 40 minutes at strange workout

Biden trolls Trump

Louisiana vote: Democratic gov in nail-biter re-election bid

Veteran helping other military members find jobs after their service: 'You are not alone'

White House backs Stephen Miller amid white nationalist allegations

Air Pollution Forces Delhi Schools To Close For 2nd Time In 2 Weeks

Etch-A-Sketch Museum

White House Budget official says decision to delay aid to Ukraine was highly irregular

Former top GOP oversight aide calls out Elise Stefanik

Stents and bypass surgery are no more effective than drugs for stable heart disease,

New Des Moines Register IOWA poll: Buttigieg 25%, Warren 16%, Biden & Sanders 15%,

Pete Buttigieg surges to first place in Iowa

New CNN Iowa Poll

Guess trump doesn't know ya don't have to yell into the phone on long distance...

the black crowes - she talks to angels (live-4 days ago) F'ING FANTASTIC - where u at GLAM?

Trump administration ousts top homelessness official as White House prepares broad crackdown

5 shot dead in san diego home

Just 1 Problem W. CA Cap-And-Trade Program; Since 2013 Inception, Oil/Gas Industry Emissions Up 3.5%

Are childbirth classes a thing of the past?

"You're goddamned right we're mad."

And subpoenas don't mean anything anymore either. They like their alternative facts.....

Great news on new CNN poll Buttigieg takes big lead

'Absolutely No Mercy': Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims

What is your cat or dog's favorite video/TV show?

Why is "RT America" (Russia Today) running commercials targeting PoC on CNN/MSNBC?

Massive attacks underway against the Kurds in northern Syria. US military are ashamed, "sickened."

Adam Schiff Confirmed Vegan

Turkey launches another 'massive attacks' on the Kurds

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris- Live and Intimate session

Question on Stephanie Grisham -

Rick Wilson had referred to Gym Jordan as #gymbobaggins, but

Smile of the day

Louisianna election : UPDATE Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards wins!!

So Trump is in the hospital ...

The crowd at #RealAmericaForum goes WILD for @BernieSanders

Budget Official Not Sure Why Ukraine Aid Was Frozen

Stefanik's impeachment hearing performance proved to be very helpful..for her challenger, Tedra Cobb

Joke at dinner? T decides to wipe out Obama's work. No seat on plane? Newt shuts down govt SNOWFLAKE

World Energy Outlook, 2017, 2018, 2019. Data Tables of Primary Energy Sources.

So M4A is a vote loser. What about Obamacare?

TRE45SON's visit and "news release" about hospital visit is DISTRACTION

Approximately 23 years ago Richard Jewell got royally screwed after the Atlanta Olympics bombing...

Unvaccinated visitors turned away from American Samoa

In November 2019, billionaire and former Goldman Sachs executive Leon Cooperman

Blade Runner fans - It's now the month the movie takes place

Two Arkansas chemistry professors arrested for allegedly making meth

Turkey launches 'massive attacks' on the Kurds -- US military are 'sickened' by Trump's betrayal: rep

Why Trump Attacked Marie Yovanovitch

Kurds are being slaughtered in North Syria

*UPDATE* Pre-Debate November Tracking Poll for Iowa: Buttigieg surging, other top tier congregating

Do it, baby

This Site Keeps Me Sane!!

Edwards takes lead all Republican counties in. Dems still reporting

Bill Maher New Rules: Just Let It Go

Hong Kong protests see renewed clashes at university

Trump Chest Discomfort Claim After Walter Reed Visit

even freerepub is projecting dems to win LA gov. COMe on!! why do the Dem areas report last??

Looks good to me for John Bel Edwards in Louisiana

Pete supporter joins YangGang after hearing Yang speak at CADEM

Pete supporter joins YangGang after hearing Yang speak at CADEM

HEre it is....trump "chest discomfort" reported

Harry Styles is doing double duty tonight on SNL nt


Stephanie Grisham, Jeanine Pirro Praise Trump's Health After Unexpected Checkup: 'He's Almost Super

Trump gets ZERO human empathy from me. None whatsoever.

2018: Obama Moves Medicare for All into Political Mainstream

Study: Hawaii Has A Number Of Options For A Paid Family Leave Program

I hate it when teams go for 2 down by 1

AP calls it for John Bel Edwards in Louisiana!!

If he resigns the Presidency, he'll lose his protection from being indicted.

tasty freeper tears

Should we now refer to trump as "toxic trump" ?


You say "Trump hater" like that's a bad thing.

White Nationalists Try To Claim Aloha Spirit As Their Own

Fox News

Damn, what got into Bennet?!

This is for Democratic Underground and the DU community.

congratulations gov john bel edwards

La. Republicans fail to win House supermajority.

Gabbard's Base: Overwhelmingly Male, Mostly Conservative

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Jambalaya

John Bel Edwards in his victory speech references trump's support for Baloney Rispone

Judge Allows Katherine Kealoha's Private Attorney To Withdraw

Dem. strategist: LSU/Alabama game contributed to Edwards re-election.

Because Obama's daughter goes to Michigan, will tRump start supporting Ohio State football?

Conservative Denver Radio Host Fired Midshow After Criticizing Trump

Alabama company refuses to print university's LGBTQ-inclusive magazine

Whoever wins needs to make their G.E. campaign about making America a better place

I love you Louisiana!

fox news: Trump Casts Louisiana Vote as Impeachment Referendum

This is what would really fight wealth inequality

Breaking: Mack Cormier just flipped Louisiana's HD-105, a New Orleans suburban district Trump won

How will trump spin Edward's win?

Just.incredible. Mary STEENBURGEN post-op developed musical talent. Has a song possibly Oscar.

I hope he's well enough to DO MORE RALLIES and ENDORSE MORE REPUBLICANS. Womp Womp, Rispone.

Tensions escalated in wind farm protest Thursday night, 26 arrested

With all the Xmas Decorations It's time for this.

Rolling Stone: Warren backs Taylor Swift

I'm still alive.

La Bamba

Gerrymandering: funny-shaped districts aren't the problem

1898 Silent Film Represents Earliest Depiction of On-Screen Black Love

The Band: King Harvest (Has Surely Come)

Trump's Hospital Visit

O.K., Yahoo News is playing with my mind. Stolen Oscar WILDE ring has been found & returned.

Trump administration ousts top homelessness official as White House prepares broad crackdown

Matt Gaetz Demands Prison Sentence For Woman Who Milkshaked Him

Thoughts and Prayers.

SNL: Days of Our Impeachment Cold Open

Trump Demeaned Bureaucrats. This Is Their Revenge.

Sanderson Farms loses $6 million smell suit

So I may have seen a famous ghost...

New Orleans election results should be a message to Repubs in Congress

Andy Stanley tonite:

Waning Gibbous Moon, November 16, 2019.

SNL: Lunch Run

Malcom Nance connects the dots: Russia, Trump and the Republican party.

The demise of the milk industry/dairy farming is sad and unsettling but I laughed simply at the

HEY (L) John (you're no Jack) KennedyIt must suck to lose so much

Wasserman: Southern suburbs are getting bluer.

Election 2019 isn't over yet. We have one more seat to flip.

SNL: Weekend Update

The Sketchy Rehabilitation of George W. Bush

Payday Lenders Suffer Rare Attack of Honesty

Great new video: the Don Father

Why is Schiff mocked as a pencil-neck..

Louisiana delivers Trump a black eye

Turkey Is the World's New Nuclear Menace

Question: Why Walter Reed?

Insurer refusing payment of drug Rituximab

Russia: Criminal Charges for Gay-Friendly Chat Show

If he resigns in exchange for a pardon, will that cover

Aramco seeks $1.7 Tn valuation in largest IPO in history

China sends its first domestically built aircraft carrier through Taiwan Strait

North Carolina lawmakers OK new 2020 congressional maps. Now it's up to the courts.

Octopus Thanks The People Who Saved His Life The Dodo

Impeachment inquiry: Trump ally must choose between loyalty and saving himself

So how many rallies did the Con have in Louisiana and still lose

'The kind of voter Trump can't lose:' Working-class white women drift toward Democrats

The impending end of a crime family? Uribe's brother's 'life saver' flips

Down Memory Lane -Hillary Clinton's health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign

VA to study whether military toxic exposures are tied to veterans cancers, illnesses

Fear-mongering of Colombia's ruling party backfires; senator apologizes

Sentinel for sea-level rise enters testing

Warren doesn't just frighten billionaires - she scares the whole establishment

He's not running. Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones bows out of U.S. Senate bid.

Supreme Court Justice Toffoli Summons Central Bank and Obtains Financial Data of 600,000

Robert Reich: Warren doesn't just frighten billionaires - she scares the whole establishment

Police in Bolivia Pepper Spray Journalist 'On Purpose' During Live Coverage of Anti-Coup Protests

Pope Francis to take anti-nuclear mission to Japan's ground zeros

'This is What a Dictatorship Looks Like': Bolivian Security Forces Open Fire on Indigenous Protester

'This is What a Dictatorship Looks Like': Bolivian Security Forces Open Fire on Indigenous Protester

Police in Bolivia Pepper Spray Journalist 'On Purpose' During Live Coverage of Anti-Coup Protests

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Laughing Stock Edition

I have decided to put you on a diet. Here's a visual aide to help you abstain from eating:

'La Paz is a city under siege': Bolivia's capital struggles as food runs out

Conservative radio host fired midshow for pointing out Trump's corruption

Bernie Sanders got the endorsement of California Young Democrats by a 2/3rd vote on the first ballot

Texas school shooting: Teen ruled incompetent to stand trial

Bolivia's crisis exposes old racial, geographic divides

2020 US Senate Election - Margin of Victory for all US Senate seats up in 2020.

Conservative radio-host fired mid-show for saying that D's have good arguments for impeachment.

Bolivia's Morales was overthrown by a Western coup just like Iran's Mosaddegh

What Trump learned that he was probably warned about and ignored (Bolton)

William Barr's Partisan 'Authoritarian' Trump Defense Triggers Calls For His Impeachment

On the Road with AOC in Iowa

On the Road with AOC in Iowa

I Found Work on an Amazon Website. I Made 97 Cents an Hour.

Conservatives seek to ban Colombia's anti-government protest

Preet Bharara proves that in "political humor," TIMING and BREVITY are CRITICAL.

Mark Ruffalo: I'm with Bernie. ''You are the original progressive. You are the one.''

Operation Northwoods: False Flag Attacks And Regime Change

Operation Northwoods: False Flag Attacks And Regime Change

Sesame Street - Goodbye Mr. Hooper

Inside the newsroom: Why did the Deseret News go into the Amazon rainforest? Here is the answer

Trump to tour Apple manufacturing plant in Austin

Hi y'all! The November Photo Contest is open! Come participate.

They're lying about whether Trump was seen returning to WH

Far right network orchestrated synagogue attacks, FBI says

Son of jailed radicals, reviled by the police union. Now, Chesa Boudin is San Francisco's top cop

Revealed: ex-KGB agent met Boris Johnson at Italian party

A medical question regarding Trump

From 'Veronica Mars' to toxic vapes: The rise and fall of Honey Cut

Hologram-like device animates objects using ultrasound waves

I slopped my troops telling them about a fine nco I met years ago

Beto O'Rourke supporters hold out hope he'll be tapped as VP

Trump: 'Everything very good (great!)' in 'phase one' of physical

Steffi DUI Grisham: It's "irresponsible & dangerous" to question "honest info I put out"

Barr and every other worshipper at the Altar of Trump share this characteristic:

We see you...

Anyone digging up some Barr - Epstein connection?

An immigration officer processed deportations for 20 years. Now he fears his own, after his Mexican

What a fine, upstanding, stalwart, principled, chickehsh*t. . . . Please come CAPTION John Bolton!!!

Sunday Morning Breakfast

LIVE Link: NOV 17 at 10:30AM PT - Cal State Los Angeles Presidential Forum on Latino Issues.

➡️LIVE Link: NOV 17 at 10:30AM PT - Cal State Los Angeles Presidential Forum on Latino Issues.

Did you know that the Duke of York was unable to sweat while partying with Epstein??

In Vegas, one of Martin Luther King's top lieutenants, Robert Green, told Biden why he supports him.

Best guess- Trump was having chest pains

Yet if Fox News doesn't inform citizens, it does sway their votes

Eyeing 2020, Democratic governor candidates seek to break from pack

Off-Year Elections Show Trump's Weakness

The technology of enchantment

How to Give Mars an Atmosphere, Maybe

Fox & Friends hosts deflated after legal analyst drops the hammer on Trump: 'The law is not on the

Fake news grabs our attention, produces false memories and appeals to our emotions

After White House meeting, Giuliani associate Parnas said he was on a 'secret mission' for Trump

This old bird did shake its tail feathers

Sunday morning Bible study.

Confirmed: Voyager 2 has reached interstellar space

Gordon Sondland Was Texting With Ukrainian Officials on WhatsApp Long Before July 25 Call: WaPo

Scientists discover new way to promote insulin production in pre-diabetes phase

Why doesn't one of these hosts point out, Ukraine had no choice?

Stephen Miller is no outlier. White supremacy rules the Republican party

Press secretary says it is 'dangerous for the country' to question whether she is putting out honest

That does it!

Elizabeth Warren's latest Wall Street enemy: private equity Vox

Jim Jordan body language analysis.

Add "womem" to the Trump misspellings and malapropisms...

Trump went to Walter Reed in the afternoon for routine lab tests? I don't think so.

Congrats to Hallie Jackson:

George Conway Lashes Out at Female Republican on Intel Committee, Calls Her 'Lying Trash'

WALLACE Demolishes GOP Talking Point.

Biden Says Marijuana Might Be A Gateway Drug

Is Benjamin Wittes trying to tell us something?

I'm having flashbacks of things that make me realize what a dumbass

Bill Barr's Screed: Blindness about Current Threats

How is public opinion leaning following the initial hearings?

Material Flow Analysis from Origin to Evolution

Charles Pierce: If There's a Gun Left That Isn't Smoking, I Can't Find It

Jihadists Are Advancing in Western Africa

Biden in Nevada: "There's not going to be a lot of time for on-the-job training."

1898 Silent Film Represents Earliest Depiction of On-Screen Black Love

Regarding impeachment, how much stock should be put in public opinion polls?

Why didn't trump have his complete "physical" yesterday? This guy was booked:

Now that's a contented family...

Apocalypse Got You Down? Maybe This Will Help

The White House Medical Unit . . .

While you weren't looking the trade war with China went completely off the rails

Wow. Great article on Hofeller (father of modern RW gerrymandering)

Des Moines Register: Likely caucusgoers in Iowa say Joe Biden is most likely to beat Trump

4 hours is the time frame to rule out a heart attack.

Joy Reid is about to delve into the "firestorm back home" for Jim Jordan! About time this is being..

Bone spur flare-up?

People are freeze drying their pets after they die: 'They don't want to let go'

People are freeze drying their pets after they die: 'They don't want to let go'

Just sold two more paintings!

Colin Kaepernick does not attend NFL private workout

Trumps medical run yesterday.. is Trumps' way out, with a pardon from Pence

Wow..that did not take long...Greta and Trump..

By his lies you shall know him. Trump's "routine" annual physical.

Sunday Morning Wisdom....

Here's hoping that December brings a smaller stage.

Don't panic folks, the Iowa numbers are screwy for a reason.

Sondland Debate and the Primary

Trump actually tells NK Biden isn't a "rabid dog," but advises them to make a deal with him NOW

The truth in front of our noses:...

trump's presidency has been a godsend for me.

You raised $35.00 on November 16, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

CBS News Battleground Tracker: Buttigieg rises in IA and NH, Biden back atop delegate hunt

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 19: Star of the Month: Bette Davis

Sir Paul McCartney among stars helping Fairport Convention's Jerry Donahue after stroke

CBS Battleground Tracker poll, IOWA: Sanders & Biden 22%, Buttigieg 21%, Warren 18%

CBS Battleground Tracker poll, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Warren 31%, Biden 22%, Sanders 20%, Buttigieg 16%

CBS Battleground Tracker poll, NEVADA: Biden 33%, Sanders 23%, Warren 21%

CBS Battleground Tracker poll, SOUTH CAROLINA: Biden 45%, Warren 17%, Sanders 15%

The truth in front of our noses: Donald Trump's behavior is disgustingly corrupt and impeachable

Stuck pets

just sayin' this am

Art has been great therapy. And I just sold two paintings!

What does the Korean word "Arirang" ( 아리랑 ) mean?

International crime syndicate

Trump's errand boy Gym Jordan, as explained by Colonel Kurtz, Apocalypse Now

What parts are you most likely to find the blue-green patina of aged copper?

Trump's 7 deadly sins illustrated

WPost: Dozens of senior officials aware of or involved with Ukraine scheme but failed to expose it.

Rep. Maloney challenges GOP Rep. Stewart

At the border, they took infants away from mothers immediately after childbirth

Trump re-tweets death threat, jokes about it, and blows a big wet kiss to Kim Jong Un.

Is 8.1 to download and 5.7 to upload slow speeds????

Possible nightmare scenario? help me out here please!

Inside the Trump bubble

How FedEx Cut Its Tax Bill to $0

I enjoyed watching . Stephanopoulos Round Table

SNL: "I love you just the way you am..."

May god have mercy on the soul of the person who takes this job:

Dammit! Why do You Tube ads have music that sounds like a porn soundtrack?!?

Are they setting up health issue(s) to stop the hearings

Stop Using Public USB Ports to Charge Your Phone

#Republican, #NY21, @EliseStefanik, is Rep jim jordan's new puppet: tweet.........with a Response

After pitched battle, Hong Kong police move on university campus, begin mass arrests

5-year-old boy takes heroin to school

Slate: Mayor Pete's Big Announcement About Black Support Cited People Who Aren't Black and don't

The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You NYT

Trump has already told the world he might sneak out early. You just had to listen closely.

Figure skater changes costume during performance

Should the house pass a law concerning presidential family members

Deja vu again...they are accusing the Dems of doing what Barr did to the Mueller report.

Trump Has Suffered Big Setbacks Recently

"Thou Shalt Not Lie." When ? 3300 Years Ago in Bible. The reason Trump will not win.

I think the NY Post and other right wing news sources made up testimony about Marie Yavanovitch

Some people think that we should ignore and not respond to Trump's tweets....

A country divided

Sondland acted at Trump's behest, senior official says (WP)

Before leaving Fresno, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dined at this local restaurant

Pelosi warns Trump: 'You're in my wheelhouse when you come after the whistleblower'

Oh my Mr. President,

Keifer question

Malcolm Nance: EVIDENCE: #Russian mercenaries in Syria killing like #ISIS. (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Today would have been my brother Gregory's 49th birthday

What would Putin do?

The Twit tweets: Our great Farmers will recieve another major round of "cash," compliments of China

Bloomberg apologizes for "Stop and Frisk"

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of US Senate Races Democrats could win in a 2020 Blue wave.

What Fiction are you reading this week, November 17, 2019?

Override you replicator's safety protocols!

This is what would really fight wealth inequality

UBI would fight wealth inequality

Getting really tired of this. There is absolutely no explanation that makes any sense.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "Our campaign now has skyrocketed -- or I shouldn't say skyrocketed,...

A quote from author John le Carre...

where did my empathy go?

Cities and states take up the battle for an open internet

Likely Democratic US Senate Nominees in 2020.

From a very young age I followed this saying. It protected me from the worst of life.

The genetic basis of Peruvians' ability to live at high altitude

PELOSI: "I think American people have had a good week - I don't think president has had a good week"

Ukraine scandal is a microcosm of what we already know: Trump's presidency is a failure

If this hasn't been posted...??

Remember, Trump has a history of running, quitting when he knows he is about lose.

Japan team finds 143 stunning new images in Nazca Lines of Peru

Japan team finds 143 stunning new images in Nazca Lines of Peru

I am very concerned about the President's health

I'm soooo getting this bumper sticker!

Could Democrats put the 2020 LA US Senate Race in play with Cedric Richmond or Mitch Landrieu ?

U.S. postpones military exercises with South Korea in nod toward North Korea

Ya think kids in jr, sr high are learning to make extensive notes after every conversation they have

Just great, another way to get ripped off...

The series "Evil" on CBS has me excited to see the next episode,

Barr exposed as...

Put on your Dancing Shoes...

Just thinking, since repugs have elected to forgo a primary

Joe di Genova, Victoria Toensing, Rudy Giuliani, Wm Barr, Firtash, and Shokin worked as a team

Warren Blinks on M4A: Did she make a fatal mistake?

Nancy Pelosi: Trump's Actions 'So Much Worse' That What Nixon Did

Apparently, Trump isn't getting the "loyalty" he deserves...

Hong Kong university under siege by police as authorities warn live rounds are an option

Oh, Hell! Just send a fleet of paddy wagons to the White House

Show of hands: what's your social media of choice?

Hong Kong Polytech University under siege by HK police and PLA

Errol Morris Is as Scared as You Are

November 17 - Happy Birthday Governor Tom Wolf (D) PA

Must-watch new Netflix miniseries "Unbelievable". Toni Collette at her best

Duh! Are Americans too stupid to see this? Here is a question put to Pelosi on 'Face the Nation'.

A Roving Mind

Did Trump Commit 'Bribery'? Pelosi's Impeachment Accusation, Explained

I believe the trip to hospital is a feint. Just like Doral G-7 was a feint.

How long till a photo-op is staged and released demonstrating the health of Dear Leader,

Gordon Sondland, who flaunted Trump access, may offer first-hand account of Trump's Ukraine aims

Everyone gets a turn!

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats are going to win

GOP divided over impeachment trial strategy

Senator Bernie Sanders Holds Rally in El Sereno Ahead of CA Democratic Convention

The chest discomfort would explain the trip to Walter Reed.

An awkward group hug

Buttigieg Jumps Out to Lead in Iowa Poll

Oh really now? How Young People Are Endangering the Car Industry

NFL to fine around 10 players for leaving bench during Thursday's fight

Trump just attacked Jennifer Williams, an aide to @VP and career foreign service officer, as a...

Pelosi Says Trump Has Chance to Testify to Impeachment Panel

Lushootseed is now taught at Marysville Pilchuck. It joins two other schools in the district.

Democrats invite Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry

Sondland appearance should spice up impeachment drama

Here's The Thing, Trumpers. Impeachment Is Not Just About "The Call".

Cities start to deal with the fallout of I-976

U.K. Report Could Not Rule Out Russian Interference

The real reason Trump went to Walter Reed

Man, the Pukes are squirming

Tricky Trumpy

Voters spoke, but I-976 must get court review

Pick a side, America: Law-and-order or conspiracy

Crews work to cleanup oil spill at Shell Puget Sound Refinery in Anacortes

When Repubs claim Dems are trying to "overturn the election" or "undermine voters' intent"...

Can We Finally Stop Calling the Ukraine Call Summary a Transcript Now?

Trump likes the new "Joker" movie so much he's screening it at the White House

Tweet of the Day

Tedra Cobb has now received more than $900,000 since Stefanik's grandstanding on Friday!

Ayanna Pressley's 'Reset' For America

Cartoons 11/17/19

I've always suspected "Q" was a troll. Now I'm almost positive.

FLIPPABLE: Eliz Markowitz for TX-HD28 ( January 28, 2020)

What will Gordon Sondland do? What will he say? What are his options & their probable consequences?

Republican congressman calls new details about Trump revealed in impeachment testimony 'alarming

We're Losing Trump's Trade War

Richard Engel...

Never Trumpers to the left of me, Never Trumpers to the right

Nature is beautiful...

Paying for Civilization

How come no one is asking for thoughts and prayers?


De-Freep this Poll!

Snowy-haired crusader Mike Pence flunks his WWJD exam while hurling top advisor under the bus

Pelosi says Trump's actions are worse than Richard Nixon's and suggests he should resign

Hong Kong police threaten to use live bullets as standoff with protesters escalates

A nine year old with a university degree...!

Governor calls for special session Monday

Pence is in on the bribery too.

Hey M$Greedia

There have been at least 4 first-hand witnesses who have testified in the impeachment hearing

Barr taking one too many steps into the swamp...

Pompous Pompeo getting the war rhetoric ready...

Pelosi is a doggone genious!

Meanwhile, Pence aware of Ukraine extortion...

Democrats Not Headed Too Far Left, Says Ocasio-Cortez, 'We Are Bringing the Party Home'

Panic attack...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 18 November 2019

A shout out to the #YangGang

The lesson from Louisiana is clear:

I'm planning a dinner party. I want to invite Donald Trump Jr.


Maya Rockeymoore Cummings Undergoes Successful Double Mastectomy Surgery.

TPM: The Holmes Prepared Testimony Is a Way Bigger Deal Than Expected

Democrats invite Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry

I'm going to speculate about Trump's visit to Walter Reed yesterday

The Big Con is still in the White House because of Federalist Judges and taxes...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 17, 2019

You know, Speaker Pelosi COULD use Stephen King's latest tweet as her impeachment summary.

Gareth Emery - Long Way Home [Official Video]

Devin Nunes opponent wants followers and retweets

Routine? Glimpse of Trump & what appears to be WH physician Sean Conley getting into motorcade.

I love Dem strategist Adam Parkhomenko!

CNN raves about "A Warning" but ignores "Proof of Conspiracy. Why is that?

Middle-income Americans are increasingly 'financially vulnerable'

Latest tweet from the Con to his best buddy dictator...

Tampa Bay Times, Letter to Editor: Why I went from being a red voter to a blue one

This is ..._______

Automatic Strike Bowling Ball

Italy:Venice, Florence, Pisa experiencing record floods

We'll be measuring sea level rise in feet, not inches Editorial

MSNBC apologizes for "inadvertently" leaving Yang off of another graphic

AOC: I want to be the party of the New Deal again

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight-Looney Tunes-Dumder and Dumbest

In the past, people would be worried

Trump attacks Pence aide who called Ukraine call 'inappropriate'

I think you can place a safe bet

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: Whistleblower 'Weakened' U.S.-Ukraine Relationship