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Biden talking about climate change & policy in January (14 minutes)

Oppression, and what it says about humanity.

Anyone favoring Warren? Good twitter

#NYC subway.............

She Stopped to Help Migrants on a Texas Highway. Moments Later, She Was Arrested.

Inslee signs vaccination bill with 'anti-vaxxer' protest outside

New Ohio Bill Would Crack Down On Gun Owners When Their Weapons Get Into The Hands Of Kids

At least three unaccounted for after explosion at gas station in Virginia

Sherrod Brown visits Mercy Health picket line as strike wears on

Major spillway opens as downpours swell Mississippi River

Philando Castile's Mother Tackles Minnesota School's Lunch Debt With $8,000 Donation

Top Sanders adviser embezzled union funds in 2008

Trump: Discussing Biden probe with Barr would be 'appropriate'

Trump to address the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the 4th of July

Who's been sitting in Pelosi's chair? Democrat Ocasio-Cortez

In the Times stories about Trump's dead businesses, they mentioned something...

Trump told Politico that it would be "appropriate" for him to talk to Barr about investigating Biden

alt.right heads are going to explode over this MCU article.

I MUST have this Godzilla: King of the Monsters poster!!!

Bernie Sanders Says His 2020 Strategy Is To 'Expose' Trump 'As The Fraud That He Is'

Vatican law: Priests, nuns must report sex abuse, cover-up

Good old days before legal abortion. 1800s, earlier--unwed pregnant girls committed suicide

Support For Trump Impeachment Rises 5% In Less Than A Month

Stars Show Support for Pete Buttigieg at Gwyneth Paltrow Event

Biden-Ukraine story seems another right wing conspiracy theory

Our kids are hurting, the nation is hurting and fat donnie goes unpunished. student suicide at scho

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! The Biggest Loser!

Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself

How to tell if your beach is invaded by kangaroos

When Trump says he "hasn't spoken to Barr about Biden," he's confirming that he has.

Trump moves DC July 4 fireworks display, plans to deliver remarks: report

Trump moves DC July 4 fireworks display, plans to deliver remarks

An autoworker friend of mine is upset with Bernie Sanders for misusing union movement

Red Socks (sic) are kicking ass tonight. Must be those White House hamberders.....

Key Figures In Stenger Case Facing Their Own Federal Charges

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Flails On World Stage

Republican lawmaker 'visibly shaken' after colleague trolls her for being a rape victim

Principal AND teachers are suspended for this picture

Bill Maher tweet:

Mike Gravel says he 'misspoke' with Buttigieg comment

Sometimes I want to shout "Back in the day!"

Hamberder question for Hoosiers....or....anyone else

Boycott July 4th

Sal Rosselli.wanted Sanders to stay in the campaign even after Hillary locked

Tomato Prices Could Increase By 85 Percent As a Result of Trump Administration's New Policy

Three guitars accompanied by a tractor - Sweet Georgia Brown

I must come clean with a shameful admission

Beto O'Rourke appearing on Rachel Maddow on Monday and The View on Tuesday

Roger Stone warrants included wire fraud.

Just now on Rachel, James Baker Fmr FBI Counsel: "You have to be willing to have your career destroy

Michigan governor and Republicans at impasse on auto insurance reform bills

Talks about father admitting he was in debt

TPM, Josh Marshall "It's Already That Bad"

Meet TX TeaBagger "Atty Gen" Ken PAXTON - attack dog on "voter fraud" - oh, under legal charges/him

Nestle to allow feds to monitor water withdrawals in central Michigan

New orchards offer life to wild species

Betsy DeVos: Michigan doesn't have enough school choice

Cuba forced into rationing as US sanctions and Venezuela crisis bite

U.S. energy consumption, production, and exports reach record highs in 2018

Trumpco is using US Tax dollars to send Rudy ghouliani

OUCH-Pete Buttigieg response to Donald Trump's slam that he is Alfred E Neuman

Could the 85-94 Trump taxes leaker find any from 95-18?

We Build The Wall? Not Looking That Way, As Angry Backers Wait For Answers

'Lunch shaming': school district changes policy for students who owe meal debts

Bill Maher must read DU-he is calling him Fat Donnie. That is my name for the fucker

Are you noticing "impeachment/or hold impeachment hearings" is increasing

Republicans ask Supreme Court to stop demand for new Michigan districts

Scientists plan to refreeze polar ice caps

So 4 times I've been awake and on my phone at night when I get an

NC-SEN: Former State Treasurer Janet Cowell expected to run

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Ukraine president-elect may refuse to meet Trump's lawyer when he flies into Kiev, sources say

Hunting The KGB Killers

Don't lose the ticket

Dearborn employee fired for anti-Muslim posting on Sports Illustrated model

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump is a Fraud and People Don't Care

Trump Internal Poll Shows Him Losing to Biden

What in God's name is going on with his face? It looks like orange makeup over molting gray scales.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cocaine Mitch McConnell

July 4 fireworks launch location moved to West Potomac Park.

MyPillow Lays Off 150 Workers After Praising Trump's Tax Cuts, 'Booming Economy'

U.S. uranium production in 2018 was the lowest in nearly 70 years

Mortal Kombat 11 Dev Diagnosed With PTSD After Working On Violent Game

MSNBC - Rudy has change of heart about going to Ukraine.

Not scared yet?

Rudy Giuliani Says He's Not Going to the Ukraine

Tweet of the Day

The underlying issues run much deeper than Trump

Tlaib is leading the first congressional delegation to Palestinian Territories in August

Democrats, Republicans spar over $15 minimum wage for Oakland County workers

Kimberly Graham is the first declared Democratic challenger to U.S. Senator Joni Ernst.

Judge orders U-M president to appear in his federal court in campus sexual assault lawsuit

The Daily Show: Mass Extinction Alert, Wendy's Spicy Nuggets & Caster Semenya's Testosterone

O'Rourke Won't Unconditionally Support Any Democrat

The Daily Show: Uber and Lyft vs. Old-School Taxis

Whitmer signs bipartisan civil asset forfeiture bills

Seth Meyers - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Cancelled His Trip to Greenland - Monologue - 5/9/19

Wild Asters

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of wealth-based, punitive driver's license

Kris Kristofferson - Loving Her Was Easier

Chris Stapleton - Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore

Whitmer vetoes $10M to refill compensation fund for wrongfully imprisoned

Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip, says people he was going to meet with are enemies of Trump & the US

I attended Elizabeth Warren's Rally in WV....(Plus Video of event)

James Baker....Incredibly Credible...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/10/19

Dr. Sextuplet will see you now; one of the Dilley six graduates IUSM

IF russians are determined to infiltrate Democrats

Germany Opens First Electric Highway For Trucks

Colorado Woman Sentenced to 27 Months in Prison on Federal Wire Fraud Charge, Admits Embezzling Mone

It's a simple choice: Impeach, send out the Sergeant-at-Arms, or go home

Beautiful wonder on an otherwise trepidatious

When the stars begin to fall

Former South Bend lawyer accused of 'elder abuse scam' enters another guilty plea

This chick gives me the stink eye.

US-DPRK: Mine's Bigger than Yours

Laugh, laugh, laugh this twitter feed about Florida Gator Man

2017 President Obama Dateline interview with Lester Holt

Executive Ethics Commission imposes largest fine in its history

WaPo: Trump's latest scam: Defining poverty out of existence

I am in apartment searching hell.

Pritzker pension reversal draws praise from credit analysts

Obama Foundation launches 1st My Brother's Keeper strategy in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel's schools legacy: Record grad rates, but he also closed 50 schools

Illinois might start charging $1,000 per year to own an electric vehicle: 'It's outrageous'

GOP lawmaker from Woodstock arrested in Springfield on DUI charge

Lawmakers at odds over surprise $1.5 billion surplus

Who likes scary videos?

The Frankfurt Kitchen Changed How We Cook--and Live

Federal judge strikes down Kentucky abortion law

It grows rapidly. It's nearly impossible to kill. It's terrorized England. And now it's all over my

Kemp vetos recess bill.

The Frankfurt Kitchen Changed How We Cook--and Live

House Democrats, LGBTQ Caucus kill 'Save Chick-fil-A' bill

Eastern Orthodox Christianity/ Forty Days of Pascha

Pakistan had all but eliminated polio. Then things went badly wrong.

Putin scores 8 goals then faceplants during the victory lap

Big unanswered question at the core of the corruption

Beto O'Rourke plans 'reintroduction' as 2020 buzz fizzles

Pentagon diverts another $1.5 billion for border wall

'Jokes' about shooting migrants no laughing matter

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/10/19


On campuses, O'Rourke takes rather than gives advice

He will betray his country -- again

A real story of fake news: Trump's wealth

Bird that went extinct 136,000 years ago comes 'back from the dead' after evolving again

Texas Senate passes bill to end the shackling of pregnant women in prison

His two worst economic ideas collide

Co-author for 'The Art of the Deal' says it should be recategorized as fiction

U.S. charges Ex-Fugees rapper, Malaysian businessman Low over funding in 2012 election

U.S. charges Ex-Fugees rapper, Malaysian businessman Low over funding in 2012 election

Cop caught on video using N-word to young black men

Insys says it may be forced to file for bankruptcy due to litigation cash crunch

Philip Morris suspends social media campaign after Reuters exposes young 'influencers'

Audit finds Republican-implemented WEDC failed to recoup taxpayer money

Hong Kong legislators brawl over contentious extradition law

worst cop ever arrested

Britain's May should set resignation date next week: senior lawmaker

Video:🔸Hear the Bern Episode 5: Interview with Bernie 2020 Speechwriter David Sirota

Brazil National Museum: 'Little surprises' salvaged from the ashes

56 Years Ago Today; Black church and business bombings spur The Birmingham riot of 1963

Heidi Heitkamp (ND) has been busy. Good thing

US deporting more and more people to Eritrea - a country it says tortures and kills its citizens

GOP vote on Affordable Care Act creates $1.4 billion gap between their plan and Gov. Evers' budget

How Schools Can Help Accommodate Muslim Students During Ramadan

US sends Patriot missile system to Middle East amid Iran tensions

Andrew Yang Policy on GUN SAFETY

Andrew Yang Policy on GUN SAFETY

$2 million settlement reached in Derek Williams' squad car death

Stevens Point plant laying off a third of its workforce

I fear we are all on our way to becoming OfFred.

Financially troubled paper mill seeks buyer, plans layoffs

U.S. Pilot Unions Get Subpoenas for Documents on Boeing 737 Max

Rudy Giuliani Cancels His Trip to Ukraine, Blaming Democrats' 'Spin'

Kamala Harris is flailing after Joe Biden entered the race, so she's pivoting left and punching

New metro BRT lines could be DOA without a little TLC from the Legislature

Anti-gay GOP ex-congressman photographed making out with another man at Coachella

Symphysiotomy--cruel Irish operation to avoid caesarean section.

Klobuchar was totally on her game during the Fox News town hall

Eastern Orthodoxy/ Forty Days of Pascha

32 Years Ago Today; ex-Gestapo "Butcher of Lyon" Klaus Barbie goes on trial in France

Gay conversion ban gets personal for lawmakers in emotional debate

When I was your age...

State of Minnesota pulls in nearly $500 million more than expected in April

What's for Breakfast Saturday May 11th, 2019

Why the Liberal Democrats' "Bollocks to Brexit" slogan is a stroke of genius

This man could go to jail for 20 years for giving migrants food and water

WAAAAAH Year of the Cock

Hahahahahaha PERFECT!

Slovakia stuns US 4-1 in world hockey championship opener

Pete Buttigieg had the best response to Trump's new nickname for him

Laura Coates and Allan Lichtman - Dems are making the same two-tiered mistake again.

They are ALL in on the RUSSIAN RACKET

Retired Supreme Court Justice: Trump 'exercising powers that do not really belong to him'

Why did the WTO and Free Trade Agreements decimate American Industry

There is HOPE --Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell was imprisoned for obstruction

This sums it up perfectly

Nearly all countries agree to stem flow of plastic waste into poor nations

Trumpass has tweeted 55 times and counting within the last 20 mins.

Nazis Carrying Jesus Portrait Disrupt Arkansas Holocaust Remembrance Event

Trump supporters- Past the point of not being racist idiots...

Stony Portrayal

ABC, NBC, and MSNBC prime-time shows ignored landmark UN report on biodiversity

**BREAKING FLORIDA POLL**: Smoking Joe Biden 39% Sander 16% Warren 5%

The Right Wing Wankers Blame Game

The fake helicopter "news conferences"..

So giuliani announces he's going to Ukraine to 'meddle' in an investigation to help trump...

Ben Shapiro apologises to Andrew Neil after being 'destroyed' in BBC interview

Here's How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Paid Leave Policy Compares to Ivanka Trump-Backed Proposals

Who is that guy? Andrew Yang's presidential campaign draws crowds, money and an expected spot on the

Who is that guy? Andrew Yang's presidential campaign draws crowds, money and an expected spot on the

Beto O'Rourke plans 'reintroduction' as 2020 buzz fizzles

Judge Orders Assistance for Spanish-Speaking Voters

Why do they set a huge plate of donuts in the center of the table for a news show?

Just like the collusion with the Russians and the obstruction of the investigation afterwards...

The 125th Anniversary of One of America's Biggest Strikes

Trump re-tweets Geraldo, Jacket-Off Jordan, Meadows, Fleischer & more, in defense of Don Jr

'So Help Me God' No More: Democrats Give House Traditions a Makeover

How can one argue with the impossibly high levels of ignorance displayed by trumpers.

Florida takes shape as Joe Biden's firewall

Bernie Sanders 1989: Media Does Not Cover Climate Crisis Enough

You raised $0.00 on May 10, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump tells Iran 'call me,' playing good cop to Bolton's enforcer

Shelter from the Storm

DJT bestrides the world like a Colossus

As Biden predicts a shorter race, rivals dig in for long fight

Cloud Peak Energy (Coal) Files For Chapter 11

How Volunteer Sleuths Identified a Hiker and Her Killer After 36 Years

Louis Farrakhan denies antisemitism - then refers to 'Satanic Jews'

Houston Doesn't Even Need A Hurricane To Be Submerged; 1-7" Overnight 5/9, More This Weekend

The tragic Non-decision made by Mueller reminds me of the movie Saving Private Ryan.

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

My wife and Grandson dancing to Van morrison

Louisiana: Dolphin Die-Off Underway, Spillway Re-Opening, Governor Denies Human Climate Impact

Prosecutors finally want to hear from Jeffrey Epstein's victims

George Conway joins call to start fining Trump big bucks for refusing to honor subpoenas

Trump Spoils for Impeachment Fight With Democrats to Fuel 2020 Bid

There's a tree in this North Carolina swamp that's at least 2,624 years old.

A Chat With Your Mother

North Korea's missile tests not 'breach of trust': Trump

Cheney, Omar reignite Twitter feud

72 year old crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a "barrel". With pics.

Nazis Carrying Jesus Portrait Disrupt Arkansas Holocaust Remembrance Event

Bill Maher New Rules: The Great Wife Hope

Gas product spills in Houston Ship Channel after collision involving 755-foot oil tanker and barges

Weekend TOONs - Banana Republicans

The juxtaposition of CHILD and HERO

Trump Goes on Tweetstorm RTing Criticisms of Russia Probe, Republicans Blasting Don Jr. Subpoena

Advice from Cat lovers, please.

UK DUers, can you tell more about this?

Who wants a rainbow?*

How Can Dems Win Back Rural America? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Agree on the Answer

Border detention cells in Texas are so overcrowded that U.S. is using aircraft to move migrants

Alert: Symone Sanders will be on AM Joy at about 11:19 AM Eastern time!!!


The Climate Movement: What Next?

The number of drilled but uncompleted wells in the United States continues to climb

Old people with vegetation on their head

Rudes, Arch-Criminal - By Josh Marshall

Mayor Pete nails it again

Seventies glammy LA rock magazine for girls, archived

tRump and his family are guilty as hell! - NPR "Congress' Showdown With The Executive Branch"

Did you feed your mailbox for the hungry today???

Beto O'Rourke House Party C-Span Video Link


A video for all the mothers out there:

Wise words.

The media keeps saying Trump is stalling till...

There's a reason that the US can't count on even its oldest allies to join its trade war.

Democrat Warren confronts 2020 electability question head-on in Ohio

Democrat Warren confronts 2020 electability question head-on in Ohio

AM JOY: so what was her big announcement? I apparently missed it????

Same-sex selfie kiss kickstarts Matteo Salvini photobomb protest

Tactical Theory-We need a Candidate to be " The Rabbit"

U.S. states accuse Teva, other drugmakers, of price-fixing -lawsuit

🐦 May 13 at 7PM ET - Senator Sanders - Green New Deal rally - Howard University

Bayer says won't tolerate unethical behavior as France probes Monsanto file

Others Talk, Jay Inslee Acts -- Signs More Environmental Protection Bills

Sanders to join Ocasio-Cortez at rally as climate fight heats up

Barr and Rosenstein do not seem worried about anything.

My "difference between D and R" joke is becoming popular

The Best Democratic Candidate for President Both Campaigns and Governs

🌎 Keep it in the Ground

Here are the traits on the Hare Psychopathy checklist. Does anyone come to mind?

Is Elizabeth's wealth tax viable?

Let's Fight About This Gingham Shirt

Acting U.S. defense chief in Texas as Pentagon eyes longer-term support on Mexico border

Polish far-right supporters protest against restitution of Jewish property

Jordan Peele, J.J. Abrams will shoot HBO drama in GA, donate their fees to fight 'heartbeat' bill. Metropolitan Elpidophoros of Bursa Elected Unanimously Archbishop of America

Report: F-35's First Crash Was Caused by Manufacturing Defect

37 spotted seal pups rescued from China traffickers released

Barr names acting deputy attorney general in wake of Rosenstein departure

One Dream From Waking Up Saved

A group raised more than $20 million to 'build the wall.' Now, some supporters want answers.

Pentagon to transfer $1.5 bln to border wall from Afghan forces, other areas

DIRECTV NOW is Down Right Now for Many Users 5-11-19

Bill Maher and Jay Inslee On Making Trump A Blip In History

Sometimes Salvation

After outrage over district response to student lunch debt, Chobani's founder stepped in

When Listening to Presidential Primary Candidates, You Will Hear Lofty Proposals

Canada: Sanctuaries and food for our endangered killer whales

Blue Veins

'Completely unacceptable': Legislator wants special tax districts held accountable

China's new panda park will be three times bigger than Yellowstone.

May 10, 1969: the Temptations and the Turtles perform at Tricia Nixon's masked ball

Firestorm erupts around Sen. Richard Burr, man behind Donald Trump Jr. subpoena.

Greatest end to one of the greatest albums evah!

SEE if you can find ANY holes in Trump's "Such an easy way to avoid Tariffs" logic.

Rod Serling: In almost everything I've written there is a thread of this:

Michigan on verge of showdown over high car insurance rates

A hacking ring stole millions by hijacking SIM cards, feds say

Mormon Mom of 6 Details the Reasons *Men* are Most Responsible for Unwanted Pregnancies

She's Drunk All The Time

2020 Democrats court organized labor as unions bide their time on endorsements

Roger Stone asks court to toss out evidence, saying Russian hacking of Democrats in 2016 is 'assumpt

McSally pushes to criminalize sexual harassment in military, add lawyers for victims

Scientists Say They've Cooked Up an Endlessly Recyclable Plastic

Maximum Volume!

Nipsey Hussle: Lawyer Chris Darden quits over violent threats to family

Murphy Brown cancelled........

62 tweets in an hour????

Undoubtedly the best in Country music today. For Mrs. Glam who's as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey and

The Hook!

IMO, a good ticket would be Warren/Gillum or Harris/Biden or Booker/Buttigieg or O'Rourke/Klobuchar

For me Irish brothers and sisters.... I'm looking at you Doc

Ocasio-Cortez becomes youngest woman to preside over House

Washington is flirting with a debt crisis. No one has a plan to stop it

Justice Democrats take Biden quote out of context in attempted hit

If this don't describe this Irish man's bullshit, I don't know what can! 😄

Saturday ACTION PHOTOS working HARD during this time of national emergency. #NoTimeToPlayGolf

Hey Don Jr.! Where are the wiretaps of your meetings with Butina's mentor, Aleksandr Torshin??!

"I won the Election partially based on no Tax Returns while I am under audit (which I still am)"

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

For sister Ohiogal...

Who's my favorite poet? Dylan of course! No! Not Thomas.... Bob!

Beto O'Rourke Exeter, NH outdoor town hall Video link!

Think of it. Instead of spending trillions on wars,

The Sun's Not Yellow I'ts Chicken

Monkey kitty:


Andrew Yang Policy on PAID FAMILY LEAVE

Sick tune

🐦 May 17 at 12PM EDT - Rally in Asheville NC with Bernie Sanders

Andrew Yang Policy on PAID FAMILY LEAVE

Venezuela: Maduro targets ex-spy chief Figuera in outburst

🐦 MAY 17 at 5:30 EDT - Rally in Charlotte NC with Bernie Sanders

Save-A-Lot owner will probably take a loss on struggling grocery chain

Save-A-Lot owner will probably take a loss on struggling grocery chain

🐦 MAY 18 at 2PM EDT - Environmental Justice Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Denmark, SC

So NRA's Wayne LaPierre spent 13K for summer intern's apartment?:

🐦 MAY 18 at 5PM EDT - Town Meeting in Augusta GA with Bernie Sanders

So born at the wrong time. Case in point, one year before I was a thing...

🐦 MAY 19 at 4PM CDT - Rally in Birmingham AL with Bernie Sanders

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren greeted by a rousing crowd

For Those Who Are Pissed That Biden Is Doing Well:

Quote of the Day

Car-Size 'Sea Monster' Terrorized Triassic Oceans

I just looked up on Wikipedia who the Justice Democrats are , and how they work within our primaries

Report: Madison Bumgarner submits 8-team no-trade list

Nearly every country in the World EXCEPT the US agree to restrict global plastic waste

"When we say 'tax the rich', we mean multiple-yacht rich. For-profit prison rich."

Eastern Orthodox Christian Forty Days of Pascha

Police shoot 17 year old girl armed with knife

#brokeahontas. Is trending on Twitter.

ABC has OVERWATCH playoffs on

Our Best Mother's Day Recipes: Brunch, Desserts and More

Monroe man guilty of plotting synagogue and school shootings

Mysterious 'Sub-Neptunes' Are Probably Water Worlds

Trump's abortion lies frustrate already fraught debate

Eastern Orthodox Feast of Holy Pascha

Cartoons 5/11/19

Forty Days of Eastern Orthodox Pascha

Warren proposes $50 billion fund to invest in historically black colleges

Trump's influence on the stock market is scary.

A broken clock is............The Intercept comes to Joe Biden's defense in l'affair Rudy in Ukraine.

Early (2009) profile on Elizabeth Warren (basketball fan to Treasury watchdog.) Excellent.

Trump just admitted in writing that suppressing his tax returns helped him win election.

A RW nutjob just posted elsewhere that the Dems attempted a "coop".

Warren proposes $50 billion fund to invest in historically black colleges

Sanders to join Ocasio-Cortez at rally as climate fight heats up

Joe Biden is taking all the incoming fire from Trump and others.. He is tough

Trump told Gary Cohn to 'print money' to lower the national debt, according to Bob Woodward's book

Good grief. Some people are calling for a socialist revolution in Westeros.

TODAY: Senator Sanders Politics Nation at 5pm ET on @MSNBC.

House Democrat Floats Arresting And Jailing Trump Officials For Contempt

What in the heck is this giant insect on my wall?? (pic included)

Take A Peek At Seattle's First Dog Food Truck!

😁 and now for a special 🐓MOTHER 🥚of all MEMES thread 😍🥰🐣

Leaked Letters Reveal NRA Chief's Spending

Imagine waking up to this scene on your lawn

Ladies who shop: Ivanka rebranded her clothing and shoe line to the name Marc Fisher

Probably this Hunter Biden situation was perfectly innocent,

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard: 'Denying climate change is evil'

Because sometimes you need a beautiful song,

anyone watching Chernobyl on HBO?

GOT fans - hilarious spinoff idea. Arya and The Hound as a buddies TV show

Help me find this Senator or Congresswoman

UPDATED: Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

UPDATED: Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

Venezuela's Guaido seeks U.S. Pentagon cooperation to solve political crisis

Venezuela's Guaido seeks U.S. Pentagon cooperation to solve political crisis

Will Donald Trump be successful in stacking the Courts to rule in his favor?

A GoFundMe raised over $20M to build Trump's border wall. Now donors are wondering...

Poor Houston Rockets. They are the second best NBA team, they just can't beat the Dubs.


Ukraine Tells Trump and Giuliani To Take Their Biden Smear And Get Lost

Bernie Sanders Interview MSNBC Al Sharpton May 11

Article I discovered in my files, surprisingly written by ESPN:

Venezuela reopens borders with Brazil and Aruba, official says

Obama: US slow to speak out for human rights in Argentina

Industry group tied to EPA air chief dissolves

Ukraine Tells Trump and Giuliani To Take Their Biden Smear And Get Lost

Declassification Diplomacy: Trump Administration Turns Over Massive Collection of Intelligence Recor

Trump Administration Plans to End Protections for Endangered Species After UN Report Warns of 'Mass

U.S. states accuse Teva, other drugmakers, of price-fixing -lawsuit

How Trump Helps MS-13

How Trump Helps MS-13

FCC says carriers failed Florida after hurricane--but lets them off the hook

FCC says carriers failed Florida after hurricane--but lets them off the hook

3 of my suppliers have informed me of rising prices due to new tariff increases

post offices prices are heading in the direction of UPS rates. sheesh.

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 11, 2019

Just got back from a place we'd never been to before: Porto, Portugal

Old Town

Buttigieg Reddit Meme

Division is a means, not a goal. Let's not kid ourselves on what Russia really wants

Caption time.

Looking forward to finding out 'The Truth'

Trump insults Buttigieg's look, Buttigieg calls him old

Drugmakers allegedly inflated prices over 1,000% and 44 states are now suing

Trump makes room under the bus for Don McGahn.

Peabody and Sherman...DU style (or ,why all the negative attacks).

Waiter returns $424,000 check to customer who stiffed him

Andrew Yang Policy on SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS

Andrew Yang Policy on SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS

Bob Marley died on this day 38 years ago

Western Fires Have Far Greater Impact On Snowpack, Melt Rates Than Previously Thought