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Lib Dems lead the polls as they start to become "the party of the 48%"

Nancy Pelosi uses Melania Trump's family to slam president's immigration plan

So tell me DUers

"Dirty words"!

Extreme weather is pummeling the Midwest, and farmers are in deep trouble

China Prepares To Drop Microsoft Windows, Blames U.S. Hacking Threat

Rho Khanna is pushing for a censure vote rather than impeachment.

Jeebuz! Ro Khanna (D-CA17) on Chris Hayes talking about a CENSURE, not impeachment.

Trump prepares to threaten Mexico with new tariffs in attempt to force migrant crackdown

I am an evil person. I bought a robot to feed our cat.

Hillary, Chelsea Clinton plan Hollywood production company

Full list: 50 House members who favor starting Trump impeachment inquiry

Growing the swamp lower. U.S Cabinet Members and 3 actinglings

Lindsey Graham challenger touts $270K haul in first 24 hours of campaign

Easy taco rice

Trump administration's census citizenship question faces potential Supreme Court setback

Biden and Sanders Open to Impeachment but Avoid taking a Firm Stance

Trump Issues Flurry of Falsehoods After Mueller Declined to Exonerate Him

Legal recreational marijuana in Illinois a step closer after Senate vote; bill heads to House next

Pentagon calls Turkey plan to buy Russian missile 'devastating'

State trooper indicted over death of son who shot himself with unsecured gun

Fact-checking Trump's flurry of falsehoods and lies after Mueller declined to exonerate him

Our latest Westminster voting intention has the Lib Dems in first place and the Brexit Party second

Here is the catch 22

Rudy Giuliani Mocks Fox News' Judge Napolitano for Being 'Bitter' at Trump

Ex-Toledo councilman McCloskey may run again despite bribery conviction

FDA to hold its first hearing on CBD as industry leaders and experts demand action

Merkel Has Harvard Cheering Attack on Trump's Politics of Deceit

5% tariff on Mexican imports beginning June 10

California Assembly passes rent-cap bill

Bernie Sanders defends his support for Clinton in 2016

Why China's threat to restrict rare earth minerals is so serious

NY Times Reportedly Steering Writers Away From Maddow and Other Cable Shows it Deems Too Partisan

Sears retirees fight life insurance termination as heirs get zip

Fighter pilots draw penis in the sky. Air Force says it was an accident.

God is pro-impeachment

Fisher-Price invented a popular baby sleeper without medical safety tests and kept selling it,

Trailing candidates angry over new Democratic debate rules

Beto O'Rourke coming up on Chris Cuomo on CNN to talk about his new Immigration Plan

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Thus Spaketh Robert Muller!

Trump takes step toward pusing Congress to vote on revised NAFTA -- despite Pelosi's warning

"Verbal incontinence"

Former Ohio House speaker buys $330K house in Warren County amid federal investigation

"University of Alabama's Top Donor Pushes Boycott Over Abortion Law"

Farage bodyguards funded by Russians

What the FUCK is Chris Cuomo thinking??????

Ohio State Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent says she won't return to work, accuses staff of hostile acts

Here's a song from another "Nancy" to the Criminal-In-Chief

Question for Thom Hartmann listeners... Can you answer this for me?

At least 17 tornadoes confirmed so far in Ohio outbreak

Just moved into my new apartment today. I think I was seriously ripped off.

Raptors have been lucky so far, warriors have missed a few.

"Freedom Gas" Trump Administration's Ridiculous New Plan To Rebrand & Export Fossil Fuels

Beto coming up on Cuomo.

Former VP Joe Biden to keynote gay rights dinner Saturday in Columbus

So if you break the law to win the Presidency, you can then use the office to avoid prosecution?

Logic 101

Acc. To several reports Kim executed the envoy in charge of the 45 summit.

Ohio school districts tired of losing state money are preparing federal lawsuit

Born Catholic, now, I only study religion; but here's a song for "the WORDS THAT JESUS SAID."

Mark Zuckerberg's security chief accused of misconduct, put on leave

Andrew McCabe does not give a flying fuck

Holy crap-N Korean envoy was reportedly executed over failed summit between Kin Jong Un & Trump

Bill Kristol: Ad by "Republicans for the Rule of Law"

Astrology With Dogs. What's your sign?

Retired teachers file class action lawsuit over state benefits cut

This Might Be The Sweetest 'Who Rescued Who' Story Ever

Kamala Harris "THAT'S NOT OUR AMERICA" speech...

Narcos on Netflix


(Racist) Florida man attacks

Went out in the rain and put this on my car today

The candidate at the top of the alphabet, Michael Bennet, on CNN townhall in a few minutes at 10 EST

More unknowns than knowns as Michigan enters brave new world of auto insurance reform

Lindsey Graham in 1998 promoting impeachment of Clinton. How times have changed

I'm watching a Netflix series title Auschwitz, The Nazis & The Final Solution

Abrams stays quiet on presidential ambitions, boosts 'civility'

Need some legal opinions.

After Neoliberalism, Joseph Stiglitz

RIP Leon Redbone

Enbridge offers new 2024 deadline for Great Lakes oil tunnel

New Report Debunks Gas 'Bridge Fuel' Myth

North Korea executed envoy. Chosun reports

Congress and Senate Divided over Forest Code Measure (Brazil)

Congress and Senate Divided over Forest Code Measure

The President is Afraid of a Dead Man's Name on the Side of a Boat, & Other News (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Hundreds of minors held at U.S. border facilities are there beyond legal time limits

Welcome to Donald J. Trump State Park

These People Donated Millions After They Died--But No One Knew They Were Rich

McCain warship incident raises questions about changing military culture

YES. Rachel had an awesome show tonight on the GROUNDSWELL of Support for Impeachment

Man sentenced to prison time in multi-million dollar embezzlement case

You're 'taking a parking spot from a US citizen'

Bolton may be on his way out

'An Epidemic of Cowardice in the GOP'

Bob Dylan- England 1965 (Special Edit)

Pence suggests Democrats support 'infanticide' during talk with Trudeau

Michigan is 'perfect microcosm' of 2020 electorate looking for hope, pundits say

Anyone need a laugh at Trump's expense?

North Korea Envoy Executed Over Trump-Kim Summit

Differentiating Parallel and Antiparallel DNA Duplexes in the Gas Phase.

The controversy surrounding the FARC woman seen in Nacros season 3 intro

A magic trick and an orangutan

My life the last several months...

Team Trump Now Wants Mueller to Testify

Whitmer urges business to back gas tax, Michigan Republicans still balking

Spelling Bee on ESPN

Trump claims USS McCain report was 'an exaggeration, or even Fake News'

Warren Mayor Hit For City Awarding Contracts To Low Bidders. Really.

Can't wait for Pompous Pompeo's review...

Exclusive: DNC Requires Female Moderators At Every 2020 Debate

Per WaPo:Trump's slapping tariffs on Mexican imports until they stop illegal immigration.

At the gym on TV/Faux: the Smollett case

Growing Population of Tilapia Fish in The Amazon Rainforest Sparks Worry over Environmental Impact

The Daily Show: Mueller Passes the Impeachment Buck to Congress

I'm wondering if the foot dragging on impeaching Trump

Growing Population of Tilapia Fish in The Amazon Rainforest Sparks Worry over Environmental Impact

Using Broadest Reading of Law, Georgia Strips Felons of Voting Rights

Mathew Miller: If Mueller report had accused Trump of crimes, Barr would've blocked it from Congress

The Daily Show: Is Ben Carson On His Way to Getting Fired?

organizing & overwhelming opposition kill off extreme voter suppression bill

I got blocked by Judge Roy Moore on Twitter today

A Republican Consultant Died. His Progressive Daughter Then Found Documents That Might Affect The

Report Says Brazil's Army Wasn't Prepared for Human Rights Mission in Haiti

Singer Leon Redbone Dies at 69

Ex-MSU dean William Strampel abused power, mistreated women for decades, prosecutor says

How's business? Is it busy or quiet where you work? Any trends?

Let's Not Upset the President: The White House Tells the Navy to Hide the U.S.S. McCain

The Latest: Mexican leader warns against 'coercive measures'

Tlaib: 'Mueller report is an impeachment referral'

Trump Bud...North Korea executed Kim Hyok Chol, its special envoy to the United States !!!

Dow futures plummet after Trump announces new Mexico tariffs

Question about polling

One-Fifth of Winthrop Seniors Opt Out of Receiving Diplomas From Sullivan, Robinson

Gov. Jay Inslee visits San Juan and Skagit Counties to discuss broadband:

Bernie Sanders Slams Trump For Not Being Tougher on Mexico Trade

Madame Speaker Pelosi on Kimmel tonite. Not a re-run. eom

LA Times:Trump tax cuts have done virtually no economic good

If the workers controlled all the farms, factories, and mines ...


Me'Shell Ndegocello - Who Is He And What Is He To You


Indivisible wants your thoughts/opinions on Impeachment/Inquiry.

Fresno Grizzlies lose second major sponsor after controversial Memorial Day video.

Trump Administration Rebrands Carbon Dioxide As "Molecules Of U.S. Freedom"

Watching Nancy Pelosi on Kimmel tonite.

Pelosi on impeachment: if the Senate exonerates Trump

Trump Freaks Out Over Impeachment Talk All In MSNBC

Now it's Gout...

"I was a Macedonian Fake News Writer"

Remind me what authority Trump is invoking when he unilaterally imposes tarrifs in other countries?

For Deadwood fans

Democracy is not dying in the darkness, It's being murdered in broad daylight...

Axe Body Spray.


For those supporting impeachment, what will be the outcome? What do you want to happen?

WP opinion: The Power of Nonviolent Resistance

Trump's plan to stop the the Mexicans from crossing the border is brilliant and could be....

Tonight I have decided to support impeachment in the

Trailer for "Sea of Shadows" the fight to save the VAQUITA !!!!!

Nancy Pilosi on Jimmy Kimble! ( post now has video)

Blue Wave CA-45 freshman moderate Katie Porter never talked about impeachment,her constituents have

Company touted by Trump to build the wall has history of fines, violations

Anthony David 😍 'Something About You'

Just finished watching Sopranos for the 2nd time. Whats your opinion?

'Sky Penis' Accidentally Created By Air Force F-35s, Controversial Photo Goes Viral

Drive to reduce lobster gear, protect whales hits plan phase

Watch Hairless 'Alien' Puppy Grow Up to be the Cutest Dog Little But Fierce

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Mueller Report & Impeaching Donald Trump

"The Mueller Report is like the Bible..."

O'Rourke: Call to impeach Trump isn't a rushed decision

O'Rourke: Call to impeach Trump isn't a rushed decision

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Admits Russia Helped Elect Him

Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agree to partner up on legislation

GM fungus rapidly kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes, study suggests

Amazon really doesn't understand how privacy and security work.

GM fungus rapidly kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes, study suggests

City of Chicago Alderman Indicted on Federal Racketeering and Bribery Charges in Connection with

Revolution stalled? Bernie Sanders struggles against a double bind.

Schiff: 'There's been an epidemic of cowardice in the GOP'

At Harvard, a not-so-veiled rebuke of Trump by Angela Merkel

Manitowoc Man Sentenced to 84 Months in Federal Prison for $3,100,000 Ponzi Scheme That Defrauded

US measles cases reach highest number in nearly three decades, CDC says

Little Rock Man Pleads Guilty to Lying on Loan Applications, Lenders Lose $3.3 Million

On Chess: Norm Tournament Brings Players From Around The World To St. Louis To Compete

On Chess: Norm Tournament Brings Players From Around The World To St. Louis To Compete

Restorator goes on 9-hour acid-trip after touching synthesizer from the 1960s.

Andrew Yang Policy on FILE INCOME TAXES

Andrew Yang Policy on FILE INCOME TAXES

Email From the ACLU regarding Missouri's anti-abortion law

Former State Employee Sentenced to Prison for Role in Medicaid Fraud Scheme

Friday giggle - when the selfie exposes your bathroom's flaws - hilarious

Brekkie Friday May 31, 2019

Indictment: Kansas Couple Stole Millions In Check Kiting Scheme

"The question we have to ask is: would Trump sell America's secrets to protect his own secrets?"

Kansas Cardiologist and His Practice Pay $5.8 Million to Resolve Alleged False Billings for Unnecess

Mandeville, Louisiana Neurologist Pleads Guilty For Role in Scheme to Unlawfully Dispense Controlled

Amid Huawei row, China to list 'unreliable' foreign entities that harm Chinese firms

Eight San Fernando Valley Residents Arrested in Check-Kiting Scheme that Allegedly Defrauded Banks

Japan and Russia accuse one another of dangerous military buildup

MSNBC to host town hall with Elizabeth Warren in Fort Wayne next week

Don't Impeach

98 Years Ago Today; Terror and Tragedy in Tulsa

Illinois lawmakers' final day: Budget, marijuana, gambling

Illinois House OKs tax rates for proposed graduated scale

Dig in! $400M Corpus Christi Ship Channel expansion begins

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg addresses city questions in town hall

Exclusive: DNC Requires Female Moderators At Every 2020 Debate

North Korea executes envoy in a purge after failed U.S. summit

"Feels good, man. Feels real good!"

Shouldn't Mueller be required to testify

I turn on the TV, CNN I think

Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have an odd-couple plan to drain the swamp, and we love it

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to form film and TV production company

It's Getting Worse: The IRS Now Audits Poor Americans at About the Same Rate as the Top 1%

Friday TOONs - Better?

Harvard Law Prof Calls Sen. Mitch McConnell a 'Flagrant Dickhead'

Elizabeth Warren Gains Ground in 2020 Field, One Plan at a Time

Supreme Court Gives Indiana Win And Loss On 2016 Abortion Lawsuit

DON'T Save Your Evil Republican Plot On A Hard Drive And Die

95% Of Tasmania's Giant Kelp Forests Gone In 60 Years; Warming, Sea Urchins To Blame

For those who appreciate logic . . . Logic 101

Hillary Clinton and Daughter Chelsea to Form Production Company

Regarding impeachment---

Larsen C Ice Shelf Melt In Focus; Even In Winter, Weight Of Meltwater, Warm Winds Do The Job

Donny Deutch (on MJ): Drop the term Impeachment; call it a "Trump Criminal Investigation"

$160 million O'Hare Airport design contract awarded to joint venture led by renowned Chicago

He is bluffing. Call his bluff.

New Yorker cartoon: Logic 101 with Mr. Mueller

Bernie Sanders launches his California team fueled by small-donor cash

You raised $80.00 on May 30, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Illinois lawmakers close to requiring $40,000 teacher minimum pay

THIS...Exactly this.

'They don't make 'em like Joe anymore': Biden expands grip on congressional endorsements

Trump announces tariffs on Mexico over immigration

Illinois Democrats introduce vote-by-mail enhancements, legitimize GOP spoiler party

MSNBC: Drastically discounted apartments in Trump Tower that tenants can't sell: 'It's a bloodbath'

Just a thought...

What do you think of censuring trump in lieu of impeaching?

8NewsNow Las Vegas: Bernie Sanders one-on-one with Patrick Walker

Senate approves bill to combat teacher shortages

Robert De Niro and Former Federal Prosecutors on the Mueller Report Opinions NowThis

Lab Owner Arrested for Falsifying Results of Drug Tests

It's a "dirty, filthy, disgusting" word?

The Rundown: May 30, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Batman: Last Knight on Earth" #1

Federal grand jury subpoenas Gillum campaign, Forward Florida PAC

Op-Ed Reproductive Rights: US Abortion Rights Activists Can Draw Inspiration From Ireland

The origin of Super Villains: Giganta

TV or not TV: Rob Reiner wants to enlighten the public about the Mueller Report

Investigate Trump's 'Criminal Activity' So Everyone Knows He's a Criminal

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls on Ald. Edward Burke to resign following federal indictment

William Barr should resign.

Bernie Sanders to Las Vegas crowd: Immigration plan will align with nation's values

7 deadly sins? Maybe not so deadly

Warren, MSNBC set for city

"My son died from cancer also," a woman told Biden. "He couldn't get treatment."

Barr just contradicted in interview the testimony he gave under oath.

"5 Ways Trump Has Remade the Democratic Party"

President Joe Biden.. 2020 not that far away..

Elizabeth Warren :The #GOPTaxScam was a $1.5 trillion giveaway to billionaires & giant corporations

Morning Dew

John McEnroe & Babe Ruth Beat Jesse Owens & Kristi Yamaguci in 3 legged race

It's All A Matter Of Perspective

What Will Happen To All Of Trump's People That Enable Him To Cover-Up.....

Barr Breaks With Trump: Obama Officials Did Not Commit Treason

America, Love Yourself. Show Me The Things You Believe In.

Like a Fox on the Run

Republican Chuck Grassley Blasts Trump Tariff Announcement: A Misuse of Presidential Authority

Hello Blood: The Dance of Miscarriage

Attorney General Barr: Mueller's Legal Analysis Did Not Reflect the View of the DOJ

What do Trump fans think the Clinton Foundation does?

What Prompted Trump's New Attacks on Mueller

Behind Trump's Mexico Tariff Surprise

Who Is Paul Nehlen? Laura Ingraham Defends Paul Ryan's Wisconsin Primary Challenger Deemed Too Extre

Trump has badly damaged relations with Ireland says US foreign policy expert

Baby Trump Balloon, Milkshakes Primed for President's U.K. Visit

Democrats roll out $90 million super PAC aimed at swing states

DOW crashing, down over 300 points

When your only tool is a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails...

Kirsten Gillibrand's Failure to Launch

Barr makes this clear today: he didn't simply misinterpret Mueller, he overruled him

Update! We need term limits in congress. It would put an end, for example, of lifers doing stupid

Mueller is a boy scout in an age of barbarian rule

Elizabeth Warren Wants Congress to Ensure Presidents Can Be Indicted

Donald Trump Is So Stupid, That He Thinks

"If What I/He Did Was So Bad, Why Didn't You Impeach?"

Mexican president says country will 'overcome' Trump threats, urges national unity

What do the fortunes of Wall Street have to do with most of us?

Play it Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

Alleged Russian hacker (LinkedIn, Dropbox) Yevgeniy Nikulin back in court

Court fast-tracks Trump appeal over Democrat subpoenas for bank records

"Do you think they're going to impeach you?" "I can't imagine the courts allowing it."

The Atlantic: Trump's defiance of Congress to help Saudi Arabia grounds for impeachment

I like her spirit

Sanders banking on Iowa win to surge past Biden

White House Can't Answer How Mexico Tariffs Will Help Immigration

Point to think about on Impeachment

tax tax tax tax tax! donald fraud is hiking your taxes! tax increases on consumers!

Revealed: Memo Shows Trump Officials Trying to Rig Elections for Whites

Good article on Trump's history of racism, sexism and corruption

Navy SEAL charged with war crimes and considered for pardon by Trump released

no such thing as double jeopardy when it comes to impeachment

One argument for patience

Trump talking about tariffs on Mexico. It will fuck us beyond belief.

Fed candidate slams bank's 'Soviet' power over markets



Tensions High As Missouri Awaits Decision On Missouri's Sole Abortion Clinic

A Song Story

Have you checked out the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network?

Trump administration 25 percent tariff proposal targets U.S. board game, game console imports

Trump administration 25 percent tariff proposal targets U.S. board game, game console imports

Call it what it is: Anti-Choice

donald fraud's game for manipulating the economy:

Mueller Says EVERYTHING Short of "Impeach Trump Now!"

Barr gives away the game

BREAKING: Trump ADMITS Russia Helped Elect Him!

Stocks to fall 15% to December meltdown levels (Marketwatch)

Trump Pours Cold Water on AMLO's 'Peace & Love' Policy With U.S.

Any 'Out like Flynn' releases for Judge Sullivan yet?

Media Release: Nature's Dangerous Decline 'Unprecedented'; Species Extinction Rates 'Accelerating'

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte: I Was Gay 'But I Cured Myself'

Hackers hold Jackson County computers ransom for undisclosed amount of bitcoin

How to fix baseball from dying. Please add your suggestions to mine.

South Carolina lesbian couple sues after foster agency turns them away

200 years ago today, Walt Whitman was born in West Hills, N.Y.

Who Was Naive About Bernie Sanders Meeting the Sandinistas?

ok - I get this is really silly and childish of me.

Louisiana Governor signs abortion ban

Try this on for size...

Trump's hair acting up again:

Sarah Sanders: Anyone "blindsided" by Trump's new Mexico tariffs "has been living under a rock"

From Adam Schiff's Facebook page

Do you think he is trying to tell us something...?

Trump, Pelosi, and Bush...oh my!

Carmakers See $18 Billion Wiped Out by Trump's Mexico Threat

Trump vs Mueller

The sickness of a woman pulling gun on blacks at campground.

2020 Democratic Hopefuls Flock to California Seeking Early Edge

For all my fellow patriots here at DU, This is for you.

Need help understanding ipad storage.

Sociopathic Hedonists...

"Is Joltin Joe Biden's Bounce Over?"

For an South Carolina Dem used to being snubbed, her quest to take on Lindsey Graham is personal

For nine minutes, Mueller explained his report and the dam ground shook.

'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned--starting to be a concern

Bernie Sanders Tries to Reclaim the Insurgency

Wow, AOC and Cruz team up on proposing a lobbying bill!

Michael Flynn didn't report 2014 interaction with Russian-British national

Nonpartisan experts confirmed to @HouseBudgetDems

Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell

For everyone calling for impeachment now, are you really naive enough to trust Turtle Mitch??

Seth Abramson: "I've been obscessed with page 10 of Vol. 1 of Mueller's report.."

OMG! Hide the ship. Hide the ship it has McCains name on it. Hurry!

chamber of commerce considering suing white house over tariffs (taxes)

Britain in two-week coal-free record

Scott Stedman: "This is a huge win for Putin."

Is the Flynn info going to be released?

Charros for Bernie

Christian writer clarifies that there will be no sex in Heaven

130 years ago today, over 2,200 people were killed in the Johnstown Flood.

Exclusive: DHS watchdog finds 900 people at border facility with maximum capacity of 125

I applaud @USProgressives for holding this hearing to build the case for health care as a right

Pentagon seeks funds to reduce U.S. reliance on China's rare earth metals

When the Dow loses 20% and doesn't rebound,

Jonathan Pie - Polarised Politics

United we stand, divided we fall

I think it will take the markets to totally tank before some turn on #fatdonnie

Business groups are considering legal action against the White House over Mexico tariffs.

Cop kittie:

A sweet tooth parseltongue.

The Trump administration will launch a human rights panel that stresses antigay 'natural law'

Re: Impeachment matters. Anybody with Me?

Conservative Christians are outraged by an 'offensive' shampoo ad this time

WaPo Op Ed: If Trump doesn't warrant impeachment, who does?

Pelosi said that impeachment could divide the country.

Guess who:

Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell

California team loses 2nd sponsor over Ocasio-Cortez video

BREAKING: Trump "disrupts climate change research" by destroying jobs.

Anti-Trump protesters to be kept away from Downing Street

Anti-Trump protesters to be kept away from Downing Street

My gut told me something was wrong when Manafort was never charged with conspiracy.

Someone on CNN this morning made an interesting observation.

Madrid could become first European city to scrap low-emissions zone

When I see Donald Trump praising Klansmen and Nazis marching in the streets of America

DU Primaries Report, May 2019: Steady As She Goes

The Democratic Primaries Are Treading Water as a Topic Right Now

US checking reports North Korea executed envoy, says Pompeo

Trump, on the hiding of McCain's name on navy ship: "I know nothing."

It's SHOWTIME, everybody! Tune in!

When Trump Starts Talking Tariffs - The Stock Market Adversely Reacts.....

Anyone know of a plane tracking app?

Here are the states where Trump's Mexico tariffs would hit the hardest

Are there any rare bird alert apps?

Mueller Report: Volume II, Page 182 (Conclusion):

This is the most important question I have about the report that Mueller could answer.

The Rick Flair yell in baseball stands, is this a new thing?

'Unapologetically' Christian pizza parlor went viral -- then its owner got busted for trying...

Pat Robertson says there will be 'atomic war' if Christians can't discriminate against LGBTQ people

Mark Charles Presidential Announcement ...Wow!

Hate crime charges filed in fight at Florida bar that began with 'Africa Day' remark

The faces of donnie's 7/8 immigration dilemma.

Playing a Bernie Sanders Rally. 🎶🎸🎶

Barr is 'unraveling in plain view' - & 'struggling hard to cover up' his lies to Congress

Team Trump Now Wants Mueller to Testify Before Congress in Hopes of a Grilling

UPDATE: thank you to everyone who told me this is actually a WILD BOBCAT!!!

Why I'm Thinking About Boycotting Certain Political Websites

EXCLUSIVE Team Obama Tells Iran: Don't Escalate, Don't Take Trump's Bait

No money for raises - Ain't this the truth.

I hope this is the right place to post this. I grew up playing the piano and there was one tool

The struggle of growing up with siblings 😂

Oh Yeah!

A subtle shift in the narrative??

North Korea defectors send anti-Kim flyers into London embassy compound

USAToday opinion: Donald Trump's poor mental health is grounds for impeachment

Nevada governor vetoes bill giving electors to presidential popular vote winner

Voting Discrimination Case Filed By Abrams Organization Can Continue, Federal Judge Rules.

Ex-County Official Who Called Michelle Obama an 'Ape' Sentenced for Embezzling FEMA Funds

Florida Lawmaker Laughs When Constituents Ask if He Can Introduce a Bible-Based Bill to Put Gay

What's up with Cory Booker?

Breaking - Judge issues Stay - Clinic stays open

Growing pups

Trump Has Ceded the Middle

While I'm not in the Yang Gang, I wanted to positively call out a mailer I just got from them

BTW, the Fresno Grizzlies are the triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals ...

Former priest wanted on abuse charges in Arizona arrested in Italy

Clinic can continue to provide abortions in Missouri, judge rules

Spray cheese would count as food stamp staple under Trump administration proposal

Trump's approval rating hits highest point in two years

Tearful Meghan McCain Opens Up About Father's Dying Wish That She Be Given Her Own Daytime Talk Show

Here's what happens when civil authorities look the other way:

college student found passed out drunk in middle of street at 4:30am, on blind hill

As Missouri's Last Abortion Provider Nears Closing, Neighboring Clinics Prepare

Wonderful video from Obama Foundation about campaigner with ALS

Voices of Color: How Fox News opinion programs use white supremacist rhetoric

What a sleazy sounding, gargly bastard Barr is

Republicans are playing Game of Thrones and Democrats are playing student government.

Mexico tariffs could cost GM $6.3 billion, Ford $3.3 billion

Schiff making moves on Barr.

China's retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods take effect amid standoff

Taking A Chance On An Unknown:

Avatar additions - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

We need an Ellis Island Southwest

Breaking News: St. Louis judge blocks scheduled closure of Missouri's lone abortion clinic

Ex-W.Va. official who made racist Michelle Obama remark sentenced to prison

Beto O'Rourke's immigration plan would go even further on executive power than Trump

ABC17 LIVE Link: Bernie Sanders Pasadena Rally

Facebook post of Minnesota woman's abortion records prompts criminal investigation

Wild Baboons Drop By Guy's House To Party In His Pool

There are regulations for EVERYTHING

Hearings set for complaint against contractor in Sun Prairie explosion

An interesting interactive map from United Van Lines on U.S. movements

Trump's Mexico Tariffs Risk Economic Turmoil Ahead of 2020 Vote

Just in: The SEC has lifted its ban on alcohol sales in stadiums

Yeah, he didn't look too happy...

GOP attorneys release a video that makes a strong case for Trump's prosecution

The Mueller report was written in legalese. Americans respond better to plain talk.

New front in trade war could cost consumers $93 billion

Republicans OK two more years of UW tuition freeze, reduce funding increase

Flynn's Turkish lobbying client complained about Trump's stance during campaign

Grassley slams Trump tariffs on Mexico: 'A misuse of presidential tariff authority'

Arkansas and Mississippi River levees breached, threatening communities

Business groups considering legal action against White House over Mexico tariffs

Department of Defense bought phony military gear made in China

Leaked Navy emails show top officers struggling with how to handle a former governor ensnared in sca

Pelosi and Biden: Perfect Together

Republican group to hand-deliver Mueller report to every GOP lawmaker

JFC, this pastor is a demon!

Dog Has Priceless Reaction After Bumping Into Her Groomer On The Street 😍😂

Rally attendees are greeted with high-fives and cheers from Sanders campaign volunteers

🔥 Join Bernie Sanders for a Rally in Pasadena, California

Old Northeast shooting suspect fascinated by mass shootings, stockpiled weapons, police say

I Do Not Agree That Charging An In Office President Is Unconstitutional

Black man 'beat to a pulp' by racist family after going to a Florida bar with his white wife

Despite U.S. Supreme Court action, Fitzgerald plans to proceed with bill barring selective abortions

Are we going to see redacted portions of the Mueller Report concerning Michael Flynn?

L.A. developers have a big problem: Too many new megamansions

President Trump salutes Air Force Academy graduates: 'Keep the wings level and true'

China threatens corporate hit list on eve of new US tariffs

Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming

"No wonder Putin is laughing at us."

More people moving from US to Mexico than the other way around

The Twit is tweeting. The most disgusting tweet

First ICESat-2 Global Data Released: Ice, Forests and More

This is what happens when men are required to lift the toilet seat before peeing

Jury awards $6 million in lead paint case, finds three firms responsible for lead poisoning of three

Man beaten with guitar, snare drum in Hermitage motel room.

Mueller's style is spare, but his message is clear

What most ignore in Mueller's report is cyber threat

Missouri abortion clinic will remain open

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 31, 2019

Baby trump blimp to fly in London during State visit

Twerking shoplifter sought in South Florida

Solar-powered Seattle high-rise will be snapped together onsite

Climate, Health: Plastic Is Just As Destructive To The Climate, As Oil And Gas

This is a real headline.

20 percent of Americans can't define 'socialism' even as it's become the focus of 2020

Cartoons 5/31/19

Andrew Miller, who testified before a Grand Jury today, apparently received a proffer letter.

'Handmaid's Tale' actress slams 'disgusting' abortion bans

Do people know how to use ctrl f ??? If more people did we would get less repeats

For those who haven't yet looked up what Barr's "[T]he" was omitting

Grand jury still interested in Roger Stone and the 2016 GOP convention

Hippos invade rugby pitch

Neighbors furious after person hangs mannequin from tree next to Confederate Flag

Religious Right Intensifies Pro-Trump 'Spiritual Warfare' With Sunday's Day of Prayer

Hate Flag ripped down!!!!!

I suggest candidates hand out copies of the Mueller report to those

Trump recognizes Pride Month

Birmingham LGBT row: Protesters banned from school

Breaking - Court releases transcript - voice mail from John Dowd

New US Attorney filing in Flynn case claims they've already given the Court an unredacted document

Trump tells the same lies over and over

Trump and Collins approval rating plummet in Maine

My take on Mueller's statement. The Constitutional way that indictments are done

Police: Florida man hid legless fugitive girlfriend in plastic tote

any recommendations for surge protection/battery back up for desk top?

Trump to award Medal of Freedom to economist Arthur Laffer

Mass shooting in Virginia Beach--UPDATE 11 dead. 6 injured.

Parallel Worlds (Warning: Graphic Content)

Colonoscopy... chicken broth for prep day?

Warren leads again: proposes legislation so presidents can be indicted

Palestinian Uber driver in L.A. kicks 2 Jewish women out of his car

Active shooting suspect in custody at VB Municipal Center; Multiple people injured

Steve Bannon has been evicted.

I was an expert witness against a teacher who taught students to question the Holocaust

Transcript released of Flynn voicemail from Trump lawyer showing possible attempt to obstruct

Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer WOWS And Gets GOLDEN BUZZER! America's Got Talent 2019

New evidence of Obstruction of Justice by Trump

AOC Calls for Ban on Revolving Door as Study Shows Two-Thirds of Recently Departed Lawmakers

Fox Watching Republican Shocked To Learn That Mueller Didn't Exonerate Trump

To Make Sure 'No President Is Above the Law,' Warren Calls for New Measure Enabling DOJ to Indict

I Was an Anti-Abortion Crusader. Now I Support Roe v. Wade.

Trump administration to send DHS agents, investigators to Guatemala-Mexico border

You Can Tell That's Fake

Brace yourself Orlando's the big one

America is the worst rich country in the world to be a mother. 2020 could change that

Barr is apparently withholding transcripts of Flynn calls with Kislyak from judge who ordered them

$146 Million Default by Nursing Home Chain Leaves U.S. on the Hook

Good Question

The Mexico tariffs sure knocked Mueller off the headlines.

Excellent Explanation in favor of Impeachment

Photos: Bernie Sanders at Our Youth Power Project Round Table - Las Vegas May 30

Medicare for All Doesn't Go Far Enough

For all of the talk about the DOJ opinion that states a sitting President cannot be indicted,

Musicians play on after Baltimore Symphony Orchestra cancels concerts, shortens season

Russia, Trump: how is that relationship going?

Justice Department does not comply with court order to release transcripts of Michael Flynn's conver

Republican group to hand-deliver Mueller report to every GOP lawmaker.

L O L !

This thread about the petty anti-LGBTQ hatred of drumpf/pence will make you absolutely sick.....

If nothing else,

It's official Legal Recreational Marijuana in Illinois

Little Lindsey tweets soft, wet smoochies to Trump RE: Mexico tariffs. Twitter responds.

President Lopez Obrador of Mexico responds to Trump's tariff threat & it's a beautiful thing

In February, when the NK-USA talks failed, there's the possibility that the failure

If we don't begin Impeachment, we lose our Democracy. It's that simple.

Here's an impeachment alternative that we would all like.

11 murdered, 6 in hospital, gunman killed.

Colorectal cancer is killing more 20- to 30-year-olds. We have some clues about why.

Well, one again, there was a shooting in Virginia Beach, Va.

See How Cody Lives Like a Princess

President Obama is speaking in Ottawa tonight

Any Deadwood Fans Out There

Since 1-1-2018 stock market (DJIA) has lost 1,335 points

So will Matt Tibbi and Glen Greenwald apologize that they jumped to the wrong conclusion, when they

Can I say something about Iowa and New Hampshire

WaPo: New documents on the census confirm: Trump's raison d'etre is white power

It seems to me the state(s) where he passed the Bar could disbarr Barr?

"Hey Mike, give us a heads up if you going to tell them anything worthwhile"?

Trump's Chicago lawyer, Ed Burke (Alderman), just got charged with racketeering.


Another day another shooting in America

If you would like a sitting president to be indictable by a state...

Donald Trump says Boris Johnson would be 'excellent' Tory leader

Donald Trump says Boris Johnson would be 'excellent' Tory leader

For the departed in Virginia

It is the end of the month

Seattle Uber passenger jumps out of moving car after driver harassment