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Archives: May 23, 2019

George Conway beats Trump sign:

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held seats that will go Democratic are AZ,CO,and NC.

Bankruptcy judge approves sale of Reading Eagle to chain

*LIVE* All in the Family & The Jefferson's starting NOW. ABC.

Seems that an awful lot of Republicans are demanding for the House to impeach Trump

The "I" word . . . . . .

75 Years Since Elie Wiesel Was Sent to Auschwitz

Connecticut Students With 'Emotional Disturbances' Face High Rate Of Suspensions

Prosecutors admit "sneak and peek" warrants in Kraft case were flawed

Lamont Threatens Veto, Senate Moves Forward With Paid FMLA

This song has been in my head for two full days

What's your weather? Near Tulsa--BokenArrow, Catoosa tornado warnings 7.30pm

US officials: Plan may send up to 10,000 troops to Mideast

US officials: Plan may send up to 10,000 troops to Mideast

Poll: 60 percent say Trump should not be reelected

Colombia to revise human rights record of 11 generals, but set to promote controversial army chief

Lamont Releases Toll Bill, Calls For Special Session

RAT Nos. Way Up: NY, Phila, DC, Chi, LA, Sea, From Gentrification, Construction, Mild Winters, Trash

The Pelosi Clap. An oldie but goodie.

Snow cleared: Chinook and Cayuse passes will open Thursday

Death threats suck Mitsubishi plant into Medellin gang wars

New York Assembly Votes To Allow Release Of Trump's State Tax Returns

Sen. John Kennedy on Congress: 'We have done nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.'

Trump; Smartest person in the room!

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs sanctuary state law

What are you currently reading?

Schiff: Rosenstein "should be brought before both the Judiciary Committee as well as our own committ

Judge rejects Trump's request to halt congressional subpoenas for his banking records

Colombia to seek charges against 2300 civilians and 3300 state officials over ties to paramilitary d

House Passes Bill Banning Styrofoam Use By Restaurants, Caterers

'Very, Very, Very Strange.' How Nancy Pelosi's Meeting With Trump Went Down

'American Taliban' fighter to be released after 17 years

Wealthy DeVos family won't back Michigan's Amash in primary

Google is trying to eliminate misleading ads from anti-abortion clinics

Judge approves $105M fund for California wildfire survivors

Ben Carson: Black on the Outside, Trump on the Inside

2020 WY US Senate Race- Mead-R should be the Republican Nominee.

A Woman Battling Depression Rescued A Stray Kitten. Years Later, He's Known As 'Vampire Cat

A sixth child(that we know of) died. A 10 yr old girl died in September. Per MSNBC.

Tribe: WEASEL Rosenstein should be prosecuted for conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Pelosi goads Trump into another temper tantrum

Bankruptcy judge approves sale of Reading Eagle to chain

Last American slave ship is discovered in Alabama

Washington becomes first US state to legalize human composting

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! We Don't Do Coverups!

Study Says Brazil's Economy Is on Brink of A Depression

Ted Lieu does it again...

Today is the 8th anniversary of Joplin's tornado

Someone draw his hair alien and call THAT the "Coverup."

Bolsonaro Decides to Skip Pro-Government Protests and Requests Ministers to Do The Same

Trump administration may use Iran threat to sell bombs to Saudis without Congress' approval: senator

Nancy Pelosi coming to Hartford to keynote Connecticut Democrats' dinner

Barr admits he took the AG job because Trump was being 'hurt'

Gov. Jay Inslee:

'I don't do coverups'

Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting

Russian city of Yekaterinburg rejects plan to build church in park

Did a bike ride on the Holmes County Bike Trail

Schumer coming up on Rachel

Today proved Speaker Pelosi's value to our country: We need her if we are to get through this.

Atlanta cop fired after video shows him slamming, deploying stun gun on woman

Steve Mnuchin advised to lawyer up for role in 'cover up'

Feds stop processing migrants at Texas border center after 32 test positive for flu

Trump's "achomlishments"

New York City man sentenced to 6 years in prison for paying students to build bombs

Rep. Dan Kildee: Trump is a pathetic man-baby

Wells Fargo, TD Bank have given financial documents to Congress

➡️NEW: May 27 at 6:30PM - Ice Cream Social in Rollinsford NH with Bernie Sanders

'We can't cut them fast enough': State to spend millions to cut down 60,000 potentially dangerous

A pro-choice rally in my little red town

The Orange Blob "delays" plans to place H. Tubman on $20 bill

That does it!😬

Imagine if you will...

Ship spies largest underwater eruption ever

Paris: Giant Garden, "Green Corridor" To Be Created Near Eiffel Tower

🐦 May 29 at 5PM PDT - Rally in Reno NV with Bernie Sanders

Giving Up the Funk: George Clinton says goodbye to the road


Trump administration readies draft plan to speed environmental permitting

Here's the tik tok on the (inadvertent) admission of perjury by Trump today.

U.S. lawmakers want to help rural telecoms replace Huawei, ZTE equipment

Ted Lieu's letter to Barr..."Please let me know what time tomorrow I can come over and..."

Nancy Pelosi: Trump 'Had A Temper Tantrum For Us All To See' In The Rose Garden

USDA relocates economists whose work challenges Trump policies

Seriously? Am I the first to post about All in the Family/Jeffersons?

Speaker Pelosi's "temper tantrum" remark seems to have provoked ANOTHER temper tantrum.

New Haven Police Chief: no indication yet that intentional mosque fire was hate crime

Dallas' Robert E. Lee statue declared 'surplus property' and will be sold to the highest bidder

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Space Force 2 - Attack of the Space Pirates

Jimmy Kimmel pokes at Ted Cruz for 'space pirates' -- latest friction between Hollywood and Texas'

Amash Says Some Republicans Agree on Impeachment

Gonna be a Blue Tsunami.

HAHA - Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover

The Daily Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: 5G

OK I give up. Please tell me what Pelosi's master plan is. I just don't get it (that she resists

Rep. Joaquin Castro says Trump administration "covered up" death of migrant girl

Rep. Joaquin Castro says Trump administration "covered up" death of migrant girl

Just went over 200

Ecuador: Request to Reopen Probe on CIA Killing of Jaime Roldos

Texas insurance giant tells judges brain-damaged baby and mom are stifling company's free speech

Seth Meyers: Trump Administration Directs Don McGahn to Defy Congressional Subpoena - Monologue 5/21

Seth Meyers - Trump Lashes Out After Pelosi Accuses Him of a "Cover-Up": A Closer Look

'Tortilla movement' seeks to restore Mexico's iconic food

Brazil's Gov't Reviews Decree and Bans Civilians from Carrying Rifles


Hoo boy. Stephen Colbert right now. Showing clips of orange

I've just got to brag on my grand-daughter.

Elizabeth Warren has seen a solid polling bump. Here's why.

Border Vigilante Was Accused of Running Child-Cancer Charity Scam

Tiggs Da Author: "Something New"

Texas craft breweries may finally get to sell beer to go, after Senate approves deal

Article 3 Articles of Impeachment vs. Nixon:

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People

The N Word. The I Word. tRump is trying to turn "impeachment" into the new N-Word.

Kamala Harris 💙 on Colbert now. eom

The fight to save the vaquita is not over yet

Court upholds ban on Mexican Seafood!! Some pressure to save the vaquita!

Tillerson told lawmakers Putin was more prepared than Trump in Germany meeting

Tom Waits - I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You

Argentine elections: Half the nation's teen voters missing from voter rolls "by mistake"

Trump will be bringing his "children" on UK visit

Visit Georgia Today!

Massive tornado pummels Jefferson City, MO

Ring of Fire: Mueller Is Too Scared To Testify About His Own Report

DU Class of 2004, check in.

Jefferson City Missouri hit with possibly huge tornado

Let us attend! Body of Christ,

Pabst Blue Ribbon!

2020 US Senate Election- How Democrats can end up with 67 seats?

An Iowa town hall shows promise for Beto O'Rourke, as well as challenges ahead

An Iowa town hall shows promise for Beto O'Rourke, as well as challenges ahead

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/22/19

The danger of Farage: the next Tory leader will chase his voters, policies and attitudes

Stephen Colbert: Guest Sen. Kamala Harris Responds To Trump's Ultimatum

Question, what should I name my YouTube channel?

Kamala Harris on Stephen Colbert's Late Nite

He is indeed the most transparent president in history.

IAV GmbH Sentenced to Pay $35 Million Criminal Fine for its Role in Volkswagen AG Emissions Fraud

Robert Morgan, Three Others Indicted In Multi-Million Dollar Mortgage Fraud Scheme

"The other side." He's using the White House Twitter account for propaganda.

Republican moves goalposts, then demands that Democrats stop moving goalposts.

Middletown, New Jersey, Investment Manager and Former Fire Chief Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for

Modi's BJP clears outright majority again in Indian elections

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Fate in Merrick Garland's Hands

Flu outbreak temporarily stopped migrant processing at McAllen Border Patrol center

Who succeeds Harris(D-CA),Bennet(D-CO),Klobuchar(D-MN),or Gillibrand(D-NY)?

Counsel says there is progress in Reagor-Dykes bankruptcy case

Fort Worth's booming growth refuses to slow down as city becomes 13th largest in U.S.

Anyone hear one drop of Pense 2020? I haven't.

'Extensive' damage reported in Jefferson City tornado

Kroger, nation's largest grocery chain, eliminates plastic bags

Fascist symbols and rhetoric on rise in Italian EU vote



Election fraud in Fort Worth? Candidate questions ballots; incumbent calls it 'slander'

Laredo becomes No. 1 trade port in the US

Journey-Girl can't help it.

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020- last time a Democrat won a Senate Race in those States.

Woman of 102 suspected of care home murder in France

Liberal groups want 2020 Democrats to back Pentagon spending cuts

85 Years Ago Today; A notorious crime spree comes to a deadly end

"You know that better than I do", "All of you know that"

I do not repent. Get some tissues

A look at some of the little-known measures passed this session

80 Years Ago Today; USS Squalus sinks during test dive; 24 sailors lost

Audit of Dallas County, finds concerns with financial practices in some county offices

Bernie Sanders Interview CNN Jake Tapper

Theresa May clings to power as Brexit gambit backfires

Four Men Indicted on Fraud Charges Related to the Jay Peak EB-5 AnC Vermont Project in Northeast Ver

St. Louis-area executive accused of embezzling $3.8 million

So *THIS* is the America that Trump is making great again, right?

Video: Senator Sanders Introducing the Inclusive Prosperity Act - Robin Hood Tax

85 Years Ago Today; Auto-Lite Strike; Workers and Nat Guard begin "The Battle of Toledo"

So abortion is murder, but if an embryo is destroyed during IVF, it is not?

Larry Miller- there are Five Levels of Drinking

Mike Huckabee's Epic Fight to Keep Beachgoers Off His Patch of Florida Sand

It may not look like it, but Biden entering the race was a net positive for Bernie.

Anyone ever fly Allegiant? I don't understand how this airline works

Violent tornado tears through Jefferson City, tornado in Golden City kills 3

Violent tornado hits Jefferson City, governor says people are trapped amid damage

Howes: Tesla growth story giving way to tale of distress, restructuring

ELO Strange Magic

Judge considering request to end Sunshine suit against Missouri governor

Thursday TOONs - There's No Cover-Up! It's Called a Comb-Over!

Inside the 2020 Democrats' survival strategies

Alton teacher arrested, accused of having a relationship with a student from 1998 to 2000

Former Gov. Greitens returns to active duty status, could deploy with Navy

Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

May have to go to Human Resources I'm being harassed at work vets

The Rundown: May 22, 2019

Multiversity Turns Ten: Video Messages From Us To You

Art of the Week: Week of 5/22/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/22/2019

Pelosi to Impatient Dems: We've Got Trump on the Ropes

Republicans aren't just climate deniers. They deny the extinction crisis, too

California agencies fought fires on federal land. Now Trump won't pay in full (Guardian)

Rick Wilson: Pelosi's Strategy Is Working, and Trump Is One Step Closer to Being F*cked

Southern Coal Conference Part Pep Rally, Part Whistling Past The Economic Graveyard

Bernie donated 500 cases of water to Denmark, SC

Democrats Rake Bernhardt Over Coals On Climate, But Murkowski Happy To Kiss His Ass

Republicans Under 40 Favor Carbon Tax By 7-1 Margin; Expect Lots Of "Technology" And "Innovation"

South central kansas resident...

Beschloss tweet: Harriet Tubman later in life

"Lyin'" Sarah Hucksterbee Sanders Due Up for CNN Interview Now

You raised $131.00 on May 22, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

House Committees aren't the reason nothing is getting done; Senate Republicans are the reason.

All Republicans But One In Appropriations Vote Against More Funds For "Innovation" And "Technology"

There is much with which to be annoyed in the often mindless media coverage of this

After Trump stormed out, Kellyanne tried to take over the meeting. She asked Pelosi if she had anyth

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Kim Gardner Accused of Racial Discrimination in Firing of White Paralegal

An old comic that still gives me chills.

What is for Breakfast, Thursday 23 May, 2019

"Unity Gives Me Leverage" -- Pelosi Explains Why She Has Power Over Trump

Trump Owns Washington Gridlock

Better Together vice chair calls for dissolution, firing of top officials

The day after receiving a thorough spanking from Pelosi, Trump's whining about Tillerson & Putin.

A morning host on Sirius just suggested the perfect name for trump:

Rude Pundit: Unless You Start Arresting People, Impeachment Is the Only Play Left for Congress

Rising sea levels could swamp major cities and displace almost 200 million people, scientists say

Oh please Sarah, there were printed signs. It was a charade.

LIVE with @BernieSanders at a virtual town hall meeting in Dallas

Fill in the blank:

Lincoln County clerk sues judges, saying they improperly stripped her of power

Judith Kerr, beloved author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, dies aged 95

The most accomplished President ever.

Pelosi Tweet: "Congress has a clear, urgent duty to uncover the truth for the American people"

Life: Heartbeat

'We'll fight to the end': China's media ramps up rhetoric in US trade war

I think the Speaker has a psychiatrist on staff or on call.

Florida: Property owner builds fence through pool

The Democrats knew Trump could not get Republican support for an infrastructure bill.

Did Trump Commit an Impeachable Offense Yesterday?

!?!PatRobertson to say Jeff City tornado God's punishment for their vote to punish abortion..3..2..

North Carolina GOP looks to self-immolate with Born Alive Bill

Harriet Tubman, Her Life and Times

While teaching, Elizabeth Warren worked on more than 50 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an

Trump admin seeks to limit Congress' access to DoD info

trump is equally unprepared to deal with Iran.

People voted for Democrats in the last election so they could oversee the Executive Branch....

EU citizens in UK complain of being denied right to vote

Trump's EPA is 'cooking the books' to justify its attack on clean air rules

These may be the unsung heroes of the insane Trump era.

EU citizens in UK complain of being denied right to vote

When Is a "Literally True" Statement False and a Crime

North Carolina GOP Looks To Ram Through Anti-Abortion Law

DCCC Chair bails on Lipinski fundraiser

Last known ship to bring slaves to U.S. discovered in Alabama

Have you noticed? Trump accidently destroyed a republican talking-point.

US Elections Commission Member Helped With Sketchy Fraud Report


I just made post #11,111 !!!

I don't do coverups:

Bank CEO Stephen M. Calk Charged With Corruptly Soliciting A Presidential Administration Position In

Bank CEO Stephen Calk charged w/ corruptly soliciting a presidential administration position in exch

Lil Nas X - Now crusty-country-music-fans-want-to-boycott-wrangler-jeans

Bank CEO Indicted for Allegedly Aiding Manafort With Loans in Exchange for Trump Administration Job


U.S. Navy again sails through Taiwan Strait, angering China

Mayor Pete: Watch Me Flex My Maltese Muscle!

Wow, Pete unleashed, just said Trump faked disability to dodge war and called him a flat out racist

Today's red meat special: Pompeo slams release of "American Taliban" as unconscionable: Fox

Just what the hell is Trump hiding from?

Pic Of The Moment: President Has Boo-Boo, Refuses To Do Job Until Someone Kiss It Better

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor de Blasio cuts library funding after using Park Slope branch as a satellite office

538: Are More Moderate Democrats More Electable?

Republican senator Mike Lee wants U.S. Census to ask about criminal records

Milkshaking needs to be a thing here in the U.S.

Navy SEAL's murder trial delayed over defense claims of prosecutor misconduct

538- High-information voters love Elizabeth Warren -- and not Bernie Sanders

Battle of Gettysburg survivors drop flowers on battlefield from plane, Decoration Day, 1938

Brexit: Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Trump; Prison or resignation? What would you prefer?

The best people!

I say to McDonald's CEO @SteveEasterbrk: Be a leader. Set an example ...

I'm perfectly calm, dude.

Trump vehemently denies "raging" at Schumer & Pelosi by raging in a tweet about his raging.

BREAKING: Pelosi Holds Emergency Meeting on Trump Impeachment

Tomi Lahren's Immigrant Bashing Totally Backfires

Mike Huckabee's fight to throw the public off 'his' Florida beach

US mafia explosives expert 'helped Sicilian mob kill judge'

Buttigieg Surges as Some Voters Begin Suffering 'Beto Overload'

Man witnesses deputy hassle man during drug search. Police charge him with 3rd degree harassment.

A word of advice to ALL our politicians... don't believe all your publicity..

American who fought for Taliban freed early from US prison

Pentagon to Brief White House on 5,000-Troop Option for Mideast

America once had such a President....

President Clinton was under investigation for 3/4 of his presidency.

This may be Trump's future. Indictments for bank fraud and tax fraud.

MSNBC Pushing the LIE That Rs Suffered in Elections After Impeaching Clinton

Bernie's Campaign Is Showing Solidarity with Striking Workers Like No Other 2020 Candidate

Nancy Pelosi just now - He wasn't up to the task.

May 30 at 10AM - Bernie Sanders Seniors Community Meeting Henderson, NV

Mini DU Meetup -- in Paris!

California agencies fought fires on federal land. Now Trump won't pay in full

I think Nancy Pelosi has 45's number perfectly.

🐦 May 30 at 3:30 PM PDT - Town Hall in East Las Vegas with Bernie Sanders

Trump plans $16 billion bailout to farmers hurt by China trade war, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue says

I want to be just like Nancy Pelosi when I grow up!

Did you watch Norman Lear special, "All in the Family," "The Jeffersons"?

'Why Were You Loaning Trump Money When No Bank Would Touch Him?'

Ocasio-Cortez defends Warren for her past hourly legal fees

The infants squalling is what you hear first then,

In her just-ended press conference, Pelosi delivered two wowzas about Trump.

When you pressure Trump he commits more crimes trying to get rid of the pressure.

Pets of hospice patients in Texas can also get loving care

This POTUS didn't let "conditions" stop him from working for the American people

just heard something really interesting- no vet w a service dog

Japanese Fried Pork Cutlet - Tonkatsu Recipe

'I could not continue to live a lie': Utah County Commissioner Nathan Ivie comes out as gay

Donny boy your crack is showing

by the time nancy springs this trap, twitler will be grateful

Donnie boy your crack is showing.

Video: Pelosi calling for Trump's family or admin or staff to have an intervention

Bank CEO Stephen Calk has been indicted.

After his Fox News town hall, network hosts launched a propaganda onslaught against Pete Buttigieg

Hey Kellyanne, you are only staff!

The 10 Worst States for Women's Health and Well-Being

Pelosi tells colleagues Trump is 'villainous' - and he wants to be impeached

I bow down to the strategic genius of our dear Leader Pelosi.

The Orange Loofah Faced Blob told the Dems he would stop doing his job

Go watch Nancy Pelosi's press conference from this morning. It is on YouTube.

OK I admit it. Pelosi may have this.

Worth reposting: The Religious Right: Part Two Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Abortion)

My message to Betsy DeVos:

WARNING: Only click here if you want to be scared! FINAL WARNING!

Talk about bullshit...

Parkland Teen Kyle Kashuv, Former Turning Point USA Member, Apologizes For Racist Slurs

Happy World Turtle Day To Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell!

One thing that frustrates me like crazy: Trolls/Bots on Social Media

***Sanders drops 10 points in latest A + Rated Monmouth Poll*** Big Joe 33 Bernie 15 Kamala 11

There one thing to think about if Trump...

Republicans are socialists

Should I be concerned about the

Stock Market Watch: Dow -432

Ad Agency Fires Back at NRA With $50 Million Counterclaim

****BREAKING**** Warren Reported To Have Taken Money From A School For Personal Use

Pelosi on Kelly Ann....'I am not going to talk about her...'

UN expert on privacy seriously concerned by Ecuador's behaviour in Assange and Moreno cases

I just voted in the EU Elections on the way home from work

Walking to the market this morning I slipped in some dog crap. A minute later some guy did the same.

Pelosi says Democrats "not on a path to impeachment" despite Trump's "stunt"

Vent about having to say no to a relative asking for money.

Loved How The Speaker Put Kelly O'Donnell In Her Place

Only one republican can read with comprehension...Justin Amash

Warren, Ocasio-Cortez press Mnuchin on role in Sears bankruptcy

Why Trump was so pissed off for being accused of a "cover-up"?

Photo: Bernie with Chef Jose Andres

Inside the migrant shelter at the Benedictine Monastery

Flooding, evacuations in OK--Flooding in West Tulsa, Vinita. Dam failure near Lake Tenkiller

Duque's 'subordination' to US-led war on drugs spurs violence in Colombia: report

'I'm gay': Mormon Republican lawmaker in Utah comes out

My Wife and I saw this young woman live earlier this week

What questions would you like to see in the first debate?

If we could be certain we could win, which of course we can't, there would be one advantage

Putin out-prepared Trump in key meeting, Rex Tillerson told House panel

Impeachment-it pays off many times fold......

India election results: Modi wins landslide victory

What does the fox steal? Bonus ferret.

Looks like my junior high detention hall desk!

Bored and lonely? Blame your phone.

No, this is not a basic depiction of Jesus feeding the multitudes--This is a Trump rally in PA!*

What if Pelosi, et al. can build Trump & the GOP's misdeeds into our road to the Senate?

NEW: Severe thunderstorm watch for D.C. region into this evening. Wind gusts up to 70 mph possible:

Note to Republicans: Bill Barr was not the final word on Mueller Report

Trump set to send $16 billion to bailout farmers hurt by China trade war

Senior FBI says white supremacist crime rise since October is going on.

Lawmakers reach deal on disaster aid, leave out border money Trump demanded, top senator says

A modern day Caligula?

An Eagle Feather?

BUSTED: Secret Memo Exposes Republican Talking Points On Abortion Bans

Try us!

Kushner Offered to Help Indicted Banker

Man!! Turn on the Weather Station.

I LOATHE Sarah Sanders-Huckabee. . . But she got the best of this journaist.

Amash still not backing down (thread):

Poll: Nearly half of Clinton's former supporters back Biden

Chicago's new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is out to end corruption -- starting with the Aldermen.

Trump is functionally illiterate. Maybe dyslexic, if we're being kind.

Buttigieg: It's 'disgusting' that Trump is considering pardoning soldiers convicted of war crimes

Mayor Pete Buttigieg at Washington Post Live (full video)

Utah climber dies while descending from summit of Mount Everest

A question about Warren

Colombia's army accused of 'hunting' NYT sources who leaked order to double combat kills and capture

Colombia's army accused of 'hunting' NYT sources who leaked order to double combat kills and capture

Colombia's congress preparing bill to legalize marijuana

Stumbled on to this band looking for more Emily Wolfe vids

A magnificent double burn from Speaker Pelosi...special Individual 1 & Kellyanne edition.

3 Lions Died At 3 Different West Coast Zoos This Week

Attorney General William Barr dining at the Trump hotel is a bad look

He's just a whiny little cry baby.

Tornado touches down near Joplin 8 years after deadly EF-5 tornado hit

Tornado hits Missouri capital as deadly storms sweep state

Schumer calls Trump a 'get-nothing-done president' as blame game continues

Sarah Sanders denies Trump walk-out was premeditated

Joe Biden camp reacts to North Korea calling him a 'fool': 'No surprise' regime favors Trump

62,000 pounds of raw meat recalled, just days before Memorial Day

***MAY Photo Contest -- FINALS***

Papa John's founder unloads 3.8 million company shares

***MAY Photo Contest FINALS*** are posted in GD

Trump fires back at 'dumb as a rock' Tillerson on Putin

U.S., Iran Conflict Intensifies Amid Talk of Troop Deployment

This is weird. McGahn picks something from his ear and eats it on live TV.

Conway clashes with Pelosi after Trump infrastructure blow-up

The new indictment of Manafort's banker is likely NOT 1 of the 14 criminal Mueller referrals.

Age of Disruption

YouTubers Are Advocating for Drinking Bleach to Cure Autism

The Generic Drug Market is Stealing Billions from the American People

Magnuson Park Beach Closed For High E. Coli Levels

Governor expected to sign bill allowing unlimited armed marshals at Texas schools

Iraq's Christians 'close to extinction'

U.S. Beer Industry Blames Trump Tariffs for 40,000 Job Losses

Farm bill bailout?

Stocks tumble again as trade war worries linger

TORNADO WARNING issued for parts of D.C. Metro region.

TORNADO WARNING issued for parts of D.C. Metro region.

Four new women accuse Tony Robbins of sexual misconduct in BuzzFeed News investigation

Oil plunges in worst day of 2019 amid China trade jitters

Appeals court refuses to stay the subpoena against Roger Stone associate Andrew Miller.



Amash: Some of Trump's actions 'were inherently corrupt'

High School Students To Get Instruction In A Hot Field -- Geospatial Training

Mnuchin Warns of 'Late Summer' Default If No Debt-Limit Increase

I support the Transport Workers Union in their struggle against American Airlines.

High School Students To Get Instruction In A Hot Field -- Geospatial Training

Trump is using a Great Depression era agency to pay farmers for losses caused by his trade war

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange charged with violating Espionage Act

Radio station finished Spring Funds drive, so some complete favorites:

The Daily SHow -If you Don't Know, Now you know!

The Madman has hijacked his own farm bailout speech to insist he is very calm and not crazy!

Video Of Pelosi Manipulated To Make Her Sound Drunk Spreads Through Social Media

BREAKING: Tornado warning in Washington DC...

Transparent Trump

The Cover Up Con King says Crazy Nancy has lost it

Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act

Runaway barges smash into Oklahoma dam after officials order evacuations and shut down roads

Is Pelosi's plan to push tRump to resign?

Chuck D of Public Enemy talks to the BBC about his love for The Clash

Slavers Burned the Last US Slave Ship to Hide Their Crimes. Now It's Been Found.

Why Marijuana Isn't a Gateway Drug - Sean Patton

Projection, A Thing of Beauty

Afghanistan Vet Mayor Pete Buttigieg Says Trump Faked a Disability to Get Out of Vietnam

Ring Doorbell: When You Need Help from Dad (SUPER CUTE)

Trump's Remarks on Helping Farmers and Ranchers

In case you thought Trump couldn't sink any lower, read this account of what happened today.

(Jewish Group) Most Jewish Americans concerned about antisemitism, disapprove of Trump

Julian Assange hit with 18 federal charges in new indictment

Trump suggests death penalty punishment for Comey, Page, Strozk and McCabe

He called himself an extremely stable genius again today!!!!

UK suffers major UN defeat over Chagos Islands decolonization


In an odd move, Trump shifts some banking business to a small bank in Florida.

The child was skipping rocks at the Illinois zoo. Now a flamingo is dead.

Heidi Pryzbyla suggests that tRump acted bonkers during yesterday's melt down

I know they are probably not good for me but...

Updated words for the acronym POTUS

NihongoGamer reviews the new Occulus Quest (holy crap, guys!)

David Brooks Decries Incivility Of Modern Plumbing After Tripping And Falling Headfirst Into Toilet

Two White Dwarf Stars Collided and Came Back from the Dead. Soon, They'll Go Supernova.

Lol... Nancy Pelosi continues to poke Trump:

Pierce: Elizabeth Warren Has Clouds and Shadows Around Her Campaign. We've Seen This Movie Before.

Pete Buttigieg interview at 'Washington Post' MAY 23, 2019 video

**BREAKING** Trump lashes wildly out against Nancy Pelosi after she gets under his skin

Extremely stable genius': Trump defends his mental fitness as he tears into Pelosi

My Theory With Nancy, the Dems & Impeachment......

Wife Of Lobbyist For Russian Plant In KY Got Boost From Mitch McConnell - Rachel Maddow

Massachusetts man says someone broke into his home ... and cleaned it

What Happens When Our Leaders Lack Moral Courage by Wesley Clark

Judge orders sealed court records in aborted Jussie Smollett prosecution made public

Sister Nancy responds - What a Bam Bam!!!

The bible on Abortion

Yesterday I watched the movie The Death of Stalin.

Fake Pelosi Videos Spread Across Social Media

''Unborn Baby Earth''

Sad but true

New Poll? What Percentage of American Voters Think Trump Is BATSHIT CRAZY?

The US Senate just passed 97-1 an anti-robocall bill.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 23, 2019

If Speaker Pelosi will make king baby cry or scream "fuck" on live tv, I'll send the DCCC $100

Next week's cover of New Yorker: "The Shining," by Barry Blitt.

Attorney General William Barr dining at the Trump hotel is a bad look

When LA's Air Got Better, Kids' Asthma Cases Dropped

Attorney General Barr posed for photos at Trump hotel with hate group leader

Cat Stevens - Morning has broken

The Candidates Who Are Going All In On Iowa Or New Hampshire

Threat of impeachment takes oxygen out of 2019 agenda

The Lion's Share

Top US commander warns Maduro 'mafia' poses threat beyond Venezuela

When you have to tell the world you are a "Stable Genius"

Georgia DAs divided over prosecution of 'heartbeat' law

Do CEOs really make 100 times more than employees? They do at these companies

***BREAKING FIRST PRIMARY NEW HAMPSHIRE POLL*** Big Joe 33% Bernie 12% Elizabeth 11%

Now Nancy! You're gonna hurt Donnie's feeling!

Trump wants another $16 billion to bail out farmers he's bankrupting

White Genocide

American Air CEO: 'We shall see' how to get customers on Max

I have met a few geniuses in my time

No Ari Melber, the NYState law does not 'force Trump to give up part of his taxes to Congress'

Pow! Bam! Inslee delivers a one-two punch of executive power

Trump floats treason charges (with death penalty) for Comey and others

Trump uses farmer event to make each of his aides say how 'calm' he is

Pow! Bam! Inslee delivers a one-two punch of executive power

Bipartisan lawmakers reach deal on disaster relief, shrugging off Trump's border money demands

He's comparing himself to Hiroshima?

Mario Batali Facing Criminal Charges for Alleged Boston Sexual Assault

New indictments for Assange from the Eastern District of Virginia:

The Children of the Corn have been strangely silent.

The bill to American taxpayers for Trump's golf outings -- $102 million

Congress reaches deal on disaster aid

My uncle will be laid to rest at Camp Butler National Cemetery, on Saturday.

Luckovich-Had enough Nancy?

Justice lawyers say House can't sue Trump over emergency declaration for wall


Cartoons 5/23/19

Golf vs Mueller

Would you have a problem with human cloning?

Colorado becomes first state to cap out-of-pocket insulin costs

Bern Notice: Kamala Harris Ties Bernie Sanders in Early Democratic Primary States (Monmouth poll)

Some day in the future people will ask

Netflix: Quincy (2018 Quincy Jones documentary)

'Power' loss: TV show protests Georgia abortion law by leaving U.S. state

Does anyone have a green goddess dressing recipe? What I can find

British man arrested on suspicion of giving bleach-based 'cure' to Ugandans

I really really wanted Kamala as the candidate until

Monmouth U article on their new poll: Women Rise in Dem 2020 Field

If Assange is charged with espionage, then what about this guy?

Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot make a difference when you get involved ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 24 May 2019

Over 30 STOP THE BANS (abortion) planned for the next 4 days.

Swing Districts Are Quickly Shifting Toward Supporting Impeachment

RCP National Polls Average 5/23 - Biden leads by 17. Announcement bump down to 5.

Newest accessory for the wee ones?

Biden: "I know how to make government work- not because I've talked or tweeted about it. But because

Trump couldn't stop Tillerson testifying, hah, hah. A hopeful development:

Trump has written a new song for us to sing

"It's a disaster," said senior Repub. on Trump-Pelosi confrontations. "It plays right into her hands

Man says intruder broke into his home, cleaned it immaculately and then left

Ted Lieu: "Tomorrow I'm going to order my staff to line up and tell me..."

Assange is not a journalist. When Osama bin Laden's compound was raided he had unredacted leaks

Do all of the pundits on tv understand the impeachment process?

The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons

Huge Amount of Water Ice Is Spotted on Mars (It Could Be Long-Lost Polar Ice Caps)

Serial killer who took 10 women's lives executed in Florida

Just sitting around the house youtubing, looking for new stuff

Damn, I missed getting tickets for Tweety's Town Hall with Mayor Pete in Fresno on Monday.

Hill-HarrisX poll: Biden w/ 41% of 2016 Clinton supporters. Sanders w/ 39% of his 2016 support

SpaceX Will Make History with 60-Satellite Launch Tonight

the black keys - lo/hi (studio - 2019) sadly just a single, no new album yet

Something I really miss...

Republican mega-donor demands Missouri Gov. Parson veto eight-week abortion ban Read more here: htt

Republican mega-donor demands Missouri Gov. Parson veto eight-week abortion ban

Post a commercial you currently hate. Here's mine for Wienerschnitzel:

Historic WWII Submarine Museum Refloated Decades Later by Midwest Flooding

Perspective is everything...

Took Drumpt's lead, I asked my wife to tell me

Firm tied to political donor to pay $110M in federal probe

Buttiegieg backs NFL players' right to protest during anthem: I 'put my life on the line to defend'

2020/2022/2024 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 67 seats.

Go Jeopardy James

Notre Dame is unstable: a strong wind could make the walls collapse, independent report says

Massachusetts man says someone broke into his home ... and cleaned it