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Archives: May 19, 2019

'It's entirely inappropriate': Trump shot a political video on Air Force One

Proud of Trump admin for standing up for the 'sanctity of human life': Pence

Knox judge faces massive backlash over sentencing in former pastor's rape conviction

Colombian Army's Kill Orders Put Civilians at Risk, Officers Say

Last Word: Republican who called for Nixon's impeachment, "Lawrence J. Hogan"... 4/22/19

Oil already trade war's collateral damage even without duties

Chaka Khan - Through The Fire, David Foster & Friends

Memphis police: Woman says pro-Trump stickers prompted her to spray-paint 'Nazi' on pickup

We just got this billboard up on I-10 in Florida.

Cory Booker will be on Saturday Night Politics on MSNBC this evening - ON NOW

Roger Stone to be guest judge at Memphis strip club, The Pony says

North Carolina: Where 'No' Doesn't Mean 'No' When It Comes to Rape and Sexual Assault

Wow! Barry McCaffrey tweet about Biden's speech today

Tennessee doctor, accused of over-prescribing opioids, tried to flee to Marshall Islands, feds say

" I'm Joe Biden and I'm Jill's Husband" -- Biden's Speech In Philadelphia Today

Nashville teachers, protesters at City Hall to demand higher pay

The Masonic Ring by Howie Damron .

Repub says Trump engaged in "impeachable conduct"

Beshear touts record as AG in Bowling Green campaign stop

Tweet of the Day

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Preakness Stakes

Guess Amash just got a primary challenge.

SNL tonight Paul Rudd with musical guest DJ Khaled

Pork chops, pizza and Bluegrass. Democrats push hard at end of gubernatorial primary.

Meet the three Democrats aiming to end Republican Mike Harmon's role as state auditor

This man is one angry Texan

Letterman slams Trump as 'goon': 'I don't like this man as a president'

Trump Accidentally Raised Taxes on the Children of Dead Veterans

South Korea shows real dragon 3D Holographic Technology

Matt Bevin tells Tucker Carlson that abortion bans will benefit African Americans

A Modest Proposal: Can We Compromise With the Forced-Birthers?

Courier Journal endorses Adam Edelen in Democrats' race for Kentucky governor. Here's why

Congressional Democrats want review of Russian investment in Braidy's Kentucky mill

What's Amash's angle here?

UK broke law in open records case against student newspaper, court rules

Inside Chile's Amaranta school for transgender children

New material could unlock potential for hydrogen powered vehicle revolution

7 shot at house party near Ball State University, police say

Electrode's 'hot edges' convert CO₂ gas into fuels and chemicals

"Hickory Wind" as performed by the Seldom Scene.

I've had this question on my mind all day.

New Argonne coating could have big implications for lithium batteries

Can anyone else here not stand Tom Nichols?

So can I do a little bragging about my kid?

Subpoena Means - (Sub) UNDER (Poena) PENALTY!!!

Does your partner seem distracted?

Why isn't Bernie/Liz's pet issue of "breaking up the big banks" discussed anymore?

L-O-V-E: Biden Kickoff Today: DR. JILL BIDEN'S JACKET. Great!

Germany designates BDS Israel boycott movement as anti-Semitic

Philly Protest: STOP ABORTION BANS May 24th

Just NO, WaPo Just stop the false equivalency. It's old and makes no sense...

Whatever happened to the abortion pill RU486?

Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson break character ..

Saturday Night Live up next:

My playlist

My son graduated from a 4-year university with zero debt this week!

Cinder and Harpurr

Rest in peace brother Tim

Oregon House speaker wants to cut tax rebate in half

SNL is airing here in Tucson Arizona. So how long...

How sick is this! Clapton, Harrison, and Brother Leon

Righteous Rant found on Facebook over the anti-Abortion nonsense going on.

Lawmakers grapple over extra revenue

Panhandle county that backed Trump among Russian hacking victims


The most underrated band of the 70's. Surprise! They're all female.

Cap and trade takes significant step toward reality

The most underrated band of the 70's. Surprise! They're all female. 2

Joe Biden Misses the Point, Political Anger Can Be Constructive

The most underrated band of the 70's. Surprise! They're all female. 3


Is Barry Hovis the most repugnant Politician ever

ICE Contractor Posted Bail for Proud Boy Jailed in Portland for Assault

Vetting Bernie: A Resource of The People's View in Regard to the Candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Pure unmitigated happiness of all involved ...

Labour panics as remain voters switch to Liberal Democrats

Terry fuckin Reid

SNL: Don't Stop Me Now Cold Open

SNL season gone. Another year. It's like for NFL fans dearth for coming months.

Excellent Leslie Jones GoT viewing idea

I need to say:

We Could Live In Paradise/Die Happy by Green Sparkle Frog...which is my band...

Maybe 1,700 or more additional children separated

MOMMYGOD - The Movie...

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL - The View: Pete Buttigieg

The heat is on over the climate crisis. Only radical measures will work

More ships slow down off California to avoid killing whales

Columbine school shooting survivor found dead in home

Leslie Jones for the win on SNL

Game of Thrones Day!

Follow-up: Ex-Salem cop who fled charges in Oregon arrested in Florida

Multnomah County Bought a Shell of a Building for a Portland Mental Health Center. Was It Suckered?

Progressive Solidarity...

State workers face PERS cuts

Vancouver Dollar Tree fined $503K for unsafe conditions

Oregon OKs largest expansion of federal free lunch program

Republican congressman Justin Amash calls for Trump's impeachment

Good Question

Far-reaching Maine law bans Native American mascots in all public schools, universities

On local univ. station Friday nite. Now I'm interested to purchase 'Winged Creatures'.

Beto O'Rourke: Here's how I'd stop gun violence

Beto O'Rourke: Here's how I'd stop gun violence

I think we can all agree that....

Black Lives Matters calls for justice for Baytown woman killed by police

Black Lives Matters calls for justice for Baytown woman killed by police

UH College of Nursing in Katy gets $3.5 million donation

SNL: Ouija

Texas church opens new sanctuary after massacre

Trump is moving to cut public access to information on how, and to whom, banks loan money

Memorial HS students spark social media outrage with 'thug' spirit week attire

Missouri voters to decide on more term limits

Andrew Yang Policy on EVERY COP GETS A CAMERA

Andrew Yang Policy on EVERY COP GETS A CAMERA

Border Patrol erects more tents in the Rio Grande Valley to house asylum seekers as surge continues

Yet in the US, Neo-Nazi violence far outnumbers Islamic extremism.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Doberman Printer Edition

Brexit Party candidate says that leaving the EU will have an effect on the economy for '30 years'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs controversial 'Billionaire Boulevard' toll roads legislation

Does it seem that police are out of control?

WJBF News: Senator Bernie Sanders stumps in Augusta, Denmark

Well, that explains A LOT

Florida Republicans Are Going to War Against Small Government

I think Someone other than Biden will Win Iowa

Could an Andrew Gillum endorsement be gold ticket in Florida Democratic presidential primary?

Bikers bring 30,000 meals to feed migrants at facility in New Mexico

What's for Breakfast, Sunday 19 May 2019

🐦 June 9 - Cedar Rapids - Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame Celebration

We got a hold of 500 pages of emails + receipts between the federal gov't and Mar-a-Lago.

Thousands of Florida children have no health insurance. A new infusion of money aims to help

This would be our new Prime Minister?

Have you ever heard the hacks on M$Greedia ask this question

'Gift from God,' and other reasons why rape is not rape according to Republicans

Conservative Male Privilege Be Like...

Uncle Joe Don't Play


Andrew Gillum writes $100,000 check to Florida Democratic Party for voter registration

Trayvon Martin's Mom, Sybrina Fulton, Is Running For Office

Fernand Amandi: 'Ask Merrick Garland About The Wisdom Of Waiting For An Election'

The main reason to start impeachment.

GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment

Trump is showing signs he will pardon several servicemen accused of war crimes.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! PWNED!!

Bernie's 2019 40 events attendance total as of May 18 - 101,381

Arnold Schwarzenegger assaulted during event in South Africa

Ursula K. Le Guin: "We are not great powers. But we are the light."

Dems v. Trump -- an observation

Has the Democratic Party Accepted Mass Incarceration as a Norm?

Did you really think you could stop me, Karen?

Google funded San Jose company with Army drone-warfare contract and reported U.S./Mexico border

Digital Civil War review: a stark call to save American democracy

Melania Trump's parents would have struggled to come to the U.S. under Trump's immigration plan

Cosplay proposal: Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman get engaged at Motor City Comic Con

5 Yrs After Toxic Algae Cut Toledo Water Supply, No Real Changes As NOAA Warns City

Great Insight: "The unborn" are a convenient group of people to advocate for.

If trump* and the GOP were really serious about closing abortion clinics........

It's amazing how easy it is for right wingers to suddenly have a problem with reducing abortions

Restrictions on birth control and abortion could kill me.

The endorsement everyone has been waiting on...

Can a Democrat win an L.A. City Council seat long held by Republicans?

A diabetes patient hurt by a do-it-yourself pancreas prompts an FDA warning

Yet another new weekly record set at the Mauna Loa carbon dioxide observatory.

Trump to "Fake News Sunday Political Shows": "Please inform your viewers" how great I am

I have a question that has me stumped

It's too bad Mueller didn't have the courage, the sense of urgency of a Emmet Sullivan.

Sexual harassment lawsuits against California Democratic Party prompt credibility crisis

Am I the only one here who believes that our nominee demonizing all Republicans would solidify

Drive Carefully! There is a storm a coming!

Venezuela's Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists Say

Explosion in Egypt - tourist bus hit

Mueller burned us

Australia Chooses Deadly Heat, A Dying Reef And Delicious, Wonderful Coal In Election

Another Statewide Strike Coming to UCI Medical Center Amid Outsourcing Fight

Holy shit! How sick is this 9 year old?

This is absolutely beautiful

Some yours truly for breakfast

You raised $50.00 on May 18, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Guns, gas and soda - most California tax proposals died at the Capitol, but a few remain

40% chance of tropical storm formation in Atlantic in next 5 days

Environmental Triumph! Businesses In Whistler BC Leave Doors Closed During Winter!!

One more yours truly for breakfast

The world has a new fledgling!!

I don't think Joe said you shouldn't be angry or that people aren't angry

Its the 19th already....

TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! Trump "not a fan of" Justin Amash, the Republican who called for impeachment

I read where Oreo is going to make a limited edition cookie

Mississippi River Will Break 1927 Record For Continuous Flood Stage At Baton Rouge On Tuesday

Rep. Eric Swalwell tried to have a town hall on Fox News but they rejected him, he says

SNL does Queen...."Don't Stop Me Now" cold open parody....

23-year-old woman accidentally shot and killed by father entering her Greenville County home

Police ID teen tackled after bringing gun to Oregon school

Northern Marianas Island's 1st agri-tourism, plant export biz opens

How's about some Russel Brand for breakfast?

Barn Owl visits Eaglet in the rain

On 'Meet the Press' today Bernie Sanders repeatedly slammed the "Democratic establishment"

My latest painting...

Starkist faces new civil lawsuit concerning "dolphin-safe" canned tuna products

Something fluttering on left side, deer webcam

Pete Buttigieg wants Thomas Jefferson events renamed: 'Racism isn't some curiosity out of the past'

Parents Surprise Daughter with Dog she had been caring for at shelter.

Buttigieg condemns 'voices on Fox' for spreading 'fear' and 'lies'

NEW: @BernieSanders will march tonight w/ abortion rights activists in Birmingham.

John Rzeznik

The ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ trip to Augusta gets front page above the fold treatment in the ⁦@AUG_Chronicle

Any DUers watching the finals in Rome Nadal v Djokovic - spoiler

Amy Klobuchar Faces Down Fox News' Chris Wallace for Asking if Democrats Too 'Extreme' on Abortion

Regular Joe responding to his extreme vetting (REPOST FROM GD)

Why Black Voters Are Gravitating to Biden

Full Interview With Bernie Sanders - Meet The Press 5/19/19

Like tobasco on ur biscuits n gravy, a sick Iggy POP cover for breakfast....

Could A President Pence Be Beaten In 2020?

AM Joy: If the Russians got into 1 county then they could have gotten into all the other 66 counties

NOAA Regional Precipitation Ranking Maps For Trailing Year - Staggering

Some man in black for breakfast. What a great vid!

"Round up the traitors!". . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Bernie Sanders making a pair of church stops this morning in Atlanta, before traveling to Alabama

A breakfast number for my dear, dear Ohiogal Johnny Cash covers U2

The Criminalization of Women's Bodies Is All About Conservative Male Power

Reps. Omar and Schakowsky: We must confront threat of white nationalism -- together

Will cult followers support an invasion of Iran?

A blast from the Past. . . . Please come CAPTION Mr. All-Hat-and-No-Gray-Matter!

So, Senator Sanders is dissing Democrats again on MTP?

Yuan Near Crisis-Era Levels

Some Moonshine for breakfast? I'm so down if not it's my buddy's shine. Nectar of the gods to be sur

15 minute thought-provoking TED talk from Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks--who died yesterday

'A Guiding Light and Inspiration.' Why 2020 Democratic Candidates Are Flocking to Jimmy Carter

Whiskey bottle for breakfast?

Joe Biden surges past Trump on Facebook and Google spending

Darpa wants to genetically engineer soldiers' skin bacteria to protect them from mosquitoes

Chemically gifted--can vaseline expire?

Symone Sanders hits back at Shaun King on twitter

If men could get pregnant there would be an abortion clinic in every Walmart.

🔥 Bernie 2020 Rally in Birmingham, Alabama

Trip around the restaurant

Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts

Cats: teach your humans this one simple trick and enjoy jumping with no effort

An Interview by Motley Fool: Congratulations, Amazon -- the Party's Over

I hate when I feel my age

Do you want to get ceiling cats? 'Cause this is how you get ceiling cats.

O'Rourke stocks campaign with Obama and Clinton alums

Guy doing pull-ups in a towel. (Spoiler - towel falls off)

Online abortion pill provider ordered to cease delivery by FDA

Scientists Find Genetic Reason Why Store-Bought Tomatoes Taste So Bland

"Reluctantly" towards impeachment?

アンティック-珈琲店- 2nd Single 「JIBUN」MUSIC VIDEO〜Short.ver.〜 ANCAFE

Approaching 'hit or miss' Spring Storm

Yes, in fact I am a "leftist" "libtard" democratic voter.

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 19, 2019?

If God Is Dead, Your Time Is Everything

Sophie Stinky Toes finds being this cute to be exhausting work.

Mr. Smith paid off all of 2019 Morehouse Student Debt

PGA golf course winning?

Can we pull up the Mueller Report here? a suggestion... edit.. free places to find it :)

Malcolm Nance paints a grim picture of possible Iran retaliation if Trump pushes the button

got : who is gonna die tonight?

Why didn't Mueller say this...

The sloth appears slightly bewildered.

Master in the Shadows by Jonathan D. Spence

NYTimes: Deutsche bank saw suspicious activity in Trump, Kushner accounts (2016, 2017).

A Twitter user is making memes from Mueller Report for broad sharing to the public.

Tourist bus bombed near Egypt's famed Giza pyramids, injuries reported

Seattle Named Among Best In World At Fighting Climate Change

Landlords to challenge Seattle's fair housing law

Romney disagrees with GOP congressman's conclusion on Trump's 'impeachable conduct'

JUST IN: Morehouse commencement speaker to pay off Class of 2019's student loans

Jimmy Carter finds a renaissance in 2020 Democratic scramble

What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion.

Police secrecy law keeps public in the dark about police misconduct

Abortion Fight or Strong Economy? For G.O.P., Cultural Issues Undercut 2020 Message

Trump fan struggles to cope at work

Dems ask former CIA chief John Brennan for Iran briefing

The Bisbee bar crawl--thank goodness it's only once a year.

Trump calls for Republicans to be 'united' on abortion

Jason Bateman Will Not Work In Georgia If Abortion Bill Is Passed

Trump officials not sending migrants to Florida after backlash

Why they come

Inslee urged to use the red pen on a few budget provisions

Are You Smarter Than A 7th Grade Civics Student?

Where women call the shots

Find, fix failures to restore trust in Boeing, FAA

George Orwell's '1984': Nothing But The Truth & Time To Wake Up

If he doesn't want war with Iran, Trump must say so

Wow - just had a hummingbird at my seed feeder

Trump fires back at 'loser' GOP lawmaker who said he'd engaged in 'impeachable conduct'

Stop Applauding Fox News When They Sometimes Come Close to Telling the Truth

Klobuchar: 'Don't think' there are reasons to investigate Mueller probe's origins

Giuliani says Trump is 'doing the right thing' by resisting congressional subpoenas

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, will run for Miami-Dade County Commission Read more here:

Senator Tom Cotton: Supreme Court abortion cases were 'wrongly decided as a constitutional matter'

Church mice

The little-noticed surge across the U.S.-Mexico border: It's Americans heading south

Nancy Pelosi Set to Receive JFK Profile in Courage Award

How buried is your ironing board?

Moulton rolls out plan to promote national service among young Americans

Adam Schiff Says Trump Is Pushing Democrats Toward Impeachment

Cartoons 5/19/19

Gillibrand: 'President Trump has started a war on American women'

This song will make you shiver. It's beautiful, terrible and so relevant.

He voted for Trump. Now he and his wife raise their son from opposite sides of the border

Helpful sewing tip

Right on Grumpy Cat..... I hate Trump also.

So you are forced to continue your pregnancy and give birth. What could possibly go wrong?

Ice cold

Incoming Democratic US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.


My thoughts on the fight for reproductive rights in one picture.

So my son asked me...

Harris to Kavanaugh: "Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to...

Disqualifying: Bernie thinks Senator Inhofe (R) a climate-change denier is a decent guy and a friend

Ashna Ranguppa - "Thank you, Justin Amash"

Lol: Warren offers to help Twitter user with her love life

I'm Shakin

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Says 'I Don't Know' When Asked About a Major Abortion Rights Issue

Buttigieg responds to Trump supporting his marriage...

Another Trumpster story.


2020 US Senate Election- Democratic candidates that are needed in order to regain control in 2020.

Photo: Bernie with Augusta Rally Music Performers tre.sounds3

Russians may have accessed all Florida counties in 2018. So why not in 2016 as well?

This is interesting information about the donor to Morehouse College.

Reminder of when Sen. Kamala Harris asked Brett Kavanaugh:

Der Spiegel exposes RW Austrian pols cooperating w/Russians

Pipeline CSI

Ever think that trump's "base" they all talk about is Russia and not right wingers?


John Fugelsang podcast - terrific!

Democrats May Use 'Power of the Purse' Next

EA Sports says it would be 'very interested' in rebooting NCAA Football

Romney expresses opposition to Alabama abortion ban

Cultural Issues Crowd Out GOP's Economic Message

EA Sports says it would be 'very interested' in rebooting NCAA Football

Celine Dion & Il Divo, I believe in you

West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women

Meet Travis Jackson: War Veteran & Alabama Abortion Clinic Escort

Trump: "If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran."

Emergency contraception with common oral contraceptives

I never knew that Nathaniel Branden had an affair with Ayn Rand. Sounds like he eventually woke up

Katie Porter says that she will not kowtow to Mnuchin on Tuesday and will ask hard questions

Democrats were furious and hungry for change. Then Biden jumped in.

"I smell the whiff of justice in the air..."

HAPPY GRADUATION! Billionaire To Pay Off College Debt, Morehouse Class of 2019

Been up for 20 hours. Do you dare ask me anything?

My first male Rose-breasted grosbeak just showed up - I forget how spectacular they are

NEVER FORGET - Wendell Pierce

Remember when Trump made Romney look like a sniveling rodent?

300 protests planned STOP THE BAN (on abortion)

Three People Never to Trust..

Post a lion from a TV show & see if anyone knows it without using Google - Part 1

Ocasio-Cortez blows roof off building with EPIC speech

Now more than ever

Trump, the Pope and a bucket of chicken

Shut down a religious nut today over abortion...

Fraser Anning, Australian lawmaker egged by teen after New Zealand mosque shootings, voted out of o

St. Louis halfway house for federal prisoners turns into cash cow for family that runs it

Do you think the Russian Trolls have arrived? I do.

Modi set to return to power with a bigger majority, exit polls show

Understanding Democratic Socialism

Former CIA chief Brennan to brief Dems on Iran

Wait, you weren't supposed to actually ban abortion!

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win from most to least.

Bill Barr: The "Cover-Up General"

Privilege in action

4 days old

I just found an Argoflex Seventy five camera in a box of my late mothers stuff...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 20 May 2019

Dirty Don in 1999: "I'm very Pro-Choice"

?!?There are actually nursery schools that charge $3000/month?!? I just can't...

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 19, 2019

Snarling orange 'Trump baby' blimp to mock U.S. president in Britain, protesters say

Snarling orange 'Trump baby' blimp to mock U.S. president in Britain, protesters say

How Democrats are failing on legalized marijuana

India's Narendra Modi Appears Headed for Re-election, Exit Polls Show

Child support begins at conception

I have no idea how to share this.

What if GoT had Facebook? 1 & 2

Nogales, AZ, border agent calls migrants 'subhuman,' 'savages' in text messages

Theresa May's spy chiefs were briefed on explosive Chistopher Steele dossier before Donald Trump

Buttigieg's townhall starting now on FOX.

Deutsche Bank employees reported suspicious activity from Trump and Kushner, New York Times reports

Rocket hits near U.S. Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone

Repubs need to take a hammer to their family jewels

Just a "heads up"---"To Kill A Mockingbird" is on TCM tonight at 7:00 p.m.central. nt

Photo: ''I had the privilege to shake my president's hand, a real person for all the people''

Suffragist Appreciation Thread: 19th Amendment Passes the House, May 21, 1919.

Six White Horses

I've heard who sits on the Iron Thone at the end of tonight GoT (No Spoilers)

Trump Blasts Fox News, Chris Wallace in Twitter Thread: Moving to the 'Losing Side'


Researchers track bursts of tremors beneath Seattle, West Coast

The Bourgeois Blues

Trump team convinced court overhaul will drive 2020 win

George Conway Shreds Trump's Attack on Amash With Itemized Breakdown

Ex-Republican Sens. Gorton, Evans will not vote to reelect Trump