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NE Public Radio: When Warren Came To Harvard Law, The School Was In The Throes Of Change

Ambassador Sondland Changes Testimony - Remembers Quid Pro

Pay toilets in Chicago trump tower...

About a year ago, Biden gave Bush a medal and a shirt.

Democrat on track to winning mayor race in GOP-leaning Laconia, NH.

The day after T-Mobile announced this merger, 9 of its execs checked into Trump's DC hotel.


Anyone know how to find the supporters of a PAC?

Democrat James Mueller elected Mayor of South Bend, Ind.

Third Time Lucky? Blast From The Past. Same Sh!t, (Mostly) Different A$$holes.

Let me get this straight....

ABC News/Wash Post poll

FYI - vast majority of voting machines in KY are Republican owned Hart Intercivic


I saw Michael Bennet the other day at a small meet and greet.

I don't know why I can't stand Steve Kornacki

Trump Twists Impeachment Polls

What are good resources to get comprehensive live election results?

Renowned Seattle Restaurateur Tom Douglas Settles $2.4 Million Lawsuit With Employees

Trump Properties Show Signs of Decline


Former diplomat Kurt Volker says Rudy Giuliani was a 'direct conduit' to Ukraine


KY Gov. Race: Beshear (D) just defeated Bevin(R) in Carter County--Trump won it by 74% in 2016


Jay Inslee Isn't Going Away

House Democrats call on Mulvaney to give deposition in impeachment probe

This foreign meat company got US tax money. Now it wants to conquer America.

Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in political ads

BREAKING: Andy Beshear just took the lead in KY-GOV


Boeing chairman says CEO won't get bonus until Max flies


Here's the NY Times interactive link to the Kentucky gov. race:


Projection: Democrat takes KY

VA House of Delegates: republicans ahead by +1

Beshear lead widening!

Relax, make a cup of tea

When Will The Deniers Listen???

Go Kentucky Democrats!!!

Kentucky will have a Democratic Governor

Juul disregarded early evidence it was hooking teens


Moscow Mitch should be very nervous right now.

Oklahoma state lawmakers introduce bill to rename portion of Route 66 after Trump

Florida county to revisit rejection of digital New York Times for libraries


Andrew Yang Is Not Full of Shit

Democrat Joyce Craigh re-elected Mayor of Manchester, NH

The rot at the heart of American democracy


Maybe that picture of Trump and McConnell holding each other at last night rally....

Tony Bennett - The Story of "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"

Trump administration schedules lease sale for Arctic Alaska lands

Virginia Democrats take control of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

FBI Director: 'I don't know' if Giuliani has security clearance

Bevin. Is. DONE!

Democrat Emily Styron flips Mayor's Office on Zionsville, IN

Andrew Yang Has the 'Yang Gang' to Thank for His Lasting Primary Power

U.S. Justice Dept sets up anti-price collusion 'strike force'

LGBT hero Danica Roem re-elected after ferocious campaign.

Get to know Kelli O'Hara as she plays Mrs. Anna in "The King and I."

Remember Trump's comment per Matt Bevin?

Stunning Impeachment Confession: GOP Preps Defense Amid Ukraine Bribery Admission MSNBC

New Library Is a $41.5 Million Masterpiece. But About Those Stairs. "It's chaos,"


BREAKING: @BernieSanders endorsed and @DemSocialists member @carterforva holds onto his seat

Iran further distances itself from 2015 deal by fuelling Fordow centrifuges

Iran further distances itself from 2015 deal by fuelling Fordow centrifuges

Blue wave?

Democrat Arvin Amatorio flips Bergenfield, NJ Mayor Office

Democrat Rod Roberson flips Elkhart Indiana mayors seat!

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

The Chuck Todd Industrial Complex...

Warren hits back at Jamie Dimon after he suggests 'she vilifies successful people'

It is going to be really really really close!

Kentucky... 97% reporting. Beshear ahead by 10,337

Mississippi Governor results


A single anonymous market manipulator caused bitcoin to top $20,000 two years ago, study shows

It occurs to me that real actual people hire lawyers just three times in their lives

NYC approves Ranked-Choice Voting

why 30% support Trump no matter what he does

Stand in front of your fear it's time to find you voice

When will the trunk of 30,000 Belvin votes be 'found'?

In review of fatal Arizona crash, U.S. agency says Uber software had flaws

The VA woman who was fired for flipping off Trump's motorcade won her election!

Kornacki is getting to excited!

Steve Kornacki is annoying, but my hat's off to him...

BREAKING: AP calls KY-GOV for Andy Beshear

Fake cow account must go, Devin Nunes demands in letter

How Trump is reacting to newly released testimony from Sondland and Volker

It has been called for Beshear!

Democrat Ron Feinsod flips Venice, FL Mayor Office from red to blue.

Andy Beshear wins Governorship in Kentucky

Live election results: Virginia (and Kentucky)

My previous "hide" was reversed, though the post is now buried. Here's where to find it:

NBC just called it: Bashear is the new KY Governor.

Remember the lady on the bicycle who flipped Trump off?

Bevin "Apparent Loser"

Hooray for Beshear!

Andy Beshear wins Governorship in Kentucky


So, what happens when a Blue Virginia ratifies the ERA?

Wait for it!

Why Trump tariffs haven't revitalized American steelmakers

I'd never thought I'd give props to a Libertarian: John Kicks (KY-Libertarian) 👍


So now what kind of shenanigans are kY repubs going to do


Steve Beshear was a former Governor of KY. He supports the ACA, and expanded Medicaid. Both were

Ha! I just turned over to Fox News to see their reaction?

Paul says he 'probably will' disclose whistleblower's name

I logged in just to say

KY - Trump: "You can't let that happen to me."

here's drumpf saying losing KY would be bad to his MAGAts and "you can't let that happen to me"

Why I Left the Republican Party! THE SOUTHERN STRATEGY

I'm so fucking happy

Dear Trump supporting Republican elected officials

Trump plugs son's book while accusing Bidens of self-dealing

BREAKING: AP calls VA State Senate for Democrats

I think Trump shutting down the government would blow up in his face

Tweet of the [insert measure of time]

Well Done Tom Perez and everyone else involved

New Hampshire Democrats take 100% control of the Nashua Board of Alderman

Donald Trump has been wounded again.

Impacts expected from KY election... (!)

US growth of Islam creates need for religious scholars

New holiday sodas this year!

Mike Pence's hometown flips to the Democrats for the first time since Ronald Reagan's first term.

Democrat Ann Wheeler flips PW County (VA) Chair seat from red to blue.

Compare the colors of the KY counties between tonight and 2016.

Is anyone familiar with the GOTV in Kentucky?

Barr Aims to Report on 2016 Election by Thanksgiving

Know anything about the independent running in Kentucky governors race?

Let's Go Vir-gin-ia clap, clap, clapclapclap

I hope you are as HAPPY tonight as I am!

Two words about tonight: BLUE F'n WAVE!

Poor, poor, poor turtle

For Third Time, Mayor Passes Over a Black Chief to Run the N.Y.P.D.

NYC voters approve ranked choice voting.

Kentucky is now the 2nd top trend on twitter


Just maybe Trump's America is not supporting him as much as he thought?

If the Trump regime had any more super-villains, Marvel would give them their own

'Goodness and humor' celebrated as 'Sesame Street' turns 50


It looks like Republicans lost ground in Eastern Kentucky too

Trump's First Action, After The Results Came In Tonight, Was To Call Vladimir Putin!


Say, didn't Trump campaign for Bevin in KY?

When will the Treasonous Repukes learn?

A less exciting election, but still a great outcome in my suburb

Didn't Joe Biden campaign in Virginia?

Dems are surfing the wave.

There is one Kentucky politician who is as unpopular in KY as Bevin was & he's up for re-election

Democrat Vicki Barnett flips Farmington Hills, MI Mayor's office from Red to Blue

Hey Folks....Watch Mississippi....Seriously....

Bevin is not conceding

Let's be enemies

Bevin is a sore loser.

Let's pour a LITTLE bit of water on tonight's KY results...

Tucson voters soundly reject 'sanctuary city' initiative

BREAKING: VA House Speaker concedes control lost to Democrats

"Swalwell says that Mike Pence home town just went dem on the city council"

Democrat Mike Matson flips Davenport, IA Mayor office

Matt Bevin refuses to concede and plans to ask a judge for a recount in Kentucky: Politico reporter

Watching the four top rated basketball teams playing each other......and am noticing the shorts are

AP revises KY-GOV call: now "too close to call"

ABC says interview with Epstein accuser wasn't ready to air

Dem Brandon Whipple flips Wichita, KS Mayor office from red to blue

Mike Pence Knew

Time for politicians and media to realize that all impeachments are not created equal!

Matt Bevin refuses to concede -- and plans to ask a judge for a recount in Kentucky

Anyone else think it's strange that out of 1.4 million votes KY race was won by under 6,000?

Climate change: 'Clear and unequivocal' emergency, say scientists

Another sign of authoritarianism is refusal to accept defeat

Democrat Adam Bello flips Monroe County (NY) Executive office from red to blue.

This is Amy McGrath. She's running against Moscow Mitch. She needs your help to beat him.

Fayette Cty-where Trump held his rally last night-voted for Beshear over Bevin in 2 to 1 LANDSLIDE!

UN admonishes Argentina's Macri for judicial interference

"This has nothing to do with Trump" (KY-GOV)

Democrats win full control of Virginia statehouse

UN admonishes Argentina's Macri for judicial interference

Biden congratulates Virginia Democrats on flipping the state Senate and House of Delegates

WH STATEMENT re: KY "...just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line..."

(D-VA) Shelly Simonds ousts David Yancey in rematch of race that kept GOP in power in 2017

Biden Pushes Global Engagement. Do His Competitors Agree?

After seeing the Orange Menace not being able to lift

how is Trump's new bff - Suzuki feeling tonight?

Seriously what are Republicans offering? Is it just fear tactics and divisiveness?

So are dems taking control of Virginia House?

I don't know. If you're bored. Here is the emails and phone #'s of those guys who refused

Am I misreading something, or is the VA House of Delegates the really...

FOX - Shot/Chaser

Beshear by 5,333 votes.

Lewiston, Maine elects Somali American to City Council

Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security

Democrats take control of Virginia House and Senate for first time in more than two decades

Meghan McCain reveals strangers tell her she looks 'less fat in person'

Krispy Kreme strikes deal with college kid who drives 250 miles to resell its doughnuts

Ranked-Choice Voting, Williams, Katz Get Election Day Wins in NYC

When they tell you the #YangGang is all robots or young white guys...

US troops guarding oil fields in Syria are reportedly still waiting for military orders

Trump honors Native Americans, US founders in same month

Anderson Cooper: Trump ally burned hole in President's cover story

Well, the Dems took a bite out of Trump's ego tonight!

The Daily Show: Today in Obama Scandal History - The Marine Umbrellas

When I voted my straight Dem ticket today I met

Pennsylvania Democrats flip Delaware County Council from red to blue

Fox's Baier Confronts Rand Paul Over Past Whistleblower Praise: Only Want to Protect 'Whistleblowers

Thank you, Kentucky Democrats, et al!

The Daily Show: The Invaluable Work of California's Inmate Firefighters

CNN's ChrisCuomo: You don't have anyone running for the Dem nomination who doesn't talk impeachment

The turnout in Kentucky was up 150%. That bodes well for the rest of the country. Turnout is key

Tweet of the Night

is this another female wave election? Tucson elects first latina and first female mayor

No One Puts Lev In A Corner: Giuliani Associate Agrees To Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry

Can We Have A Moment of OMG for MISSISSIPPI Democrats Please....

Knew about boos, not FUs

Seth Meyers - President Trump Is Moving to Florida - Monologue - 11/4/19

Seth Meyers: Guest Gloria Steinem Says Feminism Hasn't Changed Since the '60s

I was wrong ... no way I thought KY would flip ... 2015 the KY Governor's Race was way dirty ...

"We're about to pour gas on the fire that is the #YangGang"

691,000 people moved out of California last year. Here's where they went.

Virginia Democrats take control of state legislature for first time in over two decades

Where did Trump get those children standing behind him at the rally last night?

Indiana elections 2019: Democrats win three seats in historic Hamilton County election

Democrat Andy Beshear has defeated GOP Gov. Matt Bevin in Kentucky, state official says

Karl Frisch Defeats Anti-LGBTQ Opponent in Va Becomes Only Openly LGBTQ Member of Fairfax County

Republican Lt. Gov. Reeves wins Mississippi governor's race

To put Kentucky in terms Trump might understand.....

Biden's helping Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald celebrate victory in Pittsburgh tonight

Trump desperately needs to change the narrative. Will he start a war to do it?

First on MSNBC then on CNN - What is wrong with Democrats?!?

freepers aren't happy tonight as you can imagine

Have you ever wandered into the wrong forum?

Under shroud of secrecy US weapons arrive in Yemen despite Congressional outrage

Democrats pick up four new seats on Indianapolis City Council.

Jazmine Long. The Model Voter


Democrats gain 6 seats in Marion City-County Council

"Crown Shyness"

Klobuchar on next on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Pennsylvania Democrats 'on pace' take flip Bucks County Commission.

man, the Republicans better dump Trump and just go with someone else. Look how they lost tonight.

Kurt Eichenwald brings up an excellent point.

Bette Midler wraps up the KY win.

It's like a circus elephant just relieved itself on Trump's dream of a WH-Senate-House "red wave"

California high court weighs if Trump must open tax returns

I knew I liked Ken Olin.

Texas Democrat Eliz Markowtiz advances to TX-HD28 runoff.

Trump Election 2020 Banners Are Made In China: Exempted From Trade War Tariffs?

In case you didn't know Nats catcher Kurt Suzuki is either a douche, vacuous or a trumpite

Democrat Sue Lynch unseats incumbent Mayor John Cannon in Portage, IN nail-biter

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Definitely Booed at UFC Event

Shocker! Richard Spencer is a racist asshole

The Discreet Charm of the IMF: Considerations of Class Power in Argentina

Collier County Tax Preparer Convicted In Multi-Million Dollar Tax Fraud Scheme

I just got this email from Amy McGrath, who's running against MoscowMitch:

They won't give up power Bevin and how the contest plays out.


Hi, from South Africa. Saw whole troop of baboons walking

Georgia Tech professor sentenced for defrauding the National Science Foundation

"Read The Transcript!"

Nights like this make DU the place to be.

Pennsylvania Democrats flip Bucks County Commission from red to blue.

Nigerian national sentenced to a decade in prison for role in $1.83 million romance fraud scheme

jane fonda on climate (on the view)

Rhode Island Man Sentenced for Million Dollar Embezzlement Scheme

Enjoy New Zealand's native birds......

Crazy 45 Spiritual Advisor Paula White is married to WHO??

This must be what the entrance to heaven looks like.......❤️

Delaware County, PA -- where the GOP has controlled govt. since the CIVIL WAR.

Take that, Mr. President: Woman who gave the finger to Trump's car wins election

Something tells me that Virginia Republicans

Trump turns his campaign focus to Louisiana governor's race

I think I know why bevin lost tonight...

Kansas City votes to remove Dr. Martin Luther King's name from historic street

You put up a person like Donald Trump for our office of President?

Home Health Companies to Pay $2.5 Million to Settle Federal False Claims Act Lawsuit

Yay!! Andy Beshear releasing TV ad defending ACA in campaign for Kentucky governor

Boston Hospital Staffers Oppose Melania Trump's Visit

Protesters clash with armored police trucks in Chile

Owner of North Reading Restaurant Sentenced for Failing to Report $1.9 Million in Business Receipts

Democrats won across the Philadelphia region as Republicans are fading even on friendly turf

Rochester Man Pleads Guilty To Fraud In Multi-Million Dollar Nationwide Ponzi Scheme

tweet of the hour:Chuck Todd is somewhere trying to figure out how this is bad news for Democrats

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Amy Klobuchar

Monmouth County Man Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Evading More Than $2 Million In Taxes

What happened after a young Trump voter in Michigan transformed into a vegan AOC fan

What GREAT news to wake up to this morning!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/5/19

Democrat Trish Gunby wins hotly contested Missouri House race in West County

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah watch Trump's 'no quid pro quo' defense crumble

Mitch McConnell must be shitting his shell!

Millionaire outsider forces runoff in Houston mayor race

Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Crash James Corden's Monologue

Face Your Mother: The Clintons Edition

Despite Trump's visits to his properties, some of his businesses show new signs of financial decline

I guess it's safe to say Trump won't be showing up at any Kentucky basketball games this season.

Cryptocurrency bank scolds customers for trying to withdraw from their accounts, then disappears.

Change the discussion/wording. Counter the argument when they use Quid Pro Quo

This foreign meat company got US tax money. Now it wants to conquer America.

This foreign meat company got US tax money. Now it wants to conquer America.

Joshua Cole, a Bernie endorsed dem socialist candidate in VA Won and FLIPPED seat

State Dept. worried about defending ambassador

November is Native American Heritage Month. Critics say Trump is subverting it with a new celebratio

Zimbabwe's severe drought killing elephants, other wildlife

US Drops Out Of

Experts: White House has dubious reasons to ignore subpoenas

Bernie beats Trump in Fayette County.

How Mike Pence's Office Meddled in Foreign Aid to Reroute Money to Favored Christian Groups

Oh What a Beautiful Morning - Don the Con is fading away

The Rude Pundit: Impeachment Transcripts Reveal That Republicans Continue to Be Utter Dicks

If he gets a recount, there GOP better not pull a George Bush. I know they slept on what

Democrat Wins Knoxville Mayor Election

Joe Scarborough Ruthlessly Taunts Trump After Very Bad News Cycle: 'Reverse Midas Touch!'

Kentucky- Stivers suggests a majorly d___ move. Decide election in legislature

If I was a repub still sticking with Trump this thread would scare me, bigly...

Is Bevin hated because he dismantled Obamacare?

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey to campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

Breakfast Wednesday 6 November 2019

Trump's GOP walloped

PA election results, any surprises where you live?

Fox News Politics Editor: Biden Would Beat Trump Tomorrow And It Wouldn't Be Close (HufffPo)

Miles in Between - Jeff Bernat ft Joyce Wrice

Noted: Fayette CO, KY where Trump held rally Mon, voted Beshear over Bevin in a 2 to 1 landslide

Lindsey Graham said a month ago there was no evidence of a quid pro quo. Now he's refusing to look

''Holland can't afford the Bocks/Bernie agenda,'' Election Day: Bocks dethrones DeBoer

RCP Poll Averages: One Month Percentage Point Change

My semi-rural township was pure Republican when I moved in. Yesterday the last Republican...

Trump campaign appears to distance itself from Bevin as Kentucky race goes down to wire

The blue wave crashes down on Pennsylvania again, as voters from Philly to Delaware County turn left


What's this? KY Republican Governor won't concede!

Trump finds a new way to cash in...

My Old Kentucky Home

Brookings' Bill Galston: Elizabeth Warren's Health-Care Hara-Kiri

"Cyclist who flipped off Trump motorcade wins local office in Virginia"

Sawant trails, other incumbents lead in Seattle's most expensive City Council election

I'm coining a new term: "Gasprojection" to

Huge: LA City Council Votes to Support Medicare For All; Tampa, Detroit, Sea, Chicago Take Stand

75% Of Paris Pledges "Far Too Little, Far Too Late"; 126/184 Plans Depend On Non-Existent Financing

Another plus of winning last night.

This morning's White House comment about Bevin: "Who?" nt

10 States Plus DC Saw All-Time State High Temperature Records Broken/Tied For October In 2019

"A lot if winning in Kentucky last night"?

Orange Hitler is now officially toxic for Republicans

Quite Revealing - Most Republicans on impeachment committees aren't showing up, transcripts reveal

And that was just day one...

The Rundown: November 5, 2019

Webcomics Weekly #60: Far Out and Off the Books (11/5/19 Edition)

Joe Biden had an End of Irony moment last night

VA: Running On Green New Deal, Virginia Democrats Take Full Control Of State Govt.

Vietnam veterans need photos of about 400 more fallen service members to complete their virtual memo

Has Loser45 tweeted yet, hahaha?

Last night voters across the country made clear: they're tired of a government that works for the 1%

Democratic governor for Kentucky

Kansas City voters approve plan to remove Martin Luther King's name from street

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney...

Oh My! Let's not forget UmbrellaGate...

McConnell Confidant/former chief of staff:"Elections last night alarming if you know voting history"

If that's the case Rand..

Yang's Nontraditional Supporters Are Real And Ready To Vote

Doug Sahm was born on this date.

Guy Clark was born on this date-

Eight years of their shit and the Repukes want this??? Yep, Fuck 'em!

The Mueller Report Illustrated

What do you want to bet Trump won't campaign for anyone who looks like they are in tight race or....

My Hope

Giuliani tried to plant false cover story that he was only acting at request of State Dept -NOT TRUE

Oh My, What a Glorious Morning It Is!

Senate Republicans consider including Bidens in Trump impeachment trial

Glen Frey was born on this date

They listen to the liar who tells them all others are the liars.

Kansas City votes to remove Martin Luther King's name from historic street

John Philip Sousa was born on this date.


Biden heading to Boston for a fundraiser tomorrow, with a LONG list of Massachusetts co-hosts

"Blue Moon of Kentucky"; Nashville Jam

The Freepers are still running true to form...

While you are scheduling your flu shot, also get your shingles shot!

The Juxtaposition Between Trump and Stupid be like...

This is Trump arriving in Louisiana to help another candidate.

Snowing here in Wisconsin, we got about an inch so far.

NOAA ESRL - Atmospheric CO2 Content 10/19 - 408.53 ppm; 10/18 - 406.00 ppm; 10/17 - 403.64 ppm

Thanks to Rand Paul, Russian Media Are Naming the Alleged Whistleblower

Trump to Lead 100th Veterans Day Parade in New York

Wednesday TOONs - Be Vewy, Vewy, Quiet. I'm Hunting Whistleblowers

Town hall in Duesseldorf with two former House members, one D, one R

Russian media is outing the alleged whistleblower after Rand Paul's reckless outbursts

And you wonder why Matt Bevin didn't win.

Enough is enough!

Most Sea Level Rise Between Now And 2050 Is Irreversible; Plus Paper On Recalibrated SLR Impacts

Senate Republicans consider including Bidens in Trump impeachment trial

Kentucky Lawmakers Could Decide Governor's Race

Sen. Elizabeth Warren pitches her Medicare-for-All plan

"If you lose, it sends a really bad message can't let that happen to me."

The blue wave crashes down on Pennsylvania again

Democratic sweep in Virginia gives new life to the Equal Rights Amendment

A gallery of pixs from Deadvlei

Voter turnout in KY predicted to be 31% tops 41%.

It is one thing to totally support one of the Democratic primary candidates and work

Trump is pretending that Giuliani was working for himself in Ukraine.

Stacy Abrams and Andrew Gillum ran as progressives. Andy Beshear ran as a moderate.

Bercow: Brexit 'biggest foreign policy mistake in post-war period'

BCBS report points to growing Millennial health crisis

I got a horse hug this morning he is finally trusting us

Gaslighting... excellent overview.

Sea Levels To Rise For Centuries, Even If Emission Targets Are Met, Forget Coastal Living

Republican Party Paid To Have Callers Jam The Phone Lines Of Congressional Democrats


It's a Miracle!

LOL: Trump Aides Struggle to Avoid "Confusing" Him

SHOCK: Jared Kushner OKAYED Jamal Khashoggi Arrest

Can Trump Legally Out The Whistleblower? Experts Say It Would Not Violate Any Laws (NPR)

"America needs to seriously tax the rich -- I should know, I'm one of them"

Big night for Loudoun Democrats as they pick up three Board of Supervisors seats and Senate spot

It was a good evening in Ohio too.

Cat to star in "Star Wars" reboot. Check out the trailer.


Astronaut casts Pennsylvania absentee ballot from space

One Nomination Sent to the Senate: November 5, 2019

Astronaut casts Pennsylvania absentee ballot from space

Trump's Remarks Welcoming the 2019 World Series Champions: The Washington Nationals

Camerota asks voter how she would vote if Trump shot someone. Hear her response

They are simply a moral and ethical black hole...

Tom Perez: Tulsi Gabbard won't run Third Party...

Sondland's atty was Rove's during Plame? Plus Hill says he's still lying

Trump Jr. recklessly tweets out the name of the Whistleblower.

Possible next steps under Kentucky election law

Amy Klobuchar Has a Pete Buttigieg Problem

Yesterday's elections in KY and VA demonstrated something important.

Trump's Kentucky prediction the day before the close election for governor

Brother - Kwon MiHee (cover)

The School Day Is Two Hours Shorter Than the Work Day. Kamala Harris Wants to Change That.

Texas is about to execute a man for murder. His lawyers say someone else confessed to the crime.

The School Day Is Two Hours Shorter Than the Work Day. Kamala Harris Wants to Change That.

What did you say Junior?

I am so tired of the term quid pro quo. Call it what it is, Extortion

Senate Republicans consider including Bidens in impeachment trial

I hope he gets pelted with rotten eggs

"'Whistle-blower'? Give me a break! More like a deep-state spy!" Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!

If they think spilling the name of the whistleblower's name is smart?

Trump Says It's All Over For Him

Teen struck, killed by train in Troutdale while taking senior photos

Ha! Lindsay says he can make up his own mind?

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller

President Donald Trump Buried Under A Mountain Of Ongoing Legal Woes Deadline MSNBC

Happy National Nachos Day!

Michigan county treasurers can seizes people's houses for unpaid taxes.

Strong night For Democrats in off-year elections

PA Swing Voters Tell CNN They Would Still Vote For Trump If He Shot Someone:'You'd Have to Know Why'


Just Some Headlines


Favorite Stuff You Can't Get Where You Live?

Gotta love Hillary Clinton (on James Corden's show last night)!!!!

Rudy Giuliani Works For Trump 'For Free,' So Who's Paying Him? The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

White House attempts to distance itself from the traitorous fecal stench of Don Jr's stunt

California Democratic Party Chair takes dig at Warren and Biden...

" You did it. You won."

The Trump Infallibility Doctrine: The president cannot fail--he can only be failed.


A jury has been seated in the Roger Stone case. Opening arguments coming next.

Republicans haven't seen enough to impeach?

Unpaid Bills Pile Up In The Wake Of President Donald Trump Rallies All In MSNBC

Hey, Gamers and the mods of the subforum. A question about posting regulations.

Fox News: CIA Staff Complained About Obama's Political Correctness

I am happy about Kentucky and the big win, but.....

Stacey Walker Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Statement of Nov 6, 2019, Concerning the Suspected Identity of the Whistleblower

" we are NOW in 2020 ACA Open Enrollment period!"...#ProtectourCare

This Day in 2012

New Monmouth Poll Biden 23(-2) Warren 23(-5) Sanders 20(+5) Buttigieg 9(+4)

If shithead Bevin refuses to concede, can some goons be hired to

Jersey City voters say 'Yes' to Airbnb regulations in N.J.'s most expensive local referendum

President Donald Trump Fails To Help KY Governor Win The Last Word MSNBC

Bill Barr planning to roll out report to discredit Russia investigation before Thanksgiving: report

Pic Of The Moment: Desperate GOP Tries "Fingers In Ears" Strategy

As 'Working Class Revolt' Topples KY's Trump-Backed Governor, a Warning to McConnell: 'You're Next"

Here come da Judge!

Under shroud of secrecy US weapons arrive in Yemen despite Congressional outrage

Under shroud of secrecy US weapons arrive in Yemen despite Congressional outrage

Best of Jeff Koterba's cartoons: Global population

Governor Elect Beshear speaking now.

U.S. judge voids Trump-backed 'conscience' rule for healthcare workers

Libertarian Party in Kentucky says it's happy to "cause delicious tears for Bevin supporters."

Another Court Tells Trump To Give Up Tax Returns Because He's Not Above The Law

NEWS: First impeachment hearings in PUBLIC NEXT WEEK.

The USS Ford's Business Case Sinks As The Troubled Carrier Finishes Sea Trials

What IS this?!! BAND-MAID - PLAY (Live) (REACTION!!!)

Trump's push for Seoul to pay more for U.S. troops throws alliance into question and...

Rachel has done it again: This time with the UK fiasco..

What IS this?!! BAND-MAID - PLAY (Live) (REACTION!!!)

Booker Finds Every Lane Blocked in 2020 Democratic Field

Ford built an electric Mustang with a manual transmission. And we're mad.

National poll: Biden, Warren and Sanders locked together at top of primary

Both Don and Don Jr are in deep shit

Steve Bullock campaign ad: "Responsibility"

Steve Bullock campaign ad: "Only"

FCC crackdown on cellphone subsidies leaves millions without service

Stella the dog has better communication skills than Dump (Twitter video)

House to hold public impeachment hearings next week

If KY is so red how is it they elected a Dem for governor in the two terms before Bevin? nt

Louisville voters are leaving their 'I Voted Today' wristbands at suffragists' graves

Harris picks up endorsement from black women's organization

Biden rips 'condescending' Democrats ...

4 Newcomers Set To Join A Historically Diverse Boston City Council

What's trending on Twitter at the moment...

Automation ia threatening millions of jobs sooner than most seem williing to admit.

Requesting supportive energy and prayer from this community for my Mom.

Joe: President Donald Trump Lost Kentucky For The Republicans Morning Joe MSNBC

Trial opens for Roger Stone, accused of lying about WikiLeaks

Wall Street Journal paywall & this article

Quid pro quo Boris?

Amy McGrath: The Letter

Governing by tantrum

Congressman Disputes Sen. Graham's Credibility Morning Joe MSNBC

Everything you need to know about American politics can be boiled to this:

Meadows just said that military funds for Ukraine were held up because of a broader analysis

Jim Acosta: 'GOP are underestimating voter intensity against Trump, bad omen for impeachment'

Andrew McCarthy wrote an article in the National Review about impeaching Hillary Clinton.

"Flipper" Lev Parnas testifying might not be a good thing for us.

T.I. Said He Goes To The Gynecologist With His Daughter Every Year To "Check Her Hymen"

Election Night 2019 Was An Unmitigated humiliating Disaster For Republicans

Michael McFaul: trump [CORRECTION it's don jr] has tweeted name of whistle blower

Frightening interview: Mark Halperin hawking his book today on

BLS Report: Job openings edge down to 7.0 million in September; hires and separations little changed


The petals fell off of one of my rescued roses but I'm not ready to part with them, yet.

**Breaking** Judge voids Trump administration's 'conscience rule' letting health providers refuse

Trump's son tweets name of alleged whistleblower

After two blasts of cold air descend upon Washington, first flakes of snow possible early next week

Love this: Top 10 Moments in Oakland Raiders History NFL NFL NFL

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin won't concede the election. What happens next?

Ayanna Pressley endorses Elizabeth Warren

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is OFFICIALLY NOW....

Sex Offender Groped Princess Ariel, Cops Say

Has anyone filed a bar complaint against John Eisenberg for ignoring a congressional subpoena?

Here is slogan that someone should run with?

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part XXV

Somali who was target of threats wins US municipal election

Kentucky GOP files complaint against potential McConnell challenger

DOJ places new legal barrier between Democrats and Trump impeachment witnesses

Oklahoma Senators introduce bill to rename part of Route 66 "President Donald J. Trump Highway."

Visclosky to call it quits, won't seek reelection in 2020

Arlington: Reintroduction of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Ties Up Route 7 Traffic


Byron Allen is remarkable. Right now he's fighting with Comcast and the Trump DOJ

There are new signs that @realdonaldtrump's private company is facing sharp business declines.

Democrats Could Learn a Lot From What Happened In Virginia.

Former GOP Congressman warns of electoral realignment in the suburbs and one reason is gun safety

Starting soon: Another legal fight over Trump's taxes. Judge will consider whether to dismiss....

Lovable, twitchy little SpokesRagamuffin Hogan Gidley wets himself on WH lawn over "perfect call"

Election Night 2019 Was a Triumph for Democracy, Health Care, and the Democratic Party

Bannon will testify in Stone trial

Trump Campaign's Meal Contests Are 'Out-and-out Fraud' if Nobody Wins, Says Ex-White House Lawyer


Castro campaign shutting down New Hampshire operations


So Much For My Viking Funeral!

Let me begin by stating that it is not my intent to instruct the "whistle-blower" as to how he or

Lindsey's new defense of Trump is that stupidity made him "incapable of forming a quid pro quo"

So, when we solve income inequality, who gets to live where?

Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They

Elizabeth Warren at the 2019 Democratic Liberty and Justice Celebration

Trump Senate Loyalists Mull Plan to Call Bidens for Any Impeachment Trial: Report

Andy Beshear and Democrats Claim Victory in KY Gubernatorial

'Radioactive' Cover - Im Ji-soo

Keanu Reeves is a lucky man.

Lindsey Graham rolls out new defense: Trump administration is too incompetent for a quid pro quo.

Next up: Trump on Mt. Rushmore

Trump impeachment witness breaks week's no-show pattern

The things that seperates

Washington voters narrowly rejecting affirmative action measure after first returns

Mexico Mormon attack: A suspect has been arrested in the massacre of family

Now that Donny Jr. has outed the supposed whistleblower,

Erdogan: Turkey arrested slain ISIS leader Baghdadi's wife, other relatives

I'm loving the way in which the House is releasing these testimonies

Gordon's very bad experience

Washington Voter Turnout Below 30 Percent On Election Night

CNN asks voter how she would vote if trump shot someone. Hear her response...

Incumbent Kshama Sawant trails in early results for Seattle City Council seat

Transcripts of Bill Taylor testimony released

Bill Barr planning to roll out report to discredit Russia investigation before Thanksgiving: report

Alex Jones posts name and photo of juror in Roger Stone Trial. The shit never ends.

Will Hillary make an endorsement for the Primaries? And if she does, what may be the implications?

.@amyklobuchar on "likability": "This is not a measure we use w/ men," she said in Rochester, NH, "

James Mueller elected South Bend's next mayor, succeeding friend and ex-boss Pete Buttigieg

Jeff Sessions to announce AL-SEN bid this week...

Donald Trump Jr. Tells Fox News His Father Isn't Responsible for Matt Bevin's Kentucky Governor Loss

Fracking pioneer Chesapeake Energy is drowning in debt

US productivity falls for the first time in nearly 4 years

'Suspicious situation' at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Definition of quid pro quo...

You know what is really fake

Did Tom Cotton ... did he just threaten to invade Mexico?

25-year-old politician shuts down heckler with viral phrase 'OK Boomer'

Tech Giants Pledge Billions for Housing, but Will It Matter?

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees: November 6, 2019

Once daily, preferably while reading here, stop for just a moment and repeat:

Melania Trump Facing Enormous Protests As She Arrives in Boston for 'Be Best' Photo Op

Republicans all over the country are trying to make it harder for people of color, poor people, and

Democrats flip Virginia Senate and House

How Mitch really feels.

Pennsylvania Democrats flip Chester County Board from red to blue

Did I just hear that in KY if an election is contested their LEGISLATURE decides who wins?

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

BREAKING: Sec of State Alison Lundergran-Grimes announces a re-canvas of KY-GOV

Wonder why cops keep shooting people in their own homes?

The GOP can still steal the Dem victory in Kentucky


Wishful thinking? Are republicans staying home and not voting because of trump?

Univ Alabama Student govt warns groups: Protest Trump during LSU game, risk losing reserved seating

free New York Times subscription

Katie for the win:

HAHAHAHA--Giant inflatable rat outside the lunchroom window at Roger Stone trial

Iowa sends 49 total delegates to the 2020 Democratic Nominating Convention

Now Matt Bevin is going to lose twice!

The Equal Rights Amendment May Pass Now. It's Only Been 96 Years.

With these victories, don't let guards down

A beautiful video. And poll results.

Prosecutor: "Stone regularly updated people inside the Trump campaign at the senior levels..."

The Mexican Mormon War. Vice full video

Why the hell is M$NBC talking about Dump's success in reshaping the courts?

William Taylor to House impeachment investigators - Exchange of the Day

Trump's son tweets name of alleged whistleblower

An impeached and convicted Trump could still run in 2020. Here's how to stop him.

Alabama SGA warns groups: Protest Trump during LSU game, risk losing reserved seating

Trump is going to NYC Veterans Day Parade?

One way or the other...'Always take care of your henchmen'

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 6, 2019

Newest defense...WTF is quid pro quo ?

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi & ex Treasury Tony Sayeh being tagged for counsel on impeachment

Big bad meanie, Elizabeth Warren, makes a billionaire cry on TV

Most Voters Don't Want Trump in 2020

BREAKING: Alex Jones reveals name/photo of a Roger Stone trial Juror

I present a fox news class on how to be stupid

Alabama Students Warned Not to Protest Trump

140,000 reasons why Kentucky win is a blockbuster....

Man using racist slurs killed in Waffle House fight in Georgia, police say

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson stands down

Bevin campaign formally asks for a recanvass in Kentucky

Her win exemplified my feeling towards magat republicans ...

Trump speaking live on Judicial milestones

Impeachment: Trump's son tweets name of alleged whistleblower

This morning I went for a stroll with a gorgeous woman. When she

November 6, 2019 - Four-Way Race In Iowa Dem Presidential Caucus,

Pompous Pompeo has become the worst SOS in America's history...

House Withdraws Impeachment Subpoena To Ex-NSC Aide

Did McConnell stop Obama from appointing judges? Why

If a cat had a dairy😼

Impeachment Probe Already Impacting Statewide Elections

How Mike Pence meddled in foreign aid to reroute money to favored Christian groups

Stone Trial Opens With Information Indicating Donald Trump May Have Lied to Robert Mueller

"you're going to see a number of my Republican colleagues have an epiphany"

According to Lindsey, his changed testimony has been paid for...!

Stone Trial Opens With Information Indicating Donald Trump May Have Lied to Robert Mueller

5 stunning revelations from ambassador Bill Taylor's Trump-Ukraine testimony

Former Employee Says Trump Wears Adult Diapers Due to Incontinence from Repeated Stimulant Abuse

James Dean, dead 64 years, will be resurrected via technology to star in new movie

Virginia to Republicans in general, and Trump in particular:

Trump says vote as if he is on the ballot - unless it loses. 2018

1 in 5 or 20% but, more likely than Brexit, sounds like 51% remain...?

Barr is the reason for Inherent Contempt...

John Philip Sousa, The Liberty Bell, 'The President's Own'

Speaking of James Dean

The ERA is BACK! Woohoo! Thank you, Virginia!

NEW: Trump ally Alan Dershowitz and ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh are lobbying for Israeli billionaire

Democrats Cheer After Overwhelming Victories Across New Hampshire by NH Labor News

How soon before R defense is "Biden Ukraine story was all a hoax, so no QPQ."

Trump hit with another loss in legal battle over financial records -- from a judge he appointed

Democrats Cheer After Overwhelming Victories Across New Hampshire by NH Labor News

'Rededicated': Sawant volunteers ready to 'fight' for socialist foothold

Obama Veterans: Joe Biden's Pledge to Work With GOP Is Delusional

interesting description of the attraction of Trump's rallies

Public hearings in the impeachment inquiry of Trump will begin next week, House officials announce

How far will evangelicals fall...?

White House expects two new hires to bolster Trump impeachment defense -official

Prosecutor says Roger Stone lied 'because the truth looked bad for Donald Trump'

Moscow Mitch says Twitter degrading democracy...!

Why Shin Godzilla Won Best Picture in Japan In Depth Review/SPOILER ALERT!

Company insiders are selling stock during buyback programs and making additional profits

Bill Gates on a Wealth Tax

Why Shin Godzilla Won Best Picture in Japan In Depth Review/SPOILER ALERT!

Which of these will happen in 2021-2022?

KY outgoing Gov Bevin to hold presser at 5

Cartoons 11/06/19

Free classes on polling from the Marist College Polling Institute

Trump delivers remarks on federal judicial confirmation milestones.


What Is Oligarchy: Robert Reich

Impeaching your sorry ass first is at the top of our list, but krazy kav is also on the list...

Ahead of Trump visit, UA SGA warns students: No disruptive behavior

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-18: Do The Soviet Style Edition

What is a good subtitute for butter, that does not contain palm oil

Turkey's Erdogan to visit Washington next week

DNC says UCLA will no longer host upcoming Democratic debate

As Bevin Refuses to Concede, Critics Warn Kentucky GOP 'Totally Gearing Up to Steal' Election (sic)

Dog Rescued From Chain Can't Stop Smiling

Japan typhoon Hagibis: Ten flooded bullet trains scrapped

What Loungers loved "Saturday Night Fever,"

Former Florida AG, Pam Bondi, is now on Trump's impeachment team.

President Barack Obama: "A great night for our country-one that'll leave a lasting legacy"

This zebra loves running around the house and stealing his family's clothes ❤ ❤ ❤

The Suburban Backlash Against the GOP Is Growing

John Bercow: Brexit is UK's biggest mistake since second world war

Jeff Sessions, ex-attorney general forced out by Trump, plans to run for former Senate seat

🐦 NOV 10 at 12PM - Orange City Green Jobs Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

🐦 NOV 10 at 6PM - Charles City Green Jobs Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

A Jewish photographer has been capturing Alexander Vindman and his twin for nearly 4 decades

I just came in the house...

....holding his tantrum breath until Kentucky turned blue...

🐦 NOV 11 at 12PM - Des Moines Veterans and Seniors Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

It's Wednesday, and Ari is scruffy today...

I have a new idea for the UK within the EU

When would be the ideal time to file Articles of Impeachment?

Giuliani Confirms Trump Acted In His Personal Interest

Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on critics of Saudi regime, U.S. charges

New poll finds tight four-way race in Iowa

Fight For Us (NH)

Don't you love the "Never Trumpers" except for Warren/Sanders

Are republicans really going to argue that the president committing extortion against a foreign

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 7 November 2019

Mitch McConnell's worst nightmare - Kentucky voters are "Fired up! Ready to go!"

I'm exhausted and ready to give up...

Im guessing Trump will invite T.I to the white house

What's the emotional age of Lindsey Graham?

Roger Stone's trial is not looking good

Jamie Curtis tweet today on Recovery

Pence aide -- who was concerned about July 25 call -- will testify if subpoenaed

Trump's personal lawyer Giuliani hires his own attorneys