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If you live in a swing district call your congressperson and tell him or her you have their back.

Over 5,000 rally against 100 German far-right protesters

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized

Increase in taxes in CA will be 50% Jan 2020

Brazil ex-president, out of jail, vows to make 'lives hell'

NOW, Jane Fonda on CNN:

Yang's photo line in Iowa :)

In summation,

Justice Ginsburg in hospital

Bernie: ''Our revolution includes dancing ... ''

Randy Rainbow's Latest

This person does not exist.

Eugene Gu: "It's not that Andrew Yang isn't aggressive or outspoken enough to grab media time..."

Oh My Darlin...💚

Can the Supreme Court Save Itself? by Linda Greenhouse

Swamplandia: A Week Kayaking Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin

2020 US Senate Election winners- if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.


Former homeless man pays for new apartment with money earned from Little Rock cleanup program

Good advice for watching the news

Andrew Yang: I Will Go on MSNBC 'After They Apologize' for Bad Coverage of My Campaign

This One Number Shows How Shameless Jim Jordan Is

Two Tiny Kittens Found On The Street Without Mom, Held Each Other Tight And Refused To Let Go

Happy Woolfenoot, the holiday made up by a 7 year old to celebrate kindness to dogs.

Morcheeba - Blood Like Lemonade

What Stephen Miller Was Like in High School - Charles Gould

Small Town Texas School District rejects naming school after local War hero

WH press secretary suggests John Bolton may have 'forgotten' his Twitter password

Colombia steps up violent repression of peaceful protest in capital Bogota

Flu bug ravages Cowboys ahead of Patriots game

In Virginia, and elsewhere, gun humpers prepare to defy new laws

Get ready for more extinctions:

Giuliani Says Biden Documents to Be Released 'If I Disappear'

Top House Democrat Says Nunes Will 'Quite Likely, Without Question' Face Investigation

How's this for a mind blowing comparison of property values, over time, in Los Angeles

Wall Street Journal -

Woman Sentenced to 6 Years After Stabbing Twin Sister to Death

Dozens of infant deaths have been tied to a popular baby product.

Amy Klobuchar talks impeachment post-Democratic debate l ABC News

You think you're doing good, but do not recycle your pizza boxes

"The Progressive case against Ukrainegate", K Ball suggests Pelosi & Dems are impeaching trump to

Grandma Forges Diploma For Dog Who Failed Obedience School

Misunderstood - A Brief History of Hemp in the US

VP picks


Secretary of Navy threatens to resign

Leading senator wants investigation into state involvement in 'orchestrated terror' plot against cit

Heard any good "Knock Knock" jokes lately?

Guy with rare disorder wants Christmas wishes from

Navy veteran found in his apartment had been dead for 3 years...

Joe Biden's full 11/22 CNN interview with Don Lemon - links to all 4 video clips:

Feds fight back as Epstein death conspiracy theories swirl

Bloomberg vows to refuse donations, presidential salary

Beaking News. Trump is pushing to invade the US of A.

Top lawmakers reach agreement on spending as deadline nears

Nunes untrustworthy. LoL

Former rancher says failure to restore meat labeling law is costing rural America 'billions'

I'm watching Johnathon Taylor of Wisconsin

Introducing Soup, apparently one of John Lennon

BREAKING: Here's the text of The Democratic Coalition's House Ethics complaint against Rep. Devin Nu

New study confirms American children and teens are consuming significantly less sugary drinks

Navy chief says he would follow Trump's instructions on Navy SEAL

A visit to the Hurt Locker

just watched "The Brave One"

Will Ferrell hosts SNL tonight.

In Virginia, and elsewhere, gun supporters prepare to defy new laws

Lev hearts Devin 2020

Gahan Wilson, Vividly Macabre Cartoonist, Dies at 89


WaPo Editorial Board: American steadfastness is in doubt in South Korea thanks to Trump's policies

At the National Security Council, Trump loyalists are at war with career aides

#6 Oregon is losing 24-7

House Democratic infighting subsides as party focuses on push to impeach Trump

5 states resisting creation of panels to promote the census

Eight Days a Week

Brazil president's son faces fresh corruption probe: state prosecutors

You know it's time for this Thanksgiving classic! Great turkey advice....the best!

Don't blame Trump

A compendium of despicable religious people

Gay man in Russia goes into hiding, after interview on You Tube

Did an hour of phone banking for Sen. Harris tonight

Is it me, or are things spiraling out of control?

My expectation is that Gabbard

I could not have said this any more eloquently! 😂

IMO, 3 questions that need to be resolved...

Temperature wars

Zach Hintze breaks school record with 62-yard field goal

Absent for 200 Years, Flamingo-Like Birds Have Returned to Color the Florianpolis Sky

I hate pat robertson

Saturday night. How is everybody doing?

Decoding Da Vinci, Mona Lisa, PBS NOVA

Star studded SNL

Trump's EPA quietly proposes plan to embrace tobacco industry's anti-science strategies

Largest donor to Elise Stefanik is the man who funded Fusion GPS oppo on Trump!!

So, when the orange anus starts spewing... Reply that's pulp fiction

SNL cold open.

Holy God. Giuliani tweeted a letter he sent to Lindsey about Biden and it's BONKERS.

Toddler on vegan diet dies

Fired from The New York Times over Trump

It's just a tad early, but Arlo once again wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christianity: On Stress and Anxiety/Thanksgiving and Gratitude

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christianity: An Early Christian Prayer to Mary

SNL the first Thanksgiving with a FOX slant.

Comic relief is all we have.

Okay, questions to those of you who are published authors.

"Devin Nunes To Take Swift Legal Action Against CNN For 'Demonstrably False' Story"

Memorial for mass shooting victims unveiled at El Paso Walmart

Border Patrol denies undocumented immigrants free influenza vaccine

And great pics.

'Angels caught me': Boy thrown from mall balcony walking normally, family friend says

Replenishing soil in container gardens

The New NEA: National Emergency for the Arts

US lawmakers call for US opposition to Bolivia ouster

US lawmakers call for US opposition to Bolivia ouster

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Bolivia's interim president rejects senate attempt to grant Morales amnesty

Blacks in Brazil often Reduced to Just Talking about Black Issues

'This is a human tragedy and an ecological tragedy'

Repressive violence is sweeping Bolivia. The Anez regime must be held to account

Repressive violence is sweeping Bolivia. The ez regime must be held to account

Effort to lock Hanford's radioactive waste in glass faces more delays

Trump impeachment: Pompeo, Giuliani and Parnas at heart of new revelations

US Requires Ukraine Keep Javelins 100's Of Miles From Battlefield

UK: Labour MPs free to campaign for either Brexit or Remain if second referendum happens

SNL: Trump Impeachment Press Conference Cold Open

Striking Dutch healthcare workers speak about first ever nationwide strike

SNL: 2020 Democratic Debate

SNL: Weekend Update

DR Congo plane carrying 17 people crashes into town

SNL: First Thanksgiving

SNL - Cinema Classics: The Wizard of Oz

How climate change could kill the red apple

GM bribery lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler fueling growing outrage among autoworkers over UAW

What We Know About Tulsi Gabbard's Base

Bolsonaro's son faces probe over 'ghost employees'

Classic SNL

Colombia's Deadly Golden Triangle Is Awash in Blood and Drugs

Army veteran wins lottery twice in two months

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Low Profile Edition

Navy to allow ex-Fitz CO to retire at current rank

Four injured in explosion at Dippin' Dots factory in Kentucky

Farm bankruptcies jump to highest level since 2011 as Trump's tariffs bite

Republican coherence be like...

Koalas 'Functionally Extinct' After Australia Bushfires Destroy 80% Of Their Habitat

Troubled youth detention firm seeks to open migrant child shelter in Los Angeles

Robert Reich: Trump's impeachment shows US officials at their best and his allies at their worst

Bankruptcy and conflict: One of California's tightest races is packed with financial baggage

Physicists Just Created the Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe in History

Greece's Naxos Island May Have Been Inhabited 200,000 Years Ago

300,000 years ago, nine human species lived on Earth. Did homo sapiens exterminate the others?

China to Raise Penalties on IP Rights Violations

Half a million pounds of pork recalled, after an anonymous tip.

Jewelry made from HUMAN TEETH found in the ruins of 9000-year-old Turkish city,

Universality and diversity in human song

How Highly Educated People End Up on the Streets- An Invisible People Report

Malaysia's last known Sumatran rhino dies

First snow and I caught myself thinking of drinking

St. Louis Mayor Touts 'Transformed' Workhouse, But Jail's Critics Call BS

Quick question for the Nov. Contest

Cenk Uygur's baggage is all on camera and it's disqualifying

10 Years Later, Where Are The Climategate "Scandal" Ringleaders Now?

"The third most corrupt country in the world"...

Bolsonaro: "Deforestation And Fires Will Never End. It's Cultural"

Whatever Else May Happen, Donald J Shitstain Finds Ways To Fuck California

Forget the Oval. The real Trump action is in the residence.

The CO2 Coalition (Disinfo Group) Getting Blocked By GOP Staffers In DC, Protested On Campuses

The present is a foreign country

Trump Jr's NYT Bestseller Scam Confirmed

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for "chills and fever" (11/22/2019)

Sunday Breakfast

28 Years Ago Today; Freddie Mercury dies

Shall we count the ways...

No wonder Nunes is acting so tough!

'Hero' Muslim woman who defended Jewish children from shocking anti-Semitic abuse on Tube says...

A lies a lie a lie

Some thoughts about A WARNING by Anonymous

I have questions about the upcoming Senate trial.

"What shall we tell the children?" That is how the GOP expressed their "deep dismay" with the

"Ain't No Sunshine" Which version is better?

The Speaker with one hella 🔥🔥🔥thread.

Can Bernie Do It? Public Seminar: An economist takes a hard look at the Sanders platform

Darwin's Origin of Species published November 24, 1859---160 yrs ago

Eagle feathers, like the Bible, now an option for swearing oaths in all Alberta courts

All this Russian Buggery of the US ties directly back to the Citizens United Decision

Almost all of the 2020 candidates are using bad email security practices

I just don't get it. Republicans expect us to believe that everyone who has testified,

The Twit tweets: Too bad we didn't have the G-7 here. I offered to pick up the entire cost...

Greta Thunberg Time Traveler?

Is Pelosi about ready to pull the trigger?

"Barbie Car Joy Ride." Some Sunday morning levity.

BREAKING RBG in hospital this Sunday morning : On msnbc Chyron

Bare Metal Critical Masses of Commonly Available Plutonium Isotopes.

Need and Love

Russian media mentions of Dem candidates favor Gabbard, are most critical of Biden

DISCOVERED PHOTO - Obama playing hide and seek with Osama Bin Lurkin'

Bloomberg's first 2020 campaign ad:

Devin Nunes Cow unearths Mooman's expense record for his little junket with Lev

Bloomberg tweets announcement that he's running, along with campaign ad

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Accuses Official of 'Meddling' in War Crime Case, Suggests It's 'All About

A White Officer Shoots a Black Colleague, Deepening a Racial Divide A

Recommendation for Mediterranean diet cookbook.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Op-Ed: Jim Jordan was imposed on us for egregiously partisan reasons.

Two police officers in Philadelphia are using karaoke to break down barriers and connect with people

I am laughing as I sit on back porch boog the chocolate lab kids are sledding

How to Stuff Your Parrot on Thanksgiving

This toon made me smile - Happy Thanksgiving Friends

Thanksgiving- Avoid These Recalled Foods

It's the Republicans' biggest impeachment lie, and Americans could fall for it

It was through the sewers or surrender to Hong Kong riot police - I had no choice'

-Winter pix of Moraine Lake, Canada

Are any pundits on MSNBC or CNN reporting on the recently released state dept. docs (due to FOIA)?

As president, I will shut down the Keystone Pipeline that should never have been built ...

Is there anything cuter - Little doggies with round cuts

Sanders CM @fshakir on Bloomberg launching his run for POTUS

Does Trump Know About Joe McCarthy's Fatal Mistake?

2020 US Senate Election- Worst and Best case scenario for Democrats.

Russian fighter with freakish biceps easily defeated in MMA fight by opponent 20 years older

"One of my favorite @sesamestreet moments of all time..."

If the Mueller report becomes part of the Senate trial.

The Senate trial will force a reality enema upon the Trump voters.

The Long-Forgotten Flight That Sent Boeing Off Course

"f/8 and be there" - Arthur Fellig (Weegie)

Had a cardiac PET scan yesterday.

Impeached and racist

From Kaleva's Kitchen - Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

The true story of Yanukovych's black ledger

I know it's insane, but we are living through one of the most important moments in our history.

For Beatles fans only

Scott Joplin was born on this date.

Turkey: "Just go ahead and cook me now."

Teddy Wilson was born on this date.

It's the sentiment that counts

I realize that most of us here understand this..but...

Charitable dilemma

Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait just sent this note to staffers: "There is no point in..

My 17 Y.O. Boy Kitten had a nightmare last night

Unless you yourself have been in the streets protesting, stop saying America is "lost" or "finished"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'home and doing well' after hospitalization, Supreme Court says

Something you've never seen before

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 25: Star of the Month: Bette Davis

Italian Thanksgiving, or how one group resisted Americanization

Seth Abramson - Trump's impeachment defense revealed

Very sad news. We lost another soldier fighting in Ferguson 😔 . This is Melissa Ritchey protesting

This right here is what we're up against....taken from Facebook

Navy Says White House Will Not Intervene In SEAL's Disciplinary Proceeding

Twitch.TV Link: Worker Appreciation Tour Town Hall - Hillsboro

Seth Abramson mega thread on Trump's impeachment defense.

Pompe - yo wanna go home

The Republic on the Brink of Collapse (Jefferson Hour)

What Fiction are you reading this week, November 24, 2019?

🔥 Worker Appreciation Tour Town Hall - Hillsboro, NH

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg officially announced he's running for president

Schiff Doesn't Rule Out More Hearings But Says Evidence To Impeach Is 'Overwhelming'

The Republic on the Brink of Collapse (Jefferson Hour) X-post from Video Forum

God, I wish I could get this for Thanksgiving....

"He was wrong, but it's not impeachable."

"Don't bash Democratic public figures"

Nunes 2018 Campaign Finances - WTH Happened?

The plus side of impeachment

Damn, Jeff Tiedrich - when you put it like that ... put 'em all in jail.

CNN Busts Nunes - Watch Clip

California NPP voters - primary info!

The speakers on my laptop are going on and off.

Visited the JFK Presidential Library this morning.

Michael Bloomberg Officially Launches 2020 Democratic Presidential Bid

I just finished Season 4 of The Man in the High Castle on

I can't unsee this now and that's good. Re: Righties threatening "civil war" over Trump impeachment

Just the facts, ma'am....

If you're curious as to why massive, greedy corporations like Amazon and Walmart try to bust unions,

If trump is re-installed in 2020...

Rick Perry says that Trump is the "Chosen One"

Ulysses S. Grant (Letter to Father and Younger Sister, April 21, 1861)

Steve Rabel rocks!

Could Bloomberg actually buy himself the presidency?

US border officers seize more than 150 pounds of

Another K-pop star found dead after apparent suicide.

Favorite repurposed Thanksgiving dish? Mine is next morning stuffing

Hong Kong's pro-democracy parties sweeping aside pro-Beijing establishment in local elections...

Can someone point to a Bloomberg policy they disagree with...

Yeah, But Who's Gonna Clean Up That Sawdust?

Never again will I try and donate blood

Adam Schiff encourages John Bolton to 'show courage that Dr. Hill did' and testify

Cat Is Pretty Sure This Kitchen Floor Is Totally Evil


Powerful clip, Trump Law and Order

You just know when you meet your kindred spirit 🐴 ❤️

Are either of these statements racist??

Grandma's Thanksgiving Invitation Dear Family:

Paranoid - British crime drama from 2016 on Netflix

1-Week-Old Stray Puppy Finds The Perfect Dad

This senior pittie was stuck in the shelter for 4 years, but she never gave up hope 💖

Has the Earth started spinning in another direction?

Trump Inquiry Won't End With Impeachment Report, Schiff Says

Impeachment witnesses come under threats, harassment

Colbert in New Zealand - Beautiful Country!!!

Genocide of 100 million Native Americans and True Meaning of Thanksgiving

Watch this eagle SOAR back into the wild 🦅

Seattle's Eagle Village gives Native American people second chance

Sweet Guy Saves Raccoons Stuck In Dumpster --Twice

SCOTUS weighs Trump tax cases with impeachment implications

Sitting Senator actively spreading Russian propaganda & undermining our democracy.

Nunes, who is suing a fake cow, says "I'm the last guy that wants to go into the courts."

'I don't know him': The many times Donald Trump's acquaintances suddenly became strangers

Trump's GOP support hardens despite damning impeachment testimony

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 25 November 2019


In Trump's Washington, the rogue actors are the real players

Hong Kong's pro-democracy parties sweeping aside pro-Beijing establishment in local elections.

Russia's govt finds a new "cause of death" for Sergei Magnitsky pretty much every other 6 months

Biden investigation.

The Wall That Would Save Venice Is Underwater

I propose...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 27: 100th Anniv. of the American Society of Cinematographers

Need a trump crime family break? Flashmob in Spain - Bolero

Watch the Biden interview on CNN with Don Lemon


How different is your political life now compared to what it was in 2009?

Commentary: Bad roads ahead and I-976 isn't (entirely) to blame

Marriage equality: Churches Together England rejects Quaker

Witnesses Could Be Compelled In Senate Trial

I have a nickname for Devin Nunes...Numbskull Nunes

Faiz: Sanders is the ''last man left on the island'' in terms of Dems fighting for M4A

You raised $25.00 on November 23, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

U.S. Firms Pull Back on Investment

Cartoons 11/24/19

White House review turns up emails showing extensive effort to justify Trump's decision to block Ukr

I grew up in rural, small-town America -- I can tell you the real reason why people love Donald Trump

Bloomberg: NYPD Stops-And-Frisks Too Many White People, Not Enough Minorities.

Someone in the Sesame Street mafia was trying to send a message.

Seen on the web: All he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons.

Protests planned and Indivisible has a TO DO LIST...

Bloomberg News: Will not do in-depth investigations of Mike Bloomberg

Rudy now says the "insurance against Trump" thing was just good-natured tomfoolery. Oh, that Rudy.

On this date, November 24, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was being transferred,

Is it possible to just ignore them?

Great conversation with a Pete Buttigieg campaign worker who stopped by my house

Same shit, different decade.

trump and his cult singing this song TODAY

William Barr Helped Build America's Surveillance State

A prediction: There will be a bombshell before Congress returns to Washington.

University to Students on Medicaid: Buy Private Coverage, or Drop Out (NYT)

Wash Post: WH Emails Show Extensive Effort To Justify Ukraine Aid Block (Lies)

Trump released the weapons to Ukraine because a CIA whistleblower had already reported it.

New Bolivian interior minister vows to jail Evo Morales for rest of his life

New Bolivian interior minister vows to jail Evo Morales for rest of his life

Wolf or dragon ?

NYTimes: New Documents Reveal Details of Pompeo's Role in Ukraine Affair

The sweetest 10 seconds you'll see all week...

The only pool party that matters

Have you noticed that big box stores have less out in their Christmas areas than ever before?

well, this exists.

CNN: There is no question @BernieSanders has hammered @MikeBloomberg's entry into the race

Digital humans that look just like us Doug Roble

Now that Bloomberg is in....

Ex-RNC chairman slams group for spending $100K on copies of Trump Jr. book: That's 'screwed up'

Bernie Sanders Rally in Portsmouth, NH - LIVE at 5pm ET on C-SPAN

Disinformation is worse than a lie. It tries to kill faith that there is any truth.

Probe finds Mulvaney sought to justify Ukraine aid holdup after the fact

If Senator John Kennedy "doesn't know" vital info about threats to the US...

Twitch.TV Link: Worker Appreciation Tour Rally - Portsmouth

Zero-emission electric buses manufactured in America,

🔥 Worker Appreciation Tour Rally - Portsmouth

Pentagon chief asks for Navy secretary's resignation over private proposal in Navy SEAL's case

Pentagon chief asks for Navy secretary's resignation over private proposal in Navy SEAL's case

Matthew Whitaker: Abuse of power is not a crime

No more energy drinks for Willie...

Reverend Al has Ghoul Hewitt on?

At This Point, Will Republicans Support Trump Arresting the Democratic Nominee?

Class-action suit could remedy 'bad paper' discharges for veterans with PTSD

Ffacebook, no more

What's for Dinner, Sun. Nov. 24, 2019

Dog Who Was Chained Up In The Snow Finally Realizes He's Safe

Moby launches lifestyle line to support animal rights

Pompeo wanna go home to Kansas

Lurking Deplorables, Have a Trumpian Thanksgiving

Looking back to the future in Bolivia

Rev Al had Hewitt on to explain that he read the "transcript" and there's no "there" there.

Beaulah Mae needs help! X posted from PETS

Bass Guitar/Master Class The Late Great Chris Squire

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Resigns/Acknowledges Termination Amid Controversy Over Navy SEAL

Koalas aren't functionally extinct, but they need our help

Awesome thread, Trump supporters.

Red Wave Coming - Republicans Expected To Pick Up 70 Seats...

Washington Post

I'm relieved to find that we don't have to totally reject Thanksgiving.

House Intel Committee is in possesion of video, audio & photos from Parnas that include Rudy & Trump

Take lots of screenshots, people

Outgoing Secretary of the Navy Spencer's resignation letter

Colorado DU peeps: weather.

Navy Secretary's letter to Trump: "The rule of law is what sets us apart from our adversaries."

Malcolm Nance issues a challenge to all of the Democratic candidates, out Trump's Russian contacts

Lordy, there ARE tapes!

Scoop: White House directed block of Armenian genocide resolution

Churchill: Andrew Yang is talking about what really matters

Clashes in Colombia as hundreds of thousands protest against government

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (Live)

I am confused about the Navy Secretary's resignation/firing

Trump: Am I out of touch? Am I dividing the country?

Why do you think Trump backed down when...

Question: why do trump and his minions

Lordy, There Is Video (Trump, Giuliani, Parnas)

Humans put into suspended animation for first time

Kamala Harris Sums Up In 90 Seconds Why Trump Should Be Impeached And Removed

Scoop: White House directed Lindsey Graham & David Perdue to block Armenian genocide resolution

Before Giuliani, Ukrainian official hired Trump-linked lobbyist to relay anti-Biden claim

Daring Mars mission to send rocks back to Earth in hunt for past life

WaPo Breaking News (didn't check for dup)

The Twit tweets: I was not pleased with the way that Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher's trial was handled..

America's Test Kitchen 20th Anniversary Special

Oh my. Trump: "in the good ol' days" (must-see video)

Six Scientists Researching Cheetahs in Iran Accused of Being American Spies

Freddie Mercury passed away this day,

"Let's say it's incompetence--why would you trust them with the news?"

When Ivanka, Jr and Eric

Jon Cooper shared this on Twitter

Moose Sparring in Buffalo, Wyoming