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Archives: November 20, 2019

Dave Ramsey and class structure.

Jacketless Jackass Jordan

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, is back on the bench after falling ill


I have Devin Nunes with a slim 13 to 11 lead over Jim Jordan in the daily

Donald Trump is so dumb, _______________?

PPIC CALIFORNIA poll: Biden 24%, Warren 23%, Sanders 17%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 7%, Yang 5%,

OH Predictive Insights ARIZONA poll: Biden 29%, Warren 18%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 5%,

I was not able to listen to much of the hearings today.

Biden beats Trump in GA by 4% in latest poll. Sanders by 3% and Warren by 1%

If Buttigeig becomes Biden's VP running mate,

dear ms. Stefanik, read the 'transcript'



Kurt Volker became "comfortable" with Trump's presidency

Yesterday at the grocery store

Climate Nexus GEORGIA general election poll: Only Biden beats Trump

New York Yoga Works Teachers Vote to Join Machinists Union in Historic Election

Army Reportedly Ready to Move Vindman Family Onto Base if They're in 'Physical Danger'

Saint Anselm NEW HAMPSHIRE general election poll: Biden +8, Buttigieg +7, Sanders +3, Warren +1

Its getting close to 8pm EST... how long will they keep this going?

Republicans Now Questioning Whether Purple Heart Recipient Is Loyal to the United States

2020 US Senate Election - US Senate seats that will put Democrats in the majority.

Using grab bag of arguments, Republicans stick together against impeachment

Swalwell Farts All Over Morrison

Indiana cop fired after stopping black customers for acting 'suspicious'

Best Moment: Jim Jordan Pays A Heavy Price For Acting Like A Jack(et)-Off.

Elise Stefanik is Devin Nunes in a dress.

Yovonovich told Ukraine it could not investigate Burisma? Where that that come from?

Trump slams Pelosi as 'grossly incompetent' for trade deal handling, calls impeachment inquiry a 'ka

GOP Witness Volker Defends Biden, Says Corruption Allegations Are 'Self-Serving' and 'Not Credible'

Another standing ovation for the ambassador

A little video, in case you missed today's Trump comb-over. Coiffed with a Garden Weasel?

How many DA's, ADA's lawyers are on the Democratic side of this Investigation?

House passes temporary spending bill to stave off shutdown

Bolivia clashes leave three dead as security forces break fuel blockade

Tim Morrison is a space alien

Guards Accused of Napping and Shopping Online the Night Epstein Died

Poker Players

NH Poll has Mayor Pete in 1st place

Moving in Seattle? Here are the neighborhoods that had the largest rent increases

Stinking rain....

Hillary Clinton calls for Stephen Miller's removal, says his presence is an 'emergency'

Takeaways: Trump request to Ukraine seen as a "demand"


So, A$AP Rocky Is Designing Uniforms for Swedish Prisons Now

US Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Oregon) endorses Biden

I don't think we did as well today as yesterday

'The Hollywood Ten' Blacklist, Anti- Communist 'Red Scare' Cold War Era

You have Awakened the World.

Devin Nunes is spouting off now.

'A Liar' And 'A Fanatic': Calls To Impeach AG Barr After Speech Attacking 'The Resistance' MSNBC

Schiff is making a grand closing statement.

Joe Biden's super PAC lands powerhouse fundraiser Jennifer Bayer Michaels

May I please beg forgiveness from the state of OH for Gym Jacket-Off Jordan.

We're here, outside one of his hotels, to insist Gordon #Sondland to tell the truth tomorrow at his

Look at them hang their heads in shame as Adam Schiff levels the closing arg boom

Images of 2 people in uniform testifying to Congress - which one is the patriot???

They're Blue Collar, and They Think Biden Is an Average Joe

#HistoryWillRememberTrump is trending on twitter

Great NYT Op Ed "Colonel Vindman's America. It's not a place that Donald Trump knows much about"

Embattled Illinois prosecutor announces bid for reelection

Salon: There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate

Why do we swear people in?

"a routine, planned interim checkup as part of the regular, primary preventative care"

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi will save the Republic

With Bonnen sidelined, House Republicans spearhead new PAC to protect majority

No applause

I can see this question creeping into the impeachment inquiry

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

Disarming the NRA: How Guns Flipped Virginia Blue

Bernie Sanders campaign says it has gotten 4M contributions

Bernie Sanders sets a new record with 4 million donations

Both parties are the same? Oh really? Hmmmmm

Obama will always be my litmus test for what I want in a President.

FYI Dan Froomkin, formerly of WaPo, Intercept, huffpost, has a new project

Campaign Almanac: Sanders campaign says it's reached 4 million donors

Ukrainian gas executive cooperating in US probe of Giuliani

Clean Energy Corridor....what's this? The cross Maine Irving energy plan for Canada?

California puts brakes on fracking permits in oil crackdown

What is that?

Nunes attempt to co opt Bolton's "drug deal" meme

I love the deep state

Biden: This election is about the soul of our nation -- and Donald Trump is poison to our soul.

AMA calls for total ban on all e-cigarette, vaping products

Amazon says it's considered face scanning in Ring doorbells

Rachel has a logo tonight.

Back to the spams and scams. I mentioned a call about "breach in my iCloud account"

Geraldo Wins The Billy Madison Award Of The Day

The best thing I heard from today's testimony was?

This researcher created an algorithm that removes the water from underwater images

Congress wants review of Keystone pipeline in wake of spill

We were right about The Hill -- it is a rightwing source

Top Republican sues Gov. Tony Evers under open records law

Arizona man guilty of making ammo sold to Las Vegas shooter

Tweet of the Day

In hindsight and on the other hand

Republican values shown by how the GOP treats these two members of the military

I'm shocked there were no comments from DUers about the Karen Hunter interview with Andrew Yang

How weird is it that the anti-impeachment people

France: pregnant woman killed by dogs during hunt with hounds

Key 20 second clip -- Morrison testifies that there was a corrupt quid pro quo

Critics of Georgia's new voting machines accused of election interference

Critics of Georgia's new voting machines accused of election interference

SurveyUSA GEORGIA poll: Biden leads Dem field by about 20 points, would beat Trump by 4 points

Rick #3 Perry

David Corn: Impeachment Day 3: Republicans Continue Their Attack on Reason and Reality

States that has and will have 2 Democratic US Senators.

Internet fraud: Nigerian scammer 'pulls off $1m heist' from prison

Austria to turn Adolf Hitler's birthplace into police station

Massive Dark Money Group Boosted Democrats

Kurt Volker just made the case that the Mueller investigation was legitimate and justified.

"South Dakota jails drug offenders, and particularly Native citizens, at rates that boggle the mind.

Our tax dollars hard at work on "the official WH acct"

Rep. Adam Schiff's Closing Statement -- Impeachment Hearings, Day 3

NYT: Colonel Vindman's America - It's not a place that Donald Trump knows much about.

No confirmation, no photo. CBP says Trump's image the only one allowed on agency walls.

The ultimate loyalty test.

Are LA Sheriff's Deputies Harassing The Families Of People They Shoot And Kill?

Somebody put Boomhauers voice over Jim Jordan

Pompeo Looking for a Smooth Exit From Trump Administration Amid Impeachment Scandal: Report

Naveed Jamali tweet to Geraldo Rivera abt whether Geraldo's name rec got job for daughter on Fox

If Romney and Flake keep attacking Trump and guys like Miller is it possible Utah could go blue?

Grown men are scared of Greta Thunberg

Trump self incriminates

Emails show Stephen Miller targeted Rubio, had editorial sway at Breitbart

An important part of LTC Vindman's testimony

NBCnews: Russian web trolls boo Biden, boost Tulsi Gabbard.

Sickening Beyond Disgust!!

Viewpoint: 'We're living in an age of surveillance capitalism' BBC Ideas

Gov. Tony Evers signs bipartisan bills in Oshkosh for emergency services, vaccines, 911

More Evers promises limited by Republican opposition

The Army and Navy just sent a signal as clear as day

Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman. ☠️. 1994 suggestion

The Daily Show: Trump Is Totally Healthy

4 things most shooters have in common...

The Daily Show - Eric Swalwell: Fartgate 2019

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Will 'Strongly Consider' Testifying & His Health is 'Very Good (Great!)'

Seth Meyers - Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Found Guilty - Monologue - 11/18/19

Meet the woman who emailed White House's anti-Vindman talking points to "allies of the president"

Whoever wins for us

History Will Remember Trump as never going a day without saying something stupid

So very discouraged

Law officers refusing to do their jobs

Seth Meyers- Lt. Col. Vindman, Jennifer Williams Give Damning Impeachment Testimonies: Closer Look

White House uses federal Twitter account to attack a member of the military.

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

Trump Warns Republicans If They Vote to Impeach He Will Campaign for Them Like He Did in Louisiana

This guy never planned on adopting a special needs cat while he was in med school ❤

OH-04: Ex-GOP farmer who voted for Trump to challenge Ohio's Jim Jordan

Watch these baby sea turtles race to the ocean!

Even though I am for Warren, my gut feeling is that Biden will take the nomination

Nunes protege fed Ukraine info to Trump

This man found these 7 tiny little lives just in time 🙏

Woman Rescues 1-Day-Old Bird And Becomes His Mom

Navajo Generating Station -- the largest coal plant in the West -- has shut down

Fuzzy, Blind Cow Has A Seeing-Eye Best Friend

Fux's Newt Gingrich: Lt. Col. Vindman "is an absurdity" and "thinks that he knows so much"

Arron Banks' private messages leaked by hacker

The hearing and the debate

Sanders doubles down on Bolivia 'coup,' few follow suit

(Jewish Group) California Democrats vote down 'highly flawed anti-Israel' amendment to party platfor

(Jewish Group) The Tell: The Jewish players in impeachment

CEOs of new Gannett: 'Pivot' needed for digital transformation as merger is completed

Yamiche Alcindor on PBS Newshour:

Who is behind the right-wing Bolivian botnet?

Al Gore up on Seth Meyer

Evers, Kaul announce $1.5M expansion of treatment and diversion options

Evers asks JFC to release $3.75M annually to fight homelessness

Got a bag of these apples from regional grocery chain. Just had one napped with caramel sauce.

Teen white supremacist allegedly coordinated defacing synagogues in Michigan, Racine

Teen white supremacist allegedly coordinated defacing synagogues in Michigan, Racine

Panel Asked to Reinstate $10M Award for Bolivian Massacre

First Snow in the Sierras...check in!

Trump calls latest impeachment hearings 'a great day for Republicans'

woman calls police on man trying to visit his aunt with his two young kids

U.S. military aid bolsters Ukraine's front lines, but the Trump drama makes Kyiv nervous

Lexington Laboratory Agrees to Pay $2.1 Million to Resolve Allegations of False Claims for Urine

Vero Beach Man Charged With More Than $50 Million In Attempted Fraud

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Indian Orthodox, hymns,

Duluth businesses, politicians call on state to provide paid family, medical leave

Minnesota Rep. Mary Franson thinks drag queens shouldn't read books to kids

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Orthodox Church in America

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of seats Democrats could win in 2020.

Iran petrol protest deaths: Amnesty says a figure of 106 is credible, UN dozens, Iran govt says 12

I truly admire Adam Schiff ...

It's really impacting me strongly right now front and center.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'It's Bad.' All In MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening / In Wellington, New Zealand 11/19/19

Democrats shaping plan to legalize recreational marijuana

Elizabeth Warren ties guns, Trump and domestic terrorism together in her plan to fight white nationa

Democratic debate: Rising Buttigieg could face attacks

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar asks judge to show mercy to man who made death threat

How the Legislature is trying to get young Minnesotans into high-demand jobs

The official @WhiteHouse Twitter account is now basically a shitposting dumpster fire

Good news email from AU today re the cruelty of Trump's religious "freedom"

Macalester College pulls founder's name from building based on student research on his racist views

Klobuchar: Woman with Buttigieg's record wouldn't be in debate

Bernie On America's Opioid Epidemic And 'What Matters' To 2020 Democratic Voters - NBC Nightly News

Bernie On America's Opioid Epidemic And 'What Matters' To 2020 Democratic Voters - NBC Nightly News

Before-and-after photos reveal how landmarks have been ravaged by fires, floods, and melting ice ove

Dems need to do two things for me today

Breakfast Wednesday 20 November 2019

To halt potential sale, Bremer Bank sues trustees of parent Otto Bremer Trust

Pompeo Looking for a Smooth Exit From Trump Administration Amid Impeachment Scandal: Report

Kevin Hart to relive Oscars fiasco for new Netflix series

Area Hit By Keystone Pipeline Spill In Eastern ND Ten Times Bigger Than Reported By State Regulators

For gay African athletes, even rumors can end their careers and cause them great pain

A queer woman was sent death and rape threats for shutting down a homophobic troll with 'OK boomer'

Philando Castile's girlfriend serves lawsuit on deputy who tweeted legal settlement would be used

Oh The Humanity! Saudi Aramco IPO Goes For Only $1.5 Trillion, Not The $2 Trillion Expected

Brazilian Amazon Deforestation At Highest Level In 10 Years; Nearly 10K KM2 Lost Through 1-7/19

(Jewish Group) Tory Aberdeen candidate suspended over Holocaust tweets

2020 US Senate Election Rating- seats that will put Democrats in the majority.


The 20-Second Smoking Gun

2,400 SF Home Of The Future Of The 1980s Reclaimed By The Sea Off Marco Island, FL

11/19 - Sydney Air Quality Worst In The World - 15 Times Worse Than Beijing At 2,334 PM 2.5-10

Emirates CEO Says He Took Too Long To Accept Reality Of Warming. That's Nice.

House Judiciary Committee wants McGahn testimony about Trump soon after Ukraine hearings end

Now's Your Chance To See A Koala Stumbling Through Flames Before Rescuers Arrive

Bernie Sanders takes swing at MLB attempt to throw out Iowa minor league baseball

New Scientst - Smoke From Austrlia's Bushfires Reaches Argentina And Chile

Beano character stands for parliament

Republicans are domestic enemies

Charleston SC Plans To Raise Low Battery Seawall Kick Off With Public Meeting

Cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit - the response to the questioning of Vindman's loyalty

What Is The Best Film You Never Want To See Again?

Is Steve Bullock the only Democratic presidential candidate to have won in a Trump state?

What Is the Best Movie You Never Want to See Again

After Dorian, Clue Bus Arrives On Wrecked Ocracoke Island, Still Closed To Non-Residents

Tropical Storm Sebastien may be the last system for the season

How to get brutally murdered on Valentine's Day:

Former House Speaker John Boehner cried as his portrait was unveiled in a uniting moment

Three Climategate Myths That Have Failed To Age Well

So they lied about the ratings going down in the hearings

Brazil seeks arrest of former Paraguay President Horacio Cartes

DeSantis Proposes A Whole $6 Million In New Budget To Help Municipalities Fight Rising Seas

Des Moines students urge support for immigrants, asylum seekers with march to Capitol

This is how dems need to fight trump regarding the impeachment

Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit

Majority of likely Democratic caucusgoers shy away from 'Medicare for All'

just saw a clip of Nunes catapulting the Ukraine interfered in 2016 bullshit.

(opinion) The climate science is clear: it's now or never to avert catastrophe

When It Comes to Being Gay-Friendly, Women's Sports Are Ahead of the Game

Wednesday TOONs - What's With The Uniform?

Is it too much to ask for some Congressmen to take it more seriously?

Bullock: U.S. can get affordable health care, college education without 'pie in the sky' ideas

Mike Pompeo Is Searching for a Safe Exit From State Ahead of Senate Run, GOP Sources Say

I'm Walking To New Orleans

New 2020 Democrat Deval Patrick said it's not too late to join the race

'Insane!' CNN Legal Analysts Dismantle Santorum's Bonkers New Trump Defense

North Dakota Republican Group Votes for Making Access to Recreational Marijuana a Constitutional

Sondland Kept Pompeo Informed on Ukraine Pressure Campaign

Want to save some money this Christmas?

Why is Trump meddling with the jailed Special Forces?

2020 KS US Senate Election- How does Pompeo-R do in the November General Election?

I love you THIS much:

I detest u scans at grocery store

Impeachment schedule today.

The Twit is up and tweeting more nonsense. Nt

Is there an audio-only of the hearing today that can be

Top US Democrats request review of Keystone pipeline operators

Harry Truman on The GOP, something that we should all remember

So, what are the odds that Nunes, Jordan and other GOPers act like asses again in the hearings?

White teen girl detailed plan for racist attack on black churchgoers in notebook, police say

Whatever Happened To Ghislaine Maxwell The Woman Who Allegedly Procured Girls For Epstein?.....

Burgum says North Dakota will continue to receive refugees after Trump order

Who would'a thunk it?!?!

Anyone know how the half man/half motorcycle commerciials...

Nikki Haley Used System for Unclassified Material to Send 'Confidential' Information

Trump Regularly 'Can't Remember What He's Said Or Been Told,' White House Insider Says

Elizabeth Holtzman on Nixon, Trump and a very good point...

Left Wing Protesters Disrupt Legislative Meeting Over Legacy Fund, Tell Majority Leader to F**K

Tonight's Debate Order

Without The Ukraine Whistleblower We Would Have Never Heard Of Trump/Guliani Extortion Plot To.....

Mass Shooters Mostly Male, Increasingly Driven by Trumpist Hate

How much information do you expect from Gordon Sondland today?

I have a new moniker for Joe Biden.

The Rundown: November 19, 2019

Tom Lyle, Artist, Writer, and Teacher, Dead at 66

Webcomics Weekly #62: New Names, Same Arguments (11/19/19 Edition)

A tiny detail why the whole Biden-Ukraine-story doesn't make sense to begin with:

Former Baltimore mayor Catherine E. Pugh charged with wire fraud, tax evasion

From the early reporting it seems Sondland is going to say Pompeo...

Because she's a lying liar who lies.

November 20 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ruben Gallego (D)AZ-7th

June Christy

November 20 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jim McGovern (D) MA-2nd

Puppet Trump wanted his own puppet in Ukraine

The following senators

Des Moines Register E-Edition headline today. Useless

Trump salutes our war criminals - by Matt Bors

Dr. John was born on this date.

November 20 - Happy Birthday VP Joe Biden!

Brian Kilmeade proves his inherent stupidity again this AM:

Duane Allman was born on this date.

Here's an ACTUAL letter left for White House Press Off. in 2017 from the person who left it

Why I'm Endorsing Elizabeth Warren

Joe Walsh has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday to Vice President Biden

Police can keep Ring camera video forever and share with whomever they'd like, Amazon tells senator

What jobs are affected by AI? Better-paid, better-educated workers face the most exposure

Before Hearing, WH Distributed Talking Points Bashing Vindman, An Employee

Sondland Will Trash Rudy in Impeachment Hearing

Sondland throws the Con and noun/verb/9/11 under the bus

MSNBC NOW: Sondland's "memory has been refreshed"


Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

In all seriousness, is it not absolutely clear and beyond any rational doubt that the United

Lock the vile birther bastard up.

Sondland Will Finger Trump Today.....


Opening Statement of Ambassador Gordon D Sondland (November 20, 2019)

The hearing hasn't even started but I've already got chills.

Sondland will testify that there was a quid pro quo

If Trump was caught on video having sex with Ivanka in front of a bonfire of bibles then ...

Billionaire dodges when asked if "tribalism" tweet referred to Elizabeth Warren's heritage

Rut Roo!

Sondland brought receipts.

Son of one of Germany's most respected former presidents stabbed to death during lecture

The sample size of the poll in New Hampshire was 255 people from Nate Silver, I was unaware of this.

They are back to using quid pro quo not Bribery Schiff should clarify imo

Neat pics of a younger Adam Schiff

Oh Rudy!

Why does Sondland look like he just ate and swallowed that cat......

Impeachment inquiry: Sondland expected to implicate Trump - live news

Nunes Has His Gangster Suit On Today....

Fox Guest Calls Vindman A "Deep State Crybaby"

I give Schiff a ton of credit


nunes is such a piece of...

Is WhatsApp legal to use for our elected officials?

ADL Announces Support for IFA's Lawsuit Against Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and Hate Groups ...

will sondland throw pence under the bus too?

Sondland blames State Department for fact that his "memory has not been perfect."

Toxic masculinity is killing the world.

Hot damn! Sondlund's killing it! nt

SONDLAND: I was just following orders

Israel heads toward unprecedented 3rd election within a year

27 Years Ago Today; Windsor Castle fire devastates historic residence

Are We Pretending Trump Wasn't Rushed to the Hospital?

SHOCK: Trump Considering Testifying in Own Impeachment

Sondland in his opening statement, is killing it.

How to handle Gym Jordan

Sonderland going full Wagner

Ambassador to say quid pro quo came from Giuliani at Trump's 'express direction'

My humble solution to the massive housing crisis in some large American cities

If the Impeachment Hearings got to MF 45 before this,


Glenn Kirschner: A new universal catchphrase has been born... "Talk to Rudy."

"Spoke with Rudy per guidance from S"

If trump is watching this on tv, he must be pulling his orange hair out..

I know I heard republicans talking in hearings sometime this year where they blame the Democrats

Trump dismissed Sondland as unimportant, and said he "barely knew him."

White House on suicide watch. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!!

Unbelievably believable

Sondland: Everyone was in the loop.

Breaking: All tires on bus blown out. Need new bus ASAP.

Found the bus being used to run over all these criminals Sondland is tossing under it....

Pence now under the bus

And there goes Pence, right under the front tires.n/t

"Goodnight, Fuck"

34 Years Ago Today; Windows 1.0 is released

Not everyone is enjoying the Sondland testimony

Pompeo thought he was going to be the next Senator out of Kansas

Gosh, imagine living in a country with such a petty, vain, entitled leader.

What do you bet Sondland is offered Immunity?

Fox News: "Sondland pins 'quid pro quo' on Giuliani"

:::VROOOOM::: ::::COUGH COUGH:::::


Pompous Pilot Pompeo is rilly fillin' the heat today, I think.

Trump tweet on Oct. 8th: "Ambassador Sondland, a really good man and great American"

"VP Pence left DC just minutes after Sondland began testifying" - on CNN, What does this imply?

In my first car I kept a shoebox full of 8 tracks (Part 5)

What's that I hear?

Dan Rather: "I've seen loops before. I'm partial to the one in Chicago..."

Here is the question.. at what point in time are those republicans sitting up there

Wow - Sondlands attitude, tone -

Anybody got a list of bodies thrown under the bus?

Lindsey Graham sees nothing here. But Susan Collins probably "concerned".

Of course, none of this is impeachable...

Trump is watching.

Idiotic Tweet of the Day: 😂😂😂

i put up a quick poll on Twitter

Question: With everything that's come out, what will Devon Nunes' opening question be to Sondland?

Suggestions For Comment Cards For Inquiries

Sondland's line for throwing everyone under the bus: "Again, everyone was in the loop." People thr

Sondland impresses me as someone who is absolutely convinced that you need not

They have unsecured phone calls all the time...

I'm beginning to think Sondland's hotels may be just fine.

Pic Of The Moment: White House Releases Photo Of Trump Watching Sondland Testimony

Where did the WH staff hide Donald Trump's phone to keep him from tweeting about Sondland today?

prediction: the senate won't convict donnie, but will pass a "sense of the senate" resolution

Big news! Another candidate drops out.

Is Sondland high?


Let's examine these two statements, shall we?

Song of the Day. Enjoy it while you livestream the hearings.

Where's Rudy????? Here.....

How much H20 can the man drink

Barr's Russian Beginnings Report

Mulvaney now joins the crowd under the bus

I am Suspending My 2020 Presidential Campaign But I'm Not Finished Yet

Ken Starr: GOP Senators Might Consider Having to 'Make a Trip' to the White House After Sondland

Took me a minute to figure this one out

BREAKING: Wayne Messam suspends his Presidential campaign

So who's having fun listening to the teevee this fine morning?

Time America did the world a solid...

CBS is showing the testimony today. They didn't yesterday

Extinction Rebellion founder 'calls Holocaust just another f--kery in human history

I have to turn it off when the Rethugs come on

Sondland Bombshell: News Homepages from around the Internet

On FOX, Ken Starr wonders whether GOP Senators may be thinking of "talking walk down to the White H

Now we know why Bolton is so reluctant to testify.

Did anyone notice the facial expressions of Nunes and Republican Counselor after Sondland testimony?

Chick-fil-A UPDATE: backtracks, won't pledge to end donations to anti-LGBT charities

Rudy will be the next scapegoat and he says he's got dirt on tRump...

If we hadn't won the House in 2018 none of this would be happening

Julia Davis asks,

It always ends this way with a narcissist.

Has anyone seen "Ford v Ferrari?"

Comment from Rogue Melania

Ambassador Greyhound drives over The Loop

It's early, but this HAS to be the tweet of the day!!!

Is this witchcraft, or just stupidity? I can't tell anymore

If he wasn't such a contemptible little shitstain, I might feel sorry for Devin Nunes.

Jeffrey Toobin:

With SONDLAND setting the barn on fire, what's BOLTON got to lose by testifying?!1

Even GOP troll Ken Starr:

Went to a funeral and all were asked to say a few words

Anal cancer rates and deaths are climbing in the US, study says

The look on @devinNunes face after 2 hours of #trumpImpeachmenthearing incluing Sondland...........


Please, please let Barr be implicated...

LOL!! Nunes has his box of tissues handy! ...nt

So Nunes is going with debunked conspiracy theories and lies......typical republican

The Respondeat Superior Doctine applies to Trump's responsibility for Rudy's actions.

Nunes using his time to outline previously debunked conspiracy theories

*NEW* YouGov Poll - Biden 30% (+2), Warren 22% (-5), Sanders 12% (-), Buttigieg 9% (+1), Harris 4%

"He had to announce the investigations. He didn't actually have to do them, as I understood it."

Ken Starr: There WILL be Articles of Impeachment

Pervert molester given only probation, advocacy groups outraged...

Nancy Pelosi @TeamPelosi 🎴 📽️ "Everyone was in the loop." 🎴 📽️

Hybrid Power Bicycle

Paul Manafort was paid $12 million in money stolen from the Ukrainian treasury by Yanukovych.

Hmmm, no Trump tweets for 3 hours! Nt

You raised $295.00 on November 19, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Can Hunter Biden sue these people for this made up CT crap they're repeating ?!

The Longest Day: Housewives, Students, and Protesters in the Besieged PolyU

BREAKING: VP Pence denies conversation with Ambassador Sondland

Ken Starr- "It's over. There will be articles on impeachment."

Sondland should use this response to rethugs if

Moo-moo Nunes chasing his own tail in a dizzying display of confusion.

Deval Patrick Tries to Cut Into Biden's African-American Support

Castor losing it.

Truthfully I only see 3 or 4 GOP Senators that would vote against him.

The Hong Kong government must come clean about tear gas

Freepers are having a Sad!

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round...

Any recommendations for a book printer?

Malta businessman held on yacht in journalist murder probe

Hong Kong health chief says no evidence tear gas poses public health risks

In case you're wondering, yes... Greenwald is still subhuman scum:

Morrison and Taylor show it was about security assistance

OK folks, you KNEW it was coming.....

Now that Starr has turned, what about Barr?

To quote my dear old departed Dad.. "The manure has just hit the Westinghouse"

Ken Starr:.."we now know that the president, in fact, committed the crime of bribery ... Articles of


Lt. Col. Vindman Requires Protection Because

@POTUS is now standing on South Lawn reading - from handwritten notes - quotes from Sondland....

I'm getting ahead of things here, but I can't help but wonder

Drug deal . . . . ohferkrissakes. Bolton used that term to disparage the goings-on

To inject a little humor into the impeachment process, here's how someone deciphered

Hang this around their necks like an albatross

Will Sondland's testimony sway any Repub senators?

Pence's office denies he spoke with Sondland about investigations

Sen Johnson-10/4/19 - says diplomat told him Trump was withholding aid to ensure investigations

Mike Pompeo planning to resign because Trump 'hurting his reputation', report claims

I hope Steve Castor is working pro bono, otherwise the republicans are being cheated....

Next Dem up should yield some more time to Castor.

Is it just me, or does Gordon Sondland look like Wallace Shawn (Princess Bride's Vizzini)

Funny meme re: Sondland Testimony


Joe Biden's Statement on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Not certain that the Senate will remove Trump-- even now

I don't think Sondland is sharp enough

'No schadenfreude will be had': Biden coasts as opponents face firing squad

Castor elicits from Sondland the quote of the day:

True Believers....

There's Only One Way the Patrick and Bloomberg Campaigns Make Sense

Trump didn't say if it was discovered he was involved in a shooting

I was adopted by a stray cat awhile back....

When you've lost Ken Starr...

Stephen Tobolowsky could play Sondland in the movie

I know what Devin's having for dinner tonight!

Is it time to start polling our nominees against Pence?


Ann Telnaes - good and faithful servant

Ask Sondland if Bill Barr was in the loop.

Any experience with hybrid bicycles?

"This Amb. Sondland pic is the greatest."

black shoppers Spent $1K While Shopping. Then Came the Security Guard/cop. Fired!

Help from some male people on DU.

Timeline -

Mr. Sondland - Would You Say That Justice Is Being Obstructed.....

WE ALL KNEW - "Burisma EQUALS Biden" - It was on the front page of the NYT on May 10!

Id like to know of the business interests of "irregular channel"

Trump: Sondland cleared me, "this is the final word from the president of the United States"

To celebrate World Kindness day all new-borns in Pittsburgh hospital

It is notable how much the "taking of notes" comes up throughout these proceedings

Sonderland throws the bus Under The Bus.

Enhanced image of Trump talking pioints...

Sondland is a weasel

When Sondland says he doesn't have access to his notes and emails

Trump notes as he says, "I want nothing". WTF!

"This is the country I've served and defended... And here, right matters."

Rudy Giuliani points the finger at Kurt Volker after Sondland throws him under the bus

BREAKING: Giuliani goes after Sondland, then thinks better of it...


Devin. Seriously. Shut the Fuck Up About This Whistleblower Already!!

BREAKING: Nobody able to form a Government in Israel...again

Tiny deer-like animal spotted after 25 years. Thought it was extinct.

Body language expert, Dr. Jack Brown, tweeting analysis during the hearing

It seems really weird that no one in this adminsitration

BILL KRISTOL: Pence going full piano player in the whorehouse

Live Updates: Hours Before Deadline, Gantz Tells President He Has Failed to Form a Coalition

Ambassador Sondlan had a flight booked back to Brussels...this afternoon.

Back Channel to Russia

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG)

Republicans seek to subpoena Hunter Biden, Ukraine whistleblower, DNC files

BREAKING: Rick Perry denies Sondland allegations

Republicans portrayed Vindman as disloyal. They have no sense of decency.

Prince Andrew taking a break Julie Brown is the reporter on the Epstein rape cases

Matthew Miller: "Maybe Schiff should start yielding his time to Castor."

You know the Pubs are fucked when they have to treat a witness as hostile ...

Putin says US 'political dramas' diverting focus from Russia

CBS News TV reporting WH and Pompeo will not release docs requested by Sondland

In rare move, N. Carolina county removes Confederate statue

Planning a route for transit's future in Everett

US diplomatic blunderers in South Korea compared to Alice Roosevelt

Current situation at the White House??

Prince Andrew steps away from public duties over Epstein ties

Read Gordon Sondland's Explosive Impeachment Testimony

Rudy Deletes Tweet Contradicting Sondland Testimony On Ukraine Pressure Campaign

Trump is melting down on CNN right now


Perry says Sondland impeachment testimony misrepresented his interactions

Injunction filed to stop $30 car tab fees, for now

Another great Nunes/trump tweet (the second one):

Nikki Haley sent classified information over an unsecured email system - she forgot her password !!!

Perhaps I might suggest that the Sondlands take some time to pack, when they get to Brussels

Right wing twitter feeds pushing a fake news site that head of burisma was indicted

Challenger Benny Gantz fails to form Israeli government, deepening political crisis

Is Colombia a ticking time bomb?

"A technical violation of the bribery statute..."

The OAS Lied to the Public About the Bolivian Election and Coup

Morrissey voice:

'Unusual': Reporters surprised as a large swath of Republicans go missing during Sondland testimon

Cartoons 11/20/19


Colin Kaepernick's lawyer says two teams are interested

Busted Mike Pence Just Fell Into The Democrats' Trap On Impeachment

The bully that everyone knows, gets payback.

'It's all over': Trump shouts Sondland quotes at reporters before wandering off without taking quest

What if ONGOING counter-intelligence investigations have something to say about House inquiries?


omg Rudy is going after the GOP counsel in real-time!?

BREAKING - Missing GOP members found with picture

The way that black holes are detected is analogous to an indirect proof of Trump's guilt

Gym Jergens was just on shouting insanely again.

Now Giuliani is attacking the Minority Counsel...

Gym Jordan is an ass.

Skepticism runs deep at NATO as Pompeo meets with allies

I KNEW he couldn't stay silent...

Pete Buttigieg likely to be a new focus of criticism in Wednesday's debate

🚨 According to the updated @RealClearNews average, @JoeBiden now leads the field by 12.7%.

Trump says this to Sondland AFTER the whistle was blown. He's trying to cover his butt.

Who's running against this asshole, Turner? I'll donate to whoever is running against him.

I noticed Rep. Ratcliff using the same words that Trump had in his notes when questioning Sondland

Question regarding paint-by-numbers for adults

And Wednesday's Creep Of The Day Is........

Is it just me, but does it seem like the Democrat's 5 minutes of questioning feels like 5 minutes,

Man frees sea turtle from fishing net in Crete

All people have the right to protest for a better future.

SCHIFF: 'they got the money, they got the money'... yes - THEY GOT CAUGHT!

Here's what the Democrats won't tell you in the debate tonight.

The President has 5 Pinnochios on a daily basis so lets not go there.


Trump's Pinocchio's!

SPEIER: The president of the United States has five Pinocchios on a daily basis

Schiff should have refused to enter Perry's statement into the record

So if you walk into a bank

The President of The United States has five Pinocchios on a daily basis so let's not go there(video)

Door sleeve thwarts active shooters in schools

Does anyone else notice a shift in his demeanor when Sondland is being questioned by

When Catholics pray to Saint Teresa...

What MLB player won the most consecutive Gold Glove awards to start a career?

Can African Americans Benefit From Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang's Universal Income Proposal?

Trump expected in South Florida for Thanksgiving holiday

New @KFF polling shows Sanders is most trusted on health care among Dems and Dem-leaning indies.

The Amendment King: Bernie's House Years

The Amendment King: Bernie's House Years

NOW HEAR THIS: All White House Hands Prepare to Abandon Ship!

What time is Sondland's plane? I had to run to the store.

Anyone need a mental health break? Comedy wildlife photo winners:

France takes aim at Saudi over failed West Africa commitments

At least that thing could do was spell Zelensky's name correctly.

Read Trump's very large, very strange Sharpie notes on impeachment

North Korea says no interest in Trump summit until 'hostile policy' removed

Steve Bullock campaign ad: "Justice"

Pic Of The Moment: Well There's Your Problem

The money released for aid included anti tank missles however,

Using an impeachment inquiry about your father's corruption as an opportunity to grift is a power...

Bloomberg spending $15M-$20M to register half million voters

I believe that the Sondlund bombshell means that pardons won't be available for co-conspirators.

Epic - Nunes knows it's all but over... (18 seconds of sweet schudenfrude FTW)

Ex-workers say U.S. military landlord Balfour Beatty Communities falsified records to get bonuses

Jordan says that aid was withheld for 55 days. How many Ukranians died

A baby moose adopted this woman as her mom 💗

SU faculty member threatened by anonymous anti-Semitic email

Gym Jordan "questioning" Sondland.

Can someone quickly summarize today's hearings, 11-20-2019, for us cubicle dwellers?

A classic column for the ages...

France takes aim at Saudi over failed West Africa counter-terror commitments

Will Rs leave the totally ineffective Gym Jordan on the IC after his embarrassing performance?

LOL Just 5 hours ago...

How much strength is left on the camel's back?

Beside himself and Trump & Family Co. LLC., etc.

U.S. House to attempt quick passage of Hong Kong human rights bill

Rep Maloney!! Boom on Sondland!! Edit. Now with video!

A 5 Pinocchio Moment

Screaming Madman

Israel launches air strikes in Syria; Damascus says two killed

Whoa !!! Was Nixon's shit this riveting ?!?! This is out of movies

Dog saves baby deer from drowning

Wow. Sean Patrick Maloney Is Going to Have to Go into Hiding After This...

Illuminating: Top Trollbot Retweets in the Past 24 Hours:

It seems to me that Sondland is backtracking now....

Vindman's Lawyer Asks Fox News to Retract Espionage Allegation

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 20, 2019

Biden is turning in early?

Trump press secretary backtracks claim Obama officials left 'You will fail' notes

Clip of Sean Patrick Maloney, handling Sondland like a boss.

Because Mr. Sondland was a


Kamala Harris - new ad - "Anti-Trump"

Stefanik says something to Rep Krishnamoorthi - his look is PRICELESS!

Kamala Harris - new ad - "Anti-Trump"

Krishnamoorthi quotes Trump pretending he doesn't know Sondland.

Mooman is such a shitbag.

Impeachment Haiku

Wow! This is a classic!

I hope that they all have updated their resumes

Cowtown Funk! (Nunes Cow Hallelujah)

For some reason today none of my Kindle tablets will show the visuals on

Appreciation thread for my FAB Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney!

Schiff Turns On The Big Ass Fan: "Who had the decision to release the aid? It was Donald J. Trump."

I would have Schiff's babies if I could! NAILING the closing statement

Adam Schiff...Please get a whiteboard and put the players on the board

Gordon Sondland Has Completely Destroyed Every Trump Defense

How in the world does Nunes do it? Each time he speaks, he pulls "fact" after "fact"

Absofuckinglutely brilliant Mr Schiff

Fox Anchor Chris Wallace: Sondland Just Ran the Bus Over Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Giuliani and Mulvaney

The Cons day so far...

Kamala Harris campaign ad: "The Antidote to Trump"

Riding a bicycle is a gateway to becoming a Hells Angel...

CBS News has an "originalist" now stating dems evidence is not bribery

Is Nunes trying to look like a 50's "Made Man?"

His Jim Jordan got the IQ of as peanut

How did Jimmy "wanta be a man" Jordan ever gets so far in life?

Just saw Gym

"It's All Over"

Shit Just Got Real and there is still tomorrow!

Video of Adam Schiff closing statement - Nov 20

What happened to Gym's eye?

New poll shows Elizabeth Warren could bridge the Democrats' generational divide

House committee approves landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level

Neal Katyal On Sondland, Obstruction and the Need For Resignations

FYI: It's 38 minutes from Longworth to Dulles...

Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most? (interactive quiz)

Meanwhile, Insanity Hannity tells magats, it's over, this is the end of this.


Ambassador McFaul Calls Sondland's Claims Of No Direct Knowledge of Burisma/Biden Insulting

Will the orange anus fire Sondland while he's crossing the Atlantic or wait until he lands

When this is all over, I will be bored!

Hillary Clinton....

I am so pleased that Chairman Adam Schiff was applauded for his closing statement

The "de-construction of the administrative state"...

'I deny knowing the Con'....Pence

"It would be he."

Trump in Austin: Democrats rebuke Trump over economic policies

Can anyone here analyze handwriting

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who has joined Warren in warning of

Trump won't be in a good mood tonight!

Who's going to play Maloney in the movie?

It was not an "irregular channel", it was a dysfunctional regular channel.

David Frum...

I WANT MORE! When are the next hearings starting

Trump keeps saying that there is a "deep state" against him!

Neal Katyal...Thread

Did Nicolle WALLACE just call Jason Johnson

Terrified and depressed!

Warren Earns Endorsement of Ady Barkan

Adam Schiff's Closing Statement Day 4 Impeachment Hearings

For 3 years?

Sondland Implicates Pence In Comment About Quid Pro Quo

Careful, Kids: Don't Wear Noem's "I'm on Meth" Campaign to School

I keep coming back to something I heard today!

The Con....'it's all over'

Mike Pompeo Is Searching for a Safe Exit From State Ahead of Senate Run, GOP Sources Say

Debate tonight!

Whom would you favor in a potential 2024 NY Senate primary matchup?

Marquette Poll shows support for impeachment has slipped in Wisconsin as Trump leads 4 top Dem rival

"This Is the End of My Presidency. I'm F*cked," Trump Said on May 17, 2017

Is Bolton going to testify?

Great new ad from Kamala Harris: I prosecuted sex predators. Trump is one, I shut down for-profit...

There are still 2 more witnesses scheduled

Today is my 15 year DU anniversary!

.@CongressmanRaja hitting @RepStefanik with the 😬 😬 😬 is a big mood.........

Raja Krisnamoorthi, Elise Stefanik. That's all I'm saying.

'Where is Ukraine?"...Pence

Japanese Americans slam Sen. Kennedy for comparing impeachment inquiry to WWII internment

More on the "free" tablets given to prisoners, that charge a nickel a minute for reading books.

DNA test shows Hunter Biden is father of Arkansas woman's baby

Did anyone ask Sondland WTF he was doing dealing with Ukraine when he is Amb to EU?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-20: Wheel Of Corruption Presents Hobbs & Shaw Edition

We are all Congressman Krishnamoorthi. Elisa Stefanik.

McGrath: 'You can't drain the swamp until you get rid of Mitch McConnell'

'Picking up my personal belongings'....Sondland

Ariana Feels the Bern

*New* Marquette Law (A/B rated) poll - Wisconsin: Biden 30%, Sanders 17%, Warren 15%, Buttigieg 13%

Vindman Demands Fox News Retract Espionage Allegation

Florida Congresswoman Val Demings lashes out at The Hill

Thinking here.

Brian Kilmeade Phones (oh wow)

We know the House will impeach. Senate will not. What then? n/t

This sounds like Trump!

Tom Steyer campaign video: "Decisions"

Former professor denied family leave sues university

Politico: Senate safety net net holds firm as Republicans dismiss 'quid pro quo'

Pompous Pompeo has a reputation...?

UAW board acts to remove union president Gary Jones from office amid corruption probe

Glenn Kirschner...'Do your job'

I want to thank @ArianaGrande for not only being a wonderful entertainer, ...

Glenn Kirschner...Rudy better flip or

'Is there a numerical value that can adequately measure how Schiff's IQ surpasses Nunes?'


Idaho sports company sentenced for defrauding South Dakota, Alaska tribes

David Corn: Donald Trump's No-Quid-Pro-Quo Defense Is Crushed. The GOP Didn't Get the Memo.

This transformation is insane 😲

Bill to decriminalize passes...

So the Sondland call to trump where MF45 says

I apologize for upsetting people with my

Laurence Tribe...Pompeo should be impeached

Oy, Republicans, just so ya know...

Adorable Puppy Has Cutest Little Tail On His Face

Bernie Voted for Obamacare. That Didn't Make Him a Sellout.

Seth Abramson...

Tiny bear cubs seized from hunters learn to be wild together 🐻❤️🐻

About The Call From Sondland To Trump Where Trump Says - No Quid Quo Pro.....

Why Hasn't Rudy Giuliani Been Disbarred Yet?

They better recess this hearing before the debate starts.

TWIA just won't quit as they propose new 5% rate increase

Giuliani Blasts GOP Counsel: 'I Would Appreciate His Apology'


Heads up.. at another site I post at.. the trolls were out in

Mulvaney newest fall guy for the Con...

Manafort picked Pence

Devil Nunes is back...

Bloomberg putting money into voter registration. 👏👏👏👏

Damn this one hurts. A friend and a neighbor has ALS.


What I want from this debate and going forward: a full-throated denunciation of Trump's cheating...

There's Only One Way the Patrick and Bloomberg Campaigns Make Sense

Toobin: Most consequential day of Trump's presidency

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 21 November 2019

The Medicare for All transition phase explained by Ady Barkan

When You Have A Dog Of A Client And Work For A Complicit Party You End Up Sounding Like Steve Castor

PUTIN: "no one is accusing us of interfering in US elec anymore-now they're accusing Ukraine

The Future of Work: A VICE Special Report (Full Episode)

SCHIFF'S GONNA MAKE THE MOO MAN CRY! He's a pouty little boy gettin' SPANKED!


Ukrainians apparently knew military aid was on hold on July 25-This destroys key GOP talking point

Schiff sent Nunes to his room without his supper for lying

For my 50,000th post

Every time I hear someone in the hearings say "President Dump"

Danny DeVito on Twitter

Two incredible things Jim Jordan needs us to understand.

Not guilty: Jurors acquit border aid volunteer Scott Warren on harboring charges

For Sama

Trump and the five Pinocchios - who was the Congresswoman?

FDA Warns Dollar Tree for Stocking 'Potentially Unsafe Drugs'

"It was a dark and stormy day"

Woman Saves A Scorched And Screaming Koala With The Shirt Off Her Own Back

A new name for Trumpers?

Good Omens 1000 years.

Republicans (& Even Some Dems) Trying To Scare You Away From Medicare For All Are Peddling Rubbish

Here's obfuscating Gym Jordan blabbing away again with his "butch" jacketlessness

Border activist Scott Warren acquitted of harboring immigrants who crossed US-Mexico border

Trump was in Austin TX blabbering incoherently about not knowing Soudland very well and how

Devin Nunes after Ambassador Sondland's testimony

I think this Conservative caller to my radio show is a canary in the coal mine.

dotard better call Saul before he "Talk(s) to Rudy". n/t

New York Rep. Maloney picked to lead Oversight panel, succeeding Cummings

Carolyn Maloney chosen as first woman to lead House Oversight panel

The question is no longer whether Trump did it -- it's whether he'll get away with it

I wish they would quit saying trump has done better than Obama in Ukraine

By offering javelins, does that not make the aid even more important to Ukraine?

Bit of a bombshell at the start of the evening impeachment hearing about Ukraine aid.

Dominique Wilkins teaches Damian Yang how to dunk (and shares thoughts on politics 🙂 )

Ambassador Gordon Sondland chooses to save himself, not Trump

This bit o' verse comes to mind for some reason each time I see Nunes making an opening

Wall Street fixates on Warren in 2020 market forecasts

Judge ousts leaders, orders emergency takeover of Pierce County veterans charity

Just A Sweet Reminder: What Has Two Thumbs, And Wasn't Too Chicken To Appear Before...

Trump announces he just opened Apple plant in Texas that has been there since 2013