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Archives: November 7, 2019

Sanders campaign launches first New Hampshire TV ads

Judge shields OxyContin-maker Purdue from litigation until April

Hey, get your UNION songs and poetry here, link

Erdogan says Turkey has captured Baghdadi's wife in Syria

American Horror Story. Season 9 tonight - 1984

Meme of the day....

US fraud prosecutors demand Ford Focus, Fiesta documents

Senate unanimously passes bill making animal cruelty a federal felony, sending it to President Trump

Bill Gates 100 Billion in tax

'Beyond the mosque': Seeing Islam's diversity reflected in worship spaces

Candidate who wanted city as white 'as possible' gets 4%

You raised $0.00 on November 5, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

2 escaped murder suspects arrested at US-Mexico border

Spinal Tap settle soundtrack dispute with Universal Music

Somali who was target of threats wins US municipal election

James Dean Reborn in CGI for Vietnam War Action-Drama

John Bolton expressed alarm about shadow Ukraine policy, but at key moments, it's unclear what he di

New 'Matriarch' PAC Aims To Send Working- Class Women, Often Overlooked, To Congress

Texas: Retired police dogs had to be sold or destroyed under state law. Voters just changed that.

These public hearings next week, are they going to be the usual Congressional hearing where

Biden Predicts GOP Epiphany

Dear Never Trumpers and other assorted Republicans finally sick of Trump:

So tweety is having his 20 yr anniversary being on TV.

Pentagon leader appeals to Trump to allow military justice cases to proceed unfettered

My Soul

Do You Want Healthcare Or Access To Healthcare???

Steve Bannon will be surprise witness at Roger Stone trial

Tom Perez is coming up on Chris Hayes n/t

Trump wanted Zelensky to make a public statement on television about investigating the Bidens?

**Breaking** Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying he broke no laws in call w Ukrainian

Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying the president broke no laws in call with Ukrainian

Don't Let Trump Make You Numb to What's Unacceptable.

Foreign jets used in Libyan refugee centre airstrike, claims UN report

Foreign jets used in Libyan refugee centre airstrike, claims UN report

Are repugs finally getting the message from last year's Blue Wave and last night's...

Extinction Rebellion: High Court Rules London Protest Ban Unlawful


Reminder from November 1972 Nixon 60%: 520 EV, McGovern 38%; 17 EV

Humor is global

Democrats Take Control Of Mike Pence's Hometown For First Time In Nearly Four Decades

Given the Republicans' near-unanimous refusal to confront or even acknowledge the

If 537 votes were enough to give GWB...

The Right to Vote Won Big on Tuesday

King County fined $105,500 for sewer overflow violations

Saudis recruited two Twitter workers to spy on critics, feds say

Time to fire up the ol' crucible...

Facing Investigation, Giuliani Needed a Lawyer, but Firms Stayed Away

Rand Paul blocks Senate resolution backing protection for whistleblowers

Oh, yoy.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid on Thursday

Joe Biden's ridiculous attack on Elizabeth Warren's 'elitism'

Top diplomat in Ukraine directly ties Trump to quid pro quo

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

Donald Trump's White House braces for public impeachment hearings

Something that drives me crazy at work.

Intel officials want CIA Director Gina Haspel to protect Ukraine whistleblower from Trump

Amy Klobuchar has qualified for the December debate.

Lufthansa strike cancels 1,300 flights, stranding thousands

About that Mormon family killed in Mexico. I knew my gut was right

Scientists at Abbott discover first new HIV strain since 2000

NJ Republicans Pick Up Assembly Seats, Plus Senate Seat in South

King County will prepare lawsuit to block 'devastating' I-976

Bill Taylor testimony: Bolton thought Trump-Zelensky call would be 'disaster'

Yang speaking to Portsmouth, NH crowd

Take Nixon, add...

He just did this...

The single most important lesson from last night's elections...

Roger Stone's 'payload is still coming' email went to Erik Prince, prosecutors say

IN 1974, Nixon also came to Alabama seeking a friendly crowd

How Trump Corrupted the American Presidency in Every Imaginable Way

Trump lies about everything and anything. And, families teach their children not to lie.

It's confirmed: Amy has qualified for the December debate!

In my dream . . . Jeff Beauregard Sessions declares for his old 'bama Senate seat . . . and . . . .

Got a new title for tRump....TRAITOR....

Trump Brags About GOP Governor Losing in State He Won by 30 Points

Mediaite: Elizabeth Warren Offers to Meet With Bill Gates and Talk Wealth Tax After His Criticisms

Do the 2019 Election Results Tell Us Anything About 2020?

Luz Escamilla concedes to Erin Mendenhall in Salt Lake City mayor's race

A boy meets his puppy.

Federal Police Wanted to Arrest Dilma but Supreme Court Justice Denied Request

Frank Sinatra once told Donald Trump to "go f*** himself"

If Trump never breaks laws??????

Stone trial: Who's who?

Joo Gilberto's Disappearance

I believe we have a strong group of candidates, but...

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "Brett Kavanaugh lived a life we should all be proud of." Unbelievable

You know you are in trouble when lawyers run away from a client? "When I Dream" -

PSA: Nurses who work in America's Emergency rooms across America work harder and are far

Steve Bannon will be surprise witness at Roger Stone trial

Amazing Cat save child from rolling down the stairs

Hm. Giuliani is apparently the godfather to Parnas's son.

A RL math "story problem" involving pain and pain med

Only one candidate is prepared to address the issues we face in the Age of AI

A reminder that trump demanded his interpreter's notes after putin summit

Hug your babies long and hard every day. One of my last year babies died about 4-5 AM this morning

Dems are making a mistake using quid pro quo

Jimmy Kimmel Live: We Have a Crazy Person Running Our Country

LA Times article about the Mormon community in Mexico

Volunteer-made ad about the #FreedomDividend

More than 200 loose cows create roadside rodeo across two SETX towns

Steve Schale - Florida guru

Alaska university taking PB&J as payment for parking tickets


The Kentucky Governor's Race Was an Anomaly.

Drone-mounted lasers reveal ancient settlement off Florida coast

Tweet of the Day

Iowa Caucus First Impressions: Andrew Yang deserves more voter attention

The Daily Show: Wall Street Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren

Laser scanning reveals 'lost' ancient Mexican city 'had as many buildings as Manhattan'

Laser scanning reveals 'lost' ancient Mexican city 'had as many buildings as Manhattan'

Fuck Senator John Kennedy for attacking Pelosi with schoolboy shit at tonight's MAGAt rally

The Statue of Liberty was such a fine gift to the United States from the People of France.

Seth Meyers - Roger Stone's Trial Begins - Monologue - 11/5/19

How Rudy Got Paid

Here's a Dylan tune that to me, born in '68, really captures our moment 50+ years on.

Do we even have a current ambassador in Ukraine?

Drone images provide new insights into lost Bolivian civilisation - video

Drone images provide new insights into lost Bolivian civilisation - video

If Kentucky's Beshear will prevail

Buttigieg appeared on PBS NewsHour

Hillary Clinton: Warren's Medicare for All plan wouldn't ever get enacted

Rachel Maddow: Trump more involved in getting stolen emails, etc than previously known.


Gabbard and Klobuchar hit debate polling thresholds

'Make Spain great again': does Melilla really need a Trump-style wall? - video

Seth Meyers - Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look

Election Night proved that Game 5 of the World Series was a very accurate barometer of ...

Trump rally attendees leave early as president's rambling drags into second hour

Besides thinking Medicare for All can't be enacted. Hillary Clinton is opposed to a wealth tax

"The president is speaking and you can see folks streaming out of the arena..."

Millennials Will Get Sick and Die Faster Than the Previous Generation

Rachel Maddow: Trump was more involved in his campaign's effort to obtain stolen Democratic emails

Yang supporters vs Bernie supporters on Medicare for All


Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has received a surge in cash from Russian donors

Tonight at the rally, here is the video of Trump flashing

GOP complaint takes sports radio host and potential Mitch McConnell challenger Matt Jones off air

Just catching Mayor Pete on PBS Newshour.

Chile protester seen disabling the riot police's water cannon

Infectious cancer spreads across mussels in South America and Europe, shows study

Gordon Sondland had an *extremely* uncomfortable time waiting for his baggage at PDX 😂

Largest Brazilian media group implicates Bolsonaro in death squad execution of Marielle Franco

most 1 sided response to a story ever seen on dailymail: rapper TI annual check of daughter's hymen

Irony of the Day

So what was "The Grand Bargain" with Russia?

trump is a sick man

Literally nothing will stop republicans from destroying America....

Despite outrage over fires, Brazil allows sugar cane farming in Amazon

Despite outrage over fires, Brazil allows sugar cane farming in Amazon

This Bobtail Squid Might Be the Cutest Thing in the Ocean

Actress Catherine Deneuve suffers mild stroke

Theme from the Movie "Manhole" - Grace Slick

Global investment in cutting greenhouse gases fell by 11% in 2018

Iran has 'military advantage over US and allies in Middle East' - think tank

Samantha Bee: Local Elections 2019; How Trump's Re-election campaign raised so much money

Location, location: Why Ukraine leader aimed for Oval Office

Malaysia rejects US plan to host APEC in January

Chile protests: Concerns grow over human rights abuses

Chile protests: Concerns grow over human rights abuses

'Astonishing' fossil ape discovery revealed

The plutocrats are getting very worried and angry over Elizabeth Warren

Iconic Pacific bird sanctuary ravaged by plastic and death

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Election Day Didn't Go Trump's Way

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/6/19

Independents are pulling away from Trump

Boeing CEO Says He Decided Not To Quit After 737 Max Crashes And Gave Up Bonuses

State to take over Houston ISD by replacing school board and superintendent

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 8, 2019

Krazy Effed Up TrumpWorld #432553 : Trump personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani, has a new criminal

Texas voters approve state income tax ban, most other constitutional amendments

Breakfast Thursday 7 November 2019

"I wasn't raised to be silent": U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela is willing to tussle with colleagues from

Climate change: New Zealand passes 'zero carbon' law

Have a great get rich investment for ya.

Early Morning

ALERT: for supporters of Sen Warren and those who despise RW propaganda...

Agreeing with Bill Kristol is not good for my mental well being, but...

Longview doctor's 'birth tourism' business draws eye of Homeland Security

Sanders to Spend More Than $30 Million on Advertising in Early States

DOJ prosecutors of Roger Stone trial could accidently prove that Trump lied to Mueller:

Morning Joe: Biden doesn't have an Iowa ground game to compete with Warren and Buttigieg

Alyssa Milano tours migrant respite center with Rep. Gonzalez

A Welcoming and Safe America for All

Rep. Beyer to Hold Impeachment Town Hall in Alexandria

Bernie Sanders wants to revamp trade deals, labor protections as part of sweeping immigration plan

With Dem Control Of VA Legislature, One Hell Of A Fight Shaping Up W. Dominion Energy

Of COURSE he didn't, he is a grown up...

Is America a democracy? If so, why does it deny millions the vote?

Does the Democratic Party need more young Democrats like Andy Beshear?

Cryptocurrency Mining In Iceland Now Uses More Electricity Than All The Nation's Homes

Chesapeake Energy Was Worth $37 Billion In 2008; 10 Yrs Of Fracking Later, Valuation $1.5 Billion

Astronaut casts Pennsylvania absentee ballot from space

Told ya!

Thursday TOONs - Changing Colors

The Rundown: November 6, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 11/06/19

This Month in Comics: October 2019

He's an indecent, insensitive, sinful, all-around terrible person...

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Pete trounce Trump with Independent voters.

GOP is already thinking about how to turn a Senate impeachment trial to Trump's advantage

An early VP selection for candidates

Little Rock teachers hold 'walk-ins' as status of strike remains unclear

New #Deconstructed podcast: BernieSanders talks to @MehdiRHasan about his 2020 campaign

Could a Long Impeachment Trial Derail the Senators Running for President?

Anonymous book excerpt: Sr Officials thought Pence would have agreed to 25th amendment

We call them "pacquito"

Women were the first Trump whistleblowers

Humpty Trumpty likes a good bawl, Humpty Trumpty gonna have a big fall...

Column: Trump and Ukraine: Putin's got skin in this game, too

Morning Joe... Joe is on a roll today

James Comey calls out Rob Portman in the WaPo

Trump-backed allegations against Biden 'not credible,' testified US official now touted by Trump

Another day, another Ukraine inquiry bombshell

Someone is putting up billboards in SC with old Lindsey Graham quotes about Trump.

Federal appeals court upholds ruling against Arkansas anti-begging law

Jewish Chronicle: 'The vast majority of British Jews consider Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite'

Kentucky's Republican Legislature trying to find a way to coronate Matt Bevin

Defeating Trump Is Bigger Motivator Than Re-Electing Him

After the results in VA

AOC knocks JPMorgan CEO for suggesting Warren 'vilifies successful people'

Trump Has Discussed New Reality TV Series

Sanders campaign to spend $30 million on TV ads in first 4 2020 states, California

USC Dornsife/LA Times poll: Biden 28%, Warren 16%, Sanders 13%, Buttgieg 6%, Harris 4%

First lady visits cuddling program for babies born on drugs

Lots of people are thinking about Iowa and New Hampshire.

November 7 - Happy Birthday Rep. Susie Lee (D) NV-3rd

Trump and 'Apprentice' Creator Mark Burnett Are Discussing Their Next TV Show

New York, the death penalty and short sighted voters

'We're not stupid': Why Biden is dodging the California Dem convention

November 7th - Happy Birthday Lawrence O'Donnell

Trump fills his diaper over the Barr refusal: "Never happened, and there were no sources!"

Warren bets the White House on Medicare for All

When is the last time we learned something truly "new" about Trump?

As Kentucky's Shadow Looms, Trump Scrambles To Avoid Recurrence In Louisiana

Trump's speech last night

2017, 2018, and 2019 all massive repudiations of Orange Hitler

You know Trump's popularity is tanking when...

Ultimate Narcism

Kushner Linked to Abduction of Slain Journalist - Thom Hartmann

Here I set wonder what the future holds?

Trump's Neglect of U.S. Allies Is Killing NATO, Macron Says

What Putin has on Trump?

Bernie Sanders campaign ad: "Fight for Us"

Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine is okay with Biden & Warren skipping the CA Dem convention

Jordan: Republicans to subpoena whistleblower to testify in public hearing

Jason Kander on KC Street renaming referendum

Slip Slidin' Away

Buttigieg Barnstormers Flock to Iowa to Boost Candidate

Bike Locks Should Be Illegal.

New TIME Cover: America on trial

Is Nunes pissed that the Con prefers Gym Jordon over him?

Republicans DESTROYED in State Elections, PANICKING

Biden picks up endorsement of a 9th black member of Congress

Trump's Twitter War Room Aims Its Punches at Decorated Colonel

'We're going to be a force in this battle': Biden super PAC kicks into gear

Loyalty vs. Democracy

Jon Meacham on impeachment and the state of the country

National Guard presence in high schools?

This is so true

It's funny that *this* is the Madman's takeaway on the Barr story.

The 2020 Endorsement Primary


CNN Fact-Checker Couldn't Keep Up With Donald Trump's Rally Lies Trump was lying "faster than I can

"With enemas like you, who needs friends?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Tump!!!

For those who remember Pogo...

Article: Russian media are dismayed over Trump impeachment probe: He 'is weakening the US'

Gimme shelter? City of LV passes controversial sleeping ban

Pence's aide (Jennifer Williams) has arrived for impeachment deposition.

On this day, November 7, 1940: the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses.

Wait...Did I read that right?

Harris: My Plan is So 'Superior' To Warren's MFA That 'I Don't Feel the Need' to Take it Apart

NYT: I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike

Happy National Men Make Dinner Day! Okay Guys, What's On The Menu?

Well today, Nov 7 is "national Warren hatchet job" day. Morning Joe has devoted anti Warren

"If those records had come out, the truth would have been exposed"

No sign of John Bolton yet, who was scheduled to testify at 9:00 ET

Did we ever find out why Rand Paul's neighbor actually beat his ass?

Kansas City Revokes naming Martin Luther King Blvd

6-year-old Ohio boy brings loaded handgun to school

Trump Isn't Inciting Violence by Mistake, But on Purpose. He Just Told Us.

Internet mocks Trump for big Kentucky loss with #ByeByeBevin: 'This is where you pretend you never

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Denies He Wanted Barr to Publicly Clear Him

Quoth the Raven?

Howard Rumsey was born on this date

Grow update.

I'm lost in Amazon hell trying to buy new underwear.

Capitalism Didn't Make the iPhone, You iMbecile

Joni Mitchell has a birthday today.

Does my dog think she has been on a trip? I've always heard that dogs don't

You raised $25.00 on November 6, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Hey why don't Republicans want college to be available and affordable to everyone?

George Takei's answer to Trump's "Read the Transcript"

This warrants the attention that was mistakenly given to the KY governorship.

On MSNBC. Craig Melvin thoughtfully re-read all of Pence's "Trump 2020" talking points.

A few Thrusday kat pixs to brighten your day

➡️ Today I released my plan to reject Trump's hate and live up to our ideals as a nation

MSNBC has so far devoted almost a half hour to Pence et al on his trip to NH to file

trumpian asks Hispanic man, "why did you invade my country" and then throws acid in man's face

Watching The View,Megahan McCain looks like she is about to jump out her skin,Trump Jr. is on there.


McConnell Advisor on Bevin: "There's nobody who thinks he won the election"

Holocaust Survivor Under Guard Amid Death Threats

"Read the Transcript" ? Answer is : "Release the "Transcript""

I had so much that I wanted to do today

Barr didn't DECLINE to do what Trump asked. He DELEGATED

GOP Lawmakers Want To Name Route 66 'Donald J. Trump Highway' And People Are Outraged

Bolton willing to defy White House and testify if court clears the way, according to people familiar

Former NFL player Burgess Owens announces run for Congress against Democrat Ben McAdams

Beshear vs. Bevin: Kentucky governor's race could be decided by state legislature

When you go on a racist tirade in the wrong neighborhood...

The "Medicare for All" Conversation Is Surreal

Who Sings 'Recipe For Happiness' ...Campbell Soup Chicken Noodle Commercial?

Macron Warns Of Nato 'Brain Death' As US Turns Its Back On Allies

Andrew Yang campaign ad: "A New Way Forward"

Anyone heard, or used DORO cell phone?

"Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don't think that teachers get paid enough for what they do, so, will you..."

A lot of you actually thought there was an ethical problem with the lecture circuit

the whistleblower's name is out?

Robert Reich: Would the Founding Fathers Impeach Trump?

Photos from Michael Beschloss

Ukraine's President Was One CNN Interview Away From Giving In to Trump and Giuliani's Pressure Campa

Hasn't happened her yet but DTJr was on The View and I understand it was a HOT mess.

First DWTS tries to normalize Spicer, now the View is trying to normalize Mushroom Dick Jr.

Vegan Apple Carrot Oat Breakfast Mini Muffins Recipe

"a rotten candidate for a rotten borough" - Blackadder's election episode

The Big Problem With Wealth Taxes

Speaking of Harry Truman, was he the last president not to have a vice president?

Sanders vows to end Trump's policies as he unveils immigration proposal

The Supreme Court Confronts DACA. by Linda Greenhouse

Warren Releases Plan To Keep Our Promises To Servicemembers, Veterans, And Military Families

Hillary Clinton speaks at New York Times DealBook Conference - 11/6/2019

Click here for the name of the whistleblower.

Attacks on the whistle blower serve as a trump loyalty test for the intelligence community

Trump: BarrGate is "Fake News" from a "garbage newspaper" because "We both deny this story"

And just ten fuckin' days later, nary a peep of outrage:

Maxine Waters' blue seat isn't up for grabs. But the lucrative chance to challenge her is

"NRA issues F rating to Bugs Bunny for tying up guns into pretzel shapes"

SCHIFF details the 3 Questions GOP Witnesses Must Answer:

States' Attempts at Medicare-for-All Proposals Haven't Ended Well

Bernie Sanders Is Flush With Cash. Here's How He Plans to Spend It.

'That's a lie!' The View's Sunny Hostin blasts Trump Jr as he sputters excuses for quid pro quo

So Don Jr. has a book out...

Skipping New Hampshire?

Trump on Federal Judicial Confirmation Milestones LAW & JUSTICE: November 6, 2019

AP Exclusive: Steyer aide offered money for endorsements

Joni Mitchell At 75: Trouble Is Still Her Muse

Our Story Is the Story of America

Cat can't stop massaging his favorite pigs

Our Story Is the Story of America

If Trump is not convicted, all Democrats running for the presidency should seek foreign help.

No Bolton

Trump Jr. on The View:

Andrew Yang--Technocratic Populist

The Nation: Joe Biden: An Anti-Endorsement

Need travel advice.

Glenn Greenwald Got Into A Fistfight On A Live Radio Show

NEW timeline in D.C. Circuit case over Trump's accounting records:

What is truly disgusting about Donald Trump is he is a classic "bully."

John Bolton is a traitor.

Happy 76th Joni

Reminder: Kamala Harris was the 1st elected official in the US to endorse Barack Obama

William Barr Declines to Exonerate Trump

Donald Trump to pay $2 million to settle New York Attorney General civil lawsuit against Trump Found

'Baby Trump' balloon heading to LSU-Alabama game

Rudy Guliani allies spreading dirt on Bannon. Heh.

BREAKING: Tomy Steyer aide attempting to buy endorsements

So I asked a Republican friend if he was planning on voting for 45 next year

Black RW radio talk show host praises white supremacist losers...

It used to be called TREASON

Some talented person needs to make a meme

Mike Pence's Hypocrisy on Whistleblowers (VIDEO)

"The Booing Is F***ing Us Up": 'The View' Melts Down Over Donald Trump Jr. Visit

Elizabeth Warren wins endorsement of influential group of black women

Cook Political/KFF Blue Wall Project shows Warren leading in WI, MN and MI, Biden leads in PA

President Donald Trump ordered to pay $2M to collection of nonprofits as part of civil lawsuit

British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I've Read

High in polls, Senator Elizabeth Warren makes first campaign stops in North Carolina

Sen. Harris: If Impeachment Gets To Senate, I Will Be There Morning Joe MSNBC

Sen. Harris: If Impeachment Gets To Senate, I Will Be There Morning Joe MSNBC

BREAKING NEWS: Judge orders President Trump to pay $2M for misusing his charitable foundation.

"Jesse" - Carly Simon

A "grand bargain with Russia where we throw Ukraine under the bus."

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Signs of the times

Study says 'specific' weather forecasts can't be made more than 10 days in advance

Pence adviser testifying in impeachment inquiry

TPM boils it down to this: "The President used extortion to cheat in the 2020 presidential election.

Andrew Yang - A New Way Forward

Good News about a hobby of mine..I grow trees inside my home.

For 53 million Americans in low-wage jobs, a difficult road out

Local Elections 2019: Thank you, Kentucky! We love you, Virginia! Full Frontal on TBS

Trump says he's freeing these inmates. His Justice Department wants them to stay in prison.

Matt Bevin reacts to election results: "Downfall" meme

It Isn't Just T.I. -- Virginity Testing Is a Worldwide Problem

Two US senators told Ukraine's president that 'only Trump' could release military aid: report

Longtime Tulalip Tribes leader Stan Jones dies at 93


"You know, the American people have the transcript of the President's call and . . ."

'Biblical' rainfall leaves streets of Sheffield flooded

Highly Recommend This Piece From Frontline..

Philadelphia police stopped 25,000 cars because they "smelled marijuana."

I wasn't stunned either. Ken Delanian said he was. Funny, Ken.

About Sessions running for Senate

Tory MP Candidate: Women Should 'Keep Their Knickers On' to avoid rape

Editorial: Questions remain after voters demand $30 car tabs

Harry Dunn parents say they rejected Trump offer of cheque

Donald Trump Jr. Gets in Shouting Match on the View

caught in NY traffic this morning, Donald Trump jr gets his dead animal pics put in his face

Imagine. Imagine a single day when trump acted like a real human, a real president.

Michelle Obama: The best person to register voters in your community is you.

Adam Schiff Stops Devin Nunes From Turning Impeachment Hearings Into A Circus

Cartoons 11/7/19

Elizabeth Warren has risen far enough to face the same tired, sexist attacks women always face

Harriet, the move about Harriet Tubman. GO. SEE. IT.

Little sign of a Seattle City Council flip in latest vote totals

Feds admit radios interfere with garage door openers

I wish that just once, Stephen King would tell us what he REALLY thinks about Trump. Oh...wait.

TPM "Conservative Fever Swamp Pushes McConnell Toward Quick Impeachment Dismissal"

Impeachment transcript for deputy assistant secretary of state released

Slate "Could Matt Bevin Steal the Kentucky Governor's Election?"

And now Lt. Col. Vindman is anti-American, say Trump's shock troops. Just like every other witness

Bernie Sanders received more donations from women than any other candidate.

I did my good deed for the day today. Had to think twice, because it was for a Republican!

Trump Jr.: It's OK for me to out whistleblowers because I'm a private citizen

Cash-strapped Biden campaign and top donors look to beef up fundraising

I just read the comments in one of Eric Trump's tweets and exploded in rage at my laptop.

LULAC Iowa State Director Nick Salazar Named Bernie Sanders 2020 Iowa Campaign Co-Chair

Mike Pence's Office Rerouted Foreign Aid Money To Favored Christian Groups

LULAC Iowa State Director Nick Salazar Named Bernie Sanders 2020 Iowa Campaign Co-Chair

Watchdog group: Trump DHS pick Chad Wolf made false claims about role in family separation policy

New Film: 'In the Age of AI,' PBS Frontline, Impact on Jobs, Society

Eric Swalwell lays it out in plain English for that thing.

Elizabeth Warren tells Bill Gates she'll explain her wealth tax to him

Anybody else want to see Greenwald get smacked in the face...I do

State Department official says Giuliani was engaged in a campaign 'full of lies and incorrect info

State Department officials warned Trump not to revoke protections for immigrants

State Department officials warned Trump not to revoke protections for immigrants

Before Boom Shakalaka there was Boom Chakalaka

BREAKING: Trump tried to get Ukraine to investigate Hillary Clinton too

Why are all these Democratic candidates who are running for national office former military?

"In the Age of AI," PBS Frontline: Artificial Intel Impact on Jobs, Surveillance Society

Lol! Go South Carolina!

New MAINE state poll (Oct. 21-Nov. 3): Biden 27%, Warren 22%, Sanders 15%, Buttigieg 9%,

'Prepare to die' Trump adviser Stone texted witness, trial jury hears

Mark Burnett could save his reputation....

Antarctica likely to drive rapid sea-level rise under climate change

Christian minister strikes teen girl in the head with his 'Christian identity badge' during road

Speaker Pelosi with the only John Kennedy that history will remember:

Democrats discussing multiple articles of impeachment against Trump

The owls of Washington are on the attack. Experts say it comes with the territory.

Politico Opinion: One Big Thing the Dems Get Wrong About Warren

Jane Fonda with Don Lemon

Elizabeth Warren releases calculator for billionaires (Updated)

The worst thing about parallel parking is

Trump Ordered To Pay $2 Million In Charity Ethics Lawsuit

The Nation will take you to visit the Kremlin

'This Is Not Normal': US Judge Denounces Trump's Attacks on Judiciary

Inslee postpones future transportation projects after voters approve I-976

Top EPA official, watchdog engaged in a standoff that inspector general calls a 'flagrant problem'

Former veterans commissioner Loree Sutton officially launches mayoral campaign (NYC)

Supreme Court justices met with leader of homophobic hate group ahead of judgements..

Chinese school principal teaches students shuffle dance during break

Trailers that promise the opposite of what the film delivers.

Did the Washington Post Write an Impeachment Article the Day Donald Trump Was Inaugurated?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 7, 2019

Andrew Yang - 2020 Candidate Forum on NH Public Radio

Woman Cradles Shelter Dog In Her Arms Overnight So He Won't Die Alone

Internal NOAA emails detail blowback to Trump hurricane claims: 'This has really gotten out of hand'

Any Consequences for Revealing the Name of a Whistleblower?

Computer Eye Strain Help

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 8 November 2019

What really chaps the ass of the rethugs re the ousted Ukrainian ambassador

FDA enforcement plummets under Trump

My tweet on Trump's campaign "contests" has gotten 498 likes...

How One Commonly Used Asthma Inhaler is Damaging the Planet

(Jewish Group) 27 Jews On What It Feels Like To Be Afraid For Their Lives

According to Kent, Republican Senators Inhofe, Portman, and McConnell knew about the hold on the aid

Roger Stone trial highlights volume of contacts he had with Trump and 2016 campaign

Alex Jones Outed Juror He Said Was Linked To Obama -BIG PROBLEM- It Appears To Be Wrong Person

Anti-Biden mag The Nation, 3 days ago: Sanders and Warren Have to Tame Nancy Pelosi

Trump rally attendees leave early as president's rambling drags into second hour

VA Governor: "Ingraham should take her racist policies & go sit with Donald Trump"

Republicans urge Bevin to provide proof of election fraud or 'let it go' and concede

Scientists link Neanderthal extinction to human diseases

More strangeness during Stone trial: Randy Credico tries to do Bernie & Brando impressions for jury

"Two Across". A good read I just finished.

Trump decides the best way to commemorate the abuses of communist regimes is to bar the press.

Don Jr writes about a visit to Arlington National Cemetery

Climate Change Deniers Pay More For Houses At Risk Of Future Flooding

What A Cuck: Trump Bought A Painting Of Himself Because No One Else Bid On It

Republicans urge Bevin to provide proof of election fraud or 'let it go' and concede

Mike D(P)ence

Michael Bloomberg is filing to run for Pres as a Democrat

Bloomberg to run for President as a Democrat

Putin is certainly getting his money's worth from the orange gargoyle

Ukrainian President Was Booked to Announce Biden Investigation on CNN, Says Report

Bloomberg announces run for POTUS starting in AL.

Over 2 million pounds of chicken recalled in 7 states, including Pa.

2610, Two thousand, six hundred, and ten ...

Bloomberg running for President in Alabama..!

Say Bill Gates was actually taxed $100 billion.

The question is: who the hell are

Pete Buttigieg and real Christians

Rudy come on down...

Rightwing columnist smacks journalist Glenn Greenwald on Brazil radio show

Rightwing columnist smacks journalist Glenn Greenwald on Brazil radio show

Nate Silver: Bloomberg running probably won't have much effect on the race.

Michael Bloomberg and his anti-NRA group threw tons of money to Democratic candidates in Virginia

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Former Speaker John Bercow interviewed by Alastair Campbell - worth a watch

Dog Is Very Good At Big Sticks

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Dan Rather nails it, as usual....

If you want to point a finger at two men with absolute certainty of guilt when Trump gets re-elected

Indigenous Mexicans tortured in migrant crackdown win public apology

Indigenous Mexicans tortured in migrant crackdown win public apology

No Bath for Me" 😉

Debunking two viral (and deeply misleading) 2019 (political) maps

Europeans look to China as global partner, shun Trump's US

If Trump were to be impeached and removed from office, could he still run in 2020?

Mexican mammoth trap provides first evidence of prehistoric hunting pits

Mexican mammoth trap provides first evidence of prehistoric hunting pits

A weird Harvard-Harris poll released Nov. 1 showed Bloomberg ahead of Harris and Buttigieg

Trump and Warren have the biggest rallies in the 2020 election. They couldn't be more different.

"This isn't complicated"


Who is paying for Ghouliani's attorneys?

I got called by Biden campaign regarding volunteering