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Warrior woman: Ella Al-Shamahi on the female Viking fighters who held their own on the battlefield

Inspiring tweet from Mayor Lori Lightfoot:

London Bridge Terrorist Attack: Should you ever intervene in a violent situation?

Moderates on the Rise In 2020 Race

Unique sled dogs helped the inuit thrive in the North American Arctic

Our daughter has been indoctrinated by the Fauxed and Christianed family she married into.

How Dogs and People Ended Up Ruling the World

CNN: Ukraine Officials want to improve standing with Trump, could still announce new investigations

A giant float at this German carnival didn't hold back.....

2020 GA US Senate Special Election- Governor Kemp will appoint Kelly Loeffler-R.

Did you ever wish--just for a moment--that you had psychic abilities?

posted without comment...

British PM Johnson to Trump: keep out of UK election

British PM Johnson to Trump: keep out of UK election

Australian Fire Season Hitting Gondwana Rain Forests, Historically Too Wet To Burn (Until Now)

Oldest Temple in the world: Over 11,000 years old Gbekli Tepe in Turkey shows the artistic genius o

Heard any good "walks into a bar" jokes lately?

American cryptocurrency expert accused of assisting North Korea in evading sanctions

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

I know this is a day late, Happy Thanksgiving DUers!

Cave lion figurine made of woolly mammoth tusk found at Denisova Cave

Hey, Sen. Graham, The Salem Witches Were Executed, You Buffoon.

Siberia: 18,000-year-old frozen 'dog' stumps scientists

Black Pumas - Fire

Russia's Taymyr plan: Arctic coal for India risks pollution

The mystery of Harappan script: An enigma from the ancient world

Black - Everything is Coming Up Roses

Ancient Armenian Female Warrior Suffered Hatchet Wounds And Arrow Blow Before Death

Trump Is Heading to London. Boris Johnson Is Not on His Calendar.

News isn't good for local newspapers, their readers

Mike Leach is a sore loser

House GOP members are 'absolutely disgusted and exhausted' by Trump's behavior

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Thankfully! Mike Might be live

Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me

Next time some con says they vote for the economy when they vote for repubs

When Shugarfoot met Maveric

So, some of the House Republicans are "absolutely disgusted and exhausted" about Trump's behavior.

Neil Diamond - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

Cory Booker SuperPAC ad: "The Other Rhodes Scholar"

Pie in the oven

Buttigieg, in His Push for Iowa, Sounds Echoes of Obama

Last in Line 7/12/2017 Live in Las Vegas Nv at Vamps , Yes it's Vivian Campbell ....

Refugio divided over school's fight song

As Taliban peace talks resume, what's at stake for Afghan women? - PBS NewsHour

Sorry honey I'll be a little late, I'm stuck in traffic.

A pretty song sung by a pretty lady!

Mark Shields on Warren's Medicare for All - PBS NewsHour

Neil Young's Harvest Moon by Foxes & Fossils

"like a real live wire, like a house on fire" the Vaughn Brothers.

I wshould not be this strssed

Megadeth Dawn Patrol

More on sustainability

woman has 4 beautiful big nosed big eared cats

Ohio: a gerrymandering example?

Just Thought Of The Perfect Punishment For Trump....

He's so cute!

anyone know how to convert MP4 to wmv format?

Painstaking clean-up of Scottish Viking hoard unlocks new secrets

New Mexico Prosecutor Warns Against Coyote Killing Contests

Family confirms death of Nicky Barnes, flamboyant drug kingpin who taunted authorities

I want to buy a computer...

Has anyone read the book by Anonymous???

Anonymous official's book replaces Trump Jr's 'fake No 1' on bestseller list

I wasn't able to get a copy of Anonomyous . I would be willing to buy from someone if they want to

Here's my latest published newspaper article

Laurel and Hardy sell xmas trees and wreck a house (silent)

Books are Buy 2, Get 1 free at Target, plus free shipping

Cardinals' Shaw suspended for betting on games

Gaetz Threatens Kemp With Primary, Should He Defy Trump's Wishes

Defense of alcohol

Bernie Sanders primary support - unsinkable?

Dick CHEENEE's guru Classics prof Victor Davis HANSON still up to his ancient tricks!1

The Irishman

Railroad Bill


It's Like This, Charlie Dent

Slippery when Wet 😏


Three cars ago I chose a soft medium blue one and named it

Bridge City Sinners

How do I stop seeing posts from a certain poster? What's it called?

Learning About "Charming Racism" - Trevor Noah

The Rhodes Scholar trust didn't allow black African applicants till 1991, when it was forced to.

Celebrated El Cap climber falls 1,000 feet to his death in Mexico

Sturgill Simpson

I'm really tired of hearing the phrase "cash back".

If anyone is interested, I have a snow blower for sale.

Trump's electoral college advantage may be deepening. Do Democrats have a plan for that?

Now it's easier for you to stay up to date when folks file in court regarding Devin Nunes.


Huge 100 gallon fish tank for sale...only $50.

Surprising candidate draws support deep in Trump country

Lil Bob & The Lollipops

I'll probably end up self-deleting this.

Bettye Swann - Make Me Yours

What's newest animation you're currently watching?

Mike And The Moonpies

Why do we place so much weight on the vote of Iowa, a rural state less than 4% African American,

Mayor Pete Visits Atlanta! A great YouTube video, about 3 minutes long:

Groove Armada - At The River

I can't handle this new baby Yoda meme.❤Baby Yoda sipping soup.

Here in red AL, I saw my first campaign yard sign the other day ...

The Honeycutters - Hallelujah

Some funk and two more of my favorites...

"There is widespread disgust in the officer corps..." Col. Claus von Stauffenberg - Valkyrie movie

Ohio bill orders doctors to 'reimplant ectopic pregnancy' or face 'abortion murder' charges

November a Photo Contest Winners!!!!

Universal health care free at the point of delivery

Shooters' Shooter Shoots Shot To Become Shooters Mascot By Shooting Several Shots

Montana clothing company sues fashion giant over copyrighted camo design

Seth Meyers - President Trump's Thanksgiving Proclamation - Monologue - 11/28/19

I feel an inspired rant coming on.

Colstrip owner speeds up exit plans 9 years to 2025

(opinion) Countries from Siberia to Australia are burning: the age of fire is the bleakest warning y

My KPop Playlist: Mamamoo - Decalcomanie

Tester Town Hall in Kalispell Draws Crowd of Curious Constituents

8:33 p.m. A Kalispell man called 911 because someone broke into his car but didn't take anything.

Bullock unveils national plans on workers, infrastructure

Court rules against state in Blixseth bankruptcy case

Reaction mixed to MSU president's $150k raise

Evacuation order lifted as huge Texas plant fire 'contained'

'When they come, they will kill you': Ethnic cleansing is already a reality in Turkey's Syrian safe

Schwab is the latest company leaving California for Texas and it won't be the last, expert says

Officials: Georgetown working to improve electric utility finances

Union Pacific attempts to scrap job contract

40 Years Ago Today; Pink Floyd's album The Wall is released

Asbestos awareness, damage assessment begin in Port Neches

The most popular liquor in every Virginia city and county

Black Friday shooting at Destiny USA in Syracuse sets off fear, escape: 'Everyone was panicking'

'This is racist,' IMPEACH TRUMP' spraypainted on Lee statue

Uday's (Donald Trump Jr) new book was inflated by RNC.

Police: Gun goes off at Va. Walmart as it falls off man's pants

Have you done better since Trump got in?

Proof gun control works...

New Mexico's official state reptile is parthenogenic.

Weird---Rance Nelius, a character in Grace Livingston Hill's book Stranger Within the Gates, name so

65 Years Ago Today; The Hodges meteorite strikes napping woman - only recorded incident of human hit

Political discussion with Texan great nephew regarding

House Democrats have passed nearly 400 bills. Trump and Republicans are ignoring them.

Ethical alternatives to Amazon

Snowman vs. motorist:

Relic From Jesus' Manger Arrives at Bethlehem New Home

Wo ist der Friday night drinking thread?

North Korea says test of 'super-large' rocket launcher was final review

Heaven: Entrance Requirement

Is a tenet of this group that posts and replies should be respectful of all religions and...

Only trust the people that WON'T speak under oath?

In just two months Auschwitz Survivors and world leaders will come to the Memorial to commemorate...

McAuliffe hire suggests he is interested in a second bid for Virginia governor

Since Republicans don't have faith in testifying under oath and think it's fine to ignore subpoenas

Brother of convicted terrorist faces deportation despite US citizenship

Brother of convicted terrorist faces deportation despite US citizenship

(((wakey-wakey))) Gimme Dat Ding, The Pipkins

What Is 'Failson' Culture? Look No Further Than the Family Trump for the Answer

Will Virginia legalize marijuana now that the Democrats are the majority?

SurveyUSA: Biden over Trump 52% to 39% 11/20-11/21

Breakfast Saturday 30 November 2019

I renamed my savings account "Strong Economy"

Anatomy of a "manhunt"

Exclusive: Soon after Jeffrey Epstein died, a mysterious man came forward. He said he had CCTV...

You raised $63.00 on November 29, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Matthew Shepard will be honored with a plaque at the Washington National Cathedral

Matthew Shepard will be honored with a plaque at the Washington National Cathedral

OH, NO!!!!!😂

Acts of heroism emerge after London terror attack

Meet Sabrina Haake, candiate for Congress, First district of Indiana!

"All I see are crooks, traitors, and leftist panty-sniffers!" Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!!

I have a story for you...

Are you inundated with Bloomberg ads?

Trump's Ceasefire Talk is News to Afghan Government, Taliban

Eviction City

Anyone here tried those new roof shingles that act like solar panels?

I will absolutely vote for your favorite primary candidate

Biden to blitz Iowa back roads by bus in 800-mile hunt for support

Are Dem. incumbents having town halls?

Hundreds stranded without heat or power in Arizona town amid winter storm

Has anyone else ever noticed this trend that I see in my state?

Weekend TOONs - More Kool-Aid?

Since Russian trolls are omnipresent, do we do anything to counter-troll them?

Fears mount about Biden's South Carolina firewall

Mick Mulvaney's Air Force One Outfit ...

New Yang ad on health care and drug prices

Brownie McGhee was born on this date-

Construction Worker Injured In Fatal New Orleans Hotel Collapse Is Deported

Robert Nighthawk was born on this date.

Jeffery Epstein and his undrground sex parties..

Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was born on this date.

Christmas shopping is complete I bought frozen turkeys on sale

Rich kids should pay fees to attend public schools.

Exceptional early pixs

Coast Guard searched for kite surfer for 16 hours. Then, the missing person reported himself safe

The day the Republicans in the Senate read the Article's of Impeachment.

Has an ectopic pregnancy ever been "reimplanted?"

Go out and thank your local billionaire

Russian mercenaries fight shadowy battle in gas-rich Mozambique

Walmart dodged US tax on $2 billion by routing cash through multiple countries, whistleblower says

My first biological grandchild is imminent.

Cinder block the Cat has something to say

Kamala Harris Is Not Going to Like 2 New Profiles

Pelosi to lead delegation to climate summit amid U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Car for sale - as is - bees no extra charge

Sleeping Judge Isn't Grounds for Retrial

Flying Fish: Icon of Barbados Threatened By Climate, Algae: The 'Blue Economy' Mvmt.

Michigan Secretary of State @JocelynBenson and Ohio Secretary of State @FrankLaRose made a bet...

And here's pixs of my mini-car collection, and pixs of my meals last week, and books I read, and----

Those hockey players and their fancy cheeses.

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 1, 2019 - Christmas Double Feature

AOC Drops Bomb On Trump's Sinking Ship

From the Auschwitz Memorial Twitter, please go follow them and pass it on

TCM Schedule for Monday December 2, 2019 - Remakes

How a feud over two jobs tipped the West Coast longshore union toward bankruptcy

Who brings the mac and cheese to Thanksgiving?

Illinois State Sen. Robert Peters Endorses Bernie for President

Bishop Talbert Swan telling it like it is, calling out evangelicals........

Illinois State Sen. Robert Peters Endorses Bernie for President

The Hague stabbing: Dutch police arrest suspect

Tulsi Gabbard attacks the DNC

Apple changes Crimea map to meet Russian demands

Attention all lawyers: If Trump calls wanting to hire you, hang the fucking phone up.

Climate Protesters Storm German Coal Mines

Hey All👋👋👋👋

Steve Kerr hosts Trayvon Martin's family at Warriors-Heat game

The Cosmic Crisp apple is coming Monday

You may need to rethink your dog's age

Bernie Sanders destroys Jimmy Fallon at basketball while answering campaign questions

Woman calls the cops after spotting black UPS delivery man

Council On Foreign Relations Has 12 Questions For Bernie Sanders

Facing impeachment, the president strives to look hard at work

Our Thanksgiving was so quiet this political head banging

Fewest wins at age 30 by an eventual 300 Game Winner

Ice preserved a tiny puppy in near-perfect condition for 18,000 years. Scientists are fascinated.

I feel sick. Omar's GOP challenger posted the same thing on Facebook

Industry Group Lying About Medicare For All Loses The American Medical Association

California Democrat John Garamendi endorses Biden for president

Edinburgh Christmas Market stall mocked by Arrested Development fans for selling L5 bananas

(Neb)-Senate Bill Would Rescind Wounded Knee Medals Of Honor

Biden is the most electtable candidate

Pa. bill would require death certificates for fertilized eggs that never implant in the uterus.

Im here,,

tedeschi trucks band - part of me (acoustic-live-2013) everything about this song/vid ... is awesome

The job no GOP senator wants: Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee

After 10 years of trials, families of slain Lakewood officers without closure

N. Korea blasts Japan's Abe, warns of 'real ballistic missile'

Tweet of the Day

Donald Trump isn't on trial, the Republican party is


Most American's do not know the difference between a good or bad president.

Can a middle-class budget buy a new American car? Probably not

How Peru's potato museum could stave off world food crisis

How Peru's potato museum could stave off world food crisis

Census bureau: 80% of the population live in the 3% of the land that is urban.

Trump administration proposal endangers food stamps for millions

Man who hid behind app to send rape threats pleads guilty

Autumn Seasonal Photo Contest to open soon!!!!!

Senate trial: Can people be jailed for refusing to testify?

Slaughter of the songbirds: the fight against France's 'barbaric' glue traps

Some borscht to go with your Russian propaganda?

Sexual abuse claim dismissed by church foreshadowed years of allegations against Catholic bishop

Chick-fil-A faces rightwing backlash after cutting ties to Christian groups

We had Alexa play us some music yesterday for dinner.

Cartoons 11/30/19

Jimmy Fallon slow jams the news with Bernie Sanders

Some doggy laughs for Saturday.... They never cease to entertain...!

How a fight over health care entangled Elizabeth Warren

Christmas is here.....

Cats do have facial expressions, but you probably can't read them

Biden begins 8-day blitz of Iowa as caucus race heats up

Is Tulsi angling to replace Pence as Stable Genius's running mate?

New Kansas moms getting kicked off Medicaid

What evidence of criminality can be shown in Trumps tax returns?

Kavanaugh just wrote a legal brief that lays out how the GOP wants to blow up the federal government

THE 56. Team up north 27

A portrait drawing of mine I posted in the Artists group


Trump is spurring turnout all right, almost always to the detriment of Republicans

Let's talk about Trump's speech and a 200-year-old concept

I've been taking a painting class and did this still life.

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

David Gura Guest: Trump Is Giuliani's 'Product,' Not His Client

----Bloomberg touts taxing the poor: 'Do you want to pander to those people?'

Rick Steves is presenting a one-hour program on the rise of fascism in Europe ...

Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for December 2019

Sometimes ya just gotta chuckle

It is fundamentally dishonest to compare public high schools to public colleges

Got an email from Social Security about the new benefits for 2020

What news source do you depend on for the truth?

I certainly find myself in a "funny" (as in odd) state of mind this year as all of these holidays

1% Of Americans Own Half Of Our Nation's Wealth What Does That Mean?

Watch this nervous dog blossom into the bravest little boy!


Dog Falls In Love With Her Baby Brother

What's for Dinner, Sat. Nov. 30, 2019

Couple Rearranges Their Life Around Their Rescued Lamb

Women's grand slalom skiing; Killington, Vermont: brava, Italia.

Daphne Caruana Galizia murder: Maltese businessman charged over murder of investigative journalist

Meanwhile, in the Senate Cloak Room . . .

Made my roast turkey this afternoon.

Boris Johnson thrusts London Bridge attack into centre of election battle

Iraq risks breakup as tribes take on Iran's militias in 'blood feud'

Iraq risks breakup as tribes take on Iran's militias in 'blood feud'

Did I hear that ReTHUGs want to present their own academic experts

Elizabeth Warren gets endorsement from Rep. Jan Schakowsky

100,000 Dominoes - Space Exploration, NASA, & the Moon Landing

Trump to face protests by NHS staff when he arrives in London

Trump to face protests by NHS staff when he arrives in London

Facebook bows to Singapore's 'fake news' law with post 'correction'

Dogs destroying - or attempting to destroy - Thanksgiving dinner

WNET/New York Public TV viewers: MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON tonight!

Black Friday protesters hit back with 'Buy Nothing Day'

London Knife Attacker Identified; Public Lauds Narwhal Tusk Takedown

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Know any good one-liner jokes?

It's a good bet Trump pardons his felon allies. Here's when that's most likely.

'Dopamine Fasting': The New Silicon Valley Fad