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Archives: May 27, 2019

VA: These Ten State Districts Will Determine the Majority in 2019

Home Depot employees build walker for toddler amid concerns about insurance coverage

German Shepherd plays tag with Deer

GOP senator breaks over missile tests

KY Farmers hurt by Trump's trade wars afraid to speak up for fear of backlash!

These doctors risked their careers to expose the dangers children face in immigrant family detentio

Former GOP Rep. Tom Colemean calls for impeachment of both Trump and Pence!

The impact of Trump tweets is on the decline

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party set to win most UK seats in EU vote

White House claims without proof that FBI has 'outrageous' corruption Barr will uncover

Toddler sing-along hyperjumps to a galaxy far, far away

Groundbreaking World War II unit of black women honored decades after their service

The Lucrative Black Market in Human Fat

Family of coyotes with 9 pups occupying stone wall near Calgary, Canada

Radioactive cleanup at UW to force 200 staffers to move

and this happened less than ten miles from me

Ex-federal prosecutor predicts court won't side with Trump on congressional subpoenas

Can a Pardon Be a War Crime?: When Pardons Themselves Violate the Laws of War

Google reverses course after barring Elk Foundation Ad

Beautiful, Wholesome American Family

Paul Lee Ticks offers up what is perhaps the most obvious, but apt, joke about Trump's "presidency."

Members of both parties criticize Trump's 'confidence' in Kim Jong Un

the endless stalling tactics........

Democratic groups gear up to use abortion rights as attack on GOP in 2020

Evidence Russia helped elect trump is staggering.

Trump tariffs threaten to drown gains from tax cuts

Jodie Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philbott will not join the Green

What's Your Purpose? Finding A Sense Of Meaning In Life Is Linked To Health

Berry blooms

Biden's World: Joe Flexing a Commanding Lead in New Poll

Anyone else watching the PBS Memorial Day program from DC?

Eastern Orthodox Forty Days of the Pascha of Our Lord

TX SB 9 (voter suppression bill) was killed today

Full Interview: Beto O'Rourke on "Face The Nation" (VIDEO)

Someone ask for Greek Goddess Dip recipe recently?

How Does Obama Feel About Biden's Candidacy? It's Complicated.

Got spanked by Twitter

Falls short on infrastructure

DFT desecrates a sumo ring by not being barefoot...

Anybody else feeling that Dump & Co have sucked the emotion out of Memorial Day?

Virginia Beach wants to require developers to factor in sea level rise for new projects

Hicks facing an existential question

When I was 12 years old, I read the book Andersonville..

Abortion bans have some women preparing for the worst. It involves 'auntie networks.'

This dog holds onto her stuffed animals while she gets groomed 💕

Godzilla King Of The Monsters Final Trailer

World's rivers 'awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics'

Air Force One trips with Donald Trump are like 'being held captive' because he doesn't sleep, aides

Another racehorse has died at Santa Anita. This makes 26th horse..

CAPTION TIME. It's Don & Melanie at the welcome ceremony at the Imperial Palace.

Facebook post of Minnesota woman's abortion records prompts criminal investigation

Trump's advisers are encouraging him to only attack Pelosi, not Biden or other 2020 contenders

Cosplay proposal: Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman get engaged at Motor City Comic Con

University of Virginia's Darden School of Business receives $68M, the school's largest-ever gift

life in cell phone hell - a black n white cartoon video, ending is especially....sad

He's got us paying coming and going.

North Carolina is making a big mistake by failing to prepare for the next recession

Buttigieg appeared on ABC's This Week

What WWII active duty "citizen soldiers" said about military service

Senate panel advances controversial bid to allow dumping of toxic electronics in landfills

O'Rourke feels 'really good' about 2020 campaign

O'Rourke feels 'really good' about 2020 campaign

Man Who Watches TV All Day Says Democrats Are Lazy

Rep. Duncan Hunter Admits Taking Photos of Dead Combatants While in Marines

FULL Interview Pete Buttigieg - ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos SUNDAY 5/26/19

Why did they let him be installed?

In major reversal, UNC Board of Governors chair voices opposition to return of 'Silent Sam'

Police pulled guns on a black man in a wheelchair

The point of impeachment

Sunday Night Cannabis-Buzz.

Sunday Night Cannabis-Buzz.

Flipping through my Instagram feed on a memorial day sunday, I realize

UK Expert Urges Vitamin D, Sunshine For Immunity, Mood, BP: Rickets Returns

How Restrictive Is It to Be a Comedian in Singapore? - The Jim Jefferies Show

Checks and Balances..It is that simple.

So SpaceX puts 60 satellites in orbit... and they plan to add 11,988 more.

Did anyone have improvement with gambling addiction?

This whole damn planet is turning into a colossal right wing category 5 shit storm.

EU elections: Tories and Labour savaged as voters take Brexit revenge

European elections: Steve Bannon received cold reception from far-right allies before polls opened

US Army Inadvertently Asks

If anybody says anything to me tomorrow about my veteran's status,

I gotta say, I'm very distraught this Memorial Day weekend.

Patriotism isn't the same for the Right and the Left

my DU has stopped changing color of the threads I have read.

The West Wing - In Excelsis Deo

Owners of biblical Noah's ark replica sue over rain damage to property

Steyer pressures Congress to impeach

My Dad joined the Marines during WWII

How fascism works A Yale philosopher on fascism, truth, and Donald Trump.

A kind of Memorial Day song by Eric Burdon & The Animals...

Julia Roberts' Observations About R's

Why isn't he in prison?

Rep. Hunter on war crimes suspect Gallagher: I'm guilty of same bad thing'

How could looking this weak help Abe in his next election

Trump Incites Iran: Impotence or Idiotic // Malcolm Nance - AM JOY MSNBC

How is he going to get out?

'Birthing centers for polarizing rhetoric': The outsize influence of Fox, CNN and MSNBC

Pro-Confederate activist predicts vandalism charges will be dropped

Black at Wake (and Carolina and Duke)

NC legislation aims to help offenders clear their records, gain employment. "This is absolutely a

North Carolina man released after serving more than 40 years after conviction overturned

27th. I'm freaking out.

Gov. Cooper issues paid parental leave order for state workers

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson sued for slander over human trafficking accusations

North Carolina 20-week abortion limit formally struck down

'Birthing centers for polarizing rhetoric': The outsize influence of Fox, CNN and MSNBC

Kirk Kovach: Keep legislative antics out of abortion bill vote (aka GOP A**holery 103)

My Little Bride (2004) korean full movie with English subs

The New Yorker Cover: "The Shining"

Greek prime minister calls for early election after EU loss

14 presidential candidates (and counting) to speak at South Carolina Democratic Party convention

How And Why To Appeal St. Louis-Area Property Assessments



SC Legislature sets deadline to vote on future of Santee Cooper next year

Finalist who worked at Confederate magazine not recommended for top SC college job

Ex-West Point leader who drew protests considers another shot at USC president

In South Carolina, a push to have alcohol delivered to your door is met with resistance

(Jewish Group) The Old Scourge of Anti-Semitism Rises Anew in Europe

Disgraced ex-SC lawmaker asks judge to dismiss probation in domestic violence case

State worker bonuses, teacher pay raises. How SC will spend $9 billion

Indiana Synagogue Vandal Says He Was Radicalized By Ben Shapiro, Far-Right Media

The Tories Have No Clothes

Former Georgia County Commissioner Indicted on Extortion and Bribery Charges

You would think it a conundrum, but obviously not...

How a far-right alliance could break up the European Union

No Sharia Please. Teaocracy? Republitarian? Rethundamenatlist?

The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity

Pressure grows to force out Hoschton officials

"The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

Romanian Court Confirms Corruption Verdict Against Ruling Party's Leader

I had an idea this morning!!!

The Soviet (Sovreign) Citizen Movement in Russia

"Rim of the World". Great movie the whole family will enjoy!

Anyone see "Rim of the World?" Excellent new Netflix film.

8:51 pm Tokyo time. Not a word from the 'president' about Memorial Day.

Lawmakers resume work on bills to help struggling rural Georgia

Drump supporters: O was born in Kenya but the russians did not help drump

Unbridled Capitalism: The World's Longest Running Snuff flick.

An angry & overseas Trump commemorates Memorial day by ranting about Dems & impeachment.

George Galloway and Steve Bannon as new 'besties'?

Metro Atlanta transit plan takes a step forward

What's for Breakfast Monday 27 May 2019

For those who have served, for those whose beloveds, did not return

THIS. Collaborators and Traitors

"Trump would NEVER __________just to stay in power." Is there ANYTHING that can

Why Trump's Stonewalling Legal Strategy Will Keep Failing

America needs an intervention

North Korea calls John Bolton 'war monger' and 'defective human product' over missile comment

Farmer bailout is yet another funnel to white men

Navy Pilots Report Seeing Unidentified Flying Objects Over East Coast: NYT

Republicans approve strident requirements for citizen initiatives

Somebody tell Trump that China didn't steal our jobs -- corporations gave them away

Life On The Fringes For The Lyuli Of Central Asia

How Nancy Pelosi's Tactics Affirm the Trumpian Style of Politics

Without courage, America may be lost - by Will Bunch

World's rivers 'awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics'

Cartoon: Tomorrow's news today -by Tom Tomorrow

The POLITICO photo of Bernie Sanders was not anti-semitic

Claim seeks $45M for incapacitated woman who gave birth

ACLU alleges Maricopa County Attorney illegally withholds public records

Finally got our garden in this weekend....

Senate near on budget deal with holdout lawmaker

Illinois House Committee Passes Controversial Reproductive Health Act In Springfield

Democrats Win Big as Trump is Battered in Court

Redacted portions of Mueller's report might be made public this week

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 May 2019

3rd horse in 9 days dies at California's Santa Anita racetrack, marking 26 fatalities in 6 months

"Existential Subpoena," the new album from Hope Hicks, on NYT Records

China rips security meeting between US, Taiwan

The Navy's Obsession With Damage Control

Adult Iowa fan gleefully celebrates as he takes foul ball away from a kid

China Raises Threat of Rare-Earths Cutoff to U.S.

'Wow, What Is That?' Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects

We asked Dem presidential candidates to honor the true meaning of today. Here is what they sent.

JFK Profile in Courage Award Ceremony for Nancy Pelosi is on C-Span at 1:15 PM Eastern.

Bernie's Millions

What "God" says about racist, nationalist leaders

tRump's Old Pearl Harbor Tweet Resurfaces At The Most Awkward Possible Time

This Memorial Day, we say to veterans who came home from war ...

Hopes dim that Trump will reach infrastructure deal with Congress

IPORTANT--how Right made abortion THE Evangelical issue. Blog godlessindixie Oct 23, 2018

I flew back yesterday from California.

He just embarrasses the hell out of me.. what a loser

Biden on Memorial Day: Our troops are the heart, soul, & spine of America

Can we honor our soldiers while condemning the wars they fought?

Just commented in NYT on story about Lordstown Ohio plant closing.

Air Force Colonel Morris Davis (ret.): what her daddy did is a war crime

Marine Rescues Stray Dog In Afghanistan

Mayor Pete's Memorial Day Message

The Trump coverup no one is talking about: The emperor has no money.

Japan Astronauts to Soon Join U.S. in Trip to Mars, Trump Says

Million Dollar Donation To Trump's Inaugural Comes Under Scrutiny

Sarah Sanders says Trump's AG will decide whether Comey should be arrested....

If the Democrats do not impeach everything Trump has done becomes legal.

Joe Biden's campaign of limited exposure: How long can he keep it up?

Kaiser: "Analysis: A Health Care Overhaul Could Kill 2 Million Jobs, And That's OK"

I laughed...

Thank you to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Facebook Won't Ban Actual Nazis Or Doctored Videos By GOP...See What They Do Ban

Frank Zappa getting out the vote.

I used to be a social worker, working with people with drug/alcohol issues...

Why are Trump lawers and Dems agreeing to delay of turnover of banking documents?

MUST READ: The surprising lesson the Fugitive Slave Act can teach us about anti-abortion legislation

Very nice to know

Graham: 'I've got a real problem' with arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Temps reach 100 degrees as heat records fall in Deep South

Building an emergency food stock in a frugal manner

China is indicating it'll never give in to US demands to change its state-run economy

AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit for Obama's gains for vets

White House claims without proof that FBI has 'outrageous' corruption Barr will uncover

The many ways we waste money

If Biden is asked about Drumpf siding with Kim in critiscism of Biden, Biden's only response should

World stocks rise as EU vote avoids worst case scenarios

No justice brings major problems

Alex Jones as an anime girl

This May Be Trump's Worst Cover-Up: CNN

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz loses confidence vote

French Open.....women.

Bernie Sanders' MEMORIAL Day message:

And the Dick Of The Day Award goes to........

Hate makes a comeback in the Pacific Northwest

Trump's ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei could cut off rural Americans' cell service

Hello, Religion Group members.

Has it ever occured to him that planning the Japan trip would mean missing Memorial

Trump ignored Congress on war powers. Constitutional scholars want Democrats to take him to court.

Trump Encourages North Korea To Interfere In 2020 Election

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 28: Meet Cutes

Whadda Dick! Trump Created A Trophy To Give To A Sumo Wrestler To Upstage The Event

My first thought when drump went to visit the Sumo wrestlers...

We have a Marine who is MIA. His name is Mueller.

Buttigieg: Trump tries to shock the conscience by siding with a 'murderous dictator' over Joe Biden

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 29: Star of the Month: Paul Newman

Seattle forecast brings more warm temperatures

The Politico story on BS's millions is recommended on Jewish Journal's "Best of the Web"

An inspiring Memorial Day message and call to service from our President

Climatic controls of decomposition drive the global biogeography of forest-tree symbioses.

Liberty Crumbling, 1st Place at the Texas SandFest 2019

As Shakespeare put it, the tide is at the flood.

I know this is a special day, Memorial Day and a salute to our fallen solder's...

Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes off southern Alaska coast

The West Wing first speech of the President

Trump agrees with Kim, rips Biden at Japan presser

Behind the War Crimes Pardon, the Lawyer works for Trump!

Trump: 'We're not looking for regime change' in Iran

Trump feels squeeze in tax return fight


1.2 Million Americans Die; 300 Million Americans Celebrate

How often were other presidents out of the country on patriotic holidays?

I got an email that looks like spam.

Playing in the Crick

Texas Senate approves bill allowing Texans to carry guns for week after natural disasters

Texas Senate approves bill allowing Texans to carry guns for week after natural disasters

The forgotten history of Memorial Day

Going for a long walk---maybe admire our roses or listen to our wrens. Got to get away from

Barr and the problem with playing the "long game"

Beto O'Rourke has always been a devoted champion of Veterans, and on Memorial Day...

GOP rep defends accused war criminal, saying he also photographed bodies

The Climate Leadership Council - 13:5 Ratio Of Investment Bankers/CEOs To Environmentalists On Board

Cartoons 5/27/19

Bill Buckner dies at 69 after battling dementia

Scientists Discover Rare, 'Undisturbed' Pockets of Seawater From The Last Ice Age

New measles cases reported in outbreak that touches 26 states

Photos: Bernie at the Warner, NH Ice Cream Social

The Anti-Defamation League calls out Politico's Sanders/Money Tree/Mansion trope as Anti-semitic

Scotland to have second independence referendum in 2020, according to Nicola Sturgeon

DC MEMORIAL DAY PARADE: Today, we honor the men and women who sacrificed it all for our country.

Clintons march in Memorial Day parade

Can anyone tell me what determines which posts appear on the Home page, and how long they stay there

Black man arrested for refusing to get shot by a cop.

It's time again for my yearly rant about Memorial Day.

from Wes Clark

Dallas selling statue of Robert E. Lee

Cat at vet

So I collect vintage radios...

Flynn's case could prompt release of some redacted parts of Mueller report

Richard Painter on Yammering Yam.

Check out that bloated puss pocket's hands compared to Abe's

Climate Action: Protests Make People More Optimistic About Change, Research Shows

Local governments navigate Georgia's monument law

West Wing Presidential Debate

Twitter thread explaining HISTORIC down-ballot "Beto Effect" of #Betomania

Has Trump pardoned yet the American war criminals?

Bill Buckner redeems himself (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Here is @CBS_42's facebook feed of Bernie's first stop today in beautiful Warner, NH

He's a fucking coward who can't even get enough gumption to pay respect to America's fallen...

3 forecast modelers predict Trump will win in 2020

Requiem for a Soldier. just for Memorial Day

Brother Dean got hit with a baseball bat

FLIPPABLE: Larry Barrett for VA-HD27

Most significant attack on the freedom of the press since my case, Dan Ellsburg on Assange

America's first Memorial Day...

So well said

Eerie Star Spangled Banner played on Theremin

A hefty donation to Trump's inaugural comes under scrutiny

Farmers might consider not planting beans or corn and

European Right Wing Freak Stupidity

FLIPPABLE: Johua Cole for VA-HD28

C-SPAN Caller Wants To Know Why 'Awesome' Trump Hasn't Sentenced Hillary Clinton To Death

FLIPPABLE: Nancy Guy for VA-HD83

Tory Brexiteers are driving Scotland towards independence - Keith Brown In The Scotsman

FLIPPABLE: Cheryl Turpin for VA-SD07

Look at who isn't spending Memorial Day in Japan

Here are 5 steps China could take to hurt the US beyond more tariffs

Statement from Texas Democratic Party on latest session of TX legislature

"HOW FOX NEWS WORKS" (Twitter thread by "Mad Grandpa") worth a read...

Sing a song of sweet watermelon!!

On December 26, 2000 I laid him to rest in Arlington for the last time

RIP Bill Buckner

Photos: Bernie at the Laconia, NH Ice Cream Social

Fleabag - Amazon Prime - highly recommend

A 90 yr old great great grandmother has used marijuana for 77 years...

Monsters rule....

House passes bill to create statewide animal abuser registry

What's for Dinner, Memorial Day, Mon., May 27, 2019

An Appropriate Anthem for Memorial Day - Edwin Starr - War

Supreme Court: Malpractice ruling has doctors concerned

Roger Stone associate Andrew Miller has 1 more day to get SCOTUS to accept his case or else

Lawmakers, Trump agencies set for clash over chemicals in water

Chicago mayor Lightfoot begins dismantling corrupt system Day 1

Rep Gerry Connolly says that Biden was the quickest study of long documents

2020 Democratic US Presidential Ticket- Joe Biden/Julian Castro

Some Republicans think their party has gone too far in Alabama, Missouri and elsewhere

An avalanche of Snowballs

I look at what's going on in England and think 'How sad' Then realize that's what people think of us

No, Mr. President: China didn't steal our jobs. Corporate America gave them away

We asked the dads running for president what they do for child care

A Trump official admitted she 'doesn't care' about following the law

Poll: Pro-Choice Support Increases as States Pass Strict Abortion Laws

Illinois House to take up bill loosening abortion restrictions

A private group says it's started building its own border wall using millions donated in GoFundMe

Well, So Much For #BeBest.

Georgia D.A. Says He Would Prosecute Women Who Get Abortions

A Republican I know tries to link MLK to the GOP

So the matter of the subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One is put off until JULY.

I get so sick of news sources using Democrat for Democratic so I wrote a letter to AP

Let's all drink a toast to the new king of lies, and the minions who help him while democracy dies,

Dirty Don continues to rage tweet about Joe Biden today

As lone GOP congressman delays disaster funds, Oklahoma drowns

This is my America. It is children like you, Paramvir.

Remembering the US soldiers who refused orders to murder Native Americans at Sand Creek

That does not seem fair:

How many DUers have read Michael Parenti's 'Democracy for the Few'

A Way Forward For Democrats

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2: III

With His Job Gone, an Autoworker Wonders, 'What Am I as a Man?'

With one month until the first Democratic presidential debate, the crowded field of contenders spent

GOP - Goons Of Putin

A lucid and succinct explanation of Brexit:

I just watched "Watch on the Rhine" on TCM.

Trump steps up his fight against climate science (NYT)

Pelosi and impeachment, If you were her, when would you talk about this?

Pappadopoulos admits most (if not all) former Trump employees either end up bankrupt or in jail.

Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges

11,000-year-old Turkish town about to be submerged forever

6 month-old-baby contracts measles; 8th case identified in western Washington

Still angling for a deal, Trump backs Kim Jong Un over Biden, Bolton and Japan

1982 Toon

My children and I are fully vaccinated. However, not all vaccines are created equal.

How Puget Sound's Public Transit Systems Rank Nationwide

For those who still doubt climate change here is an article

Tweet of the Day

Photos: Bernie at Rollinsford, NH Ice Cream Social

U.S. measles outbreak grows with 60 new measles cases across 26 states

As North Dakota oil soars, so does waste of natural gas

we need new -more icons, Watching John Lewis interview we need more to pick up his lead

Protests erupt after New Jersey cop found not guilty in teen's beating

Report: Embattled Texas elections chief David Whitley resigns

How to tell the right base this?

Here we go with Jeopardy James

Eisenhower with Cronkite on DDay:

Ohio town stuck with $650,000 bill for KKK rally security

Pete Buttigieg says he wants to 'live a life that's worthy' of fellow service members

He's leaning forward again, in Japan:

Remember when you were a kid and thought your Dad was Superman...