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Archives: May 3, 2019

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's double-false claim about GDP

Beto O'Rourke interview with Jorge Ramos

Senate fails to override Trump's veto of resolution demanding end to U.S. involvement in Yemen war

Impeach Barr?

White House complained about Mueller report to Barr

NRA ad agency says gun group's CEO charged $240K for travel expenses

Death rattle....

Mississippi River in Davenport now higher than historic 1993 flood levels -- and rising

Sinclair to buy Disney's sports networks in $10 billion deal: WSJ

Neal Katyal has the best strategy recommendation re: Barr.

California Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Trump indicates he will block McGahn testimony

I know you want this, but how, exactly, do you see it getting done?

Donald Trump Publicly Suggested DOJ Investigate Joe Biden

2019 Horse Racing - Free 2019 Kentucky Derby Past Performances

A rare antelope is being killed to make $20,000 scarves

I wish the press would be accurate when it ask the question "Can Trump be Beat"

Our Democracy is fucked.

Kamala Harris on Barr:

Barr's Hearing Was A Sneak Peek At The Next Few Months In Washington

Violation of oath of office. Refusal to comply with law. Fire his ass. Done.

Stenger To Plead Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges

Show of hands: Who expects the leak of the entire Mueller report in the coming days?

We are having a major issue with prominent Dems declining to run for the Senate in 2020

If we get back the Presidency in 2020

Andrew Yang Policy on MAKE WASHINGTON, DC, A STATE

Andrew Yang Policy on MAKE WASHINGTON, DC, A STATE

Getting to the point that lying is not a crime, everyone everywhere lies....according to the Con

Lauren Underwood Builds A Bad-Ass Healthcare Bridge To Medicare For All

Afghan attack pilot training program ends after airmen kept going AWOL in US

"We were black and they were white."

PBS Newshour was notable tonight

Three tons of garbage removed from Mount Everest

Oh Really, a drug company shut down legalization in Arizona...oh my

Have you referenced "God" more often since Trump became president?

Ok, is it bad i'm watching MISS USA???

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Barr None!

Nothing like bringing a bucket of chicken

An uptick in UFO sightings by military pilots raises all sorts of interesting questions.

Trump, Wrecker of ReputationsOn Attorney General William Barr's testimony and the coming constitutio

Reconciling "Us" vs "Them"

CNN: A decades-old feud looms over Biden and Warren in 2020

Conservative ad tries to tie Trudeau to Trump.

Her name is Eva Heyman -- she lived during the Holocaust, and this is her Instagram story.

Pollen and Allergy Index Is UP!

With So Many Democratic Senators Running for President, Who Will Serve as Democratic Senators?

Carlos Lugo was fired by Boeing for the 'crime' of voting to unionize

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 4, 2019 -- The Essentials: Starring Ernest Borgnine

Shitstain And Company Busy Little Bees Trying To Block Any Action On Climate - Or Mention Of It

Tribe: Among Barr's crimes is garden-variety theft: stealing taxpayer money to represent only Trump

Ralph Northam - What The Fuck? Deliberately Retains GOP Language Designed To Block Cap And Trade

La salud es un Derecho

Biden is just rolling out his campaign in Iowa.. and I am liking it

Here's The Sad Bit About Today's Vote On Paris Treaty; First House Climate Bill In 10 Years

Louisiana's The Advocate purchasing The Times-Picayune

Louisiana's The Advocate purchasing The Times-Picayune

Any significance? UKHomeSecretay worked for Deutsche Bank

Who are the persuadable Trump 10% and what do they want?

Tribe says South Dakota governor not welcome on reservation

Holy crap! Did Mueller trick Barr into giving him permission

Democratic presidential candidate Swalwell to campaign in Northwest Iowa

End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission

How much campaign/gotv vote does everyone do? We've already begun working

45 awarding Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods, a Trump business partner.

MSNBC launching a new show, Saturday Night Politics, hosted by Donny Deutsch

President Trump Is Spending $20 Billion on an Aircraft Carrier. The Navy Wanted That Money for Cyber


Davenport, IA Breaks Previous All-Time Flood Record Set During 1993

Found this over on Reddit

On the 7th day, The Big Con issued a Muslim ban

Al Franken's humor is as keen as ever. :)))))))))))))

Drone makes historic delivery of life-saving kidney for Maryland patient

'You are not welcome to visit our homelands': Tribe threatens to banish SD governor

Trump's DEA joins drug companies in trying to block opioid data release

Free advice to the Biden campaign.

"The President wants me to argue that he is as powerful a monarch as Louis XIV,

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 5 - Divorce, Western Style

Foreign diplomats leased condos in Trump-owned buildings

2020 election

TCM Schedule for Monday May 6 - Hollywood Black

Maine Senate rejects ending religious exemptions for vaccinations

Wrecker of reputations

Carnival Corp. is the first U.S. company sued for using 'stolen' property in Cuba

Republicans have no shame! Gwinnett's longtime DA considering running as a Democrat in 2020

Carnival Corp. is the first U.S. company sued for using 'stolen' property in Cuba

Staking Out Battle Lines, House Votes to Keep U.S. in Paris Climate Pact

Paul Krugman: the trouble with Bernie and Joe: Neither man seems ready for harsh political reality.

One in four U.S. homes is all electric

Kushner hopes Israel will look at peace plan before any West Bank moves

Not so much . . .

R.I.P Chewbacca!

Senate Democrats ask NRA execs, PR firm for documents related to alleged self-dealing

Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

Iraq is pushing to build an isolation camp for 30,000 Iraqis who lived under ISIS in Syria

Iraq is pushing to build an isolation camp for 30,000 Iraqis who lived under ISIS in Syria

The Daily Show: Pete Buttigieg - How Much Does White Male Privilege Decide Which Candidates Matter?

The Daily Show: Putin's Plot to Take Over the Arctic

Estonia minister calls first female president 'emotionally heated woman'

My PTSD, depression and anxiety are running ramped.

Seth Meyers - Attorney General William Barr's Senate Testimony - Monologue - 5/1/19

For Sale: Nice antique wooden box. Just needs a little TLC.

Shuttered junior gas company simply walked away from 4,700 wells, says Alberta Energy Regulator

Rachel went there tonight (with video).

Seth Meyers - Barr Refuses to Testify After Lying About Mueller: A Closer Look

I posted a response to someone and it shows up as a response to myself even though it states in the

Ex-Clinton Official Robert Reich: Congress Should Be Ready To Arrest Barr

New revisionist history from Trump tonight: his campaign "rebuffed" the Russians "at every turn"

For people whose cookies turn brick hard after a day or so.

Buttigieg with his parents

White House Blasts Mueller Report to Barr: It's Just a 'Law School Exam Paper'

Pete Buttigieg's L.A. Fundraising Swing in June Draws Industry Entrepreneurs

She sent her sick son to college in Germany because of unaffordable US healthcare

US to EU: Our liquefied natural gas is more reliable than Russia's

Again, trump only Hires the Best

(UK)Local elections 2019 results: Lib Dems make big gains as voters punish Tories and Labour - live

United States has been a net exporter of natural gas for more than 12 consecutive months

The Heart of a Mother:

Study: 137 million Americans struggling

Two Birds, One Stone: Green Roof Gardening in the City

Ship of fools

China will build string of military bases around world, says Pentagon

Forest fires accelerating snowmelt across western U.S., PSU study finds

Localized efforts to save coral reefs won't be enough, Oregon State study suggests

Don't fear the reaper

What happens when schools go solar?

Gravitational waves hunt now in overdrive

Blue Origin launches rocket designed to carry space tourists

Parts Problems Slow F-35 Production; CAPE Says Flying Costs Target Not Likely

The Bird and The Bee - Private Eyes

Discovered by accident: "Cats Don't Like Things"

Squid skin inspires creation of next-generation space blanket

Actinides in the Solar System Probably Were Formed by a Neutron Star Collision.

Barr Unable to Give Honest Answer to Drive-Thru Window at Arby's

Like Jed Bartlet:

It's OK For Repugs To Bring A Snowball To The Senate Chamber & Read Green Eggs & Ham....

A Shower of Lying Liars

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Celebrates 10,000 Lies in Office

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Suing to Hide Financial Records

Bernie's offensive against Biden could end badly.

Harry Litman (MSNBC) says Barr and Mueller have never traveled in the same social circles.

What's difficult is that tRump is a transparent liar and moron, his cabal are a bunch of amateur

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Attorney General Barr's Senate Hearing

Tons of trash removed from Everest as cleanup unearths bodies

Jimmy Fallon: Joe Biden Pulls Ahead in Presidential Polls

Note to Republicans

Jimmy Fallon: Robert Mueller Unhappy with William Barr's Report Summary

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/2/19

Mississippi Couple Plead Guilty To Receiving $1.7 Million in Health Care Kickback Scheme

Trump up late tweeting-- "Internal polling must show him struggling," Haberman concluded..

Stephen Colbert: Stephen And Guest Chris Cuomo Get After It

I need a good laugh, so I found my favorite video!

Burgum, Sanford 'leaning in' on 2020 re-election run

Mark Kennedy named University of Colorado president amid protests

Former Sen. Heitkamp to speak at UND commencement

Snow leopard cub born at Como Zoo in St. Paul

Northeast North Dakota town plagued by streak of meth incidents

North Dakota, Washington state at odds over oil train rules

Missouri House Backs Requiring Local Approval For City-County Merger



North Dakota state auditor surprised by legislative move to restrict authority

Brazilian President Attacks Humanities and Humanity

White House Promises Farmers More Help Monday, No Help Tuesday

So while the vile MAGAcretin, ReTHUGs and the usual hacks

South Dakota governors issue more than a proclamation per day

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, May 3, 2019

56 Years Ago Today; The Birmingham AL police change tactics against Civil Rights Protesters

Do people really expect the candidates to treat each other with kid gloves?

Barr's transparent attempts to diminish Mueller's reputation and stature are disgusting

South Dakota high court takes up case lawyer says could destroy tribal sovereign immunity

I'm amazed at the quality of Asian guitars

Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort to celebrate grand opening

100 million people in path of India's strongest cyclone in 20 years

Supreme Court case highlights fight for transparency

'Stand together': support surges in China for student accusing tycoon of rape

Officer punched Oscar Grant and lied about facts in 2009 killing, records show

Trump's new ambassador to Colombia was once expelled from Bolivia

'Let's just not say it': Jared Kushner says 'two-state' label hinders Middle East talks

Trump's new ambassador to Colombia was once expelled from Bolivia

Bernie Sanders Interview MSNBC Chris Hayes

Jury returns guilty verdict on former Global Aquaponics COO Tim Burns for fraud

'It's because we were union members': Boeing fires workers who organized

41 Years Ago Today; The Birth of Spam (no, not the canned kind)

Bernie Sanders Interview Thom Hartmann Show

Rapid City legislator says U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson threatened her political future

Bernie Sanders Senate Speech Yemen War Veto

Sudan army rejects civilian majority in ruling council

Sen. Mike Rounds requests audit of Indian Health Services

Voter registration groups sue to block Tennessee law with tough penalties for signup mistakes

Klobuchar releases $100B substance abuse, mental health plan

In 'lawless' world of service dogs, many families suffer

Georgia executes man convicted of 1994 killings of 2 women

Indian Army claims to have spotted footprint of the mythical Yeti. Twitter is delighted

Officer punched Oscar Grant and lied about facts in 2009 killing, records show

GOP-controlled Legislature passes tough anti-immigration measure

ACLU sues to stop Trump policy on jailing asylum seekers

Vague, multi-billion-dollar plan to build new toll roads across Florida passes Legislature

Activists dragged out of House chambers for protesting controversial ban on 'sanctuary cities'

There are now 21 announced candidates and 20 spaces in the debate

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern gets engaged to longtime partner

Miami-Dade to Vote on No-Bid Deal to Sell Public Land to Mayor's Son

Good Morning! "Let Nature Sing"

Friday TOONs -- Blindingly Obvious

Teachers Begin To See Unfair Student Loans Disappear

Dire Wolf

Trump Is 'So Scared' Of Biden That White House Staff Can't Get Him To Stay Focused,,

Peter Mayhew, the actor who brought Chewbacca to life, has died

The Rundown: May 2, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Barbarella Dejah Thoris" #3

The origin of Super Villains: Naga (Marvel Comics)

After $1.3 Billion Flood, NE Public Power District Leaders "Recognize" Warming, And That's All

Biden wins endorsement of Florida Democrats in early show of force

If we rebuild the blue wall, the Republicans won't win the presidency in 20 or for years.

GOP distances itself from Trump's ObamaCare attacks

After Scorching 2018 Drought, German Farmers Already Having To Water Their Fields - In May

Gov. Inslee unveils first of many climate proposals for 2020

Canadian Permafrost Thawing So Fast It's Swallowing Scientific Equipment; Dozens Of Data Sites Gone

Trump's only chance in 2020---besides Russian hacking---is to divide us, FULL STOP.

NASA Says Metals Fraud Caused $700 Million Satellite Failure

CO State Climate Bill Advances Without One Vote From "Concerned" Republican Legislators

What's for breakfast?

Norway's Wealth Fund Surges $84 Billion in First Quarter

Why Cory Booker Cares So Much About Legal Weed

UPDATE: U.S. unemployment fell to 3.6 percent, lowest since 1969

Democrats cannot defeat this threat alone.

Sanders' gun votes are again a potential liability among Democratic base

Barr broke DoJ guidelines by not appearing before HJC and also

Watched "Knock Down The House" last night.

The CO2 Coalition - A Mercer/Heartland Liars' Cadre - Working To Recruit New Members Of Congress

2018 'worst year for US school shootings'

These two sentences are Mueller "Barr-proofing" the entire obstruction case.

Trump to give Border Patrol agents authority to decide asylum claims on the spot:

I heard someone on M$NBComcast this morning pointing out that Barr

How much can the White House and their propagandists tear down Robert Mueller in the next two weeks?

Exclusive: Civil servants say they're being used as pawns in a dangerous asylum program

Farting, talking, robotic Trump statue will greet him in London

Senator Michael Bennet enters race

Bonnet Carre Spillway (MS River To Ponchartrain) Opens 2X In Spring For 1st Time Ever

Did Biden just say that Dick Cheney is a decent man, and he likes him?

The No-Show

One of the most powerful aspects of Mueller's testimony will probably be his demeanor

Trump administration has separated hundreds of children from their migrant families since 2018

Trump says he won't let McGahn testify to Congress: 'It's done'

Maria Woltjen of Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights wins Red Cross Award

Maine Senate rejects ending religious exemptions for vaccinations

Congress controls the purse. Why can they not defund the DoJ/AG until LowBarr complies?

What would be a good Def Con, out of the box plan for 2020?

State Dept allowed 7 Foreign Governments to Rent in Trump NY Tower withOut Congress approval....

Cohen's prison reality: A bunk bed in barrack-style hall

Study: Major media outlets' Twitter accounts amplify false Trump claims on average 19 times a day

There had been dramatic reduction in number of caucuses

Does the media amplify The Devil's propaganda without dispute? YES. EVIDENCE....

40 million Americans struggle to put food on the table

Hey Kids! I know! Let's have a scavenger hunt game!

Pete Seeger Centennial Birthday Celebrations May 3

When Mueller testifies, we need the Marine to show up, not a Boy Scout.

Painful Question: Why do so many Catholic parishes die?

LMAO Leslie Jones (SPOILERS Game of Thrones S8 E3) NSFW!

Here's what Americans think of Elizabeth Warren's plan to cancel student debt

Amy Klobuchar releases $100 billion plan for substance abuse and mental health

Do job report numbers really matter to the average voter?

BAM - Adam Schiff scorches Barr and Rudy G in one short tweet

US Navy introducing guidelines for pilots to report UFO sightings.

I could never take a child from their mother.

When do good job numbers, become too good to be true?

Couple claim woman withdrew donation for their cancer-stricken child because they're lesbians

Erik Prince Set Up Intel Training for Project Veritas, James O'Keefe: Report

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

"Bill Barr has covered up more crap than kitty litter."

According to Fox News, a white guy eating chicken to mock a white guy is somehow racist.

Sheldon Whitehouse: We Asked William Barr Straight Questions. He Gave Crooked Answers.

How Big Money Contributions Cripple our Politics

Trump AG Testifies, Instantly Implodes

SHOCK: Fox News Host CALLS OUT Fox ON Fox News

CBS News Poll Analysis: Majority of Democrats want a candidate who will unite the country

Jay Inslee to ban new gas powered cars and coal power stations by 2030

Trump brags to faith community about made-up accomplishment

Donny Deutsch to launch new show with Buttigieg interview

UC's planned partnership with a Catholic hospital chain could be unconstitutional

In 'lawless' world of service dogs, many families suffer

New Measles Warning: Passenger Arriving From Israel May Have Infected Flyers At Newark Airport

"How 'bout a KKK theme park?" . . . Please come CAPTION the new NRA President, Carolyn Meadows!!!

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch to launch new show with Buttigieg interview

BTRTN April 2019 Month in Review: The Mueller Report is Over! Long Live the Mueller Report!

Harris challenges the thinking on the best way to challenge Trump

BTRTN April 2019 Month in Review: The Mueller Report is Over! Long Live the Mueller Report!

Just a reminder: free comic book day is this Saturday, May 4th.

Will the disastrous War on Drugs come back to haunt Joe Biden in the General Election?

Here's a Pertinent Tweet to the Mueller Testimony:

'Anyone Ever Seen Cocaine?' What We Found in the Archives of Bernie Sanders's Long-Lost TV Show.

N.Y. Judge sparks outrage for no jail time in rape sentence

Police: PennDOT workers misused disability parking placards

"Inside Bernie Sanders's 1988 10-day 'honeymoon' in the Soviet Union"

Trump & Barr Will Weaponize the DOJ to Attack Trump's Enemies

Susan Collins "disappointed" montage

Joe Biden Wants To Make Donald Trump Deplorable Again

O'Rourke holds double-digit lead on Trump in head-to-head matchup: CNN poll

I picked up my grandsons (7 and 8) at school again today.

Biodiversity crisis is about to put humanity at risk, UN scientists to warn

Trump spoke with Putin this morning for an hour.

Column: Tiger has never taken a stand on big issues, so hanging with Trump is no big deal

I think Bidens buy into Medicare is a great option!

Adults who were vaccinated in the 1960s may need a measles booster

Buttigieg has appeared on at least 30 different podcasts.

RAM members all pleaded guilty of conspiracy to riot.

Why is the labor pool shrinking?

If a Democratic senator is elected POTUS, who appoints their successor?

The House just passed its first climate bill in a decade

.@PressSec says Trump and Putin spoke for over an hour on a wide range of topics.

Michael Beschloss: New York Times, 45 years ago this month:

I just love it when they attack each other over piddly things...

Another deadline extended?

Andrea Mitchell just asked Mazie Hirono if Trump might have warned Putin to not interfere with 2020

What is going on with Boaty McMeaslesFace?

Ethiopian immigrant uses Fox News style to argue my use of corporate slavery term

MSNBC just reported that Trump talked to Putin

Watergate had the Nixon tapes. Mueller had Annie Donaldson's notes.

WTH is this?

Gentrification: This is what it looks like

NYT to take down its pay wall for three days

Do This!

Dear Republicans: Stop using my father, Ronald Reagan, to justify your silence on Trump

There was collusion !

This megachurch pastor cast out 'demonic networks' at the White House

What the (BLEEP) just happened? Rex Huppke's 'Week In Review'

Tiger Woods off to the W.H. to receive award..

Andrew Sullivan: "Why Joe Biden Might Be the Best Bet to Beat Trump"

Trump and Putin discussed outcome of Mueller probe as part of hourlong phone conversation

Where Trump has taken us: US government says there are 20,000 Cuban troops in

Republican NRA Suckers Get Conned As Wayne LaPierre Spends $200K On Beverly Hills Suits

I am just so impressed with ALL of our Dem talent.

Trump's tariffs aren't squeezing foreign competition, they're squeezing American consumers.

500 years ago yesterday, Leonardo da Vinci died.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump vineyard also hired undocumented workers

What happens when a hustler tries to hustle the hustler.

Luckovich-Building a Wall with souls

Andrew Brown: The silence on Christian persecution is because of trade, not political correctness

Feeling Hopeless? No way: 2-legged dog lovingly encourages 2-legged pup to learn to stand

UN calls for Julian Assange's release from UK high-security jail

Expect further capitulation to Kim Jong Un by Trump soon.

It's SHOWTIME, everybody! Tune in!

Call for students to film 'biased' teachers brings Brazil's culture wars to classroom

"Knock Down the House"

Need advice on high-end DSLR purchase

Glenn Greenwald's shameful performance on Fox News

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125

About Rare Seeds based out of MO

Mueller: The Motion Picture (Casting suggestions needed)

The majority of the American people do not want a criminal president impeached.

Police seize 120 sports cars during Eurorally 'race' through Germany

Police seize 120 sports cars during Eurorally 'race' through Germany

Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes by 2030

39 suspected with whooping cough in Missoula.

Ebola death toll in Congo to pass 1,000, World Health Organization warns

Guatemalan boy who died in US custody suffered from brain infection

Guatemalan boy who died in US custody suffered from brain infection

Your warm-up act for 'Game of Thrones' on Sunday can be ... Cory Booker!

"At The Heart of Gold" official trailer on the larry nassar scandal documentary

Food for Thought

It's not over...

Heard a good one in a meeting a few weeks ago

State Department official has a really racist take on U.S.-China relations

The Truth About 'Spying' on the Trump Campaign

"At the Heart of Gold": how 'predatory' institutions protected Larry Nassar

"At the Heart of Gold": how 'predatory' institutions protected Larry Nassar

Dozens more tower cranes rising over Seattle in coming years

"At the Heart of Gold": how 'predatory' institutions protected Larry Nassar

When Mueller testifies, We will know whether or not we still have a democracy.

"At the Heart of Gold": how 'predatory' institutions protected Larry Nassar

Nancy Beck Young: How Franklin Graham betrayed his father's legacy

Trump says thinking about God got him through Mueller probe and 'witch hunts'

Federal court strikes down Ohio congressional maps

Otto Warmbier's Mother Calls Trump's North Korea Policy a 'Charade,' Compares Kim Jong Un to Hitler

Judges Declare Ohio's Congressional Map Unconstitutional

'Bigger than WATERGATE': Trump hails NYT report on FBI meeting with Papadopoulos

Judges Declare Ohio's Congressional Map Unconstitutional

Johns Hopkins students lock down administrative building, president calls for end to protest

vampire weekend - step (studio-2013) in honor of today's release of their new album ...

Mark Halperin Enlists Pals Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Michael Smerconish to Rehab His Car

Cruise ship linked to Church of Scientology leaves St. Lucia amid measles scare

13 Exposed In Radioactive Breach At Harborview: SFD

Sandy Hook Parents' Lawyer Wants Alex Jones Attorney Removed Over Infowars Attack

Which had you rather do next year?

So Who is Laura Looner, Anyhow?

Opinion: Don't be shocked if Trump's economy goes the way of Bush's

I Just Heard - Lindsay Graham Sent Letter To Mueller .....

GSA to appeal ruling requiring it to turn over unredacted doc with appraisal values for FBI HQ

Denver landlord who wouldn't lease to Muslim pair must pay $675,000

Who wins the normalization prize today?

Iran's oil minister warns that OPEC collapse is likely

Trump, Putin discussed Mueller report and agreed no collusion

Government proposes limiting the public's access to data that allows analyzing lending patterns

Painter:Kellyanne Conway Broke the Law Attacking Joe Biden in White House Driveway and Should Be Fir

Woman suing city of Pittsburgh: Arrested for not supporting President Trump

vampire weekend - harmony hall (studio - 2019) - repost, just because it's awesome

Chinese billionaire tied to $6.5 million payment for Stanford met with Trump

Black Economic Alliance Announces Beto O'Rourke to participate in June Presidential Forum in SC

Snow melts, anxiety rises: Wildfire season is here

Mueller fallout deepens Senate tensions


Swarthmore Fraternities Disband Over Leaked Documents That Detailed Misogyny

Interesting ties of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Colorado vaccine bill: Kyle Mullica, lawmaker behind controversial bill, gets a death threat

Trump's pursuit of infrastructure deal hits GOP roadblock

Warren shows signs of momentum after slow start

Trump says he did not confront Putin on election interference in post-Mueller call

President Trump Is Spending $20 Billion on an Aircraft Carrier. The Navy Wanted That Money for Cyber

World Press Freedom Day

Gerson: In Barr, Trump has found a principled lickspittle

WTF Is Happening at the NRA, Explained

DC mayor unveils bill to clear the way for full legalization of marijuana

Washington Airport Operators Applauded For Refusing To Serve ICE Deportation Flights

Economists hail strong jobs report as jobless rate dips

Cartoons 5/9/19

Mother of Alabama measles patient attacked online for vaccination comments

Senate confirms 100th Trump judicial nominee

May the 4th be with you.

Is Trump supposed to throw troops into Venezuela now? That would be the masterstroke

The Harris Campaign reached its April fundraising goal

Lindsey Graham letter to Mueller

Graham Asks Mueller if he wants to refute Barr testimony about phone call

U.S. sending asylum seekers to Mexico while awaiting court ruling, in some cases ignoring own protoc

U.S. sending asylum seekers to Mexico while awaiting court ruling, in some cases ignoring own protoc

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 3, 2019

Secret Venezuela Files Warn About Maduro Confidant

Gay HIV transmission with treatment is 'zero risk', study confirms

Does Trump think Russian interference never took place?

You raised $65.00 on May 2, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

From the looks of all the outlets posting that 2015 snippet of Biden talking about Cheney this week

Trump tells "very rude" reporter he "didn't discuss" Putin not meddling in the 2020 election

Did this really happen in Georgia?

WATCH: President Trump says President Putin "sort of smiled" when they discussed the Mueller...

Venezuela opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez, facing arrest warrant, says he met with generals

Trump 2020 Bound To Be 'Religious' Experience Of Blasphemy

Ikea is working on a new meatless meatball

Another Month of Strong Jobs Growth

Kansas Democratic Party ends caucuses

Trump administration proposal would make it easier to deport immigrants who use public benefits

New Estonian government ministers fuel concerns over sexism, white supremacy

Does anyone besides me like the Duluth Trading Co. men's underwear/pants ads?

This insanity is driving me crazy too.

A truck driver is charged with 4 counts of vehicular homicide and 36 other counts in a fatal pileup

John Kelly joins board of company operating largest shelter for unaccompanied migrant children

Putin's Puppet...

NYT quotes Hoffman on the dossier, but doesn't mention he serves as an advisor to Trump

As last jailed Kim Jong Nam killing suspect freed, a gripping murder mystery ends with a whimper

Violating own statutes, IMF authorizes Argentina to use bailout loans to prop up currency

Violating own statutes, IMF authorizes Argentina to use bailout loans to prop up currency

Remember when Republicans used their Constitutional power to subpoena ACORN's tax returns?

How quickly would the Retrumplicans shut down the fucking govt

DR Congo Ebola deaths pass 1,000

Poll: Biden leads Dem primary field by 30 points

Let this sink in

Commie Loving Bastards!

**Breaking Harvard Harris Democratic Primary Poll** Middle Class Joe 44% Sanders 14% Harris 9%

The word, "moderate" has been hijacked by these impostors.

The Protest Plan

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn't Care About Your Big Bills

'Low rains, a heatwave. Then floods': Bad harvest pushes North Korea to the brink

Trumpian Who Made Racist Death Threats to Obama & Maxine Waters Receives 46-Month Sentence

Man-made Climate Change Linked to Droughts as Early as 1900, Scientists Discover

Drought hits Panama Canal shipping, highlights climate fears

TPM - Marshall "This is An Insanely Big Deal" (re ghouliani)

GOP warms to idea of a climate change policy

If Drumpt had been President

US man survives 70ft fall into Hawaii's Kīlauea volcano

Syrup Is as Canadian as a Maple Leaf. That Could Change With the Climate.

California's Latest Weapon Against Climate Change Is Low-Tech Farm Soil

Pentagon warns about China's increased activity in the Arctic, growing ambition to expand its presen

This jerk has no regard for our country. The last line of this report from the LA Times:

Julin Castro hits 65,000-donor threshold to secure spot in first presidential debate

Navy to forward-deploy USS America, USS New Orleans to Japan

India evacuates more than 1 million ahead of devastating cyclone

Tom Steyer, proponent of impeaching Trump, pushes campaign to disbar attorney general

Anyone else having issues with their tax refund?

A Native American tribe has just banned the South Dakota governor from accessing 3,500 sq miles of

ACLU challenges bail bonds system after bounty hunters charged with assault

Bumper sticker I'd like to see --- If you love Russia, go live in Russia.

David Hockney on Vincent van Gogh

I took the Indivisible Grassroots Pledge

Americans don't believe that Trump cares about the average American. The % who do has hover about th

Stolen Valor: Flathead jury orders fake Marine to pay $1.7 million in fraud case

Stolen Valor: Flathead jury orders fake Marine to pay $1.7 million in fraud case

Climate Change: "If we lose the Arctic, we lose the whole world" (w/ Guy McPherson)

Stanford Students Admit It Was Pretty Obvious Billionaire's Dog Didn't Get In By Itself

According to a Oct. 2007 Gallup article, Hillary had a 30 point lead over Obama

Wild Turkeys Were Out Today

Everything really may boil down to Muellers patriotism.

Rat poison found in dead mountain lion.

Bill De Blasio expctd to announce Presidential bid next week.

Another Vile Painting: Donald Trump Don't Want A Pickle, Just Wants To Ride His Motor-Sickle

MT Gov. Bullock preparing to announce candidacy for president

Rep. Nadler Cuts Off @GOP smartass Rep Matt Gaetz' Mic

So true...

Venn diagrams for ya...

Dishonest Jim Jordan's district in Ohio is one of the districts being remapped

Jimmy Fallon: Beto O'Rourke Tries Recording ASMR: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 2

Clymer To End Baccalaureate, Prayers At Graduation After Complaint

Another Becky call: Hello 911...

Child's body recovered from Rio Grande after raft capsizes, agent makes daring rescue of others

2020 US Senate Election- CO(Democratic Primary Winner)/AZ(Kelly-D) are Democrats 47th/48th seat.

Email Shows Angela Paxton Conferred with Husband's AG Office Before She Filed Controversial

World's dumbest scam phone call:

NYT: Elizabeth Warren's Campaign, 'Based on Ideas,' Bets on Iowa

NYT: Elizabeth Warren's Campaign, 'Based on Ideas,' Bets on Iowa

Trump White House is suddenly outraged by public officials calling people liars

World's Largest Bird Sculpture Took Artists 10 Years to Complete

🐦 May 5 This Week ABC: Bernie Sanders - Exclusive interview in Des Moines, Iowa.

If GOP can give trillion-$ tax breaks to greedy Aholes, why can't Warren give our students a break?

UPDATE - Heads Up: My daughter Holly will be on MSNBC in about 20 minutes to talk...

"We Discussed It, and He (Putin) Sorta Smiled..."

Florida House passes bill that makes it harder for ex-felons to vote

F-bombs for 11-year-olds: some versions of STAAR test contain obscenity, TEA apologizes

The Running Late Show: Unpresidented Book Covers

Sculptor "Unzips" a Building in Milan for Mind-Bending Art Installation

Pelosi just announced "Trump impeachment "not off the table."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Breaks Down Why Her $50 Billion Plan to Fund HBCUs Is Very Necessary

Graham Will Let Mueller Testify If He Thinks Barr Lied

To Jay Inslee....Existential is too big a word for the public

Best Candidate Fan-Made Sign Ever....

Sen. Bernie Sanders previews agriculture policy with KCCI

Is anyone having trouble with the sound since on MSNBC?

Hey Trump, you deranged asshole, the economy you're bragging about is courtesy of Barack Obama

Rep. Henry Cuellar: We cannot let migration issue create a trade issue

Scooter restrictions passed by Texas Senate would ban use on sidewalks, add an age limit

Madonna's anthemic new single "I Rise" samples Emma Gonzlez's pro-gun control speech

Alaskan company, subsidiary pay $2 million to US in bribery scheme involving Fort Bliss contracts

China is punishing Muslims for fasting. So US Muslims are fasting from China.

Trump's Campaign Manager: Trump is 'a Savior' Delivered by 'God'

More than 650 immigrants cross border in El Paso Sector in less than 24 hours

FBI Agent Turned CNN Analyst Asha Rangappa Wants to Restore Your Faith in America

Does Trump Want to Be Impeached?

GM recalls 368,000 larger duty trucks for fire risks

'We would like to get to yes:' Lawmakers signal growing concern on Trump's Mexico-Canada trade deal

Republican NRA Suckers Get Conned As Wayne LaPierre Spends $200K On Beverly Hills Suits

Baby did a bad, bad thing. Mayor Pete on political kill switches.

The Last Straw... it's time.

North Korea forced to cut food rations to record low after 'worst harvest in a decade'

APNewsBreak: Death toll tops 1,000 in Congo Ebola outbreak

Jackie Speier - we'll handcuff Barr (on Tweety)

U.S. House Judiciary chief sets Monday deadline for full Mueller report

🔥 Bernie Rallies Supporters in Ames, Iowa

Lincoln, NE, man drops gun, shoots self in genitals

🔥 Bernie Hosts Town Meeting in Perry, Iowa

With not understanding the whole process i'm wondering if the House could hire Mueller to

In D.C., Mainers lead protest demanding Collins support Medicare for All

UW Republicans 'Affirmative Action Bake Sale' Draws Criticism

🔥 Bernie Hosts Town Meeting in Fort Dodge, Iowa

Trump's defense of Charlottesville comments emboldens white nationalists

Filling of Seattle's Battery Street Tunnel using viaduct rubble could begin as early as next week

Maine loggers fight to unionize the North Woods

Beto O'Rourke Fort Worth Town Hall VIDEO (link inside)

Bill and Hillary Clinton bring speaking tour to Seattle

Colorado bans animal abusers from owning pets

Federal judge rules that legal challenge to Trump travel ban can proceed

Shortest Way Home

Cracks in party unity add challenges for Democrats who lead Maine Legislature

Morning dove nesting in the hanging planter

Sarah Sanders Plays Dumb...........

The latest unemployment drop was for the wrong reason

On gun control and border walls

Reliving My Mother's Nightmare as a Holocaust Survivor in Trump's America

Yes, Trump's Tariffs Are Still Hurting Americans -- No, He Still Doesn't Care

With Medal for Tiger Woods, Trump Honors Golf Legend--and Business Ally

How Students Convinced O'Rourke to Swear Off Fossil-Fuel Money

Trump takes fight with Dems to the courts

We really have three impeachements to undergo

CMMC could lose Medicare and Medicaid funding due to problems

Buttigieg says he has 'batting practice' dealing with bullies

What happens to a factory town when the factory shuts down

What's Really Going on in the Subpoena Fight Between William Barr and Jerry Nadler

"A parody website with embarrassing photos of Joe Biden

**Old Dominion, Mother Of Presidents State Poll** Middle Class Joe 41% Sanders 20% Mayor Pete 12%

Rhode Island lawmaker wants towns to become 'Second Amendment sanctuaries'

Early childhood memories of William Barr

Governor vetoes death penalty abolishment; override likely

In post WW ll history only one vice president who ran failed to garner his party's nomination.

Kamala Harris wants IG to investigate if Barr opened probes into Trump enemies at White House

Physicians for a National Health Program

Minneapolis to pay $20M to family of 911 caller slain by cop

Memo To House Democrats: Bide Your Time, Be Prepared, Then Get Barr

Wild raccoon moves in with zoo raccoons. Allowed to law

Labor, faith leaders call for paid family leave, increased minimum wage at May Day rally

Not sure whether to laugh or facepalm.

Kristopher Hivju/ Tormund Giantsbane shaves his beard

Bill to Limit Impact of Medicaid Work Requirement Heads to Governor

I WANT A ROB HALFORD COVER!!! Iron Maiden - Children of the Damned - REACTION