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CNN to host Beto O'Rourke town hall May 21: Updated with a Livestream link

Former Sen. Tom Daschle joins cannabis board, wants to 'loosen the restrictions'

Andy Beshear(D-KY) should run for the US Senate in 2020 against Mitch McConnell(R-KY).

Tonight's PBS Frontline: Supreme Revenge

I'm really depressed this afternoon.

Either Beasher or Adkins is going to be the 2019 Democratic nominee for KY Governor.

Dems have this under control

How about a Biden/Buttigieg ticket?

Artist Kate Kretz was BANNED from Facebook for this piece. WARNING

Why You Should Care About Trump's War on Whistleblowers

She's the Speaker OF the House, not the Speaker TO the House.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Convinced Ben Carson That HUD's Drug Policies Should Be Changed

Is this your sugar glider?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 23, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: WWII Homefront

Is there a site that aggregates info on where our candidates are appearing?

New York Votes to Close Double-Jeopardy Loophole

Biden: Congress should protect abortion rights, if necessary

Thousands of immigrants forced into solitary confinement by ICE for being physically disabled or gay

Trump is already as unpopular as Nixon. What are Dems worried about?

There aren't words to describe how much this guy loves his rescue dog ❤️

Meanwhile -May's final effort to win backing falls flat as MPs reject 'new' Brexit deal

D.C. Circuit just called for a response to the petition for rehearing en banc in the McKeever case

2020 KY US Senate Election- Rocky Adkins-D vs Mitch McConnell-R.

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 24, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Lillian Hellman

Tillerson quietly meets with House lawmakers to discuss Trump

Humane Society, APA Reps Talk Missouri Puppy Mills, What Everyday People Can Do To Help

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 25, 2019 -- The Essentials: Directed by Satyajit Ray



How long can Nancy Pelosi hold off impeachment?

What the Hell Happened With Bernie Sanders's Abortion Comments This Week?

How can a brain surgeon

There was spying in the presidential election -- and it was from Trump: Ex-FBI deputy

Shy Shelter Dog Gives Her Mom The Confidence To Do Anything

Officer says he inflated charge against chokehold victim

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she'd be 'hard pressed' to back Biden in primary

Nearly half of Seattle-area hospitals earned 'A' in safety report

Needles and Pinza

Kristen Wiig Comedy 'Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar' Pulls Out of Georgia Over 'Heartbeat Bill'

South Dakota sues Texas oil and gas company for $15.5 million

Tonight's CNN town hall gives Beto O'Rourke a shot at reanimating campaign

Tonight's CNN town hall gives Beto O'Rourke a shot at reanimating campaign

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Alabama, Goddam!

🐦May 27 at 2PM - Ice Cream Social with Bernie & Ben Cohen in Warner NH

Leonard Leo.......his name came up on MSNBC's Chris Hayes show.

Jim Carrey fires back at 'Joe McCarthy wanna-be' Cruz

Ben Carson proves once again he should've stuck to medicine.

🐦 May 27 at 4PM - Ice Cream Social with Bernie & Ben Cohen in Laconia NH

I was NOT expecting this! (NCIS season finale) No spoilers for our West Coast DUers

🐦 May 28 at 2PM - Town Hall in Concord NH with Bernie Sanders

WHIP LIST: Dems who support an impeachment inquiry against President Trump

🐦 May 28 at 5PM - Town Hall in Londonderry NH with Bernie Sanders

🐦 May 28 at 7PM - Rally in Manchester NH with Bernie Sanders

Atlanta City Council passes measure opposing state's 'heartbeat' bill

As Argentina's Macri senses defeat, charges against opponents revived

Interview with Publisher Rob Kall about his new book The Bottom-up Revolution

Tillerson quietly meets with House lawmakers to discuss Trump

Maine House votes to expand number of medical professions allowed to perform abortions

THE IRS IS NOW OWNED BY tRump people???

Just a quick survey:

Julian Castro on stop the bans

I agree. Slate "Democratic Reluctance to Even Utter "Impeachment" Is Becoming Untenable"

​Jay Inslee now less than 5,000 new donors away from 65,000 donors needed to join June debates ​

Little known fact:

Movement Aims to Kick Chicago Out of Illinois, Conservative activists largely behind the push

It's always time for Stones!

I've Never said this before...

Dutch Artists Paint Giant Bookcase On An Apartment Building Featuring Residents' Favorite Books

More Hotel Bar Tunes!

Jeopardy: James needs to lose. Soon. Over it.

Sweet potatoes.

WHIP LIST: Dems who support an impeachment inquiry against President Trump

KY-GOV: Dem primary turnout at 80% of 2016

Rachel on Moscow Mitch and Deripaska connection on now!! Finally...

I have talked about my "lil" girl alot

Trump invites man wearing border wall suit to stage: 'We know who he's voting for'

What kind of PR/education campaign would be necessary to inform everybody about Trump's crimes?

One More Hotel Bar Tune for da evenin

Fear grips immigrants who fled here to escape genocide - 'They're going to try to deport me'

BEN CARSON-- OOH SHIT This is priceless:)))) LOLOL-- even BETTER than the Katie Porter thingy..

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate is winning-

Biden nets fundraising windfall in 2-day Florida swing

CONGRESS should FINE all the people they have called to testify $15,000 a day if they don't show up

You go Beto - just said we should start impeachment !!

Liberal Redneck - Bama Bortion Ban

I Think Pelosi is channeling FDR.

Howard Dean on CNN re latest Quinnipiac poll

Tweets from Representatives of Congress calling for Impeachment Hearings

Castro coming up at the end of The Last Word to talk about the embarrassment named Ben Carlson.

Katie Porter's coming up on Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss the Ben Carson R.E.O. / Oreo fiasco.

PBS here is now showing "Supreme Revenge". Just walked in and it was on...

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Flee After Counter-Protesters Strip Down To Bras

Steve Bullock was asked a question tonight that all the candidates better be prepared to answer:

Incompetent? Corrupt? Which is worst trait?

Oh boy!

When this elephant got trapped in a canal, it seemed impossible to save him -- until these strangers

KY-GOV: Dems finish tonight with 87% of 2016 primary turnout

Impeachment/investigative hearings will CHANGE public opinion!

It's Beshear vs. Bevin for the governors race.

Tell me this is not intentional? And the GOP is gunning for the ACA.

We still don't know the full story about the ballots destroyed in Broward County Opinion

The Daily Show: Dems Divided Over Appearing on Fox News

Seth Meyers - President Trump Tweets About Increasing Tensions with Iran - Monologue - 5/20/19

Jeanie Buss

Seven hours (including breaks) . . . Gotta believe the committee learned something interesting

Bollywood actor who campaigned for PM Harper was granted Canadian citizenship by Conservative gov

Harriet Tubman Mural in Baltimore & a little girl

Mississippi lawmaker (guess which party) punched wife in face over sex

Every GOP Member Of House Delegation From VA Voted Against Dem Measure To Stay In Paris Agreement

Being black in Nazi Germany

Beto O'Rourke releases plan to protect and expand women's reproductive rights

For being "totally exonerated"

NY to pass bill allowing state to prosecute those with presidential pardons

Some Pretty Good Guitar Players Covering A Great George Harrison Song

I.....I...can't anymore.

Arizona prisons urged to end ban on book about black men

Joe Lockhart's SHADOW PRESS BRIEFING for May 21, 2019

the number that tells a different story of US-China trade

More than 200 families on Navajo Nation in Arizona get power

Billionaire's gift to Morehouse college graduates a perfect opportunity to examine unfair advantages

North Korea calls Biden 'fool of low IQ' over Kim criticism

Eastern Orthodox Prayers In Time Of Trouble Or Need/ Two Hymns from Valaam Monastery

So, Ramtha is Q now

Voldemort vs Trump

If you see lightning and want to know how far away the storm is...

Progressives Oust Incumbents in Allegheny County, PA primaries.

Eastern Orthodox Chants from Valaam Monastery Brotherhood

Alabama PBS chose not air an episode of Arthur due to a same sex marriage.

Morgantown Pharmacist admits to drug charges, agrees to pay nearly $2 million

Just re-watched "All the President's Men"

Grant Recipients Sentenced For $5 Million Fraud On Lee County

Port Arthur man pleads guilty to $1.7M insurance fraud scheme

State Lawmakers Approve Legislation Shielding Most Texans From Surprise Medical Bills

Why Is Julian Castro The Only Democratic Presidential Candidate With An Immigration Plan?

Joaquin Castro On Insulin Prices And The President's New Immigration Plan

Tennessee House speaker to resign amid text message scandal

david gilmour - there's no way out of here/cry from the street (studio - 1978)

American Airlines sues unions, accuses workers

Oh, the arrogance!

Six takeaways from Beto O'Rourke's CNN town hall

Six takeaways from Beto O'Rourke's CNN town hall

54% of voter would not vote for Trump.

Shut up, peasant!

5th migrant child dies after detention by US border agents

Teacher charged with threatening to 'shoot up' her school

Longview High School grad Matthew McConaughey returns to inspire class of 2019, pick up diploma

US Senator: Colombia's government should denounce smear campaign against NYT journalist

US Senator: Colombia's government should denounce smear campaign against NYT journalist

Ex-Republican chair pleads guilty to defrauding Longview bank

US house committee proposes aid boost for Colombia, but under conditions

US house committee proposes aid boost for Colombia, but under conditions

Instead of informing the public, Colombia's leading weekly informed Duque about army controversy

Senate passes ballot-access bill opposed by Democrats

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/21/19

One piece from Rodrigo, one piece from Bax

Chinese woman arrested at Mar a lago wants to fire lawyers and represent herself

Workers at one of Maine's largest anti-poverty groups look to unionize

Stephen Colbert: Howard Stern's Triumphant Return To The Late Show

Composting of human bodies now legal in Washington state

US Americans believe war with Iran is coming: poll

DOJ looks to avoid 'enforcement action' against Barr with new counteroffer on Mueller docs

Denying Collins re-election would help put our nation back on track

Central Maine Power's $1 billion project tests unity of Maine House Democrats

Amazon Studios pulls show out of Georgia due to abortion bill

How a Chinese company plans to revitalize 2 struggling Maine mills

Lawmaker says Iran doesn't want direct or proxy war with US

Bill to allow more medical professionals to perform abortions is closer to passage

Paid Time-Off Bill Awaits Action From Governor

Sununu signs bipartisan mental health bill to address ER boarding crisis

55 years Ago Today; Lyndon B. Johnson launches the Great Society.

Three-quarters of mail requests for abortion pills came from states with strict anti-abortion laws

Legislators told to make sure crime victims get restitution before criminal cases are erased

Senate quickly kills proposed income tax on high wage earners

51 Years Ago Today; The nuclear-powered submarine USS Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard

Weld seeks presidential candidate tax return mandate

Survey finds wide support for New Hampshire commuter rail

Shaheen sponsors bill to help Afghans who aided American personnel

Democrats Cozy Up to Wall Street While Shunning Corporate Cash

17 Years Ago Today; Bobby Frank Cherry convicted of murder in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Criminal charges expected this week in Jay Peak EB-5 fraud

Vermont Senate supports $12.50 minimum wage by 2021, after nixing House's plan

Free ice cream! Capital city says it's ready for Sanders' Statehouse rally Saturday

Howard Stern calls Bernie Sanders his biggest hero on @colbertlateshow.

Trump will be impeached!

8 years ago today....

Wednesday TOONs - Red Flags

Why hasn't Kellyanne Conway been subpoenaed? She has been at most of the

The Democrats' 100-year flood

Republican Keller wins Pennsylvania special election

Matt Bevin, Andy Beshear set for Kentucky clash

Nevada Senate passes bill that would give Electoral College votes to winner of national popular vote

Blues Fans Rejoice As St. Louis Clinches First Stanley Cup Final Appearance In 49 Years

Blues Fans Rejoice As St. Louis Clinches First Stanley Cup Final Appearance In 49 Years



Painters DC 58 volunteers give Ferguson church a fresh look

Lilly selling half-price version of popular Humalog insulin

To impeach or not to impeach is the question?

Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service

Sanders Leads Bicameral Legislation to Hold Opioid Executives Criminally Liable

Indonesia riots: six dead after protesters clash with troops over election result

US 'could blacklist' Chinese surveillance kit firm Hikvision

Ice-T says he almost shot an Amazon delivery driver who was 'creeping up to my crib'

The Rundown: May 21, 2019ndown: May 21, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #36: Ryan Mage Mistakes and is Cursed Edition (5/21/19 Edition)

Binyavanga Wainaina, Kenyan author and gay rights activist, dies aged 48

Senate trying to limit policy proposals in budget

Trump is committing more high crimes to cover up his high crimes.

Democrats wait two years for Robert Mueller to end his investigation....

Internal emails reveal how the chemical lobby fights regulation

Labor attorney launches bid for US Senate

Let's go Blues.

Theresa May's Brexit gambit fails as her premiership fades

MGM pulls out of talks with Wynn over sale of Everett casino

Some clips from Beto's town hall

Iran 'threat' has diminished, says US defense secretary

Bernie Sanders stops in Charlotte

What is the difference between "stone-walling" and "covering-up" ?

Huawei: ARM memo tells staff to stop working with China's tech giant

Lawrence mayor calls out Seth Moulton, DNC as Democratic field grows

Far-right Facebook groups 'spreading hate to millions in Europe'

What's for Breakfast, Wednesday 22 May, 2019

Philippine mid-terms: Duterte consolidates grip on power

Survey shows U.S. military families far more negative about housing than landlords claim

I just made post # 12,345!

Research on children's health risks in doubt over EPA funds

UPDATE! NY FED judge today DENIES Trump attempt to block Deutsche Bank/Cap One subpoenas

Big Oil's Push For A Carbon Tax Has Zero To Do With The Environment

Poland's Kaczynski says Le Pen's party 'linked to Moscow'

Donald Trump Jr. inks book deal

60 Years After Leasing Land To Coal Plant, TX Ranching Family Faces Toxic Coal Ash Impact

US Wall Funding of $1.57 Billion Yields 1.7 Miles Of Fence (*$920 million per mile)

Divided Britain heads to the polls for EU elections it was not meant to hold

Justice Department staff recommends blocking T-Mobile deal for Sprint; decision now with top antitru

Republican spent years doing nothing on election security

A 'Game of Thrones' Sequel Is Not an Option for HBO's Top Executive

Narcissism 101: "People thinking less of me is not because of me."

Sen. Ron Wyden is tired of Republicans ignoring election security

On impeaching the donald.....

Joe Biden is promising unity, consensus & healing. FDR, Harry S & LBJ had a different idea

**Breaking** Justice Department and House intelligence panel strike deal for Mueller materials

Kay Ivey saw this on Twitter governor Alabama

Justice Department and House intelligence panel strike deal for Mueller materials

Photos: 🇫🇷 France for Bernie 2020 - May 21

Primary results, change still on voters' minds

This afternoon, I attended a Senate intelligence briefing where the Trump administration presented

I got up early this morning

OB/Gyn weighs in on anti-abortion laws

Rex Tillerson secretely meets with House Foreign

Shaw the ninjaest cat likes stretching while clawing the screens in the window

George Conway attacks Trump' as 'most unfit and incompetent president' in US history

Three New Polls Prove the Biden Bump is Real and Lasting -- and Republicans are Nervous

George Conway to Trump re poll #s whine: You're the most unfit, incompetent president in history

Congress and Trump stiff arm

Something is seriously wrong with him

Bernie's new approach to raising cash: 'Grass-roots fundraisers'

Biden nets fundraising windfall in 2-day Florida swing

Bruce the Eagle Gets his 15 Minutes of Fame in a Symmetrical Glamour Shot

Would Republican Senators Vote to Impeach Trump if it Meant They Would Get Pence in the White House?

I'm not going away or leaving the Religion Group.

Pete Buttigieg shouldn't lead the religious left. There shouldn't even be a religious left.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the wackest of them all? . . . Come CAPTION Milo Yiannopoulos!!!

Biden nets fundraising windfall in 2-day Florida swing

Group of big farms gets bulk of Trump bailout funds

Charles Pierce: The President* Has Done Too Many Things, and Too Many People Know About Them

I was impressed with O'Rourke's CNN town hall

Trump wants 400 TSA agents sent to the border

The U.S. put nuclear waste under a dome on a Pacific island. Now it's cracking open.

If you got this in the UK, I have an idea what you can do with it...

Two Groups That Helped Dems Win Back the House Are Joining Forces for 2020

"Let me in, Francine! Joey's gone nuts, talking to a ghost in the chair!"

Inside Pelosi's impeachment battle plan

Snowy (my dog) and I were attacked this morning

Iranian children are dancing to pop music and the government is furious

Iranian children are dancing to pop music and the government is furious

New Quinnipiac poll shows Biden ahead in all voter groups except "very liberal" Dems

Did Pelosi just come out of the meeting with the Democrats and say there was a coverup??

U.S. judge says Qualcomm violated antitrust law; appeal planned, shares plunge

JUST IN: Speaker Pelosi says "we believe the president of the United States is engaged in a cover up

Does anyone share my pet peeve of the over and misuse of the word "awesome"??

Nike cancels 'Puerto Rico' shoe over Panama indigenous design

Fed Judge in DC unseals 5 search warrant applications that Mueller filed in 2017 re: Michael Cohen

White House Orders Don McGahn To Ignore Subpoena

Even Republicans Are Sick Of Trump Thinking He's Above The Law

do donald fraud's actions rise to the level of impeachable offenses? as usual, wrong question.

Blaming Brexit, British Steel collapses putting about 25,000 jobs at risk

Ernst Grassley Vitter Vitter McConnell Trump Deripaska Putin Just random events?

Letter alleging Colorado Catholic priest's abuse found a decade after the author took his own life

My Rep bringing the HEAT

This should be made into a commercial...

Anita Hill Worries Female 2020 Candidates Are 'Not Being Taken Seriously'

Theresa May faces a fresh push to force her out of office as early as next week

I will ONLY support Democratic primary candidates

3 Women Of Color Reps chewed up Ben Carson yesterday...

my name is dog, i know a geck...

Pete Calendar

In 35 days, the first Democratic Debate will be held.. and many things will settle out from that

Law Firms Accuse 83 Clerics Of Abuse In The Albany Diocese


How Joe Biden has changed the race. Now Bernie Sanders is holding fundraisers.

Investigators could not determine if Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is in racist yearbook photo

New York Republican Party moves to become completely irrelevant

Another one of Trump's "fine people..."

Pelosi: Trump 'is engaged in a cover up'

The Servant I fell in love with

Trigger Warning, Drumpf and daughter, too creepy.

"I eat the filling first!" . . . Please come CAPTION HUD Secretary Ben Carson!

Pelosi calls for a "respectful sharing of ideas" regarding Trump impeachment

Latest Sign of Beto O'Rourke's Flameout: Opposition Research Requests Have 'Died Off'

Los Angeles County Bans Use of Roundup Weed Killer

Ahead of infrastructure talks, House Democrats release $137B bill

Taxpayers have now ponied up $102 million for Trump's golf trips

Blue Tsunami! Massive Democratic Voter Turnout Expected in 2020!!

Who's ready for some COOCH? Cuccinelli at Homeland Security

Trump's Hostile Takeover of 'Very Liberal' Ninth Circuit Is Almost Accomplished

Another Great Protest Sign

New: Michael Cohen made & received *1000* phone calls and texts to & from CEO of Russian-linked comp

Not one thread about the Warriors?

"The best people"?

Monmouth Poll: 60 percent say Trump should not be reelected

U.Va. murderer Jesse Matthew transfers prisons after cancer diagnosis

Catching up to Great Britain after 500 years or so

Twelve US District Judge Nominations Sent to the Senate; May 21, 2019

Report: Mississippi lawmaker punched wife in face over sex

No, Ben Carson ISN'T "stupid"... it's worse than that:

Wilson: Democrats need to be patient, and Trump will be completely "f*cked."

Tesla's Navigate Is Worse Than Human Driving: Consumer Reports

Tesla lowers prices on Models S and X amid stock slump PUBLISHED TUE, MAY 21 2019 6:09 PM EDTU

Pic Of The Moment: Wednesday Wingnuts

AP reporter right now: Press Corps summoned to WH for an event appears to be Mueller related.

The sonofabitch is screaming on tv right collusion/no obstruction

Cleaned out my Cookies. Good to do, taking care selectively

Another hopeless drunk, another day...

Trump: "I don't do cover-ups. You people probably know that better than anybody."

Why we should be careful with "former" Republicans

tRump Pulling Out His Best Mussolini Poses, Now on the TV Machine

Burger King and Wendy's roast Jack in the Box after Kim Kardashian calls the restaurant out on Twitt

Just watched Trump speaking at Whitehouse. It looks like the pressure is getting to him.

Scientists Modify Viruses With CRISPR To Create New Weapon Against Superbugs

About Nancy Pelosi using the term "Cover Up"

So has anyone ever considered starting a sellers group on DU to sell items to other DUers?

Trump abruptly cancels infrastructure meeting with Democrats

Pelosi's "cover up" comments triggered Red Don! He does NOT want the investigations that would lead

BREAKING NEWS: Trump says he refuses to work with Democrats until investigations halt.

Pelosi/Schimer press briefing

Infrastructure meeting ends abruptly, Trump says no "deal" unless Dems end investigations

I love music soundtracks... anyone else? (and a little GOT discussion--sorry non-fans)

Pelosi is right.

If you have younger (Middle School early High Scool) readers in your life

trump is demanding to be impeached.

Trump Walks Out on Democrats After 3 Minutes

Need recommendations for yogurt makers

Prediction the Trump administration will defy a court order

Today in the Rose Garden (eye bleach warning)...

Ana Navarro-Crdenas: Which "I word" is Trump fuming about?

(Banana) Phone Throne

Why do hospitals wake you up every hour all night long, but no one comes by after 9am?

"There he blows"!!!

Speaker Pelosi rocks!

Kind Of Dumb On Trump's Part......

NY puts Democrats a step closer to getting Trump tax returns

Pelosi: Trump left meeting because of "lack of confidence"

The Pace

It's the investigations, stupid.

Do you ever answer

Mississippi GOP Calls For Rep. To Resign If Accusation Of Punching Wife Is True

Things a guilty person would do, for $2000, Alex

John Harwood tweet about Trump and Pelosi:

Trump just got awful news from a federal appeals court

Zoo euthanizes flamingo after child injures it with rock

I've changed my mind. Impeach the motherfucker now!

Pelosi's stance on impeachment

Mueller needs to man up and make a statement.


Laurence Tribe tweets about Jerkosaurus Rex

Ocasio-Cortez Backs Insurgent Tiffany Cabn in Queens D.A. Race, Testing Her Influence in N.Y.

Alabama House passes 'born-alive' abortion bill

There is an old saying about ambition...

facebook funny

For 2020 we should have one simple question for all republicans:

I'm feelin' good

Virginia backs Trump's transphobic justification for transgender military ban

If the President wants to refuse negotiations and pout, then by all means let him do it.

Satanic Temple Sues Missouri Over Abortion Rights - and Could Win

The Snowflake-in-Chief just tweeted video of his Rose Garden whine, plus followup whining

Texas migrant detention center flu outbreak

Carlos Santana -- Black Magic Woman [[ Official Live Video ]] HQ

Bipartisan lawmakers demand to know why Trump administration is releasing John Walker Lindh early

"I never cover up anything"?

Former attorney general sums up Willam Barr with one tweet

Bill Clinton response to tRump unable to legislate while under investigation...

NFL and players' union to study potential use of marijuana for pain management

So, I watched FOX's live feed and of the Pelosi/Schumer press conference. And I read the comments.

MSNBC reporting that the Dept of Justice and the Intelligence Committee have a deal

NFL and players' union to study potential use of marijuana for pain management

House Democrats should go forward on their own and pass an infrastructure bill

Trump supporters ecstatic on how Trump acted at the morning meeting

Pelosi said Trump entered the meeting with "an orchestrated, almost to a 'poor baby' point of view"

May 22, 1915: over 200 die in the worst rail disaster in British history

It's again time to get right down!

Trump: I'm not doing my job unless Congress stops investigating me

The Orange Blob says

Millennials could push American politics to the left -- or totally upend them

Vince McMahon fires Donald Trump 6-22-2009

China Faces New 'Long March' as Trade War Intensifies, Xi Jinping Says

One great point Stephanie Ruhle often makes is

Has the dam broken....?💥🌪🌊🌫

It's a windy day today.

trump squirts out a 4-tweet "so sad" rant over Pelosi and "cover-ups."

Joyce White Vance: Pelosi is handling Trump masterfully. Patience.

Dem rep: 'Evidence is clear' that migrant child deaths are 'intentional'

I had the opportunity to visit the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery ...

Adam Schiff tweet:

Software my Ass...LMAO

'The president pouted': Staffers reveal what happened in meeting after Pelosi accused Trump

US intercepts Russian bombers near Alaska for second time in two days

Nancy, better to save your prayers for:

George and Terri Pearsons Beg God for an 'Emergency Intervention' to Prevent Passage of Satan's Equa

"I hear last night that they're going to have another meeting about the 'I-word.' The 'I-word!'"

Trump admitted knowing about the Trump Tower meeting, while he was high this morning.

a president who demands not to be investigated is claiming to be above the law.

Jeffrey Wright: "Trump walked out into the Rose Garden and saw Nancy Pelosi's shadow, and now

Trump claims there are 18 angry Democrats.. I think there are more! I am one of them , who else?

Just IMPEACH HIM already and get it over with.

But of course, Mnuchin: Redesign of $20 bill featuring Tubman will no longer be unveiled in 2020

Trump lawyer is also representing Navy SEAL charged with murder:

Deutsche Bank glitch blocked reporting of suspicious transactions

DC Comics-related collectibles, vintage magazines, classic toys, retro-movies, more.

NY State Legislature passed bill to provide Trump's state tax returns to 3 Congressional committees

NBC's Peter Alexander Calmly Decimates Trump's 'I Don't Do Cover-Ups' Comment


National Women's Political Caucus

When the House impeaches tRUMP (If Pelosi and the whole housecalls for it)

Biden gives perfect response to Trump

Nigel Farage 'trapped on Brexit bus due to people armed with milkshakes'

Schumer said tRump had his speech planned ahead of time

But but but

Polls show a tight race for Mark Kelly...we can win this one

Harriet Tubman $20 Bill No Longer Coming In 2020: Mnuchin Says Redesign Postponed

Charles Pierce:Trump Lost It in Rose Garden After His Attempted Power Play With Nancy Pelosi & Dems

So Trump had an "impromptu" press conference with a "no collusion" sign for the podium?

I don't know about y'all, but the boxer in me just saw Pelosi rock Trump's world

i posted this on fb today, i thought it might get an amen here.

Just went over 100 million in cost for his golf outings.

Hah! Charle Pierce on Pelosi slipping Italian-Catholic version of the shiv used by Southern Belles..

Al Franken launches a podcast

QUESTION: Is Trumps ".. I don't do cover-ups..." equal to "... I am not a crook.." ?!

OOOOOPSIE Daisy. Trump admits, on camera, that Don Jr. called him before the Russian meeting.

Federal Prosecutors Charge Michael Avenatti With Defrauding Stormy Daniels

You raised $1.00 on May 21, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Fixed the President's Rose Garden sign for him.

NY lawmakers pass bill to allow Congress to get Trump's taxes.

Pelosi tweet, video: The #GOPTaxScam included a shameful #KiddieTax on military survivors & families

Federal court unseals Michael Cohen search warrants, further detailing his Russian ties

Diaper Don with the glass chin...

Watch live as @RepBarbaraLee and I introduce legislation to tax Wall Street greed.

Pelosi spoke at a conference right after the non-meeting at the WH??

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you; Nancy Pelosi.

'This is what a cover up looked like' under Obama

To be effective with our majority, we must think like republicans


Twitter is suggesting #DonJrBookTitles, including "The Brothers Lietheirassov"

**BRAND NEW SUNSHINE STATE PRIMARY POLL**Big Joe 39% Elizabeth 12% Bernie 12%

Carlos Gonzalez: DFA

The truth is that neither Trump nor Barr want to be impeached.

Do you have a sec for me to explain why a contribution to support Elizabeth and help grow our moveme

Do you have a sec for me to explain why a contribution to support Elizabeth and help grow our moveme

Nearly All Voters Support Background Checks for Guns

Big Majority Wants Abortion Legal In Most Cases

GODDAMMIT TO HELL! Just left a message for Housing & Urban Development.

Shouldn't random drug testing be required of the person with the nuclear codes?

Funding of $1.57 Billion Yields 1.7 Miles of Fence

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom quits government over Brexit

The New German Anti-Semitism

We really don't need our D leaders praying for tRump or others

Mnuchin Kills Harriet Tubman $20 Bill

Starbucks Accused of Exposing Customers to Potentially Deadly Pesticide

Big Majority Want Mueller to Testify

Buttigieg Leans In on His Military Service

Texas House passes 'Save Chick-fil-A' bill critics say will discriminate against LGBTQ community

Rep. Pramila Jayapal calls for impeachment inquiry

I think Matador Nancy is after bigger game than just Trumpolini

**BRAND NEW HARRIS X NAT'L PRIMARY POLL**Big Joe 33% Bernie 14% Elizabeth 8%

Since When Did The Lounge Start Making More Sense Than GD?

US repatriates family from Syrian detention camp for Isis suspects

You can smell the desperation.

Sen. Sanders and Rep. Lee Introduce Inclusive Prosperity Act to Curb Wall Street Greed

Nigel Farage discussed fronting far-right group led by Steve Bannon

Virginia governor's role in blackface yearbook photo unclear, school says

Feel good-sometimes the right person wins! (The Voice)! SPOILER ALERT if you didn't watch last nite

Concealed evidence, a coerced confession and a biased detective sent a 17-year-old to prison

Seriously. Just STOP IT already. Star Wars so don't read if you don't want to know

Mnuchin Says It's 'Unlawful' to Give Democrats Trump's Tax Returns

Rep. Lee: Proud to stand with @SenSanders today as we introduced the #InclusiveProsperity Act.

Florida poll: Trump, Biden in dead heat in head-to-head matchup

Mnuchin: No Harriet Tubman $20 Bill coming...

Seneca Off-Ramp Removal: Expect Detours In Downtown Seattle

Adam Klasfield reports on ongoing Deutsche bank Trump documents hearing.

Democratic political analyst, Jamal Simmons- Elizabeth Warren is eating into Bernie's base?

A People's Future of the United States

Seattle Children's Hospital closes several operating rooms after fungus detected

A 'fool of low IQ': North Korea derides US presidential candidate Joe Biden

China Unveils First Batch of Solar, Wind Farms That Won't Be Supported by Subsidies

NY legislators OK congressional access to Trump tax returns

The Eiffel Tower, today, May 22, 2019.

Anti-groping smartphone app highly popular in Japan

How can a song's lyrics still be so relevant after more than 30 years?

2 Million U.S. Solar Installations Are Just the Start

Wisconsin Democratic governor says he'll veto Republican bills aimed at restricting abortion

Trump's Battles: Today's State of Play Here are the latest developments

Bye Bye Theresa May

Graham urges Trump not to abandon infrastructure talks with Democrats

How far does $100K go in Seattle? It's better than some California cities, but not by much

Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down on 'Cover-Up' Remarks After Trump Explodes: 'Could Be an Impeachable

Sacrifices must be made

Judge says Deutsche Bank, Capital One can give Trump financial records to House Democrats

Proposed HUD rule would strip transgender protections at homeless shelters

Judge Ramos in Deutsche bank/Trump doc case will NOT be issuing injunction against subpoena.

House panel approves language revoking 2001 war authority as Iran tensions spike

A healthy dog was euthanized so it could be buried with its owner

New York Passes Bill Giving Congress a Way to Get Trump's State Tax Returns

Internal memo orders military to restrict information it shares with Congress

Internal memo orders military to restrict information it shares with Congress

GOP faces new challenge in 2020 abortion fight

Imagine - the Democratic Caucus had a meeting before the Speaker and


So, Trump showed up with pre-printed posters attacking Democrats, but ...

USDA researchers quit in droves as Trump administration plans relocation

Judge rejects Trump's request to halt congressional subpoenas for his banking records

College professor who drove for Uber accused of kidnapping three female passengers

Judge tells Deutsche Bank and Capital One to turn over Trump's financial records to Democrats

*****BREAKING NEWS*****Judge Refuses to block congressional subpoena (SECOND RULING)

Inslee signs new $52.4 billion spending plan for the state

NYT's Annie Karni on Nicole: tRump walked out today and gave an impromptu press conference

"I don't do cover-ups." says the guy who paid secret hush money to several women he had sex with...

Kellyanne Conway is as rude, unprofessional, and snotty as the thing she lies for.

What today's court ruling against Trump means

Given All The Court Cases That Are Going Against Trump - How Soon....


"I'm the most transparent president in the history of the country"

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 22, 2019

Pelosi Lands A Punch: Trump Is 'Engaged In A Cover Up'

This Weird Meteorite Crashed Through a Doghouse in Costa Rica. (The Dog's Fine)

Trump's Golf Costs: $102 Million And Counting, With Taxpayers Picking Up The Tab

A note of appreciation for Mayor Pete . . .

German Shepherd Found Shot to Death in Detroit. WARNING: Graphic.

Heidi Allen threatened to quit as Change UK leader over Lib Dem row

I think I agree that Trump is our "most transparent" president because

Trump administration holds off redirecting California's high-speed rail money

Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio: Trump's Pelosi rant was a 'planned tantrum'

Trump concedes border wall construction is replacement and 'pure renovation'

Trump is terrified of the Democrats otherwise he would cooperate.

The lead story at the Fox"News" website?

Amazon shareholders reject facial recognition ban as concern grows in U.S. Congress

Harriet Tubman on the twenty? Not during this Administration

NY passes bill allowing Congress to request Trump's tax returns

Lonely Pony With Overgrown Hooves Finally Has A Family Who Loves Him

SNAP! Pelosi BURNED Kellyanne. Hahah.

Bannon met with Farage to discuss organizing far-right. Also Bannon met with Telelegraph owner.

Could Trump have submitted false tax records to banks?

New message: Me first, America second

Another take (pic) on Trump's press conference today:

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-19: Fight For Your Right (To Choose) Edition

Wolfie opens with "Trump Loses Again"

Deep Dive thread connecting Barr's speech writer Opus Dei Wauck to RU SPY Hansson's wife--siblings.

What a DAY! Nancy was a big meanie, then a judge tells Deutsche & C-1 to fork over them bank records

Nigel Farage 'trapped on Brexit bus due to people armed with milkshakes'

AI: Alexa & Siri Brave New World, The New Sexism, Same As The Old Sexism

So the joke goes:

Do you think Speaker Pelosi was trying to open that impeachment door a little wider today?

WTF? Kansas Buffalo Wild Wings managers said it's OK to refuse black customers: lawsuit

Baseball Great Hank Aaron: Nobody in White House he would want to see

'I don't do cover ups!'

Need help with American Sign Language interpretation...


Judge Rejects Trump's Attempt to Halt Subpoena

King John or Robin Hood?

Per Chuck Rosenberg (MSNBC)-Launching impeachment proceedings unlocks grand jury information!

Scientists discover China has been secretly emitting banned ozone-depleting gas

Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Trump administration's efforts to stonewall House investigations:

Milbank: Move fast, break things, leave the mess for others

Report: Sue Bird out 'indefinitely' due to knee surgery

Sudden talk of war with Iran

Abortion entrenched in Washington, but backers ready to hit the trenches

Bill Clinton: I'm going back to work for the American people.

Biden retains large lead over Sanders, other 2020 Dems in new Hill-HarrisX poll

Kamala Harris reintroducing bill to reduce maternal mortality rate among black women

Malcolm Nance today said:

Judge delivers second blow to Trump over financial records

Mississippi Lawmaker Punched Wife For Not Undressing Quickly Enough For Sex

When will the Climate Change deniers be silenced? April 2019: Earth's 2nd Warmest April on Record

Cartoons 5/22/19

Barr complains that courts won't just let Trump do whatever he wants

I think Nancy is playing it perfectly - by giving him all the rope he needs.

XTC - Making Plans For Nigel

Trump officials plan to let homeless shelters deny equal access

Administration should cooperate with investigations -- poll

She speaks softly and...

Pelosi called DT "insecure"

54% will 'definitely not' vote for Trump

Need help with American Sign Language interpretation...

Saudi Arabia 37 beheadings was trial balloon, little reaction from world so more beheadings planned

Anyone know what the WH pre-printed signs said? Ari Melber

Kellyanne Conway attacks Pelosi for pointing out she's not president

My mother just had breast reduction surgery.

Trump: "I don't do cover-ups."

Congress's case for its subpoena on Deutsche bank was a SLAM DUNK. How do I know?

China Could be Preparing for a Trade War with Trump

Sanders and Barbara Lee introduce the Inclusive Prosperity Act

Mnuchin Delays Plan to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill - Refuses to Even Say She Should Be



I gave myself bangs yesterday...

Tweet re: Deutsche Bank, financial records.

Thousands Call Missouri's Adult Abuse Hotline, But Only Some Get Through

There is a website sort of like Project Gutenberg, that offers free access to many books

Nancy Pelosi - the Muhammad Ali of the House!

Tonight I decided to watch a little of Chuck Todd and caught and watch at least a 5 million a year

Trees in London. I was in London last week, and in the city there were a lot of very large trees.

Scuze me?!

If drumpf's rose garden speech was some kind of spontaneous reaction to Pelosi's comments.....

UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands

UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands

::Coupon given away::

Can Trump Put NASA Astronauts on the Moon by 2024? It's Unlikely

I made doughnuts

Family Visit Record-Scratch Moment: my fundy step-daughter just bought Chik-Fil-A for everybody.

World's Oldest Living Cat Celebrates His 30th Birthday

Purdue Pharma accused of 'corrupting' WHO to boost global opioid sales

Purdue Pharma accused of 'corrupting' WHO to boost global opioid sales

I am so sick of this piece of shit always on the television machine

He's obstructing justice in plain sight.

I am so glad I didn't become emotionally invested in Michael Avenatti

Kirsten Gillibrand Proposes Huge Investments in Maternal Health, Child Care and Education

Pacifiers for the POUTUS

Saw something familiar on Meet the Press today

Rep DeFazio (D) on CNN says the people sitting in on the infrastructure

''The first thing Bernie says when he meets you: 'What can I do for you?' And then...he delivers.''

Wells Fargo, TD Bank have already given Trump-related financial documents to Congress

I watched some of the trumpasses garden bullshit fest

Rats Are Taking Over New York City

Healthy dog euthanized for burial with owner, sparks debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 23 May 2019

Baby girl dies after 5 hours in Florida daycare van

As Trump Increases Tariffs, China Rolls Out The Currency Weapon

Tweety: Pardon me if I don't give a f&%$ what George Will thinks

Raimondo: Democrats shouldn't pursue impeachment

Adam Schiff, comedian

Before BENGHAZI!!! Before HER E MAILS!!! I can remember the GOP investigating a cat.

Kushner's Proposal May Help Israel Annex West Bank

Remember the House Impeachment Managers who investigated Bill Clinton?

Police might have broken the law by raiding a reporter's home. Here's how they justify it.

Trump and the House Oversight committee have filed for an expedited appeal of Mazars ruling

Judge Ramos unloaded on denials.

Rhode Island still unsure how much it will get from $50-million Deloitte settlement

Donald Trump Really Wants You to Know His Birthday Is Coming Up

There is no "...split in the Democratic Party..."

Lindsay is concerned about Trump!

Ethics Commission fines Lt. Gov. McKee, votes to investigate Sen. Lawson

GOP Vermont governor to allow abortion rights bill to become law

Is Michael Cohen still not revealing the truth about his knowledge of collusion?

Pete impresses his commander:

Watch this purple pittie puppy grow up to be SO handsome

Canadian Arctic fossils are oldest known fungus on Earth

"The country is full."

Online controversy surrounds photos of state senator, anti-abortion activists at restaurant

Stephen Colbert Tops TV Season, Increases Total Viewer Lead

Judge approves $105M fund for California wildfire survivors

L.A. Pride Parade Will Be Televised For First Time With Three-Year KABC Deal

Luckovich-Infrastructure Week!!