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Tensions rise in Senate's legislative 'graveyard'

Who else is muting every 5 minutes?

Trumps head must be ready to explode

Photographer captures Trump's handwritten talking points responding to Sondland

I can't watch the hearings.

Luckovich-No crime if he gives it back


Chinook, Cayuse passes to close Thursday for winter

Wisconsin polling

BOOM: President can't withhold Congressional funds, period. It's illegal.

AMA Calls for Nationwide Ban on LGBTQ Conversion Therapy

Congratulations #YangGang! We got #EndorseAndrewYang trending #1 worldwide!

How local 'fake news' websites spread 'conservative propaganda' in the US

It can't be no harm no foul if Ukraine didn't get all the allotted Aid because of the hold.

Will we ever know the full story of Trump/Russia?

The lunatic says "the GOPers are killing it in the hearing"!

Stocks close lower on new worries over China trade deal

Will these hearings be over before the Dem debates start?

FBI seeks interview with CIA whistleblower - Yahoo News

The Rude Pundit:Impeachment Hearings: Random Observations on Republicans Getting Kicked in the Taint

Rep. Carolyn Maloney picked to chair House Oversight Committee

Could Kennedy Space Center launch pads be at risk as climate changes? Experts say yes

Trump now claims he hardly knows this guy Sondland

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic nominee in all seats up in 2020 that is likely to win.

Sanders' Plan to Fight Global Climate Disaster Too Ambitious, Says NYT

My wife just left me. She thinks I'm too insecure.

Gordon Sondland Throws Trump, Giuliani Under the Bus (Backs Up, Does It Again)

Drag queen denied entrance at Austin Whataburger following city's drag festival

Suspected neo-Nazi with ties to Washington arrested in Texas

Gym Jordan has trichotillomania.

Justin Amish: Impeachment in the House is an indictment. If this were an ordinary prosecution, there

Lindsey Graham's Guide to GOP Impeachment Talking Points

Speaker Pelosi was and is right.

Daily Show Wins Twitter Re: Sondland Testimony

Soo...Twitler arrived in Austin with Ivanka and...the WH Doctor???

Giuliani, here we go again! Randy Rainbow parody.

Story time hour?????????

His heart grew three sizes that day.

New doo-wop group: Donnie and the Pinocchios.

The Trump cult is banking on the ignorance and apathy of the American voters.

That is Not Anti Corruption. No, That IS Corruption.

Port Neches-Groves ISD pays ransom to regain access to district files

God bless Adam Schiff. nt

Schiff's truth brings me to tears..nt

LIVE NOW: Analysis of the fifth Democratic presidential debate

Phony 'fact check' account on Twitter raises new concerns

Phony 'fact check' account on Twitter raises new concerns

The coming showdown over Seattle's money

Do solemnly swear

People Are Absolutely Savaging Gordon Sondland's Hotels on Yelp

Michael Bloomberg files paperwork to get on the Texas primary ballot

Homeless dad approaches police officers at bus depot and gets more than he asked for

Holy Schiff ! ! ! !

Despite His Criminal Record, Cody Wilson Is Back In The 3D-Printed Gun Business

Damn, I got a floater!

Gov. Evers Stands up for Patients, CNAs Vetoes AB 76 (which would have slashed training hours )

Claire McCaskil on MSNBC

Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes' Investigations

Breaking News

Warm Cookies Are Served By The Bucket

Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes' Investigations

Deval Patrick cancels event at Morehouse due to lack of audience.

America has spent $6.4 trillion on wars in the Middle East and Asia since 2001, a new study says

Why can't we get along with Russia asks Tucker (the eyebrows of Doom) Carlson?

Trump Is Picking a Losing Fight With the Navy

'Fleeing' tycoon is arrested at sea over journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic Nominee in all seats up in 2020 that is likely to win.

What is a Skaker?

Ukrain policy Obama/Trump

California agency predicts $7 billion state budget surplus

Bernie Sanders: 'The difference between Trump and me is he lies'

Bernie Sanders: How are you going to pay for that?

WH Physician has Travelled To Texas With Trump... Hmmmm....

And sometimes there are things that restore your faith in people

There is only 2 ways he goes down

Trump Accuses Vindman of Becoming a War Hero Just to Make Him Look Bad

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups letter demanding ouster of Stephen Miller for white supremacist views

(Jewish Group) Britain's Liberal Democrats party drops candidate over posts on Jews

SpaceX Starship blows its top at Boca Chica

So if impeached, judge Roberts would preside over the senate trial?

(Jewish Group) Jewish Democratic Council ad calls Trump the 'biggest threat' to Jews

When Bill Clinton was impeached, were the Dems as rude

The Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Case Is Getting Close to Mike Pence and He's Not Happy

Video of tonight's closing from Adam Schiff

How is Gabbard on this stage and not Castro.

The hearings are incredibly riveting, the subtle interplays and messages unspoken or guiding

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

So sick of tv people telling us that a socialist

Thursday, one panel only at 9 a.m. ET

Waco: Eroding bank leaves Lake Brazos Dam at risk without $5 million fix

LIVESTREAM of the debate on the Washington Post website:

Lev Parnas' lawyer says Lev helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for DEVIN NUNES

So Tomorrow do only two people testify?


After Dorian, ...Wrecked Ocracoke Island, Still Closed To Non-Residents

The Trailer Park Boys Explain Why Trump Said "I WANT NOTHING FROM UKRAINE" On Sept. 9th.

Ennio Morricone - Once upon a time in the West

Want to get Tom Steyer out of the race?

The russian mouthpiece is trashing the Democratic Party during the debate

Love her!

Hollywood exec suggested Julia Roberts play Harriet Tubman

Will the Democrats win the majority of the 35 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020?

Nice to see!

Tulsi Gabbard.... No thank you.

Get her Kamala!

Where did you watch the hearings?

Wait - who or what is

"If you think a woman can't beat Donald Trump -- Nancy Pelosi does it every single day."

Government Orders Nonprofit To Stop Building Border Wall Until An Agency Evaluates Its Plan

Notice how Tulsi reserves her harshest attacks for Kamala?

Thursday A.M. testimony - Fiona Hill and David Holmes

Trump Just Flipped a Court That Will Decide Crucial Voter Suppression Cases in the South


We could all list qualities, attitudes and beliefs which we assume most Democrats have in common,

Tweet of the Day

The Trump War Room is using Tulsi to attack Democrats

Is it just me, or has Joe had some work done?

Everytime Dump comes on my television...

Maybe republicans are against mitigating climate change because they

Why this conservative, rural county is joining the legal battle against Washington's I-976

For Democratic Senate Candidates, Beto O'Rourke Is A Tough Act To Follow

Remember when Cohen testified

I like Biden's position in the debate on Saudi Arabia

Tulsi gets a retweet from the Dotard war room

So my 4 y.o. Solid State (System) Drive died, and I had to reinstall Windows cause somehow my backup


Harris is doing well tonight.

Has anyone seen Mariana Atencio on MSNBC lately?

MSNBC's Kornacki just tweeted to remind people which candidate has the most black support.

"Donald Trump's Gordon Problem Republicans tried to throw Gordon Sondland under the bus. He took

The Daily Show: LIVE Coverage of the November Democratic Debate

Gabbard needs to go.

Seth Meyers - President Trump's Unscheduled Hospital Visit - Monologue - 11/19/19

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Seth Meyers: Guest Al Gore

Bernie used his last words tonight to stand up for immigrants first...

Every time Biden says he started as a 29 year old "kid,"

Buttigieg won this debate.

Get up and take it back. This is the United States of American there is nothing we can't do...

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Houston Food Bank lost 1.8 million pounds of food after an ammonia leak

Gene Robinson thought Biden did well in the debate. He added that in fact "it was

There are several candidates in the Democratic primary that most of us would agree

I couldn't watch much of the debates tonight.

Seth Meyers - Gordon Sondland's Explosive Impeachment Testimony Implicates Trump: A Closer Look

Yes, yessiree...but republicans need a dead 💀 body...with the Con holding a smokin gun

Trump hosted Zuckerberg for undisclosed dinner at the White House in October

Fine whine.

Ohio Farmer challenging jordan!

Ingraham and guest call LGBTQ activists "bullies" as Chick-fil-A makes changes to charitable giving

Ending the Stranglehold of Health Care Costs on American Families ( Elizabeth Warren )

Steve Schmidt: Gabbard was "spectacularly bad"; "in a week

Sanders Receives Applause and Praise

Steve Schmidt: "Pete Buttigieg had an exceptional night"

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Is this doesn't move the needle for Cory Booker, I don't know what can."

Nunes face is priceless...

Winter War: The 1939 Soviet Invasion Of Finland (Many pics)

Pentagon confirms $35 million in aid still being withheld from Ukraine despite impeachment inquiry

Trump campaign attacks Buttigieg during Democratic debate

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Facts Don't Look Good for Team Trump


Bacon, Fortenberry push bill to protect Open Skies treaty and Offutt planes

Seagate Firecuda HDD. Dead in 30 days.

Excuse me...For what reason?

Kentucky man wins case in federal court, allowing his personalized license plate to say 'I'M GOD'

It's 14 minutes long but for some reason..

Here's Exactly How Much Russian Media Loves Tulsi Gabbard -- and Hates Biden

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lie Witness News - Trump Watergate Edition

Boston Globe: Biden was the Admiral Stockdale of this debate

Bernie Wins the Debate tonight, so almost every one on MSNBC is talking about...

Amy Won tonight

All in all, I believe the moderation of the debate

Just got a full screen pop-up NRA ad here at DU!

Top Trump health official spent $3 million on consultants who helped boost her visibility

Judge halts all scheduled federal executions

Something I forgot to tell everyone...

Trump hosted Zuckerberg for undisclosed dinner at the White House in October

"The Fat Controller"

Former Lynn Haven City Manager, Community Services Director, And Three Business Executives Indicted

Great Point/Question About Age in Politics by M. Moore: If Bernie is "too old" to be POTUS is...

it's only Wednesday

Houston City Council Runoffs to be held in December

Grain Valley Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Failing to Pay $1.5 Million in Payroll Taxes

Fmr. Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod Burns Biden for Stumbling Debate: 'Mr. Magoo-ing His Way T

Yang is polling ahead of 4 of the candidates who were on the stage tonight

Fred Guttenberg: Does @TulsiGabbard serve any useful or legitimate purpose in these debates or in..

Klobuchar Won

the complete video clip of the "I WANT NOTHING" choppertalk tantrum

My one (small) hope that the Senate will vote to remove Trump...

Dem congressman Sean Maloney completely destroys Gordon Sondland in the impeachment hearings

Marianne Williamson, post debate tweet:

Thoughts about kompromat on some politicians

Richard Painter: 'Not Only Trump, But Also Pence, Should Be Impeached and Removed'

'Stop lobbying against us' - UMaine students deliver hundreds of messages to admin

The Most Powerful Explosions in the Universe Emit Way More Energy Than Anyone Thought

NASA's Undersea Robot Crawls Beneath Antarctic Ice in Test for Icy Moons

Earth-Like Planets with Giant 'Wrecking Ball' Neighbors Can Host Life After All

Workers' rights group kicks off campaign to secure dental coverage for low-income Mainers

I see the knives are out for Tulsi big time now...

BIW union continues fight against shipyard's plan to hire subcontractors

In nation's first federal ranked-choice voting race, Bruce Poliquin lost - and he's not over it.

Former Ecuador leader exposes army's role in Bolivia

Portland council declares climate emergency, puts ranked-choice voting expansion on ballot

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening / Stephen Learns To Play Rugby - 11/20/19

Stephen Colbert: Guests Alex Wagner & John Heilemann

Senate GOP sources tell Atlantic WH Corr. Elaina Plott Sondland delivered big 4 GOP

13 workers treated at hospital after Merrimack chemical incident

Johnson & Johnson 'negligent' in landmark vaginal mesh lawsuit

German scientists find 44-million-year-old caterpillar

Once thought extinct, 'night parrot' rediscovered in Australia

Staff, faculty layoffs at NHTI stir debate

Proud to be an Anti-Trump American!

I Wonder if Mr Stone would like to rethink this moment

BEST off-the-cuff line of the night

Study finds an epidemic of suicide among LGBTQ youth. Most blame "recent politics."

'His beliefs are appalling': email scandal sparks calls for Stephen Miller to resign

Bernie Sanders Wins the Foreign Policy Debate

Dartmouth frat, sorority suspended for alcohol violations

Nine reasons why the stock markets are far too optimistic

the incorruptable saints

Democrats denounce Sununu for biomass plant's closure

China could 'turn off power' in the Philippines, senate hears

Sanders: 'Congress Can Walk And Chew Bubblegum At The Same Time' - MSNBC

Everything Bernie Sanders Said During the Democratic Debate in Atlanta - NBC New York

Everything Bernie Sanders Said During the Democratic Debate in Atlanta - NBC New York

As Primary Day Nears, N.H.'s 'Independent' Voters Weigh a Wide Range of Options

Shelf mythology: 100 years of Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company

What is the mission for the 2000 troops sent to Saudi?

Ari Rabin-Havt: "Bernie Sanders is running a working class campaign,"

Damn.....tRump gaining ground in Wisconsin???

The Shoe Bomber

Prince Andrew's resignation: What does it mean for the royal family?

Sanders campaign saw the biggest debate-day fundraising of any of the five debates so far

Biden's reference to Carol Moseley Braun wasn't a gaffe. It was accurate, and the attacks are unfair

Who in the loop do you think

Foreign investors in Jay Peak sue over residency petitions

DW coverage of Iranian protests/riots

Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes' Investigations

'Trying 2 impeach Jesus too!' N.C. church making news again for controversial sign

Sanders campaign saw the biggest debate-day fundraising of any of the five debates so far

Jennifer Rubin: Harris, Buttigieg and Klobuchar Shine in Fifth Debate

(Moira Donegan): Pete Buttigieg is the darling of the donor class. The debate was a reminder why

This Toxic Gaslighting of a Nation Cannot Stand...

Sondland mentions A$AP Rocky, the Late Show cold open

39 Years Ago Today; the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas fire kills 85

VA Beach Blocks Development On Flood-Prone Land; Developer Sues, Judge Upholds City

Where will this all end?

Who won the last Democratic debate? Our panelists' verdict

A Colorado school district has closed more than 40 schools after a highly contagious virus outbreak

Extreme Storms, Toxic Algae Blooms, More Pollution - What The Future Looks Like For Superior

Fox11 LA Focus Group on last night's debate

FYI ken starr on fox news walked back his opinion of the hearings

The Long-Forgotten Flight That Sent Boeing Off Course

Record High Temperatures As Fires Move Into Victoria, S. Australia - Summer Still 1 Month Away

Not The Onion: Deaf first-graders shocked when told that other people can hear their farts.

I honestly don't think Joy Reid should have a job in journalism at all

Thursday TOONs - Sondland Headlines At Under-The-Bus-a-palooza!

Breakfast Thursday 21 November 2019

Kamala Harris secures new CBC endorsement as she ramps up black voter outreach

November 21 - Happy Birthday Senator Dick Durbin (D) IL

"Every Time These Guys Open Their Mouths, She Gets 10,000 More Votes": Leon Cooperman, Billionaire,

November 21 - Happy Birthday Rep. Anthony Brown (D) MD-4th

November 21 - Happy Birthday Rep. Yvette Clarke (D) NY-9th

Inbreeding, Disease, Habitat Loss, Traffic And Now Fires Flattening Remaining Koala Populations

The Rundown: November 20, 2019

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/20/2019

Art Of The Week: Week of 11/20/19

Fiona Hill to rebuke lawmakers for echoing Russian propoganda

Jurors acquit border aid volunteer Scott Warren on harboring charges

Please respond to this bullshit email from Senator Perdue

Scoop: Fiona Hill to warn of "fictional narrative" on Ukraine in testimony

NYSP investigating 2 bodies found in suspicious Allegany County (NY) fire - schools closed

Ukraine for Dummies

I still can't wrap my head around Tulsi Gabbard's visit to Assad.

Republicans For The Rule of Law?

The World's Columbian Exposition Travel tips for Chicago from 1893

Fiona Hill opening statement.

Debates and Bill Clinton

This may surprise people who only know Devin Nunes's recent record, but in late 2015 Nunes told me..

Dark Lord funk you up! Don't believe me? Just watch.

Tulsi Gabbard is a real piece of work, huh?

1965, Byrds, Gene Clark

Instead of "undecided", I wish there were an icon that

"Jabba the Trump"---I love it! (Credit Morning Joe) nt

Kamala Harris secures new CBC endorsement as she ramps up black voter outreach

OMG! This would make my day if the Dems did this in today's hearing!!

Trump lashes out at Fox News amid impeachment fight


The neo-con's neo-coward. . . . Please come CAPTION John Bolton!!

Freaking tv ad on MSNBC for RT.

Trump says he'll release financial records before election, knocks Dems' efforts

VP Biden has not lost an inch in the 12 years we have been following him here.

Biden reminds me of an old boxer

Trump doubles down on military war crimes pardons...

When did the Steele Dossier become "discredited"?

El-Sayed endorses 'consistent' Sanders for president

I think Sondland still in cahoots with MF45. Didn't he really thread the needle?

El-Sayed endorses 'consistent' Sanders for president

They would have us be sacrificial lambs to patriarchy...

Regarding the "visual aids" behind the GOP side of the hearing panel---a suggestion:

Warren defends wealth tax: 'I'm tired of freeloading billionaires'

Can you collect SS Disability from a car accident if


Pic Of The Moment: Captain Trump Reassures His Passengers

Victims, reports say boards to review church abuse flawed

What repukes really care about

BTRTN: Incoming, Outgoing? Cool Pete Can Take the Heat, While Joe Blows His Toes Off


I havta say.... Schiff and his staff

House Democrats ponder expanding impeachment probe after Sondland 'game changer' testimony

A Premonition...

Tom Steyer campaign ad: "Too Bad"

I support whoever Tulsi Gabbard attacks the most.

Police officer runs red light, crashes as YouTube video plays on work laptop

Schiff is going in for the kill with his opening statement this morning....

POLITICUSUSA'S WINNERS AND LOSSERS - a bit of a different take than what I am reading in the thread

Frum: "Remember, Nunes' "memo" that circulated disinformation into US politics"

Fiona Hill, nonpartisan as they come, hits nail head.

Kamala Harris opens up a can on Tulsi Gabbard and her right-wing ties.

One thing that worries me about the impeachment hearings

Jeezus...Nunes' shtick is getting fucking old.

Nunes: his delusions and hallucinations

The reviews are in: @KamalaHarris won Wednesday's Democratic debate in Atlanta by standing up for B

A-rated Siena College NEW YORK poll: Biden 24%, Warren 14%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 5%,

Warren slipping as Buttigieg continues to surge (Iowa)

Really funny that Nunes is stealing Schiff's "got caught" gig

Trump Tweets Truth!

How would President Polk rate Buttigieg's performance last night?

Arrests made as hundreds protest Ann Coulter speech at UC Berkeley

Is Nunes "cold-reading" his opening statement? Was it...

NY Times: Wait, How Do You Pronounce Kiev?

Thank god Nancy Pelosi gave Impeachment to Adam Schiff

Trump is lying about the 'new' 'Apple' factory

Russia's mocking us in real time

What ever happened to the fat guy in his mother's basement?

And from Twitter.....Bwahhahhhahahahah

The GOP defense of Trump is in slow-motion collapse. It's about to get worse.

CNN: The huge Gordon Sondland revelation almost everyone missed

Why I'm switching from Warren to Buttigieg was hard t do

Only 5 years for MURDER??!!??

Trump Announces Judicial Nominee: November 20, 2019

Today's Impeachment Hearing DEVASTATING for Trump

Trump Suck-Up Devin Nunes BTFO'd by Lt Col Vindman

Prosecutor accidentally shot to death in court with piece of evidence.

Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University assaulted Jewish students attending event

And herein lies a huge difference between the democrat and the republican...

Reminder: Harris was lauded as "the first Indian-American senator" when she was elected and

Trump says he won't allow Navy to act against SEAL who posed with ISIS corpse

David Holmes body language analysis:

Venezuela Exodus Is as Big as Syria's, Yet Got 1.5% of the Aid

Ukraine is not part of the European Union

Does anyone know...

Speaking time in the November debate

A Warning to Republicans on Fiona Hill

Donald Trump's Crazy Handwriting Is Now A Free Font Called Tiny Hand

As the hearings began, trump tweets Democrats are 'human scum'

Coleman Hawkins was born on this date.

'Henry and Faye's kid from Rector,' Rolling Stones Attorney Bill Carter proud of Arkansas roots


DNA test reveals Hunter Biden is father of Arkansas woman's baby

On this date in 1973

Waiting for the GOP to accuse Fiona Hill of being a British spy.

Video: Abdul El-Sayed Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Fiona Hill: "...trafficking in Russian propaganda and disinformation designed to weaken the US"

In terms every member can understand, Hill says Russia's security services "operate like a super pac

I said this here three years and more ago:

Quoting fellow Minnesotan Walter Mondale

The robotic pooch from Boston Dynamics' viral videos is ready for real work.

The rage tweeting this morning is amazing

It's been a while...

On this date, Thursday, November 21, 1963, it's wheels up for President Kennedy, on his way to Texas

Tweet of the Day

Speaker Pelosi to speak @ 10:45a ET

Pentagon identifies Fort Hood soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

A Lie Repeated Frequently Enough

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you: the internet!"

'Majority of Americans Agree With Me and Bernie':

Fiona Hill drops a big damn clue

Why has the format changed in the threads?

An Arizona Teacher Helped Immigrants In The Desert. A Jury Decided It Wasn't A Crime.

Fiona Hill did a smack down on GOP committee who say Ukraine was interferring into our election.....

When I think about who is in charge? Adam Schiff is in charge !

Hill believes Trump believed Conspiracy theories that Nune's flunky Patel had been feeding him

Ms. Hill is really changing the scope of this investigation.....


I'm of the opinion there should be a new cabinet post. Rudi can be Secretary of Corruption.

New Hampshire Veterans for Bernie

New Hampshire Veterans for Bernie

Dr.Hill is beyond impressive.

This is Clover, she has her own Disney Plus account and it's the cutest thing

Fiona Hill for National Security Advisor? Sec Defense?

There Are Two Separate Impeachment Hearings Happening Right Now -- And Republicans Are Winning Theirs

Chuck Todd is a fucking tool

South Korea: LKP leader on a "hunger strike"

David Corn pulls off the IMPOSSIBLE...he leaves yappin' ankle dog Gym Jordan at a loss for words.

Connie Schultz: As my mother would say, your voice carries.

Trump blames the media...and so does Sanders

Independent (UK): Andrew Yang 'ignored' for more than 30 minutes before being asked a question

So I am going to finish this big afghan in record time thanks to the hearings

Song of the Day. Enjoy, DU.

MSNBC Misses Sondland's "Burisma, No Biden" Yesterday As Potential Perjury

Ambassador McFaul opened an interesting gambit for Trump.

Everyone everwhere has overheard a 3rd party on a cell phone

Netanyahu to be indicted for bribery, fraud, breach of trust

Fiona Hill , Gym Jordan, upcoming. What a time to be alive

He got Caught; and then he wrote that note

Wow. As Judiciary Committee was voting on some troubling nominees, @senatemajldr just...

Hearing interrupted for House votes? Looks like the House is busy working

Single payer versus the US corporate controlled healthcare industry

Netanyahu indicted on fraud, breach of trust and bribery.

Netanyahu charged with bribery and fraud!

One possible bright side to MSNBC's disgusting anti-Yang bias

Kash Patel, Nunes staffer, from Hill testimony

Sondland told Trump to let A$AP Rocky go to jail then 'play the racism card' to make him look good.

As Fiona Hill goes full-on scorched Earth, Trump tweets the warm, reassuring words of Ken Starr.

I just did something I've never done.

5 Fresh Moments From the 5th Democratic Debate

Deja Vu all over again

Beef and Beet with Barley Stew Recipe

Time for the Orange Clown to Resign

If you need a smirk...

The Impeachable Mr. Trump - SOME MORE NEWS

Fiona Hill!

🎵 "I want nuthin', I want nuthin', I want no quid pro quo..." 🎵

Ahh, Fox hiring nothing but the best

The Unknown Cat? (I'm showing my age)

Kamala Harris Opened Up A Can On Tulsi Gabbard At Democratic Debate

I am perplexed by this statement of Dr. Hill. What did she mean?

Chris Murphy: Trump's e-mail today pushing the Russia created story that Ukraine interfered in 2016

**60% of Americans Disapprove Of Trump, So Says B Rated American Research Poll**

Netanyahu indicted

A good point

Pete Buttigieg Hits Trump For Stealing From Vets At Democratic Debate

Is it just me, or has DU quadrupled the "click bait" ad pics between the OPs and Comments?

I predict that republicans will not be asking Fiona Hill very many questions.

Trump calls Democrats 'human scum' as two more witnesses testify in inquiry

Read: Fiona Hill's opening statement at impeachment hearing

Who would be the best candidate if Trump drops out?

Heard on CNN.

Your thoughts here please.

Trump: Nobody could have heard my voice on Sondland call

Remember the kerfluffle over Pres Obama's Blackberry?

Of COURSE there's a bigger story than Ukraine

The Tesla Truck Is Coming Today. Here's What That Means for Ford and GM Stock

Good afternoon from @Morehouse, where @BernieSanders will be speaking within the hour...

Republicans Seek to Muddy Impeachment Evidence as Their Defense of Trump

is there an online feed for the hearing?

Investigation Into Giuliani Pals Inches Closer To Trump's Orbit With New Subpoenas

Emerson Polling: Sanders tied for first place at 27%

Fiona Hill's full opening statement Trump impeachment hearings

Trump having lunch with several Republican Senators.

What Joe Biden Can't Bring Himself to Say


Everett community honors victims of violence during Transgender Day of Rememberance.

Howz about some alpacas pixs for a Thurs. A.M. pickup

Devin Nunes must be doing his impeachment research via InfoWars...

Amash Says His Former GOP Colleagues Spin Impeachment Probe 'Like We're All Stupid'

Twitch TV LIVE: Rally at Morehouse College

The conspiracy-theorist-in-chief tries his hand at conspiring

Re-greening: can Louisville plant its way out of a heat emergency? Mitch's state.

Vidor, TX: Still racist AF - Notify police 'if you see any black males'

Pelosi: "The evidence is clear that the president has used his office for his own personal gain."

🔥 Bernie Rallies at Morehouse College

Van Jones: Pete Buttigieg 'Falls Off A Cliff' On Black Issues

It's snowing in Santa Fe!

While the cat is away, the mice will play.

Donald Trump says he will block military from removing Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

🔥 Bernie Rallies at Morehouse College

To Nicole Wallace: do you not realize that when Claire McCaskill tells you on air

This morning, it was reported Trump will have lunch with M Romney today

Justice Department watchdog to release report on Russia probe Dec. 9

Wisconsin-Eau Claire suspends five football players for using KKK image on Snapchat

PBS is saying today might be the last day of public hearings

Are debates pointless now?

In Edmonds, voters decided to put women in charge of things

Startpage launches News tab to help users escape filter bubbles

Cspan caller: Howdy.

107 Members of Congress call for the immediate firing of Stephen Miller

Anybody see Rudy lately?

'I really like Andrew Yang, but ..'

Republicans have this sign posted behind them during impeachment hearings today

Sanders' new plan for HBCUs and other MSIs includes an additional $1.3 billion in funding ...

It looks like Republicans are trying to impeach the media -- not Trump

Sanders' new plan for HBCUs and other MSIs includes an additional $1.3 billion in funding ...

Beloved KOMO weathercaster Steve Pool to retire

Getting logged out randomly

Booker Slams Biden on Legal-Weed Stance

Tim Cook is an ass.

Tough Night for Tulsi Gabbard

Azellia White, trailblazer for African American women in aviation, dies at 106

'This is corruption': Warren blasts Zuckerberg's secret dinner with Trump

BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg files Statement of Candidacy with FEC

Who Will Be the First American Counted in the Census? It Came Down to Two.

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice - James Bond Theme

General Motors Files Racketeering Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler

Kamala Harris critcizes Pete Buttigieg today

Secret Service spent more than $250K at Trump properties

Cartoons 11/21/19

Does anyone have a source for info on the black ledger?

These hearings are pulling back the curtain on the deep state to reveal ...

Fmr Fox News Exec Steals Kremlin's Playbook, runs propaganda websites for Clicks and Profit

Matilda Cuomo shows Trump you can hear his voice on a cell phone

I agree 100% with Seth Abramson on this:

If Devin Nunes thinks it's inappropriate for people to pay political operatives for dirt

STFU Devin Nunes.....

Virginia plans to expand the Long Bridge connection with another crossing

Trump has a new book out

Emerson National Poll 17-20 November: Bernie 27% (+2), Biden 27% (-), Warren 20% (-1), Buttigieg 7%

-Runs around the room screaming in excitement-

They got caught.

Virginia plans to expand the Long Bridge connection with another crossing

"There were a few reporters back then [2016] who nailed the initial stories..."


Big money pouring into orca recovery efforts in Puget Sound

Why is nunes allowed...

Man arrested in India for pretending to be Lufthansa pilot

Great NY Times live analysis on Dr. Hill's laying the boom against Castor/MOOnes!!

Oldie but goody. Lindsey Graham in 1999.

OMG! Hill has gotta be these fucker's worst nightmare!

Anti-government protesters in Bogota expel police infiltrators

BERNIE vs. BERNIE - Senator Bernie Sanders sits down with "Bernie Sanders" (James Adomian)

Teen used 'ghost gun' in California high school shooting

Why haven't the Republicans fired their counsel?

BERNIE vs. BERNIE - Senator Bernie Sanders sits down with "Bernie Sanders" (James Adomian)

Hey Aussies... A 15/10 dog

Why does this sound familiar?

Once Mulvaney's chief of staff, payday lobbyist enjoys frequent access to his old boss

Who Won The Fifth Democratic Debate?

I utterly loathe Gym Jordan N/T

Objection! Mr Jordan is badgering the witness...

Gym Jordan is a loud and aggressive person

and seriously does Jordan think with his yelling he's REALLY any smarter???

Mike Pompeo not going to jail 'would be an extraordinary accomplishment,' - Richard Painter

Colombia's anti-government protests overwhelming, peaceful and joyful

Mr Holmes, you may take as long as you need, sir...

Nunes cuts off Hill: I assume we're in 8 minutes. Schiff: We don't cut off witnesses.

Does Jim Jordan wear mascara?

I know this isn't latest breaking news, but Jim Jordan is a rude fucking idiot!

157 House repubs, 1 independent just voted against health care worker safety

The moment where everything that Castor knew or was instructed to bring up was thrown out the window

Dr. Hill IMO is a Goddess ..

Gym-khana, Gym-iney-cricket, Gym-rat,

Nunes involved in Ukraine extortion .....

Bernie Sanders Wins the Foreign Policy Debate

Pentagon denies report U.S. mulls pulling up to 4,000 troops from South Korea

Watch David Holmes take down Jim Jordan

Gym Jorden needs to be WARNED one LAST time

What Colombia's massive anti-government carnival looks and sounds like

I am very alarmed about what Dr. Hill said regarding criticisms of candidate Trump in 2016.

'Corruption' Probe Meant Bidens, Impeachment Witnesses Say

Corporate layoffs announced at Mount Snow

Democrat Deval Patrick had to cancel one of his first campaign events -- because no one showed up


in light of all going on... as I have posted before...

"Turkey Crossing Guard" takes safety seriously, blocks traffic while nearly a dozen turkeys cross

Chinese World First 'Forest City' Combats Air Pollution

You don't mess with a coal miners daughter!

Republican finger-wagging is amusing. Annoying and amusing...

Chief White House correspondent for OANN, the far-right outlet President Trump...

Trump Jr. "a barren banana stand in the marketplace of ideas"

How the heck is public support for impeachment going DOWN??

Because it was the Barr report, not the Mueller report.

Physicists Just Created the Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe in History

This music video is very popular with my young grandkids.

California Supreme Court says law requiring presidential candidates to turn over tax returns is inva

Got a call from the RNC. "Question about Pres. Trump?" You mean Traitor Trump? "This is the RNC."

Just wondering how many here are following the impeachment hearings

Gym Jordan's microphone should be turned off...

Jim Jordan doesn't appear to have ever held a job after earning a Masters and JD, other than govt.

Snowboard pioneer Jake Burton Carpenter dies at 65

the level of idiocy of gop house members is amazing

Fiona Hill rocks! Smart, sober and a match for anyone in that room.

What About Other Witnesses That Should Appear Before This Committee That.....

Bloomberg Enters Presidential Race

Fire in a sugar mill in Argentina leaves at least 11 dead

5 years for murder??!!??

I loved the expression on David Holmes' face

The RNC paid $94,000 to buy bulk copies of Don Jr.'s book.

Opened on this date, November 21, in 1964: the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

Soooo the Republican-owned media just stopped live coverage

Swalwell goes there!

THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF A QUID PRO QUO---except for the testimony of

Will Hurd is UNLOADING on trump! And he's essentially defending Joe Biden....

Neil Young Will No Longer Use Facebook Because Of Its "Obvious Commitments" To Republicans

Poll: Biden and Sanders tied nationally, followed by Warren

I'm a time management coach. This is what I advise about procrastination

SWALWELL on Nunes: "He may be the fact witness if he is working with indicted individuals

Sanders agrees with Obama: Americans don't want to tear down system

Watergate + 45.....


Devin Nunes does not look thrilled as Swalwell reads into the record a story about his ties with...

Fuck Rethug Conway, pure gaslighting, painting any & all opposition to fracking as Russian agitprop

Ohio State House passes "religious schoolwork" Bill

Andrew Yang has exceeded expectations. Now he wants to be taken seriously.

W.House advises Senate to hold trial!

He left out No obstruction of justice

I could only watch or listen to limited amts of the hearings, but it is very, very clear that -

This is sure to be a top item on the Lounge secret Santa this year

GOP fucks up again. Trying to mock Impeachment Hearing, actually giving Adam Schiff props.

Hard to believe the first image of the AIDS quilt was 32 years ago......

Mayor of West, where blast killed 15, laments Trump EPA's weakening of Obama-era chemical storage

What Trump doesn't realize because he never served in the military is that, unlike Trump, members of

One need look no further than Rep. Hurd to understand the true nature of all who describe themselves

Question on senate trial

Daughter of deputy sheriff slain by executed killer asks to end Virginia's death penalty

【LIVE】Chu's day. 「愛の光」

A Warning to Republicans on Fiona Hill

Chu'sday Live

Today's mental health break - more comedy wildlife photos to lighten your spirits!

Cross post: LBN - Teen used 'ghost gun' in California high school shooting

In Hartford, Conn., at Wadsworth Atheneum "Afrocosmologies: American Reflections"

Is this true.. that Booker said this about Hillary in the debate?

RNC payment of $94,800 to Books-a-Million in October, a few days before "Triggered" was released

Trump's Remarks After Tour of Apple Manufacturing Plant; Austin, TX; November 20, 2019

How are you going to pay for that?

Hill suggests there's a subversion of American foreign policy by Parnas, Fruman, Firtash.

So I'm wondering, what are all the laws broken by Nunes?

Adam Schiff has been brilliant,

Chris Christie dodged a bullet

Listening and watching the impeachment hearings today there have been many reTHUGS who

In the movie...


Luckovich-Vatican Confers Sainthood on Adam Schiff

Here's what Fiona Hill previously said about Putin

I know a lot of you don't think much of her reporting but she gets this right:

This is the first known galaxy to have three supermassive black holes

Press Gaggle: Mr. Mulvaney, Did the POTUS Order the 'Code Red'?

The Milky Way's black hole kicked a star out of our galaxy

Just thinking how important the impeachment is to us.

Military conundrum

Schiff: Difference not between Nixon and Trump, it's that Congress and this one.

New: Lindsey Graham writes Pompeo, requests all Obama/Biden contacts w/ Ukraine officials

I need a recommendation for a good prepared gravy

Did I miss the applause after Nunes' closing statement? Anyone???

Trump says he won't allow Navy to punish SEAL who posed with dead body

How do Castor, Nunes, and Jordan look to you, as Schiff finishes with a fiery summation?

Okay folks, who blabbed?

Adam Schiff blows me away.

Dear Rep. Schiff: Force Rep. Nunes to Recuse Himself as Fact Witness

Where's Rudy?....

Adam Schiff...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 22 November 2019

Speaker Pelosi is very patient.

You raised $105.00 on November 20, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

If a car traveled at the speed of light, would the

Do the 2 Russians testify soon?

Today I became the 1st Black Lt. Governor to sign a bill into law in Michigan's history. #StandTALL

This afternoon I tried sharing a six pack with a homeless guy. He told me to

House Republicans have spent the past few weeks whining about witnesses

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 21, 2019

Adam Schiff makes me feel proud to be an American again.

Lest we forget: 56 years ago tomorrow,

Today's Impeachment Haiku

A big THANK YOU to BumRushDaShow & crickets & bdamomma for your Leadership.

FUX sponsors

Trump Held Secret White House Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg

Justice Kennedy asked Trump to put Kavanaugh on Supreme Court list, book says

Adam Schiff closing statement (missing about the first minute) - "We're better that that!"

"You are tearing the country apart" with a tiny crocodile tear

Someone should put all of Schiff's opening and closing statements into one video!!

Netanyahu indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, breach of trust

Trump on Netanyahu: "I don't know him very well".

Who needs ideas for holiday shopping? (NSFW)

A classic from Steve Sack

I'm so proud of the #YangGang

Republicans Are Excusing a Criminal Conspiracy By Frank Rich

Somebody help me with a holiday gift idea for hubby...

We can not afford to look past winning the senate back.

Stephen Miller Is Garbage And Needs To Be Fired Immediately Full Frontal on TBS

WAAambulance for Gym JORDAN 'cause mean HOLMES rolled his eyes at him!1

New: Lindsey Graham sent letter to Pompeo demanding documents on the Bidens and Ukraine.

Breaking: Compromising Video of Melania Trump and Devin Nunes

Looks like the GOP bought a bunch of copies of Jr.'s book.

In today's hearing Republicans repeatedly mocked Democrats for considering Trump a Russian agent.

Justice Kennedy asked Trump to put Kavanaugh on Supreme Court list, book says

Scumbag John Yudichak of Luzerne County(PA) declares himself independent, will caucus with GOP

Just in: The President will be departing the South Lawn via Marine One for an Off the Record...

HuffPost's Marina Fang sums up today's Republican treatment of Fiona Hill, and women in general.

RESIST the calls for impeachment wrap-up in two weeks!!

Adam Schiff can be President, Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General...

Have the Democrats already subpoenaed Giuliani, Bolton, Mulvaney, McGahn, Pence, Perry, and Pompeo?

House says Supreme Court precedents do not shield Trump financial records

Trump Administration is totally weak and in disarray with National Security. This issue is pressing!


Most Americans Struggling Financially Despite The "Strong Economy"

World's first male birth control injection could be available in just 6 months

"That's the #YangGang - we grow independent of media mentions"

Trump signs short-term spending bill just ahead of shutdown deadline

Baby Mouse Daycare

Strauss victims ask Ohio State board to not let them down again

Has John Hagee made any statement re charges against Netanyahu? He's leader of Evangelical pro-Israe

Graham requests Biden-Ukraine records from State Department

When was the Mueller report "debunked"?

I wasn't able to watch last night - is the debate on demand anywhere..?

David Corn: An Impeachment Witness Shows How Republicans Are Helping Putin

New Book: Democracy without Journalism?

Slate "The Case for Impeaching Trump Over Ukraine Is Already Complete"

Crowd at @CAU getting ready for @ewarren speech....

and now for something completely different.

EPA asks judge to finalize settlement costing U.S. Steel $1.8M for 2017 hexavalent chromium spill

Ha ha. They are finally taking this thing seriously!

You can't argue with a conspiracy theorist or a religious fundamentalist. And they are both.

Diplomat David Holmes Outlines Corruption, Hypocrisy Of Trump's Ukraine Shakedown

There is only one reason that the GOP has pivoted to "the impeachment inquiry must end" .

Prosecutors Investigating the Trump Organization Zero In on Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg

Post-debate change in net favorability - 538

After meltdown ends Polar Express ride for teen with autism, conductor hand-delivers Christmas spiri

WTF is this?! Crazy Town comin at you courtesy of Lindsay Graham?

Anyone else having issues with DU Facebook page?

New Iowa St./Civiqs (NR) IA Poll: Pete 26, Warren 19, Sanders 18, Biden 12, Klobuchar 5, Yang 4

Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) -- Aretha Franklin vs Stevie Wonder

Impeachment Hearings: All The President's Men Colluded

Is Greta Thunberg a Time Traveler?

Is it true the Repubs walked out of the hearings durning Sonland testimony?

Watch this 19-year-old cat jump into his dad's arms after being lost for 7 years 💞

It is outrageous that Trump deployed American troops into harm's way to guard Syrian oil wells.

The Case For Impeachment & The Defense Illustrated

2020 US Senate Election- seats that will put Democrats at 50/51 seats.

Right wingers saying things they don't like will cause a "civil war"

"If We Win They Can't Act Like We Don't Exist": Bernie Sanders

Dog Reunites With His Favorite Foster Kitten

Klobuchar on Fox at moment

The Twitette tweets: "A decline of public morals in the United States will probably be marked by..."

92-Year-Old Nana And Great Dane Are Best Friends

Possible big meteor storm. east coast, 11:15 PM tonight.

Woman Patiently Tries To Befriend Stray Cat

Ari just made a good point

Simple question about this whole fucking mess.

Pittie Returned 3 Times Finally Goes Home With His Best Friend

Trump's approval is now exactly where it was when he was inaugurated.

So when will the house vote on Impeachment?

TrumptyDumpty's handwriting is now a font

Putin breathes a little easier thanks to our president.

The definition of bribery under the federal statutes is pretty unambiguous

I agree with Devin Nunes. Schiff should allow Trump's witnesses to testify.

the latest from my friend Matt Woods

"I want nothing! I want nothing! No quid pro quo!"

A Rare and Stunning 'Unicorn Meteor Shower' Could Light Up the Skies Tonight

Woman Transforms Rescue Dog's Crate Into The Cutest Space Ever

Ari, shut this liar down.

4 Issues that Drive Narcissists Crazy (TRUMP)

Rudy is still meddling in Ukraine (this week)

Democratic establishment reaches boiling point with Tulsi Gabbard