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Led Zeppelin live on Danish TV, March 1969

Seen at the in-laws yesterday...

Elizabeth Warren: My three older brothers all joined the military. We were lucky to get them back...

I'm Not In Nor Never Was In The Military.....

Haunting photo of soldier honoring unknown soldier stirs hearts ...

Grand Canyon conserving water after pipeline breaks

Just saw Chris Hayes replay his interview with Warren about impeachment

"The Dead Don't Die"

Mueller is the only person in the entire country that can do this.

Back in N.H., Sanders Campaigns on 'Trend-Setting' Record in Politics

Arizona Legislature to consider boosting per-day pay

Anyone here uses Patreon?


Q: "Should he resign?" Harris: "Yes."

On Memorial Day, let's remember everyone who has died for our freedoms,

Legislature unanimously approves sexual abuse bill, breaks budget logjam

Why can't Mueller go on TV and tell America that everything Barr said in

Why do the Republicans you elected distrust you?

'Botanical Sexism' Could Be Behind Your Seasonal Allergies

(Utah) Uncle in Custody After 5-Year-Old Girl Disappears

(Utah) Uncle in Custody After 5-Year-Old Girl Disappears

GOP Arizona Lawmakers, AG, Want to Create Unit to Probe Nonexistent Voter Fraud

Anti-Immigrant Group Dumps Trash at DNC as 'Donation' for Asylum Seekers

Interesting pre-autopsy of Mondale's doomed 1984 campaign

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! We Don't Do Coverups!

British Royal Family to Play a Big Role in Trump's Upcoming Visit to the UK

New Labor leader Anthony Albanese calls for end to climate wars

Arizona lawmaker who uses wheelchair rolls home after Legislature goes into wee hours

Facing epidemic of amputations and death, Pacific Islanders fighting diabetes

Alaska's wettest region experiences first recorded extreme drought

Kurt Eichenwald: The GOP thinks all POC are criminals and poor.

"24 hours ago they were living under my shed"

Sen. Mitt Romney, other Utah leaders not ready to endorse President Donald Trump

Morgan County facing federal lawsuit after official allegedly forced out of job; highlights issues w

Alabama 4channer with body armor guns down three police officers, one fatally

🔥 Bernie 2020 Town Hall in Concord, New Hampshire - May 28

More airmen, F-35s from Hill AFB deploy overseas to Europe

Illinois will have voters vote on taxing the wealthy at a higher rate

Questions for the Canadians here.

When a Traffic Ticket Costs $13,000

Citizenship and Immigration Services union blasts Trump's pick to head agency

Mormon county commissioner in Utah comes out as gay

Why does media buy nonsense narrative?

How is this not a winning ticket?

Climate: First UK Climate Refugees, Welsh Coastal Village of Fairbourne, Set For 2042

The propaganda machine

Three dead, including child, as maniac stabs 19 at bus stop outside Tokyo

Union chief blasts pick to lead citizenship agency, says choice signals 'end of legal immigration'

Beating Utah's grim suicide statistics: LGBT-focused center to open in St. George

Utah's rotten, stinky food can now be transformed into natural gas and fertilizer.

Opposing Harriet Tubman, has messed with wrong woman

Loon says Japan astronauts to soon join US in Mars trip

Questions are like kryptonite to Republicans

Actually, it will not be 'Trump pardons war criminals'. It will be 'America pardons war criminals'.

Biily Buckner, famed baseball player who played 1st baseman for the Boston Red Sox,.....

Eliz Warren for TREASURY Secretary,

Thousands of students wrote letters to migrant kids....govt refused to deliver

Remember When Charles Krauthammer (RIP) Said There Were No Democrats Left To Run In 2020?

George Clooney and the best short video you will see today.

2020 Democrats split in growing divide on US trade policy

2020 Democrats split in growing divide on US trade policy

Congress Must Stop Trump From Blundering Into America's Most Dangerous War in Decades

Just watched the scariest program on TV: National Geographic The Hot Zone

How to view the freight train of Starlink satellites.

View the long freight train of satellites in the Starlink Group.

Mike Gravel, 2020's oddest Democratic presidential candidate, explained

Michael Gove to pledge free UK citizenship for 3m EU nationals

While I do my best to be civil and to use profanity merely as occasional seasoning

Congress Attempts to Limit Bolsonaro's Power with Its Own Package of Measures

Bolsonaro Criticizes Agenda of Pro-Government Protests

Nancy Pelosi Slams Edited Footage With Claim That When She's Drunk You'll Fucking Know It


Ok, that was not my desired outcome

Have You Ever Wanted to Change Your Name?

Senate Approves Measure Allowing Full Foreign Ownership of Brazilian Airlines

In The 1920s, A Community Conspired To Kill Native Americans For Their Oil Money

The first city to replace a confederate monument?

Rethinking 'Silent Sam'

'Real Low-IQ' Trump Getting 'Played' By Kim, Says House Foreign Affairs Congressman

Colombia again spying on courts, journalists and human rights defenders: report

Harley-Davidson plant in Kansas City marks last day of production

EMERALD VILLAGE: a Dream of an Affordable Tiny House Community

Evidence links Colombia's army chief to seven more homicides: AP

Colombia hints it could green-light fracking, despite warnings

Dayton Area/Miami Valley DUers, check in

Democrats 'disturbed' by US pressure on Colombia's war crimes tribunal

Two killed including girl, 12, in Japan stabbing spree

It's pretty scary when a political party in control of the Senate...

Doturd wishes American and Japanese troops a "Happy Memorial Day."

The 2019 Legislature's most magnificent flop

Senate Democratic leader's bill would extend expiring payroll tax, tie it to school safety,

New York City mayor pushes his education agenda during presidential campaign stop in Las Vegas

My Patreon is now up!

Congressional delegation helps defeat Yucca funding as disaster aid bill stalls in the House

The Original Donald Trump by Frank Rich

Reported gunshot at mall on Las Vegas Strip evokes memory of Oct. 1

WP opinion: Trump has messed with the wrong woman.

Nevada Democrats eye bills to tie gun control, education, safety

Idaho Supreme Court Upholds Idaho State Police Whistleblower Verdict, Slaps Down Cap on Damages

Balloon sales up in the air during helium shortage

After contact with 'unknown substance' in Idaho field, workers suffer flu-like illness

Sanders 2020 looks like Sanders 2016, challenges and all

Eastern Orthodox Forty Days of Pascha, The Pascha of Our Lord

Eastern Orthodox Christianity/Insight and Explanation

Eastern Orthodox 'Thrice Holy Hymn' sung for those who have reposed. Memory Eternal.

Young Democrats back challengers to Sawant, Kohl-Welles and Gossett

Tri-Cities school districts are searching for more money. One is considering raising taxes

How modern fundamentalists started...

Hanford union worker pay dispute stalled. Then Sen. Patty Murray stepped in

State high court upholds $1,000 fines on 'faithless electors'

▶️ Podcast: Hear the Bern: Episode 8 - We Built This Country, Too: Asian American Voters Speak Out

Today, I've read so many beautiful tributes to those who've fallen on the battlefield & those who

With Seattle's entry-level workforce in high demand, employers struggle to keep up

'Border wall is preposterous cover to seize land for oil and gas companies'

Dallas, McKinney urge Gov. Greg Abbott to veto bill limiting cities' construction regulations



This is not okay. Airmen onboard the USS Wasp wearing patches with a likeness of Trump

Where 'the buck' stops at the thuggish Post-Dispatch editorial board

Texas' Medicaid system hurt vulnerable people as insurers got rich. Now major reforms head to Gov.

Thousands of students wrote letters to migrant kids. Will the government deliver them?

Houston METRO Weighs Options For Light Rail To Hobby Airport

Tales from Paris: our elevator gets stuck, a lot

Texas Legislature Passes Bill to Charge Pipeline Protesters with Felonies

Trump Megadonor & Houston Mayoral Candidate Is a Top Sponsor for Democratic Fundraiser with Hillary

Another grenade in trade wars

Flynn's case could prompt release of some redacted parts of Mueller report this week

"Six Marines in the Picture"

Impeach for the spectacle

Turkey in the yard!

Tuesday TOONs - Stonewall

I should have posted this yesterday.

First Level 3 Drought Ever Recorded For SE Alaska (Which Is The Wettest Part Of The State)

GBR Coral And Algae Species Exposed To Higher Acidification Levels Showed No Adaptation

Large, destructive tornado strikes Dayton as severe storms ravage Ohio

Greens In EU Parliament Spike From 50 To 71 In Elections, About Same #s Now As Far Right

More Rain On The Way To Midwest - Substantial T-Storm, Flooding Risk MO, KS, IA, OK, NY

Did Trump tweet any statement about Memorial Day?

We've Created A Human Civilization Hell-Bent On Destroying Itself

More about the difference between liberals and conservatives.

And just how well will this work out?

Labour expels Alastair Campbell from party

Brekkie: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

This Is What It's Like to Be a Mom at 10 and Married at 11 in Florida

Prosecutor promises to hold governor accountable for signing abortion ban

Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges

While Dipshit super busy with important shit in japan

A realization about a order I was told as a kid ..."Put it away".

Giuliani to join Trump 2020 campaign as Trump's dedicated handler. (Not The Onion.)

Suit Alleges WAPA Lies to PSC, Took Retaliatory Action Against Whistleblowers, etc.

FEMA Approves $80 Million Request to Fund Replacement of JFL Hospital on St. Croix

The Rundown: May 24, 2019

The Rundown: May 27, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 05/22/19

oh myyy...

A cleaning company with a lofty goal: transforming a low-wage industry

Cartoon: If Facebook had existed in the past

I'd Like To Have A Poster Of This

I had an abortion. Why it's none of your business.

America the Beautiful

Francis Williams, Former V.I. Officer Accused of Killing Two Colleagues, Found Guilty

Instagram stinks.

Army Corps of Engineers and P.R. Ports Authority Will Improve San Juan Harbor

😃 🇺🇸 🍔 Day! What's your favorite?

Conversion of Puerto Rico Government Retirement System Full Steam Ahead

I believe, (Don't quote me) that Kamala Harris is having a town hall tonight

I don't recognize America anymore. I have a way out.

George Conway defends Klobuchar from Meghan McCain criticism

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXVI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

"The Dead Don't Die." Comedy zombie movie with a dream team cast of actors.

Wet feet. Wet feet. Wet feet. Wet feet. Wet feet. Wet feet.

Minor league team shows video portraying Congresswoman as an "enemy of freedom"

Someone threw a draft beer at tRump yesterday.

I was in a casino in Iowa last night.

Puerto Rico Government Revenues Reach a Historic High in April

MacKenzie Bezos pledges half her fortune to charity after Amazon divorce

The Technology 202: Doctored Pelosi video is leading tip in coming disinformation battle

I think this political cartoon that was posted today says it perfectly

Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

It is almost boringly predictable how some people never change!

Well, Mayor Pete is certainly running for president!


Siege: Trump Under Fire by Michael Wolff (Author)

"North Korea Calls John Bolton a "Defective Human Product"

Touching ad from Gillette. A father teaches his transgender son to shave for the first time.

Supreme Court compromise on Indiana abortion law keeps issue off its docket

Man who scammed Alabama town in $2 million scheme faces sentencing

Smithsonian names Lonnie Bunch III as new secretary, the first African American in the top spot

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 28/05/19

Beto deserves some credit for the defeat of Texas Sec. of State/voter suppression king

Randy Rainbow......Just Impeach Him

Steam or electric?

Car mechanic type people, help! What do you think?

A Summer From Hell Is Coming to U.S. Airports

Anyone here notice how there are more homeless women on the streets now?

2 men get prison for slain sheep 'performance' at Auschwitz

Owen Jones goes to a Brexit party rally 'A bitter and divided nation?' Look familiar ?

Trump tells troops that future US supercarriers are 'going to use steam' in a weird rant about an ob

Trump is now using E-Verify in his golf courses

Devin Nunes challenged by a young Republican -- with deep ties to his Fresno district


BBC: What's Killing America's White Men? (MAGA related)

'Where do we find the money?' Once again, Medicaid expansion stalls in Alabama

Texas secretary of state resigns after leading botched voter purge that questioned the citizenship

Will the military really protect us from authoritarianism and uphold the constitution?

House passes bill forcing parents to send children to kindergarten

House passes bill legalizing direct shipments of wine to consumers

Trump Says U.S. Aircraft Carrier Design Is 'Wrong,' Plans Overhaul

Chernobyl is such incredibly terrific television. But it will give you PTSD. Not even joking.

Here is a place to get some info about the candidate's political positions.

Fox News: Trump Tax Return Strategy Will Backfire

I hope our farmers find the confines of the ballot box a place for their own retaliation

Alabama House May Alter Medical Marijuana Bill

One teen dead, another seriously injured after being hit by train

What It Takes to Enter the Last Remaining Abortion Clinic in Kentucky

Missouri's last abortion clinic says it may lose its license this week

Trump Is Horrible But Mitch McConnell Is Really Destroying America

Bernie Sanders Is Rich

Merger of Fiat Chrysler and Renault would create world's largest manufacturer of unwanted cars.

SCOTUS *denies* review of Doe v. Boyertown (transgender students' accommodation policy)..

Netflix says it will rethink its investment in Georgia if 'heartbeat' abortion law goes into effect

Well, Dave Daubenmire and cronies heckled the Clintons...

Transportation Secretary Still Owns Stock She Pledged to Divest

Anti-Abortion states and new laws scaring off top women already

Words fail: SHITLER wished "Happy Memorial Day" to members of Japanese military

The Diplomat: Trump Tours JS Kaga, Izumo Class Carrier

"Beware of dog"

Abortion: We're talking about it

Trump, says those troops supporting 'use of electromagnetic catapults were working for the enemy'

Supreme Court won't revive ban on so-called 'discriminatory' abortions, Indiana

Ohio Junior Senator, doing his job...

In Sync: Local Teams Show Up Big For National High School Crew Championship

I got interviewed by a local TV news reporter last week.

Why did no one ask Trump if Jong Un really called Biden "a low I.Q. individual"?

Cartoon: Mitch McConnell's abortion alternatives

Mueller drew up obstruction indictment against Trump, Michael Wolff book claims

Sikh school bus driver reported years of harassment over his turban and beard

For years my go-to pizza crust was thin, baked on a stone. Last Friday I made a Detroit style crust.

Missouri Could Soon Become First State Without A Clinic That Performs Abortions

Missouri Could Soon Become First State Without A Clinic That Performs Abortions

Andrew Yang Policy on MEDICARE FOR ALL

SCOTUS upholds block on Indiana "sex/race selective abortion" ban but upholds fetal burial/cremation

Andrew Yang Policy on MEDICARE FOR ALL

This was sent to me by a friend.

"Running with Beto" an HBO Documentary. Today, 8:00 PM Eatern

Photos: Union Army veterans now have marked graves

Bernie Sanders' extreme makeover

Bob Weir, the indelible guitarist of the Grateful Dead, will not rest. (GQ piece)

Mississippi Rep Charged With Punching Wife Could be Removed

Amy Klobuchar recalled John McCain's searing response to Trump's inauguration. Meghan McCain wasn't

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

The Guardian has viewed documents concerning Mueller's shelved obstruction of justice indictment

Anyone got a cute picture of their cat or dog?

Randy Rainbow "Just Impeach Him".

You know what veterans REALLY are to today's Republican Party? They're props.

Amash is at it again. And this thread's a long one.

Joe Biden is the front-runner by every measure -- except big crowds

Does anybody besides me ever think about people who have died

Man busted for trying to smuggle leeches into Canada.

The US Senate now has a backlog of 100 bills.

Happy 74th birthday, Doug Rhodes, of the Music Machine.

For my 10,000th post, I want to thank you all.

Government scientists no longer allowed to calculate effects of global warming beyond the year 2040.

Government scientists no longer allowed to calculate effects of global warming beyond the year 2040.

PBS: 'RACHEL CARSON' Amer. Experience, WETA Tonight 8PM EST

Today's absolutely inconsequential, yet baffling question for the day...

Supreme Court Passes Up a Chance to Reconsider Roe

You Don't Attack A Former VP On Foreign Soil Morning Joe MSNBC

.@AGWilliamTong and 43 other attorneys general have damning proof

Antic Cafe-AN CAFE-"Flee Circuit 2016 Ver. / Touhikairo 2016 Ver.

Democrats Shatter Record For Candidates Answering Leadership Call Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Outrage erupts as Trump attacks the 'scientific process itself'

The Abdication of King Trump

I don't think Kim Il Weird said Low IQ Individual. That is #fatdonnie routine

A silent thread for those of us with no ass

How and why Democrats should re-focus attacks on Republicans, rather than Trump?

Gloria Steinem: "Mayor de Blasio is among my top four choices for President and the only male...

Union Army veteran tells stories of Civil War 70 years later, in 1935:

Justin Amash...the only thinking republican....

NOAA48 has been doing coastal survey work all day today, flying racetracks over Dog Island....

Froomkin is wrong. Trump isn't working to hasten climate change "out of pure spite."

John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)

My prediction coming true...

This is why we should IMPEACH!

Trump's ex-colleagues open up about his history of lies

Biden campaign slams Trump for criticizing former vice president on foreign soil

Socialism Sucking Minor Leage Fresno BB Team Shows Video Presenting AOC as Enemy of Freedom

2nd republican to block disaster relief...

Amash doubles down on accusing Barr of 'deliberately' misleading the public on Mueller report

Disaster aid stalls again in House after second Republican lawmaker objects

Democratic lawmaker: Trump shouldn't be allowed to attend D-Day ceremony

Biden, Booker, Buttigieg, O'Rourke - Join them in Atlanta on June 6

JUst get on with it. Impeach the fucker

BTS Performs 'Make It Right' on Stephen Colbert

Minor league baseball team plays video that depicts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an "enemy of freedom

Mass incarceration by the numbers

Photos: Bernie meeting with current/former NH state lawmakers

Dayton Area/Miami Valley DUers-no power & a boil order, so ICE DISTRIBUTIONS

William Barr's New Authority to Declassify Anything He Wants Is a Threat to National Security

Fresno Grizzlies apologize to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Memorial Day tribute video

PBS: 'RACHEL CARSON' Amer. Experience, WETA Tonight 8PM EST

GOP candidate expects Roy Moore to announce Senate bid in June

Eyes are opening!

Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe

Trump foe Avenatti pleads not guilty to ripping off Stormy Daniels

GOP Rep. slams Trump for criticizing Biden while abroad

Asian Canadians vs Asian Americans

Toy car that can reach 70mph (110km/h)..oh and it's roadworthy- BBC News

AOC will wait tables in support of federal 'Raise the Wage Act'

Quote of the Day

U.S. top court rejects challenge to rules accommodating Pennsylvania transgender students

Tornadoes rip through parts of Ohio, tearing up homes and damaging schools

Trump Tries to Recreate 2016 Conditions

Democrats claim victory as Trump gets battered in court

Getting in on -- and tossed out of -- the Satanist Temple joke

"Makes you yearn for a legitimate President again, don't it?"

Aurora Avenue Bridge Squeeze: Repaving Project Starts

Yea, Joe Biden ain't gettin big crowds..

Warm, sunny conditions in Seattle expected to continue all week long -- once the clouds burn off

Anti-Vaxxer Movement Infects Republicans In States

'My Rudy': Trump's lawyer wants to be the campaign's No. 1 hatchet man

GOP senators vow to let Trump off the hook no matter what crimes he's committed

Bernie Sanders backs 2 policies to dramatically shift corporate power to U.S. workers

Trump Official Admits She Is OK With Breaking The Law

Just ask him.

Five Democrats Still Fighting to Make Debates

Pakistan vet charged with blasphemy over medicine 'wrapped in religious text'

The Huawei Ban: Explained! Marques Brownlee

British ex-spy will not talk to U.S. prosecutor examining Trump probe origins: source

Johnson & Johnson accused of 'cynical, deceitful' bid to drive up painkiller sales

Amnesty loses five bosses after report on 'toxic workplace'

Sara Smile -- Hall & Oates -vs- Rumer

Edward Seaga died around 1.00pm Miami time

Hate makes a comeback in the Pacific Northwest

Hate makes a comeback in the Pacific Northwest

A decade after the crash, Barclays bets again on bundling U.S. home loans

Photo: Bernie Sanders at WMUR-9 studios taping "Conversation with the Candidate.''

Trump rolls back environmental regulations and turns "global warming into a punchline."

Kamala Harris to do town hall tonight on MSNBC

🔥 Bernie 2020 Town Hall in Londonderry, New Hampshire - May 28

EU tells Britain: There will be no renegotiation of Brexit deal

42 years ago today: the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire

In torrential storms, Tomb Sentinel places flags at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Saudi Arabia accused of hacking London-based dissident

Saudi Arabia accused of hacking London-based dissident

I just have to repost this post from a UFO discussion in GD

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts: cancer foes

Florida appoints first chief science officer to take on climate crisis

Eat your BROCCOLI!!!

Al Stewart: Year of the Cat (1976) --- PLUS BONUS INTERVIEW (from 2018)

Right whale population decline linked to ocean warming, research says

A re-run: Melissa Clark Broccoli Salad with Garlic & Sesame

The Making of 10cc's "I'm Not in Love" (+ Original Video)

A question I would like to see be asked of every Republican?

Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges

CEO who plundered massive city credit union pleads for mercy

Lawrence O'Donnell: Kevin McCarthy says he thinks Putin pays Captain Moron Spiced Rump

Trump Demotes Giuliani And Hires More Lawyers For Fight With Congress

oh, john fugelsang. if only.

Fake social media accounts spread pro-Iran, anti-Trump messages during 2018 election: FireEye

The Six O'clock News begins with "good evening", then goes on to tell you why it's

Today's the deadline for Andrew Miller, the Roger Stone associate who's been fighting a subpoena.

Spanish town to erase dictator Franco from its name

How Democrats Should Respond to the GOP's Red-Baiting

Bernie Sanders Is Not That Rich for Someone His Age

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 28, 2019

"Not every ejaculation deserves a name!"

Am I crazy or does it appear that the orange wonder thinks his reelection is secure.

ATL Journal Constitution: Broad Georgia ethics probe targets Abrams -- and her backers

On the Trail of Tupelo Honey, Liquid Gold From the Swamps.

Your FAVORITE Monster Hunter (Me, I hope) is so excited about ICEBORNE

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Farage?

Still a reason to smile: A 2-year-old boy was having trouble getting around. So employees at a Home

If a girl gets pregnant, has nothing going for her, doesn't want anything to do with the guy,

Legislative Package Introduced to Encourage Employee-Owned Companies

DNC boss says candidates to be involved in debate lottery

Trump's tax law had small effect on economy, wages

I pray to God the news ain't fake...

This is how many/all Trumpsters think

A Utah judge was suspended for six months after he criticized Trump in court and on Facebook

They are going to destroy cbc news.

Say Moo: The difference between Welsh/US English and Northern Irish/English

Justin Amash may be only one Republican but....

2020 Democrats respond to Missouri's only abortion clinic possibly closing

Don't know if this question belongs here but...

Trudeau successor one day?

Got a bear in your yard? The problem is people

Nicola Sturgeon vows to press on with Independence Referendum after Tory 'humiliation'

Why Biden is going to beat Trump.. and win!! Trump is scared to death as well he should be

Paris, TX 2019. Bigotry and bullying are King

Commentary: Many to be held accountable for Amtrak tragedy

Dow drops more than 200 points CNBC

Eugene Robinson: Expect a summer of discontent from Trump

TAKE ACTION: Georgetown Solar Farm Spells Disaster for "Lungs of DC"

Randy Rainbow: "Maybe when this is all over, Kellyanne [Conway] and I can have a drink together."

Trump's New Climate Plan Involves a Guy Who Compared Pollution to 'Jews Under Hitler'

***Breaking South Carolina Poll*** Big Joe 37% Sanders 10% Elizabeth 8%

TAKE ACTION: Georgetown Solar Farm Spells Disaster for "Lungs of DC"

Food Packaging: Full Of Toxic Chemicals, Health Impacts

****BREAKING MICHIGAN POLL****Big Joe 37% Sanders 16% Warren 9%

Lawyer says Indiana synagogue vandal was radicalized by conservatives

Cartoons 5/28/19

Tornado warnings in Penn, ohio and other places. CNN Turn on the media and listen

🔥 Bernie 2020 Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire - May 28

Until Trump literally threatens Putin's well being if he doesn't stay out

Trump appointees overruled EPA experts on pollution requirements for Foxconn site: report

100,000s of Kids Hold School Strike for Climate Action

Even for Trump, this is unbelievable.

Speaking of low IQ individuals. . .

Navy reviewing wearing of Trump patches aboard ship

DUers are excited to donate to candidates, but ACLU is fighting for us NOW. UPDATE ABORTION

What Michelle Goldberg, NYT columnist just said !!

Republicans' Blather On Climate "Policy" Does Not Please Their Masters At CEI, Freedumb Caucus

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 29 May 2019

US watchdog probes cost of Eric Trump Scottish golf tour

WARNING By Angela Merkel: Dark Forces Rising In Europe, CNN

Meghan Markle not meeting with Trump during upcoming visit to UK

Biden dominates Dem rivals in new early primary polls

Surprise! After Farcical Oz Elections, Major Coal Company Suspends Bids For Mining Leases

Boy, Liz Cheney is an aweful person, just like her father!

Washington Post-Opinion: When the field thins, Biden still may be on top

Bank Of Canada Declares Climate Breakdown A Financial Risk. So, Now What?

College freshman slipped into Mar-a-Lago while Trump was in town

Bangladesh Bans All Fishing For 65 Days In Desperation Move To Rebuild Ocean Stocks

Chinese manufactured parts hold up 15,000 dollar car repair?

It Mattered That He Showed Up: On Pete Buttigieg's "Shortest Way Home"

WOW!Facebook investor, former advisor venture capitalist Roger McNamee

Navy reviewing if service members violated policy by wearing 'Make Aircrew Great Again' patches

Pete Buttigieg Honors Fallen Comrades on Memorial Day

If we take back the senate but Trump gets re-elected, what will happen to SCOTUS appointments?

Luckovich-Of Course they're laughing, I have the World's greatest sense of humor

Every single day, this woman drives to a "dumping ground" to save abandoned dogs

Republicans bashing Trump

The Holocaust did not start with Auschwitz.

Virginia beach visitors leave 10 tons of trash.

Haberman has found a way to please the narc enough to be kept around.

House and Senate Democrats seek Trump financial records in lawsuit

Tzar Bumba: Moron IS the Message

International Consortium Investigative Journos takes on Deutsche Bank Probe DUMMY CORPORATION

OMG! GoFundMe Border Wall Ordered To Cease And Desist After Failing To Provide Permit

Wall St. loses early gains as trade concerns abound

"Folks" wins!!!

Played Alice Cooper's "School's Out" for my 3rd grader this morning.

Biden dominates Dem rivals in new early primary polls (SC & NH)

Imagine it's election night in FL. We're down to the wire. Trump & Dem. are tied.

Vulgar, disgusting, insane, criminal, unpatriotic, incompetent, unprecedented, unpresidential,

Trump claims he was 'sticking up for' Biden with 'low IQ' comment

Republican Senator Implodes on Fox Re: Impeachment

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