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Archives: May 14, 2019

Challenges mount to business tax incentives bill in Nebraska legislature

Saw this band in Cleveland at a New Year's Eve concert 0f '71 ...

E. coli outbreak: 196 people in 10 states now sick, linked to ground beef

Donald Trump says 'controversial' Hungary prime minister Viktor Orban doing 'tremendous job'

New poll from Emerson: Biden 33%, Sanders 25% (13 pt swing toward Biden from last month)

Joe Biden takes Bernie Sanders' Granite State lead

SLCL Director Expands On 'Your Library Renewed' Campaign, New Branch Openings, Other Initiatives

Trump urges judge not to fast-track his lawsuit over House subpoena

WhatsApp discovers surveillance attack

Noted Women's Health Expert Mark Steyn next of Tucker!

The House could take subpoena enforcement into its own hands. Will it work?


China's 'self-destructive nuclear option' in trade war: Selling US Treasury bonds

Not that I have the final determination but..

Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag

Here's proof Rod Rosenstein is spinning. He knows his memo was just an excuse

Federal Judge Rejects NRA's Discrimination Claims in 'Murder Insurance' Case

Harris X / Scott Rasmussen poll, 5/13: Biden 39% Sanders 20% Warren 8% Harris 6%

Hey folks, hoping to find a Hugo Gernsback expert.

Harris X/SR 5/13: 85% of Dem Voters Would Be Satisfied With Biden; 70+% With Sanders, Harris, Warren

Sanders and Warren in hot pursuit of AOC endorsement

Are We in a Constitutional Crisis?

Bernie Sanders: ''The workers in the fossil fuel industry aren't our enemies ...

Fire at Connecticut mosque being investigated as arson

Hearing delayed for 900-pound drug defendant after he is diverted to hospital en route to court

I have a staunchly Republican friend with a crap load of student debt

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Biggest Loser!

Joe Biden takes Bernie Sanders' Granite State lead

Beto O'Rourke interview with Rachel Maddow (Video Inside)

San Fernando Valley Con Man Pleads Guilty in Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Fraud Scheme that

Beto coming up on TRMS this evening.

Focus group: Trump supporters like liberal proposals but still love Trump

Informatica Agrees to Pay $21.57M for Alleged False Claims Caused by Its Commercial Pricing

My Trump loving neighbor is going to D.C. for the 4th of July

Two float planes in Ketchikan, Alaska crashed into each other mid air. Some survivors.

73% of Dems and Dem leaning indies would be excited or satisfied with Harris as nominee

Another Morgan Management Employee Pleads Guilty For His Role In Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

Joe Biden Pushes Back On Criticism Of Climate Change Approach

Do *you* think arresting and holding administration officials is a good idea?

Climatologists & Hydrologists: Today's MS River Floods A Whole New Animal Compared to 20th Century

Assembly Democrats warm to legislation exposing Trump's tax returns

The Publican Party for those that love to us the Democrat Party.

Groups against new gas pipelines protest in Albany

NYT: Pentagon presented plan to deploy 120,000 troops in case of Iran escalation

538: Politics Podcast: Should Democrats Worry About The Downsides Of Impeaching Trump?

Bill Nye the Science Guy - The Planet is on Fucking Fire!!!

NYC mayor holds press conference in Trump Tower. He's nearly drowned out by protesters.

New, 'The Eyes of Orson Welles' (2018) Film, Welles Artwork, TCM Tonite, Now

Is there really no one who can make Trump understand tariffs?????

Barr Has Reportedly Assigned U.S. Attorney to Look at Origins of Russia Probe

Some words of encouragement to the supporters of Joe Biden who is leading in the polls

The Tangelo-Tinted Taint Tumor's Tedious Tariff Tantrum (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Trump campaign paid women employees -- including Omarosa -- 20% less than males: Court filing

Emperor Naruhito, his first foreign leader visit: the harbinger of doom or it can only go up

*BREAKING DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY POLL* Joe"The People's Choice" Biden 39% Sanders 19% Warren 8%

Sanders urges political revolution, Green New Deal support

Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in Connecticut to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry

Bernie Sanders Speech Climate Change Sunrise Movement

*BREAKING HARRIS X DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY POLL* Joe"The People's Choice" Biden 39% Sanders 20% Warren 8%

One month ago, Foxconn said its innovation centers weren't empty -- they still are

*BREAKING EARLY PRIMARY AND CAUCUS POLL* Joe"The People's Choice" Biden 42% Sanders 22% Warren 9%

*Democratic Primary Poll* Sanders on the decline with 18-29 year-olds

WhatsApp urges users to upgrade after discovering spyware vulnerability

The Use of Science in Environmental Decision Making

Navy Seal's lawyers received emails embedded with tracking software

Recording of Boeing officials and Allied Pilots Association (union) meeting Surfaces

Seth Moulton seems to be confused about single-payer health care.

Elizabeth Warren Pledged To Replace Betsy DeVos With A Former Public School Teacher If She Wins

Secrets of fluorescent microalgae could lead to super-efficient solar cells

Joe Biden crosses a picket line to fundraise w/ healthcare exec?!?

White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War

Not in the mood for disrupters to heckle and disrupt our convention in Milwaukee '20!

President Donald Trump Asked To Meet Vladimir Putin On Sidelines of Upcoming G20

Saw One of These Little Cats on My Bike Ride Today

Fears rise over conflict with Iran -- and Washington 'has no effective de-escalation strategy'

Movie Wine Country has got to be the most

Before Trump's purge at DHS, top officials challenged plan for mass family arrests

Another step forward for a promising new battery to store clean energy

Donald Trump Jr.'s No-Shows Led to Subpoena, Republican Senator Says.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's remarks cause controversy, leaving transatlantic relations under 's

Trump is terrible for rural America by Paul Krugman

Clean fuel cells could be cheap enough to replace gas engines in vehicles

Bernie Sanders: "Joe is a good friend of mine, and I'm not here to attack Joe"

The True-Crime Story That Harper Lee Tried and Failed to Write

New Study: No Link Between Crime and Undocumented Immigrants

Elizabeth Warren Promises To Appoint A Public School Teacher As Education Secretary

Galaxies Collide! Burst of Star Formation in Milky Way Likely Came from Cosmic Crash

RIP Gunther Cunningham Died today at 72. Former Chiefs D and coach

Musanggae by Bo Hyun Seunim 무상게 ( 無常偈 ) 보현스님

Peter Schweizer, Who Smeared Hillary Clinton, Is Back for Joe Biden. Don't Buy It.

Trump has no idea what he's doing

billionaires arrested with pot plants

Trump's trade war with China is poised to hit every conceivable consumer product (NYT)

The Daily Show: Trump's Billion-Dollar Business Fail

Democratic leaders back Muslim lawmaker after Holocaust comments

The Daily Show Presents - Desi Lydic: Abroad - Globetrotting for Gender Equality

Voting rights advocates sue over Tennessee crackdown on voter registration

Guatemala court bars ex-dictator's daughter, Zury Rios, from presidential race

Trump targets Pell Grant money for NASA's budget boost

Seth Meyers - Trump Fights with China, Rudy Seeks Ukraine's Help in 2020: A Closer Look

Trump officials planned to arrest and deport thousands of parents and children in 10 major cities

WaPo Ed. Board: Trump will hijack any event for partisan politics. Please, not the Fourth of July.

All so he can show his white trash supporters that

The moment a whale bursts through the sea near unsuspecting fisherman


Trump Prepares to Slap Tariffs on Rest of Chinese Imports

Hungarian Strongman Viktor Orban Got a Trump Meeting After Praising His 'Amazing' 2016 Win

Bill Nye on global warming: "This is a crisis! Grow the fuck up, you idiots!" from John Oliver show

anybody use postimage having problems with it tonight?

Anyone watching the Monday HBO series Chernobyl?

A tax by any other name is ... Fiine. So say the Republican Congress.

Twitter discussion 24 min ago called breaking new info on Kavalec notes Steele Dossier

Connecticut considers making phone calls free for prisoners

Mitch 20 years ago:

Colombia's Supreme Court removes judge from Uribe case for omitting ties to lawyer

Medellin's EPM kicks flood victims out of shelter, denying them compensation

Is this true?

"Alex Jones" Confronts Jimmy Kimmel Live in Howard's Studio

J&J's new esketamine drug for depression, Spravato, not worth the money or the risk, watchdog says

Jimmy Fallon - Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Heckling Jerry Seinfeld, His 2020 Campaign, GoT Predictions

Jimmy Fallon - Slow Jam the News with Mayor Pete Buttigieg

WhatsApp urges users to upgrade app after discovering spyware vulnerability

I click on DU and there's a "Happy B.Day Trump" card? Really? on DU?

Pompeo to meet Putin in Russia amid fears over US-Iran clash

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/13/19

Ladies and Gentleman, Cher

Two NYC students traumatized by botched classroom science experiment receive over $1 million

What scares me the most is, at this point, no one close to Trump will tell him he is wrong.

Report: Iran Actively Looking for Missing Israelis in Lebanon, Syria

2 sightseeing planes carrying cruise ship tourists in deadly midair collision over Alaska

Beto O'Rourke Tells Rachel Maddow: 'I Recognize That I Can Do a Better Job'

Beto O'Rourke Tells Rachel Maddow: 'I Recognize That I Can Do a Better Job'

Michael Beschloss tweet: "Honor America Day" 1970

Former Autonomy CFO Sentenced To 60 Months In Prison

Does anyone not understand how he feels?

Amnesty International Is Denied Lease at New York Tower Owned by China, Group Says

Philippines election: Duterte allies on course for senate victories

'Conservative 6' Stall GM Incentives; Sentencing Reforms Sent To Governor

Nxivm Trial: Cult Leader Forced Women to Starve Themselves to Be 'Wraith Thin,' Witness Said

Andrew Yang Policy on FIGHT FOR EQUAL PAY

Andrew Yang Policy on FIGHT FOR EQUAL PAY

US fears of 5G cell network fueled by Russian propaganda, NY Times reports

215 Years Ago Today; Lewis and Clark begin an Excellent Adventure...

Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch Mayor Pete Buttigieg Full Interview

Clash over Woodstock 50 fest's prospects plays out in court

58 Years Ago Today; The Freedom Riders' bus is firebombed in Anniston, AL

Informatica Agrees to Pay $21.57 Million for Alleged False Claims Caused by Its Commercial Pricing D

City shuts down Queens school for failing to comply with measles outbreak protection order

▶️ Podcast: Hear the Bern: Episode 6 - But Can He Win? (With Malaika Jabali and Ben Tulchin)

Trump And Orbn Sittin' In A Tree, Pissing On Democracy!

Cuomo calls excessive MTA overtime 'theft and fraud'

There's a disturbing environmental meme campaign

The only tensions related to Iran are being orchestrated by the US, Israel and

Murphy-Norcross feud makes budget more difficult, Sarlo says

Wasn't mueller supposed to testify in the 15th???

Mitch McConnell: a blast from the past.

"Thoughts and prayers" is no longer something I can utter

Hundreds protest budget cuts, planned teacher layoffs at Jersey City schools

Montana Gov. Bullock enters presidential race

Sadly, it hasn't quite worked out that way.

Am I missing something?

New Jersey could see $533M surprise boost in tax revenues

Breakfast: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday TOONs - The Mad King

AG William Barr appoints prosecutor to examine origins of Russia investigation, source says

This targeted New Jersey Democrat just got a new Republican challenger

A same-sex wedding on Arthur?

"The Keeping Hours". A not so creepy ghost story.

Well, I've been issued a "community standards alert" on Facebook

Woods Hole Researcher: "Insane To Own Or Lend" In Florida Real Estate Markets

Clarence Thomas Just Showed How Supreme Court Would Overturn Roe v. Wade

"OJ" Trump

Trump Tower Is One of NYC's Least Desirable Buildings

NATIONAL POLL: 18-29 year olds Bernie Sanders 41%

Morristown doctor found guilty in $30 million Medicare, Medicaid fraud

Is anyone else watching Chernobyl on HBO?

A lot of people, a lot of institutes believe in nature over nurture in the nature vs nurture debate

Something for all you GoT fans...

Satellite Images Show No Visible Damage to 'Sabotaged' Saudi Ships

Bob Menendez proposes bill to help New Jersey save Obamacare insurance gains

US targets $300B of Chinese goods for new tariff hikes

China - U.S. Treasury Notes

Just a nice pic of Sen. Warren & Sen. Harris:

The Twit is tweeting about China.

As We Move Beyond 415 ppm, The Catalog Of Barriers To Any Climate Action Is Staggering

Eugene Robinson: Trump has no idea what he's doing

Trentonian reporter Isaac Avilucea sues state prosecutors for attacking his reputation

AP sources: Trump Jr. subpoena sent when interviews declined

He is mentally ill. Use whatever other more colorful terms you care to---unhinged, erratic, loony,

The Rundown: May 13, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 05/08/19

Waterville children's bookstore gets backlash for drag queen event

POLL: Would Clinton have won if hand-marked paper ballots been used nationwide?

Sanders Remarks to Sunrise Movement's Road to Green New Deal Tour

Oh, you young people. You have no idea how good you have it nowadays.

This Senate will sit back and let trump start ANOTHER WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

What we have to fear. Take a look at Hungary.

Keep your eyes on them, Democrats. They are up to no good. The

DOJ refuses to defend ban on female genital mutilation in court.

End of the Roe

Reasons to try and compete in rural areas

High polling numbers do not warrant digging up dirt on a candidate.

Looking for suggestions for a minority voices literature class.

They did their time. They regained the vote. Florida is taking it away again.

Here's the problem I have with my friends who are Sanders supporters

'Oh geez the Sanders decline is happening and its happening exactly the way I said it would happen.'

Steve Bannon sought alliance with FBI in 2017 White House meeting

Donald Trump Jr.'s No-Shows Led to Subpoena, Republican Senator Says

Ben Shapiro Chooses Feelings Over Facts on BBC, Implodes

Dave Rubin Calls Me a Liar When Confronted About Dodging Me

Google gave'$150,000 in free ads to anti-abortion group',Yahoo News/The Guardian/The Independent:

Nice video of Pete on Jimmy Fallon Show

The Drums of War....We've seen this movie before

Steve Bullock, Montana Governor, Is Running for President

Bernie Sanders Is More Popular With Fox News Viewers Than MSNBC

BREAKING: Steve Bullock (MT-Gov) announces Presidential campaign

(Medal of Freedom awardee) Tiger, girlfriend named in wrongful death lawsuit

Last-minute execution decisions expose wide and bitter rift at Supreme Court

How Trump Thinks Tariffs Work (And How They Actually Work)

Let's talk Amy McGrath into running for McConnell's seat in 2020.

Washington ranked as top state, Louisiana, Alabama last in US news rankings

"Secret Love," by Doris Day

Google needs to know everything about you before it can set your thermostat

Judge set to rule on Trump's subpoena challenge - very very important

Tyrion tries to negotiate with Monty Python.

Buddy the Beagle playing the piano and sings for you

Unfazed by sinking poll numbers, Beto O'Rourke keeps plugging away on presidential bid

National 2020 Head to Heads - Sanders 54%, Trump 46%

The 800 pound gorilla in the room: I am so disappointed with the rampant homophobia of my fellow PoC

George Conway defends AOC

White House reviews plan to deploy 120,000 troops to Middle East: NYT

Weiner out

The Asian-American Electorate Is Becoming a Force

I'm in dire need of some sunshine

How often is the candidate preference page updated?

'When Biden announced, everything changed'

Ohhhhh yeah. Watch Mayor Pete slow jam the news

(JTA) -- Jewish voters overwhelmingly favor former Vice President Joe Biden over Sen. Bernie Sanders

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complete remarks on Green New Deal (C-SPAN)

National 2020 Head to Heads - Biden 54%, Trump 46%

Ruby Chocolate Is Coming to the U.S. From Switzerland

Democratic Primary Power Rankings 5-14-19

Beto O'Rourke on the View on ABC (LIVE NOW!)

Trump's China Tariffs Hit America's Poor and Working Class the Hardest

BLS Report: U.S. import prices rise 0.2% in April on higher fuel prices; export prices up 0.2%

Trump wins over big Republican donors

Sen. Sanders and Rep. Cummings Commit to Holding Drug Companies Accountable for Massive Price-Fixing

O'Rourke: I need to 'do a better job ... of talking to a national audience'

Sen. Sanders and Rep. Cummings Commit to Holding Drug Companies Accountable for Massive Price-Fixing

Pete Buttigieg gambles with criticism of identity politics

Another candidate has jumped in the pool... getting a little crowded in here!!

Crops at risk from changing climate

Elizabeth Warren Says No To Fox News Town Hall

Pic Of The Moment: John Bolton Orders Plan To Send 120,000 U.S. Troops Back To The Middle East

MSNBC to host Kamala Harris town hall

Can history help us understand and project

Originalism is a scam. Justice Thomas just proved it.

WaPo: The Red Hen Restaurant owner speaks up almost a year after asking Sarah Sanders to leave

"I own the Red Hen restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders to leave. Resistance isn't futile."

Sen. Sanders and Rep. Cummings Commit to Holding Drug Companies Accountable for

Let's see where we are "Winning"?

Sanders on the decline with 18-29 year-olds

CIA-FBI-Director of National Intelligence working with Attorney General Barr to review Russia probe

Sink or tub, water still going down, but much too slow. Flow has gotten slower and slower.

Wide-ranging Biden interview: Giuliani Ukraine stunt, age, trade war, and more

Australian political ad for ranked-choice voting (NSFW)

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

This now...more than ever!!!

Trump Tower's current vacancy rate is about twice Manhattan's average.

Rita Hart announces a run in Ia-02

'No middle ground': Ocasio-Cortez and activists take aim at Biden at Green New Deal rally

AT&T promised 7,000 new jobs to get tax break--it cut 23,000 jobs instead

Powerful earthquake hits Papua New Guinea

Coalition of women's groups call out 'sexist' coverage of 2020 race

FRONTLINE The Mueller Investigation

Second Florida county hacked in 2016 election, Gov. DeSantis says

Senate approves U.S. District Court Judge Michael Truncale 49-46, 105th during Trump presidency

Former Trump Administration Official Comes After Ivanka, Exposes Her As A Fraud

RIP Tim Conway -- death always comes in threes - Peggy Lipton, Doris Day and now TIm Conway

You raised $0.00 on May 13, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Is our presidential election process enough of a check on a president's power?

Still puzzling questions about Trump/Russia collaboration

Trump: If we were to send troops to Iran, it would be "a hell of a lot more than 120,000"

Tim Conway's Elephant Story

i said it on day one-

Tim Conway, Star of The Carol Burnett Show, Dies at 85

Chinese Railroad Workers Were Almost Written Out of History.

'I Want To Restore The Soul Of This Country': In N.H., Biden Pitches Unity

Beto O'Rourke Says Vanity Fair Cover Reinforced 'Perception of Privilege'

Comcast sells Hulu to Disney for at least $5.8 billion as streaming wars heat up. Deal may not close

Canadian Bankruptcies Jump At Fastest Pace Since Financial Crisis

A nice tweet and photo of Kamala Harris from her husband

Here's what Philly teachers asked Elizabeth Warren on her first 2020 campaign stop in Pennsylvania

I don't think that war with Iran will unite this country under this president.

If Drumpf starts a war..

NY voters: Rally for Election Security June 6, Albany

Contrary to what many fear about impeachment...

Get a Free scoop of Ice Cream at participating Hagen-Dazs parlors 05/14/19 4:00 - 8:00 PM

A Trump ghost-tweeter swoons over "the importance of keeping a promise and standing for the truth."

Rainy Day, Dream Away

NYT: Warren Calls Fox News a 'Hate-for-Profit Racket' and Refuses an Appearance


NYT: Warren Calls Fox News a 'Hate-for-Profit Racket' and Refuses an Appearance


A real interesting polled breakdown of Dem primary voters by their media choices/candidate

DeSantis: Russians accessed 2 Florida voting databases

Taxes Spike On Dozens Of St. Louis Airbnb Properties

from Jamie Raskin:

Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet

TWO entries per photographer now allowed for the MAY Photo Contest!

Lawmakers ask watchdog to probe migrant teen camp's contract

Woman arrested after toddler calls 911, reports he and 6 others left alone in a hot car

Iran says Trump playing 'very dangerous game' and risking 'devastating war'

An abortion 'reversal'? The method is unproved, but Ohio lawmakers want women to consider it

Stanford Dad Accused of $6.5 Million Payment in College Scandal Has a New Problem

traffic report - there hasn't been a whole lot for the last couple of years...

71% of young people are ineligible for the military and for most careers, too

It's one word, George

EpiPen Shortage Frustrates Doctors And Patients

White House explores new farmer bailout plan as U.S.-China trade war heats up

New Liver Transplant Rules Begin Amid Fight Over Fairness

'Another dumba-- n-----': Landlord uses offensive slur when tenant asks for repairs

PROOF That the "Trump Economy" is an End Result of Barack Obama's Economic Policies!

How can trump impose tariffs without congressional approval? I thought that only congress...

Scoop: Top aide to Labor Secretary to depart after clash with White House

Justice Democrats on the attack again against Biden with an ancient, incomplete....

Montana Governor Steve Bullock enters Democrats' 2020 White House race

Twelve Nominations Sent to the Senate; May 13, 2019

Anthony Weiner released from halfway house in Bronx as he completes sentence for sexting 15-year-old

Judge: Florida-based broadcaster is Russian foreign agent

Why Washington Is the Best State in America

If anyone's interested, a friend is hosting an event with Amy Klobuchar in DC on June 12...

Galaxy Brain: Trump Plans to Solve World Hunger with Surplus Hog Feed

"In the courtroom today for Judge Mehta's hearing on Trump v Oversight Committee..."

Kasie Hunt, MSNBC: Trump's China trade war will cost an average of $500 per U.S. household

Here's how a growing Social Security impostor scam works

Tim Conway's Elephant Story (RIP Tim Conway 1933-2019)

Labor Secretary's top aide abruptly resigns -- and Trump insiders knife him on his way out

Bayer stock plunges after $2 billion award in Roundup trial

Teen Puts QR Code On Her Graduation Cap

Bill would shorten eviction process in Pennsylvania

Reps. Omar and Schakowsky: We must confront threat of white nationalism -- together

Gov. Wolf started second term with hefty raises to senior aides

GOP angst grows amid Trump trade war

I'm getting bashed for posting what I hear from millennials, see more below the video:

So, in essence, the trump department of justice is investigating the Obama administration.

Germany's AfD turns on Greta Thunberg as it embraces climate denial

Germany's AfD turns on Greta Thunberg as it embraces climate denial

Good website for political segregationists by state

Saudi Arabia says oil pipeline was attacked by drones

Cummings threatens salaries of Trump officials who enforce nondisclosure agreements

No Iran threat in Syria or Iraq, top British officer says, contradicting US

No Iran threat in Syria or Iraq, top British officer says, contradicting US

BREAKING: Georgia Insurance Commissioner indicted in fraud case

Biden responds to Ocasio-Cortez criticism: 'Tell her to check' my record

Eugene Robinson: You do realize Trump doesn't know what he's doing

#LindseyGrahamResign trends on Twitter

Fall 2019 will be interesting.

Obama Reluctant to Look Into Bush Programs. NYT Jan. 2009

Washington one of 43 states suing generic drug makers for price fixing

CNN-Joe Biden's early state polling looks more like those of past winners than losers

Lounge mechanics: Drove 2 miles through rainstorm with gas cap off - what are the odds?

Businesses and athletics should boycott these horrendous heartbeat bill states!

Cartoons 5/14/19

415 PPM C02 for context. 3 million+ years since the planet has seen such levels.

RIP Super Fan Pancho Billa

'Cartoon Trump Pukes Over Tax Returns & Cartoon Biden News' Ep. 1 Cold Open

Undoing the damage

car left unlocked in bear country

If I was thinking about college right now, and was finishing high school,

Chelsea Manning announces 'intimate' memoir

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 14, 2019

Trump's lawyers tell judge Congress investigating him is an "invalid attempt at law enforcement."

Three reasons to think Biden could run away with the nomination.

1987 Bernie talks to 3rd graders about how we can promote peace

Hillary spoke at Columbia University last night on China's surveillance state

Biden Rips Giuliani's Nixed Trip To Ukraine: He Was Trying 'To Embarrass'

The arrogance of the corrupt Trump admin is beyond belief

Biden's advisors called his climate change plan a "middle of the road plan" according to

Who Controls Impeachment Proceedings In The Senate......

Poll: Biden has a small edge over Sanders in Nevada

"Doris Day Parking"

Movie Apollo 11

SC town's water system is failing. Bernie Sanders says he can help

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Indicted On Fraud Charges.

Maine Senate reverses course, ends religious exemption for vaccines

Meteorologists Worry 5G Expansion Could Interfere With Weather Forecasts

Elizabeth Fucking Warren...

DNC Tiebreaking System for Debate Access

'We need this bill to die': the Alabama Democrat fighting for abortion rights

"Choice 👏🏼 fucking 👏🏼 matters 👏🏼."

Suggestion... wait for Bidens policy on the environment.. his ...not someone elses best guess..

Growing recreational pot at home might not be allowed after all under Illinois legalization proposal

BBC: The hidden world of the doctors Cuba sends overseas

Ukraine Prosecutor Made Up Biden Claim to curry favor with Trump & Giuliani

Tracking down the people behind a pamphlet that's fueling New York's measles outbreak

Poll: Biden's support INCREASES with age of voter. Sanders's support DECREASES with age of voter.

US-China trade talks at a halt, despite cheery Trump tweets

House Panel Investigates Obstruction By Trump Lawyers

It was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this weekend as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in huma

People need to STOP saying Beto should run for Senate and support MJ Hegar

Entire family breaches White House security perimeter.

Jennifer Rubin: The best retort to 'The election's too important to nominate a woman'

As a 70 year old self-described liberal who continued to self-describe as liberal when others sought

House Panel Investigates Obstruction By Trump Lawyers

I hate craigslist sometimes...

Trump Is Building Toward War While Alienating All Our Allies (Slate)

What Republicans Be like..The DU Version!

US State Dept Deletes Sadistic Hit List Boasting of Venezuela's Ruin

Biden's record - video from C-span - Anyone think this is a good thing?

US State Dept Deletes Sadistic Hit List Boasting of Venezuela's Ruin

Trump's resistance to congressional oversight had a very bad day in court

Ukraine Prosecutor Made Up Biden Claim

RIP Tim Conway. How about a video of him making Harvey Korman 'break character'.

I couldn't be prouder than to stand with Elizabeth Warren in refusing to appear on Fox News

NEW ARTICLE ::: The 23 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

Costa Rica tree frog found in bananas at Nottingham Lidl

Costa Rica tree frog found in bananas at Nottingham Lidl

Trump: "You want to see a bird cemetery? Go under a windmill sometime. All over the place."

I want to share a positive phone call I just got.

Theresa May to hold new Brexit deal vote following talks with Jeremy Corbyn

Nevada Caucus Poll: Among 18-34-year olds, Sanders is at 50 percent

Celebrate Free Cone Day with Haagen-Dazs on May 14th, 2019!

We asked the Democrats running for president how they would negotiate with China on trade

If There Were a Time Warp, How Would Physicists Find It?

Texas police officer shot and killed a woman during arrest attempt

We Must Not Go to War with Iran

It's driving the cable talking heads crazy that Biden is so far ahead.

The Age of Nostalgia Liberals shouldn't leave emotion to the right-wing populists. (FP)

Trump was in my area today giving an "energy" speech

Rank-and-file House Democrats urge 'second look' at impeachment

Oh look, another war on the horizon...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 15 May 2019

A riddle in New England: A casino, 321 acres of Indian tribal land and a presidential tweet

Gilead is accused of cutting anti-competitive deals to extend profit on HIV drug 'cocktails'

Ireland bars Christian fundamentalist pastor from entering country

Toledo man seeking woman ... via billboard

The Senate and Don Jr: testimony mid June.

Senate Intel & Don Jr strike "deal" for "LIMITED TESTIMONY," mid-June.

A US city cut ties with its troubled migrant detention center. That could make things even worse

No Iran threat in Syria or Iraq, top British officer says, contradicting US

Why women everywhere deserve a better choice than I had as a pregnant schoolgirl - a baby I didn't..

Alice Rivlin, budget maestro who 'helped save' Washington in fiscal crisis, dies at 88

Don Trump Jr. struck a deal with Senate Intelligence Committee to meet


Biden: Republicans will want to work with Dems after Trump leaves office


Deal Reached To Reduce Missouri Public Defender Workloads

Florida ranks best state in the nation for higher education, report says

MUST READ IF YOU TALK TO TRUMPERS: Donald Trump's trade policy makes literally no sense

U.S. warns on possible threats from Iran are imminent and action will coming soon?

"The 2020 Democratic Field, Minus Joe Biden, Embraces a Death Penalty Moratorium"

Trump claims he's seen piles of dead bald eagles underneath windmills: 'You see them all over the p

Donald Trump Jr. agrees to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee again

TCM remember Doris Day.

Charlie Rich sang a song "Behind closed doors" and Dummy J Trump will testify

Raw footage of the Con and the Eagle

Okay, who agrees with Biden's idea that there will be a Republican "epiphany" if Dem wins. (poll)

Senate Intel Committee Reaches Deal for Trump Jr. Appearance

Uber drivers are contractors, not employees, U.S. labor agency says

Fellow liberals:

WaPo: The strange tale of an unlikely racist slogan that went viral -- to lethal effect

Venezuela top court accuses more lawmakers of treason as congress building blocked

Maker of OxyContin gets hit with another state lawsuit

Does Donny Deutsch know what he's talking about?

Pompeo tells Russia: Don't meddle in next U.S. presidential election

Every Sperm is Sacred - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

For DU New Yorkers: do you remember "Ford to city: drop dead"?

Kremlin says Russia's Putin is open to meeting Trump at G20 if asked

Dallas doctor gets 13 years in prison for giving fake patients opioids, Xanax through sham clinics

UK PM May to bring Brexit deal back to lawmakers in week beginning June 3

UK PM May to bring Brexit deal back to lawmakers in week beginning June 3

Austin teachers, school staffers rally for 10% raises

San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology

WhatsApp spyware attack was attempt to hack human rights data, says lawyer

Who Do You Love

I know this probably has a thread going! But one of the funniest comic actor has passed away.

Maine Senate passes bill that would give Electoral College votes to winner of national popular vote

I don't think Biden's GOP-will-get-sane statement is as naive as it sounds...

I am working right now with my Republican colleagues to stop this disastrous rush to war.

Before Ethiopian Crash, Boeing Resisted Pilots' Calls for Aggressive Steps on 737 Max

Suspect accused of throwing boy from balcony at MOA pleads guilty to attempted murder

Anyone following the subpoena hearing today on Twitter?

Help me list all the characters that Tim Conway did on "The Carol Burnett Show"!

Sudan protests: Outrage as troops open fire on protesters

The Candidates... what you see in them now is what they are going to be after they are elected

Brexit Party Donations - An Open Invitation to Launder Money

Trump's resistance to congressional oversight had a very bad day in court

For me MA group brothers n sisters....

In thumping the drums for war with Iran, has no one told Trump that military recruiting levels are

Sen Harris: I would use executive orders for stricter gun control if Congress doesn't act

'A Million Elephants' No More, now only 400 left in wild.

Just a second ago, I told my cousin Glamrock that DU MA NEEDS more Jack White

Russia Has Americans' Weaknesses All Figured Out

Kemp postpones film event in LA amid 'heartbeat' bill fallout.

Opinions and laws on masked protests. Info requested

What if Joe Biden runs away with this thing?

That FOIA requested document the Trumpies are crowing about makes his team look even guiltier.

Putin Gives The Barr Summary A Big Bear Hug. "Now That They've Proven This Was All A Hoax..."

Luckovich-Sir, might you allow us to hold your coat???

Philly soda tax study sees sales dip, health impact unclear

46 Years Ago Today; Skylab is launched from Cape Canaveral

Never Forget


Are you watching Chernobyl? It's a resistance piece. Shows the danger of the gov't lying to us.

Long divided by abortion, House Democrats anticipate strong showing against Down syndrome ban

If the percentages in this graphic holds and apply state by state, Joe Biden.....

Graham Is Introducing a Bill to Increase Detention of Migrant Children From 20 Days to 100 Days

Good news for two of our women candidates:

Bill would set a minimum marrying age in Pennsylvania. And no, we don't already have one.

More on Boeing:

House Democrats to read the entire Mueller report aloud on floor of Congress on Thursday

*Tim Ryan on PBS NewsHour NOW.

Snyder County commissioner not happy with way 938 Wood-Mode workers told they were jobless

Does anyone else think the R's will have an "epiphany" after Trump leaves office?


Three storms poised to soak San Francisco Bay Area in freak week-long spell of wet May weather

Will The Don Jr. Testimony To The Senate Committee Be.....

Prediction: Wray's head will roll soon. Trump won't be satisfied until he has taken down

B. Braun announces $1 billion investment in manufacturing to alleviate IV fluid shortages in the U.S

B. Braun announces $1 billion investment in manufacturing to alleviate IV fluid shortages in the U.S

Even me, an unabashed Biden supporter is gobsmacked at his poll numbers..

Bernie Sanders says war with Iran would be "many times worse than the Iraq War"

Delaware gun bills stall in committee


He has great friends

I Know Trump Wants To Be Known As A 'War President' And Figures....

Kushner Struggles to Answer Immigration Questions

The neo-liberal tide is turning - 50 blacklisted trade unionists win 1.9m from building firms