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Mexican reporter Francisco Romero Daz shot dead in Playa del Carmen

say this 3 times fast .."Bagged a baddie"

Have you seen the new Tom Steyer's TV commercial?

Here's how multinational corporations steal the vast majority of Ghana's natural wealth every year

Trump lawyers adopt Jim Jordan's playbook to fight Dem oversight

Here's how multinational corporations steal the vast majority of Ghana's natural wealth every year

NEW: Flynn reached out to Gaetz while cooperating w/ Mueller, telling him to "keep the pressure on"

Flynn contacted GOP Mueller critic while cooperating with special counsel

Talking Kitty pays their respects to Grumpy Cat.

GOP Takes $400K from Mogul Accused of Sexual Assault

Beto O'Rourke on Hardball: Video Link Inside

Don't read my screed because it may offend you

Morning Dew 10/18/74.

GOP have Trump paranoid on infrastructure.

Town Hall Wilkes-Barre, PA, Voters & Issues: Economy, Jobs, College Debt, More MSNBC

I'm so excited to see Joe's rally tomorrow!

Trump blames Obama for not warning him about Michael Flynn. Which Obama did.

Obama Unveils Unity Fund To Build A Strong Party To Topple Trump

Town Hall Wilkes- Barre, PA, Voters Discuss Issues With Chris Matthews MSNBC

Beyond Meat / Impossible Foods

Elder Orca J17's Health Declining, New Photos Show

Trump administration prepares to release Central American migrants 'across the entire nation'

KISS frontman Gene Simmons delivers briefing at Pentagon that has not seen a spokesperson in year

Stormy Daniels reaches settlement with Michael Cohen and her former attorney

Tiny E.Timor to become world's first plastic-neutral nation

'Pearls Before Swine' cartoon

Sources say US trade talks with China have stalled

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Alabama, Goddam!

Stocks close lower on news China trade talks have stalled

Talked to a climate change denier and learned

Dem Louisiana governor prepared to sign fetal 'heartbeat' ban

Trump's Latest Tariffs Could Mean Much Pricier Outdoor Gear

Hey Guys just posted a non-sensical question on

Biden tweet from yesterday:

HPE is buying Seattle supercomputer company Cray for $1.3B

Trump hotels should take in migrants

Trump's Immigration Strategy Is Dumber and Crueler Than Anyone Realizes

Kamala Harris: Still wondering

Farmers' bailout money went to Brazilians who bribed officials

Hear Duff McKagan's #MeToo-Inspired New Song 'Last September'

I Pray to the Great Creator that I live long enough to see,,,,,,

What's Really in Your Nutella?

Trump blames Obama for not warning him about Flynn

Leaked Documents Reveal 'Mindboggling' Spending at the National Rifle Association

At this time years ago Lieberman was leading one year and Bill Clinton was at 6% another.

Companies warn Trump trade war is about to hit consumers


So I blocked Fox "News" from my cable.

Court ordered review finds possibly thousands more cases of family separation

Friday Talking Points -- Trump's Immigration Hypocrisy

ACLU, Women's March to hold nationwide protests over abortion bans

Florida mayor on housing detained migrants: 'Bring them to the Trump hotels'

Brazil's Position on Trade and Venezuela Leaves It Isolated among BRICS Countries

Anyone know who streams Pelican Brief?

Homelessness surges in San Francisco while tech's richest grow richer

Violence has pushed thousands of children in Honduras and El Salvador out of school - almost 50%

FBI targets Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, GE, Philips in Brazil graft case - sources

University of California unions wear down workers with fifth one-day strike

STOP THE BANS: May 21(Tues) nationwide protests planned

Brazil to revamp Amazon Fund after finding irregularities -minister

Brazil to revamp Amazon Fund after finding irregularities -minister

GOP state lawmaker says he misspoke on 'consensual rape'

Seth Abramson Regarding Rule of Law

Toyota Rebukes Trump for Sending Message That Carmaker 'Not Welcomed' in U.S.

Real Time with Bill Maher up next:

De Blasio's Escape From New York Includes Iowa Voters' Welcome

Porter Ranch gas leak: Utility, regulatory failures led to biggest US gas leak

Acting secretary blocked Stephen Miller's bid for another DHS shakeup

Acting secretary blocked Stephen Miller's bid for another DHS shakeup

Venezuela Sells $570 Million From Gold Reserve Despite Sanctions

'The Caine Mutiny' By Herman Wouk: 'Strawberries' Trial Scene

Neo-Nazi pedophile who plotted "white jihad" machete murder of politician is jailed

Tax the wealthy and big companies for road repairs? Democrats are divided

A Rare Genetic Mutation Leads to Cancer. The Fix May Already Be in the Drugstore.

When the mower blade hits a rock, I go, "*SHIT/Damn*" - and keep going!1

Conservatives' junk science is having real consequences

By the end of his farce July 4th parade

How do we start mobilizing?

Listening to Lawrence O'Donnell about today's huge stinking Dump

Kansas' Kobach is weighing a Senate bid. National Republicans are ready to stop him.

Deja vu all over again...1974 Nixon political cartoon proves that history DOES repeat itself.

(Florida) Panhandle county that backed Trump among Russian hacking victims

In Defamation Lawsuit, a Trump Donor Acknowledges Providing Chinese Execs "Access" in US

Fruit and nut farmers in California plead for Trump tariff relief: 'It snowballed'

US drops steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico

Has your candidate taken the Indivisible pledge?

Comparison of Clinton impeachment, Nixon impeachment and Trump pre-impeachment

Dallas Catholic Diocese calls police raid 'sensational' and 'unnecessary'

I can't breathe

Whataburger says it plans to 'explore our options' including a potential sale. Here's what that mean

Where did these horseflies come from!!!

Bedbugs Menaced the Dinosaur Age Before Moving Into Our Mattresses

After $367.5 million, Texas gets no new child support computer software - just painful lessons

😁 Friday Night .....MEMES 😳 it starts our wordy but ends up...

What does the Trump team say to Russia behind closed doors? We're about to get a glimpse.

Wow just wow. Anyone watch CNN doc on Trump?

10 members of Aryan Knights prison gang indicted on racketeering charges

Acting Secretary Blocked Stephen Miller's Shakeup

Texas asserts sovereign immunity against Congress

Group keeps vow to sue UT again over race in admissions

House backs abortion bill after heated debate bogs down Legislature

I had a chance to ask Chris Pappas (NH-1) about demands for impeachment...

Shaub: A few ideas for action-oriented people

Apple expands ahead of new $1 billion Austin campus

Man accused in phishing scam stole almost $700,000 from city of Fort Worth, police say

Seth Meyers - President Trump's Merit-Based Immigration Plan - Monologue - 5/16/19

Texas Senate votes to allow people to carry guns without a license during disaster evacuations

Seth Meyers: Guest Sen. Michael Bennet's Own Daughters Mock Him for Being "Mild-Mannered"

Boeing says it has corrected simulator software of 737 MAX jets

Texas used money from the Help America Vote Act to help pay for its botched voter citizenship review

New York seizes state's oldest credit union after ex-CEO's embezzlement plea

Texas House passes Senate bill seeking to ensure "free speech" on college campuses

After Ukraine-Biden Scandal Fizzles, Trump Demands Probe Into China Ties

Ex-Oregon football star stops armed student at Oregon school

Ex-CIA officer Kevin Mallory sentenced to 20 years for spying for China

Louisiana Governor breaks with Dems, indicates he'll sign 'heartbeat' legislation

Trump takes war on abortion worldwide as policy cuts off funds

@Jim_Jordan claims report exonerates him. It does not. It says the sexual abuse was an open secret

WhatsApp hack: have I been affected and what should I do?

Kansas' Kobach is weighing a Senate bid. National Republicans are ready to stop him.

Reason and Emotion (WW2 propaganda film)

Homelessness surges in San Francisco while tech's richest grow richer

Pasadena police stop 'serial rapist' in the making after Houston man's arrest, chief says

Friday Night Moscow Mule Buzz. Ask me anything.

Lakewood Church warns of fake Joel Osteen account offering prayers for money

newly adopted doggo picture time

Likely bedtime history Putin is whispering to the Orange Blob

Bill Maher for the win on Trump China tariffs:

Liberal Redneck - Bama Bortion Ban

Who sent Barr? Who is behind the more and more apparent and successful attempt...

New Rules: Prig Brother

Samantha Bee: Sex ed for senators

CNN has Flynn Gaetz communication

In a new Fox News poll, 45% said Mueller is more trusted to tell the truth on the Russia investigati

Former 'Lost Boy' starts nonprofit in Africa

Drunk and tearing up a little over the sheer beauty of this...

Charities that help women travel to get a safe legal abortion

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/17/19

Just canceled my vacation and beach home rental on Alabama Gulf Shore, rental agent said many cancel

Kate Brown signs bill making Oregon first to offer free abortions for all

Congressman announces cancer diagnosis months after characterizing illness as a personal failing

'Shocking': Ohio State doc abused 177, officials were aware

Police can't force suspect to use fingerprint to unlock phone, Idaho federal judge rules

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trevor Noah on Oprah, The Daily Show & Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Releases Immigration Policy

Jimmy Kimmel Live: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Running for President

Former VA Podiatry Chief and Sacramento CEO Convicted for Health Care Fraud Scheme

Democrats should pass a PRO LIFE bill in the House. No, seriously.

Why are they investigating the "origins"?


Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/17/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Scott Pelley: The Most Important, Underreported News Story

Former Washington State Bank CEO Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Multi-Year Tax Fraud of more

Owners of Tucson Home Health Care Business Sentenced to Prison for Medicare Fraud Scheme

Texas bill would allow death penalty for women who get abortions

Missouri Lawmakers Close Out Session By Passing Eight-Week Abortion Ban

Mysterious rash of Russian deaths casts suspicion on Vladimir Putin



Eviction reform passed by state Legislature

Who knows some "prayers" are actually theurgy?

New state law provides Washington nurses with uninterrupted meal and rest breaks

Kodaly: "Variations On a Hungarian Folk Song", Mackerras

(opinion) The selfish case for saving bees: it's how to save ourselves

Psychiatric hospital with 105 beds proposed in Tacoma near 19th and Proctor

"Gandhiji, I'm angry."


Joe Biden can win the White House 😎,,,,,🎨

Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy -- and it's hard to delete

Bernie Sanders Speech To Volunteers - Charlotte North Carolina

Inslee bought stock in Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and other Washington companies in late 2018

Dear Du space force recruit training is awesome boog and man are in same platoon

Earl Scruggs And Friends - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

🔥 Bernie Unveils His K-12 Education Plan - Orangeburg SC

Distorting 'Democracy' in Venezuela Coverage

Distorting 'Democracy' in Venezuela Coverage

3:02am. Legs won't stop shaking. Ask me anything.

EPA to do Municipal Solid Waste Study of U.S. Virgin Islands Landfills

Bernie makes unannounced stop at the 9th Annual Taste of Black Columbia event Columbia, SC

Multiple people injured in shooting in Muncie near Ball State University

WAPA Cuts Power to 9,200 Customers on St. Croix Today; 4,100 on St. Thomas

The GoT author's big secret.

92 Years Ago Today; an anti-tax monster blows up an elementary school - 38 dead

The government is not strong enough to stop pharmaceutical price gouging or mass shootings...

USVI governor wants strong aerial highways

He is Our President, and we should support Him!

Firstbank Says Breach Was Related o Merchants Systems Where Account Holders' Debit Cards Were Used.

Standoff over venue threatens to derail Trump visit to Ireland

Acting secretary blocked Stephen Miller's bid for another DHS shakeup

Gittens Claims New Majority is Illegal, Calls for Session; Majority Responds With Stinging Rebuke

Dem Louisiana governor prepared to sign fetal 'heartbeat' ban

Flynn Contacted GOP Mueller Critic (Gaetz) While Cooperating

67 Years Ago Today; Jackie Cochran becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier

Midwestern Flooding Reveals Yet Another Infrastructure Risk - Damage/Destruction Of Pipelines

Frustrated JFL Employees Speak Out About USVI Government's Planned Use of $39.5M Medicaid Windfall

Buttigieg's Military Record

Louisiana - In Six Delta Parishes, Some Adaptation, More Migration As Populations Begin To Leave

Puerto Rico utility secures long-term financial recovery for bondholders

Trump admin denying citizenship to some children of same-sex couples

39 Years Ago Today; Mount St Helens erupts, killing Harry Truman (and others)

Utilities Have A Plan To Protect The Climate, Which Probably Won't Work - Weather Channel

Anyone from the film industry reading DU? Hollywood are you listening?

Poll Shows Support for Puerto Rico Statehood Stronger than for D.C.

Far right Austrian vice-chancellor resigns over secret video footage looking for Russian backing

Rossello Vows to Go to Any Forum to Prove Cutting Pensions is Unnecesary

So, last night we went to an old restaurant in another neighborhood...

Jury awards $30M in malpractice suit against surgeon, DCH

Watch the Blue Moon of May 2019 Rise Today in a Live Webcast!

A Look Inside the Trump Family Business....

SW FL teachers leaving in droves. Warn of bigger teacher shortages. Salary is the issue!

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones calls new abortion ban 'shameful'

The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

ADEM fines Alabama Power over ash pond pollutants

Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

The Hell of Working at Trump's New Favorite Network

Family questions how inmate jailed 17 months got pregnant

Many Trump judicial nominees won't affirm the Brown v Board ruling. That concerns some legal experts

Former Washington County revenue commissioner indicted for theft

Know your place

A special session on prisons is likely on the way

US pastor runs network giving 50,000 Ugandans bleach-based 'miracle cure'

As a gay Christian, Pete Buttigieg's visibility gives me strength

Birmingham mayor tweets in support of women, ACLU

Miami's flying car port is almost finished. And the flying cars are not far behind

We had our chance for justice

Fox News' Chris Wallace: Bill Barr 'Clearly Is Protecting' Trump

I wish there was an "Alert Undo" button

'But now that YOU'RE affected, he's a problem? Got it. '

Ole Miss professor slammed over political tweet gets tenure

Sexual harassment cases against Hinds County sheriff settled for $230,000

Why we must start Trump impeachment proceedings to force the courts to end obstruction

Remaining logic huzzah!

Mississippi Group Floats 'Medicaid Reform' Plan to Woo Republicans

Biden campaign releases two excerpts from the speech he'll give this afternoon

They will have to come up with something...

She called 911. Then she was killed. $1M awarded to family in suit against Jackson

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin Flabbergasted by Flynn DMs to Gaetz: 'He's Probably a Moron

You raised $20.00 on May 17, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Jury awards $3M to black strippers in discrimination case

Part of Ohio anti-abortion bill based on an article from 1917--yes, the 1917 from a century ago

Mayor Pete and the Order of the Kong: How Buttigieg's Harvard pals helped spur his rise in politics

Avoid Alabama, the "Back Alley" state.

DeVos equates lack of school choice with communist East Germany

Should racist insults be illegal?

Why 2020 Will Be Another Massive Blue Wave, and a GOP Bloodbath

Joe Biden heads to Philadelphia to give pitch on uniting the country

Here is the deal folks

Links to watch Biden's kickoff rally in Philly at 1 pm ET:

Congressman caught selling defective cars (PA republican scumbag)

East coaster needs relocation advice near San Francisco

Footballer Hector Bellerin calls on sport to oppose Alabama abortion ban

how about this for an immigration plan-

Beto O'Rourke on AM Joy on MSNBC (VIDEO LINK)

Elizabeth Warren calls Navient 'scammers' after student loan giant celebrates making the Fortune 500

Weekend TOONs - Coat-Hanger States of America

After Trump loses his 2020 re-election bid, can he run again in 2024?

Since the GOP and especially McConnell

Her Name Was Susan

Parenting tip from the cat

"No one talks about 'consentual rape.' Why is that?" Come CAPTION Rep. Barry Hovis, MO wackjob!!!

'Serving Men'

Here's a first look at FRONTLINE's newest documentary "Supreme Revenge."

PM Morrison claims victory in "miracle" upset (Australia)

Nicolle Wallace: Bill Barr Is 'The Most Dangerous Person That Works for Donald Trump'

Bernie Sanders: A Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education

How About A "Heartbeat Law Free Flight" Fund Organization?

An ode to Chris Farley

A Boat Made From Plastic Waste is One of Kenya's Solutions to a Global Problem Short Film Showcase

These 19 undocumented immigrants worked for Trump

''I Did My Best to Stop American Foreign Policy'': Bernie Sanders on the 1980s

SCOTUS Wife Ginni Thomas Floated Anti-Fraud Campaign For 'Questionable' Precincts

Can we really make it to November 2020 without at least starting impeachment investigations?

Tim Tam Slam 😋

If anyone thinks NYS's Attorney General doesn't mean business (that's you, donnie!) watch this:

How Bernie Sanders Got Rich Selling Books (just the facts)

BBQ 101: An Introduction to Smoked Meat

A GOP lawmaker used the phrase 'consensual rape' during abortion debate. He says he misspoke.

CNN: Sen. Bernie Sanders unveils his education policy plan, ...

Jim Jordan claims horrific report on sex abuse at Ohio State exonerates him. It doesn't.

This is what happens when people have TOO MUCH money

Just found this abortion testimony on Facebook. I don't know if

I just replaced a broken Led screen on my son's hp laptop

Does Impeachment put an automatic stop to all new nominations?

What's for Breakfast Saturday, 18 May 2019

Do you think its time Nadler punches someone right in the mouth?

Trump EPA approves expanded use of antibiotics in cash crops, despite objections from CDC and FDA

Abortion isn't just about tragedies. It's simply one part of reproductive health procedures.

Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Fix Racial Segregation In American Schools

🔥 Town Hall on Environmental Justice - Denmark, SC

the case for john bel edwards

House Speaker Glen Casada resigns from job at pharmaceutical company Merck

for answering the direct question, 'what are you. pro-abortion?'

Is not shaving a good idea?

We See You

I don't think I've ever seen "talking heads" on Maddow's show. It's unbecoming.

Trump campaign holds fundraising contest to win millionth 'MAGA' hat

How long before the hummingbirds come to our feeder??

If I am on a jury and it's about a doctor providing abortions because abortion is banned...

On twitter there seems to be those ripping Joe's call for national unity.

More than one million Londoners ready to demonstrate against US president, survey suggests

Happy National Cheese Souffle Day! 😋

Thinking of retiring in eastern Penn. Got any libruls there??

Judge fines Mongols motorcycle club $500,000, but group retains trademark

George Conway nails it.

Looks like Trump will be golfing on BrokeAss Mountain without any new love letters from Kim.

Rashida Tlaib's critics have Palestinian history all wrong

Argentina: Alberto Fernandez-Cristina Kirchner ticket announced

Argentina: Alberto Fernandez-Cristina Kirchner ticket announced

The Long and Lucrative Mirage of the Driverless Car

Helping hand for Caturday

Mueller Report, speculation about redacted stuff

No way should they be ALLOWED to SQUARE this CIRCLE

About the Issues: Political positions of Joe Biden

There needs to be an Estrogen Exodus out of these states

Photo: Lunch with Bernie in South Carolina

C-SPAN is carrying Joe's kickoff now.

Biden rally live on NBC News on Youtube

John Fugelsang on how it's possible to follow *both* Jesus and Dirty Dumpster Don

Planned Parenthood sues over Arizona abortion laws

Puyallup holds largest ever volcano evacuation drill

Fired school cafeteria worker in N.H. offered job back

Mayor Pete has a group of Harvard friends that may be...

Can you imagine traveling 20 miles every month to collect clean drinking water?

North Korea asks U.N. chief to address ship seizure by 'gangster' U.S.

Alexandra Rojas, Executive Director of Justice Democrats, is on CNN prior to Biden't speech....

US working on options to pressure Cuba and Russia out of Venezuela

Went to Bernie's rally in Asheville NC yesterday

Abortion bills push women's reproductive rights into political spotlight

Don't boycott

FEATURE-A new 'climate strike': Opting for no children as climate fears grow

In abortion debates, female lawmakers recount their rapes

Pete Buttigieg says Donald Trump 'paying lip service' to LGBT rights

"America gives hate no safe harbor."

USGA investigates after golf scores 'erroneously' recorded for Trump

Iran dismisses possibility of conflict, says does not want war

Loving this speech from Biden!!! look at the the facts not the alternative facts

Merit-based immigration should favor Afghan translators

Measles update: 10 North Creek students must stay home

Jill Biden's jacket has the word "love" on the back!

That would work

The Mendoza Line and Timmy Tebow

Remember!! 19th amendment women's right to vote passed by Congress June 4, 1919!!

Remember, Kids: Safety First!

Can't get enough of this!

Biden rejecting Democrats' anger in call for national unity

Jonathan Capehart: Gotta admit it: Joe Biden tore it up! Inspiring bookend to his launch.

🐦 May 19 - Sunday Meet the Press - Senator Sanders

Alexandra Rojas, Justice Democrats Knocking Biden's Speech

So a German Shepherd, a Doberman, and a cat die

Larry Sabato: No one can say Biden wasn't energetic. He didn't look like "Sleepy Joe" to me.

Somebody is trying to make #DemocratsForTrump happen...

I finally heard from Facebook about my "alerted-on" post

I just met a woman jump master

I am going to be at the El Barratel Refugee Camp this week

A horse died at Santa Anita on the same day another died at Pimlico

"Mr. pResident, what about that abortion bill?"

Elizabeth Warren calls Navient 'scammers' after student loan giant celebrates making the Fortune 500

Just in case you REALLY, REALLY want to lose all faith in mankind...

"Spying" makes so much sense doesn't it?

MSNBC, don't hype Joe's speech, then silence him. Seen this shit before.

Frank Figliusi: "Barr has become the kind of threat capable of doing severe harm"


It is Armed Forces Day, would like to share a little WW1 cat history on this day

Joe Biden's Philly Kickoff Rally Shows His Campaign Has The Momentum To Win Back The Midwest 😎🎨

VP Biden has been turning everyone's expectations upside down.. and it is pissing them off

Over a 6,000 turnout


Ask Trump judicial nominees: Was Brown v. Board of Education ... properly decided?

Delayed tariff beneficiary Honda held a brunch for auto dealers at Mar-a-Lago Club a month ago.

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 18, 2019

Senate Watergate hearings began today 1973:

5 years old and still as relevant today as it was then

Arnold Schwarzenegger drop-kicked at South Africa event

JB Is Not My Preferred Candidate

Alabama 1944: The Rape of Recy Taylor, Rosa Parks, Racial Violence & Justice

The Rachel Maddow Show: Cocktail Moment

Arnold Schwarzenegger drop-kicked at South Africa event

Kitten Won't Stop Smiling After Being Rescued

If you missed today's Biden rally -- complete video here:

Irony Alert

Trump Shows Signs He Will Pardon Servicemen Accused or Convicted of War Crimes

Whoa, Justin Amash (R) concludes that Trump has commited impeachable offenses:

Baby Horse Gets Stuck In Tumbleweed

Joe did what he had to do today!!!

In medical terms what does "serious risk" mean to a pregnant woman?

Dog Helps Tiniest Rescue Kitten Learn To Walk

Just wondering why isn't it possible for Mueller to answer the ONE big question

The stupid ..... it burns .... Matt Bevin Edition


Pete Buttigieg advises an 11-year-old girl on how to deal with her bullies

The nation's first majority-female legislature is currently meeting in Nevada.

Trump administration tells judge Congress did not deny border wall funds when it declined to appropr

Pink Floyd Observation

Warren policy ideas show signs of paying off

Abortion Ban Protests...May 21st, 175+ marches planned

Photos: Bernie visiting residents Paula and Eugene Brown to talk about Denmark SC water problems

The Trump administration has already built its case for Iran war

The Trump administration has already built its case for Iran war

You think the US won the War of Independence? I disagree....:-)

The new attacks on Roe v. Wade are about protecting men, not women

Fran Lebowitz Kinda Apologizes for Saying Saudis Should 'Get Rid of' Trump Like Khashoggi

Death row inmate forgoes last meal, asks supporters to feed the homeless, Yahoo News:

An old country tune...

President Trump's Air Force One video trashing Mayor Bill de Blasio may have violated law

Bernie Sanders Josh Fox Clean Drinking Water Community Interview

Cartoons 5/18/19

Joe Biden hit a home run.

Biden on abortion rights

Fossil fuels are underpriced by a whopping $5.2 trillion

➡️ Watch LIVE: Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Augusta

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

I'm starting to think

The English Word That Hasn't Changed in Sound or Meaning in 8,000 Years

🔥 Bernie 2020 Rally in Augusta, Georgia

Drumpf preparing to pardon murderers and war criminals

Why some Mac software will soon be outdated

Republican congressman calls Trump's conduct "impeachable"

Not just Party City: Why helium shortages worry scientists and researchers

So...let's say Joe's right...


Republican congressman quotes Coretta Scott King to justify opposition to Equality Act

Suspect Who Stockpiled More Than 1,000 Firearms in Mansion May Face Federal Charges

Archie Bunker's Editorial on Gun Control: "All you gotta do is arm all your passengers"😂


It Was Never About Life

Photos: Augusta GA Rally

Heads Up on Donations to Biden Via ActBlue

Smith Rock Oregon

x-post from e/e- here's an idea for the green new deal-

Donations Made via Actblue Links

Camus is walking on the beach and spots a man looking

Trump's trade war with China is causing major concerns in the tabletop game industry

Trump's trade war with China is causing major concerns in the tabletop game industry

Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on For-Profit Charter Schools, $60K Minimum Salary for Teachers

Trump's trade war with China is causing major concerns in the tabletop game industry

My feeder is being mobbed by half the goldfinches in the State of Maine and

Missouri Caught In 'Goldilocks' Situation As It Tries To Set Medical Marijuana Supply

Missouri Caught In 'Goldilocks' Situation As It Tries To Set Medical Marijuana Supply

Suspects distracted pregnant teen with a photo album before they killed her



Trump Shows Signs He Will Pardon Servicemen Accused or Convicted of War Crimes

Man Spots Tiny Kitten On Sidewalk With Shoelaces Around His Neck

The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated

This is for Pauline.

GOP Lawmaker Unloads on Trump and Barr

Sen. Warren: This decision makes your support even more powerfully important

Biden Delivers Call for National Unity at Philadelphia Rally

Just opened email from Jaime Harrison, SC.

On the mark letter to the editor

Sen. Warren: This decision makes your support even more powerfully important

Austrian Leader Calls for Snap Election

Trump May Pardon Servicemen Convicted of War Crimes

Joe Biden's Speech Today 5/18/19 (with good sound)

Texas officer fired after shooting black man in traffic stop

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Farewell to a mutual friend (Jim Fowler)

Freddie Fender

Ceteris paribus which candidate do you think would garner more votes

As a staunch Harris supporter...

The Liberal Gun Club Amicus Brief: New York City's Transport Ban Fails All Heightened Scrutiny

Heard Joe's speech today. It was right on target. Who was that abnoxious whistle blower?

Pink Floyd Songs Played Splendidly on a Harp Guitar: "Comfortably Numb," "Wish You Were Here" & More

Students and Faculty Walk Out of Vice President Mike Pence's Commencement Address at Taylor Universi

A Detailed Thermodynamic Accounting of Yet Another Wind to Hydrogen Scheme.

Tulsi Gabbard on the Joe Rogan Experience

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - For Real

Austrian Leader Calls for Snap Election After Far-Right Vice Chancellor Resigns

Fort Negley Added to UNESCO Slave Route Project

My email from Pete on Fox News

**Breaking** Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks found dead at his home in Steamboat Springs

Lammey, Casada, Michael Harris Face Potential Threats to Their Jobs

GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment

Memphis House Democrats say Casada is only part of bigger problem

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - Once Upon A Time

Bodexpress!!! YeeeeeeeHa!

Game of Thrones final episode.

GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment

What households in each country spend on food

Make NO mistake, Trump's impending pardon of US war criminals is meant as a signal.

what's this chain on my new grill?

Austrian government collapses over Russia scandal

Trump administration identifies at least 1,700 additional children it may have separated

Enumclaw dairy farm helps save rare Chinook salmon

Buttigieg: The attacks on women's reproductive freedoms show what the stakes are in this election.

Bernie Sanders' education plan to take aim at segregation in schools