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Perhaps We Should Just accept Facebook's

Hillary Clinton on doctored Pelosi video that Trump shared: "It is sexist trash.

Americans' life savings disappear from Mexican bank accounts

quick heads up, Shermichael Singleton, who just savaged Pete on Chris Mathews, is a RW Rethug

I can't imagine Contaminated Orange Sherbet doing this. Can you?

This is a test of DU. Years ago I posted something like this-

Inside Trump's hunt to fill one of the worst jobs in Washington

Great TV guest (Owen Jones) who has no tears for Theresa May

'Here we go again': Federal judge blocks Mississippi's six-week abortion ban

Trump vows to uncover Russia probe roots with declassification call: 'We're exposing everything'

Cross post from the lounge. This is a test of DU.


Tornado Recovery and Flooding Fears: Updates on Missouri and Oklahoma Storms

I write this not to explain in detail exactly what we need to do to end this ongoing

If Trump is gone

Potential Clash Over Secrets Looms Between Justice Dept. and C.I.A.

Trump Needs to Go 'Into Psychotherapy', Says Howard Stern: He Was 'Traumatized' by His Childhood

Trump to place Ken Cuccinelli at the head of the country's legal immigration system

DNC boss says candidates to be involved in debate lottery

Nixon Blasts "False Charges"

Trump's $16 billion farm bailout means you're paying for his tariff war twice

Trump puts DOJ on crash course with intelligence agencies

Russia's dangerous new ploy: US trading Ukraine for Venezuela

Kanye West: 'Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters'

National Rifle Association Hit with $100 Million Counter-Suit

Beto O'Rourke on Deadline:White House (On Impeachment and media misrepresentation)

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! We Don't Do Coverups!

Pelosi Video Shows Nothing at Facebook and Twitter Has Changed Since 2016

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Throws Another Tantrum

Instead of a milk shake someone threw a beer at Trump

Is Trump's goading Pelosi and the House for impeachment part of a larger plan?

Sen. Warren and AOC demand answers from Steve Mnunchin who loaded Sears with debt

Federal judge partially blocks funding for Trump's border wall

A federal judge has partially blocked Trump's plan to fund construction of his border wall.

2020 United States Senate Election- Incumbents likely to be defeated.

Hey Rudy

Bernie Sanders campaign to hand out bottled water in Denmark a week after SC visit

Trump Again!!!!' I'm so Fing Sick of Hearing his

Bernie Sanders headed to California for his first 2020 fundraiser, June 1

Weak U.S. manufacturing underscores slowing economic growth

"Stand Your Ground" compared to Anti-choice laws?

Today 25th amendment being discussed?

Democratic front-runner Joe Biden visits Houston Tuesday for teachers town hall

***Pelosi Statement on Trump Administration Assault on Women & Transgender Americans***

Inside Trump's Air Force One: 'It's like being held captive'

WOW, imagine supporting something mcconnell wants/doesn't want,

Trump's policies are bad for business.

After close race for House, Democrat Kathryn Dodge announces run for Fairbanks mayor

19-year-old soldier dies at Big Bend National Park after falling into Rio Grande

Federal Judge Blocks Trump's Border-Wall Plans

"Punk ass coward"

North Texans plan 'Dogs against Stickland' protest after tea party rep kills anti-tethering bill

Warren and AOC teamed up to sock it to Mnuchin in a short video.

Am I the only one who thinks Stephen Colbert stinks at interviewing??

BREAKING: Judge Blocks Part of Trump's Plan to Build Border Wall

Where, indeed?

Owners of Noah's Ark replica sue over Act of God

Rachel Maddow's Show: Guy Creates Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Stamp, Sells for $40 Each.

'Jeff Sessions praises report showing Trump obstructed justice.

BLUE or RED? The Place/State/Community where you grew up. Influences?

I wish there was a Real Time tonight

U.S. Government Moves To Take Paul Manafort's Trump Tower Apartment

Since trump declassified everything, does that mean it's subject to FOIA requests?

Old enough

Well who could argue with this?

Judge blocks Trump's wall plans !!!

Holy Cow! is this for real?

The Daily Show: China's "Game of Thrones" Gambit & Ben Carson's "Oreo" Gaffe

Letter to President Transparency

Judge Blocks Trump's Border-Wall Plans

Seth Meyers: Nancy Pelosi Says Trump's Family Should Hold an Intervention for Him- Monologue 5/23/19

The Democrats will win if they channel their anger into voting because the Dem base is bigger.

Giuliani meets with former Ukrainian diplomat to get info on Dems

Pulling out the standared Narcissistic Personality disorder definitions......

Woo Hoo!

Politico - The Secret of Bernie's Millions

United Air Lines Ad-- Harlem Jubilee Chorus perform impromptu performance on flight.

Right-wing plutocrats try to rebrand in face of rising support for progressive policies

"All of the world's top soil could be gone within 60 years"

The forecast high for Memorial Day in Lakeland is 97 degrees.

Mile-Wide "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid" With Tiny Moon To Whiz Past Earth This Weekend

Hey, Rudy G!!!

This has gone on too long

Ac360 Facebook VP defends not taking Pelosi video down

Now we know (thanks to JimBakker)--Trump has done nothing warranting impeachment!!

2,300-Year-Old Bark Shield Showcases a Previously Unknown Iron Age Technology

Analysis of Ancient DNA Suggests Finnish and Estonian Languages Came From Siberia

Charles Mingus - Moanin'

The Nazis were never defeated

John Oliver: Last Week Tonight - Abortion Laws

Stampyoface on Etsy has a few Harriet Tubman stamps. Hurry!

I've cut way back on my MSNBC watching/listening

This TEA Party Activist proves that past the rhetoric, there is not much to offer (VIDEO)

Why President Donald Trump Is (Falsely) Accusing People Of 'Treason' The Last Word MSNBC

thoughts on Mueller testifying

New York Democrats approve more accessible presidential primary

Customer service.

PBS: Shields and Brooks on Trump-Pelosi feud and 2020 Democrats

Lawmakers tweak recreational marijuana proposal

I'm Trumped out this week

Swedish Meatballs

Lender Seeks Foreclosure Against Morgan Apartments in Tonawanda

Jimmy Fallon - Trump Gets Mad at Democrats for Discussing the "I-Word"

This Seb Gorka video is bizarre.

North Korean missile test violated U.N. resolution, says Bolton

Hillary in Houston on Friday: If Democrats win in Texas, we will sweep the nation in 2020, ...

US pressure group that pushed doctors to prescribe painkillers forced to close

My conclusions about the MAGATs

El Chapo prison gripes could be start of elaborate plot to escape Manhattan lockup: prosecutors

What was it like working at McDonalds in New Zealand in the 90's

Hate-spewing Brooklynite admits leaving voicemail threats to 'snuff' a sitting U.S. Senator over her

Pelosi Takes Advantage of Trump's Storming Out of Oval Office to Hide Nuclear Codes

New York farm workers win major court victory as appeals court decides law exempting them from

Missouri Corrections Department To Counties: The Check's In The Mail For Housing Inmates, Eventually


Wife of Former Mississippi Representative Sentenced for Paying Kickbacks to Former Corrections Commi


Loan Broker Sentenced To Nine Years In Federal Prison For Bank Fraud Conspiracy To Fraudulently

In the High Arctic, researchers find permafrost thaws are changing the landscape

New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty in $3M Federal Bribery Case

North Carolina Man Sentenced To Prison For Medicaid Fraud And Tax Evasion Charges

Yoga teacher found alive after going missing 2 weeks ago in Hawaii forest

James Wishart Awarded Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medal

African-American Union Army soldiers died on their way home from war; then history lost their names

Flooding in the Midwest: 4 Rivers Surge, Along With Residents' Worries

Menendez Says Murphy Legitimately Exercising His Authority

Laser drones protect Scottish forests

Natural compound found in broccoli reawakens the function of potent tumor suppressor

Wow! This Is What SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Look Like in the Night Sky

Gorgeous Orion Nebula Glows in Stunning Red and Blue Light (Photo)

US state of Arkansas declares emergency over flooding

NASA's Grand Plan for a Lunar Gateway Is to Start Small

So, when do the mandatory sterilizations start?

Blatant. In Your Face Con Men.

Ark Encounter Owners Sue Over Flood Damage

Unfortunate phrasing.

State Hires Noted Attorney Ted Wells in Suit Filed by Insurance Executive George Norcross

Mount Laurel GOP-controlled Council moves one step closer to voter suppression.

KKK Rally Today in Dayton

Booker adds top presidential campaign staffers

Freedumb! New Alberta Gov Will Dispense Nearly All Oil & Gas Licenses Online In 15 Minutes

3 Workers Dead, 2 Badly Injured & Western Forest Products Paid $29,000 (C) In Fines

Ted Bundy possible suspect in '69 parkway murders, author claims

KY Farmers Afraid To Speak Out In Midst Of Trump-Induced Trade Mess, Climate Chaos

Now it's a fight to the finish between a no-deal Brexit and remain

Taxpayers likely to lose more than $2M in Formica bakery bankruptcy

Murphy defends probe of tax credit program to union leaders

MS River Morganza Spillway Scheduled To Open For 3rd Time Since Construction

Dems aren't talking to Dumbfuckistan 'Murika

New Jersey sheriff asks for Trump's help in getting anti-sanctuary state question on the ballot

Record High Temperatures Expected Across Southeast Through Weekend +/- 100F In Multiple States

Federal Judge to Trump: No You Cannot Reallocate $1 Billion from the Defense Dept. to Fund Your Wall

Racist rant with bar owner prompts official to resign, but 'sex on the lawn' is why bar shut down

Men Cause 100% of Unwanted Pregnancies

Has the Twit even mentioned the tornadoes and

Donald Trump is not far right.

Mueller needs to testify in public and in private for this reason.

New Jersey Legionnaires' disease outbreak leaves 5 dead after 22 are sickened

Hang in there...

States pushing abortion bans have higher infant and maternal mortality rates

Murphy defends appearing in ad to push millionaires tax in N.J. It's not 'poking the bear,' he says.

Happy Towel Day 🚀

Ivanka Trump was instrumental in Michael Flynn becoming national security adviser, report says

Mayor fined for ethics violations was fired from his job in neighboring Jersey Shore town

anyway, here's a chameleon trying to catch bubbles

Grammar police


You raised $25.00 on May 24, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

States pushing abortion bans have higher infant and maternal mortality rates

Being raised in fundamentalist religions affects us all

Perfect cartoon for Memorial Day 2019

2020 US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominee in all 34 US Senate seats up in 2020.

All The Global Temperature Graphs You'll Need, Lovingly Curated And In One Place

N.J. could charge businesses a nickel per employee to provide workers health care during labor

My fellow seniors, this past Monday I fell. I was lucky though.

Rutgers University lecturers got a 'revolutionary' contract. Now some want it scrapped

Another rabid repugnant encounter

Sea otters have pockets under their arms to store food and tools!!--posted by digby

Let's remember who had to be really careful about the language they used.

10 injured in mass shooting outside Trenton bar

Mitch McConnell: "Trump's Not Above The Law, It Just Doesn't Apply To Him"

The People of the United States.... vs..... Donald J Trump

What's for Breakfast Saturday 25 May 2019

A snarling void of insincerity

Don't worry UK...Larry The Cat has taken over..

State bars Bellwether Behavioral Health from running group homes in NJ. Now what?

Real estate title firm's lapse exposes data in 885M flies

Bernie Sanders Rally on C-SPAN today in Montpelier

Book Review: Bernie Sanders: Has anyone read . . .

Bill Barr should recuse himself

The #Trumps are a step away from bottling air and selling it as "vintage stupidity."

Trump UK state visit: Harry to look after the baby, while Meghan stays at home with Archie

The New Abortion Laws Would Grant Government the Authority to Enforce Abortions

Gay rights advocates want charter school to restore mural with LGBT message

Army denies soldier's request to grow beard in observance of Flying Spaghetti Monster religion

Video shows Hamilton mayoral candidate David Henderson badmouthing black utility worker

John Pinto, Navajo code talker and New Mexico State Senator Dies at 94

Building a better salt trap: IU researchers synthesize a molecular 'cage' to trap chloride

No Kiddie Table: New DNC Rule Will Divide Top Dem Candidates Across First Two Nights Of NBC Debates

Nancy Pelosi Slams Edited Footage With Claim That When She's Drunk You'll Fucking Know It

2020 Democratic primary calendar may boost Hispanic voter clout

It's Joe Biden's 2020 presidential nomination to lose

Police Seized "Baggie With ... Liquid Substance" In Probe Of School Food Tainting

Maine to end non-medical exemptions for vaccinations

The Right Wing Are Mountebanks To A One..

Trump opens state visit, needles Japan over trade issues

With Secretary of State David Whitley close to losing his job, anxious Democrats take attendance

58 Years Ago Today; "...before this decade is out"

'Revolution' in Poland as nation confronts priestly abuse

MF45 and Sonny Perdue killing off rural job corps program

City of Palestine asks Union Pacific to prove local employment

Pope: Abortion is never OK, equates it to "hiring a hitman"

Does anyone know where Biden will speak when he comes to Atlanta on June 5th? n/t

So there's a CIA Mole close to Putin

42 Years Ago Today; First uttered instance of "These aren't the droids you're looking for"

"The power to declassify is also the power to selectively declassify [and mislead the public]."

Report: FTC's political wrangling delays Facebook settlement

Authorities raid 247 Colorado homes growing black market pot

Drivers honked as a man in a wheelchair raced home during a storm. This teen stopped to push him...

Bernie Sanders Refuses To Apologize

Pelosi is wrong in thinking that Trump wants to be impeached.

Army Corps approves $778M plan to block Asian carp advance

40 Years Ago Today; American Airlines Flight 191

Morning coffee and negotiations with Chinese investors

Aldi recalls flour for potential E. coli contamination

The More Things Change...

My Vietnam. . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump!!

Cracks appearing in World War II Memorial in Washington

Joe Biden: "The Promise of this Nation"

EU citizens denied vote in European elections to sue UK government

CNN & Washington Post Fact Checker:"Trump had uttered more than 10,000 false or misleading claims, "

A quote from Thomas Paine that describes Trump voters.

Utah judge suspended for making anti-Trump comments

British paper reporting there will be NO golden carriage ride for Trump in London next month

Facebook acknowledges Pelosi video is faked - but declines to delete it

Jayme Closs' kidnapper gets two life sentences for killing her parents and 40 years for abduction

The Democrats may be planning an all in one contempt charge.

Love to Hate Blue Jays

For those arguing against impeachment

Verizon stopped paying local N.J. taxes. Now, a powerful legislator wants to sock it to the company.


The Slavery of Fear.

Kushner Cos. gets $800M federally backed apartment loan

My dad had a stroke two days ago.

Rick Wilson just said the greatest line on the Joy Reid Show.

Rochelle Bilal, who won Democratic nomination for Philly sheriff, finds the city's politics

Trump Is Considering Deputizing the Military as a Civilian Police Force. That Is Terrifying.

Why are some people so mad at James Holzheir (sorry for the bad spelling) on Jeopardy?

Anti-union firm paid $240K by Pitt during faculty and grad student unionization efforts

Trump saying the Chinese are paying for the farmer bailouts is a "war lie."

My impeachment prediction

J Reacts to Greta Van Fleet: A Change Is Gonna Come - (REACTION)

Delta Foundation draws criticism after Trump-related Facebook post

The DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the entire IC

As budget season approaches, Democrats keep pushing for minimum wage hike

Democracy vs tyranny -- that war is on -- here and now

What Have Candidates Said about Iran?

Ex-offenders in Pa. can be denied professional licenses because of old convictions. Bipartisan

You're Pro-Life until ... it affects you personally.

he was just doing his job as a diplomat at the time

Former Bengals star Chad Johnson says he plans to attend KKK rally

Meet 22-year-old who beat a Republican who had served longer than he'd been alive

The Big Idiot President Is Not Getting Himself Impeached On Purpose. C'mon.

Government moves to seize Manafort's condo in Trump Tower

Fugelsang for the win!

Buttigieg slams Trump over Iran escalation, vows 'I'm going to win' in 2020

Populists Seek to Break the European Union From Within

Anyone else ever read GOING WRONG by Ruth Rendell? ***SPOILERS ***

I saw Cloris Leachman in Spanglish

Trump's Point Man on China Trade Still Trying to Close the Deal

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc

Jon Voight declares Trump 'the greatest president' since Lincoln

Exotic dancer who lost 8 teeth in brawl awarded $1.3 million

Did Congress read the Mueller report? More than a quarter of these key lawmakers won't say.

Guy Palumbo quits state Senate to become lobbyist for Amazon

Damn the consequences, House Democrats must impeach

Cartoons 5/25/19

Budget committee approves pay raises for state workers

Website & File Scanning: Check Unknown Websites/Files to see if they are Infected-All Major AV Progs

Netfix: "Knock Down The House" (2019)

The two most dangerous narcissists in the world... Trump and Barr...

The Pelosi video

Maryland., Virginia Senators Team Up on Metro Funding Bill

Are espionage charges against Assange meant to warn against publishing unredacted Mueller Report?

U.S. State Department misses deadline to explain Iran arms control report: aide

John Delaney Gets Airtime on 'The View'


Gov. Hogan vetoes bill that would have abolished handgun board; he'll allow foam ban to become law

'Seniors for Buttigieg': Why voters twice his age feel drawn to the millennial mayor

Janet Mills signs bill ending religious and personal exemptions for vaccinations (Maine)

Shit: One Of My Personal Email Account Was Breeched--Here's How To Check, Plus Temp Email.

Lots of people don't like or appreciate rap music but....

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell visits Baltimore to highlight campaign's focus

How long will the members of the RW propaganda apparatus be allowed to hide behind

Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones: Civil War plaque should be removed from State House

my friend is running for the 64th district

Since doctored video is okay now. Someone should make a video of dump admitting he ripped off

I don't know that Dems are doing enough

There's a time window for Impeachment. "Tactics" may be germane within it, but that window is short

See What Cheaper Fish Some Restaurants Serve For Grouper, Cod and Catfish

Watch live ...

Miles Davis was born on this date

Tom T. Hall

538: Trump's Approval is Going Nowhere

The people trump fears the most is us. The 54% who do not buy into his lies. He does not fear

Breaking News about Trump's "ultimate hypocrisy" I.M.H.O.

NEW: In excerpts today in Montpelier @BernieSanders will defend his record on Foreign Policy

Drivers honked as a man in a wheelchair raced home during a storm. teen stopped to push him all

Tulsi Gabbard's biggest donor is a conspiracy-theorist who supports RW terrorism.

When your lil cousin take Sasha Obama to prom 🏁

Another great KANEFIELD Twitter thread

Impeachment will not remove Trump from office.

Tom Coleman says ITTMF

Corps of Engineers - Little Rock District Operations Center flooding map

Hillary on the 'drunk' Nancy video. It's sexist trash and a sign that Trump is running scared.

Jon Voight releases video calling Trump 'the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln'

THIS Is What House Democrats Need to Investigate! How Russia Got NSA Malware in 2017

No, Israel isn't a country of privileged and powerful white Europeans

The world faces many tragedies. The lack of a Palestinian state ranks low on the list

The Israeli-Palestinian Dispute Is Only Partly About Land

Beto O'Rourke: Trump "provoking yet another war in the Middle East"

'The president's insane': book by CNN's Jim Acosta charts Trump war on press

Did anyone watch the live performance of the Mueller report.

Missouri S&T Engineers Inspect Jefferson City Tornado Damage To Make Houses Stronger

Mayor Pete: If Trump Hadn't Dodged The Draft Maybe He'd Understand The Right Of NFL Players To Kneel



The City That's Giving People Money

Struggling S.F. Giants call up Yastrzemski's grandson

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 25, 2019

The irony is crushing.

Did Dumpster do anything stupid in Japan yet?

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen (in 2017) N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc

Jon Voight claims Trump is the best president since Lincoln..🤢

Here's a voice from the REAL age of Enlightenment:

Nevada's female-majority legislature passes pro-choice abortion bill bucking national trend

My NEW nickname for Donald Trump.....Anus Mouth...

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Coke machine stolen from Culpeper store

When will Pelosi pull the trigger on impeachment?

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi moves into the empty space available in Donald Trump's head - and negotiates

Uncle Crock's Block spoke to the cynical kiddies, like me...

India is investing more money in solar power than coal for first time

Gillette just released a groundbreaking ad of a trans man's first shave

Elmed interconnector aims to bring solar power from the Sahara to Europe

🔥 Vermont Kickoff in Montpelier - Part 2

Amid climate crisis, renewable energy poised for rapid growth

Memorial Day was started by Freed Slaves.

Forty years ago today, American Airlines Flight 191 crashed on takeoff

Sumo Wrestlin' Trump

Little Old Man Dog Has The World's Most Patient Mom

The man who won the lottery 14 times

Stan Lee's former manager arrested in Arizona for elder abuse

By going on Fox town halls, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, & Sanders just might have been the catalysts

tRump is a criminal. He needs to be impeached. We bring criminals to justice in this country.

Seriously who likes freezing cold weather?

If Trump really wanted to stop people fleeing Central America..

Agreement to delay enforcing Deutsche Bank, Capital One subpoenas

I Make No Apologies For Trying to Stop Disastrous Wars

Hundreds protest outside Homestead detention center

Court blocks chunk of wall funds, citing remarks

I never really cared for Jon Voight as an actor.

Extends his corruption into intelligence agencies

Enemies list is an impeachable offense

Vitter among foreign agents paid to ease sanctions on Russian oligarch's firm

President wants a promotion

Intel chief, Daniel Coats, warns Barr could imperil national security by declassifying documents

YouTube comments the best way to understand Trump

Mississippi River's Morganza Spillway Expected to Open For 3rd Time in History

Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc

Ex-GOP congressman calls for impeachment

That Obnoxious Replica Noah's Ark Theme Park In Kentucky?

Opus Dei's Influence on the U.S. Judiciary

Opens state visit by needling Japan over trade issues

from John Delaney:

Approval rating slumps back to normal

Harry Dean Stanton Singing

Princess Diana's Death, Focus of Theme Park Attraction By Natl Enquirer

Video: Bernie Sanders Interview Grey TV Washington DC - May 24

Nancy Pelosi's response to those videos Trump retweeted

Mike Pence: West Point grads should expect to see combat

Doug Ford has cut everything in Ontario as Conservatives do:

Massive Boulders Crash Onto Southwestern Colorado Highway.

Arkansas newspaper gambles on free iPads as the future

Someone had their first birthday today

Warning disgusting photo

US challenges part of ruling that blocked grizzly bear hunts

Haley Reinhart - Dreams - (The Cranberries Cover) (used in the Mazda commercial)

CNN: Trump declares emergency to supply Saudi's and UAE with more bombs.

Mississippi rep accused of punching wife issues statement

Trump and a tale of 2 sheets of paper

Anyone here tried Firefox 67.0?

New evidence links Colombia army chief to civilian slayings

New evidence links Colombia army chief to civilian slayings

A Presidential Obstruction Select Committee?

Have you seen this fish?

When NOT to say, "You can't talk to me like that. I am a very rich man!"

Trump Admin cites Iran "emergency," bypasses Congress to rush billions in arms to Saudis and others

You know in those movies when there is corruption found at the highest level

KKK group heavily outnumbered by counterprotesters at their own rally in Dayton

When you love animals so much that you also save the ones you're terrified of 🐍😱

Ocasio-Cortez, progressives trash 'antisemitic' Politico illustration of Bernie Sanders

If Barr is given a complete list of all our covert Russian assets, it is going to be a bloodbath.

Say it loud. The Democrats are governing. The Republicans are not.

If You Were To Have An Intervention For Trump.....

Why Can't Michael Schmidt Get The Facts Right?

In hiring Art Briles, a small Texas town sells its soul

Young Lady Sasha Obama Goes To The Prom

Just rewatched "Inherit The Wind"--- the movie based on the infamous "Monkey Trial".

Two Rescued Pit Bulls Comfort Each Other Every Day

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What the Insurrection Act (10 USC 251-255) really says

Welcome to our sad, new, distorted reality -- the explosion of fake: fake videos, fake people on Face

Amazon Wearable Device Reads Human Emotions: 'Dylan'

Israelis protest moves to grant Netanyahu immunity, limit Supreme Court

How would Trump behave if his Democratic opponents were two women?

up to 6 inches snow in Southern California mountains this weekend! Overheated southerners head

Turkey sends weapons to Syrian rebels facing Russian-backed assault: Syrian sources

Just read an article on DailyKs and one has to ask....

Dum Dum Dum Don

Mayor Pete unplugged - Marriage and Forgiveness

Trump urges greater Japanese investment in U.S., criticizes trade advantage

China says U.S. demand on its state-owned enterprises is 'invasion' on economic sovereignty

Trump is looking for his balls. Good luck with that!

Mueller: Volume II, Section III.B.


Norway says Venezuela government, opposition to hold new round of talks

I should be commenting about our brave "anti-fascist" troops on every FB post showing

Ireland : A year on from the abortion referendum concerns remain

30 Incredibly Detailed Balloon Sculptures

Ireland : Divorce (change) referendum set to pass by wide margin

New abortion laws are especially cruel to my patients with high-risk pregnancies