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Archives: November 22, 2019

The dummy with the Sharpie.

Beady-eyed predatory marsupial Mulvaney releases a "statement" regarding Fiona Hill testimony.

This Job Will Pay You $3,000 a Month to Smoke Weed

7 Mind Games Played by the Narcissist (TRUMP)

Heads-Up.....Barr's help on the way. His FISA report being released tonight

Any experience with "emotional support animals"?

What Joe Biden Can't Bring Himself to Say

'Domestic Political Errand'

Irony Alert

Well it's done. I'm glad it was done. Will it change anything?

Impeachment Inquiry Is a Dangerous, Lawless Coup, But Also Boring, Petty Gossip, Says Tom Fitton

Bullet Points For Today

Knock Knock

How to Argue with (not fight with) a Narcissist (TRUMP)

FBI official under criminal investigation after altering document

Stray Dog Found Curled Up In Snow Keeping Orphaned Kittens Warm

The making of Adam Schiff: Why is this man taking on the president?

Eric Swalwell creates a one-page re-cap of the last few weeks testimony

Reminder: The Watergate hearings took over 13 months.

Brilliant Complete Closing Comments by Alan Schiff.. Thurs 11/21

Tiny Kittens Wake Up As Soon As They Hear Food Being Opened 😂

Obama Photographer Taunts Donald Trump With Throwback Handwritten Notes Snap

MSNBC Democratic Debate Brings in Lowest Ratings to Date

The Democratic debate confirmed it -- we've entered the 'Bernaissance'

Attempt to 'Criminalize Basic Human Kindness' Fails as Activist Scott Warren Found Not Guilty...

Doug Ford may be going into federal conservative leadership race. Oh no!

Why is Trump allowed to testify by tweet?

Fiona Hill Testifies 'Fictions' on Ukraine Pushed by Trump Help Russia

Democrats Leave Trump in Suspense on Where Impeachment Goes Next

Trump took his actor buddy to witness solider remains..

Guess who is in the Jeopardy audience?

What's your take on CBS news?

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats could end up with.

Jewish Groups Demand Stephen Miller Resign From White House

Trump meets with Romney, Collins, other Republican senators at White House during impeachment hearin

Trump's Pardons for Servicemen Raise Fears That Laws of War Are History

8 Ways to Outsmart the Controlling Narcissist (TRUMP)

This is the truth: the republicans don't care.

Trump's Pardons of Soldiers Shows How Little He Knows About War

Tacoma Police Department seeks input from young minority adults to improve diversity

Bonus Tweet Of The Day

Woman Goes To Adopt One Dog From Shelter -- And Comes Out With Three

Seattle ranks 5th for largest percentage of million-dollar homes, study finds

News in Brief Sweating, Grunting Mike Pence Straining To Rapture Himself Before Impeachment Inquiry

Are Your Neighbors Ready for Mayor Pete?

Exclusive: FBI official under investigation after allegedly altering document in 2016 Russia probe

The Atlantic has published a MUST-READ article by a stutterer on Biden's experience as a stutterer

In Atlanta, Democrats make urgent bid to court black voters

White House and Republicans discuss limiting impeachment trial to two weeks

Wait for the drop 😂😂😂😂

Zuckerberg Cozied Up to Trump at White House Dinner Meeting

Racist Incidents at Syracuse University Putting Students, Faculty On Edge

The Deep State is profoundly reassuring.

Too bad Devin Nunes and the GOP who question witnesses don't have to

Anderson Cooper is interviewing Fiona Hill's attorney, Ambassador Lee Wolosky

Lynnwood plans for a new light-rail-linked urban village

I heard Dr. Fiona Hill was great

Prosecutors investigating the Trump Organization zero in on Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg

Is the Ukrainian situation a conspiracy between the Trump administration and a foreign government?

The Republican National Committee spent nearly $100,000 on copies of Donald Trump Jr.'s book (NYT)

Russia bans sale of gadgets without Russian-made software

Did the wobbly senators who lunched with Trump come away with $$$$$ campaign donations?

Their Conspiracy Theory: Russia was framed by Ukraine and the DNC.

under current governor, 4 Florida felons had voting rights restored

The 2019 election is not over yet

Supporters and protesters greet President Trump for his visit to Austin

don't accept the new hype from The Hill that approval for impeachment is falling in polls

Trump's Fed Pick Judy Shelton Cast Doubt on Central Bank Independence

Colorado District Closes All 46 Schools To Stop Spread Of 'Extremely Contagious Virus' TIME

Parnas Attended Giuliani's Madrid Meeting With Zelensky Aide

John Boehner Sucks and So Does His Portrait

Some people have pointed this out several times.

Teen's "Slave For Sale" Craigslist Post Prompts Hate Crime Charges

Parnas Attended Giuliani's Madrid Meeting With Zelensky Aide & Parnas is NOT protecting Giuliani

Bibi claims "blood libel" in the charges against him

MSNBC - where not to get advice for a Dem win. Boycott or send stern letters

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 24, 2019 - Princesses Incognito

Are we watching the liberation of Kamala Harris?

Horrific report by NBC. The children of Madagascar working mica mines

TCM Schedule for Monday November 25, 2019 - Backlot Guest Programmer: Carrie Specht

Where do the Children Lay

I want the Democrats to slow walk the current investigation.

Revenge of the billionaires: How an oligarchy of the morbidly rich can take down democracy

'They barely mentioned us': Atlanta's black voters frustrated by Democratic debate

Robocall Scams Exist Because They Work--One Woman's Story Shows How

Snowboarding visionary Jake Burton Carpenter dies at 65

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Which seat will decide which party controls the US Senate?

Dan Rather: Pride. Sadness. Consternation. Hope.

Slate "The Impeachment Hearings Have Shown the Policy Costs of Trump's Narcissism"

Covington (KY) Woman Explains Why She Told GOP Crowd that Bevin won

What I have learned about Russian election interference this last week

Pigs on the Wing !! Fox News chyron banner gots Roger Ailes rolling in his grave hahaha

Rachael Maddow vs. Sean Hannity.....

Tearful Lindsey Graham interview about the Bidens is worth a repost given he just opened a probe

Eight suspected human smugglers arrested near Carrizo Springs by Border Patrol

This is why there will ALWAYS be that 35% rooting for repugs!

Fiona Hill Fan Club is trending on twitter

It's snowing in Santa Fe, NM tonight

SO TRUMP CAN TWEET THE PHRASE 'HUMAN SCUM" directed at the democrats

Maloney is on Rachel tonight

The painfulness of silence....

What has the MSM said about Trump's Human "Scum" tweet

last night I saw a story that South Korea was ending its security agreement with the US.

Biden Taunts Protestor Calling for a Freeze on Deportations: 'You Should Vote for Trump'

Michigan GOP leader uses expletive to call governor 'crazy'

Lindsey Graham just gave Trump what he wanted all along: An investigation into Biden

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle to Donald Trump: "Come to Texas As Often as Possible."

The Extraordinary Impeachment Testimony of Fiona Hill (New Yorker)

Steve Radack Unhinged?

Joe Biden announces 8 day No Malarkey bus tour through Iowa

BS' FP Advisor, Matt Duss, Defends TG.. Who does he think he's kidding?

Charter School supporters interrupt Warren speech on education

Exhibit of Dora Maar, Picasso's Muse at Tate Modern (UK)

"...I'm not referring to the names of Stephen Miller's Labradoodles." -Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen awarded ADL International Leadership Award at Never Is Now 2019

Maddow breaks down how public opinion is catching up with the facts of Trump's impeachment

Who went to jail for Watergate....

Congressman JOHN Lewis is a truly great human being

You KNOW what he's thinking.............

Towed to 100 MPH but pedal power to 183.932 mph- NEW LSR.

Obama: We are not going to win just by increasing the turnout of people who already agree with us

Top Bolivian coup plotters trained by US military's School of the Americas, served as attachs in FB

She was fatally strangled. The media is making it about her sex life.

Drives me crazy when talking heads say "our country is divided 50/50"

A Public Service Ad for Nevermore Trumpers

Lost Masterpieces of Britain

Nope, didn't see aything wrong with the phone calls, but........

Mass hysteria: could this be what's

Harris, on Colbert's Late Show tonight, reacts to Lindsey Graham investigating Biden

Q Mr. President, what exactly did you hope Zelensky would do about the Bidens after your phone call?

I shook Elizabeth Warren's hand today... and took a selfie!

Lev Parnas' lawyer: let Lev speak

The more Bolton ducks testifying, the more history will paint him as a maggot.

DOJ Buried Allegations That Cheney's Halliburton Subsidiary Paid Bribes for Venezuela Contracts

John Bolton could sell a lot more books

The Louvre's Historic Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit, 5 Things We Learned; PBS

What happened to that Horowitz report that was coming out?

One of the witnesses observed that many in the State Dept. and the NSA

November Gardem

(Jewish Group) Jewish man stabbed repeatedly outside New York synagogue

(Jewish Group) Violence against Jews is reprehensible. But isolated attacks distract us from the big

(Jewish Group) Key impeachment witness calls Soros attacks the 'new Protocols'

'Referendum on Duque': Thousands march against Colombia president

The Daily Show: Prince Andrew's Jeffrey Epstein Problem

(Jewish Group) Judge who linked to article saying 'Jews should get the f*** over the Holocaust' is n

The Daily Show - Getting to Know Dem: Andrew Yang

(Jewish Group) This Romanian Jewish polenta is the ultimate comfort food

Seth Meyers - Trump Addresses Gordon Sondland's Impeachment Testimony - Monologue - 11/20/19

How Congressman Mike Kelly encouraged Trump's decision to allow adoption agencies to discriminate

(Jewish Group) Fifty Years of 'Sesame Street'

Graham launches probe of Bidens, Burisma and Ukraine

(Jewish Group) Kapos: A book review

Seth Meyers - Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends with More Damning Evidence: A Closer Look

Thanks, Republicans

Trump and His Corrupt Old Party - For Republicans, there is no bottom. By Paul Krugman

How can Democrats get the public more enthused about impeaching trump

The Look On Nune's Face Is Priceless.

Devin Nunes' lawyer files another defamation lawsuit, this time for White House official

Michael McFaul gives a synopsis of the impeachment hearing.

Amnesty International: Chile using violence as a deterrent

In pictures: Havana celebrates 500 years of foundation

Anyone watching The Crown Season 3? What do you think? The story line about the spy is true.

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat will put Democrats in the majority?

Virginia election officials recommend 45 days of early voting

Look! It's the most corrupt president ever,

Warren gave an amazing speech tonight

One President Calls his opponets Human Scum and the another President

Where were you 56 years ago today, 22nd November 1963 when John F Kennedy died?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sondland Screws Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dr. Fiona Hill Wastes Trump

Caught some of this tonite PBS Newshour segment with Leon Panetta and

Which character in a movie do you identify


A third of tropical African plants face extinction

November Photo Contest Preliminaries Group 1

November Photo Contest Preliminaries Group 2

November Preliminaries are up in GD

I'm still standing....kinda

Billionaires Paid Less In Taxes Than Working Class 2018, 1st Time:: Inequality Highest Ever Recorded

Colbert is really into the Lord of the Rings

Florida state senator decries being targeted by 2016 Russian election hacking

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening / Stephen's "Lord Of The Rings" Saga - 11/21/19

Virginia Democrats out of the gate quickly with bills for next year: ERA, gun control, voting access

Graham had previously told the Post in late October...

Special South African gin is infused with elephant dung

Former Partner Of Locke Lord LLP Convicted In Manhattan Federal Court Of Conspiracy To Commit Money

Youngsville Man Indicted in Million Dollar Investment Fraud and Ponzi Scheme

Two Delaware County Men Charged In $21 Million Insurance Financing Fraud Scheme

Police knew a war veteran was a U.S. citizen. ICE detained him anyway.

U.S. Attorney Announces The Arrest Of 3 Individuals For Operating A $6 Million Unlicensed Money

China's Xi wants US trade deal but can 'fight back'

Tesla Cybertruck Revealed! Photos + Details on the Wild New Electric Pickup

Psssssssssssst - today should be interesting - Rachel reminded us last night

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Kamala Harris

Europe keen to demonstrate Moon ambitions

If he is superior then we are officially in the Twilight Zone...

While driving, it's much easier to merge left than merge right

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg files paperwork to run for U.S. president.

Obama photographer mocks Trump's handwritten notes with images of predecessor's writings

"Politics has got so nasty. I don't pay attention to it no more."

Dr Hill's testimony reminded me of an incident:

State College produces two winners of statewide redistricting contest

Another driving question. Does anyone else find inching along,

Ex-Vikings kicker Fred Cox, inventor of Nerf football, dies at 80

EPA ends safety rules on chemical plants

I've changed my mind...

A Deathly Menace

Breakfast Friday 22 November 2019

Barry Myers, Accuweather Hack Eager To Privatize NWS, Steps Down As Shitstain's NOAA Nominee

Please enter into the Congressional Record the transcript of...

Deep red town's only grocery closed, city hall opened its own store. Just don't call it 'socialism'

Most Residents Of Money Island, NJ Accept Government Money To Leave Their Slowly Drowning Town

Forecasters - After Hottest Arctic Summer On Record, We Can Expect Record Warmest Arctic Winter Next

October Temps 8C Above Average For Northern Islands Franz Josef Land, Severnaya Zemlya

Friday TOONs - Playing With Fire

Stumblin' In- Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro (1978)

Skiff Of Fools: The Remaining Hacks, Cranks And The Handful Of Actual Scientists Denying Warming

2020 US Senate Election- How many US Senate seats Democrats will gain and lose?

A nice prank in school today in guitar class

Tesla unveils the Cybertruck, its 'bulletproof' electric pickup

Sondland lied again!!

Anthony Kennedy Advocated For Kavanaugh To Fill His Supreme Court Seat, Book Says

Next round of hearings will include Mueller findings.

The Rundown: Nov 21, 2019

Pick of the Week: "The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage" #1

Impeachment is about to get a Robert Mueller reprise

The origin of Super Villains: Porcupine

24 Years Ago Today; the 1st full-length CGI-animated feature film, Toy Story, is released

Is That All There Is?

Elizabeth Warren honors black women in speech disrupted by pro-charter school protestors

Subbed At Tiny School Yesterday

November 22 - Happy Birthday Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) NY-22nd

November 22 - Happy Birthday Mayor Tim Keller (D) Albuquerque

UncleNoel's November Pre-Debate Polls Roundup: Biden 29.3, Sanders 20.3, Warren 18.6 [Biden +9]

Serious question: What will it take for Senate Republicans to vote for impeachment ?

Politico: "'He cares about his grievances and his reelection, and that's it'"

Watch Live! Astronauts to Perform Spacewalk Surgery on Ailing Cosmic Ray Detector

Fred Rogers testifies before Congress - 1969

Atheists Urge Supreme Court to Oppose Public Funding of Religious Schools

It's amazing that the Republicans don't think that Trump's guilty of bribery

I was 8 years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated

Trump on Fox and Friends Live right now.....Epic Rant

FL School Board, Fearing Satanists, Nixes Christian Invocations at Meetings

A modest proposal-------

Democrats hold Impeachment Inquiry in spite of zero cooperation from trump administration

Dr. Fiona Hill's book

Is there an effort to get the Ukraine call transcript?

Anglican Church of Canada Fears "There Will Be No Members" by 2040

They are not victims, they are accomplices...

For Pence, Impeachment Inquiry Will Test A Political Path Shaped By Faith

Has John Bolton got a book deal?

Texas Atheist Group Finds Heartwarming Way to Help the Homeless

Was going to post on Facebook

Light pollution is key 'bringer of insect apocalypse'

Putin vows to fix mystery nuclear-powered rocket after engine blast

Lindsey Graham 2015 vs 2019

In England, Atheists Win Battle for Secular Assemblies in Church-Owned School

Could Judy Collins' Hunting the Whale be used vs T and gang?

Kentucky governor's stay at Trump hotel could carry legal implications for president

This Is How Trump's Gangster Government Works

The perfect solution for that unsightly dent on your truck

"wing-nut welfare"

Flashback: President John F. Kennedy argues for Medicare for all. #JFKAssassination

Senate Republican 'Jurors' Plot with Defendant Trump to Limit Trial

A definitive guide to 64 Republican impeachment excuses

Linus, doing Linus.

Chaly's oped that Donnie thin skin's henchmen keep citing as the problem

Linus from Texas

St Louis native Mike Zito and guests release a tribute to St Louis legend...

The Bodega Boys teamed up with presidential candidate @ewarren to outsmart an aggy apparition...

Hoagy Carmichael was born on this date-

How Sputnik 1 changed the world for the good of mankind.

UH-OH: Trump Often "Can't Remember" What He Said or Was Told

Shocking Impeachment Testimony Confirms Bribery Extortion

Masked balls and gay uprisings - gay history of Los Angeles in maps

'He cares about his grievances and his reelection, and that's it'

Not all heroes wear capes

Disney heiress endorses Warren's wealth tax, calls billionaires opposing it "idiots"

I think the impeachment vote should be dragged out until after the holidays.

I googled "Hillbilly" hoping to find new Bluegrass or Rockabilly

What's Better Than Seeing a Hopper Painting? Sleeping in One

New Tesla EV Pickup Revealed

The eyes and ears aren't to be trusted, but the nose knows.

Don't quit now, Democrats

GA-07: Georgia Democrat dramatizes message on health care -- by giving up her own

Tiedrich: Fox & Friends is Romper Room for racists

Pic Of The Moment: Because This Is Really Happening

Trump Says Pence Is on 2020 Ticket: 'He's Our Man, 100%'

Jonathan Pie : Election 2019: Week 3

The White Album

The AIDS Memorial Quilt will head home to San Francisco, 32 years later

JFK: "Let every nation know..."

The highway to fascist autocratic hell is paved with...

Leonard Cohen last recorded song

"The lawyer, who was a line attorney, is no longer working at the bureau, said a person

"I need one reporter to ask trump if he's going to withhold aid from Israel over corruption"

When will people stop doing this?

The Gaslighting Has Started

Mike Bloomberg starting to make ad buys

'Blackbird': The Beatles song inspired by the Little Rock Nine

Trump claims Hong Kong 'would have been obliterated' without his actions

Trump says he might veto legislation that aims to protect human rights in Hong Kong

So Andrew Yang does not NOW think Trump should be Impeached....

It's that time of year again...

Elmer was always a little slow and kinda dum to boot

So the MSM scenerio seems to be that the Democrats need to persuade the Rethugs

Sacha Baron Cohen Uses ADL Speech to Tear Apart Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Trump claims his wall is electrified🙄

question about Rep. Will Hurd (R-23) and his apparent devotion to Trumpism

If you're stuck for a Xmas gift - some suggestions

Parnas Attended Giuliani's Madrid Meeting With Zelensky Aide

5 Stages of Republicans impeachment grief:


Bloomberg: Deadline for State Dept documents to be turned over is today (court ordered).

"Trump Political Errand" Timeline - Bookmark This

Once again proving cats have no bones in their bodies

You raised $215.00 on November 21, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

World May Have a Bigger Problem Than a Potential Recession

CREW sues for impeachment-related documents

I have never read such garbage in my life. What bothers me is how many people really believe this.

Please Li'l Lindsey - I dare go after Joe Biden and his family in the Senate Trial

Steve Doocy[to #TRUMP] : You said we know the name of the whistleblower, but we have no idea.

How is it not in the best interest of any Ukrainians to come clean and back up

question about expediting cases in federal court

Glenn Kirschner on MSNBC: Bolton needs to woman-up.

By moving directly to impeachment, the House gets its best chance of winning the testimony of others

In 2004 (last campaign against an Incumbent Republican)...

No Collusion - No Obstruction - I'm Exonerated......

Picking on the witnesses, not on the content: a grammar-school tactic by our members of Congress.

NYT: At Last Minute, South Korea Holds Off on Leaving Intelligence Pact With Japan

WaPo Greg Sargent: Trump's GOP defenders cannot be shamed. It's time to try this instead

Goodbye, Kinsey.

Israel needs to clean up its corruption problem

Fiona Hill Missed An Opportunity Yesterday

Bernie's event attendance has crossed 250,000.

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Jennifer ...

The Day That Decided the 2020 Election

Do I want to fly out to LA on the 19th, go to the debate and come right back on the red eye?

Shepard Smith blasts 'vilification' of journalists in first post-Fox speech

Heard But Not Scene: TV/Movie Characters That Were Never On Screen? 📺📽

OMG! Trump actually went out and sang a Christmas Carol!

Lindsey Graham Video Praising Joe Biden Resurfaces: 'As Good a Man as God Ever Created'

IU professor tweets article about 'Women Destroying Academia'

Everything Bernie Sanders Said During the Democratic Debate in Atlanta NBC New York

Woman arrested for church knife attack 'over faux fur boots'

Sen. Kamala Harris: Bring All The President's Men Forward For Questioning

JUST IN: Trump says he wants Senate trial if House lawmakers vote to impeach him

2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden meets with Southern Mayors

Biscuit place boog the chocolate lab

Closing arguments in Clinton Impeachment, both sides would convict Trump

Sen. Kamala Harris: Bring All The President's Men Forward For Questioning

Peggy Noonan: "case has been so clearly made you wonder what exactly the Senate will be left doing"

Most of the media (and public) don't get it. Republicans' goals align with Putin's and they want

What is the "deep state?"

MSNBC video: Stephanie Ruhle interviews the author of the Atlantic article on Biden's stutter

WashPo has issued a correction to a story about the FBI agent who supposedly altered a document.

GQ made a slight mistake about the reason for Lt Col Vindman's Purple Heart...

Impeach & Convict Trump

Instant DNA ID:

Does anyone here take Tymlos for osteoporosis? Friend needs help covering the copay.

Distress, Acceptance and Taking the Long View

How Barack Obama proposed to Michelle,

Marine Vet confronts Lindsey Graham on impeachment - Graham runs off

MSNBC Panel Guest refers to "Fiona Apple," then quickly

John Bolton - my twitter account has been liberated

Elizabeth Warren: "What do we do with this?"

Some Veterans can physically access commissaries, exchanges & MWR facilities starting Jan 1st

Michigan DNR said it killed wolves to protect humans. Then we got its emails.

I take pain killers on occasion for a very bad back.

Far-right group warning of Islamist infiltration to hold banquet at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club

patty griffin - one big love (studio-1998) - should've been a big hit imho ...

If you care about democracy, get off Facebook! Period.

Dog Befriends Baby Giraffe After Abandoned in South Africa

Sacha Baron Cohen: Facebook Would Have Let Hitler Buy Ads For 'Final Solution'

New: Elizabeth Warren names Representatives Deb Haaland, Katie Porter and Ayanna Pressley as...

Devin Nunes, Russian puppet

Florida dog puts car in reverse, drives in circles for an hour.

Trump Attacks Impeachment Inquiry and Accuses a Witness of Lying

King County puts 100K toward programs to bus homeless people out of the county

Randy Rainbow's newest video: He's Just a GURL Who'll QUID PRO QUO!

Our JPR friends have turned on "Squad" member Ayanna Pressley for endorsing Warren

Seattle sees biggest drop of solo-commuters across the country

Credible Sondland is no Never Trumper. Hearings now need Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney.

I always knew the repukes would sell us out for a buck (our clean air, healthcare, safety...)

'The picture has been painted': Hearings unite Democrats behind impeachment

If Senate repugs can't comment on impeachment because they are "potential jurors"

American millennials' mental and physical health is on the decline

Klobuchar's Expanding Campaign

Apple says its App Store is 'a safe and trusted place.'

Trump's GOP defenders cannot be shamed. It's time to try this instead.

Why does MSNBC have that old Right-wing Trump sycophant spouting

Dead Kennedys - Bleed For Me (Target Video Studios, Live, San Francisco, CA 1981)

Microsoft News Poll: Buttigieg breaks out of the pack in Democratic debate.

Yovanovitch angered Trump because "She wouldn't hang my picture in the embassy"

Smugglers cut a truck-sized hole to drive 16 through US-Mexico border wall, feds say

Pupster Pool Party!!

Congress has passed 200+ bipartisan bills

$26 Million in Missing Paychecks, One Mysterious Swindler Charged

Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman says he'll run for governor against Inslee

"The Embassy in Kyiv hung the official photographs of the President, Vice President, and... "

RIP - Gahan Wilson 2/18/1930 - 11/21/2019

Black South Bend leader endorses Biden, rebukes Buttigieg

Humanitarian Scott Warren Found Not Guilty After Retrial for Helping Migrants at Mexican Border

Pending I-976 litigation, business as usual at Sound Transit

Yes I did.

Mike Pompeo: Last in His Class at West Point in Integrity

Bloomberg makes 'massive' ad buy

Serial initiative-promoter Eyman says he'll run for governor

Exclusive: Giuliani Now Claiming Biden 'Bribed' Former Ukrainian President

Spanish park builds 'brain games' for the elderly

Trump mistook his top adviser on Russia, Fiona Hill, for a member of his clerical staff...

Harris lands 4th Hispanic Caucus endorsement

AG Barr to unveil plan on missing, murdered Native Americans

Americans are moving less than ever before

Personal loans are 'growing like a weed,' a potential warning sign for the U.S. economy


56th anniversary today of JFK death

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Bolton tweet: reason for absence was "WH refused to return access to my personal Twitter account"

Virginia Bernie Sanders supporter launched impromptu write-in campaign for soil and water board -

trumpty dumpty whines that Maria "Masha" Yovanovitch wouldn't hang his picture at the embassy

His White House Engulfed, Trump Keeps California in the Cross Hairs (NYT)

The Battle for the Senate

Lindsey runs away from vet.

Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says

How Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump Have Profited Off Their Dad's Presidency

Fiona Hill: Impeachment Queen

Trump's 'I Want Nothing' Rant Triggers Glorious Memes and Songs

Nicolle Wallace says:"It's going to take a dead Russian hooker ...

Peggy Noonan (speech writer for President Reagan) statement on impeachment

Feds are seizing private land for border wall

Using Senate Rethuglicon rules, views and talking points

Democratic debate: How I learned to love Bernie Sanders

Cartoons 11/22/19

Netflix thought I'd like "Burning Cane."


Friday: Clinical feast or famine day.

Let us begin by always calling the GOP...especially the Senate....

How do I find senior housing?

Sacha Baron Cohen's speech where he says: "Facebook Would have Sold Ads to Hitler"

Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says

The Trump administration is dialing up efforts to 'build that wall,' records show

Prediction: 2020 is gonna be crazy as shit

Dion; Abraham, Martin And John. From 1968

When grandpa tells the same stories and you can't get him off the phone

Speaking of creeps......

Who will benefit (Primary-wise) from the extended Impeachment Trial that Trump wants?

Michael J. Pollard, 'Bonnie and Clyde' and 'House of 1000 Corpses' Actor, Dies at 80

#YangGang loves to see it!

When Trump Keeps Telling You He Is Corrupt, Believe Him!

If one were accept the fiction that Trump didn't try to pressure Ukraine for his own political gain

Trump May Veto Hong Kong Human Rights Bill

Demented Are Go - Funnel Of Love. I am speechless

Trump wonders on Fox and Friends How it was Amb. Sondland came to be working on Ukraine matters!!...

Poor mail carrier has been dealing with this for a month! 😂🦃🚐🍽

Elon Musk has lost his mind

Back in court, Jerry Sandusky resentenced to 30 to 60 years

Update on Bloomberg ad buys

Trump's Senate Impeachment Defense Will Be to Put Joe Biden on Trial

Ex-national security adviser John Bolton: 'White House stole my Twitter account'

Black South Bend leader endorses Biden, rebukes Buttigie

Former Trump adviser John Bolton returns to Twitter with cryptic message

Marine Corps Iraq Vet @JeffKey tried to have a civil conversation with Senator Lindsay Graham

Maillardet's Automaton

Biden camp: Graham 'forfeited his conscience' over Ukraine


The Future of Work - a VICE News special report

Dog Saved From Meat Truck Travels Across The World To Her New Family--Long video,

Facebook: Most sites allow their trackers, use their single sign-on, allow them access to traffic.

EPA rolls back regulations written after fatal 2013 explosion in West, Texas

Biden: Lindsey Graham will 'regret his whole life' doing Trump's bidding on Ukraine (CNN)

Argentine Health Secretary resigns over Macri's opposition to abortion rights

Argentine Health Secretary resigns over Macri's opposition to abortion rights

Democratic establishment reaches boiling point with Tulsi Gabbard

Scam Call Today #1-214-366-6900

One of my color pencil drawings of vegetables

Michael McFaul....Thread

Trump's Defenders Have No Defense. by Peggy Noonan

I got my 1st Senior Citizen Scam Call. Yeah me👵

I still like this visualization best, on two axes. Negative popular vote margin + anemic EV margin

Barr's newest coverup...Epstein

skullduggery is afoot

Meanwhile, Rudy is still lying his raggedy ass off...

Boston Independent Drivers Guild Endorses Bernie Sanders

Has anyone taking the quiz to see who they better align with?

Biden Under Fire for Telling Immigrant Rights Activist Demanding End to Deportations to 'Vote for

Terry McAuliffe Says There's "None," "Zero" Chance Hillary Clinton Runs for President in 2020

Facebook Executive Joel Kaplan 'Helped Quarterback' His Pal Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS Nomination

Watch This Itty Bitty Bulldog Grow Up In an Incubator -- Then Burst Out!

GOP spends $95,000 for copies of Don junoir's book

Whoever the Democratic challenger is, I am donating...

Breaking: Russia Inquiry Review Is Said to Criticize F.B.I. but Rebuff Claims of Biased Acts

Statement from Senator Sanders on the Passing of Jake Burton Carpenter

Count Binface Election Broadcast: Binface Goes Vogue!

If you care about democracy, quit your corporate job! Period.

Russia Inquiry Review Is Said to Criticize F.B.I. but Rebuff Claims of Biased Acts

Did something awful happen to Tesla today?

You know you're old when the cashier

The two greatest comedians, British and American, together.

'America has no dreams for black and brown people:' Samaria Rice's continuing journey, 5 years after

"Who's afraid of Bernie Sanders?" with @krystalball Nov 22 in Brooklyn

Russian accused of operating elite hacking forum pleads not guilty....

I say to Google: it is time to address the racism, harassment, and harmful contracts at your company

Tweet of the Day

Dog rescue goes bad for local woman.

Cleveland dot com has something to say about Gym Jordan

N.T. Wright explains the world of the New Testament in new book

Gym Jordan & Cleveland. Com op ed

How the infamous Oberammergau Passion Play is evolving

Gahan Wilson, famous cartoonist, has died (89yo)

I predict that "Fiona"

Does anyone have links to explorable virtual worlds online?

Nope, sorry republicans you are still fucked..

Trump withholding military aid to another country.

Impeachment Juror Susan Collins Has Lunch With Donald Trump

Not The Onion: How to teach your pet mouse to slam-dunk in basketball.

Ex-Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack plans to endorse Biden

Dear Moderates: Please Give Cory Booker a Chance

BREAKING: Bloomberg Ad Buy now $30 M


Trump's never-ending phonecall...funny.

Why Fox News Slimed a Purple Heart Recipient

Gigantic Baby Jesus Looks like Phil Collins (or Nicholas Cage?)

This is my vote for Tweet of the Day

Because Trump is having lunches with certain Senators,

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 22, 2019

11/24 Mike Luckovich: Putin's choir

READ: Sacha Baron Cohen's Attack On Facebook, Remarks In Full/Transcript

Facebook Executive Joel Kaplan 'Helped Quarterback' His Pal Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS Nomination

Bernie Sanders Statement on Mike Bloomberg Ad Buy

Joe Conason: The Evidence That Trump Concealed

Message for Ranking Member Devin Nunez

Neo-Con or Straight-Up Coward? John Bolton, your country needs you.

Biden on Graham: "He knows me. He knows my son. He knows there's nothing to this."

'I Could Spare Some Change,' Says Man About To Become Buttigieg Campaign's Top Black Donor

Sanders gets endorsement of rideshare drivers guild

Mike Bloomberg to launch the largest one-week political advertising campaign in history

House impeachment strategy re: going to court

Biden Notches Big Endorsement In Iowa

The Ukraine Lie. Gather Intel heads in prime time in the House of Reps.

Bangladeshi Tenant Power

I'm a collector of Dragons, and this one is a beaut

How to Caucus for Bernie in Iowa

Is not fox news enough ?

TCM hosting Dennis Miller? Really? Yes.

What Joe Biden Can't Bring Himself to Say

Nutjob Krystal Ball chimes in

Day after national strike, Colombia's government reports 3 dead, 272 injured

Which President Would You Prefer?

Here's what Members of Congress do, among other things, during Congressional Recesses:

Trump: "She wouldn't hang my picture, Trump again hits out at U.S. Ambassador" Irish Times

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 27

Decluttering: 6 Ways To Deal With Sentimental Items, Tips

Driver crashes into 9 other vehicles.


JFK did not fear a Free Press

Complete sentences! How terribly novel in a President...

The real scandal ISN'T that Trump asked a foreign government to interfere in our election

Sanders says he's 'disgusted' by Bloomberg's $30 million ad buy

Decluttering: 6 Ways To Deal With Sentimental Items, Tips

Don Lemon is interviewing Joe Biden tonight

Adam Schiff, if you're listening, I hope you can add these to tRump's impeachable offenses

Cartoonist Gahan Wilson Dead.

"She wouldn't hang my picture." is today's version of, "I am not a crook"

Defying Trump, Navy Secretary backs effort to revoke tridents from Eddie Gallagher and other SEALs

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats could end up with after 2020.

GQ magazine makes a correction:

Sunday 9pm Jake Tapper, All the President's Lies.

Kos: Former Supreme Court Justice Kennedy asked Trump to replace him with Boofo Kavanaugh

Bernie Sanders Wins the Foreign Policy Debate