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California reporter vows to protect source after police raid

Biden camp responds after Giuliani's canceled trip to Ukraine

Tomorrow night: We go to hear the man who sang what SHOULD be the motto of the Primaries board

Camel, live at The Hippodrome, 1977

Hatfield and the North - Live at Rainbow Theatre, 1975

Top WH adviser Kudlow admits US consumers pay tariffs

Flyers, Yankees fans threaten boycott over ban of Kate Smith's 'God Bless America'

Booker addresses grads at Southern New Hampshire University commencement

Former defense secretary Gates says it's not 'case closed' on Russian interference

Toronto Raptors ahead by 5. I want to see Jurasic Park go crazy tonight when they win!!!

Netanyahu chooses site in Golan Heights to be named after Trump

The Senate is as much of a problem as Trump. If we don't fix it, the pres in 2020 won't be enough.

Disease that can be transferred from dog to human confirmed in Iowa, officials say

Bill Weld: Trump acting like Nixon right before he was impeached

Your 5G Phone Won't Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise.

Here's how Adam Schiff used Trump's taunts to his advantage

Need plumbers' advice

Dartmouth College gets $10 million donation

Study: U.S. Fossil Fuel Subsidies Exceed Pentagon Spending

White House expects retaliation from China, stresses ongoing talks

Berlin to bury prisoners' tissue kept by Nazi-era doctor

Environment: 'Living In Cancer Town' Reserve, Louisiana: Residents' Stories, Special Series

Trump: 'China is dreaming' Biden, other Dems get elected

Decoding Julian Castro's Vibe: Class, wait and hope

Biden/Harris Dream Ticket Article Politico

Damn it!

What Comes With The Steak (veg group)

Columbia Gas reaches $80M settlement with Lawrence, Andover and North Andover

Had a Facebook chat with some family members that was a memory shaker.

Game of Thrones Thread

A Mother'sDay post: I have mentioned before that my Dad was one of my heroes. He was an alcoholic

"Breaking Hate" just started on MSNBC. Recommend watching, it's coming

Tweet of the Day

How the GOP dossier chase may help Democrats get Trump's tax records

RFK, Jr.'s anti-vaccine campaign is reckless and wrong -- say three Kennedys

Legislators that vote on legislation that violates the US Constitution

Does anyone know how YuiYoshida is doing? nt

Just heard that a good friend died.

The government used to bomb this Massachusetts island. Now, they're filling it with bunnies.

Brazil indigenous chief Raoni goes to Europe in defence of Amazon

A question, for cat people.EDIT:DAUGHTER says 'Great info; thank you!' We'll see what happens.

Your thoughts on this Breaking Hate program on M$NBComcast

We can never forget this, Aretha Franklin at PRESIDENT Obama's first inauguration:

States fight Trump rollback of Obama lightbulb rules

New Hampshire voters not yet ready to write off Beto O'Rourke

Trump Admin Tries Revoking Child's Citizenship Because of Gay Dads

How about a "happy" for the non-holiday women today? (My family women have passed)

Mosque fire under investigation

Ring of Fire: The Time to Impeach is Now.

WaPo did a stealth edit some time last night tweet re abortion


Suddenly, conservative lawyers are condemning Trump for abuses of power

The anit-vaxxers are going ugly. Really ugly.

Let's talk about Ben Shapiro, getting destroyed, and something important....

Colombia suffering "endemic impunity" for mass killing of social leaders: UN

Joe Biden, known for his gaffes, isn't meeting those expectations -- so far

Great message of hope and love - crosspost

House Ethics Committee reveals who is overseeing ethics case against Rep. David Schweikert

New weekly record set at the Mauna Loa carbon dioxide observatory.

My country is losing its mind

CNN compares Kamala Harris to GoT's Daenerys Targaryen

Most of Bolsonaro's Twitter Followers are Fake, Says Auditor

Most of Bolsonaro's Twitter Followers are Fake, Says Auditor

That's why

A tiny mystery dinosaur from New Mexico is officially T. rex's cousin

Game of Thrones for and by newbies.

Seems Seth Abramson is really sounding the alarm here:

Goal of Disarming Populace was to "Emasculate the Country" says Eduardo Bolsonaro

Uncovering a 5000-year-old family tragedy

Study explores the use of robots and artificial intelligence to understand the deep-sea

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 14: Meet Cutes

Berlin to bury prisoners' tissue kept by Nazi-era doctor

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 15: Star of the Month: Paul Newman

Buddhist vocabulary in Hangul, Hanja and English

What Joe Biden Is Teaching Democrats About Democrats

New Mexico cancer patients have lower survival rate, study finds

For the departed in Burkina Faso

Gunmen kill priest, worshippers in Burkina Faso church

Political controversies about marginalized groups increase bullying in youths

Sri Lanka: Catholics attend first Sunday Mass in capital since bombings

Here is how we beat the Medicare for All liars at their own game.

NonCompete -- Honest Capitalist Inadvertently Wrecks Capitalism

May is ocotillo season

Biden is wrong on climate change and cannabis, but...

Eastern Orthodox Forty Days of A Mystical Pascha

the Orville has been renewed for season three.

Shebalin: "String Quartet No. 1"

Sick and unlawful is how * describes the Mueller investigation.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Green New Deal

Ecuador's 'exploder' volcano lights up night sky

Ecuador's 'exploder' volcano lights up night sky

Eighth straight loss for Macri's 'Let's Change' renews calls to break with unpopular president

Could climate change submerge Joe Biden's presidential bid?

Tomato List 2019

This week at the Rhode Island General Assembly

RI Senate Judiciary Committee Slates Vote On Abortion Bill

Major Problems Persist With JLTV, Zumwalt Destroyer, GAO Finds

Andrew Yang Policy on SUPPORT THE DREAM ACT

Andrew Yang Policy on SUPPORT THE DREAM ACT

Rhode Island Lawmakers To Consider Increasing Age Requirements For Tobacco Products

Brown University music director claims racial bias in 2017 firing

DPH Update: 109 Schools Below CDC Standard for Measles Vaccine; Hearing Set for Monday

Saturday Night Politics with Donnie Deutsch

Today's 420 -- Clergy to Legislators: 'Just Say No'

34 Years Ago Today; Police bomb MOVE's headquarters

Sweden reopens Julian Assange rape investigation

House Sends Minimum Wage Hike To Senate After Marathon Debate

Go Bruins!

Gov. Ned Lamont faces reality of leading as disputes over tolls, state spending and taxing the

We all will know what is like when the country we grew up changes...

Gov. Lamont says a cut in the gasoline tax is possible -- if the General Assembly approves

The Guardian view on a Green New Deal: we need it now (Editorial)

Extreme abortion laws shine light on Trump's courting of religious right (David Smith, The Guardian)

House passes bill criminalizing improper gun storage in motor vehicles

What? They wasn't Mcgahn to change his testimony?

Fire at mosque in New Haven

Breakfast: Monday, May 13, 2019

My immediate superior thinks I'm old fashioned. I hope my reply doesn't get me fired.

In May 1930 the economic experts told Herbert Hoover to veto smoot hawley, and Hoover

Scrap 'Obamacare'? Maybe not all, Trump administration says

We Must Pass Right-to-Repair

Probe of Brentwood Cop Busted for Sexting on Duty Started With Rape Allegation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says 'GOP Is Basically Dwight from The Office' After Bizarre Fact Check

Midterm Polls Expected To Strengthen Duterte (Philippines)

Company says it was told duck boats were OK before sinking

Okay, I'll allow myself to be manipulated...

Booker hits Warren over proposal to break up tech giants

'Get the money in early': 2020 donor hunt ignites

Ameren plans another new wind farm for northwest Missouri

'A dream ticket': Black lawmakers pitch Biden-Harris to beat Trump

Monday TOONs - Republican Mother's Day

Missouri lawmakers pass $30 billion state budget proposal

Focus group: Trump supporters like liberal proposals but still love Trump

Democrats' fear: 2020 race killing chances to win Senate

Student at Colorado STEM school says it's too early to talk gun control

This is a time for boldness, 45% of the American people calling for impeachment

Missouri legislature heads toward adjournment focused on abortion and redistricting

5/11/19 Scripps Oceanographic Institute - 415.26 ppm Atmospheric CO2

Senate Republican leaders 'never even tried' to help uninsured Kansans, governor says

Here Is How Much Of Louisiana Will Disappear, And Here's How Its GOP Congressmen Voted

Executive Privilege Fight Inches Democrats Closer To Impeachment

Senate propels bill aiding domestic violence victims

Dow futures point to a 300-point drop after Trump warns China against retaliating in trade war

Should there be a "Trump Bar" when it comes to the idea of impeachment for future Presidents?

Ferguson Hires Marketing Company to Give It New 'Brand Identity'

Trump Warns China Impasse to Worsen If Xi Retaliates on Tariffs

China Announces Tariff Retaliation to Take Effect on June 1

The GoFundMe for a yacht

Stenger crony accused of bilking investors out of $1.2 million

The Rundown: May 10, 2019

Marvel to Mark 80 Years in August With "Marvel Comics" #1000

Many Democrats fear Trump is laying an impeachment trap - Miami herald prints the names of the 1200 kids that have died since Parkland.

Democrats Don't Want to Run for the Senate--and It Will Screw Them

Tim Fitch wants his council colleagues to make sure Steve Stenger doesn't get a pension

A huge South Carolina poll: Biden at 46%

Hey, what's the difference between a hoarder and a billionaire?

China will raise tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods


Rural Missouri judges are still holding on to debtors prison scheme

Mayor Scott's deficit problems include his campaign account

Casino is coming to Pine Bluff

When you lied on your resume about having previous sheepdog experience

Legendary actress and singer Doris Day dead at 97

Mexico plans to decriminalize all illegal drugs

Trump's trade war is wrecking America's farm economy

Arkansas' first medical marijuana dispensary opens

A great actress, Doris Day has passed away.

Why can't people see Trump is a con man?

In Wake of Scandals, 2 Major Cities May Curb Politicians' Power

No President would ever want to be impeached.

Scarlet Tanager!!!

You're gonna need an insulin shot after looking at this...

Think-tank challenges Oklahoma Medicaid expansion plan

Beware of billionaires with space ships...

Doris Day has passed away. Age 97.

Embezzlement counts dropped for ex-Oklahoma City councilman

GOT predictions

Giddy yap...

Man sentenced in insurance fraud

The message is clear: dedicate your broadcast to supporting the president and he'll use the power...

Dow opens down -460

has anyone one here had any experience with a borderline Personality sister, brother, friend?

trump has created a 'crisis' in Iran just like the 'crisis' he created at the southern border.

Trump highlights Red Sox success following White House visit

Oklahoma governor, Senate near deal on teacher pay raise

"I am NOT a lap dog!" . . . Please come CAPTION Lindsey Graham!!!

Rashida Tlaib stands by Israel and Holocaust comments amid criticism

Dow falls almost 500 points as China retaliates by slapping tariffs on $60B in U.S. goods

If iPhones (which are all assembled in China) get a 25% tariff slapped on them

Former OU president seeks sit-down with university regents

Duterte: Vote-buying 'integral part of PH elections'

MEANWHILE, in Colorado...

Tracking 29 Investigations Related to Trump

Rest In Power, Doris Day...

SMFH- Chump wanted a black team versus a white team on The Apprentice

Democrat Steve Bullock Won a Red State in 2016. Can He Beat Trump in 2020?

Teacher union to boycott businesses that opposed Bossier tax proposal

the trump trade tax

Coming up - the Art of the squeal

Here on DU, a lot of us think the general Democratic population is like us. It's not.

"Look. I'm not racist, okay? My dog is black!"

pssst. type geeks-

Louisiana lawmakers push food label restrictions

Que Sera Sera

Imagine if this happened in your backyard 🐑😱

Has anyone here had a sister, brother, other with Borderline Personality Disorder?

Beto O'Rourke CNN Town Hall Tuesday 5/21

On Being with Krista Tippett (podcast/radio show)

What are the Democrats waiting for?

Amazon to employees: We'll pay you to quit and haul packages

If we do not win the Senate we will accomplish very little to nothing. We must consider

Louisiana tax revenue surge eyed for colleges, coast, roads

Supreme Court rules against Apple, allowing lawsuit targeting App Store to proceed

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Submit a photo to our MAY Contest!

University of Oklahoma President James Gallogly to step down

Justice Brent Kavanaugh votes with liberal SCOTUS members against Apple regarding App Store Monopoly

Perhaps one of DU's accountants could show me where on a Form 1040 one notes one's ethnic heritage.

Teachers backing Oklahoma County sheriff deputies in political fight

Republicans have a fool-proof plan to win the House in 2020: Appeal to women and minorities.

Legendary boxing judge/analyst Harold Lederman dead at 79

Docs, nurses, etc. in Oklahoma work for 11 weeks w/out pay to keep their hospital open.

Jury awards millions to family of man killed in 2013 collision with BNSF train

Trump's Golf Caddie Explains Why Trump Should Be Impeached.

What happens if China doesn't blink?

WWII-era Navajo Code Talker Fleming Begaye Sr. dies at 97

Rep. Brindisi aide charged with patronizing a prostitute

MSNBC: "11 A.M. in D.C. and Trump still not in the Oval Office"

'Empire' To End After Upcoming Sixth Season; Still "No Plans" For Jussie Smollett Return

Doris Day, Legendary Actress, Dies at 97

Ireland bars Christian fundamentalist pastor Steven Anderson from entering country

Ireland bars Christian fundamentalist pastor Steven Anderson from entering country

The Best Green Salad in the World

Trump urges Americans not to buy from American companies because of his own tariffs

What Do Rural Voters Here Think of Sanders' and Warren's Positions?

Cartoon: Take that, China.

Just received this email from a friend of mine...

Potential 2020 candidate Montana Gov. Steve Bullock teases 'big announcement'

Biden Has Two Huge Advantages That No Other Candidates Have

St. Louis Police Will Enforce ATV Ban on City Streets, Effective Immediately, Chief Says



MSNBC said on air, Biden at 58% among blacks in S.C.

God, I hate Fox News!

Howard Stern Accuses Trump of Faking Opposition to Abortion: He 'Probably' Needed to Get Them for

IL Dems Straw Poll: Sanders wins over 27% of 7,100 respondents

R.I.P., Doris DAY - my dad's and my crush

How "Romeo and Juliet" *should* have ended:

LIVE May 13 at 7PM ET C-SPAN: Green New Deal Event with Senator Sanders

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Economic Adviser Claims That "Both Sides" Will Pay For China Tariffs...

How Does Donald Trump Keep Getting Away with It?

I Hang A Sign That Says "GOD BLESS THE FBI" And Am Visited By The Ghost Of Abbie Hoffman

On the day

Donald Trump, a veritable Svengali of trade. Dow is down 611, but hey...CHINA IS PAYING!

Trump to welcome Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

Some words of encouragement to supporters of candidates who seem to be down in the polls.

Trumpers love liberal proposals, but still want Trump 😲😲?

Ezra Klein: The case for Jay Inslee

Like the emperor's new clothes, DNA kits are tailored for the vain

"Trump ended the War on Christmas! It's OK to say Merry Christmas now!"

Arkansas Republicans in the US House vote against protecting coverage of pre-existing conditions

TPM: It Wasn't a Bounce. Biden's Support is Growing

Haha! Joe Lockhart is "holding" shadow press briefings on Twitter...

As shutdown looms on Blue and Yellow lines, Metro confronts 'Braddock hump'

TPUSA's 'Professor Watchlist' Suspended By Web Host

I don't understand the legal parameters to prove Trump's culpability in witness tampering.

Lindsey Graham says the rule of law need not apply to Don Jr.

trump Implicates his Hand-Picked FBI Director in Democratic Coup

Seventy years ago today, the Lima Locomotive Works delivered the last steam locomotive

Marijuana sales begin in Arkansas

"I'm sorry" is poetry.

Report Shows Fox News Lies Daily In Newscasts To Viewers

Bill Nye tees off on climate change skeptics: 'The planet is on f---ing fire!'

Johannes Brahms Piano Concerto #1

Reaganomics brought us a false sense of prosperity built on debt and ...

Britain's billionaires 'prepare to flee country amid fears Jeremy Corbyn will be next Prime Minister

DJ -700, Bitcoin +$875

Tom Cotton says sacrifice of Americans paying tariffs is "minimal" compared to those serving oversea

Any vegans out there?

Bill De Blasio to announce White House plans this week

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Offer REAL 'Financial Choice' with Their Loanshark Prevention Act.

If the POTUS in 2021 is a Republican a safe and legal abortion will be out of reach

It's baffling why people vote GOP when it's quite clear that Democrats have SUPERPOWERS!

Go "off the grid" for a couple days and you see Impeachment off the news

Start the consultation for a safe abortion

Got a Scam Call today ....from this number 619-245-4623..A San Diego number

Got a scam call . They said they were from Socal Security, said my account was suspended, ....

SO much WINNING!!!!

Trump: China will pay for the increased tariffs; not US citizens

Biden surges in digital spending on Facebook, Google

Warren vows to pick ex-public school teacher as Education secretary

Central Park Five

An Oral History of Trump's Bigotry

Ex-Michigan trooper gets prison for teen's Taser crash death

Prosecutor: Students wanted attack to be 'record' mass murder

Whoa; take that, Harvard.

EU prepping response to possible Trump auto tariffs: official

Springtime in Ohio

Should the pro choice advocates hold off on lawsuits and wait until after the election?

GOP Senator Cotton: "Tariffs not that bad because US farmers aren't LITERALLY dying from them."

Supreme Court's conservatives overturn precedent as liberals ask 'which cases the court will overrul

Sailing in Treacherous Waters to Alaska. With Toddlers for Crew.

China Is Becomming A 1984 Society

MSNBC.. commentators are human too... some on the channel cannot help themselves

Sailing in Treacherous Waters to Alaska. With Toddlers for Crew.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: This was 10 years ago yesterday.

Philly's work to reform cash bail should inspire the nation - Bernie Sanders

Mayo America Great Again

Trump: China "should not retaliate" because "they are way ahead...will only get worse!"

After years on the outs, Hungary's far-right nationalist welcomed at the White House

An oral history of bigotry

Anybody know the date of the first debate? I can't hardly wait!

Buildings face millions in climate fines under new rules

Trump accuses Tlaib of harboring 'hatred of Israel and Jewish people'

Fearless Leader built his wall

Serious question - Isn't the House of Representatives responsible for tariffs?

🐦 May 25 at 2PM - Bernie Sanders Rally in Montpelier VT

The US-China trade war could hit these consumer goods

Trade talk is a full of misinformation

Trump buildings face millions in climate fines under new New York rules

Stupid or cowardly?

David Frum: Trump Is Angry That the FBI Won't Endorse His Theory of Victimhood

Favoring democracy's enemies

N. Korea ship accused of violating US sanctions could be auctioned, used in Navy SEAL training

For the departed in As-Suqaylabiyah, Syria

Trump: Hungary's Viktor Obran has done a "tremendous job."

Trump explains why he can call himself "transparent" while blocking House Democrats.

Trump's trade approach under attack as China retaliates on tariffs; markets open with big sell-off

Looks like my mother has kidney cancer.

Trump Seeks New $15 Billion Subsidy To Protect Farmers From →His Own Trade War←

Now This News: Proof Trump Isn't Good at Business Revealed In Tax Docs

Dems eye big infrastructure package, with or without Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham advises Donald Trump Jr. to ignore Senate subpoena

Beto O'Rourke to appear in CNN town hall

Districts face penalty if they don't follow rules for levies

Trade row deepens as China ups tariffs on $60B in US goods

DNC 20th Annual LGBTQ gala with Pete Buttigieg

I bought the CBD oil and so far, I'm impressed

Trump brags that his tariffs were making the US richer as stock market ticker shows plummeting Dow

Trump's Most Blatant Lie Is His Lie About Tariffs

The Streaming Service Revolution is basically Orwell's Animal Farm in action.

White extremists, the prime architects of domestic terrorism

LIVE May 13 at 7PM: Road to a Green New Deal Tour with AOC & Bernie Sanders

Orthodox Christian Hymns for those who have reposed. Memory Eternal.

Two more bodies found in inquiry into German crossbow deaths

Cartoons 5/13/19

So what has Dump done today?

Music to slow-dance to.

Tom Cotton has a Senate challenger in 2020.

Jimmy Carter out of surgery after breaking hip

On Smoking Weed in the Late 60s and 70s

Former president Jimmy Carter undergoes surgery to repair broken hip after fall at his home

Trump openly threatened Iran with war!

How Money Flows From Amazon to Racist Troll Haven 8chan

U.S. stocks suffer big across-the-board losses as trade war escalates

There are some days where I feel just like Billy Joel when he learned about the Cola Wars.

Saw a bumper sticker today...

Biden and most likely any dem running will be investigated by the dumpco weaponized DOJ.

Here is an idea for a bumper sticker?

Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty - Faces Prison Time In College Admissions Scam

3 Dark And Disturbing Reasons Why Trump Could Win Again. Think It Can't Happen?

Bernie Sanders: America's criminal justice revolution can start with Philadelphia's primary

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 13, 2019

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Third-Largest US Coal Company Files For Bankruptcy

For the first time in my lifetime, I'll be out of the country on the 4th of July.

Succinct and to the point..

A son gives the ultimate Mother's Day gift: A life-saving organ transplant (Video)

Disclosure: I'm from Scranton

BBC reveal upcoming new channel 'BBC Farage'



Someone's pet emu got out, so the police brought it home.

Trump takes credit for Boston Red Sox's winning streak since visiting the White House

''Religious Freedom''

''Mr. President, ... stop your ugly attacks against Muslim women in Congress.''

Farmers in Midwest filing for bankruptcy at record rates as a result of President Trump's trade war

World leaders tell Biden: We need you

You raised $0.00 on May 12, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told graduating law students that they'll "face...

Cartoon: Up Pompeo

Ukraine Prosecutor Made Up Biden Allegation, Kiev Lawmaker Says

The Humgarian Dictator is visting Trump in the WH............

Polling History Can't Predict 2020 Race, Ipsos Director Says

Carbon dioxide levels hit landmark at 415 ppm, highest in human history

Turning Williamson County a Bluer Shade of Purple

Beto O'Rourke's Texas delegate fight shapes hard-fought Democratic race for president

Roman numerals, anyone? Poll suggests bias against Arabic numerals

Why I support Joe Biden for Democratic Candidate

A scorecard rife with losses

U.S. prepares to slap tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, which could add levies on roughly $300b

Texas House killed 'Save Chick-fil-A' bill, but the Senate just revived it

Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder and Stephen Colbert

White Nationalist Coast Guard Officer Won't Be Released From Jail After All

Washington Post-Opinion: Why Iowa is so important this time

Pigs on the Wing

Jenna Welch, mother of former first lady Laura Bush, dies in Texas at age 99

Trump is truly despised.. really despised ..

Rashida Tlaib Recognizes Trump Must Be Held to Account by Beginning the Impeachment Process

Julian Castro makes universal pre-K focus of education plan

The Senate Has Essentially Shut Down

Europe Prepares for Retaliatory Tariffs

Nevada State Controller Byrne Endorses Warren for President

An injured monkey and her cat friend

Powerful piece from ProPublica: "I Now Have the Perspective of Both Sides": 18 Voting Officials Take

Some of the candidates are staking out the liberal middle ground.. Biden, Harris, O'Rourke

Trump says he's "fighting for" $300 M in Great Lakes funding. Budget CUTS $270 M.

Bayer Must Pay $2BN To Couple In Monsanto Cancer Trial, Jury Rules

Would Joe Biden be ready to be President on day one? One example confirming "Yes" :

Many Americans 'shooting themselves in the foot' to maintain racial hierarchy: author

"Biden's Wild N.H. Meet-and-Greet" - Who says Biden doesn't excite people???

What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves?

Gas prices, anyone?

Former Houston Congressman Chris Bell May Run Against John Cornyn in 2020

Rep. Joaquin Castro Calls for Federal Investigation of Immigration Backlog Under Trump Administratio

"We're fools to make war on our brothers in arms......"

California Couple Who Blamed Cancer on Roundup Weed Killer Awarded $2 Billion

Argentina's Extortiongate: Investigating judge to retain case, in a blow to Macri

The Flood Next Time - Trump plans to build his border wall in the Rio Grande flood plain

Kansas Lawmakers Had A Deal To Expand Medicaid Next Year, Until They Didn't

How you can tell when your coke habit has gone too far

When Will America Fall - Like the Roman Empire?

Remember that woman who called Michelle O. an ape in heels?

Judge Jackson is getting unredacted portions of the Mueller report relating to Stone.

Farmers turn against Trump's trade war

Judge rejects Trump lawyers' call to cancel tomorrow's hearing on Dem subpoena

Natasha Bertrand: Rick Gates still cooperating.. and potentially as a witness in Roger Stone trial.

i wonder if the tide will turn after the primaries.


On A Kansas College Campus, A Search For A 21st-Century Sense Of Masculinity

CNBC: list of US goods targeted for 25% tariff

Kansas Bars Can't Be Sued By Victims Of Their Drunk Patrons, State Supreme Court Says

Papa Don't Take No Mess!

US Senate seats that Democrats need and are likely to win to regain control in 2020.

This Republican Is Running Against Donald Trump. Is Anybody Listening?

Gov. Laura Kelly's message to state employees: 'I believe in you'

People First Education

Congressman Calls For Steve Mnuchin To Be Jailed If He Doesn't Hand Over Trump's Tax Returns

A suggestion :

Metropolitan Diary

Olympic legend Carl Lewis returns to Wichita, where his 1982 record still stands

Sen. Warren: 'I'll Just Be Blunt: Betsy DeVos Is The Worst Sec. of Educ. We've Seen'

Luckovich-trump's tariffs on China-They're having the Desired Impact....

Julian Castro unveils education plan with focus on pre-K, tuition-free college

Sandhills eminent domain bill moves to governor for signature

Scotty Kilmer - Mechanic Monday: This USB Adapter Can Destroy Your Car

Sen. Warren: 'I'll Just Be Blunt: Betsy DeVos Is The Worst Sec. of Educ. We've Seen'

Judge grants Robert Kraft's request to suppress spa surveillance video

Record-Swamping Heat In Siberia & Greenland Up To 25C Over Avg; Fires Rage As Central Europe Shivers

RIP Aaron Rodgers

"The planet's on ****ing fire!" Bill Nye's climate rant goes viral

The Obama Era Was About the Best That America Could Be

Oldest surviving Porsche prototype to be auctioned off

Conflicts in praising dictators

Proposals for drawing new Nebraska political boundaries punted to next year

Big Audio Dynamite - E MC2

NYC mayor says he'll decide this week on presidential run