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Who on Mueller's team leaked the letter ahout Barr?


If Joe Biden & Anita Hill both agree

Mapping Industrial "Hum" in the U.S.

Luckovich-Take us to your liar

Robert Muthafukin Mueller...

Trump dropped his demand that all investigations must end before he will work with Democrats during

Nadler's Tweet re: Mueller letter

If I were you, Mr Barr, I would come clean on Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a bidding war has erupted in after hours trading ...

I feel like I'm "living" a season of House of Cards. n/t

Record solar hydrogen production with concentrated sunlight

I love Frank Figliuzzi (MSNBC--Chris Hayes now)... He just calls em as he sees 'em but remains

Auntie Maxine on Chris Hayes now

AG Barr exposed for lying to the US Senate.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Must FRAME this election as Trump v. The Constitution.

So now we need Mueller to investigate

Inorganic perovskite absorbers for use in thin-film solar cells

We have encouraged Trump's criminality. It was clear to anyone who bothered to

Make America moral again - Mama

Ohio Still Lagging In Turnout Among Younger Voters

Rick Wilson: There's some bad blood in the water for this to be leaking now.

Nadler is zeroing in on Barr perjury!

Pete Williams on MSNBC now acting like the RW shill he is

William Barr must RESIGN NOW!!

Barr told 4/10 Senate he did NOT know if Mueller supported his conclusion -But Mueller letter 3/27!

Some details on Jay Inslee's record. It's definitely a record to run on.

What if Biden chooses a running mate who is FOR marijuana legalization and

Bill Barr reminds me of a certain nursery rhyme...

DUers do you think Rosenstein knows about this Mueller letter?

This election is more important than ever

Trump Calls His Own Infrastructure Bill 'So Stupid'

And what is Fox Noise talking about as the Mueller story breaks?

Rival Sons - Too Bad

For a moment, I thought, "I can't wait to see Al Franken question another lying AG"

'Barr ought to keep john mitchell in jail in mind!'

One of our political parties is a criminal enterprise

Baylor Women's Basketball Player Trolls Donald Trump With White House Visit IG

Washington Post-Mueller complained that Barr's letter did not capture 'context' of Trump probe

Joe Biden's First Campaign Rally Was Full of Democrats Worried the Party Is Moving Too Far Left

Remember how the Barr proponents were trying to act as if he and Mueller

Barr lied in Senate Testimony

The Great Unravelment. Let it begin.

It was a material, even critical, question Barr lied in response to

Judge throws out ex-Penn State president's conviction

Barr conspired with trump to obstruct justice. Barr is the defense attorney, not the AG of the US.

May Day 2019 In The Seattle Area: Here's What To Expect

I can't wait to see Lindsey Graham tomorrow

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Malloy Invitational!

Any chance we can get the forum shown in the Trending/Greatest sections?

Mike Pompeo claims Russia stopped Nicolas Maduro leaving Venezuela for Cuba

Jeff Sessions must be laughing his ass off right now.

Former State Lawmaker Is Indicted.....Again

ABC News tweet with VIDEO (34 minutes) of Biden rally in Cedar Rapids today

"Everything Trump Touches Dies" - Rick Wilson

Who leaked the Mueller-to-Barr letter?

Some Washington students will get free college tuition under approved bill

😁 Now 50% OFF ..............MEMES 😳

New Bill Would Require Elected Officials To Work A Minimum Amount Of Time To Keep Their Positions

A conversation amongst Trump Attorneys General:

Back'n'forth, now I'm apologizing to MUELLER, & Bill MAHER should, too - haha like I'm *important*!1

Phil Mudd on Cuomo said Barr leaked Mueller's letter.

Trump's World Still Faces 16 Criminal Probes

Why Trump Wants to Block Deutsche Bank From Sharing His Financial Records

William Barr Reads "Moby-Dick," Finds No Evidence of Whales

Virtual Caucuses Could Skew Iowa's Electorate Older

Again, and Again..Whoever that might be, we must win. He/she must be our strongest

New Bill Aims To Help Ohioans Save Money For Their First Home


Foxconn tore up a small town to build a big factory, then retreated

How Russia contaminated $2.7 billion in oil exports to Europe

Trump EPA insists Monsanto's Roundup is safe, despite cancer cases

Ilhan Omar blasts 'demented views' in first extensive comments since Trump tweets

Since Mueller is still a DOJ employee, when he testifies he won't be

Mueller went to paper.

State investigates companies involved in fatal Seattle crane accident

The galaxy is on Orion's belt.

2020 US Senate Election- Which candidate Democrats need to nominate to regain control in 2020.

Do you think we'll get to see the Maddow-Mueller interview?

Dog And Coyote Become The Best Of Friends

There's only one question I want to hear the committee ask AG Barr...

Dozens wounded in clashes as Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaid announces 'final phase'

Ranty grandpa calls in to Fox News, and it's so bad the host repeatedly tries to end the interview

Booking Photo of John Mitchell

Dayton police request Toledo's help as it faces Klan-affiliated rally

Man drove 65 miles to deliberately run down cyclist as he rode to work

Alabama bill banning nearly all abortions passes House almost unanimously

NY AG Letitia James, live on TRMS, is one cool glass of water and a Badass Woman.

And to think that Barr auditioned for this

This is what Epic Cringe looks like... (George Wallace tweet)

'Medicare for All' gets boost from first congressional hearing

Yo Russia, we're like those three monkeys here...

Schiff Hires Ex-Chief of FBI Financial Crimes Section as House Intel Probes Trump's Finances

HERE: online streams for tomorrow's Senate Judiciary hearings for those without cable access

Be wary of trusting anything in THE NATION. I've been seeing a lot of overlap

Venezuela crisis: Maduro claims coup has been 'defeated' - live updates

Biden slams Trump's Phony Charlottesville Story

cant wait to see kamala and amy question barr.

For fun...How many "b-a-r" related words can be used for Barr?

Seib: Impeachment Could Be a Trap--for Democrats

Baldwin Wallace University ends 174-year Methodist affiliation

Mueller Objected to Barr's Description of Russia Investigation's Findings on Trump

North Royalton woman sentenced to prison for embezzling $1.1 million from company

Judge delivers win for Sacha Baron Cohen in Roy Moore defamation lawsuit proceedings

YAY, my Senator Van Hollen asking for barr's resignation,

Julian Castro calls on William Barr to resign.

Dana Milbank: Poof! There goes another Infrastructure Week.

I know we've been here several times before, but maybe, possibly, fingers-crossed-and-hope-to-spit,

Game on, It is time to begin impeachment hearings. It is no longer a choice.

Impeachment? Why not start with Barr for lying to Congress?

Pete had a sold out crowd in Somerville

I dare say ... Trump has a bad case of

"We are in the last hours before this dam cracks..." (Just now on Lawrence O'Donnell)

Feds confirm a compromised email resulted in $1.75M hack at Brunswick's St. Ambrose Catholic Parish

Senate Republicans reach for deal on disaster aid amid ongoing dispute over Puerto Rico

Senate Republicans reach for deal on disaster aid amid ongoing dispute over Puerto Rico

How Media Sexism Is Already Affecting the 2020 Election

*Eliz Warren coming up on Lawrence show.

raja krishnamoorthi

Barr's appointment as AG, for lack of a better term, was a kamikaze mission

For those who watched and or understand the Watergate Scandal, I offer these similarities:

Man.. Barr stepped into some deep shit...

BuzzFeed News: Pete Buttigieg supports religious exemptions for vaccines if herd immunity exists.

NC-03: GOP doctors will go to primary runoff in North Carolina U.S. House race

Damn. NYT: Stacey Abrams Will Not Run for Senate in 2020

Bill Barr's Not Your Average Trump Stooge. He's 100 Times Worse. Will Democrats Do Anything About It

Boba Fett without his helmet

Do you think this is a coincidence? I sure don't.

White House considers move to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Justice Department Stalling on Mueller Testimony

*Senator Van Hollen on now with Lawrence re: Barr's lies etc.

Schiff told Chris Hayes he hasn't been getting counterintelligence updates relating to the Russia

Venezuela's Guaido calls for uprising but military loyal to Maduro for now

Venezuela's Guaido calls for uprising but military loyal to Maduro for now

Netflix is going to have a two season run of a series called, Nurse Ratched

Mueller expressed misgivings to Barr about report summary

Trump to meet with Republican senators on U.S. shipping rules

Update from Fair Fight - org. founded by Stacey Abrams to fight for election integrity in GA

My Friends at DU....

EPA stalls biofuel waiver transparency plan after White House blowback: sources

Steve Cohen

At Trump golf course, undocumented employees were told to work extra hours without pay (WP)

Solar cells (like people!) work better with caffeine

Is 70 the new 50 for presidential candidates? Biden, Sanders, Trump suggest so.

So I'm gone for the evening, come home and turn on the TV, and discover

Closing line of Barr's Opening Remarks to the Senate Judiciary Panel. Fiction at its best.

Barr is a mercenary, plain and simple. Like the most cold-blooded hired gun, he otects his employer


The Daily Show - Spoiler Alert: If You Spoil "Endgame," You're Gonna Get Your Ass Whupped

Every Democrat needs to call for Barr to resign or be impeached

As Oceans Warm, Microbes Could Pump More CO2 Back Into Air, Study Warns

Ohio State researchers to study how social media affects democracy

The Daily Show - Between the Scenes - Guest Edition: Pete Buttigieg

Rapid melting of the world's largest ice shelf linked to solar heat in the ocean

FAA bans low flights over Venezuela's airspace, citing political instability

Woohoo! I found a ziplock full of old ticket stubs!

BARR! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

The Daily Show: Biden Gets His Trump Nickname and Stumbles Through His First 2020 Rally

How many times did George Stephanopoulos testify during Clinton years?

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden Officially Announces 2020 Presidential Run - Monologue - 4/29/19

Had dinner with my cousin and his friends who are Trumpanzee.

Let's host a concert for William Barr, since he may have trouble with his hearing

The Daily Show: Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman - Covering Congress and "The Hill to Die On"

US wind power development hits record levels in first quarter

"for the laconic and obedient Mueller, it's almost like lighting yourself on fire"

Well it is now 11:47 pm and we are still short of $1900 mark we needed to get the

May Day! M'Aidez!!!

Graphene sponge paves the way for future batteries

Why is the dem leadership treating Trump like a normal president?

India's water crisis is already here. Climate change will compound it.

Who wore it better?

Crown Prince Naruhito ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne

Why Does the United States of America Want to Overthrow the Government of Venezuela?

Wynn Resorts keeps Massachusetts gaming license with $35 million fine

Wynn Resorts keeps Massachusetts gaming license with $35 million fine

Colombia arrests Uribe's ex-security chief after serving time in US by Emily Hart April 30, 2019

U.S. military stops tracking key metric on Afghan war as situation deteriorates

U.S. military stops tracking key metric on Afghan war as situation deteriorates

CNN headline: William Barr is in deep trouble

He was once known as General Cover Up then Low Barr Bill now he is Baghdad Bob's brother

Democrat wins the special election to replace Rep. Barca

Anger as Corbyn faces down calls for Labour to back new Brexit vote

Colombia's opposition wants defense minister sacked for trying to cover up murder

I'm awake now!

Enten: Sanders should worry less about catching Biden right now and more on falling behind Warren

Witches prepare:Spell To Bind tRump Wed PM

Cricketer Alex Hepburn, who raped sleeping woman, jailed for five years

Eastern Orthodox Forty Days of Pascha

Fact by Fact: Attempted Coup in Venezuela. April 30, 2019

Iowan to Grassley: You're Threatening My Life

So, I just got a text from Wells Fargo saying my account has been suspended.....

This two-legged dog is teaching a two-legged puppy how to stand.

Michigan Republicans appeal gerrymandering ruling. What you need to know.

The Latest: Police say campus shooting suspect is man, 22

Schiff says he is no longer being briefed on Counter Intelligence on Russia probe.

Energy Department says it will remove plutonium from Nevada

Trump threatens Cuba as US supports Venezuela uprising

Trump threatens Cuba as US supports Venezuela uprising

Okay, so like what time is the "No Collusion/The Hoax is Over" parade tomorrow

Enigmatic Beluga whale off Norway so tame people can pet it

Link to Schiff's CRIMINAL REFERRAL on Erik Prince.

Detroit Teachers To Protest Added Unpaid Days To School Calendar

Ex-state candidate in Oakland County gets probation for embezzling $149K


Betsy DeVos' brother, Erik Prince, could face criminal investigation

Over the past two weeks Barr's fans/pundits have soured on his

US Navy sailors instructed to 'clap like we're at a strip club' for Pence arrival

We Asked All Of The 2020 Presidential Candidates Their Thoughts On Vaccines.

So yesterday morning, Matt Gaetz called for Rep. Adam Schiff to step down

"That's it, Democrats," writes @TheRickWilson. "Put just one Trump minion in jail for contempt, and

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/30/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Van Jones

Ex-Missouri Sheriff Cory Hutcheson Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison



Corporate Media Are Here to Warn You: Medicare for All Is a Very Bad Idea

Wake up to Gypsy Punk....

"The Importance Of Hearings" by Al Franken

Schumer says Trump not doing enough to protect 2020 election

Hazel Park investigating white nationalist fliers found in neighborhood

Beschloss: John Mitchell...

Michigan AG: I'll move to shut oil pipeline if talks fail

Grand Rapids police under fire from civil rights groups for Latino arrests

FL legislature expands vouchers. Public dollars going to Christian schools. Please comment.

Whitmer signs two bills delaying new teacher standards

😳 Please Do Not Dump Trash On White Supremacist Leaders' Properties 😆

LOSER45 is awake...he threw this post out, and has since retweeted *22* other tweets

88 Years Ago Today; A Skyscraper Icon is Dedicated

Whistleblower fired after complaining about Dallas tribal center leader's 'Kick-a-Hoe' joke

THERE ARE REASONS these criminals believed they could operate above the law

Pharmaceutical Company Agrees to Pay $17.5 Million to Resolve Allegations of Kickbacks to Medicare P

Two Costa Rican Residents Sentenced to Lengthy Prison Terms in Connection with $10 Million Internati

Interim named after Coastal Bend College president placed on administrative leave

Arizona Man And Israeli Woman Charged In Connection With Providing Shadow Banking Services To Crypto

If Congress were to make a criminal referral regarding Barr, who would they make it to?

I am glad that the news released today, about Barr holding the letter that Mueller sent the AG......

UIL to require physicals for marching bands starting Aug. 1

I love it. Mika and Joe are refusing to read dt's twits.

Trystan Andrew Terrell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

LGBT lawmakers say nation is ready for gay president

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange sentenced to 50 weeks prison in bail-jumping case

Look good at Barr's body language when Charlie Crist

Medical equipment company owner gets 78 months in federal prison for $3.1M Medicaid fraud

Biden cements spot as 2020 front-runner

House Dems eye contempt charges for Trump officials

Trump drops plan to retire the USS Truman

Owner of Florida Medical Clinic Sentenced to Prison

Caster Semenya loses appeal against IAAF testosterone rules

US: Russia convinced Maduro to stay in Venezuela

Barr did not mischaracterize the contents of the Mueller report nor were his descriptions off ...

Naruhito pledges to 'always think of the people' while taking Japan's throne

Former CEO of Hospital Chain to Pay $3.46 Million to Resolve False Billing and Kickback Allegations

Hey what does Brett Kavanaugh and Willaim Barr and others of there ilk have in common

FULL Interview: Bernie Sanders with Brooke Baldwin on CNN 4-30-19

Spare me your outrage. If Trump did in the US what Maduro did in Venezuela, you would call it a coup

Mayor Pete "cleans up" his prior immunization statement, stating MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS ONLY

Pharmaceutical Company Agrees to Pay $17.5 Million to Resolve Allegations of Kickbacks to Medicare

Will Joaquin Castro Challenge John Cornyn After All?

Wow, Bernie is -8 on a poll on Morning Joe. Biden and everyone else are +

"Mr Barr, did you ever have a discussion with Mr Trump about shutting down Mueller investigation?"

Why Barr did what he did:

Ross Ice Shelf - World's Largest - Melting At Rate 10X Global Average For Ice Shelves

Burger King's Impossible Whopper Is Going Nationwide After STL Rollout

Weeks After Massive Petrochemical Plant Fire In Houston, TX Leg Looking At Tougher Standards

Former Minneapolis police officer found guilty in Justine Ruszczyk's death

ND Threatens Lawsuit Against WA Over Bill To Lower Vapor Pressure In Oil Shipped By Rail

Do let me get this straight - ReTHUGs are OK with the cover-up King

Trump Fed nominee Stephen Moore trying to explain away a racist joke

North Korea gives weather forecasts a makeover

Former Sen. Joe Donnelly's new initiative: Teach Democrats to value rural voters

Emails Show How Taxpayers Pay at Mar-a-Lago

Jury Takes 4 Minutes to Convict a Woman in Dog Cruelty Case

Flooding In Davenport, IA Approaching 1993 Levels After Levee Failure; 39th Straight Day Of Flooding

The Rundown: April 30, 2019

Ken Bald, "Dr. Kildare" Comic Strip Artist, Dead at 98

The Webcomics Weekly #33: Dead House III: More Zombies (4/30/19 Edition)

Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered

"I Support Anita Hill, and Joe Biden, Too"

US Navy sailors instructed to 'clap like we're at a strip club' for Pence arrival

Anyone see the movie "Enemy"?

Fiscal Cliff Looming?

A church with an "interesting" outreach

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 275,000 Jobs in April

Preserving the contents of the New York Public Library in a teaspoon of protein, without energy, ...

Nothing like CSPAN highlighting last time you lied to Congress in prep for your testimony today.

Not The WH Correspondents' Dinner Succinctly Explains False Balance In Today's "Journalism"

Mozambique: "Worse Than Expected" - Latest Storm May Have 2X Rainfall Of Cyclone Idai

Bernie Sanders Is Hitting Donald Trump Where It Hurts

In less than an hour, Lindsey Graham will embarrass himself again...

Trump just tweeted that Russia DID meddle with the 2016 elections.

USA Gymnastics' new director of sports medicine lasts only one day in the job

Oh, brother.. here comes the frenetic rolled up sleeves antics of Steve Kornacki again (MSNBC)


Ready to go!

Race, Not Economics, Drove Former Democrats to Trump

Why is anbody surprised that Barr lied for Trump?

I've been a surgeon in Australia for 16 years. I've seen only two gunshot wounds.

Lead poisoning cause of death for bald eagle in Glacier Park

Does Mueller's Angry Letter Prove Barr Lied to Congress?

SHOCK POLL: 55% Say They Won't Vote for Trump in 2020

Trump Serves Fast Food to Basketball Team Before Bragging to Them

The economy isn't getting better for most Americans. But there is a fix

Buttigieg makes new effort to talk race, reach black voters

Your Daily Greenwald, Size XXXL Thermal Meltdown Edition:


Cartoons 2020 Freeway....funny..🎨...🚌..🚗...🚕.... others cartoons 😅

More Than 1,000 Show Up To See 'Mayor Pete' At Northeastern University

WaPo is streaming the Barr hearing live on YouTube..

So what channel ya watching?? Love the MSNBC line up of talking

Will the shame of Iowa continue as Grassley/Ernst shield Barr at today's Judiciary hearing?


Mueller's letter

Here it is: Letter Special Counsel Mueller sent to AG Barr

This US-Backed Rightwing Coup Attempt in Venezuela Must Be Condemned

This US-Backed Rightwing Coup Attempt in Venezuela Must Be Condemned

Apple Plans to Buy $75 Billion More of Its Own Stock

Trump Fires Off 60, Mostly Anti-Biden, Retweets in an Hour

I finally made the switch to an iPhone

Could it Be Possible Mueller Wanted to Highlight the Complete Hypocrisy of Asking Him to Investigate

2 Dead And 4 Injured In Shooting At University Of North Carolina, Charlotte Campus

Lindsey is covering so many asses in his opening statement you'd think

Brian Williams interrupts Graham

Graham is working his way to say it was Clinton campaign who colluded with Russia!

MSNBC interrupting to fact-check Graham in real time. nt

Brian Williams and Nicole Wallace just broke in to call Graham a liar!

White House has signaled it may seek permanent renewal of controversial surveillance power

Is there a more loathsome lying walking pustule than Lindsey Graham? nt

Where's all the LEO/NRA outrage at this officer's conviction?

Did I just hear Graham say the F word?...

Graham: "...sorry to the kids out there..." for saying the F word But "ban Muslims" is OK!?!?

Tip of the hat to Peter Strzok.

Isn't this hearing about Barr? Why is Lindsey talking about Clinton's email?

BLS Report: March jobless rates down over the year in 267 of 389 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 41

I must have turned in to the wrong hearing. This one's all about that nasty woman,

Were any FBI agents anti-Hillary and did they send any emails bad-mouthing her?



Defecating superintendent sues over release of mug shot

James Holzhauer's total domination of 'Jeopardy!' in 3 charts

Lindsay! You say you only read parts of the report at the end of your opening statement?

So much news - Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder jailed over bail breach

Maine becomes 1st state to ban single-use foam containers

Barr resembles a cross between "The Mighty Favog" and Mr. Peepers. nt

Ok, who's that guy sitting behind Barr with that Mohawk haircut???

I think I know why Graham is acting like a lunatic. He is up for re-election.

The Republicans are nakedly grabbing power to further their agenda while the Democrats...

Mueller Pushed Twice for Barr to Release Report's Summaries

'Democracy Dollars': Gillibrand's plan to give every voter $600 to donate to campaigns

There were 2 Mueller letters? Developing story from NYT

"Mr Barr, why did you lie to us?"

My first question to Mueller would be

I seem to remember lots of 6e material being released to Congress in the Starr Report.

Looks like he's got a stress herpes outbreak on that lower lip.

Isles' Lehner thrives after confronting mental health issues

Democratic Primary Power Rankings 5-1-20

Barr is a lying fat pig.

Agreement reached to have Mueller testify on Russia probe: lawmaker

Notice how Barr is also implicating Rosenstein


Just in case their was any doubt, it is now official: Republicans have NO shame. nt

Agreement reached to have Mueller testify on Russia probe

2019 Atlantic Hurricane season showing first activity a month early.

Missing opportunity to make first impression. Love

The Mueller Reports Mishandling by Media Misled Most Americans

AG Barr: We used the "language from the report" to state the report's bottom line conclusions.

Our candidates need to explain how their agenda can be implemented without the Senate.


That's it. I'm turning it off.

Antisemitism 'calling into question future of Jewish life in Europe'

YouTubers Are Obsessed With Reviewing Yelp's Worst-Rated Businesses

Diane Feinstien up for questioning (she did her opening statement earlier)..

"You feel good about your decision?" (Graham to Barr on obstruction) "Yes, I do." (Barr in response)

Cynthia Alksne on Stephanie Miller show stated she believes that the reason Trump and Don Jr. were

Here is the 2nd letter Mueller sent to Barr

Graham ready to put to bed the Mueller report that he hasn't read..................

Revealed: Republican lawmaker Matt Shea and ally urged crowd to prepare for civil unrest

Grassley you ass it's Democratic Party

Damn.. bring on the Dem prosecutors: Sheldon Whitehouse, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar,

Oh Jeez, Grassley opens up with Strzok/Page emails

Trump Goes Retweet Crazy against Biden and Firefighters Union. NY Post:

House Judiciary votes to allow staff lawyers to question AG Bill Barr

Sully Sullenberger : Boeing's CEO is still tone deaf in continually trying to defend flawed design

Durbin "gravely concerned" AG Barr supervising the 14 criminal referrals from SC Mueller

Who would ever have guessed that Sessions was the one at JD with a smidgen of integrity?

Colorado moves presidential primary to Super Tuesday

Would someone please contact the Dems and tell them to read paragraph one of

An agreement has been reached for Mueller to testify to Congress

CNN: Bernie Sanders Goes After Joe Biden's Voting Record

Revealed: populists far more likely to believe in conspiracy theories

Leahy and Feinstein are getting old.

The Defense: It's not obstruction if you call it something else.

Barr: NO conflict between Trump "fully cooperating" and asking Sessions to unrecuse and fire Mueller

I swear every time they refer to HRC I'm giving a dollar to Biden.

The only benefit of the alternating Dem/R questioning is the five minute bathroom breaks..

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Brian Williams and Nicole Wallace cut off the latest idiot

Cliffs Notes for Repubs questioning Barr so far: Comey was a dick, Steele Dossier was bogus

Mom Slams Anti-Vaxxers After Her 5-Month-Old Baby Gets Measles During Outbreak

Trump's regime is leading America in an insurrection

When a nation has laws that ban atheists from holding office...

DURBIN: "My Republican colleagues are clearly working to coordinate the "LOCK HER UP" defense"

About the Leak of The Letter to the Press

For those unable to watch the Barr testimony---in a nutshell: 1.) the Republicans are spending at

Durbin GRILLING Barr like a skirt steak - fast and hot

Barr:: "You mis-characterized what I said means 'he wanted more out there'..."

I want to proudly say Senater Durbun

Our time on this Earth is precious.

Well, I have my new ringtone

Gerrymandering challengers handed 75,000 files from computer of a dead redistricting guru

Buttigieg makes effort to reach out to Black voters...

***Document: Robert Mueller's March 27 letter to William Barr***

Judd Legum: 1. In this thread, I'll keep track of things Bill Barr says that aren't accurate.

Solnit: Unconscious Bias is Running for President

Lifetime of drinking California water could raise cancer risk, study finds

Attacks on Muslims and Mosques Are Not Limited to China

"I can't even follow that down the road" - Sheldon Whitehouse

The Question NOT being asked..."Mr. Barr, why did you LIE to Congress?"

The most truthful statement of Lindsey Graham's career.

Pic Of The Moment: Today In Washington

Dutch court will hear widows' case against Shell over deaths of Ogoni Nine

Guy from Fitchburg supposedly on Millionaire today.

Ady Barkan, activist dying of ALS, gives impassioned testimony at 'historic' Medicare for All hearin

Neal Katyal: THREAD Barr's opening in hearing is tragic.*** He says

Do You Think Trump Is Watching This Barr Hearing? And.....

WaPo: 4 early takeaways from William Barr's tense hearing

Congressional Democrats' Lawsuit Examining Trump's Private Business Can Proceed, Federal Judge Says

Lexi Thompson takes break from social media after golfing with Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh

Call Barr what he is

The Religious Makeup of the United States

Conservatives want Catholic bishops to denounce pope as heretic

U.S. Air Force F-35As conduct first combat employment

Here's Little Lindsey's f-bomb from this morning's Barr-chanalia

Barr on Trump asking aide to change account to Mueller: 'That's not a crime'

Barr takes shots at Mueller during tense Senate hearing

Nicolle Wallace is really on the ball here today. She always is I should add, but I wish she were

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg accused of insider trading

Knock Down the House is about more than AOC. It's about hope in American politics.

Barr on McGhan testimony: 'We haven't waived his privilege'

As Bernie Sanders Says 'No Apologies' for His Position, 70+ Groups Back Call

Return of firebrand opposition leader Lopez energizes Venezuelan protests

Why did the Trump team meet with the Russians 140 times ?

Faux Attorney General Barr says its all "faux outrage".

U.S. military not given orders to prepare for war in Venezuela

U.S. military not given orders to prepare for war in Venezuela

Painting of William Barr

What the actual fu...? Barr is unbelievable.

Wednesay TOONs -- NOT all right

Neal Katyal has been live tweeting comments on the hearings

Here's how you know Barr is lying when he says he doesn't know why Mueller declined to prosecute.

The Handmaid's Tale: Season 3 Trailer (Official) - A Hulu Original

An Atheist's Guide to Avoiding Persecution of Theists

Jim Comey's scorching op Ed in the NYT

James Comey: How Trump Co-opts Leaders Like Bill Barr

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson sacked over Huawei leak

Barr would have us believe...

Beto O'Rourke signs Indivisible pledge and thanks them for what they are doing...

Babbel Issues Brutal Statement Apologizing For Airing Ad on Tucker Carlson's 'Repugnant' Show

I can't watch at work

Would Barr have broken the OLC guideline if he had thought Trump guilty?

Turning the big 8-0: Judy Collins

The Sitch in DC

Contact Governor Reynolds to veto these eight bills and sections of bills

Anyone else notice that Barr has

Bernie Sanders never had this before: A campaign machine that's crushing it

Republican State Legislators in Minnesota object to the use

Just tuned back in to the Barr hearing Barr is looking

Still not clear to me here. Did Mueller end his investigation? OR

Natasha Bertrand: Barr just said that the FBI did not give a defensive briefing to the Trump campaig

I've been out but just came back to Sasse's questioning of Barr.

As I sit here watching video of the AG Barr hearing, someone...

Boeing relied on single sensor for 737 Max that had been flagged 216 times to FAA

What's this nonsense about Trump (and other candidates) not receiving counterintelligence briefings?

The two faces of William Barr.

My answer to Comey's "What happened to these people?"

Harris and Booker waiting in the wings:


Who the F is this guy?

Remember when?

"I could smell the Trump support"

Anti-Semitic attacks spike, killing most Jews in decades

Nomiki Konst Accused of "Massive Fraud" in Public Advocate Campaign

Is Barr under oath? Because here's the FBI-document that proves him a liar.

How soon can Barr be slapped with perjury (lying) under oath and

Five questions for William Barr, in light of new Mueller revelations

Barr can't recall if he has discussed any of the 14 cases

Barr comes off like a total punk.

Welcome mat by Kiffmeyer - Sack Cartoon

If Blumenthal is following 'never ask a question you don't already know the answer to'......

This was AWESOME!!! The whole line of questioning right now is jaw-dropping.

Joe Biden Expresses Regret to Anita Hill, but She Says 'I'm Sorry' Is Not Enough

Barr: "We have to stop using the Justice Department as a political weapon."

Next up: The great intellectual Joni Ernst!

Happy May Day, Calan Mai, Beltaine everyone!

Just Blow In His Ear

Maisie Hirono!!!!

Senator Hirono is kicking ass and taking NO prisoners!!

Hirono: American people know you're no different from Rudy G or Kellyanne Conway

Hirono: "You LIED. You KNEW you lied. And now WE know."

'Strange Fruit': Still Haunting at 80

Contractor only requested one road closure before deadly Seattle crane collapse

"One-Minute Time Machine" (award-winning comedy-skit)

New law allows students to use medical marijuana at Washington public schools

Graham to Hirono: "You've SSSSSSSSSSSSSLANDERED this man from top to BOTTOM...

Hirono just smacked Barr real good!

Next up: Marsha Blackburn - former party planner!

Speaker Pelosi slams Trump's 'growing pattern of obstruction' as 'unconstitutional'

Trump goes on an anti-Biden tear in early morning Twitter spree


"People who sacrificed their once decent reputations for the liar and grifter in the Oval Office"

Houston - Career-ending emails sent to more than 200 firefighters

Tennessee spikes bill allowing LGBT adoption refusals

Is the NYAG Our Only Savior Left?

Barr on Don Jr: "Apparently he was interested in seeing what this Russian woman had"

The 2 people killed in UNC Charlotte shooting identified as investigation continues

Oak Harbor woman sues chemical giant 3M over contaminated wells

George RR Martin is not happy about the Giants...

Kamala's up

Harris is asking tough questions of Barr, and Booker is in the background sort of grinning....

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!! It's here! My question

Harris is grilling Barr like a pig at a luau, and his response is to throw Rosenstein under the bus

Barr is squirming.

Is there a substitution (Barr hearing) for Ted Cruz? Who is that R questioning?

Harris to Barr: "Did anyone at the White House suggest you open an investigation of anyone?"

Ted Cruz is one of the most unlikable human beings on the planet

Ted Cruz: "You answered the call to serve, knowing you'd be subjected to the Kavanaugh treatment"

Why do so many people in the room protect a known

Seeing how this Barr questioning going is in a gop controlled senate, do you think he will be too

The Steele Dossier

I'm actually starting to believe Trump

Barr admitted to Kamala Harris that neither he nor Rosenstein reviewed the underlying evidence

LIVE at 3PM May 1 - Nicole Sandler Show - Big Wed Show with Bernie Sanders and Peter Daou


Buttigieg meets with Hillary Clinton

Why do they always self-identify as Christians?!

Janet Jackson - Again



Warning--bad language. But seriously funny.

Amtrak ending Indianapolis-to-Chicago route with funding cut

Here is the complete exchange, via CSPAN, between Kamala Harris and Bill Barr --

Government Could Run Out of Cash to Pay Bills in Second Half, Treasury Says

Video of complete exchange between Sen Kamala Harris and Attorney General William Barr.

Great point from Asha Rangappa

Complete exchange between Sen. Kamala Harris and Attorney General William Barr

538: "Which 2020 Candidates Could Still Have A Breakout Moment?"

Sen. Mazie Hirono to Barr: "You knew you lied" (full exchange)

Lindsey Graham, explained:

Harris showed today that she has what it takes to be president

Transcript and video of Mazie Hirono's interaction with Barr, and Graham's response

Blumenthal just nailed his ass

Pete Buttigieg gave an answer on vaccine exemptions. He changed it after criticism.

Am I correct in my understanding of this?

What kind of weapon would you prefer to hunt T. rex? Nt

"Blood was drawn by Kamala Harris."--Brian Williams n/t

Cory Booker's Performance At the Barr Hearing Disappointing

"The letter is a bit snitty and it was probably written by one of the staff people."


Brian Williams, MSNBC: Senator Harris drew blood this afternoon.

The attorney general came in a Liar and he left a Liar.

The exchange between Blumenthal and Barr

I don't have a TV. It sounds like it is the women

Jim Jefferies Show: How You're Addicted To Your Phone

Why Did St. Louis Get Hosed by the Rams? We're Clueless Yokels, Exec Says

Why Did St. Louis Get Hosed by the Rams? We're Clueless Yokels, Exec Says

Jackie Speier on now - says Barr better up his game tomorrow

For Rafael (Ted Cruz):

Kamala Harris tweet: What I just saw from the Attorney General is unacceptable. Barr must resign now

You raised $175.00 on April 30, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links


bARR TESTIMONY .... She said ... No prosecutor WORTH HER SALT !!!!!


Arranged Marriages

I wonder what today's Barr testimony did, if anything

Thank you, Kamala Harris!

2 judges among 5 people shot overnight in Indianapolis

Just STRAIGHT UP THANK YOU -- To Senator Kamala Harris!!!

Comey: 'Trump Eats Your Soul in Small Bites'

See Kamala Harris stump William Barr during hearing

Beto O'Rourke travels California seeking direction and his old spark

Beto O'Rourke Handles Fastballs and One Curveball in San Diego Town Hall (Lorena Bobbitt question)

Oh, lucky me

Trump is getting what he wants out of Barr!

Illinois lawmakers face growing challenges to keep 'pension promise'

What time is the House Judiciary Committee scheduled tomorrow?

*** New *** Biden scoffs at Trump's attacks

Nicolle Wallace: William Barr is not an honest broker. Neither are the Republicans on that committee

Free Victorian house in Jordan, Minn. -- but you have to move it

Vote Blue No Matter Who?

Regardless of how you feel about Comey, his NYT Opinion (re: Barr) is worth the read

New plan would pay some who do work for Illinois faster

The problem is, it doesn't matter if Barr resigns now...

Florida man guilty of leaving threats for Bernie Sanders

Any questions? After today's performance I'm more psyched than ever for Senator Harris.

Lindsey accused Sen. Hirono of slandering poor Mr. Barr.

Kiombo's Rescue

Florida man guilty of leaving threats for Bernie Sanders

Coming up at 4:00pmET /1:00pmPT @BernieSanders joins @MSignorile

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 1, 2019

Air Force now says it needs at least $420 million to clean up and rebuild Offutt after flooding

Nina Turner and I stand with South Carolina teachers who are striking to change our priorities.

Can Barr keep that memo from the House? Does Graham have the power

Anyone have Mueller's first letter - the one he sent on the 25th? n/t

Elizabeth Warren shines at Nevada candidates forum

Fiona Onasanya: Peterborough to have by-election as MP ousted

MPs make history by passing Commons motion to declare 'environment and climate change emergency'

Pension-themed threat mailed to legislators, union leaders, media

16-Year-Old Unaccompanied Migrant Child Dies in U.S. Custody

WAPO Editorial Board: Barr torched his reputation. His testimony added more fuel to the fire.

Joaquin Castro is passing on a run for the Senate again

Elizabeth Warren shines at Nevada candidates forum

This just in from our Michigander in space 👩‍🚀🚀

Seth Abramson is on a roll today:

Abramson: Grounds for impeachment.

Illinois Senate Passes Pritzker's Graduated Income Tax

14 students hurt in Gresham Elementary pepper spray discharge

Fox News legal analyst says Barr 'probably misled' lawmakers in prior testimony on Mueller report

A few words on those who serve Donald Trump

One sure-fire way to know that Senator Hirono kicked ass today:

Lindsey Graham Lied 19 Times In 12 Minutes At Barr Hearing

After the hearing, the Chair Lindsey Graham says-- "this is over!" & will NOT call Mueller

Education, health care, union representatives seek building funds in potential capital bill

To borrow from Rep Rashida Tlaib: IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER.

Today's Iowa Rally - Joe did great! He said "It's good to be back"

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-16: The Gathering Of The Deplorables Edition

I hope Mueller has good security and avoids small planes. nt

Diamond and Silk are on it.

Illinois lawmakers consider eliminating cash bail

I'm now an Atheists.

Happy 48th birthday, Amtrak.

A good read: Charlie Pierce

So again, what is Trump, everybody?

Seattle's industrial waterfront remains a contamination challenge for orcas

State legislator from Chicago facing DUI charge in Springfield


Spring Heat Wave Headed For Puget Sound

NASA Study: Human Influence on Global Droughts Goes Back 100 Years


Lindsey Graham reads f-bomb text from Peter Strzok during Barr hearing

Tonight will be Round One of a Boxing Match between Hillary Clinton

What the uprising in Venezuela could mean for oil prices

A lesson for 2020?

Report: Tech sector supports 18m US jobs

Pierce: That Was a Matinee Performance of Bill Barr Covers the Royal Ass

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand call on AG William Barr to resign

Senator Kennedy is Louisianna's version of Louie Gohmert. nt

Thune says Trump's choice of Moore for Fed Board 'is in trouble,' expects decision on nomination thi

Barr cancelling tomorrow's appearance?

Breaking: Barr will NOT testify tomorrow (House Judiciary Committee)

CNN Poll: Biden solidifies front-runner status with post-announcement bump

Lindsey graham gave us a priceless gift, I heard.

World falling apart ....Again!

Talking with boog the chocolate lab I get a wag wag

Wisconsin Supreme Court restores all 82 Scott Walker appointees

Del. Adrienne Jones becomes first African American, first woman to serve as Maryland House speaker

Florida man guilty of making 'ISIS-style' execution threats towards Bernie Sanders

Chuck Todd says Barr will NOT appear before the House tomorrow. Supposedly just

Sorry, but we need a supreme whistleblower...a deep throat 2019....the GOP spin

What would Jesus have us do about the border?

Do we practice religion according to the desires of God? Or according to the desires of men?

House Judiciary will proceed with hearings without Barr tomorrow.

Rampell: Fed nominee as wrong on economics as he is on gender

NEW: @BernieSanders is set to deliver a policy address on "Agriculture and Rural Investment"

UPDATE: Attorney General William Barr declines to testify before House panel

Milbank: Trump has been a great president -- for select groups

My staff went to the offices of my Senate colleagues to share a new UN report ...

Gov. Mills signs law banning foam food and drink containers

America's renewable energy set to surpass coal for the first month ever

Immigrants, backers rally for driver's licenses in Wisconsin

Barr defends handling of Mueller report

Denisovans: Primitive humans lived at high altitudes

Dr. Blasey-Ford is braver than the Attorney General of the United States.

Trump's reputation bin collection

Washington Post-New CBO analysis could torpedo Medicare-for-all proposals

Guaido's uprising seems to have flatlined. What's next for Venezuela?

Barr not coming back to the Senate tomorrow.

🐦 May 5 at 11AM CDT - Policy Address on Agriculture and Rural Investment - Osage, IA

Did Bill Barr Lie to Congress?

Edgewood College offered buyouts, cutting about 30 full-time positions

Re: Kamala Harris. All I Can Say Is, If Two Or Three of The Other Democratic Senators Had Yielded

Retired Seattle Planning Dept. official ID'd among victims of Saturday's crane collapse

Nadler speaking live on MSNBC nt

Cabinet ministers split over customs union Brexit deal with Labour

Pete Buttigieg met with Hillary Clinton this week

Nadler just now saying if Barr not show up tomorror, they will issue a citation (not say what a

Nadler said May 15th is the date to expect Mueller

Cartoons 5/1/19

Democrat Tip McGuire wins special election in 64th AD

The 10 Jobs Disappearing the Fastest (Thanks Automation)

Evers calls Trump's comments on abortion bill 'blasphemy'

Congress will not see unredacted Mueller report

🐦 May 5 at 3PM - Town Hall in Spencer IA with Bernie Sanders

Nadler: The next step is seeking a contempt citation against AG William Barr

Barr's unambiguous words to the House

Wisconsin Republicans seek compromise on Medicaid expansion

Sing along: Kamala boomed today,she sure blew Barr away,there will be hell to pay,GOP must go away

Barr Didn't Even Pretend He's an Honest Broker

Barr: "The Letter's A Bit Snitty, And I Think It Was Probably Written By One Of His Staff People."

While we were glued to the Barr shit show, DOJ filed a brief requesting takedown of the ACA

Foxconn executive, wife pay quarter-million dollars to man in home purchase scam

NASA Says Metals Fraud Caused $700 Million Satellite Failure

Patients recount medical horrors under care of military doctors, with no legal recourse

Glendale is now home to a new company as Johnson Controls completes sale of its battery business

Barr said...

Not the Onion: Melania Be Best launches presidential bowling balls in WH bowling alley renovation

Those in the know. One question please.

'CONTEMPTIBLE...'. Rep. Nadler on Barr

AG Bill Barr cancels appearance before House Judiciary Committee

Bill Barr: Surly, dishonest, and non-responsive.

Trumper-MAGA art- yes, it's for real

Heh Lindsey, 'it's only just started'

Trump says Wisconsin poverty rate is lowest in 22 years. It's not.

Biggest Denisovan fossil yet spills ancient human's secrets

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

COWARD!!!!! eom

That school shooting yesterday in North Carolina

How Taxpayers Covered a $1,000 Liquor Bill for Trump Staffers (and More) at Trump's Club

The wager has been made. The Trump regime has pushed all of its chips into

Everyone realizes all this "return to the moon" talk is a shell game, right?

Kamala Harris on A.C. 360 tonight on CNN n/t

Before Letter Leaked, Fux News Claimed Mueller's Silence Proved He Agreed With Barr's Summary.

Photo: Jane Sanders in NY for @UN Forum on Indigenous Peoples

THIS: Did Barr Execute His Baby?

Somehow these pictures reflect my opinion of republicans today...

Kamala Harris showing why she's my current choice for D POTUS Candidate

Who is Alex Trebek? Must see

Sen Kamala Harris cominng up on Hardball tonight -interview I think.

Can the President pardon ,,,,,

Is it treason? What's the remedy...removal from office or the stockades?

Hillary Clinton on Maddow tonight 9pm ET-she has read the Mueller Report.

TX US Representative Veronica Escobar-D would be a perfect 2020 VP runningmate to Biden-D.

Welcome to the People's rRepublic of America...

They are all MAGATS now

Slate "William Barr Thinks Donald Trump Is Above the Law"

Harris was just on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Ladue Officer Charged With Assault For Shooting Shoplifting Suspect

Photo: Bernie Sanders and @limebike

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand call on AG William Barr2 resign

I Recently Watched The Movie 'Vice' And Came To The Conclusion That Trump Is.....



Trump: Barr was "really, really solid and did a great job today."

With Georgia's Abrams Out, A Former Mayor Announces Senate Bid.

Change Versus Experience

Mueller should tweet that Barr does not speak for him.

Luckovich-Lady Justice: Get Off of Me!!

Wonder why TrumpBarr so willing to let Mueller testify?

San Diego for Pete

Washington Post-Joe Biden's message to Donald Trump: I'm no socialist.

Photo: Today on #CollegeSigningDay, my staff and I want to celebrate students across the country

On the selective necrophilia of the Republican Party

US military stops releasing Afghanistan war information

I know the perfect person who can play the part of AG Barr in the movies!

I have trying to convince myself that impeachment maybe not the way to go?

Tomlinson(D-GA) and Hegar(D-TX) are key in helping Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020