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Archives: November 29, 2019

Mental Health Agency Director Finally Answers For the Water Crisis At St. Elizabeths Hospital

Mysterious tectonic fault zone found off California

Johann Pachelbel Canon and Gigue

what a good cover should do - where did our love go (by the drums)

Honduran TV host Jos Arita shot dead in Puerto Cortes

Republicans tried to rig the vote in Michigan - but 'political novices' just defeated them

what the fuck happened to Scott Ritter

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

Heartwarming Thanksgiving Message from Joe Biden..

All I want for Christmas.

How does Putin feel about the impeachment hearings?

Happy Thanksgiving! The Voice of an Angel - Try to Remember

It's a marvelous night for a moondance!

2020 US Senate Election- How many ways Democrats can regain control of the US Senate?

Three Ohio papers to be cut to clear $3.1B Apollo purchase

Here it is, #1, Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 "Choral"

Family of 5, Toronto-area couple among 7 killed in Kingston, Ont., plane crash

WTF is Bill O'Reilly doing to that poor dog?

Russian dairy farmers gave cows VR goggles with hopes they would be happier and make better milk

Optical illusion?

Black Pumas - Colors

Funny tweet:

ET and Elliott are back!

The moment this little fox runs back to the wild with her best friend 😭💚

This 2-year-old refused to leave a sick, scared pittie in the shelter 😍

It is time to take the country back from Donald Corruption Trump!

Why Growth Stocks Have Beaten Value - and Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's Day Has Come

Classic Thanksgiving & Holiday Movies

Pittie tiptoes everywhere to get what he wants 💙💙

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Thankfully! Best of Malloy tonight

This is what a miracle looks like ✨

Florida Man caught masturbating outside store, assaults elderly witness.

New Democratic governor in Kentucky faces GOP attempts to strip his power

Teeny Fuzzy Kitten Loves To Scoot Around In His Diaper

Happy Thanksgiving Lounge!

Buttigieg to run first televised ads in South Carolina

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad on affordable college

Reporter Can't Stop Laughing After Cat Interrupts News Segment

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Recruit"

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Light the Way"

Two-Horned 'Rook' Might Be the Oldest Chess Piece on Earth

O.K., Mayor: Why 37-Year-Old Pete Buttigieg Is Attracting Boomers

Hey Don, I am thankful for President Obama, who had you pegged when he called you a . . . .

NEW HAMPSHIRE 2020: Sanders jumps to lead, BUttigieg surges While Warren and Biden slip (Emerson)

What's he doing with his feet?

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Republican Opponent Earns Permanent Ban From Twitter

With 42,000 donations, koala hospital's GoFundMe push reaches $1.8 million

So. Zero political discussions at our Thanksgiving dinner. You?

Breakfast oatmeal custard recipe

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo

Will the last person to leave Northgate Mall turn out the lights?

Please consider Puppy Rescue Mission in your charitable giving this season..

Iraq in turmoil as 45 shot dead by security forces in protests

Iraq in turmoil as 45 shot dead by security forces in protests

Ads assail conservative legal group Federalist Society over Trump's court picks

AP Interview: Ex-Polish president defends Biden and Burisma

ok - not that I don't think he's capable of such horrid behavior..

Cats to be put on leashes to protect wildlife? EU says No

I was accosted by the Argyle Turkey

Dissonance that pulls you in

THE ECONOMIST 2020 Primary polling model. Buttigieg rising.Biden and Sanders static. Warren falling

10 animals were killed in a fire at the African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio

No politics at dinner. YEA it was hard to keep my mouth shut when certain subjects were brough up

Smartphone 'addiction': Young people 'panicky' when denied mobiles

Mysterious tectonic fault zone found off California

Currently reading :A Crime in Progress" by Fritsch and Simpson. Damn it rings alarm bells.

Gang unit detectives investigating after 2 men shot in Pioneer Square Thursday morning

Judges Quietly Disrupt Trump Immigration Policy in San Diego

This should be required listening for EVERY rethuglican senator

Nova Twins - Hit Girl

Thanksgiving peace treaty

Kars for Kids is still annoyingly around...

What happened to the suspects state police arrested during surge in ABQ?

Iguana Death Cult - Nude Casino

'Our House Is On Fire': EU Parliament Declares Climate Emergency

Curse Mackey - O' Blasphemy

Obama Derangement Syndrome Again

So, this was broadcast earlier this evening.

Evidence? What evidence? 🐾💕

Prince - I Wish U Heaven Live

Look for Lujan Grisham to get VP consideration next year

Photographer Crosses Paths With A Black Cat Unlike Any He's Seen Before

The Cure - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (Live 1995)

Never forget this on Thanksgiving, that we are lucky:

El Perro del Mar - It's all good, take a new road and never look back.

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 29: Dennis Miller and Friends

What are you most thankful for in 2019?

I need to revamp my YouTube channel.

Enigma - Return To Innocence

Government denies spying on Florida Man

A blue whale's heartbeat has been recorded for the first time - and the results are fascinating

John Lennon - Cold Turkey - 1969

Bjork - It's oh so quiet

The Daily Show: CP Time - Thanksgiving Edition

'The Dark Side of Oz'

The Daily Show: Lena Waithe - Making Urgent Art About the Black Experience with "Queen & Slim"

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden Takes National Lead in Democratic Primary Poll - Monologue - 11/27/19

A K-pop star's death is the latest reminder of how Korea's justice system fails women

How the UK are predicted to vote is the image of Homer in his muumuu and I can't unsee it

Conway Denies He and Kellyanne Are 'Anonymous'

Check out time is 9 am..

Here it is, laid right out! Why China would prefer Trump to win instead of a Democrat ...

Any KPop fans?

A Slippery Slope

Judge finds prominent attorney circumvented state law for his benefit

Money pouring into congressional race for seat held by Torres Small

Mike Malloy on the Anonymous Book

Nuclear waste bill advances to House, could push forward storage site in New Mexico

Congratulations to mnhtnbb for the November win!

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren lead pack in New Mexico fundraising

PNM stands by plan to close coal-fired plant

Panel: Two new polls show Bernie surge is real

With Proposition CC's failure, Colorado Democrats face a budget crunch in 2020. Here are their 4

Europe's new space budget to enable CO2 mapping

Trump puts Obama down in front of the troops. why??!!

HIV-prevention funding is being slashed in Colorado, even as a growing number of people are

Pretty good, thanks. And yourself?

Johnson Threatening To Review Channel 4's Licence After Replacing Him With Ice Sculpture in Debate

Russia's Taymyr plan: Arctic coal for India risks pollution

Breakfast, Day After Thanksgiving, Friday 29 November 2019

Andrew Romanoff's record on immigration complicates his progressive bid for U.S. Senate

Question for every American

Colorado hospitals accuse Polis administration of hurting Medicaid patients, as health fight grows

Boulder councilwoman responds to critics of controversial comments on race

Angela Williams Drops U.S. Senate Bid

This is why Trump loves the poorly educated...

Does anyone remember the depression fighter superheroes cartoon a year or more back?

Assassin's Creed... but with kittens.

Attorney: Body-Parts-for-Sale Case Worse Than One Settled for $58M

I stole this from Stephen Colbert

Denver City Council unanimously approves minimum wage hike starting Jan. 1

NM judge decides to hold trouble-making teen behind bars until trial

Hot turkey sandwiches our sons recipe

Wyoming lawmakers are trying to give coal-fired power plants a fighting chance

Blackjewel bankruptcy case far from over

OK, I'll bite...

Unbeknownst to me, we ate dinner at a republican's

Ohio bill orders doctors to 'reimplant ectopic pregnancy' or face 'abortion murder' charges

Hillary is a class act

'AOC lectures Pete Buttigieg for pushing 'GOP talking point' against public education'

Joseph Stiglitz : The end of neoliberalism and the rebirth of history

Rare-earth research could occur in Campbell County

Regulators Reject Higher Costs for Those With Solar Power

I am really stumped why college educated/intelligent persons support Trump.

Kanye West denied permit for amphitheater on Wyoming ranch

Some nursing homes are illegally evicting elderly and disabled residents who can't afford to pay

Iraq unrest: PM Abdul Mahdi to resign after bloodiest day in protests

Televised UK Climate Debate Uses Melting Ice Sculptures In Place Of Johnson, Farage (No-Shows)

Wyoming lawmakers are trying to give coal-fired power plants a fighting chance

Friday TOONs - Thanksgiving Day Floater

Sudan crisis: Women praise end of strict public order law

I wish somebody would produce a biopic, even if for TV,

Buy Nothing Day

Abril Perez Sagaon: Shooting sparks feminist outcry in Mexico

Abril Perez Sagaon: Shooting sparks feminist outcry in Mexico

New programs approved at University of Wyoming

Rush - YYZ

Who's Worse tRump or McTurtle?

Which MLB Hall of Famer was born on this date 50 years ago?

Donald Trump Jr. presents "my father".

The Police - Message In A Bottle

Surgeon Explains How to Apply Stitches

Breaking: London Bridge: People 'injured' in incident

Nature Commentary: Climate tipping points -- too risky to bet against?

The Police "Roxanne"

I really appreciate Chairman Adam Schiff

I miss you, George...

Typical Deplorable, drunk Kid Rock rants at Oprah, sez he's not a racist, is carried out drunk (vid)

Wait for it. Nunes sneaks in a message to Sondland.

Lyrebird should be renamed to LASERBIRD

Dr. Johnny Fever's Greatest Hits

Trump 'flubs' 100th anniversary of women's right to vote

MSM daily polls - rather interesting

Sad Cat Diary

MSNBC discussed Eric Metaxus and Franklin Graham...

Wyoming gas revenues down 74% in 'new reality'

CNN's Harry Enten: If you don't get Biden's appeal, you need to talk to older black voters.

"Thank you, God, but . . ." Please come CAPTION Thanksgiving at the Porter's.

Warren Wealth Tax Has Wide Support, Except Among One Group

How Kamala Harris's Campaign Unraveled

Buttigieg's gains are mostly with his white base (CNN analyst Harry Enten)

Trump Visits Afghanistan and Says He Reopened Talks With Taliban

Speech filled with praise for himself

Stuck for a Xmas gift - get a LOPA hat (sarcasm)

Here's the Proof that Trump's "No Quid Pro Quo" Call Never Happened

Slovakia may force women to get pre-abortion ultrasound

Pardon my cynicism re the London Bridge attack

Looking for entertainment in Oakland today?

FAA tests airplane seat size safety for first time, but some critics call experiments "a sham"

The Woke Attack on Pete Buttigieg

Billy Strayhorn was born on this date.

Judge denies challenge to Indiana religious objection limits

Judge denies challenge to Indiana religious objection limits

Warren, Sanders criticize Amtrak's arbitration policy for passengers

Anyone else smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving?

London Bridge attack - Anti Terror police shoot man in fake suicide vest dead after stabbing

Merle Travis was born on this date-

John Mayall has a birthday today.

She had no idea her home could be stolen. Then she read her junk mail.

The Council on Foreign Relations asked the candidates 12 questions on foreign policy. Answers here:

Pete Buttigieg's pro-union Black Friday tweet:

DU Primaries Report, November 2019: Comings And Goings

Chief Inspector Murphy enjoys a break from service

Thanksgiving over...on to Christmas

I am heartbroken about my friend.

Oh WOW! Trump hires Mark Penn. So..fucking...WHAT.

Heard a theory the Trump went to Afghanistan so it wouldn't be suspicious when he didn't go golfing

13 Virtues

The first Black Friday, 1719

Already fighting with right-wing nut jobs and it's only 10 am

Maryland Police Held A Man For ICE After He Was Cited For Cutting Down A Tree. Now, He's Suing

Amazon Commits $20M To Affordable Housing In Arlington In Exchange For More Space

Today, every American is Richard Spencer

Did everyone here (all 5 of us lol) take the Pledge for Humanity?

Clarence Thomas's New Documentary Is All About How Biden Stinks and Liberals Are The New KKK

Why do we buy into the worship of the military?

Should a loved-one who has dementia be corrected when they are wrong about something?

"Tax me!" Let's listen to these Patriotic Millionaires who want their taxes raised, not cut.

Proof that Trump's "No Quid Pro Quo" Call Never Happened

"Mad scramble" to go shopping?

Just got back from " Love and Marriage" with Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson..

This Is Why Your Holiday Travel Is Awful

Historic Colorado apples are being revived

Anyone do any online reviews of their family meals?

When the pope evolves do the people in hell get parole?

Moderators named for December Democratic primary debate

New Hampshire voters to Steyer: Make it stop!

Cool article about Glamrock's obsession - Jellyfish

Why I switched my support here, not that it matters, from Warren to Yang.

How Russian intelligence officers interfered in the 2016 election

So I got a missed call from Giuliani at 2 am this morning...

You raised $85.00 on November 28, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

'A Warning' By Anonymous Topples Donald Trump Jr.'s 'Triggered' Book As No. 1 Bestseller

vegan butter substitute for cookie baking?

Major storm set to bring heavy rain, snow across US through holiday weekend

Daphne Caruana Galizia murder: Malta's PM expected to quit in crisis over journalist's murder

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey announces plans to move to Africa next year

Hey, you, get off the tracks. Can't you see there's a train coming?

Kidnap witness testifies in Argentinian army henchman trial in Rome

Can anyone here recommend a plumbing forum on the interwebz?

House GOP members are 'absolutely disgusted and exhausted' by Trump's behavior...


Horrifying lists of all the awful things Trump has done

Translators help Korean American voters in Harris County (TX) find their electoral voice

A New Generation Is Rising Up To Resist Neoliberalism Across the Globe

Eyman: AG's I-976 defense is 'rife with errors'

PROOF: We are a most goofy species

Washington State Parks are free Friday

I don't understand the kerfuffle about the dates of Sondland talk with Trump

Trump official who suggested dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan now responsible for arms control

Impeachment hearings start again next week. Here's what you need to know


Republican running to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar has Twitter account permanently suspended

----"Here in GA you get free tuition from the lottery if you're grades are above X."

Children's Hospital comes clean about chronic mold problems

'The Two Popes' proves to be charming buddy movie in vestments

'The Irishman': Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci revisit the tyranny of the mob

Joe Biden is not a Boomer. Just so you know.

Black Friday: Fremont police arrest 5 after video games stolen, shots fired at Target

UK's 'Youth-Quake' - Surge in New Voters

Study: Sea-Tac will be unable to meet passenger demand by 2050

Cartoons 11/29/19

Scenes in the City

Free College. How About We Do This:

Photoshopping a head onto a ripped body: We all know who did it best.

My portrait of Clarence Darrow - Monkey trial lawyer

Corporate debt nears a record $10 trillion, and borrowing binge poses new risks

CNN: Former GOPer Dent says colleagues in House are disgusted with Trump.

Ten things Russians hate about America.

New NYT Poll: Majority Of Americans Across Political Spectrum Back WARREN'S Ultra-Millionaire Tax

Trump Kept Two Sets Of Books For Trump Tower

'Christian' Pastor: Impeach Trump Movement Part Of A 'Jew Coup'

The Next American Car Recession Has Already Started

Colombia's corporate media vs anti-government protesters

Native Colombians join anti-government protests in Bogota

Trump could be handing a big win to Iran and Russia by withholding military aid to Lebanon

Now is NOT the time..... well this could be a good prank gift

GA-SEN: Georgia gov expected to tap finance exec for US Senate next week

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 30: The Essentials: Directed by Gillo Pontecorvo

No invasion in a century: Mexico bristles at cartel terror designation plan by U.S.

Baby Goat Is Pretty Sure He's A Dog

Suriname court convicts President Bouterse of murder for 1982 executions

Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" is Now a Movie

Brazil's President Blames Leonardo DiCaprio Donations for Amazon Fires

The 'no quid pro quo' call never happened.

Brazil's President Blames Leonardo DiCaprio Donations for Amazon Fires

"Women, for their own preservation, are trying to pull themselves together.

Brazil's president claims without evidence Leonardo DiCaprio paid for Amazon fires

Cuba and EU discuss imposition of unilateral coercive measures

Colombian teen dies after being shot in the head by police

Trump has turned the suburbs into a GOP disaster zone.

Black Friday deals for cord cutters who have Amazon Prime (also, a Hulu deal):

Suriname court convicts President Bouterse of murder for 1982 executions

German Amazon Workers Strike On Black Friday

I recently can no longer

Why the fuck do Trump's lawyers need until Dec. 6?!

Colombia: videos show night of police violence in one Bogota neighbourhood

Santa's "guid pro quo" ... lol

Several people wounded in stabbing on shopping street in The Hague

"We want justice": Chilean protesters with police-caused eye injuries organize

How poor people survive in the USA DW Documentary

Anyone have info on latest re attack in the Hague? Just saw something about it

Worship? No. Respect? Yes.

Why does no one speak of the 1.9 million Arab Israeli citizens?

Inside the frantic response to mysterious 'slow-moving blob' flying over Washington

Cardinals Josh Shaw suspended for betting on games

Oh, and one more thing:

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 29, 2019

Dozens Arrested For Demanding Food Justice At Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Friday Protest DC

I just got an ABN from the blood test lab, and I am very confused.

UN rights chief calls for dialogue to prevent conflict, ease social unrest in Ecuador

Paraguayan Senator Is Impeached after Advocating Death of Brazilians

Why do Canadians have more anxiety about their health than us?

Pet Peeve: Saying someone is "worth" $x million.

Tourists caught vandalising sacred 1,300-year-old Mayan Tikal Temple in Guatemala

The Rise of Militant Religious Right in Latin America

I'm dumb. I just had to look up Vulgate and Douay.

Sooooo...My daughter received a mailer from the Trump campaign

New Movie: 'Capital In The 21st Century' By Thomas Piketty, French Economist

He defended the Confederate flag and insulted immigrants. Now he's an SC judge.

Chuck Todd will rename "Meet the Press" to...

Swiss-Guatemalan ex-police chief loses appeal

Puppy found in permafost story disregards cause, climate change

Harry Enten: If you don't get Biden's appeal, you probably need to talk a lot more with black voters

Drunk Kid Rock hauled off stage after profanity-laced anti-Oprah rant

what is trending on DU right now

Sustained Coverage of Clinton Emails Impacted Voters

What kind of bullshit is this?

SuperMitch "able to block democracy in a single bound."

Weighted blankets - a newer concept to me. Experiences with, please.

Discovery Of Enormous Stellar Mass Black Hole Perplexes Astronomers

Astrophysicists discover why black holes and neutron stars shine bright

It's 'Black Hole Friday'! Take a Break from Shopping to Celebrate with NASA (Video)

Amazon Workers For Bernie

Amazon Workers For Bernie

Craigslist will sell your email address to spammers.

New Species found on T-shirt in Petstore today

Dogs under Water Pixs

Archaeologists tie ancient bones to a revolt chronicled on the Rosetta Stone

Here is something to remind everyone what 2020 is all about...

Serious question for my Friday night chill

Most Notable Royal Inbreeding Throughout History and the Craziness that Ensued

Could California's Public Banks Finance A Statewide Green New Deal?

'Umpa lopa doodle dee doo': Eric Trump mocked for new 'Leave Our President Alone' stunt

Americans are sending video thanks to Schiff