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Swarthmore College's fraternities disband amid protests

Uniontown Hospital to stop delivering babies, putting rural mothers-to-be in a bind

Journalist accuses Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg of sending sexually harassing messages

Despite International Law Which Would Make It Illegal, Pompeo Claims US Attack on Venezuela "Would B

Despite International Law Which Would Make It Illegal, Pompeo Claims US Attack on Venezuela "Would B

Pompeo won't promise to consult Congress about potential military intervention in Venezuela

Well, Dotard's tanked the futures again.

'Tone Deaf' Powell Leaves Wall Street Dazed by Changing Views

'This is the best opportunity we've had': Why advocates think this could be the year Pa. bans LGBTQ

Donald Trump is angry about the controversial Kentucky Derby result

Durbin: Trump gets "googly eyed" when talking to Putin

Bartender charged after serving intoxicated mass shooter

GOP electeds call for Lebanon County Republican chair to resign over 'racist' mailer

Diana Ross Says She Feels "Violated" After Incident With TSA

Here's what causes the aurora-like glow known as STEVE

2020- we get a Democratic US President and 48 Democratic US Senate seats.

DOJ attorneys defend Mueller's ability to investigate Trump in Roger Stone filing

Muslim society: 'Disturbing' video of children posted by Philadelphia chapter wasn't vetted

From March: Venezuela: The Trump Coup And Our Next Oil War

Trump says Mueller shouldn't testify

VA: Prince William County Board Chair Election Set With Republicans Choosing Right-Wing Candidate

Will the financially strapped Allentown School District be taken over by the state?

FLIPPABLE: Ann Wheeler for Prince William County (VA) Chair

Pete lays out his criminal justice eforms.

Democratic Pundits' disregard of Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders a losing Democratic recipe

Feds won't retry former U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah on bribery counts, but he likely won't get out of

The United States lags behind every major country on Earth when it comes to paid sick leave.

Why hasn't Jeff started a Game of Thrones thread for tonight?

David Corn: "Imagine if Obama had suggested his term be.... Oh, what's the use?"

Gordon Campbell on collective punishment in Venezuela

My chorus, and three others, performed a commissioned piece about the 50th anniversary of Stonewall

Gordon Campbell on collective punishment in Venezuela

Chilean Politicians Criticize Lima Group Stance on Venezuela

Have an idea. But like your input.

Venezuela crisis: Guaido 'considering asking US for military intervention'

Venezuela crisis: Guaido 'considering asking US for military intervention'

An Insurance Company Denied a Life-Saving Treatment. A Judge Just Called It An "Immoral" Decision.

Panama votes to elect president amid corruption scandals


China Considers Cancelling Trade Talks

Photo: a smile for the ropeline

Death tolls rise in surging Israel-Gaza fighting

Jaylon McKenzie, 8th grade football phenom already counting college offers, shot and killed at Illin

Talk of clashing civilizations reveals the racist, and dangerous, lens of the new U.S. statecraft.

Asked this in the Lounge. But I want to get as much input as possible.

Did I Hear That Trump Said Mueller Shouldn't Appear At House Hearing......

Harris on guns:

US deploys carrier strike group to send 'clear and unmistakable message' to Iran

David Frum on Free Speech:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren argues for paid family leave in The Boston Globe

Morgan Freeman FTW!!!

Labour MPs say they won't back a Brexit deal without a people's vote

Labour MPs say they won't back a Brexit deal without a people's vote

Playing Cat and Mouse With Venezuela's Internet Censors

I had dinner last night with Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin...

Trump at 46% approval. They say he can win with 45% (approval rating) ! If something happens

Someone recently posted web sites of the candidates (some of them)

"Psychopath Capitalism": US Economic Terrorism and Genocide Against the People of Venezuela

Beware America: US deploying carrier, bomber task force in response to 'troubling' Iran actions

Recommend Netflix' 'Knock Down the House' - streaming now

Barr Unable to Give Honest Answer to Drive-Thru Window at Arby's

Has Donald Trump Committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

Bodyguards injured in attack on Afrocolombian leaders in southwest Colombia

ALdotCOM and the COMMENTS therein...


In message to Iran, White House announces new military assets in Middle East

Dallas Mayor's Race Goes To A Runoff With Eric Johnson, Scott Griggs

Pompeo Suggests Trump Didn't Have Time To Talk To Putin About Election Interference

It's about controlling what women do

hey fat donnie, before you get your nose in a sniff, Obama was "harassed" all 8 years SO before you

Dracarys -- GoT Episode spoilers.

Sri Lanka police discover suspected training camp for Islamist militants

Fatal flaw: Drafting error sinks child sex crime bill


James DeWolf: 2nd Richest American, Leading Slave Trader in US History, Rhode Island Senator

Alberto Curamil: Chile's 'environmental Nobel' winner who saved a sacred river

Granted, the use of "stollen" is a little funny...

CBS News President Aims To Make Mark On Network With Staff Shake-Up

Order to judges: Work weekends if necessary

Memory Eternal

Is anyone else here interested in NDEs and OBEs and lucid dreaming?

If you need a laugh, Opera Man. Trump a Dumpa.

Birthplace Of Country Music's First Hit Is Being Threatened By Modern Construction

Avengers: Endgame finale marks a cultural milestone (SPOILER)

Kamala Harris: Barr 'lied to Congress'

Arctic nations to meet amid tensions over environment, resources

Abramson: "Trump and Kushner began setting us on the path to war back in 2017."

Wet winter gives rise to robust Rio Grande

Tweet of the Day (AVENGERS SPOILER)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 7: Meet Cutes

Union Pacific investing $20 million in Santa Teresa terminal

A question about Contempt of Congress

The Latest: Possible attack on US forces led to deployments

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 8: Star of the Month: Paul Newman

Hot Sauce: We Need to Have a Serious Discussion about Hot Sauce

Seth Abramson sounds exasperated. He may well have good reason.

Empress Ki, 기황후; 奇皇后, Kdrama

Colorado's 2019 legislative session was a doozy, from Democrats' growing pains to a blabbermouth GOP

It's not just Denver: Rural Colorado feeling housing crunch, with more residents spending half their

The political science of why Game of Thrones' Daenerys may be a terrible queen

I'm Running to Save Capitalism - Hickenlooper WSJ op-ed

Colorado Democratic lawmakers tackle climate change without a single GOP backer

A Repug Friend Of Mine Told Me About A Website & Tweet - Republicans For Impeachment.....

Senseless HATE: The Far Right's Deep Roots In Southern California

I have a belief

Thinking small: Homeless advocate promotes 'tiny house' communities

Four people shot in Wilmington at West 27th and Tatnall streets

If I Had a Rocket Launcher - Bruce Cockburn

As Highway Expansion Foes Pack Town Hall, Hogan Hits Back on Twitter

You Still Mad, Bros?

Annapolis surrogacy company owner arrested by FBI charged with federal fraud, faces 20 yrs in prison

Hum, reminds me of how I got in trouble in college half the time.

Baltimore judge denies bid by tenants to file class action suit against Jared Kushner-owned apartmen

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Lethal Injections

Angela Merkel welcomed refugees to Germany. They're starting to help the economy.

GOP hardball in Colorado Statehouse has Dems vowing to get tough -- and organized -- next year

These guys rescue cats from trees:

Cease-fire agreed to by Israel and Gaza militants after a weekend of violence.

Lawsuit challenges Colorado's red flag law

Michael Bennet: 2, Ted Cruz: 0

A leisurely stroll in the woods calms my nerves and clears my mind. If only I knew why I'm

The evolution of males and females

Controversial Colorado vaccination bill stalls in legislature

Here's what Colorado's Democratic-controlled legislature did in 2019

Some Colorado schools see less than half of students graduate, but state says that's reality of work

A bumper sticker will never seem quite enough ever again!!!!

Can anybody here read chinese? Trump's tweets are getting lot's of chinese responses.

GOP official goes armed to oppose tax increases

Labour MPs say they won't back a Brexit deal without a people's vote

Brexit party MEP candidate praised use of Nazi slogan

Laramie County School District #1 Investigation Finds Further Education On Tolerance Needed

Florida plane accident: Landing feature failed on aircraft

Cloud Peak buys another 7-day financial reprieve

50-year library employees consider coworkers family



Are they persecuted?

Wyoming's Democrats have a vision. Now they just need someone to listen to them.

82 Years Ago Today; "Oh, the humanity!"

Workers allege Wyoming treasurer made threats; Meier denies allegations

Finally we discover the true nemesis of fascist thugs. The strawberry milkshake.


Billings' Favorite Racist Coffee Shop Closes; City Devastated

Life's biochemical networks could have formed spontaneously on Earth

Trump Retweets Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Call to Extend His First Term by Two Years as 'Reparations'

Tester urges Interior to fight drilling near Glacier

Really? Why Size Matters When It Comes To Eggs And Baking

Robert Mueller's words will carry more weight than William Barr's...

Photo: ''Bernie told me backstage he liked my Eugene Debs shirt.''

Look at these charges from Sprint. WTW?

'An existential threat': Desperate drive to make the debate stage shakes Dem campaigns

Booker backs 'Medicare for All' but pledges 'pragmatist' approach

I knew if we searched hard enough we would find that they had something in common. Hehe

Bernie on Factory Farming and The Republicans

Former Richardson Mayor, Husband Get New Corruption Trial

US deploys aircraft carrier and bombers after 'troubling indications' from Iran

Port of Corpus Christi Pushes Ahead with Oil Terminal Project, Environment Be Damned

Extended Interview: 1-on-1 with 2020 hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders

The Memo: Dem race for White House takes on new shape

Nagafuji Mana

Boeing waited until after Lion Air crash to tell Southwest safety alert was turned off on 737 Max

He is Our President and we should support Him!

Monday TOONs - Cover-Ups: Present and Past (yes, that means more Herblock)

Republicans, Democrats take opposite views on nixing the Electoral College

Michael Cohen heads to prison in Trump hush-money scheme

One million species face extinction, U.N. panel says. And humans will suffer as a result.

On campaign trail, Biden keeps his hands to himself

Tool Monkeys!!! 415 PPM Exceeded For First Time Since Human Divergence

The Twit is tweeting again.

Secretary Of State And Ambulatory Canned Ham Mike Pompeo "Can't Rank" Climate As Security Threat

Cory Booker on Gun Violence (video)

National Day of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women May 5

26 Of 31 Iranian Provinces Hit By Flooding; "Entire Villages Were Washed Away In Minutes"

Letter Carriers food drive is this Saturday

Never seen any of these people together?

Funny ol' world, innit?

Westminster 'utter contempt' could lead to Scottish independence, says former Labour First Minister

You raised $110.00 on May 5, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Christopher Firefighter dies after structure fire on Market Street

Beto O'Rourke: Finding Common Ground

Mnuchin due to give Democrats a response on Trump's tax returns

Sure, give Trump 2 more years, right after Obama gets 6 more

Ireland : Health Minister Simon Harris seeks AG's advice on making child vaccination mandatory

Her Dental Woes Are Over, But A First-Generation Student Has Put College On Hold

Dow futures down 462

Floodwaters Inundate Missouri And Illinois River Towns

Farm Equipment Sales Drop In Early 2019 As Trade War's Effects Linger

Cohen's right. He's going to prison for three years for crimes that benefited Trump.


***BREAKING HAWKEYE STATE POLL** Biden 35% Sanders 14% Mayor Pete 11%


***BREAKING PALMETTO STATE POLL** Biden 48% Sanders 12% Mayor Pete 5%

**BREAKING NEW HAMPSHIRE POLL** Biden 34% Sanders 16% Mayor Pete 10%

70% of Dem voters in IA, NH and SC say Anita Hill issue has no effect on their support of Biden

Trump tweets on China tariffs throw global markets into a tailspin

Jokes on you, im the Jenga Master.. 😎

What are your favorite news sources?

The winning sand sculpture of 2019 Texas Sand Fest (Liberty Crumbling)

Cory Booker's Gun Control Plan Calls for National Licensing Program

CNN reporter at NAACP dinner interviewed 64 yr old black woman after Kamala Harris spoke...

The Rundown: May 2, 2019

Multiversity Turns 10!

Biden dropped a list of new South Carolina endorsements this morning:

So Trump starts a trade was, esscalates it on Friday, and believes that will cause an economic

Unraveling the mystery of whether cows fart

Cheat sheet: How John Hickenlooper would address the economy

Cheat sheet: How Gov. Jay Inslee would address climate change

"Liberty Crumbling"

Cheat sheet: How Sen. Amy Klobuchar would address drug addiction

Cheat sheet: Sen. Bernie Sanders' plan to expand agriculture and rural policies

Women's hockey players risk it all by boycotting the status quo in hopes of sustainable pro league

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Bad marketing decision.

Russia Says Trump Initiated Friday's 1.5-Hour Call With Putin

Boeing to replace 900 inspectors with technology amid increased scrutiny over 737 Max

Properly calibrated veterinary scale:

If Biden holds the percent of the minority vote he is currently getting

Donations to Sanders cut in half after Biden entry, asks donors to 'dig a little deeper'

Pelosi said Trump might not leave office if he loses in 2020. He once said himself he might not.

Trump reverses stance and says Mueller should not testify

BREAKING CNN - House WILL vote to hold Barr in Contempt of Congress!

Anyone have a link to Biden's website?

Trump's run up to an Iran war.

House Democrats to hold contempt vote Wednesday after Barr misses deadline

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Gives Birth to a Boy

Moscow plane fire: reports claim jet was struck by lightning

Some days karma is good to you.

Trump Says: "Hey, Gang! I Know! Let's Have A War! Cool, Huh?"

Universal basic income doesn't work. Let's boost the public realm instead

THIS should be the top story for every news outlet on the planet

There's Nothing Trump Can Do to Stop Mueller from Testifying

So is the Cohen press conference still on?

Grave with the hands

Kamala Harris: Barr 'lied to Congress'

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #1

My Personal Atheism Is a Threat to All Christians and Other Theists

"Contempt: It's been used before, including on Obama officials"

Looks like he won't quit that post until properly relieved

Have we seen peak Bernie?

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 4 : Russia and the Administration

Quick question - did Trump tweet, in response to Joe referring to him as a clown, as yet?

This past weekend I checked out my European Jewish roots in Latvia/Lithuania (V LONG! Lots of pics)

The winning sand sculpture of 2019 Texas Sand Fest

NEW WSJ/NBC poll: 70% of Dems either comfortable with or enthusiastic about Biden

CNN: Dems will vote Wednesday to hold Barr in contempt

Any bets on the new royal baby's name?

What book(s) do you reread over the years?

Trump Campaign Senior Adviser Posts Fake Bombing Video To Slam Omar

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Proves He's Innocent Of Collusion

Incarcerated Men Write the Stories of Wall City

Last night at an NAACP dinner in Detroit, @KamalaHarris said the conversation around "electability"

How Maximum Security Was Disqualified From the Kentucky Derby

A ground war in Iran would make the Iraq War look like a pushy-pushy on a playground.

My "off the deep end" story of the day...

Beto visits middle school Civics class,girl asks emotional question about gun violence (Get Tissues)

Nearly all 2020 presidential candidates aren't using a basic email security feature

UK climate emergency is official policy

Stocks Slump as Trump Threatens New Tariffs on China.

Medieval Scholars Joust With White Nationalists. And One Another.

Medieval Scholars Joust With White Nationalists. And One Another.

Defending the Free Press

Bennet: Medicare for All supporters 'need to level with the American people'

De Blasio May Want to Be President. What Do His Donors Want?

Machine ready to see if magic metal - lithium - can help bring the fusion that lights the stars to ...

Anatomy of a smear: How far-right websites spread a fake story about Pete Buttigieg

'The NRA is in grave danger': group's troubles are blow to Trump's 2020 bid

Trump can just pardon Barr if they hold him in contempt

Who DOESN'T like a drive in the country?

Didn't Democrats Condemn Representative Ilhan Omar?

Electability was a major concern for many in the 2004 primary

A new Chinese American Trump donor/fundraiser who tried to sell Chinese execs access to Mar-a-Lago

Cortizo declared 'virtual winner' in Panama president race

Climate change is destroying our ecosystems and our planet.

Some states seek to close loopholes in marital rape laws

Many more amphibian species at risk of extinction than previously thought

Feds: A popular drug from the disco era is making a deadly return

Nature's Dangerous Decline 'Unprecedented'; Species Extinction Rates 'Accelerating'

US warns China, Russia against aggression in Arctic region

Red Sox's Alex Cora won't visit White House, citing Puerto Rico response

Warren's Student Debt Plan: An Outsized Economic Boon for People of Color

Knowing what's on the menu, I don't get why any sports team would want to visit the White House

'A sad day for the City of Biloxi': 24-year veteran of Biloxi Police identified as officer killed in

'A sad day for the City of Biloxi': 24-year veteran of Biloxi Police identified as officer killed in

Bernie Says Immigration Threatens the Social Safety Net. Research Shows Otherwise

Buffett speaks on trade with China and economy

Duchess Meghan gives birth to a boy

Is that a Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones ?

Sunday evenings are still tough for me.

House Democrats reopen investigation into Trump handling of hurricanes

Trump White House opens door to Christian, conservative colleges

Deep Cuts from Pete Buttigieg's Rhodie Resume

Dang...even the LGBT community has right wing nutsacks!

16-year-old Boy Scout collapses, dies hiking in Arizona desert

Cancer and chemicals in Reserve, Louisiana: the science explained

What evil force drives and protects Trump?

Inspired touch: how blind women outdo doctors at finding breast cancer

Who is Catherine Cortez Masto

Saudi Arabia's sudden interest in Sudan is not about friendship. It is about fear

The Civil War At Fox News Is About To Get So Much Worse

'We must act now': Netherlands tries to control tourism boom

Did Cohen hold a press conference?

Three polls posted today by a fellow DUer for Iowa, NH, and SC. While it is still way too early,

Libyan officials say 200 people have been killed in recent fighting

Re-run of Istanbul election set for June 23: AK Party

Author George RR Martin backs Biden's candidacy

What if we started expecting our candidates to consider their planetary footprint?

Kraft Heinz to restate nearly three years of financial reports after investigation

Florida man drunkenly crashes lawn mower into cop car, police say

In Memory of the Englishman Who Kept a Shark on His Roof

New Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer (Massive Endgame SPOILER warning)

NY Attorney General Filed Lawsuit Against Treasury and IRS

Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president, hundreds of former federal...

Turkey's Erdoğan signals rerun of contested Istanbul polls

'The colony within the colony': Puerto Rico fumes as FEMA deliberates over remote hospital

'The colony within the colony': Puerto Rico fumes as FEMA deliberates over remote hospital

The Hindenburg over New York, still a startling sight

If you had to encapsulate Trump-era America in ONE quote, this has to be it...

Royal Baby is here

Take me out to the Ballgame...

Breaking- Three hundred fifty former federal prosecutors sign letter that if Trump wasn't pres...

Donald Trump slams Puerto Rico as Congress considers disaster aid bill

Ahead Of 2020, Microsoft Unveils Tool To Allow Voters To Track Their Ballots

Ex-lawyer Cohen arrives at prison after taking parting shot at Trump


Trump's new effort to muzzle Mueller gives away his big scam



Breaking Jacob Wohl news:

How $6.2 million could be used to help fish, protect Whatcom communities from floods

American shoppers to feel effects of Trump's tariff grenade

Trump may redefine poverty, cutting Americans from welfare rolls

The thinking of the late Gene Sharp, a visionary nonviolent opponent of autocratic regimes

Trump Furious That Another Baby Is Getting All The Attention

Finished reading the Mueller Report-One Observation

Will Democrats Have to Do More Than Defeat Trump in 2020 to Get Him Out of Office?

Update: 2 dead grey whales wash ashore, raising total to 13 in Wash. this year

Bonney Lake Walmart's robot zips along in tech revolution that's raising big questions for workers

Trump's misguided assault on the Arms Trade Treaty

Cartoons 5/6/19

Sex harassment/assault allegations against any of the candidates

Democratic Power Ratings 5-6-20

Kamala Harris: Barr's Non-Response On Suggestions From W.H. 'Suspicious' Rachel Maddow MSNBC

In the 1970s, Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz...

***BREAKING HARRIS X DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY POLL** Biden 46% Sanders 14% Mayor Pete 8%

The Pope meets Attila the Hun

Pete Buttigieg announces 4 staff hires in Iowa as part of new state operations

Photo: Jane Sanders with gathering of U.S. First Nation and global indigenous leaders.

Why the director of America's largest Confederate monument is NRA President

Democrats Are Returning To Their Roots!

This article by a mom whose teenaged son joined the alt-right is very interesting and insightful

Legislature dismantles Florida Virtual School board

Dylann Roof, The Charleston Church shooter:

The Latest: Justice Department proposes Nadler talks

Florida(because where else?) Man Shot When Wife Drops Purse In Grocery Store

Beijing 'warns off' US warships in South China Sea as tensions rise

Looking for an explanation

Bernie Sanders Torches Trump for Arguing Against Mueller Testimony

China fires up drills near Taiwan Strait in test of combat strength

House Judiciary Committee Turns Up The Heat On Barr Contempt

Georgia mayor under fire for alleged remarks about black job candidate

Can I get an Amen?

Arctic Council meets amid tensions over resources

Impossible research produces 400-year El Nio record, revealing startling changes

Looted art, gay rights merge in recovery of Polish painting

Socialism vs. Capitalism?

A baby boy of colour is now 7th in the line to the Throne

Sandoval pitched another inning for the Giants

Best video explaining why Game of Thrones has turned out the way it has

When the WiFi's down

Caption these two!

Russian Efforts to Exploit Racial Divisions in 2016 Found Firm Ground in U.S., Report Says

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 6, 2019

Has the media lost interest in Mr Starbucks?

The 20-year argument between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren over bankruptcy, explained

Holy Crap.. Check this list out.

A tectonic plate may have peeled apart--and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean

Good Afternoon DUMA!

Scott Says Ocasio-Cortez Has Embarrassed Congress

U.S. to Allow 30,000 More Seasonal Workers

Am I hearing right?

O'Rourke faces emotional school shooting question in Iowa

Fourteen dead after private jet crashes between Las Vegas and Mexico: media

Stephanie Kelton: Here's Bernie Sanders calling attention to student loan debt 18 years ago.

Education chief says teacher strikes 'ultimately hurt kids'

Microplastics found in remote Pyrenees Mountains

Local health districts tackle rising STD rates

Mormons making wedding rule change to be more inclusive

New NRA President Bashes Democratic Lawmaker

Trump wants to restore waiver for service academy athletes

So to the list of things that Trump doesn't know shit about, we can now add ...

Louis CK is performing in Minneapolis soon, and the comedy club sent out a notice...

Trump administration heeds oil and gas industry calls to remove protections for imperiled beetle

TN House Speaker's chief of staff admits past drug use, confirms text messages

California, Illinois take steps toward permanent daylight saving time

What It Means That a Black Woman Is Leading Julin Castro's Campaign for President

Progressive groups move to oust anti-abortion Democrat from Congress

Husband kills wife, then himself over medical bills

Former U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor campaign staffer indicted in petition forgery scandal

No survivors found in Mexico crash of jet carrying 13 people

Gun rights activists fill state Capitol for gun rights rally

"All the hateful people, where DO they all come from?"

Some things we all know, but sometimes let get pushed to the background:

Ok I'd never normally post this, but what the hell: Betting odds for naming Harry & Meghan's son

Three Nominations Sent to the Senate; May 6, 2019

Turkey to re-run Istanbul election lost by Erdogan's AKP

Biden takes 32-point lead over Sanders in new 2020 poll


BREAKING MSNBC: Treasury Dept. will NOT release Idiot's tax returns

Mnuchin rejects Democrats' demand to hand over Trump's tax returns, all but ensuring legal battle

Campbell's soup changed tomatoes' DNA and opened up a can of mystery

XFL schedule has been released

So is Mueller testifying or not? Can The Devil stop him?

Trump resort pools were so filthy they had to be shut down 10 times

Nicole Wallace Mocks Trump For Saying Putin "Smiled" During Call

After Last Year's March on Raleigh, N.C. Teachers Got a Raise. That's Not Good Enough, They Say.

Justice Department protests Dem decision to set up contempt vote on Barr

Got my MRI....

Scotty Kilmer - Mechanic Monday: This type of gas will ruin a regular car's engine.

4 very important things Robert Mueller could tell Us

trump soiled the medal of freedom award when he gave it to sheldon adelson's wife...

Question about 2 vulnerable Republican Senate seats..

With Hurricane Season Looming, Trump Is Blocking Relief Funds and Mocking Puerto Rico

Powerful testimony from a farmer's daughter with her dad who met privately with @BernieSanders

The House of Representatives is going to win this war

"I'll have an order of lies. Oh yeah. Supersize it."

Two sentences perfectly explain why Trump deserves an obstruction charge

Is Buttigieg tough enough?

A serial adulterer...

Step by Step Guide for becoming a GOOD Stoner..

Representation Matters: Women On Campaign Trail

Tempers flare as pro-Confederate and anti-racist demonstrators clash in Chapel Hill

North Carolina CEOs: Now's the time to expand Medicaid

As "Silent Sam" plan looms, protesters clash at UNC

any problems for you accessing yahoo mai?

Senate bill will take food assistance away from families while costing North Carolina millions

Mnuchin refuses to turn over Trump taxes to House Democrats

There are currently 732 signers to the Prosecutors' statement on DT's obstruction.

How Sen. Cory Booker would curb gun violence

Churchill Downs track was designed for 14 horses to race.

Owning the Libs at the Expense of Jobs


New York Attorney General Sues Trump Treasury Department, IRS

Man busted for drugs wore 'thank you for pot smoking' shirt in mug shot, NC cops say

Hell Yes! Drag his sorry ass out...

What a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

🐦 May 7 at 6PM ET - Bernie Sanders PBS NewsHour interview

05/07 Mike Luckovich: Now Playing

Beto O'Rourke Climate Round Table Discussion video in Iowa

Federal regulators give blessing to Red Hat-IBM merger

The Presidential Medal of Freedom - WTH?

ICE provides local police a way to work around 'sanctuary' policies, act as immigration officers

NRA president says pro-gun-control congresswoman won only because she's a 'minority female'

Help stop dumping plastic in paradise!

Fed flags high U.S. business debt, asset prices in financial report

What if the discontent has always been a lie?

Pompeo says he told Russia's Lavrov election interference is inappropriate

Just a quick question. What mechanisms would allow trump to stay in office once he loses?

Mike Pompeo Thinks Disappearing Arctic Ice Is Great, Because More Ships And Stuff And Money

Dem Senators Demand Shitstain's UN Nominee Prioritize US Interests Over Hubby's Coal Business

What Jurisdiction Does The OLC Have?.....

Ohio appeals ruling finding House map unconstitutional

Harris: It's time we had a leader who speaks out against hate in all its forms.

Black Sigatoka Fungus, Spreading Rapidly In World's Banana Plantations, Boosted By Warmer Climate

NC could require some low-performing public schools to be turned over to private operators

Chesapeake Bay blue crabs are at their most plentiful in seven years, scientists say.

You know... the House could just completely defang the IRS

*Senator Sanders will be on PBS NewsHour tomorrow night.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Russia 'Has Leverage' Over Trump Foreign Policy Says ex-CIA Official

U.S. lawmakers criticize potential Facebook settlement with FTC

25 Years Ago Today; The Channel Tunnel opens, linking the UK with France

US to add 30,000 seasonal worker visas as soon as this week

The Democratic Party Just Ticked Off Its Youngest Organizers

The Latest: Utah man gets life term for killing city worker

April 2019 Represents the 2nd Worst April Ever For Monthly Increases in CO2 Recorded at Mauna Loa.

Trump could cost future retirees billions

'Denial of service' attack caused grid cyber disruption: DOE

'Denial of service' attack caused grid cyber disruption: DOE

Confirmed: Virus From Escaped Farmed Salmon Found In BC Waters; Potentially Deadly To Wild Stocks

...Mueller "will be concluding his service within the coming days."

Newly elected Democratic US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

I feel kinda left out, thanks to Katrina Pierson

2nd-Earliest Start To Greenland Melt Season In 39 Years Of Instrumental Records

S.C. politicians have sat on their hands for decades when it comes to education, how about we give

Michael Cohen Is Now in Jail. Will Trump Join Him After He Leaves Office?

Charleston is a Democratic county: What should this mean for its Republican incumbents?

Ladies and Gentleman, Linda Ronstadt.

Prosecutor: Proof of election fraud in US House race in Va.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu, 2018 candidate for lieutenant governor, announces bid to replace Lindsey Grah

Juul has six lobbyists working in South Carolina and they're already affecting state e-cigarette law

Liberal megadonors plan $100 million swing-state blitz to beat Trump

Trump move raises pressure on Barr