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Monsoon of vomit.

Teachers don't have basic resources they need while billionaires get massive tax breaks.

Christine Blasey Ford had a different "format" for her hearing

"I refuse" seems to be the repug battle cry.

In the interest of democracy

Pete is catching fire here in the Swedish media

Devos (autocorrect wrote Devils) thinking of selling college debt to private sector.

Celebrate Bailey's birthday: 20% off in our store!

Kamala Harris Sticks the Landing

Sen. Mazie Hirono Coming Up On MSNBC "All In"

Since Wimpy Graham already weaseled out of Mueller testifying?

Measles outbreak on cruise ship owned by Church of Scientology

Activists Are Trying To Force Mastercard To Cut Off Payments To The Far Right

Sanders and Conway are so far down the path of deceit in the service of Trump that one can't imagine

Security Week: The Incentive to Disrupt Elections has Never Been Higher

Six things that I will never do

Bill Barr: The "Cover-Up General" 1992 article

'Stop What You're Doing and Watch': Applause and Gratitude for Ady Barkan's Emotional Medicare...

Mazie Hirono on MSNBC: with Barr and Trump, the nation has entered the moral Dead Zone

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 2 May 2019

Looks like Barr is chickening out for tomorrow's hearing

Judge Denies Trump's 'Unpersuasive' Defense And Allows Democrats' Emoluments Lawsuit

Is He the Worst President Ever? A Historical Perspective

At UMass, a Palestinian human rights panel draws a lawsuit

How bout federal money to DNA test all rape kits first?

That look you get when Senator Kamala Harris has torn you a new one.

"Moneyland" on Fresh Air

Bill Barr Absolved Trump of Obstruction Without Having the Slightest Clue What He Obstructed

David Corn: Barr is just Sarah Sanders with gravitas

Cop who shot Botham Jean in HIS apartment during 911 call: "I'm going to lose my job."

3 winners and 3 losers from William Barr's Mueller report testimony

Legal experts say A.G. Barr's own ties to Russia are troubling

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: Halima Aden first to wear hijab, burkini

plain and simple...

Trump admin pilot program will ask for DNA samples to foil fraud cases of children at border


I can no longer watch Hillary Clinton on television.

Laurence Tribe: Barr's as worthless a witness as he is an attorney general. Subpoena his sorry ass.

Emails show Trump admin had 'no way to link' separated migrant kids to parents

Sharp Rise In Anti-Semitic Incidents In Wash. In 2018: ADL

Video of complete exchange between Kamala Harris and Bill Barr

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Barr None!

This isn't good. He is hitting out at all of us. Sorry for the ad capture.

Rival Protests Grip Venezuela After Guaid's Failed Effort to Beckon Military

Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow now (or soon)

When you've lost Joe Manchin....

A burrito that only an American could love...

Donald Trump Tried To Rewrite The O'Jays' 'Love Train' To Praise Himself

Hey! It's May Day!

Barr defends himself against accusations he misled Congress

Jeopardy tidbit: Contestants forbidden to bet $69 or $666

Nadler threatens contempt citation against Barr

Are you watching Rachel tell why Mueller is extremely unhappy with Barr?

Barr calls Mueller's letter 'a bit snitty,' but won't give Senate notes from call

Misreporting Beto O'Rourke's climate plan hurts effort to confront climate change

Looks like I may have to discuss with a patient the possibility of cervical cancer.

Call Nadler & Leave A Message

Anybody else having regular interruption

Barr's slip-up gives away his game

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 is in AZ,CO,GA,ME,and NC.

The GOP's Just a Racket Now, and Trump Is Its Godfather, Barr Its Wartime Consigliere

Youth climate group walks back criticism of O'Rourke's climate plan: 'A great start'

Today's history lesson

Beto O'Rourke Signs No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge - Video Statement

Yang to give 'freedom dividend' to a family in Iowa and a family in New Hampshire

Barr reviewing Steele dossier's allegations

Wiretaps played in federal court allege Arizona's Sean Miller paid players

Barr says he didn't review underlying evidence of Mueller report before making obstruction call

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - go Hillary

Hillary should be president right now

When are our leaders in the House...

In a land of wild cats and scarce water, a battle over mining heats up

Came across this today. Don't know why, but I just love this.

Baby Buttis

Buttigieg meets with Hillary Clinton

AG Barr recuses himself from Sprint/T-Mobile merger decision

I love Cory Booker's expression as Kamala Harris grills Barr

Hillary just asked China to find Trump's UPDATE:

We need a Pat Paulson type of Dem prez candidate to get out there

PSA: Hillary is fucking awesome

Any chance we will see Mueller's original summaries?

Hillary on Maddow: "China, if you're listening...."

Dems hammer Barr over Mueller in four-hour grilling

OK China, get going!

Eagles Take It To The Limit Washington 1977

Maddow dropped bombshell that indications are that Barr ordered the end of the Mueller investiga

Barr: "It's Not a Crime" for Trump to Demand Staffers Lie to Investigators

'Strange Fruit': Still Haunting at 80

Since the Republicans Are Apparently Fine with Russian Interference in Our Elections...

"I'm living rent free in Donald Trumps brain" ...Hah! n/t

Roy Moore's Wife: If Brett Kavanaugh Can Do It, So Can We

DU Has To Mobilize

First Medicare for All hearing in the House confirms 'Health care is a right for all'

Police Seek Information on Eagle, Owl Poisonings.

Trump Staffers Got Drunk at Mar-a-Lago. You Paid For It

China, if You're Listening...

Pete's compassion and smarts compared to JFK, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton

Barr's refusal to testify before House panel increases likelihood of contempt citation from Congress

Klobuchar Gets Barr to Defend Trump Over and Over Again

William's "TELL"...Lawrence O'Donnell explains how Barr ducks questions he doesn't want to answer

Schiff: Barr has "made himself the handmaiden of the president"

The betrayal: How a lawyer, a lobbyist and a legislator waged war on an Alabama Superfund cleanup

Politicians Like To Talk About Infrastructure, But Klobuchar Is The Only 2020 Candidate With A Real

Homeland Security to test DNA of families at border in cases of suspected fraud

Trump accuses Harris of being 'very nasty' to Barr, looking for 'political points'

10,000 South Carolina teachers, supporters march on the Statehouse

Politicians Like To Talk About Infrastructure, But Klobuchar Is The Only 2020 Candidate With A Real

'His sacrifice saved lives': UNC-Charlotte shooting victim tackled the gunman

U.S. judge upholds subpoenas to three large Chinese banks in N. Korea sanctions probe

Preet Bharara: Barr's excuse for not testifying to House 'rhymes with snitty'

New Senate GOP offer on disaster aid bill gives $300 million boost to Puerto Rico

New Senate GOP offer on disaster aid bill gives $300 million boost to Puerto Rico

Progressives Versus Centrists

Nuthin' Says Nuthin'

Ellen Tauscher, former House Democrat and arms negotiator under Obama, dies at 67

Ellen Tauscher, former House Democrat and arms negotiator under Obama, dies at 67

NYT: Biden's son's dealings with Ukraine and Trump/Gulliani plan to capitalize

I thought I heard Barr say "Lookit"

Italian grandmas try frozen pizza

Trump's undocumented workers forced to work without pay.

The truth I never see mentioned: Trump was obstructing the investigation of MANY underlying crimes.

Mueller playing by the rules. Barr playing to the fools!

William Barr on justice

NC-03: Former Greenville mayor, Allen Thomas, wins Democratic primary for special election

Official says White House never told him to change a security clearance decision -source

🤣 LMAO....

U.S. lawmakers drafting privacy bill argue about pre-empting California

It's time for Progressives to drop high paid analysts and support real grassroots

BARF (sorry spelling error) I meant "BARR IS FACING CALLS TO RESIGN!!!" w/ video

Democratic midterm wins in 11 states lead to a wave of clean energy legislation

Barr Won't Show Up Because He's Scared

Colorado equal pay bill passes General Assembly after years of trying

A return to normalcy is a trap

Florida lawmakers pass bill allowing more armed teachers

Joe Biden doesn't owe me an apology. Clarence Thomas does.

Lawrence O'Donnell's "gag reel" of Little Lindsey on Trump in 2016, and during today's Barr mess.

Why wasn't this asked today?

I watched the hearing mostly on C-Span today...

WA Post: When a divided nation got moral guidance -- from Chuck Rosenberg.

Please consider donating to the Harris campaign

"Mark my words... You will pay dearly for this, Sheila."

Soliciting and acquiring foreign help in elections

I love this woman!

Right wing brainwashing

Hi everyone!

Student tackled campus gunman, slain while saving lives

Thousands of scientists in Argentina strike to protest budget cuts

Rachel Maddow Show repeat on now 9:00 pacific

Thousands of scientists in Argentina strike to protest budget cuts

And there's more: Barr has just refused to give unredacted Mueller report and supporting materials

They are refusing to comply with anything

Kamala Harris shines AGAIN! I loved watching her smack Barr upside his fat head today.

Biden says Barr 'should' resign: 'He's lost the confidence of the American people'

I'm starting to really realize this is over

From Margaret & Helen

Texas officer charged with homicide for shooting black man

Anderson Cooper to do a Town Hall with Comey on May 9th:

Vegas city officials approve marijuana consumption lounges

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 2, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: WWII Homefront

St. Louis-area cop indicted for shooting shoplifting suspect

Sen. Kamala Harris on hardball re: barr

DNA testing sought in case of man executed for 1985 murder

Defecating superintendent sues over release of mug shot

The Daily Show: Summary of Barr's Senate Testimony: "Nah"

Hillary Clinton: Mueller Report Shows That The Russians Were Successful Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Brazil's Bolsonaro wants police in schools, discipline code

"Sen. Kamala Harris: A.G. Barr Clearly Intended To Mislead The American Public Hardball MSNBC"

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden's New Campaign Video - Monologue - 4/30/19

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm Living Rent Free Inside Of Donald Trump's Brain' Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Seth Meyers - Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress: A Closer Look

Before Venezuela, US had long involvement in Latin America

Before Venezuela, US had long involvement in Latin America

Hillary said tonight what many of us have been saying here for a long time

Covington teenager sues NBC for $275M, lawyer says

"If you ride with outlaws, you hang with outlaws" is an old slogan from wild times

Yeah, Sessions was a reconstituted Confederate planter and Whitaker was as dumb as a bag of rocks...

Two cats getting exercise :)

Judge sentences Assange to 50 weeks

Trump may not drink alcohol, but his aides sure knows how to run up a bar tab!

Story on GOP grifters trying to find their place in 2020. Hold your nose

John Pavlovitz: If we really loved our country...we'd be in the streets by millions now

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 3, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Robert Osborne's Picks

Who got tossed under the Bill Barr bus?

Justice Department Makes Case to Strike Down Obamacare

'China, if your listening' (and they are)

Maybe Barr's testimony today will shake something more loose from Mueller.

Are we there yet?

Trump and the Venezuela crisis - cartoon

How are your favourite Virtual YouTubers created? - BBC Click BBC Click BBC Click

How conservatives rationalize their surrender to Trump

The Republican Fear Campaign, 2010 style

Why in hell does Chuck Todd have Washington Free Beacon guest??

US, Russia, China Race To Develop Hypersonic Weapons

A Native American woman's brutal murder could lead to a life-saving law

Mar-a-Lago sent White House a $1,000 liquor bill after aides helped themselves to bar

Chimpstagram: video of ape browsing app goes viral - but what is going on?

Fentanyl use could end the opium era in Mexico: 'the only crop that paid'


Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/1/19

Why Barr Can't Whitewash the Mueller Report

Biden on China: "They're not competition for us"

Doctor creates suppository that kills gay causing semen-eating anal worm.



Report Linking Cancers To Radioactive Waste Near Coldwater Creek Confirmed By Federal Agency

Report Linking Cancers To Radioactive Waste Near Coldwater Creek Confirmed By Federal Agency

Barr shut down the Mueller investigation - it hit me overnight

37 Years Ago Today; A Pearl Harbor Survivor is sunk by the Royal Navy

The Strange Navy That Shipped Millions of Japanese Home

FDA approves the first vaccine for dengue fever, but with major restrictions

On CNN John Dean gave kudos to two Democratic senators for their questioning of Barr.

EU says will respond to controversial US move on Cuba

Mount Everest clean-up team picks up 3 tonnes of garbage

50 Years Ago Today; The Queen Elizabeth 2 sets off on her Maiden Voyage

Kelly(AZ),Johnston(CO),Tomlinson(GA),and Hegar(TX) puts Democrats in charge of the US Senate in 2020

Stephen Moore expresses regret over 2016 comment about kicking the Obamas out of 'public housing'

Dry run this weekend for summerlong Metro shutdown

8 Years Ago Today; Osama bin Laden is killed by US Special Forces

Cyclone Fani: India evacuates 800,000 from coastal areas

I think Assassin's Creed Odyssey might be the best game ever

If I have to thank Donald Trump for one single thing...

Never mind Kyler Murray though

I need to make some decisions about a cat today

After Barr lied so much to the Senate, should the House even call for him to appear?


Trump gets powerful new rival in Letitia James

1:45 pm, May 2nd, the #Senate will proceed to a vote on the veto message on S.J.Res.7, Yemen

Cuomo calls for New York state to investigate TurboTax, H&R Block

We Need To Override Trump's Yemen War Veto

The population of SC is growing too fast and too much.

Mueller's Letter to Barr

Thursday TOONs -- Fishy Stories, or, 10K Lies* (*Does not include lies by proxies)

Lawrence's Last Word: Kellyanne Conway Breaks The Law Again The Last Word MSNBC

A coup is taking place in our country right now.

Catholic services in Sri Lanka capital canceled for 2nd week

Bernie Sanders on how he would address defense spending as president

Does anyone seriously think that the Democrats should be treating them in good faith?

I wish the house would still hold the barr hearing w empty chair

Israel came to a standstill on Thursday morning with a two-minute siren wailing across the country

Media: Runaway Republican tyrant, stop hammering Dems, START hammering McConnell and GOP!!

Anyone have a Roku that doesn't sync video and audio?

Sen. Kamala Harris Coming Up On Morning Joe

An Insurance Company Denied a Life-Saving Treatment. A Judge Just Called It An "Immoral" Decision.

Lawmakers to see empty chair, not AG Barr, at House hearing

House Judiciary Committee Hearing (sans Barr) can be streamed here (9AM ET)

Barr is forcing the facts to fit the agenda he's trying to reach, and it's so obvious now.

The Rundown: May 1, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 5/1/2019

I don't believe POTUS is planning to run in 2020 but his daughter who is good with Numbers.

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/1/2019

Would you trade places?

Military sexual assaults rise by almost 38%; alcohol involved in nearly two out of three

Senator Michael Bennet (CO) just entered the race

Privatized housing system leaves military families lost, Warren charges

Privatized housing system leaves military families lost, Warren charges

SEC, Now Packed With Trumpies, Blocks Nearly 45% Of Shareholder Climate Resolutions


"Impeachment must be the only solution to Trump's challenge to the constitutional order."

Great interview with Kamala Harris on Morning Joe today

1 reason cat got Barr's tongue when Harris put him on spot re politically motivated investigations..

The cover of Time: Presidential candidate Mayor Pete and husband Chasten

80% Of Myanmar's Mangroves Gone; Aquaculture And Charcoal Logging Taking The Rest

Revealed: populists far more likely to believe in conspiracy theories

$200+ Billion In Pipelines Planned Or Underway In N. America, Implying Decades More Oil/Gas Use

You raised $178.00 on May 1, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Duke Energy - The Susan Collins Of Utilities - Bleats Green While Generating 2% From Renewables

**Maybe Beto is the one ** He leads Trump by the largest margin 52-42 Biden 51-45 Sanders 50-44

Marcellus Drilling News Attacks PA Fracking Opponents As Nazis, Jihadis, Paid "Crisis Actors"

Call me superstitious: I believe no one who voted for the Iraq war will ever be president.

Judd Legum wants to see Harris debate Trump, says she was a "stone cold killer" against Barr

Mike Simpson (R-ID) Admits That Snake River Dams Aren't Working, W. BPA Deep In Debt

Corruption Isn't Just Another Scandal. It's the Rot Beneath All of Them.

Cohen's holding up a fried chicken leg while they wait on the Barr no-show.

Exclusive: Foreign government leases at Trump World Tower stir more emoluments concerns

Ex-bishop to be released after serving half her prison sentence for bicyclist's death

I got a call from the Trump Campaign for President 2020 on my cell phone.

Great opening statement from Nadler.

I think Biden or Sanders are both great, but neither one will be the last one standing,

We have a Rogue 'president'

Hey Doug Collins, shut the fuck up. Quit yelling you asshole.

We are at war. Believe it.

On Climate, "Concerned" Republicans Apparently Aren't Keeping Up With Bad News On Carbon Capture

Someone put a plastic chicken and empty KFC buckets in front of Barr's unoccupied chair!!

This morning's top headlines:

Democrats not only brought fried chicken to the hearing, they brought a porcelain chicken.

PHOTOS: House Dem brings toy chicken and KFC bucket to hearing to mock Barr's no-show

House Democrat Brings Toy Chicken and KFC Bucket to Hearing to Mock Barr's No-Show

Will Congress hold Barr in contempt of congress? (Questions)

Whistleblowers where are you?

I sure am hearing a lot of teeth gnashing and pantie wadding

Editorial Boards: Do your job.

MLB attendance is down; rebuilding teams hit hard

Here: The authoritative article addressing your questions on Contempt of Congress (it is complicated

Has your spring been exceptionally gloomy? (Weather, not politics).

Matthew Yglesias: Anyone nominated by Dems in 2020 will end up the subject of criminal investigation

The alleged synagogue shooter was a churchgoer who talked Christian theology, raising tough question

Mueller Calls Out Barr Letter: DOES NOT Capture Truth of Trump Probe

Hey ReTHUGs - Christine Blassey-Ford says hi

Man to go free after allegedly trying to blow up gas station

"Can you please repeat the question, Senator?" . . . Please come CAPTION William Barr, A.G.!!!

A Former Alt-Right Member's Message: Get Out While You Still Can

The Blind Men and the Elephant

Jerry Nadler Opening Statement On Bill Barr Skipping Mueller Report Hearing 5/2/19

Sen. Kamala Harris on Morning Joe

I'm afraid it has finally sunk in.

When do the Bar Association Complaints Begin Against AG Barr for Ignoring a Congressional Subpoena?

Barr's actions prove the GOP is a vast right wing conspiracy

Pete Buttigieg on Time magazine cover

'Why yes! If the President thinks the charges against him are false, he can end the investigation."

Barr is owned by Russia too.

This Loophole in Federal Law May Have Saved Trump Campaign from Conspiracy Charges



Congressional subpoenas are basically worthless.

I'm not sure what team Vogel plays for but it ain't America

Bennet enters 2020 race

Joaquin Phoenix, I kind of like him

Chasten Buttigieg has been a homeless community-college student and a Starbucks barista.

Why Does It Look Like The Repugs Are Daring The Dems To Proceed With Impeachment?.....

Barr would have been questioned by Norm Eisen and Barry Berke if he'd showed up. No wonder he

We have to have faith in our leaders! They will prove BEYOND doubt that

Sen. Kamala Harris shines on Morning Joe

Trump Administration Sues To Kill Obamacare

Turk hurt in Christchurch attacks dies, New Zealand death toll at 51: minister

Building the Great Cathedrals PBS NOVA

Venezuela: US doing everything short of 'the ultimate', says Trump as protests continue

Venezuela: US doing everything short of 'the ultimate', says Trump as protests continue

Dear Mr. Nadler. Contempt charges against Barr. NOW. IF NOT SOONER.

Homemade Miso Soup Recipe!

Thai king announces surprise wedding

Moore picks up key backing for potential U.S. Fed board post

Pepsi withdraws lawsuits against Indian potato farmers

Emails show Trump admin had 'no way to link' separated migrant children to parents

U.N. decries barrel bomb assault in rebel-held northwest Syria

U.N. decries barrel bomb assault in rebel-held northwest Syria

Mom accused of threatening school shooting over son's suspension

Haftar's ally UAE says 'extremist militias' control Libyan capital

Haftar's ally UAE says 'extremist militias' control Libyan capital

Charles Koch gave $25m to our university. Has it become a rightwing mouthpiece?

Anybody have experience with closed caption phones?

St Lucia quarantines US cruise ship over measles case

St Lucia quarantines US cruise ship over measles case

Teachers at East St. Louis preschool charged after allegedly making kids stand naked

This is wrong on so many levels.....

Mike Pence to Visit Heads of Burned Black Louisiana Churches

Mazie Hirono skewering Barr.

**Breaking** Pelosi on MSNBC live now (re: Barr)

Go Nancy!!!!!

Pelosi: Barr committed a crime by lying to Congress

Pelosi: The AG of the United States was lying to the Congress of the United States. That's a crime.

The Justice Department Suddenly Changed Its Mind About the Constitution to Defend Trump's Businesses

The alleged synagogue shooter was a churchgoer who talked Christian theology, raising tough question

Newest NPR Marist Poll has impeachment of Trump (39%) near impeachment of Nixon (43%) for

The Next President's Term in Office Will Be Transitional

And on CNN they're still parroting...

Democrats want a free and fair election. Republicans want a win---period.

Today, the Senate will vote on overriding Trump's veto


Another day. Another Republican lie

What is this, a fucking lounge act?

Nancy Pelosi tweet with video of her press conference, in case you missed it:

Democrats have many avenues of attack. Why hold back?

I am washing out the inside of the fridge & freezer today

Barr says "we" have not waived executive privilege.

Why is Barr protecting Trump? Simple. It's greed.

All I can hope is that if Mueller is channeling TR,

Enjoy El pollo es muy sabroso.

A forgotten candidate and the 1962 Arkansas governor's race

I'll be seeing Senator Warren at a rally on Tue, May 14, 5:30pm-8:30pm CDT

For God's sake. Anyone else getting targeted by a DC phone number?

Adam Schiff Says Time's Up On Trump Delaying Mueller's Testimony

COURTS Happy Law Day! [May 1] Remember That The Law Is Mostly Terrible.

DOJ spox to Pelosi: "The baseless attack on the Attorney General is reckless, irresponsible & false.

More Than 90% of Democratic Voters Want 2020 Candidate to Make Climate Action and Medicare for All..

JBS knowingly distributed products containing euthanasia drug

Toobin: I called this. Trump will call for criminal investigation of all potential opponents in 2020

He committed a fucking crime - deal with it M$Greedia

Trump is Coming For Our Republic.

He's Gonna Step on You Again

Democrats itching to take down Biden over free-trade past - Politico

James Comey Explains How Trump Has Eaten The Soul Of The Republican Party

Barr is the perfect target for impeachment...

Swalwell - Impeach the AG NOW n/t

Opinion - Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All's Moment Is Here. Don't Back Down.

BREAKING MSNBC: Rep. Swalwell said next step is to Impeach Barr

Health Care Is a Human Right

Trump administration pushed to strip mention of climate change from Arctic policy statement

The Serengeti Rules -- Rules That Govern Life On Earth

NCOSH casting a wide net in its investigation of a fiber installation explosion that killed two

New knitter needs some help please.

➡️ LIVE: Defeat Trump's Veto, Stop the War on Yemen

Stephen My Glasses Don't Fit Moore out of Fed consideration.

I thank my friend @JoeBiden for joining our effort to end U.S. involvement in Yemen

I think it's too soon to be anticipating Jan 2020

Animotion - Obsession

I thank my friend @JoeBiden

Trump Won't Nominate Stephen Moore for Fed Board

As I'm sure is occasionally pretty evident, I grew up in what I'll call an "unsophisticated"

Has the White House asked or suggested that you investigate anyone??

I'm on my way to vote to override Donald Trump's veto of our bipartisan resolution ...

HA! (sorry about the tweet source)

A Native American woman's brutal murder could lead to a life-saving law

A Native American woman's brutal murder could lead to a life-saving law

A Native American woman's brutal murder could lead to a life-saving law

A Native American woman's brutal murder could lead to a life-saving law

A man put his patriotic tie on eBay. Then he learned the buyer needed it for a citizenship ceremony.

Today I got on a Ben Harper kick, so I figured I need to share it here, you know how I do

Sara Sanders is taking orders from Trump. (attack, attack and more attack)

Nadler threatens to hold Barr in contempt

Bette Midler: Barr is so deep in Trump's pocket, he can probably shake hands with Lindsey Graham in

I Can't Get Over How Blatantly Corrupt & Hypocritical The Repugs Are....

Women are disappearing and dying in Indian country. We must act.The epidemic of missing and murdere

Women are disappearing and dying in Indian country. We must act. The epidemic of missing and murder

Women are disappearing and dying in Indian country. We must act.The epidemic of missing and murdere

Women are disappearing and dying in Indian country. We must act. The epidemic of missing and murd

It's a myth that impeachment hurts the party bringing the charges

Sorry, but impeaching Barr looks weak and IS weak. It's Trump who must be impeached

Have I ever mentioned that I love Bette Midler?

Barr's empty chair foreshadows the constitutional struggle ahead

I can still 'air drum' the Inna-gadda-da-vida solo.

With a GOP POTUS there aren't as many gold, seed, and Doomsday bunker/shelter ads on TV.

Stephanie Rhule would you please STFU

Trump: I got people 'using the word God again.' And he helped me (VIDEO)

Trump Admin Will Protect Health Workers Who Refuse Services On Religious Grounds

All Right Dems...THe Letter From Flood Makes It Imperative That You Move

White House Attorney Flood writes to William Barr

The next Democratic nominee must be a populist if we are to win

I new mode of spamming

Barr Unable to Give Honest Answer to Drive-Thru Window at Arby's

What the hell??

Sarah Sanders slams Nadler after Barr a no-show at hearing

This is what Lindsey said about Trump in the 2016 election cycle.......

Student slain while attacking gunman gets hero's send off

Vote Democracy. Vote Democratic.

1 May 2019 - New All-Time Daily Atmospheric CO2 Content Record - 414.88 ppm

I'm shopping in the Putin-Free section.

US still weighing military options for Venezuela amidst another day of protest

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In The Rest Of The Swamp...

Amy Klobuchar brings presidential campaign to Detroit Friday

Amy Klobuchar brings presidential campaign to Detroit Friday

Dems....Don't Dilly Dally with that POS Barr.

If there are no real penalties for Barr's contempt of Congress, why should there

Virginia Democrat says Buttigieg could help party win back Midwest in 2020

Remember When We Couldn't Wait For The Mueller Report And.....

Fox News to host town hall with Gillibrand in June

Stephen Moore has a history of questionable comments. Here's a roundup.

Assange refuses extradition to US; long legal fight expected

Seattle ranked the least distracted driving city -- but that doesn't mean it's becoming safer

Facebook bans far-right leaders Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos for being "dangerous"

Paul Waldman, WaPo: Trump is already set to use the government to destroy the Democratic nominee

WSDOT Giving Out Free 'Good To Go!' Passes For SR 99 Tunnel

Cummings: White House blocked ex-official from talking about Kushner, Ivanka clearances

William Barr Is Orchestrating a Slow-Rolling Coup Against the Constitutional Order

Forecast calls for busy wildfire season along West Coast

White House letter blasts Mueller report

White House letter to Barr...

Barr Says Trump's Order to Fire Mueller Wasn't Proved 'Corrupt'

Trump retweets some 60 anti-Biden tweets, elevating some questionable accounts

Thinking about backsplashes?

I'll be seeing Senator Warren at a rally on Tue, May 14, 5:30pm-8:30pm CDT

Trump Administration Makes Offshore-Drilling Safety Rules Friendlier to Industry

When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings

Trump gets powerful new rival in Letitia James

Dems turn black maternal deaths into powerful 2020 issue

Our Nominee better be ready for the "royal" treatment.

**Breaking*** Former DNI Clapper says Trump campaign aided and abetted Russians.

Now playing

Schumer: If Barr thinks Trump can end probes he doesn't deserve to be AG

Jimmy Carter Lectures Trump:

Democratic Candidates Are Preparing For A Contested Convention -- By Courting Superdelegates

AG's legal tab in Eyman case nears $1M with trial a year away

Nick Bosa's Reasons For Deleting MAGA Tweets: "I Might End Up In San Francisco"

S.J.Res.7 (Yemen) notwithstanding the President's veto FAILED by a vote of 53-45.

Milbank: 'Infrastructure Week' now a metaphor for failure

History rhymes

Watch the fiery speech of our newest candidate, Michael Bennett of Colorado, here:

Democrats blast Barr for missing hearing

Trump administration pushed to strip mention of climate change from Arctic policy statement

Exposing the Attorney General's corruption on Capitol Hill means little without real accountability

Facebook bans Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, InfoWars and others from its platforms as 'dangero

Why Cory Booker Cares So Much About Legal Weed

I am way past fed up with all the playing Mr Nice Guy by House Dems

Burger King launches 'Real Meal' boxes because 'no one is happy all the time'

Springtime for Joe Biden: Leads polls, Trump tweeting, firefighters behind him

Glassdoor: Job openings, pay growth increasing in Seattle faster than national average

THIS is why that 30+% will ALWAYS back the far-right candidates. Libertarianism is a mental illness!

Snake eyes! Mutant three-eyed python called Monty is found in the Australian Outback -

The FBI sent investigator posing as assistant to meet with Trump aide in 2016

St. Louis Community College Accuses Employee Of Embezzling $5.4 Million

Report from Iowa City.. VP Biden is getting his sea legs

Connecticut lawmaker says her children were targets of online threats from anti-vaxxer

Edvard Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16



Cartoons 5/2/19

Exclusive: Foreign government leases at Trump World Tower stir more emoluments concerns

Lawyers clash over Nebraska Catholic sex abuse records; A.G. says not all documents turned over

A US judge sentenced teenage vandals to read books. This is what happened next

'Honor Flight' full of veterans struck by lightning, lands safely

A SpaceX capsule built to fly humans was 'destroyed' during testing in Florida, company VP says

Wisconsin: GOP Plans to Kill Medicaid Expansion, Pot Legalization

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hands Victory To Republicans In Restoring Walker Appointees

Whatever you think of James Comey

Trump attacks Biden despite Kushner directive to lay off Dem field

One of the real possibilities in what the Republicans are doing right now

Rep. Nadler Cuts Off Matt Gaetz' Mic

My question is Where the fuck are all the RETHGUGS that stated Mueller was a GREAT PERSON?

HHS rule lets health care workers refuse care that violates religious beliefs

Minuteman III missile test launch from Vandenberg

LA Judge Rules Against San Diego Jewish Family Over $30M Painting Looted By Nazis

Drug company founder, executives convicted of bribe scheme that fueled U.S. opioid crisis

First Measles Case Discovered In Pittsburgh, Amid U.S. Outbreak

Pelosi haters, Democratic party haters, go away please

Spanish far-right party's anti-LGBT tweet makes star of tiny gay ghost

Beto O'Rourke just debuted the most 'ambitious' and robust climate proposal of any candidate

Trump nominates Sarah Palin to Federal Reserve Board.

Democrats Have 20 Spots in the First Debate. There Are Now 21 Candidates.

3:45 p.m.: Severe storms over much of Washington area. Heaviest in triangle between Potomac,...

Saudi Arabia frees four more women on trial over rights issues: campaigners

Klobuchar asks Mueller whether he has reviewed Trump's tax returns.

Exclusive: Foreign government leases at Trump World Tower stir more emoluments concerns

Baltimore Mayor Pugh resigns after month on leave amid investigation into her business deals

There are now 22 candidates for President on Dem side per ballotpedia

And now, from Eric Idle:

Can the White House stop Mueller from testifying?

Al Franken (.com) has just stopped me from jumping off the roof

The Trump-Pence war on women

Judge: Man can recover money from neo-Nazi website founder

The Bucket of lies - too good

I'm sure Barr DID this but

Best Chicken Dance Ever

Brazil plans to slash funding of universities by 30 percent

Barr unable to give honest answer at drive-thru window

NEWS: @SenSanders joined @PodSaveAmerica today ...

Baltimore Mayor Pugh resigns after month on leave amid investigation into her business deals

Michigan admits to errors in state prison death counts

Why we believed William Barr


Do Jeb Bush and W hate Trump as much as we do?

It's ok not to be happy all the time.

Yom Hashoah: memorials, and a troublesome study

Hillary Clinton: Barr acting as Trump's 'defense lawyer'

The conclusion is the same. Simply put in two words. NOT QUILTY.

Thousands mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with annual March of the Living

Biden praises Dick Cheney

Lee Stecklein, Hannah Brandt among Whitecaps saying no to pro hockey until demands are met

A Former Alt-Right Member's Message: Get Out While You Still Can

3M rolls out its biggest deal: $6.7B to buy wound care company

Meanwhile..WH Rolls Back Regulations Meant To Avoid The Next Deepwater Horizon

James Comey writes NYT 0p-ed: Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites

Ask Alex Jones Fans this Question Today

Former DNI Clapper said Trump campaign aided and abetted the Russians "in a colloquial sense"

Bernie Sanders personally spearheaded campaign strategy to take on Joe Biden

Will Venezuela Be Trump's Re-Election War?

Bill Barr's theory of executive power puts presidents above the law

"He (Barr) committed a crime" - Pelosi, so why aren't Dems sending a criminal referral ?

Barr protected Trump. His next step: smear opponents

Nicole, Rev Al, Donnie D & Heileman - Kamala's Candidacy Got a Huge Boost Yesterday

Interesting question: Does tRump want to be impeached?

This was on my doorstep when I came home tonight..

Fox News: Democrats don't really hate Barr. They hate Mueller!

Neal Katyal suggests again today: De-fund AG Barr's salary and the AG Office.

The attorney general misled the public

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Unlikely, Untested, Unprecedented Presidential Campaign

Trying to find a template for a workshop/workbook!

Michael Steele and The Common Wisdom

Barr Family Presidential Guard

Opinion Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All's Moment Is Here. Don't Back Down.

A low point in Justice Department history

The Sick Romance of Homophobia and Misogyny

Don't you know? It's called the Department of Just Us for a reason.

Cyprus serial killer case exposes abuse of migrant women

New national polls suggest Warren gaining momentum in presidential race

New national polls suggest Warren gaining momentum in presidential race

NYC mayor says he'll decide this month on presidential run

Bill Weld: I would have pursued an indictment of Trump if I were AG.

Someone Did Get to Look at Trump's Tax Returns: Deutsche Bankers

Times magazine's 100 most influential people of 2019

Man who kept girl in dog cage, sexually assaulted her won't serve prison time

DA says man burned church to hide own activities

Ted Lieu riffs on a very special, very heartwarming announcement from Mike Pence and Mother.

Kansas bill says child can't be 'aggressor' in abuse cases

In Fort Worth on Saturday we can elect a true progressive for mayor, Deborah Peoples

California governor makes big change to giant water project

Who Is the Most Electable Democrat?

Foxconn CEO meets with Trump, Wisconsin governor

Sanders Statement on Yemen Override Vote

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 2, 2019

One question for Mueller is

Judge: Man can recover money from neo-Nazi website founder

Whale Of A Tale: Alleged Russian Spy Beluga Won't Leave Its Post

Al Franken is back...

Walz says state should pull plug on troubled MNLARS system

Caster Semenya: Fans urge athlete not to quit after her cryptic tweet

ABC Briefing Room

Spot the difference

Parents of Babies Too Young to Vaccinate Feel Trapped by Measles Outbreak

"I was no great fan of President Carter's."

UPDATED: Trump says he's not inclined to let former counsel McGahn testify to Congress

Breaking: Mueller is already in negotiations with Nadler

A Chilean mining company lays claim to Minnesota's water

Can measles cause birth defects if a woman catches it while early in her pregnancy?

Colombia's prosecution launches investigation into bugging of Constitutional Court

Winkelman: The last gang in town

Colombia's prosecution launches investigation into bugging of Constitutional Court

Bone chilling terrifying CNN analysis: Congress can't stop Trump now

Trump's new ambassador to Colombia was once expelled from Bolivia

Trump's new ambassador to Colombia was once expelled from Bolivia

Add $1.5M and a lost opportunity to the cost of the republican shutdown

A sitting AG can be indicted for lying to Congress. Does Mueller still have the power? Would USADC?

Michael Eric Dyson says racist slur was hurled at his 6-year-old grandson at D.C. PE school

My very first question for Mueller would be

Too much 'bickering' and 'testing' around here, for my taste.

Walz signs repeal of marital rape exemption in Minnesota

I feel for the immigrants, they are a mirror to me.

Cracks appear in U.S. bipartisan unity on Venezuela

Cracks appear in U.S. bipartisan unity on Venezuela

A binary choice: Indict or Decline

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 3 May 2019

Student who wore Confederate flag cape stirs up outrage at Texas high school

Venezuela court issues warrant for opposition figure Lopez as Maduro seeks to show military loyalty

House urges repeal of Texas program that turns many low-income drivers into scofflaws

"Barr, caught in flagrante delicto in his deception"

Black congresswoman DESTROYS Trump's labor secretary over women's health.

U.S. rejects interference by non-Arctic countries in polar region: official

MSNBC: House Judiciary dems negotiating directly with Mueller team

These 7 foreign governments rented Trump Tower condos without approval: report

CBS denies report that Gayle King pushed Norah O'Donnell out at 'This Morning'

Pentagon warns on risk of Chinese submarines in Arctic

Texas Senate gives initial OK to bill requiring counseling before abortion

First politician allowed into Colombia's war crimes tribunal; at least 40 to follow

Oh so he's gonna testify...and that's gonna solve everything

Florence and the Machine - "Jenny of Oldstones"

Luckovich-Live at a mass NRA foot-shooting

UT grad students rally for higher pay, tuition support

Trump's pick for UN envoy sent to Senate for confirmation

Celtics President Danny Ainge has mild heart attack

Second judge departs long-running 9/11 case at Guantanamo

An excellent climate change presentation from an historical perspective

Rebuking Trump, House votes to keep US in Paris climate pact


Iowa Republicans choose not to look for overspending on Medicaid prescriptions

➡️ Tune in tonight for @chrislhayes interview with 2020 candidate @SenSanders at 8 pm ET.

Emails show Missouri lobbyist's efforts to help expelled son

Melania Trump to mark one year of 'Be Best' next week

US-North Korea diplomacy stalled when Trump stopped negotiating

Peter Mayhew has died

Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Passes Away at 74

Government to house more immigrants in tents at the border

Rebellion To Prevent Ecological Apocalypse: George Monbiot, 'No One Is Coming To Save Us'

So word is getting out.....

Humanitarian refuge for social leaders opens in Bogota

Can you take the name of a band, and change 1 letter to make a new name?

Trump's New 'Nasty' Woman: Kamala Harris

With Trump rollback, school lunch could get more white bread

Trump discussing with Pence how people are "using the word God again. They're not hiding from it."

Billionaire founder of opioid firm guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe drug

The truth makes me happy...

1 Child Dead, 3 People Missing After Migrant Raft Overturns In Rio Grande

Red Iowa, with it's two red senators, goes under water

Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in 'Star Wars' franchise, dies at 74

Kansas Democratic Party joins most regional states in ending caucuses, switching to a primary

Mother says she was duped into $6.5-million payment that got daughter into Stanford

1 Child Dead, 3 People Missing After Migrant Raft Overturns In Rio Grande

This is the face you have...

New count shows homelessness in King County, Seattle, down for first time in 7 years

Jay Inslee full interview - Pod Save America

Special Report: China's furtive underwater nukes test the Pentagon

No attempts to enforce subpoenas? What are dems waiting for?

Anger as Grenfell boss is invited to speak at housing safety event (UK)

Are we at a tipping point?

Joe Biden's challenge in Iowa: Going from great on paper to standing out in crowded, diverse field

Opinion: Why Stephen Moore's Fed bid failed

Living and working in Red States ain't for sissies!

Feds: Des Moines grocer defrauded food aid programs out of hundred of thousands of dollars