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Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town -- Kenny Rogers -vs- Leonard Nimoy

Oh for Christ's sake: South Dakota launches anti-meth campaign: "Meth: We're on it!"

anyone know anything about a new Mulvaney email?

I oppose the intervention of Bolivia's security forces in the democratic process ...

British Media Harshly Condemns Meghan Markle For Prince Andrew's Defense Of Jeffrey Epstein

Motley Crue to reform - five years after 'final tour'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Photos: Bernie receiving leis from a Hawaiian Air flight attendant for supporting their labor strike

So now?

What is Bloomberg Thinking? Deval?

Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Protesters flee campus on motorcycles

You raised $85.00 on November 17, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Prosecutors in Giuliani case interested in Ukrainian energy company.

Could Democrats retain/regain control of the US Senate in 2022 with a Democrat in the White House?

So, the House is going to investigate whether Trump lied to Robert Mueller. Perhaps we

Teachers to rally to push education reforms

'No One Believes Anything': Voters Worn Out by a Fog of Political News

While folks are talking about weed....

UncleNoel's Pre-Debate November Tracking Poll to date: Biden 27, Warren 19, Sanders 18 [Biden +8]

Why doesn't anyone in the MSM ask republican representatives

Republicans, the Real Chickens of Kiev

DOJ IG to testify to Senate Judiciary. (Barr fuckery coming?)

Nunes Protege Now At White House Sues Politico Over Impeachment Stories

Rugby star criticized for linking Australia's deadly bush fires to same-sex marriage, abortion

U.S. official who overheard key Trump call added to this week's impeachment testimony schedule

Senator Cindy Hyde Smith - Republican Mississippi, Face of Today's Shootings. :Paste Magazine.

Paul Erickson, Maria Butina's bf, pleaded GUILTY to wire fraud & money laundering.

Joe Biden is releasing his plan to end violence against women:

Conservative Radio Host Fired Mid-Show for Criticizing Trump

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly: I heard this live and thought it was my dog.

GOP operative who dated Maria Butina pleading guilty to wire fraud and money laundering

Woman who threw slushie on Matt Gaetz at Pensacola event sentenced to 15 days in prison

Testimony schedule 11/19/19

Julin Castro: If Democrats Don't Elevate Voters of Color, 'Why Are We Democrats in the First Place"

Chick-fil-A is ending donations criticized by LGBTQ activists after years of backlash

Trump's Made-for-TV Trade War Has Few Entertained

Biden-There is a lot of talk out there on where I stand when it comes to our marijuana laws.

Worse than Watergate (and Ukraine)

Eddie Van Halen hospitalized after reaction to cancer drugs

Wow. Chris Cillizza finally realizes Biden "may have more strengths than he is getting credit for"

The Hill vows to review John Solomon's Ukraine pieces

The Hill vows to review John Solomon's Ukraine pieces

GOP Lawmakers 'Shaken' by Overheard Phone Call

Trump's magic is evaporating on the campaign trail

Incoming: transcripts of Holmes and Hale to be released shortly

Mayor of Muncie, Indiana arrested by the FBI amid corruption probe

He Wrote 'Kill All Women,' but a Judge Returned His Guns

Wow, Obama's former doctor is telling Erin Burnett that Trump is having major neurological problems

Pompeo announces reversal of longstanding US policy on Israeli settlements

Will we ever get the REAL answers ?

Transcript of Holmes testimony now available -link added

At embattled Hong Kong university, a dramatic escape

New York State Attorney General investigating WeWork - sources

McConnell demands 'civility' after suggesting his political opponent should die


Supreme Court Temporarily Halts House Subpoena for Trump Records

California to stop buying GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler vehicles over emissions fight

California to stop buying GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler vehicles over emissions fight

'OK Boomer' Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations

Trump Admin No Longer Considers Israeli Settlements In West Bank To Be Illegal

Who farted on Hardball??? Swalwell or Tweety?

The U.S. has the highest child incarceration rate in the world...

Quinnipiac poll of SC has Biden leading in every demographic group EXCEPT 18-34 year olds

Dumpster's Howard Beale routine is growing stale

Dahlia Lithwick: Stop Assuming Republican Senators Will Do the Right Thing

New: DOJ says Saudi Aramco lobbyists don't have to register under the FARA.

Indefinite Stay....!

Russia offers job to Maria Butina, woman convicted by U.S. of being an agent

How Democrats Won In Louisiana

Meanwhile, someone needs to get Joe high...

DEPOSITION OF: DAVID A. HOLMES Friday, Novemben 15, 2O19

If youre on Instagram, and you like Anthony Hopkins

Steyer Group Will Spend $45 Million on Youth Turnout

IRS whistleblower case advances as Senate staff looks at whether political appointee meddled with au

IRS whistleblower case advances as Senate staff looks at whether political appointee meddled with au

Lawsuit could purge 234,000 names from Wisconsin voter rolls

House impeachment investigators release two more transcripts of State Department officials

Biggest vote on Wednesday for legalization...!

The Lounge needs more heroes

F-ing "Giuliani Time" in NYC

Lt. Col. Vindman to describe his alarm over president's call with Ukrainian leader, girding for Repu

Fl.Judge: Candidates in governor's party need not go first on election ballots

Repubs have been claiming David Hale would help their case - Instead, it proves Hannity is a liar

60% for impeachment and removal...

Va. House Democrats File Voting Rights, Gun Safety & Equality Legislation

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

Fox's Neil Cavuto rips into Trump over attacks on Chris Wallace's impeachment coverage

State's coffers start to fill from World Series, NFL bets

Edie, Mweya and Wendi introduce us to their newborn babies

Victory for Brazil tribe as hotel group cancels plans for luxury resort

Shout Out To MIRT- thank you

Ukrainians 'came to understand what was required' to get a meeting with Trump, military assistance,

Holmes Testimony:

NY-21: Trump defender's fame rockets; so does her opponent's fundraising

Verizon and John Olivers Last Week Tonight -- HBO Subscription, but guess what is charged?

Union raises money to help U.S. diplomats pay impeachment legal bills

State Lawmakers roll out session plans at Indiana Chamber luncheon

Meet our next Secretary of Defense

Trump's aides eye moving impeachment witnesses out of White House jobs

U.S. to change migration rules in a bid to send asylum seekers elsewhere

Ozzy loves peaches.

Breaking (wind) News: Swalwell denies it was him...

U.S. Congress seeks answers on patient privacy in Google, Ascension cloud deal

Anyone have the Amazon Echo Silver yet?

Mitch McConnell appeals for civility: US needs to debate 'without acting out'

Renewable energy: climate crisis 'may have triggered faster wind speeds'

Damn!! Here we go with the power shut-offs again

The Senate Is Now Investigating Trump's Treasury Dept For Meddling In Tax Return Audit

So GHOULiani has a red-haired son nepotized whom SHITLER loves?!1

Man pleads guilty to threatening to kill Rep. Omar of Minn.

Holmes on Putin's interest in advancing conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in 2016 election

Brazil says Amazon deforestation is worst since 2008

Brazil says Amazon deforestation is worst since 2008

Medication and lifestyle changes could be as effective as surgery for heart disease, trial finds

After a Secretive Hospital Trip, We Have to Wonder: Is God About to Impeach Donald Trump?(Ferret/SC)

Rowan Atkinson (of Mr Bean fame) on the freedom to criticize ideas

Sounds like a pretty accurate diagnosis to me....

70% minus approximately 20% (nonDem supporters). Let's just stipulate

So Paul Eickson pled quilty and has entered into a plea agreement (redacted).

My hernia is getting so big it's starting

How in the fuck can the republicans

Stefanik's local paper: EDITORIAL: Stefanik is sacrificing her integrity

The Metta Sutta

MAHER preaches "Let it go" - tolerate wingnuts. Well, I'm not.

Woman Who Inherited Huntington's Disease Sues NHS: Another Asks 'Do I Test?'

Anecdotal sharing - my friend's brief encounter with Katie Hill

"This Squirrel Rescued From Hurricane Isaac Can't Sleep Without Her Teddy Bear And People Can't


How Tom Steyer would secure universal health care coverage

About Trump's unscheduled "partial checkup" at Walter Reed this past weekend:

Epstein guards expected to face criminal charges this week: report

WH releases statement regarding Chump's health:

Many Native Americans Can't Get Clean Water, Report Finds

#fartgate is #1 on Twitter and the country is eight years old.

Sondland to trump: "He loves your ass!"

The Daily Show: Trump Sees a Doctor & Diplomats Dish on His Dirty Dealings in Ukraine

CNN at Ukraine restaurant terrace where Sondland / Trump call was overheard.

The Daily Show: Jim Himes - Laying Out the Facts in Trump's Impeachment Inquiry

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Don Johnson Got Stiffed by Donald Trump

Don Johnson Tells Wild Story About How Donald Trump Once Cheated Him On A Boat Sponsorship Deal

Clint Watts just did an analysis on MSNBC about which candidates the Russians' social media efforts

Seth Meyers - The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look

IL-03: Lipinski Seeks GOP Votes In Democratic Primary

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Trump's Worst Policy -- Killing Asylum

Distribution & Type of Marine Debris Polymers on Hawaiian Island Beaches, Sea Surface, and Seafloor.

A ditty for the season

Trump will get a second term because the country

Vice profile of Katie Porter is a must read. You'll love her even more. ; )

Warm, strong welcome for Marie Yovanovitch at DC Jazz club last weekend.

Tweet of the Day

Grace (the puppy) at a kill shelter in miami dade needs a home

Trump and crime family to visit Apple plant in Austin on Wednesday

tweet of the hour

A powerful shot from Hong Kong

(Jewish Group) Phone line/voicemail of Portland Israeli restaurant hacked with anti-Semitic message

(Jewish Group) Graffiti targeting Jews painted on Georgia chuch

(Jewish Group) On Kristallnacht anniversary, yellow stars appear on Jewish homes in Scandinavia

(Jewish Group) Tiny Portuguese Jewish community makes a $1.2 million feature film about its history

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- US Senate Seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

George Takei just endorsed Pete Buttigieg

This is adorable.....

Alleged Cryptocurrency Fraudster Extradited From Thailand To Face Charges In Multi-Million Dollar

Atchison Company Agrees to Pay $1 Million For Violating Clean Air Act

Owners Of Charlotte-Based Fraudulent Debt Collection Company Are Sentenced To Prison For Collecting

Business owner sentenced to 8 years in prison for crimes involving more than $2M in DoD contracts

Hilarious tweet of the night

FBI arrests Muncie mayor amid city fraud investigation

Call of Duty Accused of Promoting Anti-Russian Propaganda

GA-07: Atlanta may have its own AOC

Amish Acres in Nappanee set to close in January after 50 years

No hires yet for South Bend police in last two recruiting cycles

Ford workers ratify new contract that includes $9,000 bonuses

CNN: The Next Three days are crucial for Impeachment Hearings

Former Calumet Township secretary convicted of public corruption seeks leniency

Giuliani's son Andrew. 😳😳😳

Judge rebuffs Trump's bid to delay woman's defamation suit

Colombia's new chief prosecutor: no experience in criminal law despite 99% impunity rate

Land affected by Keystone pipeline leak bigger than thought

Colombia's military on red alert over anti-government protest

Massive 'Red For Ed' rally unlikely to result in immediate changes to Indiana schools, GOP leaders

Russian troops take command of U.S. airbase in northern Syria

Auto union now turns focus to Fiat Chrysler; strike possible

Former pro athlete blames wildfires on gays getting married: "In God's eyes it's evil"

Saudi Arabia outed two journalists. Now they're fleeing for their lives.

Man getting death threats after making a YouTube video where he talked to kids about being gay

Hogsett says he'll veto Democrats' last-minute proposal to raise City-County Council salaries

A sad melody played on a cello.

Pastor tells Democrats to reject Pete Buttigieg because 'it is not the time' for a gay President

This is beautiful... Just have a tissue ready

Indiana Statehouse leaders support raising smoking age to 21

Hateful preacher who thinks gay people should be stoned to death has been banned from New Zealand

'Meth. We're On It.': What to know about South Dakota's new anti-meth campaign and screwup

Fort Wayne won't back ex-GE site loan

Doctors warn of danger of 'feather duvet lung'

Rare photo: MSNBC backstage break room during "Hardball" pilot show, circa 1999.

Molester of girls gets no prison time in plea deal

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening / Newest Zealander Visits PM Jacinda Ardern - 11/18/19

How Elizabeth Warren got to 'yes' on Medicare for All

Why was Trump rushed to the hospital? Count on the media to swallow official lies.

At Columbia College, a contested part-time faculty union election

For the best Medicare model, look down under

Australia interviews Sam Harris on his disbelief that trump is President

Victory for Brazil tribe as hotel group cancels plans for luxury resort

It's Official: Dem Shanda Yates Ousts 32-Year Republican in Mississippi House

I'm looking for a post from a couple of days ago...

32,000 Illinoisans save $8.5 million

Yup. Donald is healthy as a horse ...the back half

Bushfires blanket Sydney in smoke ahead of heat surge

Illinois House approves pension consolidation bill

It's a great day when you wake up knowing that one of the leaders

Illinois Senate gives final approval to insulin price bill

Opera vs Trump

Senate President Cullerton to retire

Cullerton's complicated exit: disgruntled aide muzzled after money went missing

Straight Pride attracts a crowd of 2

Democrats Warn Against Trump's 'Destructive' Pro-settlements Move

Red-light camera companies can hire public officials as sales agents without disclosing it. That's

Many Native Americans Can't Get Clean Water, Report Finds

Jeopardy to host Greatest of all Time Tournament starting Jan 7

Lightfoot's minimum wage compromise advances, to cheers from restaurant owners

Lynn Rosenthal Former White House Advisor on Violence Against Women: I know Joe!

This elderly Northern lady has just produced the best joke on Brexit to date

If Uber will guarantee that $50 million, Lightfoot might want to get on board

Impeachment Spawns New Scandals Despite Democrats' Narrow Focus Rachel Maddow

PBS News Hour video: Is the distinction between migrant and refugee meaningful?

Battle lines drawn: Madigan 'stands by' his 'thoughts' about Arroyo successor selection

Bernie Sanders' campaign says it's reached 4 million donations

Chicago holds lottery for chance to sell legal weed in the city: 'African American participation at

156 years Ago Today; Lincoln addresses crowd at cemetery dedication ceremony at Gettysburg

Ex-Envoy to Testify He Didn't Know Ukraine Aid Was Tied to Investigations

Bernie Sanders Is Changing Progressive Politics

Bernie Sanders Is Changing Progressive Politics

Bernie Sanders' campaign says it's reached 4 million donations

New Asylum Rule Would Hit DFW Immigrants and Organizations Hard

Breakfast Tuesday

International Mens Day

With all the news coming out of Kiev...

Top Diplomat Testified Pompeo Called Hannity About Yovanovitch Smears

Tuesday TOONs - Trump Ready to Testify

From Clint Watts and FPRI: What does Russian state media say about the Democratic candidates?

Pelosi Says Trump Committed Extortion and Bribery

What is your Thanksgiving Day menu?

Number of Texas Abortion Clinics Has Dropped by Nearly Half Since 2013

New study finds journalists score far lower in moral reasoning than they did 13 years ago

The Rundown: November 18, 2019

Eric Swalwell has been EXONERATED

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/13/19

Delray Beach man awarded $157M in husband's tobacco death

Book Review: 'All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon's Perspective on Climate Change'

Decades old canned apples. Mmmm, mmmm, good!

Margaret and Helen still rule!

"Frank & Cindy." Excellent little indie gem!


Juice Jacking: Don't plug into public USB charging stations at airports and malls, officials warn

Do you think most mass shooters are mentally ill, or are just

Impeachment schedule today.

The Sun Will Set In Barrow, Alaska This Afternoon And Won't Rise Again Until 2020

Aerial View: Bernie Sanders Rally Los Angeles, CA Nov 16, 2019

Aerial View: Bernie Sanders Rally Los Angeles, CA Nov 16, 2019

I have the feeling that Mr. Barr is about to point away from Trump and shout

State workers: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' budget bolder and better for everyone -- but them

Lowering the Barr

State lawmakers favor disbanding the city of Weeki Wachee

Climate Crisis is high on American's support list.

Support staff are the backbone of Florida's schools, but they're ignored in the debate about teacher

Is this totally creepy or what?

November 19, 1915 Joe Hill was executed by firing squad

ransomware attack on louisiana state computers

U.S. breaks off talks with South Korea over costs of military alliance

Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation

"Unorthodox" Criminal ?

Just finished

Pipeline bill's backers, critics both lobby Evers as signing deadline nears

BTRTN: Republican Impeachment Defense Release 13.0. "The Senate Won't Convict. Screw You, Democrats"

BTRTN: Republican Impeachment Defense Release 13.0. "The Senate Won't Convict. Screw You, Democrats"

Warren goes local in race to build 2020 movement

George Carlin - fart jokes

WH Press Sec Stephanie Grisham claims Obama aides left 'you will fail" notes in offices for Trump...

Two "Anonymous" candidates we can eliminate. It's not John Kelly or Kirstjen Nielsen.

Mike Pompeo: Last in His Class at West Point in Integrity

Yet conservatives cry that Twitter is shutting them down

Trump and Republicans are on the hunt for Real Crimes


Meet Ron Johnson: The Politician Who's Fighting for Your Right to Vape

M$NBComcast went down last night - I suspect the bad weather

White supremacist accidentally sets own head on fire while trying to burn down synagogue

U.S. Diplomat Says 'Someone Named Giuliani' Claimed to Be Adviser to Mike Pence...

Trump-friendly judges run out the clock on impeachment

Fox & Friends asks President Trump not to tweet during today's impeachment hearings

Huey,Dewey and Louie gang up to blame poor old Mike

Virginia Democrats could repeal right-to-work. It shows how America is changing.

Kamala - Let's be clear: marijuana isn't a gateway drug and should be legalized.

So Purdue Pharma funds the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Nunes goes after the media.....when all else fails.

US Army prepared to move Col Vindman & His Family to Military Base for their safety

Nunes voters failed kindergarten six time before

Trump Disappears After Unscheduled Hospital Visit

Roger Stone Guilty on ALL COUNTS, Trump EXPLODES

For those unable to hear Nunes' "opening statement", it is, in a nutshell:

Speaker Pelosi is a genius.

A Texas company devalues sand mines in Wisconsin

A small detail : Donald Trump works for the American people.

Institutions, Like Individuals, Must Earn Respect Through Actions

BREAKING Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Two Jail Workers Arrested

U.S. Walks Out of Military Cost-Sharing Talks With South Korea

We aren't obliged to pretend there's a shred of legitimacy to the GOP argument.

What Is Pence's Office Hiding?....

Vindman addresses his dad, "Do not worry. I will be fine for telling the truth."

Trump's using impeachment as insurance against his possible loss in a "rigged" 2020 election...

How in Earth did Wisconsin go from Russ Feingold to this miserable POS?

Jerusalem Post: Likud and White & Blue holding "secret meetings"


Please post an M$NBComcast link for me

Venezuela refugee crisis to become far worse, surge to 6.5 million, U.N.-EU conference told

Maduro says 'thank God' for dollarization in Venezuela

Trump's Syria Withdrawal Aided ISIS

The US economy is losing billions of dollars because foreign students aren't enrolling

Biden Wins Endorsement of Gold Star Family

David Young Clings Tight To Trump In Radio Interview

New Arizona Development Bans Residents From Bringing Cars

Netanyahu celebrates US settlement decision in West Bank

On this date-

Work related issue-any advice

Tommy Dorsey was born on this date-

Texas family told by their HOA to take down their too-early Christmas decorations

Nunes is using Ms. Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman to read out conspiracy theories.

Why was this thug out on a "signature bond" anyway? (Updated)

Florida Man goes to court!

Again, Nunes says there was no Russian meddling in 2016. Quote the Mueller report!!!

2 Jailers Expected To Be Charged In Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Report

Are we to presume that anyone that opposed Donald Trump is a suspect?

Williams (to Nunes), "Just to clarify that I was in the office of the Vice President not the NSC."

O M F G !!! I LOATHE these traitors!!

Hwangseong Ruins ( 황성옛터 - 이정표 ) Jungpyo Lee

Quid Pro UH-OH: Vindman - Sondland said Ukraine would have to provide "deliverables" to get meeting

"It's Lt Colonel Vindman to you," Mr Nunes!

My therapist told me that I have an intimidating presence. So I

Vegan man sues Burger King claiming meatless burger is cooked on same grill as meat

So, have their been any tweets yet this morning from #FakePhysical Boy about today's hearing?

Trump is going through a dangerous mental crisis

Vindman Just Destroyed Trump's Ukraine Call Cover Story

They got nuttin'

Devin Nunes Repeats Russian Talking Points At Impeachment Hearing

Drawing an apt comparison, Trump's doctor says he's fit as a fiddle and fully physically ready to...

White House Claims Obama Left Them Hostile Notes, Which Nobody Has Seen

Key Senate Republicans say Biden can break Washington gridlock

Valerie Jarrett to Stephanie Grisham: "Produce the notes that back this up"

Does anyone know who the guy over Castor's shoulder is?

My favorite moment so far:

Vindman corrects Nunes: "Ranking Member, it's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman."

Volker sent text to Zelensky 30 min before July 25 phone call


Do you remember the GWB-administration playing victim when they took over from Bill Clinton?

The Real Deal with M4A with Robert Reich

What is he doing here? Insinuating he's a spy, the Whistleblower?

Cute nurse

4 Democratic Candidates Press For Inquiry Into NBC's 'Toxic Culture' Ahead Of Debate

"#DevinNunesIsAnIdiot" trending at #1

"Ranking member, it's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman."

Woman Visits Stray Dog Every Day Until He Finally Lets Her Pet Him

I figured out who left the "You Will Fail" notes for Stephanie Grisham

Gym Jordan trying to tear down Lt. Col. Vindman....

Jim Jordan

New poll shows likely Iowa Democratic caucusgoers divided on health care

Fine Young Cannibals - Suspicious Minds

Jim Himes just kicked ass!

This is what the GOP defense has been reduced to...

dear mr ratfucker, quid pro quo was trump's term....Speaker Pelosi has her term 'bribery'

If my memory is correct, this is exactly what the #NoDAPL movement warned about.


Trump is all wound up.

IRS Whistleblower Cites Pressure on Trump Audit (improper interference by Treasury)

King Buzzo -'cause the Melvins are like too main stream man

IRS Whistleblower Cites Pressure on Trump Audit

Paul Krugman speaks for me.

Is Trump tweeting? nt

Laid off after 62 years on the job

Roger Stone's Head

Let's see, we have Trump, Jordan and Nunes attacking Lt Col Vindman.

One woman describes how she became a Yang supporter

The '70s strike again.

Capitalism is working fine

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls - Live in Hyde Park 2019

quit bro, go!

The rest of the world will not blame Donald Trump for the threats and instability

Trump said he went for a physical Saturday; his wife said "darling, that's wonderful

To the OK Boomers..

Why Trump Won't Release his Taxes, CNN- May 7 2019, Chris Cillizza

*NEW* Climate Nexus Poll - Georgia: Biden 31%, Sanders 14%, Warren 14%, Harris 4%, Buttigieg 4%

in what context

These male Ohio Republicans Reps suck bilge water. End of message

On this date, November 19, Ford's Edsel division both started (1956) and ended (1959)


You need this laugh....Fartgate....

Vindman testified that on July 26 the determination was made that

Perhaps, might, potentially in some way, have the appearance for a conflict of interest

Good news. I can move my toes at the same time!

Humanity for Yang (volunteer-made ad)

The smoking text


Can someone clarify for me as I am not able to watch the testimony...

Eat just one! Go ahead, I dare you!

Bernie Sanders Riding Wave of Momentum Heading into November Democratic Debate

I'm disappointed that CBS is airing soap operas instead of the hearings like NBC & ABC.

Bernie Sanders Riding Wave of Momentum Heading into November Democratic Debate

China signs defense agreement with South Korea as U.S. angers Seoul with demand for $5 billion troop

The Hill is trash.

Americans have questions about Medicare-for-all. Canadians have answers.

After Chick-fil-A halts anti-LGBTQ donations, Gov. Greg Abbott says he's going to Bill Miller Bar-B-

Gym Jordan and Devil Nunes are shitbags

Las Vegas victim dies, making deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history even deadlier

How to watch the November Democratic debate: Schedule, rules and more

If Lt. Col. Vindman was a North Korean General, Trump would salute him

Thom Hartmann's History of SCOTUS' Contribution to Corporatism's Eventual Betrayal of Democracy

"Jim Jordan just got so abused you'd think think Jim Jordan was looking the other way during it"

Do you think he did it?

Why the fuck wouldn't you wear your dress uniform when appearing before a congressional committee?

I'm for Elizabeth, Bernie or Kamala, but I would rather have Amy than either Joe or Pete

Lt Colonel Vindman- Powerful....Powerful words

Trump bashed Nancy Pelosi for an impeachment quote. It actually came from a Fox News reporter.

More grounds for impeachment?

Thank you Lt. Colonel Vindman

Johnson, Corbyn to Square off in 1st UK Election Debate

They are simply striving to develop soundbites in the hearing. They've got Nothing.

"OK Boomer..." "No Problem"

Trump on Vindman: 'I understand now he wears his uniform when he goes in'

Jim Himes (CN) NAILS the GOP's Traitor Politics.

Trump says Jacket Off, The Cow, Stefanik & Co. "absolutely killed it" in today's hearings.

Thank you thread for Lt Col Vindman

Vindman: Trump's Ukraine Phone Call 'Undermine[d] Our National Security'

Moment of the day: Rep. Maloney asks Lt. Col. Vindman to re-read the message for his father (video)

Calling what Trump did as a matter of "policy differences"...

Raised toilet seat question ?

Why would they even consider

Have you no sense of Decency? NO the White House and the GOP henchmen don't possess a consicience

Trump says GOP 'absolutely killing it' in impeachment inquiry

Rep. Sean Maloney Brings The Closer's Case Home -- Country Over Party!

I guess I don't understand the impeachment process

Schiff to Vindman: You Did Your Duty -- Closing Statements Day 3 Impeachment Hearings

The Melvins! 'cause King Buzzo is not loud enough

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: He's making a list. A very long list.

President Trump said Tuesday that he does not know Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the White House nati

Dog Sneaks Into The House Next Door To Join Kids' Bath Every Night

EU holds firm on West Bank settlements as US eases stance

Trump Rolls Back EPA Oversight in Midwest, Favoring Polluters

At what age did you had more in common with those older than you vs younger?

Kyuss - 'Cause I SAID SO!

need video of Trump's attack on the press today

Large gender bias class action vs Sterling Jewelers revived: U.S. appeals court

American and Australian hostages released as detained Afghan insurgent commanders flown to Qatar

You raised $20.00 on November 18, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Donald Trump Jr. blasts Vindman as a 'low level partisan bureaucrat'

Glad to report all 3 drs offices today had the hearings on

Bernie Sanders hits 4 million donations mark, campaign announces

Told myself I was going to limit how much I watched

Washington Bans Vaping Products Containing Vitamin E Acetate

The top 1% owe 70% of unpaid taxes. Collecting less than a third of those taxes can fund all of this

Gala raises funds for Genesis Project's work to save women and girls who are trafficked

Unpacking Media Propaganda About Bolivia's Election

Eric Swalwell debunks Elise Stefanik's entire defense of Trump in just 15 seconds

Unpacking Media Propaganda About Bolivia's Election

1974 Impoundment Act

GOP Bottom Line: Absolve Russia of Sabotaging 2016 Election & Help Rig 2020 For Trump Too

South Dakota says, 'Meth. We're On It,' and Twitter asks, Are you guys OK?

Vindman has witness's called the United States Army


Why is it OK for the congress to lie when they are asking questions?

Former Seahawk Richard Sherman kick-starts Maple Valley Food Bank resupply

Ensuring Voter Access For Our Democracy

Vindman's dress uniform reveals a tug of war using troops as political totems, experts say

Navy Officers Say 'Unknown Individuals' Made Them Erase Evidence of 2004 UFO Encounter

Vindman chides Nunes: 'It's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman please'

So, would it bolster the case for impeachment if "someone" could use a Sharpie on the

Sweden drops investigation of Assange.

Thanksgiving Dish That You Can Not, Will Not Eat Under Any Circumstances?

Read: Jennifer Williams' opening statement at impeachment hearings

CBSN just floated the idea of the House "possibly" deciding to only "censure" Trump

BREAKING: 16-year-old girl arrested in plot to attack predominantly black church

Outgoing Warren City Council Voted To Give Itself Free Health Care For Life

National Grid: 300MW of Halted Solar Can Move Forward With No Upgrade Costs

Read: Alexander Vindman's opening statement at impeachment hearings

Nunes filing frivolous lawsuits...again

Volker is going to have a lot of explaining to do, but I don't think he's going to....

Vindman testified Tues he listened to both of Trump's Ukraine calls: corruption was NEVER* mentioned

a thought about subpoenas and scotus. correct me if i'm wrong.

Why didn't Trump call for an investigation of corruption and the Bidens in his first 2 1/2 years?

Colombia's prosecutor general's office raided in Odebrecht investigation

A momentary break for this cuteness

Cartoons 11/19/19

"Michelle and I wish you and Melania the very best as you embark on this great adventure"

You're not required to like this guy's opinions one bit. But do you know what you can do about that?

If the House votes to Impeach Trump

FACTS DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! Obama's Economic Record Crushes Trump's!

The Other Americans: Indigenous Guatemalans Mobilize to Denounce Coup in Bolivia

Whistleblower lawyer lashes out at Jordan: 'I AM TIRED OF YOU LYING IN A HOUSE COMMITTEE ROOM'

Wasn't there supposed to be another hearing at 2:30?

Why House Dems Have New Questions Over Whether Trump Lied To Mueller The 11th Hour MSNBC

China signs defence agreement with South Korea as US angers Seoul with demand for $5bn troop payment

"Let's see what he's tweeting about Joe Biden's kid today.."

Fact check: Whistleblower's lawyers push back on Republican congressman's claims

Faux News trying to promote smear that Lt. Col. Vindman was offered Ukraine Defense Minister

On this date, November 19, seven score and sixteen years ago....

Eric Swalwell Calls Trump A 'Crime Spree In Progress' Who Keeps Proving His Own Guilt

Just heard on MSNBC that Volker may be "amending" his deposition.

Turtle speaks: "Inconceivable to me" that there would be enough Senate votes to remove Trump

I'm gonna tell you younger people something

Before we can rein in hate crime, we have to admit the size of the problem

Here's the question that every apologist for the Republican committee members should be asked:

The UK's Johnson/Corbyn debate is underway...

Dance! Dance like someone is watching!

Did you hear that?

The Big Cons day so far...

House Votes to Push Government Shutdown Risk to December

The Real Deal with Medicare for All with Robert Reich

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Greenpeace are at odds on nuclear energy.

Well, this is discouraging...

Top Democratic Consultants Working for Anti-Medicare for All Campaign

'Silent' or 'Boomer'?

The Sleazy Career of Kurt Volker

This morning putting socks away, as I matched them I thought "what if the ones I'm putting together

In the last 60 days the Con has destroyed America's foreign much more will he destroy?

"Actually, I'm gonna speak on it." #WomenForYang

The Castro Brothers, being twins, beards and a LTC today

Bernie Sanders' Stance on Bolivia Matters

Trump impeachment: President mocks witness [Vindman] for wearing military uniform

A tale of 2 NFL QBs

Georgia 2020: Andrew Yang and Dominique Wilkins shoot hoops, talk election

'I don't recall'

When all the debris is swept away...

GOP senator says it's unfair to Trump to let whistleblower remain anonymous

Has Trump been seen in public

What did the GOP hope to hear from Volker? Apparently they didn't get it???? nt

Andrew Yang - "It's Time for Facebook to Grow Up" (CA DEM interview)

Happy World Toilet Day!

Will Someone Give That Poor Woman Sitting Behind Volker.....

Important Update re: McGahn from DC Fed Courthouse...


Jim Jordan Trips Over His Asshole Trying to Malign Lt. Colonel Vindman

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Oh, my gosh! A new potato recipe

Criminal enterprise in death of Epstein...?

I just bought my first rutabaga.

Unsung hero in all of these public hearings: Dan Goldman

Some repubs are vilifying filet-o-chick, maybe we should help them out.

So, you're the Minority Counsel...

Andrew Yang Is Not Nearly As Rich As You'd Think

local newspaper that once endorsed Stefanik lowers the boom;

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 19, 2019

How Does Nunes Know The TV Ratings Are Way Down?......

Pentagon: President Trump's order to withdraw troops from Syria allows ISIS to rebuild

Sergii Leshchenko: Republicans keep lying about me at impeachment hearings

There is an impeachment inquiry going on, and Devin Nunes is obsessed about ratings?

Elise Stefanik Makes Case that Don Jr and Eric Trump Must Resign from Trump Organization

Diogenes Nunes searching for a bag of exculpatory blames media lights for his fail. nt

All day I've stifled the urge to ask this Nunes question.

FUCK Nunes and the Russian pony he rode in on ('The Drug Deal the Dems are Cooking Up Now')

BREAKING: Buttigieg takes lead in NH Primary poll...

Nunes did his spiel and talked about the ratings being low for the hearing.

Is Vancouver the best city in North America?

Vindman blows up Jim Jordan's smear of his service by reading glowing performance review

I just gave at the office. Aint no office! 😆 Body of email I got. Please consider:

Nunes is udderly ridiculous...

In Trump's retelling of the "phase 1 physical" story, Melanie called him "darling" twice.

Ex-envoy testifies he was 'surprised' by additional attempts to get Ukraine President to announce Bi

Before We Find Aliens, Humans Need to Figure Ourselves Out, Anthropologist Says

How is this testimony working for Trump?

Hey, Amb. Volker! Here's where Trump gets his information about Ukraine...

Updated: Neither Volker nor Morrisson are telling the (whole) truth imo.

Brazil's Space Agency Reports Soaring Rates Of Rainforest Destruction

Yahoo News typo? calls Faux Propaganda Network's Jesse WATTERS a "liberal"!1

Solidarity in opposing the Bolivian coup

So, Morrison had "no concerns" about the July 25th call, yet he advocated "restricted

Republicans Have Rolled Out at Least 22 Trump-Ukraine Defenses, Many of Which Contradict Each Other

D.C. sues DoorDash for allegedly pocketing millions in food-delivery workers' tips

Outdated poverty data funneled millions to wealthy D.C. neighborhoods, Post analysis shows

Patrick defends corporations, says we all bear responsibility for inequality

Luckovich-Whoever wins first primaries will have a good chance.. of being investigated by ....

Howz about some birds with arms for a Wed. lift

The Political Utility of Feeling the Bern

The Political Utility of Feeling the Bern


Navy Wants to Eject From SEALs a Sailor Cleared by Trump, Officials Say

McCarthyism: 'Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir?'

The US economy is losing billions of dollars because foreign students aren't enrolling

Chick-fil-A backtracks, won't pledge to end donations to anti-LGBT charities

You are aware that investigations are about something in the past?

Joshua Johnson's Move To MSNBC

What is a good news consolitation page for my browser homepage.

Volker's perjuring himself on live tv.

Devin Nunes, I remember a couple years ago, Bill

Nunes wants to get his drink on. Pissy about the time

Ranking Member Nunes is a COW FUCKING ASSHOLE

Impeachment Timeline

John Dean looks confused

From SCIF to Bunker to Dungeon

Hearing Volker's "re-remembering" of "what was actually said" after Ambassador Sondland's

I'm in the car listening to this on Sirius so don't always know who's who, but...

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will issue her decision on Donald McGahn's testimony by Monday

Most (56%) Americans Think Trump Committed An Impeachable Offense

It's almost 7 p.m. in DC. The hearing still grinds on.

Has the Orange Asshole been seen in public since his partial, annual physical?

Bloomberg Run Could Cause Big Donors to Stay Out

Terri Sewell is the lone Democrat of the Alabama congressional delegation.

Gym Asshole is shouting.

Just wondering if

Quote of the Day (Political Wire)

Mr. Jordan, please speak a little bit louder and a little bit faster!!!!

More blah blah blah from Jim Jordan.

Republican Witnesses Blow Massive Hole in GOP's Defense of Trump