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I like it!

Burn your MAGA hat:


CASHIN' IN - Trump Made at Least $479 Million Last Year

In some ways I wish Obama had run the presidency like Trump is now

***BREAKING***: Benedict Donald made nearly 479 million in 2018 !!!

Lois Lane Attempts Being Black For A Day. LOL...Who wouldn't?

Alabama boycott builds as states retaliate against abortion law

Someone needs to write a comedy where suddenly all men can get pregnant

California will get snow and possibly two months worth of rain from back-to-back-to-back 'atmospheri

Alabama's antiabortion governor urges respect for life, will oversee a 7th execution

Half of Americans are just one paycheck away from financial hardship

The trump administration wants to send our nuclear waste to this Nevada mountain....

North Korea launches missiles into the Sea of Japan

Anti abortion legislation must include payment for pain, suffering and risk of life

China has a $3.65 trillion war chest to counter US tariffs

Wash U Becomes Hub Of Midwest Summit To Fight Climate Change

West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women in its 217-year history

Wash U Becomes Hub Of Midwest Summit To Fight Climate Change

May space pirates devour your liver

Trump's Immigration Plan Faces Cold Reception Even Within GOP

UK raises threat level for British forces in Iraq and Gulf

Chelsea Manning ordered back to jail for defying grand jury subpoena

May agrees to set her exit date after Brexit bill vote

May agrees to set her exit date after Brexit bill vote

U.S.'s Evidence of Iran Threat Readied for Release by Pentagon

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Biggest Loser!

Pull me under has over 100 rhythm changes and the kids at O'Keefe Music Foundation nail it .

Nunes, or Rohrabacher?

Colorado police officer resigns after video shows him pulling gun on black man picking up trash

Found a coping techniqu!

Pure bliss. You'll be "blown away"!!

Russellville Mayor Richard Harris has scheduled a meeting for 9 a.m. Friday at City Hall

Five more US states sue Purdue Pharma over its role in opioid crisis

Would 5000 Blacks, Latinos, other immigrants or minorities show up at a trump rally and...

Bernie Sanders' Nuclear Waste Votes Divide Texas Activists

Grateful Parkland Students Honor Therapy Dogs With Yearbook Page

Trump wants his border barrier to be painted black with spikes. He has other ideas, too.

UW coach Mike Hopkins named assistant for USA U19 World Cup team

Let's not forget Dr. George Tiller...

NYPD lieutenant texted 'not a big deal' after being told of Eric Garner's death

Results of spring flooding are in - All crops except peanuts are behind on planting

Venezuelan opposition and government to hold crisis talks

Trump's America would go it alone against Iran (Menafn-Asia Times)

When Washington legalized abortion, before Roe v. Wade

4th death of migrant child since December raises new alarms

4th death of migrant child since December raises new alarms

Anybody watching Rachel Maddow? She's got a really juicy new court filing

Poaching is sending the shy, elusive pangolin to its doom

Spray foam-encased kitten rescued by Oregon garbage worker

Officer quits after confronting black man picking up trash

Who's sponsoring these anti-abortion bills?

Seattle-area health organizations donate $15M to fight homelessness

How does your state and region stand if Roe "falls": a state by state analysis

Sanctity of life, my ass!

Does anyone know what channel the House is reading the Mueller report on?

"I have had my fun..." Howlin' Wolf --'Goin' Down Slow'

Here's a RW reply to Samatha Bee's "Sex Ed for Senators"

Tomi Lahren: Alabama's abortion ban 'doesn't save life and forces women into dangerous methods'

Judge rips insurance company for 'immoral, barbaric' cancer denials

From Georgia to Gorka, the GOP was One Fat Stack of Sweaty Assholes This Week (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Tallahassee officer solves case of lonely 6-year-old boy who called 911

CFPB Chief Says Education Department Is Blocking Student Loan Oversight

Tulsi Gabbard social media coordinator allegedly creates twitter hit list

MGM might pay $800 million in Las Vegas shooting settlement

Lawsuit targets strip searches of women at Michigan jail

Maine Senate passes bill giving state's electoral votes to national popular vote winner

Mueller Report: So then candidate Trump was talking to Rick Gates about using Wikileaks ....

White House Blesses Online Radicalization, Extremism And Hate

Sharing an incredible post from a friend about Alabama

Trump's new tool for collecting social-media-bias stories has one unusual question on it: Are you a

Board reverses clearing of officer in veteran detention

Wisconsin Supreme Court conservatives attack lame-duck arguments

A question about GoT, regarding Varys.

Angela Merkel Identifies U.S. as Global Rival That, Along With China and Russia, Europe Must Unite A

Rep. Jim McGovern

Wanna Win in 2020? GOP Voters Support Sander's Plans!

Tackle white supremacy as terrorism, experts say

Tackle white supremacy as terrorism, experts say

Trump sending '500 migrants a month' to Florida Democratic strongholds ByMATT DIXON

The true story behind the aircraft that drew a giant penis in the sky

We are burning ourselves to death

The FCC's Robocall Plan Sounds Awfully Familiar

Dear TV Talking Heads: The Shittiest Cake Ever

How Making History Unmade A Family

Ella me dijo que by The Band Fleeb

Feds: US Supreme Court should turn down 'Bridgegate' appeal

Hillary was out and about last night in NY.

China has cut its holdings of US debt to the lowest level in two years amid trade tensions

House passes bills to lower drug prices but leaves Republicans fuming over Obamacare provisions

Ireland Prime Minister says protest is 'allowed' and 'welcome' for Trump's visit

Biden for President Campaign Kickoff Rally in Philadelphia

The Daily Show: The Kid Gloves Come Off

When Im Sixty-Four

Trump's latest immigration plan came with no Democratic outreach

The Daily Show: Guest Valerie Jarrett - "Finding My Voice" and the Journey to the Obama White House

Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the Center or Trump May Contest Election Results

Mueller testimony to Congress stalled by Executive Privilege claim

Solfeggio tones/music are amazing tools !!!

Seth Meyers - Alabama's New Abortion Ban - Monologue - 5/15/19

Seth Meyers - Alabama's Abortion Ban; Trump's War on Congress: A Closer Look

Today's immigration speech was just a free campaign speech

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 17, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Gary Merrill

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 18, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Starring Lena Horne

Healthcare: how do you feel about having your encounter with your healthcare provider RECORDED?

David Pakman Show - DISASTER: Germany Hints US No Longer an Ally Under Trump

The socialism I believe in isn't really politics. It is a way of living.

*from Brian Williams show, Chris Matthews interview with dem steel worker in Penna:

Judge Orders Release of Flynn Transcripts

While looking at videos of Molly Tuttle and her family I came across a video I hadn't seen -

Trump's Tariffs Are Like a Massive Tax Hike

Who else heard Rachel's remark "why isn't Trump being impeached right now?".

Found on Facebook. Abortion. How to help.

Wild polio cases are already double YTD numbers from last year, all in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Kamala Harris invokes South Asian heritage in response to Trump's immigration plan

Kamala Harris calls Trump immigration plan 'short-sighted'

As Suicides Rise, Insurers Find Ways to Deny Mental Health Coverage

Silly Bullsnake Story

F-16 fighter jet crashes near March Air Reserve Base in California; pilot safely ejects

Watching Sen. Michael Bennet on Seth Meyers.

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 19, 2019 - Written by Horton Foote

Taiwan Parliament approves gay marriage bill!

TCM Schedule for Monday May 20, 2019 - Dolores Del Rio

First Lady Mrs. Inslee:

Jimmy Kimmel Live: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Running for President

Beethoven: "String Quartet 7", Takacs Quartet/Chopin: "Les Sylphides"

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Jr. to Testify Before Republican-led Senate

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out big pharma executive for his corporation's pricing thuggery

'A Capitol Fourth' will go on separate from Trump's planned July 4 celebration.

Officer quits after confronting black man picking up trash

Jimmy Fallon - Alabama Passes Law Restricting Women's Reproductive Rights

A massive Gulf oil spill is finally being contained after more than 14 years

Original vocal and a smooth instrumental version:

Lawyer: Cop who killed Texas woman knew she was mentally ill

Abortion-rights groups challenge restrictions on providers

Columbia University to produce Obama presidency oral history

Speed bag

Been keeping late nites to my detriment. But this, just on CBS Overnite News.

"Sovereign Citizen" Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Fraud Scheme

Handy tip for the resistance..

Miami Man Pleads Guilty To Participating In $1.5 Million Apple Pay Fraud Conspiracy

Former Harrisburg Businessman Pleads Guilty To Defrauding Pennsylvania College Faculty Union

Colombia's ruling party wants to dismantle war crimes tribunal

Front Man Pleads Guilty to $550 Million Ponzi Scheme--One of the Largest Ever Charged in Maryland

US senators express concern over Colombia military promotions of alleged war criminals

US senators express concern over Colombia military promotions of alleged war criminals

How the DEA and Colombia's prosecution could have broken the law in attempt to nab FARC leader

Rhode Island Property Preservationist Indicted for Fraud, Money Laundering, Aggravated Identity

Court Lifts Banking Secrecy in Flvio Bolsonaro and Ex-Advisor Investigation

Opinion: U.S.-Iran war wouldn't be a cakewalk

Demonstrators in More than 170 Cities Protest against Education Budget Cuts in Brazil

Teachers hope summer vacation comes before budget passed

Brazil's President Blasts Media, Prosecutors Over Probe

Brazil's President Blasts Media, Prosecutors Over Probe

Old Manse Boathouse, Concord MA

Meanwhile, Trump's approval rating is absolutely cratering in his favorite poll-Rasmussen 45%

My work 'husband' is voting for the Brexit Party and I want to smash his face in

Ducey to decide on bill to slightly move up primary

State inspectors visited six Southwest Key facilities. Here's what they found.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, May 17, 2019

Wells Fargo Personal Banker Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Charges

Not enough vaccine: Asylum seekers awaiting rulings face chickenpox outbreak

Problem with 'Numbers'

B-52 bomber moved from Davis-Monthan's boneyard to return to service


Pinal County farmers make another plea for $20M from state to drill wells

MEANWHILE......May 16th. 🤣

Bruce Franks Will Resign From Missouri House To Focus On His Mental Health

Bruce Franks Will Resign From Missouri House To Focus On His Mental Health


Customer Service Employees Are Desperate to Escape Phoenix's Water Department


Grey whale deaths on U.S. West Coast may be linked to Arctic warmth

Air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body', reveals global review

Developer George Johnson Loses $21M to Ex-County Supervisor Andy Kunasek

Defense firm's 'excess profits' land in Congress's crosshairs

Childish I know....but....

Khashoggi's fiancee urges US to hold Saudis accountable

Phoenix Is Forcing Its Blue-Collar Workers Into a Contract, Union Leader Says

The Washington Post's "Cartel of the Suns" Theory is the Latest Desperate Excuse for Why the Coup At

The Washington Post's "Cartel of the Suns" Theory is the Latest Desperate Excuse for Why the Coup At

Koalas are 'functionally extinct', say campaigners

Spina bifida: Keyhole surgery repairs baby spine in womb

Utah legislator questions Salt Lake City mayoral candidate's role on air quality board as 'political

The Con has been implicated in the Mueller report

Eyewitness in Venezuela: a 14-year Perspective

It appears that General Flynn is about to help Trump and Barr get to the "origins" of investigation?

65 Years Ago Today; Brown vs Board of Education ruling outlaws racial segregation in public schools

Utah plans to demolish Capitol office building, buy American Express campus in Taylorsville

What 50 Countries are Backing Guaid? Who Knows? Who Cares? If the Media Say It Enough It Must Be Tr

Military recruitment, retention challenges remain, service chiefs say

Democrats look to pot, local sales tax for additional education money

The Pompeo/Bolton Tag Team

The Pompeo/Bolton Tag Team

Wisconsin Farmer Tells Fox News Suicides, Bankruptcy Rising in Rural U.S. Amid China Trade War

Easy Fish Craft

Nevada may sway 2020 race, unfortunately

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn says cross-party talks have 'gone as far as they can'

Trump now wants his wall to be black with spikes

We don't have universal healthcare and we pay $2K to get pills it costs people in other countries $8

32 Years Ago Today; USS Stark attacked by Iraqi AF jet; 37 US Sailors killed

Bowel cancer rates rising 'among young adults'

Nevada bans trans, gay panic defense

Revealed: air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body'

Sisolak signs bill to rein in "surprise billing"

Just looking at the Alabama Tourism Facebook page

Pre-emptive lie debunking for the potential Iran War

The Alabama, Georgia and Missouri anti abortion bills are

Clark County School District teachers authorize strike

Low-fat diet helps reduce risk of dying from breast cancer, study finds

15 Years Ago Today; The first legal same-sex marriages in the U.S. are performed in the state of MA

Reform of 1872 law would make Barrick, Newmont pay federal mineral royalties

TGIF. WHO wants to have some fun?

Harris takes aim at Trump's new immigration plan during Las Vegas campaign stops

Today's DAILY NEWS cover

Wow, David Letterman's voice sure has changed.

Sad news, Grumpy Cat has died

A test for our Judical system.

Patriarchy 2019 - so last bloody century, and the century before that.

Lawmakers vote to cut millions from school safety and higher ed budgets, raise per-pupil school fund

Taiwan's government legalize same-sex marriage in 1st for Asia

As Florida officials brace for immigrant influx, is Trump making good on "sanctuary cities" threat?

Work: everyday I come here and everyday those people bother me

Explain this abortion position to me.

Who was the unknown "Congressman" mentioned in the unredacted Flynn testimony?

Mercury From Air Pollution Released To Surface Waters As Tibet's Glaciers Melt

Tanker crash spills 3,000 gallons of sulfuric acid into Nevada creek

Contaminants From Camp Fire Washing Downstream; Mercury, Antimony, Iron, Lead, Cadmium, More

Congress Can't Even Get After-The-Fact Disaster Relief Right, Let Alone Preparing For Climate Crash

Elizabeth Warren knows what we're facing and she has plans, from Fox News to Facebook

Grumpy Cat has died. The Internet-famous feline with the perpetually miserable mug was 7.


$8 billion Nevada K-12 education budget includes teacher raises

In Less Than 30 Years, Thwaites & Pine Island Glaciers' Rate Of Ice Loss Up 500%

Friday TOONs - Reports from the Confederacy of Gilead

Nevada reaches tentative settlement of $80 million for Washoe Valley wildfire

John Cornyn "Takes On" Climate Collapse With Bullshit (Taxes Bad!! Technology!! Carbon Capture!!)

MGM Resorts says it might pay $800 million in shooting settlement

Rachel Maddow: 'How Is The President Not Being Impeached For Obstruction Of Justice Right Now?'

Kamala Harris invokes South Asian heritage in response to Trump's immigration plan

Las Vegas student filmed singing lyrics with racial slurs

If one were to give 'Murika an enema, Alabama would be the place of insertion. nt

Democrats Demand Investigation Into Mitch McConnell's Russia Payoff

The Road to Hell is paved with Republicans

"OMG, it's dead on" (re: It Can't Happen Here)

All those posting your belief there will be no justice...

Top of Pete's Security issues page: Climate Crisis

Only an Expert can deal with the Problem

Elizabeth Warren Just Dropped a Plan for Fighting the Alabama Abortion Ban

Mueller Report: So then candidate Trump was talking to Rick Gates about using Wikileaks ....

'He's a man alright! If he wasn't such a funny looking thing I would give him a kiss.'

Rpt: Trump administration gives $62 million earmarked for struggling farmers to corrupt Brazilian br

Let's pass a woman's heartbeat law

"If male politicians could get pregnant..."

AZ Students Learn: Their Legislators Don't Care Unless It's Meaningless; Certainly Not On Climate

The Rundown: May 16, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Naomi" #5

John Wick 3

Exactly all of this

The origin of Super Villains: Red Skull

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat has died

(Florida) Panhandle county that backed Trump among Russian hacking victims

Who The Fuck Does Trump Hang With? Friend Had Osama Bin Laden's Phone Number Used To Find Him

Bernie Sanders: 65 years after Brown vs Board of Ed, segregation remains in our classrooms

Should We Choose a Candidate Based on Age, Race and Sex?

🔸Reinvest in Public Education and Teachers

Bernie Sanders: Banks have been ripping off Americans for too long. I have a plan to end it

U.S. Sanctions Chechen Officials Responsible for Torture and Detention of Gay Men

Tucker rhymes with "pucker," "sucker," & . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's festering boil.

🔥 Bernie 2020 Rally in Asheville, North Carolina

This is so pure 🥑💚

The grim next step in criminalizing abortion - repeal of the 19th amendment

What's for Breakfast, Friday 17 May, 2019

Brexit Means Brexit

Sweetest guy ever 💞

The Electables - May 15, 2019 Act 2 - Full Frontal on TBS

5 Things Kids Learn From Dogs

Disqualifying: Biden gave paid speech supporting repuke in 2018

Back to School with Kamala Harris - May 15, 2019 Act 3 - Full Frontal on TBS

RCP Average National Polls - Biden dips below 40%

New crop-destroying pest enters China amid devastating swine fever epidemic

7 Interesting Things We Learned When We Asked the World About Misinformation Online

Trump may cancel a planned trip to Ireland because he wants to meet at his own private golf course.

"Women should feel free to be so dominated." Tucker Carlson's logic re: Albama's abortion law.

It only takes one great friend to make you feel at home in the world.

Connecticut Senate gives final approval to $15 minimum wage; Gov. Ned Lamont pledges to sign bill

Stable Genius Individual 1 EXPOSES "the ridiculous Catch & Telease loophole!" Ridiculous! #Telease

High Court Bans School Segregation; 9-To-0 Decision Grants Time to Comply

For the November, 2020 elections, we need to finally do what we

Social issues mean different things to people of different color, and it really shouldn't.

Attacks on Regular Joe

Under Four Months Until the Special Election, NC-09 Remains in Toss Up

Roy Moore wants judge removed, order vacated in Sacha Baron Cohen lawsuit

Trumpist Wall Donors Now Worrying It Was a Scam

Britain Cucks Trump: "No Increased Threat" from Iran

Trump Delays Auto Tariffs in Press for Deal With Japan, Europe.

Trump just accused the media of being "DANGEROUS" in its "fraudulent" coverage of Iran

Genetic self-experimenting "biohacker" under investigation by health officials

15 years ago today, Hillary and Julie Goodridge married after the first state allowed gay marriage

Social Europe podcast #41 Will Marshall: Progress and populism in the US and Europe

Fred's closing 104 more stores, including 8 in Alabama; complete list of closing locations


I want to get the "Lenny" program for my home phone!

Anti-abortion people used to say 'Even the Nazis outlawed abortion!' Failed to say NOT FOR JEWS

Amount of carbon stored in forests reduced as climate warms

Perspective: New abortion laws won't return us to a pre-Roe era. They'll do much worse.

How plants are working hard for the planet

When white kids go full Nazi it's somehow OUR fault, because reasons

There needs to be a sweeping omnibus birth Bill introduced

Political cartoon: I know it's a small thing to be angry about

New research finds unprecedented weakening of Asian summer monsoon

Trump's Termination of DACA Program Unlawful, 4th Cir. Rules (1)

Ernst Grassley vote to seat Wendy Vitter Federal Judge. fact free loon

Mayor and 'Foreign Minister': How Bernie Sanders Brought the Cold War to Burlington

The Twit tweets: It now seems the General Flynn was under investigation long before was common...

183 Republicans vote against making prescription drugs cheaper

How Climate Change Will Affect the Rural Northeast: Expect Three Weeks of Heat

Uber, Lyft drivers manipulate fares at National Airport, causing artificial price surges

New mission boosts understanding of how ocean melts Antarctic ice sheet

Ignore the latest tweets - A Timeline of the Con's Comments on 'out like Flynn'

Question for people who build houses

Trump Administration to LGBT Couples: Your 'Out of Wedlock' Kids Aren't Citizens

Barr suggests Comey, Clapper, Brennan were plotting against President Trump.

Obama announces new DNC unity fund

Trump licensed his name to scammers who sold a hole in the ground for $125,000.

Barr: "I think if I had been falsely accused I would be comfortable saying it was a witch hunt."

Biden leads Dems by 18 points, followed by Sanders and Warren 😎

New video released of the Aeroflot 1492 crash in Moscow

Ohio State Knew About Sexual Abuse By Team Doctor As Early As 1979

Regarding Impeachment

Andrew Yang on Women's Reproductive Rights

Andrew Yang on Women's Reproductive Rights.

Report: Ohio State leaders knew about team doctor's abuse

Tulsi Gabbard's Campaign Is Being Boosted by Russophiles

Bernie Sanders: Banks have been ripping off Americans for too long. I have a plan to end it

Fox News: People with $100 million are poor.

Experienced strategists tell Reuters they believe Biden's frontrunner position is likely sustainable

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) -- Watch LIVE Now: (Pre Rally Entertainment)

I was looking up articles for next week's Top 10. Saw this one. OMFG.

Ever get the feeling that the world is trying to tell you something?

ADL on Roper...the face of Arkansas hate.

VP Biden and the Cancer Moonshot

Bernie Sanders: 65 years after Brown vs Board of Ed, segregation remains in our classrooms

George Clooney's 6 episode production of Catch 22 on Hulu

"One day, that'll be me behind the wheel"

Pilot Captures Incredible Thunderstorm Photo from 37,000 Feet

LOL! Woman on Fox & Friends First is NOT happy reading their latest poll results

Pelosi Hillary, others on House floor comments as they are about to pass #EqualityAct today, ....

Don't forget -- We can't call them 'racist' lest their feels get hurt:

'Caine Mutiny,' 'Winds of War' author Herman Wouk has died

House passes bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Author Herman Wouk dies at 103

Joe Biden Has Trump Terrified and Reeling In Pennsylvania

As Trump considers using the Insurrection Act to round up immigrants...

Grumpy the famous scowling cat has died!

I think this war on abortion has a lot to do with the fact that white people are becoming a minority

Is Trump playing chicken with Iran or is he a chicken?

Trump: At least Iran doesn't know what to think, which at this point may very well be a good thing!

And another corrupt Ohio Rep..

"I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes"

Three rivalling scammers fighting over the same victim (who's actually trolling them).

Barr considering possible rule changes at DOJ in wake of Russia investigation: report

Now Car Dealerships Are Getting in on the Call Spoofing Game

Bill Barr is a dumbass.

PA Primary May 21

CNN: Now we know why Donald Trump was SO focused on Michael Flynn

What about abortions for Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.?

For George RR Martin book lovers, please see this video

"Tales from the Coup" (NYS, 2009)

'This was abysmal': Nearly 1 million disgruntled 'Game of Thrones' fans demand a final season remake

U.S. reaches deal with Canada, Mexico to lift steel, aluminum tariffs, clearing key obstacle to pass

South Korea to donate $8M in humanitarian aid to North

Collapse of our Democracy is a Barr joke...

Michael Flynn told Mueller people connected to Trump admin or Congress attempted to influence him

Dog rescues baby buried alive in field in Thailand

Gloria Steinem on keeping the women's movement 'revolutionary' - PBSNewsHour (on abortion, too)

Pressure mounts on Google to pull ads for anti-abortion clinics that 'deceive women'

Bill Barr joins Lindsey Graham and Sean Hannity in Trump's colon.

The Christians are out with their opposition to the LGBQT bill that just passed in the House

Missouri lawmakers approve bill banning abortions at 8 weeks

Trump plans to release thousands of migrants in two Democratic strongholds, Florida officials say

Dam Failure On Guadalupe River, Near New Braunfels Texas (Video Monitor Footage)

Haunting 'mothership' shelf clouds sweep through Wisconsin along intense storm complex (Photos)

"Why Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Quit" (2016) by Harry Cheadle, writer of the attack on Biden

Joe Biden Has Trump Terrified And Reeling In Pennsylvania

Gallup--Less Than Half in U.S. Would Vote for a Socialist for President

German parliament declares Israel boycott campaign antisemitic

Jeff Davis Highway In Arlington Is No More

One issue the Democrats must exploit is how republicans want to deny an abortion to a woman who has

Trump caves on tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum...

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Struggling. Will Abortion Rights Be Her Rallying Cry?

US airstrike accidentally killed as many as 17 policemen fighting Taliban

Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to disrupt elections

Who here has had experience with the ACA?

How Will Democrats' Move Away From Caucuses Affect The 2020 Race?

Bernie Sanders will call for ban on for-profit charter schools

Brexit talks collapse, setting up Theresa May's likely departure

No one claims to

Newborn taken off of life support

Broken clock tweet by Tomi Lahren:

🔥 Rally with Bernie in Charlotte, North Carolina

Latest absurdity is shocking

ICE to hire contractor to transport 225,000 migrants to shelters across the US

Comey, Sally Yates and Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn-now Trump says he was NOT warned.....

Asshole on MSNBC sez Barr was confirmed with "bipartisan support."

Insurer says Iran's Guards likely to have organized tanker attacks

Game of Thrones

How a Mount Rainier eruption could impact Seattle vs. the South Sound

Devastating OpEd by Alexandra Petri: When Life Begins and Ends

Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow

Barr Says Review of Russia Probe Could Spark Rule Changes

White House leaves open possibility of invoking Insurrection Act to remove migrants

Brown v. Board at 65: A Promise Unfulfilled

How a cheap, brutally efficient grocery chain is upending America's supermarkets

Sharia law, Alabama-style:

Rick Wiles: 'We Are Going to Impose Christian Rule in this Country'

Sailors Created 'Rape List' Aboard Navy's 2nd Sub to Integrate Women

Iran Crisis or 'Circus'? A Weary Middle East Wonders

Knowing I will be chided, I'm going to relate a personal anecdote:

Trump Pardons Former GOP Lawmaker Who Served Time After FBI Sting

This weekend's seasonal "blue moon" will be the last of this decade. Saturday night's sky in DC:

Warren, Gillibrand: Pass federal law to protect abortion rights from state legislatures

Farmers are losing patience with Trump's trade war

Puppet Bernie Sanders said it "made his day" to meet real @BernieSanders @Salvage_station

The latest Tweet from The Onion demonstrates the many ways in which Trump has killed "satire."

Future of workers uncertain as third-biggest US coal company declares bankruptcy

Republican Michigan senator Kim LasSata says abortions should be 'painful' for women

Empress Ki OST theme

Self help guru Tony Robbins is a sexual pervert, among other things -

Texas may pass a "Save Chick-fil-A" bill

To all the forced birthers:

Second U.S. appeals court rules Trump cannot end protections for 'Dreamers'

John Hickenlooper on the Equality Act passage

South Carolina GOP Asked to Defend the Electoral College

The Memo: Trump's new immigration plan finds few friends

Won't Get Fooled Again on Classroom Instruments

Cenk Uygur to make "important announcement"

More than 3300 people were in attendance at Asheville Rally

Superrich investors spooked by China and 'black swans' raise cash to levels not seen in years

Orban Says He Discussed Missiles and Natural Gas With Trump (US News & World Rpt)

Trump delays auto tariffs for 180 days

Treasury, IRS set to miss subpoena deadline on Trump tax returns

Natasha Bertrand speculates the unnamed person in Congress is

Trump's immigration push faces Capitol Hill buzzsaw

A Long Talk With Seth Moulton

Bernie's mystery Soviet tapes revealed


Anyone use TracFone? Getting lots of Update messages

Trump shot a 68 in his first round of the year:

Solipsism and Solipsists in Religion Settings

New bird in my back yard - Blue-headed Vireo

"Consensual Rape"

House Equality Act Extends Civil Rights Protections to Gay and Transgender People

a horse name Covfefe, yes, that Covfefe just won a race today at Pimlico

Was pilot error a factor in the Boeing 737 Max crashes?

Boeing finishes software update for grounded 737 Max

Washington is No. 1! Or is that No. 22?

Tulsi Gabbard's Campaign Is Being Boosted by Putin Apologists

Sanders set to become first 2020 candidate to call for ban on for-profit charter schools

Shifting blame on pilots to avoid responsibility


The Supreme Court could hear another gay wedding cake case

Europe's far-right divided over Russia as Salvini stages pre-election rally in Milan

The White House's latest Mueller absurdity is shocking. Even for Trump.

RIP Grumpy Cat (aka Tartar Sauce)

HUD's Ben Carson broke law with furniture order, GAO says

'Game Of Thrones' Showrunners Disappointed With How Quality Of Fans Has Dropped Off Over Past Couple

Anti-Abortion Laws Hurt Women in More Ways Than Some Might Imagine

1 arrested after Bellevue College evacuated due to threat

Why I'm Not a Socialist

Missouri lawmakers send strict antiabortion bill to governor, joining a wave of conservative states

First-Ever Image of a Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Burst Shows Light Exploding Out of a Thundercloud in Asi

Trump knocks Mulvaney for casting doubt on chances of infrastructure deal

King Tut Wore Ancient, Meteor-Blasted Yellow Glass

Judge rules Pepe the Frog copyright lawsuit against InfoWars will go to trial

Veteran speaks out for women's rights

Large Mound in Russia Reveals 2,500-Year-Old Skeletons of Elite Nomadic Tribesmen...And a Horse Head

Ron Howard to shoot 'Hillbilly Elegy' in Georgia despite abortion bill boycott

Octopuses May Go Blind As Climate Change Sucks Oxygen Out of the Ocean

Cartoons 5/17/19

Those who have dismissed Warren as "unlikable," "unrelatable" or "unelectable" . . .

Both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter released from hospital

3 Fires at Jewish Centers in Massachusetts Were "Intentionally Set"

Pete Buttigieg says Pence is advancing 'homophobic policies'

Trumps "tax cut" taxing students like trust fund babies

Trump Judge who endorsed theory that abortion causes cancer confirmed by senate

Steve Mnuchin has defied a subpoena from the House Ways and Means Committee for Trump's taxes

Along w/false foreign policy impression, they imply he paid no attention to municipal matters.

White House confirms Trump is considering using the military to remove immigrants

AFT Union President Weingarten calls the Sanders plan on charter schools 'vitally important'

Hey! what's good around here?

Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain

Federal appeals court rules against Trump on ending DACA

Language lesson of the day: Use the word "anecdote"properly

This dude stopped by ❣️

If a six weeks pregnant Alabama woman is convicted of a felony ...

I think we just do not use the word Traitor enough.

Venezuela's Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists Say

Miami Cop Who Accidentally Shot Publix Shopper Happens to be a Firearms Instructor.

Janis Ian: Society's Child with commentary by Leonard Bernstein

Janis Ian: Married In London

What Would Jesus Do?

"somewhat jejune analysis"

I'd Rather Be A Russian

Al Franken brought us SNL's 'Colon Blow!'

scientists have shown that eating ultra-processed foods leads to weight gain in little as 2 weeks


Kamala Harris wants public defenders to get paid as much as prosecutors

Pennsylvania School Shooting Training Video Depicts Shooter in a Muslim Headdress

Sen. Amy Klobuchar talks about the new abortion laws on 'The View'

Toronto created more High Tech jobs last yr than San Fran, Washington DC, NY & Seattle combined!

Abortions Cause Cancer According to Confirmed Trump Judicial Nominee

Bernie's mystery Soviet tapes revealed (by Politico)

'A Capitol Fourth' will go on separately from Trump's planned July 4 celebration

Bizarre Form of Hot Ice Seen

Trump is charging his campaign Trump 2020 rent for being based at the Trump Tower.

My Sweet Lord

Robert DeNiro opens up about his gay dad

Heard this morning on MSNBC

Reporter details why residents are leaving Trump Tower

We have fallen down the rabbit hole.

You raised 0.00 on May 16, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Saw this today on FB, and had to catch my breath...

Meghan McCain on ABCs 'The View' question

Kamala Harris wants public defenders to get paid as much as prosecutors

Maybe we need new messaging about reproductive rights...

District Attorneys from across metro Atlanta say they won't prosecute women for abortions.

Bill Morneau on Andrew Scheer:

Trump declares some auto imports pose national security threat

Trump declares some auto imports pose national security threat


Toyota slams Trump's move to label auto imports a security threat (Asian review)

Grumpy Cat dead at age 7.

Trump's diversion of billions for border wall faces first U.S. court test

We KNOW Obama did warn Trump about Flynn & Hope Hicks & Steve Bannon told FBI that too

Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Democrat's Game Plan - The View

New York seizes state's oldest credit union after ex-CEO's embezzlement plea

A Trump Project Left Hundreds With A Literal Hole In The Ground

Google has given $150,000 in free ads to opaque anti-abortion group

Remember this?

#ETTD: It looks like Tiger Woods won't make the cut

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 17, 2019

Jonathan Pie's latest rant....

2020 US Senate Election- Could Democrats win AL and KS if-

Correction to my earlier tweet about Gym Jordan & the House Committee on Education and Labor:

Americas best christian

Email from Warren: It's time to fight back. And I've got a plan.


Wow, that's a cover? Bette Davis Eyes

800 827 1000. Called the VA today about loan eligibility

Tabaco y Chanel

Ghost Guns Are Everywhere in California

Serious question

Remember "outrage"? For those who have not encountered this term or for whom

"As president, I would re-enter the Iran nuclear deal," - Tulsi Gabbard

Heads up, Beto fans. He will be live on Hardball tonight.

Trump's Un-American Immigration Plan

Step by step: Democrats play the long game against Trump

Amazon to build a $100 Million cargo hub at Lakeland airport.

All GoT episodes, ranked by (Rotten Tomatoes) Tomatometer


Saudi Arabian State Media Urges U.S. To 'Hit Iran Hard' With Punitive Airstrikes

May's Full Flower Moon Saturday Is, Somehow, a Blue Moon. Here's Why

'Shocked By Turn Of Events': Belleville Mayor On Partial Closure Of Lindenwood's Illinois Campus

Obama Unveils Unity Fund To Build A Strong Party To Topple Trump

St. Louis Aldermen Point To County In Effort To Impose Tougher Ethics Rules


This Yellow Egyptian Glass Was Forged by a Meteorite Impact 29 Million Years Ago

Local Elections - More Important than 2020?


Logan's Run: 2032

Is this the Democrats' Dream Ticket?

So, how about sanctuary cities for women who need abortions?

Orwell-told you so

So Donald! You say that you have nothing to hide?

Mueller's House testimony likely off until at least June

SHITLER "doesn't know much about much but knows war helps reelection"

Free Preakness Past Performances....

Ron Reagan on Hardball. More brains in his little toe than Trickle Down Daddy!

Mexican reporter Francisco Romero Daz shot dead in Playa del Carmen